Sunday, January 23, 2022

United Kingdom | Adele - "Oh my God"


Adele has a new single for us, proving that anything she sings is pure magic! "Oh my God" takes her through a soul and R&B mix that sounds super modern thanks to the addition of soft electronic beats.

Belgium | Iliona - "Si tu m'aimes demain"


Iliona Roulin was born in Brussels in 2000. Her career kicked off with several successful singles in 2020, and last year she released two EPs. We just got to hear her most recent single, "Si tu m'aimes demain", a song that brings the sweet chansons of the '50s and '60s to the 21st century, all wrapped in Iliona's sweet vocal performance.

Portugal | Fernando Daniel feat. Carolina Deslandes - "Fim"


Fernando Daniel and Carolina Deslandes kicked off 2022 with a sweet collaboration. We're talking about "Fim", a song that was included in Fernando's latest work, "Presente", but that was re-recorded with Carolina for the new edition of his album. The result is amazing!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Switzerland | Gjon's Tears - "Silhouette"


After his adventures with Arilena Ara, Gjon's Tears goes solo in another haunting ballad. "Silhouette" is a piano-led track with interesting contemporary sounds and Gjon's flawless vocal presence. It left us with goosebumps all around: it's our song of the week.

Spain | Cepeda - "Otro día más"


Cepeda has released a new single! In "Otro día más", he shies away from rock and turns to a mix of pop and soft urban sounds. The beat through the song is definitely engaging!

Italy | Tecla feat. Alfa - "Faccio un casino"


Italian singer Tecla has teamed up with Alfa (Andrea De Filippi, a rapper and songwriter born in Genoa in 2000). Together, they have released "Faccio un casino", a mid-tempo pop with a growing melody which explodes into an anthemic second half.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Ukraine | Erika Herceg - "Otpusti"


Meet Erika Herceg, a Ukrainian singer born in Mala Dobron' in 1988 who has been building her music career for around three years. She has recently released a very cool single: in "Otpusti", a very interesting mix of pop and rock. As Erika commented on Facebook, this was her very first song, but she didn't feel ready to release it until now.

France | Kyo - "Stand up"


French band Kyo are promoting their most recent album, "La part des lions", with a fantastic single. We're talking about "Stand up", a song that combines 2000s alt-rock with a modern twist.

Spain | Alvaro Soler feat. David Bisbal - "A contracorriente"


Alvaro Soler and David Bisbal teamed up to bring you the ultimate Latino song there can exist. In "A contracorriente", they bring a contagious beat, a powerful rhythm and hypnotic vocals to create a fabulous track!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

United Kingdom | Ella Henderson - "Brave"


It's high time to remeet Ella Henderson! She has recently released "Brave", an empowering ballad with a marking beat in which Ella pours all her heart and voice!