Friday, July 02, 2021

United Kingdom | Silvertwin - "The night is ours"


Sounds European! remeets British band Silvertwin. They have just released a new single, entitled "The night is ours". If in other songs of theirs we could feel the references to The Beatles more present, with this one, it's Supertramp which we immediately recognize. It's so enjoyable!

"'The night is ours' is a song about the buzz you feel getting ready and going out for a night in London. Four on the floor drums. The plonky bassline is influenced by the one on 'Silly love songs' by Wings. The studio vibe was bouncing. Dan turned up jet-lagged and put down the guitar solo. Spread out around the studio, Lauric and Rado played the congas and I played the shaker in one take. It was the most fun track to record. We were trying to channel Nile Rodgers with the funky guitar. The bridges had me and Alicia overdub lots of harmonies to create the atmospheric feel", frontman Isaac Shalam says.

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