Monday, November 08, 2021

You've Seen Here: 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 3)


It's time to finish our 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards series, with the second half of the regional nominations. Throughout the past 12 months, if you've been reading Sounds European!, you've seen these artists:

Best Portuguese act: Bárbara Tinoco (second post) and Diogo Piçarra (second post and third post).
Best Russian act: Mari Kraimbrery (second post) and Max Barskih.
Best Spanish act: Aitana (second post, third post, fourth post and fifth post; our song of the week in January, shown below) and Pablo Alborán (second post).
Best Swiss act: Gjon's Tears and Stefanie Heinzmann (second post).
Best United Kingdom and Ireland act: Dua Lipa (second post, third post and fourth post), Ed Sheeran (second post and third post) and Little Mix (second post).

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