Monday, February 07, 2022

Denmark | Agnes Rangel - "Blindsided"


It's time to meet Agnes Rangel, a 21-year-old Danish-Swedish talent who is ready to take our hearts with her music. With notes of jazz, pop and trip hop, her debut single, "Blindsided", tells the story of a one-sided love-euphoria. The song takes us on a journey of feelings only a great voice can lead.

"The song is about a beautiful friendship and how a one-sided love-euphoria can mess up everything. About how, what was meant to be a declaration of love between best friends, became a final, brutal quarrel and a recurring nightmare of total confusion and excruciating pain. I wrote 'Blindsided' in the middle of the night with all these emotions circulating around inside my body. I recorded it the morning after", Agnes says.

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