Thursday, December 02, 2021

United Kingdom | Pizza Crunch - "Motivational substances"


Pizza Crunch are an alternative-rock quartet hailing from Glasgow. Meet them with their infectious new single, "Motivational substances". It's a great rock song, with a very involving melody and a marking performance.

Commenting on the track, guitarist and vocalist Ewan Hearns said: "The lyrics kind of stemmed from looking at previous years of your life and realising how alien they seem. Looking at your past self can seem like looking at a different person all together, regardless of whether it's in a positive or negative way. When Nathan sent me the music I quite liked the idea of having the verses follow a third person perspective and then change to a first person during the rowdy chorus. I suppose I'm kind of romanticising the points in the past where the routine of overconsuming certain substances was just a bit of a laugh, whereas now that kind of hedonism has become a bit more serious. I always like when writers change to the first person during a song, it seems like their agreeing to be honest, for a brief period".

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