Friday, January 01, 2021

Denmark | Eivør feat. Ásgeir - "Only love"


Two Scandinavian talents got together for a haunting new single. We are talking about "Only love", by Faroe Islands' Eivør and Iceland's Ásgeir. It's a deep and highly involving track, which makes you totally lose track of time!

"Sometimes we have to lose love first to find it and when we find it we are afraid of losing it. I believe that everyone we ever loved will always be a part of us somehow deep within. Even when the love didn't last. I find much beauty in that", Eivør says about the track. Ásgeir adds: "I got to know Eivør when I sang with her on her Christmas shows in Reykjavík in 2018 and we got along really well and I enjoyed working with her and her band. Later on Eivør sent me the track 'Only love' and I was honoured that she asked me to sing with her on this song".

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