Sunday, October 17, 2021

Germany | Michael Schulte - "Here goes nothing"


German singer Michael Schulte returns to our site with another smashing hit under his sleeve. We're talking about "Here goes nothing", a song that mixes tropical, country vibes with contagious pop in a single that is ready to become an international success.

Spain | Marmi - "Todo lo que soy"


Spanish artist Marmi is back with a new release. We are talking about "Todo lo que soy". It's an exciting rock song with a strong melody and a very imposing vibe.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

United Kingdom | Tom Grennan - "Don't break the heart"


Tom Grennan is back with an outstanding new single. It's "Don't break the heart". With it, Tom is showing once again that he is today's main name in the singer-songwriter genre. What a song, what a melody, what a chorus! Everything is stupendous: it's our song of the week.

France | Juliette Armanet - "Le dernier jour du disco"


Sounds European! finally remeets French artist Juliette Armanet. She has just released "Le dernier jour du disco". It's a song that starts off light and smooth, basically on piano and voice, and then suddenly boom: surprise! A shower of disco sounds and intense joy takes over the melody (and our hearts). The result is awesome!

Belgium | Mustii - "Give me a hand"


Belgian artist Mustii returns to our site with a great new single. In "Give me a hand", he delivers another raw sample of his alternative style, mixing pop and rock with a retro flavor that just melts in your ears. It's a fantastic track!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Poland | Natalia Zastępa - "Błysk"


Polish singer Natalia Zastępa returns to Sounds European! to share "Błysk". The song is a haunting midtempo pop track which lets Natalia show us her captivating vocal skills. In the song, she talks about how we don't always feel confident in the moment we're living, but we come across a "flash" in our lives that becomes our motivation in moments of doubt. The track is included in Natalia's debut album, "Nie żałuję".

Spain | Despistaos - "Cuando te olvides de mí"


Spanish band Despistaos are back! They have recently released "Cuando te olvides de mí", a rock ballad with pop traces that talks about "those impossible love stories that make you lose your mind and turn your world upside down".

United Kingdom | HAWXX - "Death of silence"


HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Jess and Iman, a group of women based in London but hailing from Greece, Wales, England and Bahrain. They bring a unique taste of powerful social commentary wrapped in heavy rock tunes in their new single, "Death of silence".

Inspired by the Me Too movement, the band comments that the song "means the death of shame. Shame has deeply shaped us as a society and erodes our capacity for real systemic change. To fight and speak out against those that silence us creates a movement and momentum that is contagious. Nothing can stop it. This is a song of solidarity, a song about finding the power in our voice, our words instead of our collective shame and fear".

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Russia | Helene Fischer - "Volle kraft voraus"


We are used to Helene Fischer's upbeat take on schlager-infused pop. But with her latest single, she reminds us that she also knows how to handle a ballad. In "Volle kraft voraus", she envelops her powerful voice in a beautifully crafted instrumentation, which all helps convey the message of the song.

As Helene commented, "It's about the confidence, courage and determination to move forward, accepting change and seeing it as an opportunity. With this song, I want to give you hope that we can't stop the change of life and only rediscover the confidence that we are meant to be". The track will be included in Helene's upcoming album, "Rausch", out in mid-October.

Germany | Kim Petras - "Future starts now"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's German star Kim Petras, who has just released "Future starts now". It's a groovy electro-pop song with a very enjoyable melody and a marking chorus.