Sunday, July 05, 2020

Netherlands | Ruben Annink - "Iemand"


Ruben Cornelis Lucas Annink is a Dutch singer and songwriter who was born in Amsterdam in 1998. He rose to prominence when he took part of the first season of The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. He has recently released a great new single, titled "Iemand". It's an outstanding pop-rock song with a captivating chorus, which displays his talented voice greatly.

Germany | Zoe Wees - "Control"


Social media has given us many successful singers throughout the years. And our latest example is Zoe Wees, a 17-year-old from Hamburg who found fame in TikTok and is going on to build a promising music career. Her most recent single is ready to be a huge hit: "Control" is a deep ballad in which you can appreciate her raspy, deep voice.

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Greece | Vangelis Kakouriotis feat. Phoebus - "Paidi apo spiti"


Retro pop is having a huge moment all over the world. And it's finally time for it to meet Greek folk pop, with "Paidi apo spiti", by Vangelis Kakouriotis and Phoebus. The result is excellent! It's an absolutely outstanding track: it's our song of the week.

Sweden | LÉON - "And it breaks my heart"


Swedish singer LÉON is having a momentous 2020! We're now sharing her second single of the year: "And it breaks my heart" brings an endearing instrumentation, which combines pop and classical sounds, to talk about the end of a relationship.

Denmark | Silver - "Unafraid"


Danish group Silver has just released a new single, and we are totally in love with it. "Unafraid" is a solid piece of rock 'n' roll music! It's strong and intense in the perfect measure, allowing every different aspect of the song to have its space to shine.

Spain | Monica Naranjo - "¡Hoy no! (Never trust a stranger)"


Born in Figueres in 1974, Mónica Naranjo is one of the biggest names within the Spanish music scene, with a career spanning 25 years, seven studio albums and countless hits. Her most recent release will definitely wow you: "¡Hoy no! (Never trust a stranger)" is an uplifting track not only because of its music (which plays with pop, electronic and classic elements) but also due to its empowering lyrics.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Austria | Edmund - "Auf amoi"


Austrian duo Edmund have just released a new single. And we couldn't be more addicted to it! "Auf amoi" is a very entertaining pop-rock song, with an intense and marking chorus. Their vocals work so well together!

Sweden | Miriam Bryant - "Passa dig"


Miriam Bryant is showing, single after single, that her Swedish-language phase is a magnificent one. In her latest release, "Passa dig", she delivers entertaining verses and choruses that explode in sounds, giving you goosebumps from start to end.

Italy | Le Vibrazioni - "Per fare l'amore"


Time to check up on Italian band Le Vibrazioni! They have just released "Per fare l'amore", a tropical mix of pop-rock sounds that will put you in the right mood to lose yourself to its beat!

Slovakia | Janais - "Na dosah"


Janais is a Slovak pop singer and songwriter from Bratislava (born near Prešov). She rose to prominence in 2009, when she took part of Slovakia's National Final for Eurovision with "Taram ta rej". She has just released "Na dosah". It's a delightful folk pop song with a very sweet melody.