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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Denmark | Emmelie de Forest - "Typical love song"


We couldn't be happier: Emmelie de Forest has just released a new single! It's "Typical love song", a great track with an upbeat melody and a very captivating chorus. The ambience is absolutely entertaining.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Denmark | Ida Laurberg - "Personal letters"


Ida Laurberg is a Danish artist hailing from Helsinge. She rose to prominence in 2016, when her song "Puppy dog eyes" went viral and got millions of streams across platforms. Ida has just released a new single, "Personal letters", a song which adds a grunge flavor to her haunting melancholic sounds. It's a great song!

"'Personal letters' is about my frustration of not having the nerve to confront people in my life when they do something that hurts me – which ends up in me getting hurt and having my boundaries overstepped time after time. Instead, I keep up finding myself perform angry monologues with myself in the shower in the mornings. That's 'Personal letters'", explains Ida.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Denmark | Stine Bramsen - "What I want you to do"


Alphabeat lady Stine Bramsen is back solo with a new single! We're talking about "What I want you to do", a song that plays with a classy, retro inspired pop that beautifully fits her unique voice.

About the release, Stine commented on Facebook: "The song is about reconnecting with one's inner wildness and feeling the adrenaline pump in the blood again. That urge has never been stronger in my body than when I wrote all the new music I'm currently recording. Partly because I stand somewhere in life where small children and adult duties fill quite a bit, but also because corona put an end to what I love most: playing live. This is also why I chose to play many of the new songs live before they release".

Friday, October 08, 2021

Denmark | Emma Nicoline feat. Stefan Hjort - "Venter på dig"


Two of the brightest new stars from Denmark have just got together for a single! Emma Nicoline and Stefan Hjort released "Venter på dig", a captivating track that mixes pop and retro beats in a contagious way.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Denmark | Nicklas Sahl - "Stand out be special"


Danish singer Nicklas Sahl is back with a great new release. We are talking about "Stand out be special". It's a song that takes Nicklas' talent in a different direction, more towards a pop-rock sound, or a British singer-songwriter spirit. The result is amazing!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Denmark | Pauline - "Noget for nogen"


Danish singer Pauline is back with us! She has recently released a new single, "Noget for nogen", a song with a mix of retro country sounds that mix beautifully with the Danish language, creating a somewhat mysterious atmosphere throughout.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Denmark | Maximillian - "Letters"


Danish singer Maximillian is back with us! He has just released the single "Letters", an intimate pop song that talks about friendship in a very sincere way. As Maximillian himself explains, "we all got good friends but there is only one true best friend. Right now, and most likely for many years to come, I can't be with my best friend. He's far away – gone – and I miss him. We used to hang out all the time and I know I'll see him again someday but for now we only got the letters we write for each other. 'Letters' is about the importance of telling the persons you care the most about in life what they truly mean to you before it's too late".

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Denmark | MØ - "Kindness"


Sounds European! remeets Danish super star . She has just released a marvelous new single, entitled "Kindness". It's a different kind of electropop, with a smooth melody built by cool, classy instrumentals. MØ's voice is clearly perfect for this kind of music!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Denmark | Patrick Dorgan - "Old school"


Danish singer Patrick Dorgan returns with his retro take on pop! He has just released "Old school", a song that will pump you up in a great mood with its uplifting atmosphere!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Denmark | Christopher - "If it weren't for you"


Christopher is back with us to share his most recent single. "If it weren't for you" is a danceable pop track with honest lyrics about love, which are accentuated by the choice of images in the music video.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Denmark | Elias Boussnina - "Heroine"


Elias Boussnina is a Danish singer who was born in Esbjerg. He is known as "the crown prince of R&B", and his new single clearly shows why. "Heroine", the lead single of his upcoming debut album, is a shower of groove and feeling. We just can't stop listening to it!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Denmark | Fyr Og Flamme - "Hemmelighed"


Danish duo Fyr Og Flamme have just released their homonymous debut album, which includes all the hits we've previously featured here on Sounds European!, and has gone straight to #1 in the local album charts. Of course, they included some new bangers for us to enjoy. Such is the case of "Hemmelighed", a song that draws a softer side to their contagious '80s groove.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Denmark | Jesper Binzer - "Elevation"


It's about time we remet Danish singer Jesper Binzer. He has just released a new single, entitled "Elevation", and we are totally into it. Rock 'n' roll cannot get more smooth and enjoyable than this!

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Denmark | Liberty - "Troye Sivan"


Danish singer Liberty has just released an amazing new single. We are talking about "Troye Sivan". As the title suggests, the song is a tribute to the South African-Australian singer – and a celebration of attraction between human beings no matter their gender or sexual orientation. And, more than anything, it's a huge banger, with an outstanding, highly addictive melody!

"This is a song about my – not so secret – man crush on the one and only, Troye Sivan. To me, Troye is a voice, the look and pure feelings of a whole generation – an inspiring human being and one of those out of this world artists like Bowie. He's right there in front of you yet totally out of reach", Liberty says.

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Denmark | mags - "As long as we're both breathing"


Sounds European! remeets Danish rising star mags. She has just released an amazing new single, entitled "As long as we're both breathing". It's a love anthem which talks about some key points to have (and keep) a healthy relationship. We are completely addicted to its energy!

"I wrote 'As long as we're both breathing' as my modern take on the famous words 'till death do us part'. It's about the declaration of love – to stay together for better or worse. 'As long as we're both breathing' is a song that emphasizes the importance of communication and understanding as the keys to balance between love and hate in any close relation – two very different feelings that are often very close to each other on the emotional spectrum", mags explains.

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Denmark | Mads Langer - "Lightning"


Mads Langer is having a terrific summer! He started the season by welcoming his first daughter, Hannah, in mid-June. And now he ends it with the release of "Lightning". The song and video is, as Mads commented on his Facebook page, a "tribute to the kiss, to diversity, inclusivity and free love", all carefully wrapped in charming pop sounds.

Friday, September 03, 2021

Denmark | siné - "2good2u"


Meet an exciting new artist from Denmark: siné! She is settling back in Copenhagen after travelling the world, having developed a unique approach to '90s R&B, urban and pop grooves in her music. All those influences meet in her latest single, "2good2u", a bouncy song that will have you enjoying it and slowly dancing along.

About the track, siné says that "it was really meant to be the ultimate break-up song. But while I was going all girl power and feeling free, I was hit by the insecurity that always haunts you when you're trying to leave someone for good. And so instead, I ended up feeling totally miserable about myself. '2good2u' is about the inner fight that comes with not being able to stand up for your ridiculous self when life needs to change. It's a reminder that you are the one in your life who can make the chance to move forward from what might seem like a catch-22".

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Denmark | Mina Okabe - "Miss those days"


The day has arrived, and we couldn't be more excited! Danish rising star Mina Okabe has finally released her debut album, "Better days"! And to celebrate its release, we have a brand-new single, "Miss those days". It's a song which mixes a very enjoyable melody and a smooth and bittersweet vocal performance. The result is, as usual, marvelous!

About the song, Mina says: "It's about friendship – about a close friend of mine. We used to be together all the time but one day she had to move far away and even though we promised to stay in touch everything we had just faded out and disappeared. 'Miss those days' is about everything you take for granted and the wonder of sudden change".

Friday, August 27, 2021

Denmark | Tobias Rahim feat. Andreas Odbjerg - "Stor mand"


We have an interesting collaboration of Danish artists in store! Tobias Rahim hails from Aarhus, and has travelled around the world, becoming a hit in Ghana under the moniker Tony Tabu. Andreas Odbjerg was born in Odense in 1987, and, among other works, has participated in the local versions of The X Factor and The Voice. Their work together is the contagious "Stor mand", a song that oozes retro realness and is bound to get stuck to your brain!

Monday, August 23, 2021

Denmark | Ericka Jane - "Strangers in the night"


Ericka Jane returns to our site! "Strangers in the night" is a very interesting single, which starts with a country atmosphere that is quickly replaced by disco realness. It's a roller coaster of emotions!