Saturday, July 31, 2021

Sweden | Victor Crone - "Waiting on your love"


Victor Crone is back with a new single! The Swedish singer has just released "Waiting on your love". It's a very entertaining electro pop song with a very captivating chorus and a great country undertone. We are completely addicted to it: it's our song of the week!

Italy | Måneskin - "I wanna be your slave"


Italian band Måneskin went on to conquer the world after their Eurovision victory back in May, both with "Zitti e buoni" and with another single of theirs, "Beggin'". Now, they are capitalizing the success with the video release for a song that has also been receiving a lot of attention in streaming platforms. We're talking about "I wanna be your slave", one more sample that their raw rock edge is here to stay!

Estonia | Tanel Padar - "Varjudes"


Estonian star Tanel Padar has recently released a great new single. It's "Varjudes", a very enjoyable soft rock song with a captivating melody and a marking chorus. We are listening to it on repeat!

United Kingdom | Jessica Hammond - "Video call"


Jessica Hammond is a British singer hailing from Belfast, in Northern Ireland. She rose to prominence as a participant of The Voice in the United Kingdom. Meet her with her single "Video call". It's an outstanding synth pop with inviting beats, an irresistible chorus and a delightful retro ambience. We love it to bits!

Friday, July 30, 2021

France | Claudio Capéo - "J't'emmènerai (con me)"


We're easily convinced by bilingual tracks. And Claudio Capéo's most recent one is no exception! "J't'emmènerai (con me)" mixes French and Italian to give us an entertaining Mediterranean track!

Spain | Dani Fernández feat. Alberto Jiménez - "Grace"


Dani Fernández has teamed up with Miss Caffeina member Alberto Jiménez for his latest single, "Grace". The result is a fantastic rock song with memorable guitar riffs in the chorus and a great play between Dani's raspy and Alberto's softer voices.

Ireland | Shane Codd feat. Charlotte Haining - "Always on my mind"


Shane Codd is an Irish DJ and producer who was born in Dublin in 1997. Charlotte Haining is a British singer and songwriter who was born in Leeds. Shane and Charlotte have gathered to release "Always on my mind". It's a delightful electropop which is set to create a huge party on any dance floor.

Netherlands | Suzan & Freek - "Onderweg naar later"


Dutch duo Suzan & Freek are back! They have just released "Onderweg naar later", a song that gives us a soft approach to summer tracks, with a cozy atmosphere and timeless clapping along.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Denmark | Bryan Rice - "Yes to it all"


Danish singer Bryan Rice is back with new music! He has recently released "Yes to it all", a funky retro splash of fresh pop that will make you bop around enjoying the summer breezes of Europe.

France | Cassandre - "L'arc-en-ciel"


We are now landing in France to listen to a new single by Cassandre. It's entitled "L'arc-en-ciel". The song explores the relation of the colors of the rainbow and different human emotions.

Updated on August 9th, 2021, with the official video.

North Macedonia | Tamara Todevska - "Porok"


Macedonian star Tamara Todevska has just released a new single. And it's a song to listen on repeat! "Porok" is a song which mixes pop and R&B influences in a great manner. And everything is taken to an even higher level with Tamara's great vocals.

Finland | Isac Elliot - "TMI"


While Isac Elliot is serving the Finnish army, we could still enjoy the last single he released before that. We are talking about "TMI". It's a smooth and cool electropop with that unique touch only Isac adds to a song!

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

United Kingdom | Keane - "Dirt"


British band Keane surprised everyone by dropping a new single. We're talking about "Dirt", a song that retains their classic, down-tempo rock atmosphere with epic choruses that will engage you further into the track.

About the song, the band stated: "'Dirt' is an attempt to imagine the desperation of innocent people caught up in violent conflict. At the time of writing it, I was trying to learn a little about the history of the so-called Silk Road and in the process came to understand not only how beautiful, ancient, cosmopolitan and deeply cultured cities like Aleppo and Damascus are, but how much of 'Western' civilisation as we know it was inherited from the Middle East and Central Asia".

Turkey | Berksan - "Platonik"


Born in Ankara in 1979, Berksan arrives with a fabulous summer track with Eastern influences. In "Platonik", he delivers a captivating interpretation of a song that oozes fresh ethnic instruments!

Slovenia | Eva Boto - "Kdo ti bo dušo dal"


Slovene singer Eva Boto returns with a new single. "Kdo ti bo dušo dal" is a fresh mix of pop with a soft retro twist that highlights Eva's impressive voice. The song took part of the 2021 edition of the "Melodije morja in sonca" festival, coming second.

Updated on August 5th, 2021, with the official video.

Austria | Josh. - "Expresso & tschianti"


Austrian star Josh. has a new single on offer. And, as usual, it's an extremely entertaining one! "Expresso & tschianti" is a song with a fun melody and a very inviting ambience. We love it!

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sweden | Imminence - "Heaven in hiding"


Imminence are a Swedish band from Trelleborg, formed in 2010 by Harald Barret, Eddie Berg, Christian Höijer, Peter Hanström, and Alex Arnoldsson. Their sound fuses rock, post-hardcore and alternative metalcore, as we can appreciate in their latest single. "Heaven in hiding" is a dark piece of melodic music that will give you goosebumps as it unfurls.

Italy | Alessio Bernabei - "Ansia"


Alessio Bernabei has gifted us a great new single! In "Ansia", he captures a soft pop-rock vibe with a very enjoyable melody.

North Macedonia | Foltin - "Koj mozhe da rasipe eden vakov den"


We couldn't be happier to finally remeet Foltin! The Macedonian group has just released "Koj mozhe da rasipe eden vakov den". It's a unique rock song, which travels through different moods, phases and moments during the track's development.

France | Amel Bent feat. Camélia Jordana and Vitaa - "Ma sœur"


Three French divas got together to record and release an album (and from it, the single we are now highlighting). It's Amel Bent, Camélia Jordana and Vitaa, with the single "Ma sœur" (from the album "Sorøre"). The song is a shower of groove, into a very hypnotic R&B vibe.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Austria | Melissa Naschenweng - "Traktorführerschein"


When one talks about Melissa Naschenweng, one is always talking about having fun with music. And the fun times are here once again, since Melissa has just released a new single, "Traktorführerschein". It's impossible not to have fun with it! The melody is entertaining and inviting, and the chorus is very catchy.

Serbia | Lena Kovačević - "Beograde"


Lena Kovačević is a Serbian singer and songwriter who was born in Belgrade in 1982. Meet her with her amazing new single, "Beograde". It's a hypnotic electro pop song with a great addition of folk vibes in the melody.

Latvia | Gatis Mūrnieks feat. Jenny May - "Tikai sirds"


Gatis Mūrnieks is a singer and songwriter from Latvia. He has joined Jenny May to record and release "Tikai sirds". It's a delightful mid-tempo song with cool, smooth beats and a great melody.

Slovenia | Nina Pušlar - "Tople oči"


Sounds European! remeets Slovene star Nina Pušlar. She has just released "Tople oči". It's a sweet ballad with a captivating melody and a smooth and lovely vocal performance.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Italy | Matteo Faustini - "Stanco di piangere"


It's time to remeet Italian rising star Matteo Faustini. He has just released "Stanco di piangere". It's a marvelous ballad with a smooth ambience which offers the perfect set for Matteo to gift us with an impressive vocal performance.

Belgium | Emma Bale - "Trust issues"


It's time to listen to a brand-new single by Emma Bale. We are talking about "Trust issues". It's a well-paced pop song, with groovy and marking beats. Emma's smooth and delightful voice shines through all the track!

France | Kyo - "Mon époque"


Kyo are back with a new single on offer. The French band has just released "Mon époque". It's a unique pop-rock song, with interesting variations of melody, instrumentals and base throughout the track.

Russia | Tina Karol - "Krasivo"


Russian-born Ukrainian star Tina Karol has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Krasivo". It's an intense and hypnotic electropop song in which Tina gives an impressive vocal performance.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bulgaria | DARA - "Thunder"


Bulgarian star DARA has a brand-new single on offer. It's entitled "Thunder". The song offers pop at its best form! The melody is involving, the beats are catchy and the chorus is impeccable. It's simply excellent: it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Becky Hill feat. David Guetta - "Remember"


Rebecca Claire Hill is Becky Hill, a British singer and songwriter who was born in Bewdley in 1994. Becky has joined French producer David Guetta to record and release "Remember". The song is stupendous! It's an electropop with an extremely inviting melody, and groovy, dancy beats that are as addictive as they could ever be. And Becky's voice is perfect for the track!

Hungary | BariLaci - "Messzire mennék"


BariLaci is the stage name of Bari Lacika, a Hungarian singer who was born in Miskolc. He rose to prominence when he was a child, taking part in a talent show in Hungary. Meet him with his excellent new single, "Messzire mennék". It's a synth pop banger, with a great retro melody.

Germany | Max Mutzke - "Beste idee"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's German star Max Mutzke, who has just released "Beste idee". It's a song with a captivating melody, and a chorus that is very catchy. We are listening to it nonstop!

Friday, July 23, 2021

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Alles was du brauchst"


Swiss star Beatrice Egli is living a marvelous phase in her career! Every new single of hers is outstanding, and "Alles was du brauchst" is another sample of that. We are fully addicted to it!

Croatia | Lege - "Soba bez sna"


Lege are a Croatian group hailing from Osijek. Meet them with their new single, "Soba bez sna", and immediately fall in love with it. It's a passionate pop-rock with a very marking chorus.

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Zachem?"


It's time to remeet Azerbaijani star Emin. He has just released a new single, entitled "Zachem?". It's a groovy song with an absolutely involving vibe!

Bulgaria | Grafa feat. Mihaela Fileva - "Adzhenda"


Summer has arrived to Bulgaria, as Grafa and Mihaela Fileva gathered to release a new single. We are talking about "Adzhenda". It's pure entertainment: it's impossible to listen to it and not move your body along!

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Spain | Mabel - "Take it home"


Pokémon is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and one of the gifts to the fans is a series of songs. We now highlight one of them, Mabel's "Take it home". It's a modern pop song with strong beats and a very entertaining chorus. And the official video, with some of our favorite pokémon, is simply awesome!

Sweden | Smash Into Pieces - "Cut you off"


One more amazing new single by Smash Into Pieces! The Swedish band have just released "Cut you off". The song is a very involving synth rock with a melody that is totally captivating.

United Kingdom | Hatty Keane - "Let's fly"


Hatty Keane is back with a new single! The British artist presents her "Let's fly" saying: "Welcome to my dream world: French wine, Spanish food (lots of it) and vintage cars in the Californian sunshine!". That vibe, style and spirit is fully in the song. We are completely into it!

Updated on September 25th, 2021, with the official video.

Greece | Stavros Kritikos - "Prin ti strofi"


Stavros Kritikos is a Greek singer hailing from Thessaloniki. He rose to prominence after taking part in the seventh season of The Voice of Greece, in 2020. Stavros has recently released a great single, entitled "Prin ti strofi". It's a very exciting retro synthpop song.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Germany | dArtagnan - "Feste feiern"


We are now landing in Germany, to listen to "Feste feiern", dArtagnan's new single. It's another masterpiece of theirs! Their mix of rock and folk is outstanding, and we enjoy it with every new single they release.

France | Montmartre - "All the same"


Montmartre are a French electronic music duo from Paris, formed by Hugo Lab and Alex Enki. They've just released a new single, entitled "All the same". And it's an extremely enjoyable song! The melody is very easy on the ears, and the general mood is extremely cool.

Serbia | Marija Mikic - "Jul"


Marija Mikic is a Serbian singer who was born in Belgrade in 1992. She has just released a new single, "Jul". It's a song that offers a very enjoyable and involving melody, a sexy vibe and a perfectly fitting vocal performance.

Ukraine | Artem Nikiphorov - "V plenu"


Artem Nikiphorov is a Ukrainian singer from Chervonopartyzansk who is currently based in Kiev. Meet him with his awesome latest single, "V plenu". It's a hypnotic electropop song with a great and involving ambience.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

United Kingdom | Finn Askew - "Paranoia"


British singer Finn Askew has just released an amazing new single. We are talking about "Paranoia". It's a great song, with entertaining melody and instrumentals and a chorus that sticks in the head after the very first listen.

Germany | Sarah Connor - "Alles in mir will zu dir"


Sounds European! remeets German star Sarah Connor, and her brand-new single. It's "Alles in mir will zu dir", a very cool electro pop song with a great addition of groovy pop-rock elements. We love it!

France | Benjamin Biolay feat. Adé - "Parc fermé"


Benjamin Biolay is a French singer, songwriter, producer and musician who was born in Villefranche-sur-Saône in 1973. Adélaïde Chabannes de Balsac is Adé, a French singer who rose to prominence as a member of the group Therapie TAXI. Biolay and Adé have just released "Parc fermé". It's an amazing indie pop-rock song!

Greece | Tania Breazou - "Akatalliles skines"


Greek singer Tania Breazou has recently released a single. It's entitled "Akatalliles skines", and we cannot stop listening to it! It's a sexy song with an enticing melody and a perfect vocal performance.

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Charts Day #225 (part 2)


While Måneskin is dominating Europe, the band's country has other artists topping the local charts. "Mille", by Fedez, Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti, is at the #1 position in Italy.

The Charts Day #225 (part 1)


After their Eurovision victory, Måneskin are shooting to international stardom! Their song "Beggin'" is dominating the European continent: this week, it's #1 in Austria and Switzerland, #3 in Finland and Germany, #4 in Ireland, #5 in France, #6 in Sweden, #7 in Denmark, #8 in the United Kingdom, #14 in Portugal, and #15 in the Netherlands.

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Denmark | Andy Nicolas - "Elena"


Andy Nicolas is Andreas Kurt Peter Nicolas Koutsonikolas, a singer and songwriter who was born in Odense, Denmark, in 1991, but is developing his career in Greece. The Danish-Greek artist has just released a new single, "Elena". It's such a fun song!

Austria | Matthias Nebel - "Back to you"


Matthias Nebel is an Austrian singer from Frauental an der Laßnitz. He took part of The Voice of Germany twice, in 2018 and 2020. Meet him with his new single, "Back to you". It's a passionate ballad with great intensity and emotion.

Croatia | Nika Turković - "Pusti"


We are now landing in Croatia, to listen to a new single by Nika Turković. It's entitled "Pusti". The song is an involving mid-tempo synth-pop with an exciting, well-marked melody and a very strong chorus. We love it!

Germany | LEEPA - "I'm sorry, are you?"


LEEPA is a new artist hailing from Germany. Born at Lake Starnberg and based in Berlin, she is ready to win our ears and hearts with her new single, "I'm sorry, are you?". It's an intense indie pop-rock song with a great melody and an irresistible mood.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Greece | Aris Petrakis - "Dyo lepta"


Aris Petrakis is a Greek singer, songwriter and composer from Thessaloniki. He has recently released a new single, entitled "Dyo lepta". It's a strong pop-rock song with that unique kind of passion only Greek music offers. We love it to bits: it's our song of the week!

Finland | Benjamin feat. Vesta - "Kunnes sammutaan"


Vesta Rebekka Burman is a Finnish singer and songwriter who was born in Helsinki in 1994. She has joined Benjamin to release "Kunnes sammutaan". It's a smooth song with a very enjoyable mood!

Ukraine | Vera Brezhneva - "Rozovyy dym"


Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhneva is back with a new single. We are talking about "Rozovyy dym". It's an uptempo electro pop song with an addictive, well-paced melody and a very marking chorus.

Updated on August 29th, 2021, with the official video.

Czech Republic | LEON - "Pod hvězdama"


It's time to remeet Czech band LEON. We've just got to listen to their latest single, "Pod hvězdama", and we are very excited about it. It's an extremely enjoyable pop-rock track. It's one of those songs that instantly put a smile in our faces and souls.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Germany | Giovanni Zarrella - "Basta! Basta!"


German-Italian singer Giovanni Zarrella is back with a new single. We are talking about "Basta! Basta!", his rendition to "Ich will immer wieder... dieses fieber spür'n". Once again, he gifts us with a perfect mix of German schlager and Italian passion, and the result is absolutely irresistible!

Finland | Antti Ketonen - "Maa joka kantaa"


We are now landing in Finland, to listen to a new single by Antti Ketonen. It's entitled "Maa joka kantaa". It's a delightful mid-tempo pop song with a captivating melody and a very marking chorus.

Greece | Fotis Papazisis - "Ti se chalaei"


Sounds European! remeets Greek singer Fotis Papazisis. He has just released a new single, entitled "Ti se chalaei". It's a passionate pop-rock song with a perfect addition of Greek elements to the melody and the instrumentals.

Austria | DJ Ötzi - "Der moment"


Austrian star DJ Ötzi is back to our site with his latest single. We're talking about "Der moment". It's an exciting electro-schlager song with an upwards vibe and ambience. It's very catchy!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

France | Amel Bent - "Le chant des colombes"


Amel Bent has just released a new single! The French singer returns with "Le chante des colombes", a sultry ballad with a soft Latin touch that relies in Amel's unmistakable vocals. The song is a taste of her new album, "Vivante", which will be out in October.

Updated on September 3rd, 2021, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Bastille - "Distorted light beam"


British group Bastille returns to our site with a new single. We're talking about "Distorted light beam", a song that takes them through a more noir approach of their classic synth pop sounds.

Portugal | Anjos - "Voa"


Portuguese duo Anjos are back to Sounds European! with their most recent single. "Voa" is an emotional ballad with intense beats and empowering lyrics about overcoming hardships.

Norway | Gunn Kvaale - "Last summer"


Gunn Kvaale is an upcoming Norwegian singer hailing from Sogndal. Get to know her music in her single "Last summer", a soft mix of pop and indie tunes that communicate the "bittersweet nostalgia and summer memories", as Gunn explained.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Denmark | Anabel - "Beautiful failure"


Anabel Dermendjieva is a Danish singer hailing from Lynge, who found fame after taking part in the 2016 version of The Voice Kids in her country. She developed a very strong TikTok fanbase, and is now starting her music career with a totally engaging debut single. "Beautiful failure" brings '90s R&B ballads in bloom, highlighting Anabel's silky voice.

Greece | Elena Tsagkrinou feat. Dimitris Tatarakis - "Telika i zoi sinehizetai"


Greek electropop blooms in the collaboration between Elena Tsagkrinou and Dimitris Tatarakis! "Telika i zoi sinehizetai" is an intense song which will give you all the dance-floor feelings you could be asking for!

France | Carla De Coignac - "J'fais la gueule"


Carla De Coignac is a French singer coming from the city of Cahors. We just came across her most recent single. "J'fais la gueule" is a gem of local indie-pop, with an enjoyable chorus that includes soft tropical beats.

Romania | Alexandra Stan feat. NERVO - "Come into my world"


Romanian singer Alexandra Stan teamed up with Australian DJ duo NERVO to release "Come into my world". The result couldn't be more enticing: it's a mix of electronic and retro pop which is taken to a whole new level by a very fun instrumental chorus.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Malta | Emma Muscat feat. Álvaro de Luna and Astol - "Meglio di sera"


Malta, Italy and Spain. You won't find a more Mediterranean single than this one! Emma Muscat, Astol and Álvaro de Luna join forces in "Meglio di sera", a song to dance along with some boozy drink in your hand!

Denmark | Julias Moon - "Burn"


It's been quite some time, but we're thrilled with the return of Julias Moon! The duo is now delivering synth pop-rock realness in "Burn", a bouncy single that plays between retro and contemporary pop.

France | Soprano - "Dingue"


French singer Soprano returns to our site with a fabulous single. "Dingue" plays between urban and retro pop, creating a really unique piece!

Spain | Funambulista - "Me gusta la vida"


No summer is complete without a Spanish summer song. And that's what Funambulista brings in his latest single. From the lyrics to the Latin melody, "Me gusta la vida" boasts an uplifting feeling to enjoy life!

Monday, July 12, 2021

Hungary | Boggie - "Füst"


Long time no see for Hungarian singer Boggie! She lands on Sounds European! yet again with "Füst", a folk-pop track in which instruments are layered masterfully to create a highly involving song.

Czech Republic | Lenny - "Overdosed"


Czech singer Lenny has a new single! We're talking about "Overdosed", a song that mixes her raspy voice with contemporary pop and a spice of rock edge that turns the whole thing into an addictive release.

Slovenia | Maraaya - "1000 let"


Slovene duo Maraaya bring a classy single! Their latest release is "1000 let", a song with a unique retro feeling that is perfect to enjoy slowdancing along!

Switzerland | Anna Rossinelli - "Forevermore"


Swiss singer Anna Rossinelli is back! She has just released her single "Forevermore", a soft approach to tropical sounds that fit Anna's voice beautifully. The backing vocalists towards the second chorus elevate the track to anthemic levels!

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Spain | Antonio José - "Te han visto llorar"


Spanish singer Antonio José is back with us for a touching new single. "Te han visto llorar" is an emotional ballad with a beautiful orchestration that will give you all the feels.

Norway | Carina Dahl - "Helt OK"


Carina Dahl is becoming the queen of upbeat Norsk pop. Her most recent single will prove us right: "Helt OK" brings an indredibly energetic track that explodes in a fantastic chorus!

United Kingdom | Jack Savoretti - "Secret life"


Jack Savoretti returns to Sounds European! with a bunch of groove. "Secret life", his most recent single, brings retro synth sounds mixed with a contemporary pop base, creating a unique piece.

Belgium | Metejoor feat. Emma Heesters - "Rendez-vous"


Metejoor and Emma Heesters have released a beautiful single together. "Rendez-vous" is a fresh, guitar-driven pop that creates the perfect chill mood for summer!

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Spain | Alfred García - "Praia dos Moinhos"


Spanish singer Alfred García has just released a new single! "Praia dos Moinhos" gives summer songs their well-deserved rock anthem, full of pumping beats that will give you goosebumps throughout. We are listening to it on a loop: it's our song of the week!

Greece | STAN - "Opou vgei"


We were missing a bombastic Greek summer song. And that's exactly what STAN delivers in his latest single. "Opou vgei" is an exciting mix of ethnic music, pop and even some soft rock sounds that create a really enjoyable track!

United Kingdom | Ed Sheeran - "Bad habits"


Time to share the new single by Ed Sheeran! He turned to a groovier kind of pop in "Bad habits", a song that is led forward by an intense bass base and that should have you up and dancing as soon as the beat drops!

Poland | Lanberry - "Od zaraz"


Polish star Lanberry returns to Sounds European! with her most recent single. In "Od zaraz", she delivers a groovy kind of pop that feels elevated with her vocal interpretation.

Friday, July 09, 2021

Italy | Michele Bravi feat. Sophie and the Giants - "Falene"


We love an unexpected collaboration, so we were super hyped when we saw that Michele Bravi and Sophie and the Giants were releasing a single together. The result is "Falene", a song that starts with unique panpipes announcing a mix of pop and ethnic beats that is hard to resist!

Denmark | Rasmus Seebach - "Så længe vi danser"


Danish singer Rasmus Seebach has just released an addictive single. "Så længe vi danser" mixes '80s beats with synth and pop sounds to create a fantastic track. As Rasmus himself explained on his Facebook page, the song aims for all of you to dance and laugh for a good cause: by sharing a video dancing along to his song on Instagram, they will donate money for giving kids in need a meal of school food. We just love a good cause!

Spain | Despistaos feat. La Oreja de Van Gogh - "Vulnerables"


Despistaos and La Oreja de Van Gogh teamed up for a powerful rock single! We're talking about "Vulnerables", a song which talks about not becoming desperate, but instead enjoying what you have and the path to reach new heights.

Germany | Wincent Weiss feat. Johannes Oerding - "Die guten zeiten"


After working together in different shows around Germany, Wincent Weiss and Johannes Oerding have finally teamed up for a single together! We're talking about "Die guten zeiten", an uplifting track in which pop blooms!

Thursday, July 08, 2021

France | Leslie Medina - "Encore heureux"


Singer and actress Leslie Medina was born in 1982 in the region of Lyon, France. We just got to know her music with her latest single: in "Encore heureux", she delivers an entertaining, minimalistic kind of synth pop that will have you dancing along in no time!

United Kingdom | Mimi Webb - "Dumb love"


British singer Mimi Webb is consolidating her meteoric rise to fame with a new single. We're talking about "Dumb love", a soulful ballad in which Mimi explores her feelings.

Norway | Hanne Leland - "You don't know what it's like"


Hanne Leland returns to Sounds European!! She has just released the song "You don't know what it's like", a ballad driven by the powerful sound of classic strings and in which Hanne talks about feeling misunderstood by people who think they know it all.

Spain | Ana Torroja - "Paraíso"


Time to remeet Spanish singer Ana Torroja with two singles for the price of one! She is back with us to share her new album, "Mil razones", from which she has already released two promoting singles. First came "Paraíso", a haunting synth-pop song which fits her unique voice like a glove. And, more recently, there was "Hora y cuarto", with Alaska (from Fangoria).

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

Belgium | JOANE - "Question de temps"


Belgian singer JOANE returns to Sounds European! with a single we just now came across. We're talking about "Question de temps", a song in which the artist explores downtempo synth pop, creating a captivating blend.

United Kingdom | Rag'n'Bone Man - "Alone"


Rag'n'Bone Man returns to our site with an emotional new single. In "Alone", he explores a powerful ballad taken to a higher level thanks to haunting backing vocals that grow as the song develops, exploding in an emotional chorus.

Denmark | Mattis - "Enough of my love"


Mattis Jakobsen is a Danish singer hailing from Elsinore. He has just released two amazing singles. One of them is a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere". And the single we are featuring is his own "Enough of my love". The track is a delicious pop and synth mix that fits European summer in the most perfect way possible. About the latest, Mattis says that it "is a love song that I feel I just now am ready to release. I have had a hard time expressing my feelings through life and lately I have taken some big steps towards becoming more authentic and brave enough to say 'I love you' to those I love. And what a perfect timing to release such a song going into the summer and with corona as a hopefully almost finished chapter in Denmark - and the World".

Switzerland | Eva Leandra - "The same"


Eva Leandra is a rising star hailing from Solothurn, Switzerland. She has recently released the single "The same", a touching piano-led ballad in which she reflects upon current political themes. The track hihglights Eva's deep, captivating vocals.

Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Netherlands | Within Temptation feat. Annisokay - "Shed my skin"


Dutch band Within Temptation has teamed up with German ensemble Annisokay (formed in Halle in 2007) for a mind-blowing new single. We're talking about "Shed my skin", a track that mixes metalcore and hardcore elements to convey an intense rock mix.

About the track, frontwoman Sharon Den Adel shared that it "revolves around dealing with inevitable changes in life. It is about becoming the person we are meant to be, even if that means losing people we love, but have grown apart from. Real growth begins where comfort zones end and that's exactly what the song is all about: if we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living".

Updated on October 3rd, 2021, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Jasmine Thompson - "Already there"


British singer Jasmine Thompson has a new single to share! We're talking about "Already there", a guitar-driven pop that highlights Jasmine's tender voice in a very sweet melody.

Romania | Nico - "La fel si eu"


Time to remeet Romanian singer Nico! She has recently released "La fel si eu", an uplifting pop-rock song that enhances Nico's exquisit voice and in which she hopes we can find ourselves!

Spain | Nunatak feat. Anni B Sweet, Arde Bogotá, Ayoho, Miguel Ríos, Nina de Juan, Rozalén, Second, Shinova and Tarque - "Sol y sal"


Nunatak have released a new single to fight against the ecocide in the Mar Menor (Minor Sea) off the coasts of Spain. The single "Sol y sal" wants to create awareness about the situation of this sea as a dynamic natural entity and gather support to take the matter up to the Spanish Congress of Deputees. Nunatak are not alone in this cruzade: they are supported by Anni B Sweet, Arde Bogotá, Ayoho, Miguel Ríos, Nina de Juan, Rozalén, Second, Shinova and Tarque. All proceeds from the single will go towards supporting conservation projects in the area.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Portugal | Ana Bacalhau - "Sou como sou"


Portuguese singer Ana Bacalhau has just released a new single. We are talking about "Sou como sou". It's a very entertaining song! The melody is fun and captivating, and Ana's voice fills it with a lot of joy and quality.

"More serene now, after realizing that I am the way I am and that this is what is beautiful and unique, Alex D'Alva Teixeira and Ben Monteiro (D'Alva) offer me a song that says everything I need about this subject", Ana says.

Latvia | Dana Sokolova - "Vera"


It's time to once again delve into the unique sounds of Dana Sokolova! The Latvian singer has just released a new single, "Vera". It's a song which gifts us with everything we expect from her music: smooth verses and a strong, intense rock chorus. And, of course, her voice, which is (as usual) the cherry on top of it all!

Malta | Brooke - "Over"


Long time no see for Brooke! The Maltese singer returns to Sounds European! to share a fabulous new single. "Over" brings a pop song with an international profile: intense beats, synth sounds and Brooke's silky-smooth voice shining through!

Czech Republic | Mirai - "Volám"


Czech ensemble Mirai is back with us! They have just released "Volám", a song that plays between pop and rock to talk about the melancholy of loving moments that are now in the past.

Moldova | Pasha Parfeni feat. Cleopatra Stratan - "Orele"


Two of the greatest artists of Moldova got together to release a single. We are talking about Pasha Parfeni and Cleopatra Stratan, with "Orele". It's a very enjoyable summer song, with catchy Latin instrumentals and melody.

Sunday, July 04, 2021

United Kingdom | Ellie Grace - "Thinking about her"


Ellie Grace is a British singer and songwriter from London. Ellie and her producer Erim Ahmet prepared a new project for Pride Month: the single "Thinking about her". It's an extremely enjoyable pop song with interesting references and an impressive mix of melody and voice.

"'Thinking about her' is about what it was like to fall in love with my girlfriend. It was actually so refreshing to write about the beautiful, exciting stage of falling in love, as it's usually way too easy to fall into writing about when things go wrong. This is the first same-sex relationship I've had which I think made the feelings even more intense at the beginning, and this is really captured for me in the middle-eight section", says Ellie.

Spain | Mabel - "Let them know"


Spanish-born singer Mabel returns to our site with another fantastic disco filler. "Let them know" is the kind of electronic pop that will start a party wherever you need it!

Germany | Lena - "Strip"


German singer Lena has released a new single! We're talking about "Strip", an upbeat pop song that talks about getting rid of the maskerades we may have and show our true colors. We bet you'll be singing along to this for quite some time!

Norway | Adelén - "Obsessed"


Adelén returns to our site with a new single. In "Obsessed", she plays with a flirtatious pop whose beats will leave you playing the track on repeat!

Updated on September 10th, 2021, with the official video.

Saturday, July 03, 2021

United Kingdom | Jessie J - "I want love"


British singer Jessie J has a mind-blowing new single. In "I want love", she brings bass-led verses that lead into an explosive chorus full of the intensity of disco-infused vocals and instruments. It's, simply put, a masterpiece: it's our song of the week!

France | Barbara Pravi - "Le jour se lève"


After a Eurovision journey that brought France its best result in the competition since 1991, Barbara Pravi is ready to move on to a new chapter in her career. And she does so with the release of another jewel of a single. "Le jour se lève" brings a personal approach to French chanson, which draws emotions from its rather minimalistic, piano-driven instrumentation.

Netherlands | Duncan Laurence - "Stars"


A star singing about stars. That's what you're going to listen to now, as we highlight Duncan Laurence's new single, "Stars". It's a song with a heartfelt melody and a very emotional mood. Duncan's voice fills it with even more emotion, making it all irresistible.

Sweden | Phelly - "Elefanter (Éléphants)"


Meet Phelly, a 21-year-old Swedish singer coming from Rönninge. She has called our attention with a marvelous single. In "Elefanter (Éléphants)", she mixes intense electronic beats, pop and compelling vocals, resulting in a highly addictive track!

Friday, July 02, 2021

Denmark | Volbeat - "Wait a minute my girl"


Danish band Volbeat has released two great new singles. One of them, "Dagen før", featuring Stine Bramsen, was presented on our site not long ago. And now, we highlight the second one, "Wait a minute my girl". It's a song which offers the trademark Volbeat sounds and energy: it's speedy, it's strong, and it's highly addictive!

United Kingdom | Silvertwin - "The night is ours"


Sounds European! remeets British band Silvertwin. They have just released a new single, entitled "The night is ours". If in other songs of theirs we could feel the references to The Beatles more present, with this one, it's Supertramp which we immediately recognize. It's so enjoyable!

"'The night is ours' is a song about the buzz you feel getting ready and going out for a night in London. Four on the floor drums. The plonky bassline is influenced by the one on 'Silly love songs' by Wings. The studio vibe was bouncing. Dan turned up jet-lagged and put down the guitar solo. Spread out around the studio, Lauric and Rado played the congas and I played the shaker in one take. It was the most fun track to record. We were trying to channel Nile Rodgers with the funky guitar. The bridges had me and Alicia overdub lots of harmonies to create the atmospheric feel", frontman Isaac Shalam says.