Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Norway | Emma Steinbakken - "Sorry"


Norwegian singer Emma Steinbakken comes solo! Her new single is "Sorry", a contemporary pop track with intense beats and a nostalgic underlying feeling.

As Emma explained, the song is "about a relationship with my ex. He's a great guy who instantly fell in love with me when we first met. I had a crush on him, but I wasn't smitten by him despite him being funny, handsome and very kind. My mum thought he was gorgeous, all my friends loved him, everyone around me wanted us to be a couple, which resulted in me feeling guilty. I secretly hoped that I was gradually going to be in love with him, but it didn't happen. To get rid of the crippling feeling of guilt, but also to clarify why I had to end our fling, I wrote 'Sorry'".

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