Monday, January 31, 2022

The Charts Day #230 (part 2)


It's a recurring story: as soon as Stromae releases a new single, it becomes a hit. With his latest one, "L'enfer", we are seeing it happen again. This week, the song is #1 in France, #3 in Belgium, #12 in the Netherlands and #14 in Switzerland.

The Charts Day #230 (part 1)


Italy has a new song leading the local charts. It's "La coda del diavolo". The single by Rkomi and Elodie has become a huge hit in the country, and now is finally reaching #1.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Iceland | Albatross - "Mér þykir það leitt"


We're thrilled to present another single by Albatross! The Icelandic guys have just released "Mér þykir það leitt", a song that blends rock, pop and folkloric sounds in a perfect amount!

Ukraine | Alyosha - "Moye more"


Ukrainian singer Alyosha is back with a new single. We're talking about "Moye more", a powerful ballad in which she calls for paying attention to what's happening deep in our souls.

Turkey | Ajda Pekkan - "Bi' tık"


Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan is back! She has recently released "Bi' tık", a haunting ballad with a soft synth base and a sensual melody, taken further by Ajda's compelling vocals.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Estonia | Alika Milova - "Õnnenumber"


Alika Milova is a young talent rising in Estonia. Hailing from Narva, she won the 2021 season of "Eesti otsib superstaari" (the local version of Idols). And here she is presenting us her debut single. "Õnnenumber" is an enticing pop with a strong chorus in which Alika can unveil her vocal power. We've been hooked on it: it's our song of the week!

Poland | Lanberry - "Nocny express"


Lanberry has a new single! We're talking about "Nocny express", a guitar-driven pop that incorporates soft indie-rock sounds to create a melody that will stuck to your head from the first listen!

Germany | Wincent Weiss - "Morgen"


We're thrilled to announce new music by Wincent Weiss! His new single is entitled "Morgen", a song in which he incorporates contemporary pop sounds to create a powerful ensemble.

Updated on February 4th, 2022, with the official video.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Finland | Antti Ketonen - "Sytytä mut"


Finnish singer Antti Ketonen has a new single for us! We're talking about "Sytytä mut", an energizing pop-rock with an exciting arrangement and a pretty on-point chorus. We can't get it out of our heads!

United Kingdom | Emeli Sandé - "Brighter days"


British singer Emeli Sandé is back with a new single! "Brighter days" is a beautiful, piano-led pop in which Emeli explores gospel sounds, enhanced by the powerful use of backing vocalists in the chorus. The whole song has an uplifting message and melody, creating an instant mood picker!

Sweden | Star Cassette - "Inget"


Star Cassette is a synthwave pop band based in Stockholm. The band is preparing an album that will be released later this year, and they've just shared a fabulous teaser. "Inget" is a fun, dreamy trip to retro sounds that is bound to have you playing it on repeat!

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Estonia | Karl-Erik Taukar - "Ookean"


Estonian singer Karl-Erik Taukar is back with us! He has just released "Ookean", a fun pop single whose uplifting tropical melody is enhanced by an equally enjoyable videoclip.

Portugal | Tiago Cardoso - "Procurei"


Portuguese singer Tiago Cardoso makes a stunning return to Sounds European!! He has just released "Procurei", a soft pop with contemporary arrangements. For the single, he was inspired by "a situation lived by a university colleague. Deep down, it's the story of many people of different ages. Sometimes we cannot disclose our feelings to people we like for shame or fear of rejection. The song has a message of strength for all those hiding feelings in their chests".

Belarus | Natalia Podolskaya - "Byt' samoy soboy"


Natalia Podolskaya is back to our site with her latest signle! In "Byt' samoy soboy", she delivers an Eastern-flavored ballad with intense beats and an alluring vocal performance.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

United Kingdom | Griff feat. Sigrid - "Head on fire"


Griff and Sigrid surprised us with a collaboration! Their single together is "Head on fire", a song in which they blend their different shades of pop to create a uniquely noir, synth-infused piece. It's amazing!

Greece | Mando - "Skies kai chromata"


Mando is the stage name of Adamantia Stamatopoulou. She was born in Piraeus, Greece, in 1966, to a pianist father (Nikos Stamatopoulos) and a soprano mother (Mary Apergi). She is one of the most prolific singers in her country, having released several albums and being a constant TV figure. Her most recent single is the compelling "Skies kai chromata", a powerful ballad that is taken forward by her amazing voice.

Ukraine | Anna Asti - "Feniks"


Anna Asti (born in Cherkasy, Ukraine, in 1990) is part of local duo ARTIK & ASTI. Now, she is releasing her first solo single, and we're charmed! "Feniks" is an exciting ballad with intense contemporary beats in which she can let her flawless voice fly.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Turkey | Feride Hilal Akın feat. Sheyh Ree - "İstanbul'da aşk"


Feride Hilal Akın is a Turkish singer born in 1996 in Ankara, Turkey. She is bringing an international collaboration with Sheyh Ree (a rap, trap and R&B artist born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1996) in "İstanbul'da aşk". The song is a beautiful blend of contemporary electronic beats, as futuristic as the video itself!

Germany | Sarah Zucker - "Un deux trois"


Sarah Zucker returns to Sounds European!! She brings the warmth of summer in "Un deux trois", a sweet pop with catchy electronic beats that seamlessly blends German and French. We really enjoy it!

Italy | Matteo Bocceli - "Close"


Italian singer Matteo Bocceli is back to our site! He has recently released "Close", a song that takes him from classic ballads to drive him through a very interesting pop path. The song is "about longing to be near the people we love and care about", and its video was shot in an empty Arena di Verona, a "perfect setting", as Matteo described. The song is a teaser of his upcoming album, to be released in 2022.

Monday, January 24, 2022

The Charts Day #229 (part 2)


English band Glass Animals is enjoying a great success with their single "Heat waves". The song was released in June, and it has charted in several European charts for around 20 weeks. This week, the song is #20 in Bulgaria, #14 in Portugal, #10 in Norway, #7 in the Netherlands, #6 in Belgium, #5 in Germany, and #4 in Austria and Switzerland!

The Charts Day #229 (part 1)


There's a hit rising by a huge collaboration thanks to the latest Disney blockbuster. Colombia's Carolina Gaitán and Mauro Castillo, and US's Adassa and Rhenzy Feliz teamed up for one of the songs from the movie "Encanto", and their single, "We don't talk about Bruno", is this week's #4 in Ireland and #1 in the United Kingdom!

Sunday, January 23, 2022

United Kingdom | Adele - "Oh my God"


Adele has a new single for us, proving that anything she sings is pure magic! "Oh my God" takes her through a soul and R&B mix that sounds super modern thanks to the addition of soft electronic beats.

Belgium | Iliona - "Si tu m'aimes demain"


Iliona Roulin was born in Brussels in 2000. Her career kicked off with several successful singles in 2020, and last year she released two EPs. We just got to hear her most recent single, "Si tu m'aimes demain", a song that brings the sweet chansons of the '50s and '60s to the 21st century, all wrapped in Iliona's sweet vocal performance.

Portugal | Fernando Daniel feat. Carolina Deslandes - "Fim"


Fernando Daniel and Carolina Deslandes kicked off 2022 with a sweet collaboration. We're talking about "Fim", a song that was included in Fernando's latest work, "Presente", but that was re-recorded with Carolina for the new edition of his album. The result is amazing!

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Switzerland | Gjon's Tears - "Silhouette"


After his adventures with Arilena Ara, Gjon's Tears goes solo in another haunting ballad. "Silhouette" is a piano-led track with interesting contemporary sounds and Gjon's flawless vocal presence. It left us with goosebumps all around: it's our song of the week.

Spain | Cepeda - "Otro día más"


Cepeda has released a new single! In "Otro día más", he shies away from rock and turns to a mix of pop and soft urban sounds. The beat through the song is definitely engaging!

Italy | Tecla feat. Alfa - "Faccio un casino"


Italian singer Tecla has teamed up with Alfa (Andrea De Filippi, a rapper and songwriter born in Genoa in 2000). Together, they have released "Faccio un casino", a mid-tempo pop with a growing melody which explodes into an anthemic second half.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Ukraine | Erika Herceg - "Otpusti"


Meet Erika Herceg, a Ukrainian singer born in Mala Dobron' in 1988 who has been building her music career for around three years. She has recently released a very cool single: in "Otpusti", a very interesting mix of pop and rock. As Erika commented on Facebook, this was her very first song, but she didn't feel ready to release it until now.

France | Kyo - "Stand up"


French band Kyo are promoting their most recent album, "La part des lions", with a fantastic single. We're talking about "Stand up", a song that combines 2000s alt-rock with a modern twist.

Spain | Alvaro Soler feat. David Bisbal - "A contracorriente"


Alvaro Soler and David Bisbal teamed up to bring you the ultimate Latino song there can exist. In "A contracorriente", they bring a contagious beat, a powerful rhythm and hypnotic vocals to create a fabulous track!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

United Kingdom | Ella Henderson - "Brave"


It's high time to remeet Ella Henderson! She has recently released "Brave", an empowering ballad with a marking beat in which Ella pours all her heart and voice!

Italy | Marco Mengoni feat. Madame - "Mi fiderò"


Marco Mengoni has turned into the hero of '80s-infused pop in Italy. And we're loving every minute of it! His latest single is "Mi fiderò", in which he collaborates with Madame (Francesca Calearo, a singer and rapper born in Vicenza in 2002). The song is a delicious, lo-fi synth ballad that just melts in your ears.

Germany | Madeline Juno - "99 probleme"


Time for another gem by Madeline Juno! "99 probleme" brings pop with heartfelt lyrics and Madeline's lovely vocals wrapping it all up. The song is included in her latest album, "Besser kann ich es nicht erklären", which has just been released.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Spain | Pablo Alborán - "Castillos de arena"


Spanish singer Pablo Alborán goes back to his uniquely emotional sounds in his latest single. In "Castillos de arena", he delivers a hauntingly harmonious ballad that retains a sort of ethnic touch.

Ukraine | On I Ona - "Ty tantsevala"


On I Ona are Aleksey Martynenko and Alona Zhigareva, a duo formed in Ukraine. We have just came across their single "Ty tantsevala", a fresh sample of electronic pop with an intense beat.

United Kingdom | James Morrison - "Don't mess with love"


British singer James Morrison. returns to Sounds European! with a funky new single. We're talking about "Don't mess with love", a pop ballad with interesting R&B-infused beats. James comments that the retro feeling in the song is inspired by the songs he would hear on the radio when he was a kid.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Finland | Frans Harju - "Kiitos"


Frans Harju is a Finnish singer and songwriter, twin brother of also singer Mikko Harju. We just got to know him with his fourth single, "Kiitos", a heartwarming ballad with an in-crescendo melody that ends up delivering an anthemic single.

Malta | Emma Muscat - "Più di te"


Emma Muscat is getting ready for a movemented first months of 2022, as she will travel back to her native Malta to take part on its Eurovision National Final. But, meanwhile, let's enjoy her latest single. "Più di te" is a contemporary pop ballad with marking beats.

Albania | Arilena Ara feat. Gjon's Tears - "Dance me"


Arilena Ara surprised us with a collaboration that we didn't see coming: Gjon's Tears! Their single together is "Dance me", an upbeat, retro track that beautifully mixes English and French and all kinds of pop.

Monday, January 17, 2022

The Charts Day #228 (part 2)


When we talked about "The motto", by Tiësto and Ava Max, we knew we were before a hit. And the chart performance of that song throughout Europe just confirms what we thought: the song is charting all across the continent, with this week's highlights being #8 in Bulgaria and #4 in the Netherlands!

The Charts Day #228 (part 1)


Sir Elton John and Dua Lipa are our first protagonists of our digest on the European charts. This week, their amazing collaboration, "Cold heart", is charting #20 in their native UK, #10 in Ireland, #9 in Sweden, #5 in Germany, #4 in Portugal, #3 in Austria, and #1 in Bulgaria!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Kosovo | Yll Limani - "Lshoja zanin"


Yll Limani has a new single to share! The Kosovar singer returns with the ethnic "Lshoja zanin", a tender ballad in which the folkloric elements are strong but well-balanced, and combine beautifully with his voice. The song is part of Yll's latest EP, also called "Lshoja zanin".

Finland | ILON - "Dream"


After her smashing hit "Tobacco", Finnish artist ILON is back with a new single! In "Dream", she brings a dreamy ballad which enhances her sweet vocals.

Belarus | Litesound - "Fire"


Litesound are back with us! They have recently released "Fire", a song in which they mix potent rock and urban beats, especially noted in the verses. It's a killer combo!

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Ukraine | SOYANA - "Pritsel"


Yana Solomko is the real name of SOYANA, a Ukrainian singer born in Chutove in 1989. She is a popular name in the Eastern European countries, and also made it to the final rounds of The Voice in Turkey. Now, we get to meet her in "Pritsel", a fun pop that brings together ethnic and Oriental sounds in a powerful track. We've been listening to it non-stop: it's our song of the week!

Greece | Giorgos Kakosaios feat. Josephine - "Vlepo to thanato sou"


Giorgos Kakosaios is a 20-year-old singer from Livadeia, Greece. Son of popular singer Giannis Ploutarchos, he is giving steady steps in creating his own music career. And his latest single is a perfect example. Together with Josephine, they have released "Vlepo to thanato sou", a high-energy pop song with a sort of apocalyptic undertone that makes it even more mysterious. The song is part of the soundtrack for the Greek movie "The black bachelor".

Finland | Evelina - "Kyynelii"


Evelina returns to our site with a brand new single! The Finnish singer has just released "Kyynelii", a disco-infused pop that brings a bubbly chorus and a super fun atmosphere that hides pain underneath. To give you a hint, the title means "tears", and Evelina said that "you can dance and cry and anything in between" while listening.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Sweden | Victor Crone - "Love someone like me"


Victor Crone is back with a new single! In "Love someone like me", he tunes down for a country-infused ballad rooted in a nostalgic feeling. It's a song in which he pours his heart and shows all his feelings.

Latvia | Prāta Vētra - "Smarža"


Latvian band Prāta Vētra (BrainStorm) return to Sounds European! with a very interesting new single. In "Smarža", they bring an electric kind of rock that plays with several genres and moods. It's a roller coaster of feelings!

Spain | Cariño - "Si quieres"


Paola Rivero, Alicia Ros and María Talaverano are Cariño, a fresh indie-pop girlband hailing from Madrid. We got hooked in their captivating sounds with their latest single, "Si quieres", a song that brings together pop, rock, indie and retro sounds.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Denmark | Dugfrisk - "Jeg kan mærke jorden danse"


We don't know what's going on with Denmark and full-on '80s music, but we're loving it. Meet the latest male duo to be added to that trend: Dugfrisk. Kasper Kildegaard and Jonas Kisby Jørgensen bring a mix of the best sounds from that decade in "Jeg kan mærke jorden danse". We may be too obsessed to keep on writing.

Germany | Despina Vandi - "Pou les"


German-born Greek diva Despina Vandi is back with a new single! We're talking about "Pou les", a ballad that takes Despina through a more pop path, still delivering a shower of powerful vocal performance and that ethnic touch that makes our knees weak.

Turkey | Nil Karaibrahimgil feat. Borusan İstanbul Filarmoni Orkestrası - "Uyan anne"


Long time no see for Nil Karaibrahimgil! She returns to Sounds European! accompanied by the Borusan İstanbul Filarmoni Orkestrası, in an emotional single with a deep message. We're talking about "Uyan anne", a classic ballad with an epic instrumentation in which they tackle environmental issues.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Sweden | Steerner - "Rush"


Swedish artist and producer Steerner is back with a new single. In "Rush", he mixes electronic sounds with a tweak that reminded us of late '90s, early 2000s dance tracks. It's an energetic combo!

France | Jérémy Frerot - "À la vie qu'on mène"


We finally remeet Jérémy Frerot! He finished 2021 with a bang, releasing the single "À la vie qu'on mène". The song brings together noir pop and tropical beats in a uniquely captivating way. It will be included in the re-edition of his latest album, "Meilleure vie", available at the end of January.

Netherlands | Sam Feldt feat. Rita Ora - "Follow me"


Sammy Renders is the real name of Sam Feldt, a DJ and producer born in Boxtel, Netherlands, in 1993. He is starting 2022 with a fantastic collaboration with Kosovar-born singer Rita Ora: in "Follow me", they bring a delicious house and electronic mix carried through by Rita's powerful vocals.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Spain | Alex Ubago feat. Antonio Orozco - "Ella vive en mi"


Earlier this month, we commented that Alex Ubago is celebrating his 20 years in the music business with a myriad of singles. And now, we're presenting the second one: this time with Antonio Orozco, they covered Alex's "Ella vive en mi", one of his biggest hits. The song retains its beautiful energy, and Antonio's raspy voice adds a beautiful quality to the whole ensemble!

Turkey | Mor ve Ötesi - "Dünyaya bedel"


Coming from Istanbul, Mor ve Ötesi is one of the biggest bands to emerge from Turkey. With a career spanning over 25 years, they have released eight studio albums and several singles. And they also gained a Europe-wide audience after representing their country at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, coming seventh with their delicious "Deli". Their most recent single is entitled "Dünyaya bedel", and it brings an engaging kind of alternative rock with a beautiful harmony between its instrumentation and the vocal performance.

Norway | KEiiNO feat. Peder Elias - "A new beginning"


KEiiNO and Peder Elias have teamed up in a beautiful single! We're talking about "A new beginning", a song that starts as a touching ballad and evolves into a more agitated pop track with retro flavors. It's an all-around delicious single!

Monday, January 10, 2022

The Charts Day #227 (part 2)


It's been almost three months since Adele's glorious return to music with "Easy on me". And, as expected, the song is peaking in charts all around the world. Focusing in Europe, this week, the track is #26 in Bulgaria, #3 in the Netherlands and Portugal, #2 in Ireland, and #1 in the United Kingdom.

The Charts Day #227 (part 1)


The first weeks of charts around the world are detoxing of Christmas hits. But there are still some gems reaching high positions, like Gayle's "ABCDEFU". The American singer is this week's #22 in Bulgaria, #21 in Germany, #16 in Portugal, #10 in Austria, #4 in the Netherlands, #2 in the United Kingdom and #1 in Irealnd.

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Spain | Rosa López - "Si no te vuelvo a ver"


Rosa López is back with a new single. We're talking about "Si no te vuelvo a ver", a song that takes classic Spanish ballads to the future with the help of synth sounds and a pop base that will melt in your ears.

North Macedonia | Lara Ivanova feat. Kasapski - "Samo svrti se"


In the last days of 2021, North Macedonian singer Lara Ivanova unveiled a collaboration with fellow countryman (Pance) Kasapski. "Samo svrti se" is a captivating ballad which tunes down the dramatism of what you usually find in the region, still delivering a powerful interpretation.

Italy | Riki - "Scusa"


Riki returns to our site! As he commented on Facebook, he writes when he feels the need to, and so he took some time to choose the right moment to write and share a new single. And let us tell you, it was worth the wait! He has recently released the upbeat "Scusa", a shower of '80s sounds in a high-energy track.

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Netherlands | Davina Michelle - "Hyper"


Time to listen to our second song of the week of the year, this time courtesy of Dutch singer Davina Michelle and her most recent single! We're talking about "Hyper", a song in which she brings an edgy combination of rock and pop. The chorus is an explosion of sounds to die for!

Denmark | Drew Sycamore - "Bodytalk"


Danish singer Drew Sycamore has a new single to share. "Bodytalk" is a gem of noir pop with an introspective set of lyrics, enhanced by Drew's passionate interpretation.

Spain | Funambulista - "Hasta que amaneciera"


Spanish singer Funambulista has a new track. We're talking about "Hasta que amaneciera", a song that encapsulates the best there is in the local pop-rock scene.

Friday, January 07, 2022

Italy | Giusy Ferrery - "Gli oasis di una volta"


Italian diva Giusy Ferreri has a new single to share! We're talking about "Gli oasis di una volta", a classy ballad that brings the best sounds she has to offer!

Hungary | Joci Pápai - "Indulj hát"


Look who's back: it's Joci Pápai! He finished 2021 with a bang, releasing "Indulj hát". The song is a change from what we would expect from Joci: it retains his ethnic background, but brings a more upbeat, danceable pop as well, creating a really charming combination.

Netherlands | Alban Ramosaj - "Theje"


One of the stars to grace the stage of the 2021 Festivali i Këngës was Alban Ramosaj. The song with which he took part was "Theje", an ethnic ballad that let us fully appreciate Alban's amazing vocal skills.

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Spain | Pastora Soler - "Que hablen de mi"


Pastora Soler is back! She has just released "Que hablen de mi", a classical ballad with an elegant instrumentation that paves the way for Pastora to give us a shower of vocal abilities. The song talks about how sometimes we are taken back by the fear of what other people will say, stopping us from ourselves and listening to our inner voice.

Turkey | Can Oflaz - "Yanamam"


Can Oflaz is a musician and producer from Istanbul. He recently caught our attention with his single "Yanamam", a soft trip through lo-fi pop that ditches the ethnic flavor to bring a contemporary approach.

Austria | King & Potter - "Heaven"


Austrian duo King & Potter return to Sounds European!! They have recently released "Heaven", an empowering pop ballad with soft verses and an explosive second half in which they explore contemporary beats.

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Belgium | Mustii - "New becoming"


Belgian singer Mustii keeps dazzling us with his greatness. This time, it's with "New becoming". The song is an anthemic alternative ballad that plays with an epic instrumentation and imposing lyrics. It will be included in Mustii's upcoming album, "It's happening now", which will be out in a few weeks.

Spain | Dani Fernández - "Dile a los demás"


Spanish singer Dani Fernández returns to our site with a fantastic banger. "Dile a los demás" brings a great mix of pop and rock, including a very interesting retro flavor in the form of synth beats.

Armenia | Sofi Mkheyan feat. Nick Egibyan - "Boc u hrdeh"


Armenian singers Sofi Mkheyan and Nick Egibyan teamed up to release a haunting new single. "Boc u hrdeh" is a ballad that creates an imposing atmosphere thanks to its intense beats and the singer's powerful vocal interpretation.

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Albania | Ermal Meta - "Milano non esiste"


Albanian-born star Ermal Meta returns to our site with a philosophical new single. "Milano non esiste" is the search of Ermal to find what's real and what's not, captured in a ballad with beautiful instrumentation.

Ukraine | Loboda - "Zaneslo"


Ukrainian singer Loboda had one of our Top 50 songs of 2021. And she is back to show us there's more from where "Allo" came from. "Zaneslo" brings high-energy electronic pop, dusted with her trademark sensual flavor.

Turkey | Atakan Çelik - "Sakız falları"


Atakan Çelik is a Turkish singer hailing from Istanbul. He has warmed our hearts with "Sakız falları", a type of Turkish guitar-driven ballad that relies less on the ethnic element and more on Atakan's sweet interpretation.

Monday, January 03, 2022

United Kingdom | White Lies - "I don't want to go to Mars"


British band White Lies are back with us! Their most recent single is entitled "I don't want to go to Mars", a song that plays with old-school and modern trends of rock. The track anticipates the band's upcoming album, "As I try to fall apart", out in February.

Norway | Astrid S feat. Dagny - "Pretty"


What happens when two pop divas get together? Find out in the new single by Norwegian singers Astrid S and Dagny: "Pretty" is a synth ballad that brings a lovely harmony of sounds and voices!

France | Kendji Girac - "Conquistador"


Kendji Girac. New single. "Conquistador". We could say no more and let you get into the groove by yourself, but here we go: Latin rhythms that will take you to epic Renaissance times thanks to a very engaging beat. What's not to love?!

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Ukraine | The Hardkiss - "Sestra"


Ukrainian band The Hardkiss are back with another powerful single. "Sestra" brings a roller coaster of power, from low-energy verses to intense riffs and a powerful chorus, all combined perfectly with the imagery offered in the videoclip.

Albania | Ronela Hajati - "Sekret"


Albania chose its representative for the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest via its traditional Festivali i Këngës. And the lucky one this year was a really un-traditional song. Ronela Hajati, born in Tirana in 1989, won with "Sekret", a song that mixes an intense urban base with folkloric elements in an amusing way. You can watch her hypnotic live performance here.

United Kingdom | We Are Domi - "Lights off"


The 2022 Eurovision season is already upon us! This year, the contest will take place in Turin, Italy, with the grand final scheduled for May 14th. Three entries have already been selected: Bulgaria was first, but now we'll highlight what the Czech Republic has chosen. We Are Domi is a band formed in Leeds, United Kingdom, by Czech and Norwegian members: Dominika Hašková, Casper Hatlestad and Benjamin Rekstad. They won the local National Final, ESCZ 2022, with "Lights off", a super enjoyable song that mixes soft house and electronic beats with a pop base.

Saturday, January 01, 2022

Romania | Smiley - "Nu mai exista dup-aia"


Smiley is the latest addition to the wave of '80s pop. And, man, are we glad he joined! "Nu mai exista dup-aia" brings intense beats wrapped around synthesizers and funky grooves. It's a fabulous song: it's our song of the week!

Spain | Alex Ubago feat. Andrés Suárez - "No te rindas"


Spanish singers Alex Ubago and Andrés Suárez got together in a fantastic song. "No te rindas" boasts a hopeful message wrapped around pure pop perfection. The song is a cover of Alex's own 2003 single that kicks off the celebration of his 20 years in the music business.

Poland | Daria - "Paranoia"


Daria Diana Marx Marcinkowska is a Polish singer born in 1995 in the city of Mikołów. She gained momentum after participating in The Voice in her country, and last year she scored two big hits: first there was "Love blind", and then came "Paranoia", featured below. The song is a haunting electronic pop that will captivate you from start to end.