Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Sounds European!'s farewell

All good things come to an end. And Sounds European! is no exception.

Over the last (almost) nine years, we've shared our passion for European music with you. We've developed a thorough research web and an intricate schedule to make sure that we'd give as wide representation as possible, and that includes territories and music genres.

But, sadly, life has been getting in the middle of it all. As we said, it's been nine years, so we now have different responsibilities that are making it almost impossible to find the time and strength to continue with the site with the level of care that we want. So, with a heavy heart, we have recently sat down and decided to give SE! a proper closure before it all imploded on our faces.

It's been 13,222 posts (+1, this last one), almost three million visits from all around the world, interviews with artists we love from all corners of the continent – and, what matters the most, a huge amount of love from all of you. We really couldn't have imagined it when we started.

We don't even know how to say thanks for all of this. So we'll do it the only way we know how to: with music.

Monday, April 11, 2022

Germany | Die Toten Hosen - "Scheiss wessis"


German rock stars Die Toten Hosen make a stunning return to our site! Their latest single is entitled "Scheiss wessis", and it has a very interesting story behind. It's mirrored by Marteria's "Scheiss ossis", and it's meant to reflect upon the difference that still exists between Eastern and Western Germany 30 years after the reunification. As the artists commented, the songs are meant "as hymns to unity and friendship, no matter where you're from. In the current situation, this seems more important to us than ever".

Finland | Ollie - "Kaksi sydäntä"


Finnish singer Ollie keeps dazzling us with his emotional singles. This time, he did it with "Kaksi sydäntä", a ballad with involving verses and a powerful chorus that highlights his tender vocal performance. The song tells "the story of two people in the midst of chaos. Both have seen so much drama and failures that hope is fading. This song is about the courage to jump into the unknown and give a chance to happiness".

Croatia | Stjepan Lach - "Zauvijek"


It's finally time to remeet Stjepan Lach. The Croatian singer has just released a new single, entitled "Zauvijek". It's a beautiful ballad with an involving ambience and a marvelous vocal performance. It's a song to listen with the heart!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Italy | Francesco Gabbani - "Volevamo solo essere felici"


Italian singer Francesco Gabbani returns to our site with a brand new single! "Volevamo solo essere felici" is a classic, mid-tempo ballad that mixes pop, synth and soft rock in perfect quantities. The song talks about the ability to overcome one's own insecurities and pursue just happiness.

Netherlands | Emma Kok - "Laat mij een vlinder zijn"


Emma Kok is a Dutch singer hailing from Kerkrade. She has just won the tenth season of The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. And now, she is releasing a single, entitled "Laat mij een vlinder zijn". It's a cool pop song with a cute melody and a marvelous vocal performance.

Norway | This Daze - "Cigarette smile"


This Daze come from Trondheim, Norway, with their self-described fuzz-pop. Established in 2019 and gaining ground in the local music scene, they now land on Sounds European! with their latest single, "Cigarette smile". The song is the perfect mix between pop, rock and grunge sounds.

On the track, the band comments that it is "the colourful person outside the pub with a cig between their lips. The song portrays adolescent themes of distant love together with the figurative and literal fear of meeting each other. (...) This song for us encapsulates the feelings of youth and being young. We feel that both the lyrics, the attitude of our performances and the urgency of the song reflects being young".

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Cyprus | Loukas Yorkas - "An m' agapas"


Cypriot star Loukas Yorkas has just released a new single. We are talking about "An m' agapas". It's a great pop song with smooth verses and an intense and highly addictive chorus. Loukas' voice takes it all to an even higher level. We are completely addicted: it's our song of the week.

Denmark | H.E.R.O. feat. Melissa Bonny - "Monster"


Our friends from H.E.R.O. made another fantastic collaboration, this time with Swiss singer Melissa Bonny (Montreux, 1993). The song is called "Monster", and it draws into a heavier kind of rock, also including synth elements. It's a fabulous track!

Belgium | Regi feat. Emma Heesters - "Zwaartekracht"


Belgium's Regi and the Netherlands' Emma Heesters got together to release a new single. And what a great one it is! "Zwaartekracht" is a retro synth-pop song with an exciting energy and a very entertaining chorus.

Friday, April 08, 2022

Spain | Veintiuno - "La ruina"


Spanish band Veintiuno are back with us! They have recently released "La ruina", a compelling rock track that encapsulates a charming retro feeling with lyrics that play between wishes for the future and nostalgic memories from the past.

Portugal | Cristóvam - "Golden days"


Cristóvam is back with us! He has recently released "Golden days", a cozy sample of guitar-driven pop.

On the track, Cristóvam comments: "I think there's a beautiful parallelism between spring and youth, and I'm hoping that we captured some of it in this song. It was [written on] a sunny morning and the sunlight had this tonality that reminded me of an old photo I had from 2009. That photograph was taken on a holiday trip with a group of friends. We were all teenagers, some of us approaching 20 and going through that nostalgic feeling of reaching the twilight of your youth. I always think of that specific photo as the perfect representation of the golden days of mine".

Russia | Maxim Fadeev - "Vyzhivshiy"


Maxim Fadeev has a new single on offer. "Vyzhivshiy" is a vocal ballad with a very captivating and involving melody. The chorus is so strong!

Thursday, April 07, 2022

France | Clara Luciani - "Amour toujours"


French singer Clara Luciani keeps conquering us with her unique take on disco-infused pop. This time, it is with her latest single, "Amour toujours", that she hits the nail on the head: the verses are hypnotizing, and the addition of strings in the chorus makes it just irresistible!

Ireland | Wild Youth - "Seventeen"


Irish band Wild Youth are finally back with us! They have just released the single "Seventeen", a classic rock ballad in which they unveil all their power.

Greece | George Sabanis - "Ase me na se prosecho"


Greek star George Sabanis has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Ase me na se prosecho". The song is an intense ballad with a strong melody and a perfect vocal performance. George never disappoints us!

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

United Kingdom | YUNGBLUD - "The funeral"


After landing a high spot on our Top 50 of 2021 with "Fleabag", British singer YUNGBLUD returns to our site with a brand-new single! We're talking about "The funeral", a cathartic mix of pop and rock.

The track is very personal for the artist, as he explained: "I've spent a lot of time lately fighting with who I wanted to be. Honestly, I've been feeling a bit of a hypocrite. I've been telling people to be themselves with no fear or no care for what others thought, but I realized that was something I needed to tell myself. (...) The lyrics of this song are a list of everything that makes me feel insecure. It is about ego, death, being reborn and dancing on your own grave".

Switzerland | Baba Shrimps - "Rolling stone"


Time to check up on Swiss band Baba Shrimps! They have recently released "Rolling stone", a very compelling blend of indie and pop sounds. The band describes the song as an "homage to those who build on the history of yesterday but want to write their own songs of today and tomorrow, wrapped in a catchy, uplifting song".

Turkey | Selin - "Asi"


Selin is a prominent new name in the Turkish music scene. Born in Istanbul in 1998 and growing up in the United Kingdom, she brings an alternative take to pop in "Asi", a song that sounds super contemporary and mixes both Turkish and English with seamless effort.

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Belgium | Mustii - "Skyline"


Belgium's Mustii is back with us to share his most recent single. "Skyline" is an anthemic, alternative ballad which draws inspiration from other decades to explode in sounds and beats.

Bulgaria | Mihaela Fileva - "Opora"


Sounds European! remeets Bulgarian singer Mihaela Fileva. She has just released a new single. It's "Opora", a piano-led ballad which explores all the quality and emotions her voice can offer. It's simply lovely.

Bosnia and Hergovina | Maya Sar - "Vjetar"


Bosnian star Maya Sar is back to our site with her latest single. We are talking about "Vjetar". It's a guitar-led mid-tempo ballad with a sweet melody and a very cool chorus.

Monday, April 04, 2022

Norway | Sigrid - "It gets dark"


Norwegian pop princess Sigrid keeps promoting new music! This time, she released "It gets dark", a noir synth ballad with intense beats and an ethereal vocal performance. The song is about letting go of fears, and will be included in "How to let go", her upcoming studio album.

Denmark | Gorgeous - "Divine"


Maríe Louise and Murga are Gorgeous, a Danish indie-pop duo from Copenhagen. They have just released their debut single, titled "Divine". It's a smooth indie-pop song with a delightful melody and ambience. We are fully hypnotized!

Serbia | TeodoRa - "Most na adi"


We are now landing in Serbia, to listen to a great new single by TeodoRa. We are talking about "Most na adi". It's an involving pop song with marking beats and a hypnotic mood. The chorus is strong and very catchy!

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Turkey | KÖFN - "Bi' tek ben anlarım"


BKE (Bilge Kağan Etil, from Istanbul) and Salman Tin (from Adana) are KÖFN, a new duo rising in the Turkish music scene. They have just charmed us with their latest single, "Bi' tek ben anlarım", a song that mixes alternative sounds and pop in a masterful way.

Spain | Álvaro de Luna - "Nos quedará"


Spanish singer Álvaro de Luna dazzled us in a new single. "Nos quedará" brings a darker, heavier kind of pop-rock that explodes in beats and riffs in the chorus. It's a fantastic track!

Russia | Zara - "Bezumnaya"


Look who we are finally remeeting. It's Zara, who has recently released a great new single. "Bezumnaya" is an intense pop song with a passionate melody and an involving vocal performance.

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Iceland | Thorsteinn Einarsson - "Runaway"


Icelandic singer Thorsteinn Einarsson is celebrating the release of his third album, "Einarsson", with the release of a new single. We're talking about "Runaway", a song that shies from the noir ballads to bring an enjoyable pop tune with an irresistible beat. It's our song of the week!

Romania | Lidia Buble - "Draga mea"


Get ready to listen to an outstanding song coming from Romania! We are talking about "Draga mea", by Lidia Buble. It's a wonderful ballad with an emotional melody and a very strong chorus. Lidia's voice brings a lot of emotion and quality to the track.

Greece | Irini Mihail - "Ti ekanes"


Irini Mihail is a Greek singer hailing from Athens. She rose to prominence after taking part of the seventh season of The Voice of Greece. Meet her with "Ti ekanes". It's a very strong pop song, with an intense and passionate chorus.

Friday, April 01, 2022

United Kingdom | James Bay - "Give me the reason"


British singer James Bay makes a stunning return to Sounds European!. He has just released the single "Give me the reason", a folk-and-indie infused ballad in which James pours his feelings.

On the track, James commented: "This song is like that scene when everything's about to fall apart between the two main characters and you're rooting for the one who's fighting to keep them together. After I finished writing this song I kept seeing that scene and it was always washed in a warm, sunset glow. Like that moment between day and night, between the end of one thing and the beginning of another. 'Give me the reason' is a song for that moment. When it looks as though the sun is setting on a relationship, when your heart's in your throat and the desire to be together is stronger than ever".

Italy | Elodie - "Bagno a mezzanotte"


Italian singer Elodie returns to our site with a new single! "Bagno a mezzanotte" is a sensual pop piece with a minimalistic approach that evolves into a totally captivating track.

Bulgaria | Grafa - "Utre otnovo"


Bulgarian star Grafa has just released a new single. And it's a great one! "Utre otnovo" is a grandiose pop-rock song with a grower melody and a very involving ambience. It's irresistible!

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Denmark | Springer feat. Young Smash OTP - "Club"


Springer is Jakob Emil Pedersen, a Danish artist, singer and songwriter from Copenhagen. With roots in the Copenhagen underground punk scene, he is ready to take the music scene with his personality and strength. He has joined Young Smash OTP to release the infectious "Club". It's impossible to resist to its vibe!

Romania | Smiley - "Mi-aduc aminte"


Romanian artist Smiley is back with us! He has recently shared "Mi-aduc aminte", a groovy track that plays between pop and disco and that is bound to get you off your seat!

North Macedonia | Ana Petanovska - "Haya"


Ana Petanovska is a new talent hailing from North Macedonia. We are totally in love with her latest single, "Haya". It's a beautiful ballad which explores and displays a lot of her vocal qualities.

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

United Kingdom | Dylan - "No Romeo"


It's time to remeet British artist Dylan. She has just released "No Romeo", and it was love at first listen: it's such a strong pop song! The chorus sticks in the head after the very first listen.

"I wrote 'No Romeo' with my best friends in mind. I was tired of them going back to their questionable exes and letting themselves be treated like crap (although I think I needed the song as much as they did!) and wanted, as always, to write something empowering. The aim was to write an anthem for the late-night drives with the windows down, the shouting at the sea because life, and the screaming crying throwing up heartbreak moments", Dylan explained.

Greece | Evita Sarigianni - "Einai kati vradia"


Evita Sarigianni is a Greek singer from Preveza. Meet her with her great single "Einai kati vradia". It's a contagious pop-rock song with a very marking melody.

Bulgaria | ALMA - "Close the door"


Look who we are remeeting! It's Bulgarian artist ALMA, who has recently released a new single. It's "Close the door", a song with a strong melody, full of personality. It's impossible to listen to it only once.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Turkey | Cem Belevi feat. İrem Derici - "Belki"


A grandiose meeting of Turkish stars: Cem Belevi and İrem Derici released a single together! "Belki" is a classic ballad in which they draw ethnic elements to create a compelling single.

Austria | Edmund - "Warum"


2022 is being a very productive year for Edmund. Earlier in the year, we've presented "Fehler san menschlich". Since then, they've released a set of three music videos, including "Zuhause" and "Beste zeit". And we now highlight "Warum". It's a strong rock song with potent instrumentals and a very marking chorus.

Belgium | 5NAPBACK feat. Julia van Bergen and Simon - "Liever dat je liegt"


5NAPBACK and Julia van Bergen have gathered with Simon Eeraerts, a Belgian singer and songwriter hailing from Lochristi, to release a new single. It's "Liever dat je liegt". It's a fresh song with an enjoyable melody and a smooth vibe. Their voices work very well together.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Sweden | Cazzi Opeia - "I can't get enough"


Moa Anna Maria Carlebecker is Cazzi Opeia, a Swedish DJ, singer and songwriter born in 1988. Her career has been incredibly fruitful, having composed for several artists (you can check a rather comprehensive list here). She has recently been part of the Melodifestivalen line-up with her song "I can't get enough", and the title is exactly how we feel about her song. It's an ethereal piece of pop with crafted strings and a super fun atmosphere.

Norway | Subwoolfer - "Give that wolf a banana"


The Masked Singer is really a sensation. So much so that Norway will go with two wolves to Eurovision: "Jim" and "Keith" are Subwoolfer, a duo of unknown artists. They will bring a true party to Turin with "Give that wolf a banana", a mix of electronic and pop sounds that will get stuck in your head for ages!

Armenia | Rosa Linn - "Snap"


Born in Vanadzor, Armenia, as Roza Kostandyan, Rosa Linn is an up-and-coming talent in the local music scene. And now, she's ready to take the big leap forward: she'll represent her country at the 2022 Eurovision. She will do so with the song "Snap", a pop track that includes alternative and indie elements that are bound to make you sing along!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Italy | Mahmood feat. Blanco - "Brividi"


The winners of the 2022 Festival di Sanremo were Mahmood and Blanco (Brescia, 2003)! They snatched the trophy with their single "Brividi", an emotional ballad that shies away from their urban tones. Their adventure together isn't over just yet: they'll represent Italy at the 2022 Eurovision on home soil!

Sweden | Robin Bengtsson - "Innocent love"


Swedish singer Robin Bengtsson returned to the Melodifestivalen stage this year. And he did it with a bang! "Innocent love" is a retro-infused pop song with an anthemic chorus that will get stuck to your head!

Germany | Malik Harris - "Rockstars"


Malik Harris is headed to Eurovision! The German singer has won the ticket to Turin with the song "Rockstars", a pop ballad with marking beats and an urban undertone that is really interesting. Speaking about his song Malik says: "It's a song that has incredible personal significance for me and offers a glimmer of hope in these difficult times, while also showing people that we're all in the same boat".

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Finland | The Rasmus - "Jezebel"


Our teenage selves are still trying to process this: The Rasmus are going to Eurovision! They won the Finnish National Final with the song "Jezebel", a potent rock track that is on par with their greatest hits. It's our favorite song of this year's festival, and of course, it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Sam Ryder - "Space man"


Born in Maldon in 1989, Sam Ryder is a British sensation. With more than 12 million followers on TikTok and a seizable number across other social medias, he made a name for himself posting covers of other artists during the 2020 lockdown, as well as eleasing music of his own. Earlier this month, he was announced as the British representative at the 2022 Eurovision, and his song couldn't be received with a warmer welcome. "Space man" is a power ballad that describes life on Earth as seen from above, and crowned with Sam's impressive vocal skills. We can't wait to see it live in May!

Sweden | Cornelia Jakobs - "Hold me closer"


Anna Cornelia Jakobsdotter Samuelsson is a singer and songwriter born in 1992 near Stockholm. She's been part of girlband Love Generation, and since 2018 she's been releasing singles solo. Earlier this month, she was crowned the winner of Melodifestivalen, and thus Swedish representative at Eurovision, with the song "Hold me closer". The track is an emotional love song with a beautiful instrumentation, elevated by Cornelia's raspy vocals.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Azerbaijan | Nadir Rustamli - "Fade to black"


Nadir Rashid oghlu Rustamli is an Azeri singer born in 1999 in Salyan. He's had a meteoric 2022: in January, he was crowned the winner of season two of The Voice in his country, and in February he was announced as the local representative for Eurovision. March did not go uneventful, as he presented his song for Turin: "Fade to black" is an emotional ballad in which he draws soft ethnic elements to crown a beautiful track.

North Macedonia | Andrea - "Circles"


Andrea Koevska was born in Skopje in 2000. Last month, she won the Eurovision ticket to represent her country in Turin with the song "Circles", a contemporary ballad in which she talks about the misfortunes of a relationship.

Norway | Amanda Tenfjord - "Die together"


Amanda Georgiadi is a Norwegian singer of Greek descent born in Ålesund in 1997. Performing under the name Amanda Tenfjord, she's been working on her singing career since 2015, appearing on numerous television shows and releasing several singles and EPs. Earlier this year, she was chosen as the Greek representative at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. Her song will be "Die together", a minimalistic ballad that grows to a chill-inducing second verse.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Sweden | Theoz - "Som du vill"


Theodor "Theoz" Haraldsson is a Swedish singer and actor born in Linköping in 2005. His career started on the Internet, and he has moved on to bigger stages, getting the leading role in the movie "Rymdresan". This year, he took part of Melodifestivalen with the song "Som du vill", a catchy mixture of pop tunes that is bound to put a smile on your face.

Austria | Lumix feat. Pia Maria - "Halo"


A powerful duo is set to represent Austria at the 2022 Eurovision. Lumix (Luca Michlmayr, born in Rohrbach-Berg in 2002) and Pia Maria (born in the Tyrol in 2003) will bring the party to Turin with their song "Halo", a song that mixes all kinds of electronica beats with a delicious retro undertone.

France | Alvan feat. Ahez - "Fulenn"


France goes to Eurovision in Breton! Alvan (Alexis Morvan-Rosius, born in 1993 in Lorient) and Ahez (a French vocal group from Carhaix, Brittany) have won the local National Final with the song "Fulenn". The track is a hypnotic mixture of Celtic sounds and electronic beats, which creates a very interesting composition.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Sweden | Klara Hammarström - "Run to the hills"


Swedish singer Klara Hammarström returns to our site with her third Melodifestivalen appearance. This year, she competed with "Run to the hills", an energetic mix of pop sounds with retro sounds that fits her voice beautifully.

Montenegro | Vladana - "Breathe"


Vladana Vučinić was born in Podgorica, Montenegro, in 1986. With a music career spanning almost 20 years and a potent media presence, she was announced in early January as the country's choice for Eurovision in Turin. She has recently presented her entry, "Breathe", a powerful ballad which includes ethnic elements and whose lyrics were a way of Vladana to express her emotions after a difficult family situation.

Belgium | Jérémie Makiese - "Miss you"


Born in Antwerp in 2000, Jéremie Makiese is a rising name in the Belgian music scene. In 2021, he won season nine of The Voice Belgique, and some months later he was announced as the country's representative for the 2022 Eurovision. His song was just released: "Miss you" is a powerful ballad which brings the James Bond genre to the 21st century, introducing contemporary synth beats.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Sweden | Anna Bergendahl - "Higher power"


Swedish singer Anna Bergendahl returned to the Melodifestivalen stage this year with "Higher power". The song is a noir country ballad that follows the path of Anna's latest singles. It's delivered impressively!

Serbia | Konstratka - "In corpore sano"


Ana Đurić is Kontratka, a Serbian singer and songwriter born in Belgrade in 1978. She has recently achieved the victory at the Serbian National Final for Eurovision with "In corpore sano", a song with a deep meaning. Its lyrics talk about the issue of people in her country (and beyond) without health insurance, and were inspired by a friend of hers who passed. Such sensible topics have stirred up a viral sensation in the region, with the message of the song resonating in many.

Germany | Andromache - "Ela"


Andromache Dimitropoulou was born in Siegen, Germany, in a Greek family. With an active music career since 2015 (when she took part of the Greek version of The Voice), she was just announced as the Cypriot representative at the 2022 Eurovision with the song "Ela". The track is an adventure through ethnic-infused pop, which she delivers beautifully.

Monday, March 21, 2022

Sweden | Anders Bagge - "Bigger than the universe"


Sven Anders Bagge is a huge deal in the Swedish music scene. Born in 1968, he is a composer, songwriter and producer who has served as an Idol jury since 2008. This year, he took part of Melodifestivalen , and was one of the hot candidates to win. He only just made it, coming second, but his entry "Bigger than the universe" remains one of our favorites from the edition: it's an imposing pop number taken to the next level thanks to his amazing vocal performance.

Portugal | Maro - "Saudade, saudade"


Mariana Brito da Cruz Forjaz Secca is Maro, a Portuguese singer born in Lisbon in 1994. Developing her music career from an early age, she was just crowned the winner of the traditional Festival da Canção, and thus will represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest. She will do so with the song "Saudade, saudade", a song that mixes soft ethnic vibes in a very sweet melody. The lyrics are dedicated to her late grandfather.

Netherlands | S10 - "De diepte"


Stien den Hollander, professionally known as S10, is a Dutch rapper and songwriter born in Hoorn in 2000. She was chosen to represent her country at the 2022 Eurovision, and her song "De diepte" caused a revolution among fans. It's a delicate, intimate ballad in which S10 makes a tribute to "the sadness and memories that you carry with you. Everyone experiences difficult times in their lives. That's something we all have in common and I hope [people] will feel less alone when [they] listen to the song".

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Portugal | Tiago Barbosa - "Journey"


Hailing from Póvoa de Lanhoso, Tiago Barbosa is a musician who gained popularity after taking part in the 2020 edition of The Voice in his country. Check out his most recent single: "Journey" is a relaxing country-infused ballad with a romantic theme underlying. On the single, Tiago says: "Searching for words to describe my romantic relationship, I ended up finding a formula I wish in all my relationships: free of ownership feelings, money interests, socially-imposed hypocrisy, judgment-free... Relationships only based on lightness and commitment, as I believe any healthy relationship must be. This song is open for interpretation, since I never mention genre, age, professions or religions. My objective is that this song can make sense for people as it made for me when I wrote it".

Austria | Givven - "Losing colours"


Givven is an international trio made up of Austria's Adrian Held and Jordan Haller, and Poland's Nikodem Milewski. Based in Germany, Canada and Austria respectively, they get influences from pop all over the world into their music, as we can appreciate in their latest single, "Losing colours". The track is a synth ballad with a soft house undertone.

Spain | Alex Ubago feat. La Oreja de Van Gogh - "Estar contigo"


Alex Ubago keeps celebrating his 20 years in the music scene with new collaborations. This time, he teamed up with La Oreja de Van Gogh for "Estar contigo", a beautiful love song with a romantic atmosphere.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Sweden | Sandro Cavazza - "The days"


Swedish singer and songwriter Sandro Cavazza brings our new song of the week! It's his latest single, "The days", a song that mixes pop and country in a fabulous way. The song also marks the end of Sandro's solo career as an artist. We are going to miss your tunes!

Germany | Alice Merton - "Same team"


German star Alice Merton is finally back to Sounds European!. She has recently released a new single, "Same team", and we're in love with it. It's fragile verses combine perfectly with the minimalistic chorus that grows into a powerful pop-rock track.

Finland | Blind Channel - "Bad idea"


Enjoying a great moment in their careers, Blind Channel have released a brand new single. We're talking about "Bad idea", an intense, noir rock ballad. On the track, the band comments: "'Bad idea' is a serenade of self-pity and an unsuccessful apology. In the lyrics, we’re getting personal and digging deeper than ever. The song came to life many years ago, when relationships ended in a very ugly manner and all you could think of was: 'well I warned you'".

Friday, March 18, 2022

Belgium | Emiline - "Don't really really care"


Emiline Eeckelaert is a make-up artist and singer from Beveren-Waas, Belgium. She has recently released "Don't really really care", a retro-esque pop with a cheerful melody. About the song, Emiline states that it is about "letting go the opinions of others which in this day and age is not an easy task. Overthinking can be my worst enemy but this song portraits the feeling of switching that button off, turning the speakers up and to just dance it all away".

Spain | Cariño - "No me convengo"


Time to check up on Cariño! The girlband does it again, dazzling us with their pop-punk power in "No me convengo". The song starts with a softer vibe and then its chorus brings a kind of retro feeling that is just hypnotic!

Switzerland | Pegasus - "Come home"


Swiss band Pegasus returns to Sounds European! with an anthemic new single. In "Come home", they release a midtempo pop-rock with edgy vocals and a captivating melody progression.

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Austria | Nathan Trent - "Faith"


Austrian singer Nathan Trent keeps dazzling us with his heartfelt melodies. This time, we're charmed by "Faith", his latest single. The song is a soft mix of pop, R&B and urban sounds that highlights Nathan's vocal capabilities.

United Kingdom | Years & Years feat. Regard - "Hallucination"


A new collaboration between Years & Years and an international producer. This time with Kosovar artist Regard, they released "Hallucination", a dance pop song with electronic traces that is ready for the dancefloors!

Serbia | Neverbe Bebe - "Pored vode"


It's high time that we remeet Serbian ensemble Neverne Bebe! They have recently released "Pored vode", an ethereal mix of alternative sounds that will take you to heaven in just one listen.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Romania | Smiley - "Mai mult de-o viata"


Romanian singer Smiley is having a very prolific moment of his career. He has recently released another amazing single. In "Mai mult de-o viata", he maintains an '80s feeling with a super funky melody!

France | Nassi - "Serre moi fort"


French singer Nassi is finally back with us! He has recently released "Serre moi fort", his new single. It's a tropical pop mix that sounds like a perfect warm-up for the coming European summer!

Spain | Antonio José - "Por mil razones"


Spanish singer Antonio José returns to Sounds European! with his latest single. "Por mil razones" blends classically Spanish romantic ballads and Latin sounds, creating a beautiful blend.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Denmark | Lukas Graham - "All of it all"


New single by Lukas Graham! The Danish ensemble has just released "All of it all", a midtempo pop ballad that includes synth beats to create a captivating funky ambience.

Albania | Elvana Gjata - "Pow"


Albanian diva Elvana Gjata returns to Sounds European! with another fabulous song. In "Pow", she mixes urban, pop and folk elements to create an explosive mix of sounds!

Slovenia | Žan Serčič - "Zadnja noč"


Slovene singer Žan Serčič returns to our site with a new single. We're talking about "Zadnja noč", a sensual pop with Latin influences beautifully crowned by Žan's raspy, whispery vocal performance.

Monday, March 14, 2022

United Kingdom | Becky Hill feat. Galantis - "Run"


British singer Becky Hill teamed up with Swedish producers Galantis in a tremendous single. We're talking about "Run", a pop track that goes from midtempo ballad to electronic glory with seamless perfection!

Spain | Noan feat. Raquel del Rosario - "Nunca volverá"


Noan is a singer, songwriter and drummer born in Zarautz, Spain, in 1998. He has recently teamed up with Raquel del Rosario, a fellow Spanish singer and lead singer of El Sueño de Morfeo, in a rendition of one of the band's greatest hits, "Nunca volverá". The result is an emotional ballad that grows in rock power towards the end.

Belarus | Alyona Lanskaya - "Voskresnu"


Time to remeet Alyona Lanskaya! She has recently released a powerful ballad entitled "Voskresnu", a song with a hopeful message and an intense vocal interpretation.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Portugal | Mimicat feat. Filipe Gonçalves - "Mundo ao contrário"


Amazing collaboration happening in Portugal. Mimicat teamed up with Filipe Gonçalves for "Mundo ao contrário", an interesting mix of contemporary pop that melts in your ear!

Italy | oli? - "Smalto e tinta"


oli? is the stage name of Marco Poletto, a singer hailing from Polpet. He's recently called our attention with the irreverent "Smalto e tinta", a song with a very cool energy that mixes pop and rock with a unique edge.

Turkey | Pera - "Yağmur"


We remeet Turkish band Pera! They have recently released "Yağmur", a rock ballad in which they show an interesting instrumentation power combined with captivating vocal harmonies.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Spain | Agoney - "Bangover"


Agoney is living a fabulous 2022. He was just crowned the winner of the latest edition of Tu Cara Me Suena (the Spanish version for Your Face Sounds Familiar). And, along the victory, he has recently released a new single. "Bangover" is a groovy pop mix with a powerful structure that boosts Agoney's tremendous vocals. The chorus is to die for: it's our song of the week!

Finland | BEHM - "Ethän tarkoittanut sitä"


Time to listen to the latest single by BEHM! This time, she's captivating us with "Ethän tarkoittanut sitä", a soft ballad which relies on a flowing melody and BEHM's chill-inducing vocals.

France | Madame Monsieur - "Faudrait pas"


French duo Madame Monsieur keep on the '80s line with their latest release. "Faudrait pas" is a charming ballad that incorporates soft nods to that decade, making it even more enjoyable!

Friday, March 11, 2022

Poland | Sylwia Grzeszczak - "Dżungla"


We finally remeet Polish singer Sylwia Grzeszczak! She has recently released "Dżungla", a bouncy pop song which "tells about human nature, the need for freedom and independence that each of us feels. When something or someone tries to limit us on the way to our goal, at work or in interpersonal relationships, we start to be like wild animals in a cage, so it's easy to scare us away, it's hard to tame us".

Italy | RUGGERO - "Se vive solo una vida"


Italian-born singer RUGGERO returns to our site with his most recent single! "Se vive solo una vida" mixes pop and rock and includes a danceable melody to move along.

Romania | Wrs - "Llámame"


Wrs is the stage name of Andrei-Ionuț Ursu, a singer and dancer born in Buzău. He won the ticket to represent Romania at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest with an interesting mix of Latin, electronica and folkloric sounds: "Llámame" boasts a Spanish-infused chorus and a vibe that is bound to make it to all the dancefloors!

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Turkey | Ece Seçkin - "Sen hala ordasın"


Time to check up on Ece Seçkin! The Turkish singer has recently released "Sen hala ordasın", a ballad that incorporates ethnic and pop elements in a captivating and contemporary way.

Finland | Cyan Kicks - "Hurricane"


Susanna Alexandra, Niila Perkkiö, Leevi Erkkilä and Pietari Reijonen are Cyan Kicks, a Helsinki-based band formed in 2016. They were one of the stars of this year's UMK (the Finnish National Final for Eurovision) with their song "Hurricane". The track is an electric rock piece that talks about embracing who you are and having the courage to reach self-fulfillment.

Portugal | Rita Laranjeira - "Jump"


Hailing from Sintra, Rita Laranjeira is one of the most promising names in Portuguese pop. She's already made it to big stages, having represented Portugal at the 2018 Junior Eurovision and participated in the 2020 edition of The Voice in her country. Now, she's shining with her brand new single, "Jump". The song is a synth-infused pop in which she reflects upon loving relationships.

Wednesday, March 09, 2022

Spain | Funambulista - "Superpoderes"


We're thrilled with Funambulista's new music! His latest release is "Superpoderes", a song that celebrates diversity wrapped in a typically Spanish rhythm.

United Kingdom | Florence + The Machine - "King"


Florence + The Machine is back! The British act has just released "King", a hypnotic piece of carefully crafted instruments with a cathartic energy. We're so glad with this one!

Malta | AIDAN - "Ritmu"


Maltese singer AIDAN was one of the hot favorites to represent his country at Eurovision this year. He's had a tremendous 2021, with his single "Naħseb fik" becoming a huge hit and earning several awards. So he took up on the challenge and went to the local National Final with "Ritmu", a song that draws on his previous single's tropical atmosphere.

Tuesday, March 08, 2022

France | Zaz - "Tout là-haut"


French singer Zaz is back to share her most recent single. In "Tout là-haut", she goes for a sweet melody with touching instrumentation and lyrics that reflect current events.

Ukraine | ARTIK & ASTI - "Garmoniia"


Ukrainian duo ARTIK & ASTI return to our site with another banger. "Garmoniia" brings the best synth pop sounds from the East, with a sultry chorus that will surely drag you to dance.

Sweden | Anna Sahlene - "Champion"


Anna Sahlene is a Swedish singer born in the city of Söderhamn. She made it big in Estonia after representing them at the 2002 Eurovision celebrated in Tallin, coming third. And, since then, she's been a staple of the Nordic festival season. This year, she returned to Estonia to participate in Eesti Laul with a true banger. "Champion" is an exhuberant pop number with uplifting lyrics.

Monday, March 07, 2022

Spain | Tanxugueiras feat. Rayden - "Averno"


What we love most about festivals is the friendships that can arise between artists. And Benidorm Fest was not an exception to this. Tanxugueiras and Rayden got a great groove going, and they got together for a fantastic single. "Averno" is a hypnotic mix of folklore, electronic beats and urban rhythms. A true festivity of sounds!

Denmark | Reddi - "The show"


A pun you won't hear: Denmark is Reddi for Eurovision! Via Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the public chose girlband Reddi (formed by Denmark's Mathilde Savery and Ihan Haydar, and Sweden's Agnes Roslund and Ida Bergkvist) to represent them in Turin with the song "The show". The track starts as a piano-driven ballad and evolves into a very charming kind of pop-rock.

Estonia | Stig Rästa - "Interstellar"


Estonian artist Stig Rästa graced us once more at Eesti Laul! He took part on this year's contest with "Interstellar", an engaging pop ballad with soft rock touches and an explosive chorus.

Sunday, March 06, 2022

Sweden | MIMI - "No guidance"


Swedish singer MIMI has just released a new single. And it's a great one! "No guidance" brings the best of pop and R&B together in an awesome song. We are totally bopping to it!