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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Norway | Emma Steinbakken - "Sorry"


Norwegian singer Emma Steinbakken comes solo! Her new single is "Sorry", a contemporary pop track with intense beats and a nostalgic underlying feeling.

As Emma explained, the song is "about a relationship with my ex. He's a great guy who instantly fell in love with me when we first met. I had a crush on him, but I wasn't smitten by him despite him being funny, handsome and very kind. My mum thought he was gorgeous, all my friends loved him, everyone around me wanted us to be a couple, which resulted in me feeling guilty. I secretly hoped that I was gradually going to be in love with him, but it didn't happen. To get rid of the crippling feeling of guilt, but also to clarify why I had to end our fling, I wrote 'Sorry'".

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Norway | Henrik Heaven - "If I was you"


Norwegian singer Henrik Høven (who now goes as Henrik Heaven) has a new single to offer. We're talking about "If I was you", a catchy pop track with a fresh melody and a super captivating beat.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Norway | Sigrid - "Burning bridges"


New single by Sigrid! The Norwegian singer follows her successful "Mirror" with another incredible pop banger: "Burning bridges" has a retro edge that really suits Sigrid's mood!

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Norway | Slopes - "Tears"


Norwegian artist Slopes makes a stunning return to our site! He has just released a new single, "Tears", in which he explores a more downtempo kind of ballad, intense beats and a killer combination with his raspy voice.

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Norway | Slopes - "Prove them wrong"


Slopes is Dag Holtan-Hartwig, a singer born in Norway in 1991. He has worked with music in England and Los Angeles, writing songs for hit acts such as Ava Max, Alan Walker, Julie Bergan and Seeb. He is now launching his singing career with a smashing debut single. "Prove them wrong" is a poignant ballad in which he tells a story of doomed romance, youthful ambition and the passage of time. We are completely in love with it: it's our song of the week!

Monday, August 16, 2021

Norway | Hanne Mjøen - "Emotional fever"


Time to remeet Norwegian talent Hanne Mjøen! She has recently released the single "Emotional fever", in which she delivers a growing gem of synth pop, wonderfully wrapped around her unique vocals.

Hanne says that she "wrote this song with the thought of having mixed feelings about someone, and not being able to decide if the person is right for you or not. One moment it feels like forever, and the next you get a panic attack and you just want to leave. And it feels like a fever because of the sudden changes you have no control over".

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Norway | Gunn Kvaale - "Last summer"


Gunn Kvaale is an upcoming Norwegian singer hailing from Sogndal. Get to know her music in her single "Last summer", a soft mix of pop and indie tunes that communicate the "bittersweet nostalgia and summer memories", as Gunn explained.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Norway | Carina Dahl - "Helt OK"


Carina Dahl is becoming the queen of upbeat Norsk pop. Her most recent single will prove us right: "Helt OK" brings an indredibly energetic track that explodes in a fantastic chorus!

Thursday, July 08, 2021

Norway | Hanne Leland - "You don't know what it's like"


Hanne Leland returns to Sounds European!! She has just released the song "You don't know what it's like", a ballad driven by the powerful sound of classic strings and in which Hanne talks about feeling misunderstood by people who think they know it all.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

Norway | Adelén - "Obsessed"


Adelén returns to our site with a new single. In "Obsessed", she plays with a flirtatious pop whose beats will leave you playing the track on repeat!

Updated on September 10th, 2021, with the official video.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Norway | Sigrid - "Mirror"


Norwegian singer Sigrid is back with new music! She has just released "Mirror", a contagious synth-pop song in which she sings about accepting oneself in an uplifting melody. We are completely hooked: it's our song of the week!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Spain | David Otero feat. Adelén - "Corazón malherido"


Spanish singer David Otero had Norwegian singer Adelén explore her Spanish roots with a stunning collaboration. "Corazón malherido" brings pop, rock and a lovely country inspiration, in which both artists's voices meet wonderfully!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Norway | Carina Dahl - "På frifot"


Norwegian singer Carina Dahl returns to our site with another fun new single! "På frifot" brings together synth, electronic, country and pop in an explosion of sounds!

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Norway | Hanne Mjøen - "Hell with you"


Hanne Mjøen is a Norwegian alt-pop artist based in Trondheim. Meet her with her single "Hell with you". It narrates what it feels like to fall out of love but not wanting to leave for the fear of never falling in love again. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso feat. Cherrie - "VHS"


Swedish singer Benjamin Ingrosso has a new single for us! This time, he's collaborating with Cherrie (stage name of Shiriihan Mohamed Abdulle, a singer with Somali ancestry born in Oslo in 1993, but developing her career in Sweden) in "VHS". The track boasts intense beats to convey a sultry R&B groove that explodes in a captivating chorus.

Norway | INGEBORG - "Hjertebank"


Ingeborg Walther hails from Levanger, Norway. She is a growing name in the local music scene, having taken part of the country's version of The Voice in 2017 and, more recently, in the show Stjernekamp. Her most recent single has us in awe: "Hjertebank" is a delicious pop with synth elements that melts in your ears!

Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Denmark | KOPS feat. Emelie Hollow - "If not you then who"


KOPS is a 22-year-old multi-talented musician from Copenhagen. He has invited the also talented Emelie Hollow, born in Norway, to record his song "If not you then who". It's a beautiful ballad that explores the talents of both of them in wonderful ways. They both do magic with their voices, especially when together!

"This is a song about that one person in your life who can't be replaced. Your mom or dad, an ex, a good old drinking buddy, your math teacher in high school or the guy at the grocery store – that special someone, who eventually came into your life and changed it. If this song was a movie, I guess it'd be a proper tear jerker! Well, at least, I got emotional writing it and having Emelie singing the words with me literally made it the emotional pop anthem I think we both hoped it would be", says KOPS.

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Norway | KEiiNO - "Monument"


Norwegian band KEiiNO returned to Melodi Grand Prix this year with a thrilling new song. We're talking about "Monument", a track that plays with pop, ethnic and rap sounds and that shows how much the music of the trio has evolved since it was formed.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Norway | Raylee - "Hero"


Charlotte Kristiansen is the real name of Raylee, a singer, dancer and actress born in Arendal, Norway, in 1997. She's been steadily developing her career, having released several singles since 2009, and she reached a wider audience last year after her participation in Melodi Grand Prix with "Wild". She returned to the competition this year with "Hero", a song that is full of '80s sounds and references and that she delivers with unique mastery. You can see her performing the song live here.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Norway | Jorn - "Faith bloody faith"


Jørn Lande was born in Rjukan, Norway, in 1968. He has built a career as one of the most prominent names in the rock industry worldwide, being part of projects with other musicians and also releasing nine studio albums on his own. He has recently taken part of Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian National Final for Eurovision, with the song "Faith bloody faith", an electrifying sample of his music. The track incorporates Oriental sounds and a blasting chorus!