Friday, September 10, 2021

Sweden | ABBA - "Don't shut me down"


2021 just got a tad better. ABBA (we don't need to introduce the fathers of modern pop music, right?) are back, and they have a lot on offer: two new singles, a full album ("Voyage") to be released on November 5th, and a virtual tour that will have the band performing digitally (!!!) starting in May next year.

While we are still trying to digest all this pop happiness, we leave you with the must-listen singles that, naturally, became instant hits everywhere. First, there is the anthemic, touching ballad "I still have faith in you". But the one that made our toes curl and that many people may have overlooked is featured below: "Don't shut me down" brings ABBA sounds just as apotheotic as we remembered.

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Unknown said...

Possibly the best ABBA song of all, ever. 3 or 4 listens and I realized what a pop masterpiece it is.