Sunday, October 31, 2021

Lithuania | Beatrich - "Hands tied"


Lithuanian singer Beatrich returns to our site with a touching new single. "Hands tied" showcases a fragile melody that combines beautifully with her ethereal interpretation.

Norway | Emma Schneider - "Best you'll ever have"


Emma Schneider is a Norwegian artist hailing from Bærum. She found fame in Tik Tok, and has recently started to develop a career in music. Her most recent single is "Best you'll ever have", a crossover between 2000s angsty pop-rock and current synth-infused tracks. It's really a gem!

Spain | Malú - "Se busca"


Another stunning new single by Malú! "Se busca" is an explosion of Spanish pop-rock with an engaging instrumentation, compelling backing vocals and a shower of intensity in Malú's interpretation.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Italy | Modà - "Comincia lo show"


Our song of the week comes from Italy: Modà has a new single! "Comincia lo show" is a stunning mix of retro groove, classical instruments and intense rock riffs, a combination that they deliver with astonishing power. With the song and video, the band criticizes "today's social world where anywhere, sitting on their sofa, can use their phone as a weapon and judge others from the other side of the screen".

Ireland | Gavin James - "Greatest hits"


Ireland's Gavin James takes us for a retro ride in his new single. "Greatest hits" is a pop banger as one we seldom find in the country, and that is ready to become an international hit. About the track, Gavin comments that it "is about the memories you are left with when you break up with someone. It's about only remembering the good parts and forgetting the bad parts (the B-sides). It's very synthy and waaaay different than anything that I've ever released... but I'm buzzing for people to hear it".

Portugal | Agir - "Mesa para dois"


Portuguese singer Agir is starting to promote his fourth studio album with a brand new single. "Mesa para dois" is a nostalgic ballad that talks about people who return to the home they once left.

Friday, October 29, 2021

Spain | Vega - "Un golpe"


We were thrilled to hear that Vega has a new single! She has just released "Un golpe", a song that plays with classic rock riffs and imposing beats. As Vega explains, "I needed many punches in my chest to come back, to build myself against sorrow, pain frustration, fear and apathy. I started punching my chest to stop crying and get strong almost like a tribal scream. Each punch made me stronger, and this song was born with a punch. As an anthem with which to wake up every day. There was a war to fight: surviving. I won't forget the pain of losing so many people, but I'll punch my chest each time I need to remember that many of us are still here".

Norway | IMERIKA - "Exhausted"


Erika Dahlen is IMERIKA, a singer born in Orkland, Norway, in 1996. She rose to fame after her participation in this year's Melodi Grand Prix. Now, we're meeting her sounds in "Exhausted", an alternative ballad with intense synth sounds.

Netherlands | Suzan & Freek - "Dromen in kleur"


Dutch artists Suzan & Freek are back with us! In "Dromen in kleur", they bring a piano-led ballad that anticipates and also gives the name to their upcoming album.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Spain | Pablo Alborán feat. Aitana and Álvaro de Luna - "Llueve sobre mojado"


There are so many Spanish stars here that this is a constelación. We're talking about the collaboration between Pablo Alborán, Álvaro de Luna and Aitana! "Llueve sobre mojado" blends the style of the three singers seamlessly: a powerful, guitar based melody in which they can explore their voices to their full extent.

Switzerland | Shem Thomas - "Feather on the wind"


Shem Thomas is a Swiss singer born in 1978 in Rebstein. With a career spanning more than 20 years, he rose to popularity with his participation in the 2014 edition of The Voice in his country. Let's listen to his most recent release: "Feather on the wind" is a piano-led ballad that talks about overcoming hard times.

Denmark | Medina - "Lige bange"


Danish singer Medina has a new single! "Lige bange" shows us a different side of hers, delivering a soft, synth-based ballad that explodes in the chorus, all wrapped in a very appealing retro groove. In the song, Medina talks about how "telling others that you can be as scared as relatives is something we share too little with each other. This song has taken me most of my life to put into words. It's okay to be scared and it's okay not to always be the strongest. My dear sister; you make me a better person and I love you every single day".

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Portugal | Rafael Sousa - "O mundo não para"


Meet Rafael Sousa, a 22-year-old Portuguese singer hailing from Algarves. He has just called our attention with the single "O mundo não para". Written during the first lockdown in Portugal, the song is an anthemic ballad that showcases Rafael's impressive vocal skills. It reflects upon that quarantine time, "how the world doesn't stop going, and how we need to seize that fact in the best way possible".

Spain | Arnau Griso - "Eric Blanch"


Arnau Griso show us their masterful use of words one last time. They are splitting, and they have announced it in the best way they know how: with a final single. "Eric Blanch" plays with their names (Arnau Blanch and Eric Griso, just as they played with it for the name of the duo) and reflects on the importance of friendship. As they say to open the video, "to part in order to stay together". We'll miss you, and we can't wait to see what your new chapters bring!

Russia | Helene Fischer - "Null auf 100"


Russian-born German singer Helene Fischer keeps showing us singles from her new album, "Rausch". This time, it's "Null auf 100", a song that starts with a very tender piano but explodes in electronic schlager glory!

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

United Kingdom | Elton John feat. Stevie Wonder - "Finish line"


Nope, we didn't travel back in time for this one. Sir Elton John and Stevie Wonder have just released a new single together. "Finish line" is an anthemic pop ballad with inspirational lyrics that incorporates gospel backing vocalists to elevate the whole thing further. We don't need to add anything about Elton and Stevie's vocal skills: they make anything sound divine!

Germany | Lotte - "Mauern"


German singer Lotte has released a new single. "Mauern" is a haunting ballad with synth beats and a alluring interpretation by the singer. "Mauern" will be part of the soundtrack of "Playlist", a psychothriller by popular German writer Sebastian Fitzek.

Spain | Dani Martin - "No, no vuelve"


Spanish singer Dani Martin left everybody wondering about a return with his old band, El Canto del Loco, when he was actually announcing his new single. The track he released is "No, no vuelve", a rock ballad in which he addresses the topic in a beautiful way. For those who were left with a bittersweet taste, though, Dani also gave us an updated version of the band's hit "Son sueños".

Monday, October 25, 2021

Belarus | Alyona Lanskaya - "Nashe schast'ye odno na dvoikh"


Belarusian singer Alyona Lanskaya has a new single! In "Nashe schast'ye odno na dvoikh", she takes us through Eastern European synth-pop accompanied by her delicate voice. It's a lovely trip!

Updated on January 30th, 2022, with the official video.

Iceland | Svala - "Birtunnar brú"


High time to remeet Svala! She has just released "Birtunnar brú", a song that mixes modern synth and electronic beats with a unique retro touch, conveying a really captivating sound.

Sweden | Jasmine Kara - "Du var för bra"


Jasmine Kara is a Swedish singer and songwriter born in Örebro in 1988. She has an extensive carreer: she released two studio albums and countless singles so far, and took part in popular shows in Sweden such as Allsång på Skansen, Lotta på Liseberg and Melodifestivalen. Meet her powerful sounds in her latest single, "Du var för bra", a delicious kind of retro pop.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

Belgium | Milo Meskens - "Undershirt"


Time to check up on Belgian singer Milo Meskens! He has just released "Undershirt", a heartfelt, intimate ballad in which he pours all his feelings.

Spain | Baby K feat. Alvaro Soler - "Non dire una parola"


Sounds European! remeets Singaporean-born Baby K in a new collaboration, this time with Spanish singer Alvaro Soler. "Non dire una parola" brings one last wave of European summer, mixing Latin rhythms, Italian and Spanish. It's the perfect Mediterranean combo!

Germany | Max Mutzke - "Dieselbe sonne"


German singer Max Mutzke returns to our site with his latest release. In "Dieselbe sonne", he delivers a kind of laid-back pop-rock that took us down the memoy lane, reminding us of early 2000s grooves.

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Mirza Selimović feat. Ilma Karahmet - "Mora da je ljubav"


Bosnian singers Mirza Selimović and Ilma Karahmet have met to release a marvelous single together! We're talking about "Mora da je ljubav", a song that captures the essence of Balkan ballads with delicate verses and compelling choruses. The instrumentation is beautifully structured, and the voices match it perfectly. It's no doubt it's our song of the week!

Italy | Måneskin - "Mammamia"


Måneskin are back with a delicious new single! We are talking about "Mammamia", an irreverent rock track that boasts a shower of energizing guitar riffs and intense beats, all crowned by a set of tongue-in-cheek lyrics. It's addictive!

United Kingdom | Adele - "Easy on me"


Adele has finally returned with new music! She has recently released "Easy on me", the long-awaited single that also anticipates "30", her upcoming album. The song is a masterfully crafted, piano-led ballad that reflects upon a past love. It's trademark Adele!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Greece | Nikos Oikonomopoulos - "Apo erota..."


Greek star Nikos Oikonomopoulos has a new single on offer. It's "Apo erota...", a great pop song with strong and marking Greek folk instrumentals leading the track through amazing paths. Nikos' voice is perfect for the genre!

Armenia | Sofi Mkheyan - "Yerjankutyan arcunqner"


We are now landing in Armenia, to listen to a new release by Sofi Mkheyan. We are talking about "Yerjankutyan arcunqner". It's a beautiful song, with a romantic melody and a lovely vocal performance by Sofi. We are totally in love with it!

Croatia | Teo Grčić - "Ne zaboravljaj"


Croatian singer Teo Grčić has just released a new single. It's "Ne zaboravljaj", a song that offers Balkan folk pop at its best! It's passionate, involving and highly captivating. Teo's voice and the folk instrumentals work greatly together.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Spain | Amaia - "Yo invito"


Sounds European! finally remeets Spanish singer Amaia. She has just released a great new single, entitled "Yo invito". It's a soft pop song with marking beats and a very addictive ambience. The mood is incredible!

North Macedonia | Bobi Pavlovski - "Kaldrma"


Macedonian singer Bobi Pavlovski has just released a new single. We are talking about "Kaldrma". It's a great pop-rock ballad with an emotional melody and passionate instrumentals.

Netherlands | Jake Reese - "Voor je van me houdt"


We are now landing in the Netherlands, to listen to a new single by Jake Reese. Jake has just released "Voor je van me houdt". It's a delightful mid-tempo song with a soft melody which allows his voice to shine in a great manner.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Denmark | Emmelie de Forest - "Typical love song"


We couldn't be happier: Emmelie de Forest has just released a new single! It's "Typical love song", a great track with an upbeat melody and a very captivating chorus. The ambience is absolutely entertaining.

Updated on November 5th, 2021, with the official video.

North Macedonia | Simona Popovska - "Feel so good"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's Macedonian star Simona Popovska, who has just released a new single. "Feel so good" is a catchy electropop song with an inviting melody and very entertaining beats.

Poland | Richard Jellinek - "For your love"


Richard Jellinek is a Polish musician and songwriter from Warsaw. You can feel rock running through his veins with his latest single, "For your love". It's a great song, with a passionate melody and a very involving ambience.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Italy | Elodie - "Vertigine"


Italian star Elodie is finally back with a new single. We are talking about "Vertigine". It's a song with a hypnotic melody and a very strong chorus. Elodie's voice, as usual, is flawless, and takes the song to a whole new level.

Denmark | Ida Laurberg - "Personal letters"


Ida Laurberg is a Danish artist hailing from Helsinge. She rose to prominence in 2016, when her song "Puppy dog eyes" went viral and got millions of streams across platforms. Ida has just released a new single, "Personal letters", a song which adds a grunge flavor to her haunting melancholic sounds. It's a great song!

"'Personal letters' is about my frustration of not having the nerve to confront people in my life when they do something that hurts me – which ends up in me getting hurt and having my boundaries overstepped time after time. Instead, I keep up finding myself perform angry monologues with myself in the shower in the mornings. That's 'Personal letters'", explains Ida.

North Macedonia | Robert Bilbilov - "Luda si na miren nacin"


Sounds European! finally remeets Macedonian artist Robert Bilbilov. He has just released "Luda si na miren nacin", and we cannot stress it enough: it's absolutely stupendous! It's a downtempo folk song with a grandiose melody and an ambience which invites the listeners to dive into a unique world of feelings. The vocals are the cherry on top of it all – they are flawless!

Monday, October 18, 2021

France | Louane - "Tornade"


French star Louane has just released a new single. And we cannot stress it enough: "Tornade" is a very cool song, our favorite of hers! The verses are engaging, and create high expectations for the chorus. And expectations are fully realized: the chorus is stupendous, intense and addictive.

Denmark | Stine Bramsen - "What I want you to do"


Alphabeat lady Stine Bramsen is back solo with a new single! We're talking about "What I want you to do", a song that plays with a classy, retro inspired pop that beautifully fits her unique voice.

About the release, Stine commented on Facebook: "The song is about reconnecting with one's inner wildness and feeling the adrenaline pump in the blood again. That urge has never been stronger in my body than when I wrote all the new music I'm currently recording. Partly because I stand somewhere in life where small children and adult duties fill quite a bit, but also because corona put an end to what I love most: playing live. This is also why I chose to play many of the new songs live before they release".

Finland | SANNI - "Kesken"


Finnish artist SANNI is back with a brand new single! She has recently released "Kesken", an introspective ballad with an engaging instrumentation that SANNI described as "talking her mind out".

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Italy | The Kolors - "Leoni al Sole"


We are now landing in Italy, to listen to a new release by The Kolors. "Leoni al Sole" is a song that explores the current wave of retro pop, but offering a whole different trip into the genre. With it, you enjoy the sexy synth-and-sax feeling we were used to listen during the '80s. And the result is amazing!

Germany | Michael Schulte - "Here goes nothing"


German singer Michael Schulte returns to our site with another smashing hit under his sleeve. We're talking about "Here goes nothing", a song that mixes tropical, country vibes with contagious pop in a single that is ready to become an international success.

Updated on November 5th, 2021, with the official video.

Spain | Marmi - "Todo lo que soy"


Spanish artist Marmi is back with a new release. We are talking about "Todo lo que soy". It's an exciting rock song with a strong melody and a very imposing vibe.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

United Kingdom | Tom Grennan - "Don't break the heart"


Tom Grennan is back with an outstanding new single. It's "Don't break the heart". With it, Tom is showing once again that he is today's main name in the singer-songwriter genre. What a song, what a melody, what a chorus! Everything is stupendous: it's our song of the week.

France | Juliette Armanet - "Le dernier jour du disco"


Sounds European! finally remeets French artist Juliette Armanet. She has just released "Le dernier jour du disco". It's a song that starts off light and smooth, basically on piano and voice, and then suddenly boom: surprise! A shower of disco sounds and intense joy takes over the melody (and our hearts). The result is awesome!

Belgium | Mustii - "Give me a hand"


Belgian artist Mustii returns to our site with a great new single. In "Give me a hand", he delivers another raw sample of his alternative style, mixing pop and rock with a retro flavor that just melts in your ears. It's a fantastic track!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Poland | Natalia Zastępa - "Błysk"


Polish singer Natalia Zastępa returns to Sounds European! to share "Błysk". The song is a haunting midtempo pop track which lets Natalia show us her captivating vocal skills. In the song, she talks about how we don't always feel confident in the moment we're living, but we come across a "flash" in our lives that becomes our motivation in moments of doubt. The track is included in Natalia's debut album, "Nie żałuję".

Spain | Despistaos - "Cuando te olvides de mí"


Spanish band Despistaos are back! They have recently released "Cuando te olvides de mí", a rock ballad with pop traces that talks about "those impossible love stories that make you lose your mind and turn your world upside down".

United Kingdom | HAWXX - "Death of silence"


HAWXX are Anna, Hannah, Jess and Iman, a group of women based in London but hailing from Greece, Wales, England and Bahrain. They bring a unique taste of powerful social commentary wrapped in heavy rock tunes in their new single, "Death of silence".

Inspired by the Me Too movement, the band comments that the song "means the death of shame. Shame has deeply shaped us as a society and erodes our capacity for real systemic change. To fight and speak out against those that silence us creates a movement and momentum that is contagious. Nothing can stop it. This is a song of solidarity, a song about finding the power in our voice, our words instead of our collective shame and fear".

Updated on November 1st, 2021, with the official video.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Russia | Helene Fischer - "Volle kraft voraus"


We are used to Helene Fischer's upbeat take on schlager-infused pop. But with her latest single, she reminds us that she also knows how to handle a ballad. In "Volle kraft voraus", she envelops her powerful voice in a beautifully crafted instrumentation, which all helps convey the message of the song.

As Helene commented, "It's about the confidence, courage and determination to move forward, accepting change and seeing it as an opportunity. With this song, I want to give you hope that we can't stop the change of life and only rediscover the confidence that we are meant to be". The track will be included in Helene's upcoming album, "Rausch", out in mid-October.

Germany | Kim Petras - "Future starts now"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's German star Kim Petras, who has just released "Future starts now". It's a groovy electro-pop song with a very enjoyable melody and a marking chorus.

Spain | Melendi feat. Miriam Rodríguez - "Simplemente dilo"


Spanish stars Melendi and Miriam Rodríguez got together to release a great single. We are talking about "Simplemente dilo". It's a sweet duet which allows their voices to shine in a unique way together.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

United Kingdom | Kylie Minogue feat. Years & Years - "A second to midnight"


Kylie Minogue and Years & Years have developed a musical friendship that we didn't know we needed. They released a version for the British band's "Starstruck" earlier this year, and now they come with a whole new single of their own. "A second to midnight" is exactly what you can expect from them: a disco-infused pop song that is ready to play on all dance floors all around the world!

Poland | Sara James - "Somebody"


The Junior Eurovision Song Contest is starting to know the participants for its 2021 edition, which will take place at La Seine Musicale in Paris on December 19th. Poland selected Sara Egwu-James as their representative. She was born in Słubice in 2008, and was the winner of the fourth edition of The Voice Kids in her country. In Paris, she will be singing "Somebody", an upbeat pop track that follows the Polish trend of strong entries of recent years.

Norway | Emma Steinbakken - "Sorry"


Norwegian singer Emma Steinbakken comes solo! Her new single is "Sorry", a contemporary pop track with intense beats and a nostalgic underlying feeling.

As Emma explained, the song is "about a relationship with my ex. He's a great guy who instantly fell in love with me when we first met. I had a crush on him, but I wasn't smitten by him despite him being funny, handsome and very kind. My mum thought he was gorgeous, all my friends loved him, everyone around me wanted us to be a couple, which resulted in me feeling guilty. I secretly hoped that I was gradually going to be in love with him, but it didn't happen. To get rid of the crippling feeling of guilt, but also to clarify why I had to end our fling, I wrote 'Sorry'".

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Spain | Enrique Iglesias - "Pendejo"


Enrique Iglesias is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer who was born in Madrid in 1975. He is one of the most important names of the Spanish pop scene. Enrique is now back with "Pendejo", a cool pop song with a groovy melody built by well-marked, inviting beats and a wonderful ambience.

Russia | Dima Bilan feat. Mari Kraimbrery - "Ty ne moya para"


Russian singer Dima Bilan and Ukrainian-born Mari Kraimbrery have teamed up to release a great single. "Ty ne moya para" is an intense ballad which retains an unmistakable Eastern European flavor but still feels contemporary.

Updated on November 27th, 2021, with the official video.

Italy | Negramaro - "Ora ti canto il mare"


Italian band Negramaro has just released a new single. It's "Ora ti canto il mare", a great pop-rock song with groovy guitar riffs and a very entertaining melody. The chorus is the cherry on top of it all: it's so captivating!

Monday, October 11, 2021

North Macedonia | Martinijan Kirilovski - "Vistina"


Time to remeet Martinijan Kirilovski! The North Macedonian singer returns with "Vistina", a song that brings the charm of Balkan traditional music wrapped by Martinijan's strong vocal performance.

Czech Republic | Pavel Callta - "Můžeš se mnou počítat"


It's finally time to remeet Czech singer Pavel Callta. He has just released a new single, entitled "Můžeš se mnou počítat". It's a very cool guitar-led song with a great pop-rock vibe. Pavel's voice fits it all greatly!

Finland | Olavi Uusivirta - "Kun hiljaisuus oli kultaa"


Finnish singer Olavi Uusivirta is finally back to our page with a new single. "Kun hiljaisuus oli kultaa" is a very enjoyable retro pop song with awesome synth instrumentals leading the melody and the beats. We are dancing nonstop to it!

France | Kendji Girac feat. Dadju - "Dans mes bras"


Kendji Girac has a new single! Together with fellow singer Dadju (Dadju Djuna Nsungula, born in 1991 in Bobigny, and brother of famous rapper Maître Gims), he released "Dans mes bras", a soft, downtempo pop with alluring beats and a soft hint of urban sounds.

Malta | MAXINE - "Pull me closer"


Maxine Pace is a singer with rapid growth in the Maltese music scene. We have just come across her single "Pull me closer", a ballad with marking beats in which we can appreciate MAXINE's powerful voice.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

United Kingdom | Years & Years - "Crave"


Years & Years are back with a great new single! The British group has just released "Crave". It's a hypnotic electropop song with very catchy beats and a moody and haunting chorus.

Sweden | Malin Christin - "Kär i kärleken"


Malin Christin is a new artist hailing from Sweden. Malin has already signed songs for several Swedish and international artists, and now she is starting her own career. She has just released an EP, "Kär i kärleken", and now we highlight its title track. It's an irresistible song!

Ukraine | Ani Lorak - "Bachila"


Sounds European! remeets Ukrainian super star Ani Lorak! She has just released an amazing new single. "Bachila" is a well-paced mid-tempop pop song with marking beats and a strong vocal performance.

Italy | Deddy - "Giove"


Italian rising star Deddy has a new single on offer. And it's an awesome one! "Giove" is a piano-led ballad which could only come from Italy: it's cool yet intense, light yet strong.

Updated on November 13th, 2021, with the official video.

Slovenia | Fed Horses - "Argentina"


Ursa Mihevc, Jure Mihevc, Rok Škrlj and Timi Eler are Fed Horses, an alter-country band coming from Slovenia. Together for almost a decade, they have caught our attention with their most recent single. "Argentina" is a very interesting sample of their self-described genre. It talks about the generations that fled the communist regime in the country (many landed in Argentina, the sixth country with more Slovenes), and their feelings of longing for their homeland.

Saturday, October 09, 2021

United Kingdom | Coldplay feat. BTS - "My universe"


Do you know when you listen to a song for the first time and you feel "Well, this is totally going to be a worldwide hit"? That's exactly how we felt after listening to "My universe", by Coldplay and South Korean group BTS. The melody, the beats, the chorus... everything is highly catchy and addictive! We can totally see it playing nonstop on radios around the world. We are completely in love with it: it's our song of the week.

Sweden | Agnes - "Here comes the night"


Swedish diva Agnes is back with yet another anthemic single! "Here comes the night" retains her trademark disco feeling and adds a delicious chorus that just melts in your ear!

Germany | Marie Reim - "Ich bin so verliebt"


We are now landing in Germany, to listen to a new single by Marie Reim. And we cannot stress it enough: "Ich bin so verliebt" is an outstanding song! The chorus is strong and imposing, sticking to the head after the very first listen. We just can't stop listening to it!

Belgium | Doowy - "Fragile"


Doowy is the stage name of Thibaud Demey, a Belgian singer from Brussels who specializes in French pop. He has just released a great new single, entitled "Fragile". It's a very fun song with a catchy melody and a highly inviting chorus.

Italy | Matteo Bocelli - "Solo"


We already introduced Matteo Bocelli in a single with his father. But now, it's time for him to fly solo. Quite literally. He's presenting us his first official single, which anticipates a debut album expected for next year. The single in question is "Solo", an emotional song with a very delicate instrumentation that explodes in the chorus.

Friday, October 08, 2021

Austria | Ronja Forcher - "Wie stark ist ein herz"


Ronja Forcher is an Austrian singer and actress who was born in Innsbruck in 1996. Meet her with her brand-new single, "Wie stark ist ein herz". It's a song with a highly captivating melody and an outstanding chorus. It's absolutely irresistible!

Czech Republic | Thom Artway - "Nezapomenout"


Czech artist Thom Artway returns to our site! He has just released "Nezapomenout", an anthemic, guitar-driven single in Czech with which he opens a new chapter in his career.

Denmark | Emma Nicoline feat. Stefan Hjort - "Venter på dig"


Two of the brightest new stars from Denmark have just got together for a single! Emma Nicoline and Stefan Hjort released "Venter på dig", a captivating track that mixes pop and retro beats in a contagious way.

Germany | Matthias Reim - "4 uhr 30"


German star Matthias Reim is back with a new single. We are talking about "4 uhr 30". It's a strong schlager pop song with a depth and ambience only Matthias knows how to imprint to the genre!

Belgium | Doria D - "Jeune et con"


Doria D is the latest sensation in Belgium's music scene. Coming from Louvain-la-Neuve, her single "Dépendance" was a big hit in francophone countries. And here she comes with her most recent single. In "Jeune et con", she delivers a very interesting mix of synth and soft pop that is bound to get your attention.

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Spain | Soraya - "Soy esa mujer"


Spanish star Soraya has just released a new single. It's "Soy esa mujer", a great pop song with that intense energy only Spanish music can offer. And with Soraya on vocals, offering her undeniable quality, it goes to even more amazing levels!

North Macedonia | Lara Ivanova - "Dusha"


Macedonian rising star Lara Ivanova has a new single on offer. It's "Dusha", which was her entry for this year's Makfest. The song is a marvelous piano-led ballad with a soft melody, which allows Lara to display all the vocal talent she has.

Norway | Henrik Heaven - "If I was you"


Norwegian singer Henrik Høven (who now goes as Henrik Heaven) has a new single to offer. We're talking about "If I was you", a catchy pop track with a fresh melody and a super captivating beat.

Slovakia | Matej Smutný - "Elixir"


Slovak artist Matej Smutný is back with a new release. "Elixir" is a cool electropop song with a marking chorus. It's quite captivating!

Sweden | Miss Li - "Utan dig"


Swedish singer Miss Li has a new release on offer. We are talking about "Utan dig". The song is extremely entertaining, from first to last second. And the chorus is absolutely addictive!

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

United Kingdom | Rag'n'Bone Man - "Crossfire"


Rag'n'Bone Man keeps sharing singles from his latest album, "Life by misadventure". This time, we're presenting "Crossfire", a classic Brit-pop ballad which is taken to a whole new level thanks to the singer's tremendous interpretation skills and unique voice.

Germany | Bosse - "Vater"


German singer Bosse returns to our site with his most recent single. We're talking about "Vater", a midtempo pop track that toys with intense beats and still retains the classic sounds of the artist.

Belgium | Niels Destadsbader - "Sterker"


Sounds European! remeets Belgian star Niels Destadsbader, who has just released a new song. We are talking about "Sterker". It's a beautiful ballad with a touching melody and a marvelous vocal performance.

Iceland | EYJAA - "The wrecking crew"


EYJAA is an Icelandic-Danish duo formed by sisters Sara Victoria and Brynja Mary Sverrisdottir. Their parents had global jobs, and as a result, they were born in two different countries, lived in different cities around the world, and currently speak seven languages. You can feel this international spirit in their new release "The wrecking crew", a song that could be playing on any radio from any location, given its quality!

"Going through life we all experience challenges that we tend to overthink or simply misunderstand within ourselves. 'The wrecking crew' is about how you are never alone with your thoughts. Really, it can be just as beautiful to be sad as it can to be happy. It's just human emotions, and they are not unknown to any of us", the sisters say.

Slovenia | Nika Zorjan - "Ljubi ne ljubi"


It's time to remeet Slovene star Nika Zorjan! She has recently released a very cool new single, "Ljubi ne ljubi". The song is an entertaining pop with great folk instrumentals and a melody that is quite inviting.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Denmark | Nicklas Sahl - "Stand out be special"


Danish singer Nicklas Sahl is back with a great new release. We are talking about "Stand out be special". It's a song that takes Nicklas' talent in a different direction, more towards a pop-rock sound, or a British singer-songwriter spirit. The result is amazing!

Italy | Gaia - "Nuvole di zanzare"


When we talk about blending the spirits of their nations into music, few artists are as effective as Gaia. The singer is a master at exploring her Brazilian roots in her Italian songs. And "Nuvole di zanzare" is a great sample of that: it's a delightful mix of Italian pop and Brazilian bossa nova!

Updated on November 14th, 2021, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Rod Stewart - "One more time"


Rod Stewart (London, 1945) is coming back with a new single! "One more time" takes the rock star through the path of country sounds, which he delivers with equal power. The song will be included in Rod's 31st (!) studio album, "The tears of Hercules", out on November 12th.

Sweden | Molly Sandén - "Vi ska aldrig gå hem"


Swedish star Molly Sandén has just released a new single. It's entitled "Vi ska aldrig gå hem". It's an intense electropop song with marking beats and a very cool chorus.

Updated on October 10th, 2021, with the official video.

Belgium | Delta - "En fait"


Look who we are finally remeeting: it's Belgian duo Delta. We've just got to listen to their single "En fait", and we are completely in love with it. It's such an enjoyable pop-rock song!

Monday, October 04, 2021

North Macedonia | Antonia Gigovska - "Magnet"


The retro pop wave is finally landing in North Macedonia. And Antonia Gigovska is the perfect artist to take it to an extremely high level! "Magnet" is as exciting as a song of the genre should be, and we are totally addicted to it.

Armenia | Iveta Mukuchyan - "Tur patjar"


Long time no see for Iveta Mukuchyan! The Armenian singer returns with "Tur patjar", a song that mixes electronic beats, contemporary pop and a unique ethnic flavor that will finish melting in your ears!

Albania | Elhaida Dani - "Hajmali"


We love it when artists decide to surprise us with multiple releases at the same time. The latest one to do so is Albanian singer Elhaida Dani, who showered us with no less than five new singles! Below, we're highlighting our favorite, "Hajmali", a song that delivers bouncy ethnic beats into a delightfully uptempo song. You should also check out her other releases: "Amore", "Jam betu", "Kenga jone", and "Zanin".

Sunday, October 03, 2021

Sweden | LIAMOO - "Dark"


LIAMOO has a new single! We're talking about "Dark", a song that drives the Swedish singer through a mix of synth pop with a touch of contemporary sounds and a very engaging guitar riff.

Slovenia | Božidar Wolfand Wolf - "Najlepše stvari"


Božidar Wolfand Wolf is a Slovene singer, songwriter, musician and producer who was born in Trbovlje in 1962. He has just released a delightful new single. It's "Najlepše stvari", a song with a fun melody and a very catchy chorus.

Serbia | Dunja Vujadinovic - "Ne dolaziš"


Dunja Vujadinovic is a Serbian singer who was born in Novi Sad in 1989. Meet her with her latest single, entitled "Ne dolaziš". It's a marvelous folk song with a hypnotic ambience and a very cool melody.

Saturday, October 02, 2021

North Macedonia | Aleksandra Janeva - "Denot sto ni nosi"


Aleksandra Janeva has a new single! In "Denot sto ni nosi", she delivers a heartfelt ballad with both ethnic and contemporary touches, creating a song that captivates you from start to end. It's our song of the week!

Spain | Ana Guerra - "Qué sabrán"


Spanish singer Ana Guerra returns to our site with yet another amazing single! We're talking about "Qué sabrán", an uptempo pop song with emotional lyrics about free love. We can definitely feel this freedom in the liberating chorus! The song is included in Ana's new album, "La luz del martes".

Malta | Jolene Samhan - "All in you"


Jolene Samhan is a Maltese singer and songwriter hailing from Nadur. Meet her with her excellent single "All in you". It's a song which offers an irresistible '90s pop-rock vibe and a breathtaking vocal performance.

Friday, October 01, 2021

Ireland | Hermitage Green - "Got to give"


Time to remeet Irish band Hermitage Green! In "Got to give", they bring together folk and soft rock beats in a perfect combination of sounds. The track is included in the band's new album, "Hi generation".

United Kingdom | Tom Gregory - "Footprints"


Tom Gregory is back to us! He has just released "Footprints", a song with intense beats (especially towards the chorus) and which mingle his trademark folk-inspired pop and contemporary tunes. It's a really interesting track!

France | Vitaa feat. Slimane - "XY"


Vitaa and Slimane have recently released a new single together! We're talking about "XY", a touching ballad in which they let their voices bloom with the melody. The track is included in their album "Versus - Chapitre II".