Friday, September 17, 2021

Hungary | Petruska - "In the game again"


Petruska is a unique representative of the Hungarian popular music scene and art pop. His music is a blend of classic rock, electronic beats and contemporary music. And it can be well enjoyed in his latest single, "In the game again". It has such a hypnotic vibe!

"What is the 'game', really? I prefered to leave that question open than being specific about it. I can hardly think of any part of life where I haven't been knocked out of the race for a period of time. You know, love, mental health, career issues, generation related questions etc.. But sooner or later there was always something that helped me to get back on track. Something or someone that made me realize how great resources I have. And that's the trick, really. Because when you're in a crisis, you just don't look over it. You only get a really narrow slice of the canvas, though the whole picture with all the details of your wisdom is still there, you just have to pay attention to it", explains Petruska.

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