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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Italy | Francesco Gabbani - "Volevamo solo essere felici"


Italian singer Francesco Gabbani returns to our site with a brand new single! "Volevamo solo essere felici" is a classic, mid-tempo ballad that mixes pop, synth and soft rock in perfect quantities. The song talks about the ability to overcome one's own insecurities and pursue just happiness.

Friday, April 01, 2022

Italy | Elodie - "Bagno a mezzanotte"


Italian singer Elodie returns to our site with a new single! "Bagno a mezzanotte" is a sensual pop piece with a minimalistic approach that evolves into a totally captivating track.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Italy | Mahmood feat. Blanco - "Brividi"


The winners of the 2022 Festival di Sanremo were Mahmood and Blanco (Brescia, 2003)! They snatched the trophy with their single "Brividi", an emotional ballad that shies away from their urban tones. Their adventure together isn't over just yet: they'll represent Italy at the 2022 Eurovision on home soil!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Italy | oli? - "Smalto e tinta"


oli? is the stage name of Marco Poletto, a singer hailing from Polpet. He's recently called our attention with the irreverent "Smalto e tinta", a song with a very cool energy that mixes pop and rock with a unique edge.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Italy | RUGGERO - "Se vive solo una vida"


Italian-born singer RUGGERO returns to our site with his most recent single! "Se vive solo una vida" mixes pop and rock and includes a danceable melody to move along.

Saturday, March 05, 2022

Italy | Matteo Faustini - "Per donare"


Matteo Faustini is steadily becoming one of our favorite new stars to emerge in Italy. His latest single, "Per donare", is one more example of why that's happening. It's a passionate song, with a very strong vocal performance. He is such a talented singer!

Thursday, March 03, 2022

Italy | Achille Lauro - "Stripper"


Achille Lauro has just been our song of the week with his Festival di Sanremo's entry "Domenica". But the Italian star does not rest, and he made his way from Sanremo to San Marino, where he won the country's National Final, granting him a ticket to this year's Eurovision. He's going to Turin with "Stripper", a fun rock song with the unique personality only he can add to a track. It's stupendous!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Italy | Michele Bravi - "Inverno dei fiori"


Italian singer Michele Bravi graced us with his talent during this year's Festival di Sanremo. His entry, "Inverno dei fiori", was one of the most touching of the event. It is a deep and introspective song, with an emotive and intense performance by Michele.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Italy | Deddy - "Mentre ti spoglio"


Italian singer Deddy has a new single on offer. And we cannot stress it enough: it's an outstanding one! "Mentre ti spoglio" is a well-paced song, led by great pop-rock instrumentals and a very strong vocal performance. Emotions flow through the track in a very intense manner! It's our song of the week.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Italy | Laura Pausini - "Scatola"


Italian superstar Laura Pausini has a stupendous new single on offer. "Scatola" (or "Caja", in its version in Spanish) is a marvelous mid-tempo song, which goes to a whole new level with Laura's vocal performance. She always manages to give her songs even more depth and quality!

Monday, February 21, 2022

Italy | Ditonellapiaga feat. Rettore - "Chimica"


We finish our Festival di Sanremo 2022 review with one of the songs that caught our attention the earliest. Ditonellapiaga (born Margherita Carducci in 1997 in Rome) and Donatella Rettore (born in Castelfranco Veneto in 1955) brought one of the most entertaining songs of the festival. "Chimica" is crazy, upbeat pop-rock with class and sass!

Italy | Elisa - "O forse sei tu"


We continue our Festival di Sanremo 2022 digest with Elisa. The singer was one of the favorites to win, and ended up in second place with "O forse sei tu". The song is an emotional ballad with a beautiful instrument progression, wrapped up with Elisa's touching vocal power.

Italy | Emma - "Ogni volta è così"


Returning to the Festival di Sanremo stage after quite some time, Emma took part of this year's event with "Ogni tanto è così". The song is a powerful ballad with a synth undertone, taking it to a very interesting contemporary sound.

Italy | Gianni Morandi - "Apri tutte le porte"


Festival di Sanremo always has space for glories of Italian music. And, in 2022, one of them was Gianni Morandi. Born in 1944 in Monghidoro, he is one of the most popular personalities in the country, having released countless albums and participated in several TV shows. This year, he joined the festival with "Apri tutte le porte", a super entertaining song that talks about turning around bad moments and taking chances.

Italy | Le Vibrazioni - "Tantissimo"


Festival di Sanremo is also a great place for rock. And Le Vibrazioni are usual defenders of the genre. This year, they took "Tantissimo" to the stage, and they blew our minds! The song is a powerful sample of synth-infused rock.

Italy | Irama - "Ovunque sarai"


Let's continue our journey through Sanremo 2022 with Irama! His competing song was "Ovunque sarai", a delicate ballad with simple yet touching lyrics. The orchestration is beautiful!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Italy | Achille Lauro - "Domenica"


Our song of the week is going to get stuck with you for days to come. We can't seem to get enough of Achille Lauro. So, naturally, his Sanremo 2022 entry drove us crazy! We're talking about "Domenica", a song that mixes pop and soft rock with amazing mastery. We love it to bits!

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Italy | La Rappresentante di Lista - "Ciao ciao"


The first week of February is synonymous with one thing in Italy: Festival di Sanremo! This year, as usual, the line-up was a wide variety of artists, genres, and ages. And one of our highlights was La Rappresentante di Lista, who conquered us with their entry, "Ciao ciao". The song is funky, witty in its lyrics and will surely help you learn the parts of the body in Italian. Can we ask for more? We're totally hooked on it: it's our song of the week! You can see them performing the track live here.

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Croatia | Franka feat. Sara Jo - "On"


Two huge Balkan stars got together for a new single. It's Croatia's Franka and Italy's (and Serbia's) Sara Jo. They've just released "On". It's a catchy song with a very cool Latin vibe.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Italy | Matteo Bocceli - "Close"


Italian singer Matteo Bocceli is back to our site! He has recently released "Close", a song that takes him from classic ballads to drive him through a very interesting pop path. The song is "about longing to be near the people we love and care about", and its video was shot in an empty Arena di Verona, a "perfect setting", as Matteo described. The song is a teaser of his upcoming album, to be released in 2022.