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Monday, May 17, 2021

You've Seen Here: 2021 Eurovision Song Contest


After two years waiting because of the cancellation of the 2020 edition, it's finally here: it's Eurovision week! And we are retaking a tradition of ours: we're presenting our guide to the 2021 contest, remembering all of the competing entries (as most of them were already reviewed on Sounds European! during the past months).

As was planned in for last year, the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest is going to be held at Rotterdam Ahoy, in Rotterdam, following the 2019 victory of the Netherlands, with "Arcade". Before the 2021 rehearsals, the bookies had Malta and Switzerland as the big favorites for this year's trophy. Now, Italy, France, Iceland, Cyprus and Bulgaria.

We now take this opportunity and highlight a song we really enjoy, but weren't able to publish before, Russia's "Russian woman" – as Manizha was born in Tajikistan:

Check the full list of the 2021 entries, with their running order in the shows:

Semifinal 1 (May 18th, 2021):

1. Lithuania | The Roop - "Discoteque"
2. Slovenia | Ana Soklič - "Amen"
4. Sweden | Tusse - "Voices"
6. North Macedonia | Vasil - "Here I stand"
7. Ireland | Lesley Roy - "Maps"
10. Croatia | Albina - "Tick-tock"
13. Romania | Roxen - "Amnesia"
14. Azerbaijan | Efendi - "Mata Hari"
15. Ukraine | Go_A - "Shum"

Semifinal 2 (May 20th, 2021):

1. San Marino | Senhit - "Adrenalina"
3. Czech Republic | Benny Cristo - "Omaga"

Final (May 22nd, 2021):

TBD. United Kingdom | James Newman - "Embers"

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Malta | Destiny Chukunyere - "Je me casse"


When Eurovision 2020 got cancelled, we had no doubt Destiny Chukunyere would be back for the 2021 edition of the festival. And her return is making her dream of the top! Her entertaining "Je me casse" is seen as one of the favorites to win the edition – which would, if she actually won, make her the first artist ever to win both Junior Eurovision and Eurovision.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Austria | Vincent Bueno - "Amen"


Vincent Bueno is another 2020 Eurovision singer who is returning for the 2021 contest. Representing his native Austria, he has just released his competing song, "Amen". The track is a beautiful, in crescendo ballad with a chill-inducing instrumentation that wraps up Vincent's sweet vocals.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Italy | Senhit - "Adrenalina"


Senhit Zadik Zadik was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1979. She's had a 16-year career, releasing three studio albums and several singles along the way, but her career exploded after her participation on the Eurovision Song Contest, representing San Marino. It was in 2011, with the classy "Stand by". She was then called back in 2020, with the cheeky "Freaky". This year, she's returning with the fiery "Adrenalina", a song that includes ethnic sounds, a super danceable sound and the participation of American rapper Flo Rida.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Estonia | Uku Suviste - "The lucky one"


Uku Suviste will finally have his chance to shine at the Eurovision stage! After winning the Estonian ticket in 2020 and seeing the event cancelled, he returned to Eesti Laul this year and managed to win it again! He will represent his country on the continental festival with "The lucky one", a mid-tempo pop-rock ballad that conquered us with the intensity of its chorus. You can see Uku performing the song live here.

Moldova | Natalia Gordienko - "Sugar"


When we heard Natalia Gordienko was returning as the Moldovan representative for Eurovision this year, we were quite excited. But when she released her single, we were taken by surprise by her edgy entry! The song is called "Sugar", and it brings a super danceable track with a compelling melody and an enticing interpretation.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Italy | Måneskin - "Zitti e buoni"


Måneskin were the big winners of this year's Festival di Sanremo! They conquered the trophy with a kind of song that is not your usual Sanremo winner: "Zitti e buoni", an edgy, raw rock that will surely energize your day. The song was later confirmed as Italy's representative for the 2021 Eurovision (you can check the Eurovision version clicking here).

Bulgaria | Victoria Georgieva - "Growing up is getting old"


Bulgarian singer Victoria Georgieva has just unveiled her 2021 Eurovision song! It will be "Growing up is getting old", an introspective, delicate ballad with a delicious, '50s-inspired instrumentation.

Belgium | Hooverphonic - "The wrong place"


Hooverphonic have just revealed their song for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest! They will represent Belgium with "The wrong place", a song that follows their refined sounds, full of classical instruments, that create a very involving atmosphere. The song also sees the return of vocalist Geike Arnaert to the group.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Switzerland | Gjon's Tears - "Tout l'univers"


Gjon's Tears was one of the favorites to win Eurovision 2020 before it was cancelled. Now, with "Tout l'univers", his entry for this year's edition, we believe he has become even closer to the dream of giving Switzerland its first victory since the '80s. We've got literal chills while listening to it for the first time. It's a true masterpiece: it's our song of the week!

Netherlands | Stefania - "Last dance"


Dutch-Greek star Stefania is back for Eurovision 2021, after the 2020 edition was cancelled. This year, she's representing Greece with "Last dance". It's one of the most captivating entries of the edition! The song offers a delightful retro ambience, and a highly addictive melody. The chorus is the cherry on top of it all.

Greece | Elena Tsagkrinou - "El diablo"


Greek singer Elena Tsagkrinou is giving another step in her meteoric solo career: she's been selected to represent Cyprus at this year's Eurovision! She will fly to Rotterdam with "El diablo", a song that shies away from Mediterranean rhythms and brings a pop banger with an international profile that is ready to be heard in radios all around the world!

Denmark | Fyr Og Flamme - "Øve os på hinanden"


Frequent readers of Sounds European! were not surprised by the Danish selection for this year's Eurovision. We have been talking about Fyr Og Flamme for a while, praising their irresistible retro-infused music. And they will take an awesome sample of their sounds to Rotterdam: "Øve os på hinanden" is pure entertainment. We love it to bits!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Serbia | Hurricane - "Loco loco"


Serbia is another country that has given their Eurovision 2020 artist a second shot at this year's edition. And Hurricane are back with "Loco loco", a modern electropop song with a very inviting chorus. It's impossible not to have fun with it!

Thursday, March 18, 2021

United Kingdom | James Newman - "Embers"


James Newman has finally released his entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. It's "Embers", a song which offers contemporary pop at its best! It's been very long since the last time the United Kingdom had sent something that could be in radios all around the world.

North Macedonia | Vasil - "Here I stand"


We are now landing in North Macedonia, to listen to their entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The country is repeating their 2020 artist, the very talented Vasil, this time with "Here I stand". The song is a wonderful ballad which explores Vasil's voice in several ranges and emotions.

Poland | Rafał Brzozowski - "The ride"


Rafał Brzozowski is a Polish singer who was born in Warsaw in 1981. He rose to prominence after being part of the first season of The Voice of Poland, in 2011. Rafał has just been announced as the Polish representative for this year's Eurovision. He's going to Rotterdam with "The ride", a fun retro electropop song with a very inviting energy.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Slovenia | Ana Soklič - "Amen"


Another 2020 artist who is returning for Eurovision 2021 is Ana Soklič. This year, the Slovene singer is bringing the entry "Amen". It's a power ballad which relies on Ana's very talented voice to reach higher and higher feelings.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Romania | Roxen - "Amnesia"


Romania has just released their entry for this year's Eurovision. They'll give Roxen another try, after the 2020 edition got cancelled, with "Amnesia". It's a haunting pop song with grandiose instrumentals, very marking beats and an irresistible mood. The chorus is extremely effective! It has all the necessary predicates for Romania to dream of its first Eurovision trophy.

Ireland | Lesley Roy - "Maps"


Lesley Roy was one of the artists who was given the chance to return to Eurovision in 2021, after the 2020 edition was cancelled. And she took the chance to go even better! Her new entry, "Maps", is one of the best songs Ireland has sent to Eurovision in recent times, and one of the best songs of this year's edition.