Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Ireland | Wild Youth - "Can't say no"


Irish band Wild Youth return to our site with a grandiose new single! We're talking about "Can't say no", a hypnotic song that plays between retro sounds and a modern take on indie pop-rock. The song is included in the band's most recent EP, "Forever girl".

Portugal | Zero - "Gritar"


Zero is a Portuguese band formed in 2020 by Hugo Vicky Marques, Rodrigo Santos, Marco Reis and Pedro Vaz. They got together in a band right when the world closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and their first single together is their thoughts on this situation. "Gritar" is a powerful rock whose lyrics are a cry against a ghost that is affecting us all.

Ukraine | The Hardkiss - "Obiymy"


The Hardkiss are back with us for a fabulous new single. "Obiymy" is a song that starts as a soft ballad and evolves to full Hardkiss power towards the second chorus, creating a chill-inducing melody!

Romania | Phaser - "Copilul lunii"


Romanian band Phaser has a new single on offer. And it's a great one! "Copilul lunii" is a very strong pop-rock song, with marking beats and an epic ambience. We are totally thrilled!

Turkey | Gözde Lora - "Meşale"


Gözde Lora is an up-and-coming singer born in Izmir, Turkey, but developing her career in Istanbul. Listen to her latest single: "Meşale" is a celebration of pop sounds with a very catchy beat!

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Finland | Haloo Helsinki! - "Piilotan mun kyyneleet"


Haloo Helsinki! have a new single! "Piilotan mun kyyneleet" is an emotional ballad with an imposing chorus that lets the band show a more intimate side of their talent. You can see a live performance of the track here.

Denmark | Emma Nicoline - "Står lige her"


Emma Nicoline is a Danish singer hailing from Aarhus. She has taken part of DMGP, the Danish National Final for Eurovision, with "Står lige her". And we honestly don't know why her song didn't call more attention and didn't get a better result – it deserved, at least, to go to the superfinal. It's an excellent pop song!

Portugal | NEEV - "Dancing in the stars"


Portuguese rising star NEEV took part of this year's Festival da Canção. And we were completely dazzled: his "Dancing in the stars" is really impressive! It's a marvelous ballad, which explores the best of a sweet melody and an equally sweet vocal performance.

Spain | Vanesa Martín feat. Manuel Carrasco - "Despedida y cierre"


Two huge Spanish stars gathered to record and release a single. It's "Despedida y cierre", by Vanesa Martín and Manuel Carrasco. It's one of those songs which were clearly created to be sung by a duet. And when the two artists involved are as talented as Vanesa and Manuel, the result could only be this great!

Croatia | Eni Jurišić - "Gubim dah"


It's finally time to remeet Croatian singer Eni Jurišić. She has recently released an awesome new single. It's "Gubim dah", a well-paced ballad with a wonderful vocal performance by Eni.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Austria | Vincent Bueno - "Amen"


Vincent Bueno is another 2020 Eurovision singer who is returning for the 2021 contest. Representing his native Austria, he has just released his competing song, "Amen". The track is a beautiful, in crescendo ballad with a chill-inducing instrumentation that wraps up Vincent's sweet vocals.

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Siebe mal herz - siebe mal schmerz"


Beatrice Egli has just released a new single. And, once again, she shows she knows all the paths to make perfect schlager songs. "Siebe mal herz - siebe mal schmerz" is absolutely entertaining!

Portugal | Bolha - "Bailarina"


Bolha is a new band hailing from Braga, formed by Ana Gomes, Hugo Torres and accordion player Cristiano Martins. Their music is an involving rendition of traditional fado, and we can see its beautiful appeal in their most recent single. The band describes "Bailarina" as a song in which you can feel their musical identity, introducing traditional sounds to a pop fusion, to tell the story of a classical dancer who is brilliant but lonely and unhappy.

Updated on April 10th, 2021, with the official video.

Armenia | Anette Aghabekyan - "Im kes"


Anette Aghabekyan is a singer hailing from Yerevan. We've just come across her latest single, and we were captivated by her energy: "Im kes" delivers a shower of ethnic sounds that is hard to resist!

Sunday, March 28, 2021

France | Elsa Esnoult - "Moi j'écrirai ton nom"


It's high time we remet French singer Elsa Esnoult. And she is back with an outstanding new single! "Moi j'écrirai ton nom" is a power ballad with a grandiose melody, built by classy instrumentals, and a wonderful vocal performance.

Denmark | Christopher - "Fall so hard"


Danish singer Christopher has just released his new album, "My blood"! And, in the works of promoting his latest work, a new single is just out. "Fall so hard" is, in Christopher's words, the most important song he has ever written: it's a declaration of love from him to his newly-born girl. Be right back, our hearts just melted.

Italy | Senhit - "Adrenalina"


Senhit Zadik Zadik was born in Bologna, Italy, in 1979. She's had a 16-year career, releasing three studio albums and several singles along the way, but her career exploded after her participation on the Eurovision Song Contest, representing San Marino. It was in 2011, with the classy "Stand by". She was then called back in 2020, with the cheeky "Freaky". This year, she's returning with the fiery "Adrenalina", a song that includes ethnic sounds, a super danceable sound and the participation of American rapper Flo Rida.

Finland | Lauri Tähkä - "Aavikko"


Sounds European! finally remeets Finnish star Lauri Tähkä. He has just released a new single. It's "Aavikko", an intense pop-rock song led by marking electronic beats. Lauri's voice helps to take it all to an even higher level.

Saturday, March 27, 2021

France | Hoshi - "Et même après je t'aimerai"


French singer Hoshi is back to Sounds European! with a beautiful new single. We're talking about "Et même après je t'aimerai", a ballad that shows Hoshi's dulcet vocals in the verses but releases an intense instrumentation in the chorus. All is wrapped by a piano beat and classic instruments that help take the song to a whole new level. It's our song of the week!

Croatia | Colonia - "Manijak"


Croatian duo Colonia is back with a new release. And we cannot stress it enough: "Manijak" is another retro pop masterpiece! It's an exciting, entertaining and highly inviting song.

Italy | Orietta Berti - "Quando ti sei innamorato"


Orietta Berti is the stage name of Orietta Galimberti, an Italian singer and television personality who was born in Cavriago in 1943. She has graced the stage of this year's Festival di Sanremo with the excellent "Quando ti sei innamorato". It's a very strong ballad, with an imposing vocal performance by Orietta. We love it to bits!

Germany | JORIS - "Willkommen goodbye"


Look who is back! It's German singer JORIS, and he has an excellent new single on offer. "Willkommen goodbye" is a song which builds up and grows into a very intense and involving second part. We are totally in love with it!

Friday, March 26, 2021

Sweden | Smash Into Pieces - "Real one"


Smash Into Pieces is a Swedish supergroup formed by Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye, Benjamin Jennebo, Per Bergquist, and The Apocalypse DJ. Formed in 2008 in Örebro, they have released five studio albums and countless singles to date, and have toured as far as Japan. Listen to their latest single, "Real one". The track is a very interesting mix of pop, rock and electronic sounds that will send shivers through your system.

Spain | Arde Bogotá - "Millennial"


Spanish band Arde Bogotá are back with us to share their new single! "Millennial" is an introspective rock song with a dark groove in which they reflect upon what it means to be from this generation. The track is also a taste of their debut album, "La noche", set to be released in early May.

United Kingdom | Coral Palms - "Echoes"


Make room on your playlists for Coral Palms! They are a band hailing from Torquay, though currently based in London, formed by Ollie, Will, Adriano and Callum. Their addictive sounds are going to get to you in their latest single: "Echoes" is a fantastic mix of indie, pop and rock!

Turkey | Mabel Matiz - "Kahrettim"


Time to check up on Mabel Matiz! The Turkish singer returns to Sounds European! with "Kahrettim", an intense track that mixes alternative and synth sounds with a base that turns to urban rhythms in a captivating way!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Germany | Marina Marx feat. Karsten Walter - "Fahr zur hölle"


Karsten Walter is a German singer who was born in Bonn in 1993. Karsten, who is a former member of Feuerherz, is starting his solo career after the group's separation in 2020. Now, he has joined Marina Marx to release a new single. It's "Fahr zur hölle", a great song with a strong pop-rock ambience. The melody is irresistible, and their voices work amazingly well together.

Sweden | Danny Saucedo - "Dandi dansa"


Swedish star Danny Saucedo had a triumphant return to Melodifestivalen, nine years after his last participation. His entry, "Dandi dansa", was one of the best in competition. It is an irresistible dance pop song, with a very positive energy and an extremely enjoyable melody. The song ended the festival with the seventh place, but we wouldn't have minded if it had won.

Austria | Alle Achtung - "Sono il destino"


Austrian band Alle Achtung has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Sono il destino". And let us be very clear: it's a very entertaining pop-rock song! We really love the amazing addition of folk and retro elements it offers.

Estonia | Liis Lemsalu feat. Stefan - "Doomino"


Liis Lemsalu and Stefan have come together for a fantastic single together! We're talking about "Doomino", a song that creates a playful atmosphere thanks to its tropical beats and the amazing match between their voices.

Updated on April 3rd, 2021, with the official video.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Italy | Gaudiano - "Polvere da sparo"


Luca Gaudiano is an Italian singer and songwriter who was born in Foggia in 1991. He has just won the Nuove Proposte segment of this year's Festival di Sanremo with "Polvere da sparo". And it was totally deserved! The song is an extremely delightful uptempo, with a great ambience and a very catchy melody.

10 Questions For: Off Bloom


They are one of our favorite artists from Scandinavia. Their music has been a frequent presence in our playlists – to the point that it's no surprise we've listed them in our Top 50 of the best songs of Europe in 2017. So it was a huge honor to be able to talk to them about their work. These are our 10 questions for Mette Mortensen, of Off Bloom:

Sounds European!: We always start our interviews by getting to know a bit about the artists' music background. What were you guys doing before Off Bloom? What artists did you two listen to while you were growing up? Are they an inspiration to the music you produce nowadays?

Mette Mortensen (Off Bloom): I was actually working as an actress in a performance theatre before we started making music together. Mads was in a producer duo called Killer Collective with Alex, our former third member. They made experimental electronic instrumental music very inspired by Hudson Mohawke, krautrock and Cashmere Cat.
I listened a lot to Britney, The Beatles, Tracy Chapman, Kelly Rowland and classic Danish folk music. Mads grew up listening to all the music his big brother thought was the coolest, like Nick Cave, Talking Heads, The Beatles, Bowie, The Strokes etc.. All of it has definitely impacted how we write and how we sound today.

SE!: How did you meet? And what's the story behind the name, Off Bloom?

MM: Mads and I met at a theatre school in Denmark called Rødkilde. We started making music together a little while after, when Mads asked me to join a live performance with Killer Collective, where we did a cover of Brandy's "Afrodisiac", and then we started writing together after that. I had never recorded anything before or ever written a song really, so it was all new to me, but it felt like the most fun natural thing to do!
The story behind the name is that we wanted to think of our music as off the bloom – not chasing anything, just making the music we want to make. And besides that, it was also inspired by the Nirvana song called "In bloom", which is now the name of our album.

SE!: If we analyze your songs, we can hear a very unique blend of sounds. How would you describe your musical genre, and why? What is the process for composing music for you?

MM: We make alternative pop music, I think. I don't really think too much about genre. We are defined by our love for pop music and great songwriting, but have always also been drawn to weirdness and darkness.
When we write, we try to stay true to the moment and what's happening right there. We try to express whatever emotions we are having, and then we don't know if the end result will be a singer/songwriter folk song or a heavy beat. We try to stay open. But it can be really hard not trying to control the process or judge it. It's a life long lesson to just let yourself be and stay open.

SE!: You've had a thrilling kick-off for your career. Your single "Falcon eye" was very well received both by the critics and the public (and it also made it to our Top 50 of 2017). The song also made it to the soundtrack of Fifa 18, reaching an international audience. This earned you an European Border Breakers Awards. How did you guys learn that the track would be included in such a popular video game? And how do you feel knowing your music is reaching people from all around the world?

MM: Yes, we have had some amazing experiences already – receiving the EBBA award and playing at the awards was definitely one of them! "Falcon eye" being included in Fifa was the coolest – we literally just got an e-mail from our manager with a lot of exclamation points that told us that "Falcon eye" would be included. It was really amazing seeing people from around the world sharing their love for the song. It has also made a difference when we have played international shows, but it was not like that single thing changed everything – it was a combination of a lot of stuff happening at the same time.

SE!: Let's come to the present. You have just released your debut album, "In bloom". Drive us a bit through the release. How was the process of recording and producing the album? And what can we expect from its songs, both in terms of music, but also in terms of the message of the album, as a whole?

MM: The album is a collection of songs spanning from the beginning of the band up until now. The finishing process took its toll, but we're so happy and proud of the result. The album reflects the entirety of our history, and is, as such, very eclectic and sprawling, both representing the ups and downs of the five years Off Bloom has existed. The album has a lot of themes, but a common thread is being human in a world that seems to be losing the nuances, complexities and varieties of real human life and emotions due to the omnipresence of black-and-white social media.

"We are defined by our love for pop music and great songwriting, but have always also been drawn to weirdness and darkness"
(Picture: Anders Witt, Universal Music Denmark)

SE!: How do you guys live the experience of performing your music on stage? What can your public expect from your shows?

MM: I love performing more than anything else – I feel it's the most true form of communicating and expressing our music. Our shows are highly energetic and we love interacting with the audience.

SE!: We know you've had some wonderful people working with you on your album, such as Max Martin, CJ Baran and George Reid. What can you tell us about the experience of collaborating with them? What lessons did you learn that you are taking to your career?

MM: We love to learn and improve all the time, so it's a huge privilege to have worked with such accomplished and talented people.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Danish and international artists you would still like to collaborate with?

MM: International: Benny Blanco, The Weeknd, Sia, Kevin Parker, Paul McCartney, FINNEAS and Billie Eilish. Danish: Kasper Eistrup from Kashmir.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you in 2021?

MM: We – as all musicians at this time – hope that it soon will become possible to perform live again and play our album on the road. Otherwise, we are collaborating with a lot of exciting people and producing and writing songs for various artists.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Off Bloom, and why?

MM: My favourite song on the album is "Passion". It was one of the first songs we wrote, and the sound and lyrics are so much who we were and still are. Stupid, flawed, but passionate.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Sweden | Charlotte Perrelli - "Still young"


Anna Jenny Charlotte Perrelli is a Swedish singer who was born in Hovmantorp in 1974. She rose to international prominence after winning Eurovision in 1999. Charlotte has returned to Melodifestivalen with "Still young". The song is pop at its best form: it's catchy, inviting and absolutely addictive! It's impossible to listen to it only once.

Croatia | Nina Kraljić - "Rijeka"


Croatian singer Nina Kraljić is finally back with new music. "Rijeka" is the first song of her new Slavic mythology project, Alkonost of Balkan. The song, which placed second in Dora (the Croatian National Final for Eurovision), is an outstanding folk song with a flawless vocal performance by Nina.

Updated on December 4th, 2021, with the official video.

France | Vitaa feat. Slimane - "De l'or"


We are now landing in France, to listen to another new single by Vitaa and Slimane. We are talking about "De l'or". It's a song that offers an involving energy, cool and smooth instrumentals and a very entertaining chorus.

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "Magia"


We finally have a new single by Alvaro Soler! He is presenting us the first single from his upcoming album, both called "Magia". The track follows Alvaro's trend of Latin-infused, cheerful rhythms that will have you dancing along in no time!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Ireland | Una Healy - "Swear it all again"


Irish singer Una Healy returns to our site with a beautiful ballad. "Swear it all again" draws influences from country music to convey a nostalgic feeling, uplifted by Una's amazing vocals.

Austria | LOST feat. Einfach Flo and Onk Lou - "Beast inside"


LOST is the stage name of Kevin Lehr, an Austrian singer, songwriter, musician and producer from Styria, who is also the former guitarist of Tagtraeumer. Einfach Flo is an Austrian band from Mödling. They have joined Onk Lou to record and release "Beast inside". It's a very inviting pop-rock song with great and marking instrumentals.

Estonia | Uku Suviste - "The lucky one"


Uku Suviste will finally have his chance to shine at the Eurovision stage! After winning the Estonian ticket in 2020 and seeing the event cancelled, he returned to Eesti Laul this year and managed to win it again! He will represent his country on the continental festival with "The lucky one", a mid-tempo pop-rock ballad that conquered us with the intensity of its chorus. You can see Uku performing the song live here.

Moldova | Natalia Gordienko - "Sugar"


When we heard Natalia Gordienko was returning as the Moldovan representative for Eurovision this year, we were quite excited. But when she released her single, we were taken by surprise by her edgy entry! The song is called "Sugar", and it brings a super danceable track with a compelling melody and an enticing interpretation.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Sweden | Dotter - "Little tot"


Dotter was one of the artists who graced the 2021 Melodifestivalen stage. Her song "Little tot" captivated fans with its moving melody and anthemic chorus. You can see her performing the song live by clicking here.

Italy | Måneskin - "Zitti e buoni"


Måneskin were the big winners of this year's Festival di Sanremo! They conquered the trophy with a kind of song that is not your usual Sanremo winner: "Zitti e buoni", an edgy, raw rock that will surely energize your day. The song was later confirmed as Italy's representative for the 2021 Eurovision (you can check the Eurovision version clicking here).

Bulgaria | Victoria Georgieva - "Growing up is getting old"


Bulgarian singer Victoria Georgieva has just unveiled her 2021 Eurovision song! It will be "Growing up is getting old", an introspective, delicate ballad with a delicious, '50s-inspired instrumentation.

Belgium | Hooverphonic - "The wrong place"


Hooverphonic have just revealed their song for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest! They will represent Belgium with "The wrong place", a song that follows their refined sounds, full of classical instruments, that create a very involving atmosphere. The song also sees the return of vocalist Geike Arnaert to the group.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Switzerland | Gjon's Tears - "Tout l'univers"


Gjon's Tears was one of the favorites to win Eurovision 2020 before it was cancelled. Now, with "Tout l'univers", his entry for this year's edition, we believe he has become even closer to the dream of giving Switzerland its first victory since the '80s. We've got literal chills while listening to it for the first time. It's a true masterpiece: it's our song of the week!

Netherlands | Stefania - "Last dance"


Dutch-Greek star Stefania is back for Eurovision 2021, after the 2020 edition was cancelled. This year, she's representing Greece with "Last dance". It's one of the most captivating entries of the edition! The song offers a delightful retro ambience, and a highly addictive melody. The chorus is the cherry on top of it all.

Greece | Elena Tsagkrinou - "El diablo"


Greek singer Elena Tsagkrinou is giving another step in her meteoric solo career: she's been selected to represent Cyprus at this year's Eurovision! She will fly to Rotterdam with "El diablo", a song that shies away from Mediterranean rhythms and brings a pop banger with an international profile that is ready to be heard in radios all around the world!

Denmark | Fyr Og Flamme - "Øve os på hinanden"


Frequent readers of Sounds European! were not surprised by the Danish selection for this year's Eurovision. We have been talking about Fyr Og Flamme for a while, praising their irresistible retro-infused music. And they will take an awesome sample of their sounds to Rotterdam: "Øve os på hinanden" is pure entertainment. We love it to bits!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Italy | Arisa - "Potevi fare di più"


Arisa has gifted the audience with one of the best songs of this year's Festival di Sanremo. "Potevi fare di più" is a power ballad which is only as grandiose and imposing as it is because of her stupendous vocal performance. We are listening to it nonstop!

Ukraine | Loboda - "Rodnoy"


Ukrainian singer Loboda changes the mood for her latest single. We're talking about "Rodnoy", a song that takes her to a more downtempo side of electronic pop, which she equally masters!

Turkey | Aleyna Tilki - "Retrograde"


Aleyna Tilki is going international with her new single! We're talking about "Retrograde", a song that became a massive hit in Turkey. The song is a fabulous mix of contemporary pop.

Serbia | Hurricane - "Loco loco"


Serbia is another country that has given their Eurovision 2020 artist a second shot at this year's edition. And Hurricane are back with "Loco loco", a modern electropop song with a very inviting chorus. It's impossible not to have fun with it!

Thursday, March 18, 2021

United Kingdom | James Newman - "Embers"


James Newman has finally released his entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. It's "Embers", a song which offers contemporary pop at its best! It's been very long since the last time the United Kingdom had sent something that could be in radios all around the world.

Sweden | Eric Saade - "Every minute"


Eric Saade returned to the Melodifestivalen stage this year with one of the biggest hits of the competition. We're talking about "Every minute", a contemporary dance-pop number with cheeky lyrics. You can check his live performance here.

North Macedonia | Vasil - "Here I stand"


We are now landing in North Macedonia, to listen to their entry for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest. The country is repeating their 2020 artist, the very talented Vasil, this time with "Here I stand". The song is a wonderful ballad which explores Vasil's voice in several ranges and emotions.

Poland | Rafał Brzozowski - "The ride"


Rafał Brzozowski is a Polish singer who was born in Warsaw in 1981. He rose to prominence after being part of the first season of The Voice of Poland, in 2011. Rafał has just been announced as the Polish representative for this year's Eurovision. He's going to Rotterdam with "The ride", a fun retro electropop song with a very inviting energy.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Italy | Annalisa - "Dieci"


Another edition of Festival di Sanremo, another entry by Annalisa. And honestly, we don't know what else she would have to do to finally win an edition of the festival. "Dieci" is – like all of her previous tries – an excellent song, and it would have also been an extremely worthy winner. She never fails on delivering high-quality music to the Italian audience.

Malta | Red Electrick feat. Destiny Chukunyere - "Mistake"


Huge meeting in Malta! We're talking about the collaboration between Red Electrick and Destiny Chukunyere. They released a single entitled "Mistake", which is a modern take on pop with minimalistic sounds that help the voices shine through.

Sweden | Måns Zelmerlöw feat. Polina Gagarina - "Circles and squares"


Måns Zelmerlöw and Polina Gagarina are not only two huge international stars: they were the (unforgettable!) top two of Eurovision in 2015, in Vienna. Now, they got together to release the official song for the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021. It's "Circles and squares", a delightful pop-rock song with some great country elements added to it. The result has really warmed our hearts!

Serbia | Arena - "Ti si me spasila"


Sounds European! remeets Serbian band Arena. They have just released a new single. "Ti si me spasila" is a song that offers an outstanding blend of pop-rock and folk influences. The result is highly captivating!

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Italy | Noemi - "Glicine"


This year's Festival di Sanremo was filled with outstanding solo female songs. And one of our favorites of the kind was Noemi's "Glicine". It's a marvelous ballad, which explores her voice in a unique manner. It's one of Noemi's greatest songs ever!

Greece | Dimos Anastasiadis - "Tora milao ego"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's Greek star Dimos Anastasiadis. He has just released a new single, entitled "Tora milao ego". It's an epic folk pop song with a grandiose melody and a very intense and marking chorus. Dimos' voice completes it all to perfection.

Hungary | Gigi Radics - "Egy vagy velem"


Gigi Radics has just released a new single. We're talking about the endearing "Egy vagy velem", a song she wrote for her newly-born daughter. You can feel her emotions wrapped in a sweet, ethereal melody! The song features Attraction, a Hungarian shadow theater group.

Switzerland | Marius Bear - "Heart on your doorstep"


Marius Bear is a singer born in Appenzell, Switzerland, in 1993. We've just come across his most recent single, and we were charmed by its minimalistic approach: "Heart on your doorstep" is an intimate ballad about the end of a relationship, in which Marius showcases all his emotions!

Monday, March 15, 2021

The Charts Day #220 (part 2)


If there is a song that can currently be called a huge hit in a country, that is surely "Last night", by Poli Genova. The song is #1 in the Bulgarian charts, but not only that: it's the tenth week in a row it is at the top position. That's impressive!

The Charts Day #220 (part 1)


As one more edition of Festival di Sanremo ends, the usual is happening in Italy: the country's charts are filled with songs from the competition. And one of them is currently at the #1 spot: "Chiamami per nome", by Francesca Michielin and Fedez.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Portugal | Tiago Cardoso - "Tiro ao lado"


Tiago Cardoso is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and musician hailing from Porto. He has just released his debut single, "Tiro ao lado". It's a very captivating pop song, with a style we rarely find in the Portuguese music scene. We love it!

Cyprus | Loukas Yorkas - "Mou eleipses poly"


Cypriot-Greek star Loukas Yorkas has a great new single on offer. We are talking about "Mou eleipses poly". The song is Greek folk pop offered in a very powerful way. Loukas's voice and the instrumentals build a grandiose track.

North Macedonia | Vasil - "Sudbina"


Macedonian singer Vasil is back with a new single on offer. And, with "Sudbina", he is offering what he does best! It's an amazing folk song with a unique personality.

Slovenia | Ana Soklič - "Amen"


Another 2020 artist who is returning for Eurovision 2021 is Ana Soklič. This year, the Slovene singer is bringing the entry "Amen". It's a power ballad which relies on Ana's very talented voice to reach higher and higher feelings.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Poland | Patryk Skoczyński - "Jedno słowo"


Polish singer Patryk Skoczyński has a new single on offer. And let us be very clear: "Jedno słowo" is an outstanding pop-rock song. The chorus is a shower of intensity and energy. We love it to bits! It's our song of the week.

Romania | Roxen - "Amnesia"


Romania has just released their entry for this year's Eurovision. They'll give Roxen another try, after the 2020 edition got cancelled, with "Amnesia". It's a haunting pop song with grandiose instrumentals, very marking beats and an irresistible mood. The chorus is extremely effective! It has all the necessary predicates for Romania to dream of its first Eurovision trophy.

Ireland | Lesley Roy - "Maps"


Lesley Roy was one of the artists who was given the chance to return to Eurovision in 2021, after the 2020 edition was cancelled. And she took the chance to go even better! Her new entry, "Maps", is one of the best songs Ireland has sent to Eurovision in recent times, and one of the best songs of this year's edition.

Germany | Purple Disco Machine feat. Moss Kena and The Knocks - "Fireworks"


German DJ and producer Purple Disco Machine has gathered with British singer Moss Kena and American duo The Knocks for a new single. It's entitled "Fireworks". The song is a party on its own! The melody is as inviting as one could ever be.

Friday, March 12, 2021

Italy | rovere feat. Mameli - "Freddo cane"


rovere are an Italian band formed in Bologna in 2016. Mameli is the stage name of Mario Castiglione, an Italian singer, songwriter, musician and producer who was born in Catania in 1995. They have gathered to release a new single, entitled "Freddo cane". It's a great indie pop song!

Finland | Mira Luoti - "Hopeinen tussi"


Mira Anna Maria Luoti is a Finnish singer and actress who was born in Pori in 1978. Meet her with her single "Hopeinen tussi". It's such an intense pop song! We are totally hypnotized by it.

Bulgaria | DARA - "Cold as ice"


Sounds European! finally remeets Bulgarian star DARA. She has recently released an awesome new single, entitled "Cold as ice". It's pop at its best! The chorus sticks to the head after the very first listen.

Belgium | Stan Van Samang - "Snow"


Belgian singer Stan Van Samang has a new single on offer. We are talking about "Snow". It's such an endearing song! The execution is wonderful, both with vocals and instrumentals.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Denmark | BBYBITES - "Bby"


BBYBITES is the stage name of Danish artist Martha Maj Hauptmann. Meet her with her awesome single "Bby". It's a very entertaining pop song with a highly captivating melody.

United Kingdom | Hatty Keane - "Sing it!"


British singer Hatty Keane is back with a new release. We are talking about the infectious, feel good single "Sing it!". It's a song that offers a delightful ambience, reliving the best influences of '60s and '70s music. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Updated on May 24th, 2021, with the official video.

Croatia | Marko Tolja - "Budi budna"


Croatian singer Marko Tolja has just released a new single. And we cannot stress it enough: "Budi budna" is a marvelous Balkan ballad! Marko's voice does wonders with the amazing melody and instrumentals.

Sweden | Elliphant - "Could this be love"


We are now landing in Sweden, to listen to a new release by Elliphant. With "Could this be love", the Swedish star takes a trip into the retro pop wave with a delightful song. Its melody is quite entertaining and the chorus is very inviting.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Poland | 4Dreamers feat. Magda Bereda - "Zacznij od zera"


Magda Bereda is a Polish singer and digital influencer who was born in Warsaw in 1996. She has joined 4Dreamers to record and release "Zacznij od zera". What a captivating song! It's impossible not to have fun with it.

Netherlands | Nick & Simon - "Jarenlange maanden"


It's finally time to remeet Nick & Simon. The Dutch duo has recently released a great new single. "Jarenlange maanden" is a song that gets the best of their music, and adds a unique folk flavor to it. The result is very fun!

Italy | Negramaro - "La cura del tempo"


Italian band Negramaro has recently released an amazing new single. We are talking about "La cura del tempo". It's an intense pop-rock with an irresistible energy flowing through it. The second half of the song brings a climactic end!

Ireland | LAOISE - "Gravy"


LAOISE is an electropop artist hailing from Galway, Ireland. Meet her with her single "Gravy". It's a smooth song, with cool beats and a very entertaining chorus.

Tuesday, March 09, 2021

United Kingdom | Pale Waves - "Fall to pieces"


If there is a band that has got to be in our playlists these days, it's surely Pale Waves. They are living a stupendous moment! Every single they release is tremendous. We now highlight another amazing one, "Fall to pieces".

Sweden | Sabina Ddumba - "Damn good woman"


Swedish star Sabina Ddumba has just released a new single. It's entitled "Damn good woman". It's a smooth and groovy pop song with unique electronic elements that create a one-of-a-kind melody.

Slovenia | PROPER - "Naprej"


PROPER are a five-piece band from Slovenia. We've just got to listen to their single "Naprej". And it was love at first listen: it's such an enjoyable song!

Italy | Alessio Bernabei - "Everest"


Sounds European! remeets Italian singer Alessio Bernabei. He has a new single, entitled "Everest". It's a haunting pop song with a very marking chorus.

Monday, March 08, 2021

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Sneg v okeane"


Sergey Lazarev is having a fantastic 2021 so far. In late February, he won the latest edition of Russia's Dancing With The Stars. And he also released a brand-new single from his album "Eto ya". We're talking about "Sneg v okeane", a poignant ballad with a really strong chorus that brings the best sounds from Sergey!

Denmark | Drew Sycamore - "45 Fahrenheit girl"


Sounds European! remeets Danish star Drew Sycamore. She has just released a new single, entitled "45 Fahrenheit girl", and once again we are positively surprised. What an awesome song it is! It has such a powerful personality, we just can't get enough of it.

Switzerland | Kadebostany feat. Valeria Stoica - "Take me to the Moon"


Swiss ensemble Kadebostany has recently teamed up with indie artist Valeria Stoica, from Moldova, to create a lovely piece of soft indie-pop. We're talking about "Take me to the Moon", a song that creates a dreamy atmosphere from the very beginning with the unique touch of Valeria's voice.

Hungary | Szilvia Péter Szabó - "Tűréshatár"


Long time no see for Szilvia Péter Szabó! She is back to our site with the amazing "Tűréshatár". The song blends folkloric sounds, intense beats and Szilvia's silky voice to produce a really interesting mix!

Sunday, March 07, 2021

United Kingdom | Sophie and the Giants - "Right now"


For all we know, Sophie and the Giants can do no wrong. Single after single, they just keep surprising us positively. And "Right now", their new release, has done it again. It's such an entertaining electropop song! Its melody is powerful in a very exact measure: it's not too overwhelming, it's not too faded.

Germany | Max Giesinger - "Irgendwann ist jetzt"


Max Giesinger is back with new music! He has just released "Irgendwann ist jetzt", a mid-tempo pop with soft rock sounds that talks about seizing the present and letting go from the frenzy times that surround us.

Spain | David Otero feat. Cepeda - "Tal como eres"


David Otero and Cepeda have gathered in a beautiful single together. "Tal como eres" is a melodic rock ballad which shows a sweeter side from both artists thanks to its tender vocal performance and instrumentation. The song is part of Otero's new album, "Otero y yo", which will be released in early March.

Sweden | KIDDO - "My 100"


Swedish musician KIDDO returns to Sounds European!, this time flying solo! She has recently released "My 100", a classy pop with a very interesting instrumentation and layers of vocals that create an alluring sound.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Finland | Lovegod - "Jump!"


Lovegod is a Finnish band whose members are identified only by aliases: Captain Lumenite, Professor Boltfinger, Sonic Twins, Sargeant Deepcleave and Metronoman. This unique band offers a unique mix of sounds, consisting of pop, rock and EDM. Enjoy this great blend with their latest single, "Jump!", which is pure entertainment, from first to last second. We are fully addicted to it: it's our song of the week!

Germany | Sarah Lombardi - "Ich"


Sarah Lombardi is a German singer who was born in Cologne in 1992. She rose to prominence as the runner-up of season 8 of DSDS, her country's version of the talent show Idols. We are completely in love with her new single, "Ich". It's an outstanding ballad!

Italy | Emanuele Aloia - "Quando Dio ti ha inventata"


We have recently introduced Emanuele Aloia, and he is back with us again with a massive new single. "Quando Dio ti ha inventata" is a powerful ballad with fast-paced singing that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The classical instrumentation helps the song shine through!

Ukraine | Vika Mirova - "Pozdno"


Vika Mirova is a singer hailing from Ukraine. Meet her with her great new single "Pozdno". It's a strong pop song with marking beats and a vocal performance that fits it all perfectly. We love it!

Friday, March 05, 2021

United Kingdom | Years & Years - "It's a sin"


British group Years & Years are back! And they are bringing a wonderful rendition of one of the biggest hits of the Pet Shop Boys, "It's a sin". A portion of the proceeds from this single will be donated to George House Trust, which has been providing HIV support, advice and advocacy services to improve health outcomes since 1985.