Saturday, May 15, 2021

Denmark | H.E.R.O. - "Made to be broken"


Time to meet our song of the week: it's new single by H.E.R.O.! The Danish group returns with the thrilling "Made to be broken", an explosive song that incorporates heavy guitar riffs and synth influences with the mastery that only they can provide. The song addresses the past of their front-man, and the issues of suddenly being abandoned by the people you were supposed to love the most. This is a teaser of the band's next album, on which they've been working during the pandemic. We can't wait!

Spain | La Oreja de Van Gogh - "Sirenas"


La Oreja de Van Gogh keep promoting their latest album, "Un susurro en la tormenta". The song they chose to do so is the deep "Sirenas". Musically, it brings a delicious alternative taste to classic La Oreja sounds. But lyrically is where it all grows: it tells the story of a mother-daughter conversation regarding an ETA murder portrayed in San Sebastián, the city where the band comes from. The sirens in the song are both the mythological creature but also the sounds from the ambulances that represent the violence of the situation.

Sweden | Anton Ewald - "DeLorean"


Anton Kim Ewald is a Swedish singer and dancer who was born in Stockholm in 1993. He rose to prominence with his participations in Melodifestivalen (the Swedish National Final for Eurovision) in 2013, 2014 and 2021. Anton has just released a new single, entitled "DeLorean". The title already hints what the song is about: it's a retro pop song with an irresistible vibe!

Germany | Wincent Weiss - "Wo die liebe hinfällt"


Wincent Weiss has a new single on display! We're talking about "Wo die liebe hinfällt", a song that drives him through a pop-rock route that reminded us of the sounds we'd hear in the 2000s. You can find this track in his latest album, "Vielleicht irgendwann".

Friday, May 14, 2021

Ukraine | VIA Gra - "Rodnikovaya voda"


Sounds European! remeets Ukrainian group VIA Gra. They have just released a new single. And we cannot stress it enough: "Rodnikovaya voda" is a great pop song! The melody is well-paced and catchy and the chorus is strong and marking.

Slovenia | Samantha Maya - "Sanjava / Runaway"


Slovene singer Samantha Maya has just released a new single. And it's already becoming a hit in the country! It's "Sanjava / Runaway", a smooth song with cool beats and a very enjoyable ambience.

Denmark | RoseeLu - "Fuck with my feelings"


We are now landing in Denmark, to listen to a great new release by RoseeLu! It's "Fuck with my feelings", a song which offers a great mix of R&B, pop and grunge. It's all wrapped by one of the most talented voices to be rising in the Nordic music scene.

According to RoseeLu, the song "is about the insane state of mind you are in when you are in love – but also the addiction which I know way too well from past relationships".

United Kingdom | Hatty Keane - "Club 69"


Hatty Keane has promised us lots of new music this year. And the British singer is not only keeping the promise, but she is also doing it in style! Her new release, "Club 69", is another sample of that: it's a funky song with an irresistible groove. We are listening to it nonstop!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Turkey | Madrigal - "Bambaşka"


Madrigal is a band formed in Kocaeli, Turkey, in 2007. Currently formed by Anıl Erdem Cevizci, Ceyhun Kaan Karakaş, Kaan Buyer, Sanli Akgun and Burak Emir Kamaci, they are promoting their latest album, "Neogazino", with a great single: "Bambaşka" is an entertaining trip through alternative sounds with a touch of retro taste.

Portugal | Tomás Adrião feat. Elisa - "Infinito"


Portuguese singer Tomás Adrião has just released his debut album, entitled "Perdoa se há em mim pressa para ser feliz". And he is promoting it by releasing a new single, which features fellow singer Elisa (Elisa Silva, born in Madeira in 1999). "Infinito" is a tender track which plays between traditional sounds and contemporary ballads, blending the artists's voices beautifully.

Commenting on the song, Tomás explains: "It's the first time I sing something that is not about me, but about everyone and everything that surrounds us. It's about my questions with no end and no answer".

Finland | Titta - "Elämä on nyt"


It's been some time since we heard from Finnish artist Titta! She is finally back with us for a beautiful single: "Elämä on nyt" brings an uplifting sample of synthpop that will have you dancing in no time!

Denmark | Tim Schou feat. SOWFY - "Mad love"


Tim Schou has a new single! He's featuring SOWFY (stage name of Sophie Darum, a singer hailing from Assens, Denmark) in "Mad love", a pop song that is driven by infectious guitar riffs and in which their voices match beautifully.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Norway | Carina Dahl - "På frifot"


Norwegian singer Carina Dahl returns to our site with another fun new single! "På frifot" brings together synth, electronic, country and pop in an explosion of sounds!

10 Questions For: Arde Bogotá


They are one of the most promising bands in the Spanish rock scene. Their previous singles wowed us with their mind-blowing power and moving beats. And, just last week, they released their much awaited debut album (which you can listen here). We had the pleasure to talk music with a band who lives and breathes it 24/7. These are our 10 questions for Arde Bogotá:

Sounds European!: Let's begin the interview talking about the origins of the band. How did you meet? When was the band formed? Where does the name, Arde Bogotá, come from, and what does it mean?

Arde Bogotá: Pepe (bass), Dani (guitar) and Jota (drums) met playing in different bands from the Cartagena local scene when we were teenagers. By the end of 2017, we decided to get together to make music, but we missed a voice. It was then when, in one of the old nights, Antonio (voice) and Dani met talking about the status of rock in the country. One said he sang and composed; the other, that he had musicians. A WhatsApp talk in the early hours with a primitive version of "Antiaéreo" convinced us to give it a try, and it was a success. After testing many names, one of the band members traveled to Colombia and, while still feeling the jet lag, he was invited to a party in a very crazy Bogotá night. After telling us about the adventure, someone said "¡Arde Bogotá!" ["Bogotá's on fire!"], and we thought it was powerful and fun.

SE!: We imagine each of you brings different musical influences. What artists did you listen to when you were young? And who inspire you nowadays as a band?

AB: We come from genres such as hip-hop, Spanish and Anglo-Saxon indie, arena rock or even singer-songwriter music. We still listen to those bands we love, such as Héroes del Silencio, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Second, Viva Suecia, Carlos Cano, Camarón, Metallica, and others. When composing the album, we were sure that we wanted to tell a story in a rock key, which is what we can do best. However, we allowed ourselves to experiment and be flexible, listening to artists like Kanye West, Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, and others, from whom we got beats and melodic lines more related to hip-hop and mainstream music, which allowed us to experiment a lot.

SE!: You have a very characteristic sound, but we would like you to explain it yourselves. If you had to, how would you describe your music genre?

AB: Arde Bogotá plays rock. No disguises, no surnames. We intend to give it a fresh touch without letting power and dancing aside. We play rock for people who forgot they liked rock.

SE!: You are releasing your first album, "La noche". How was the recording process? What would you like your fans to feel when listening to it? What differences did you notice compared to recording your EP?

AB: The process of creating "La noche" was very choral. Someone brought an idea, and we developed from it. There was a point when we saw we could establish a connection with stories that can happen and have happened to us in nights like before. To such a point that we decided to tell a story and work on a concept, which made the composing process more interesting.
Pre-production was just like with the EP. We were many hours together with our producer, Lalo GV, who knows us and is a friend of ours. We recorded with him at the Neo MusicBox studio in Aranda de Duero. During the two weeks we were recording, we finished composing some songs under the pressure of recording them immediately, but we work quite well under pressure. The EP was all artisanal, but so is the LP. We don't know another way of working.

SE!: We feel the lyrics of your songs are very relatable. What inspires you to write? What topics do you like talking about in your songs?

AB: We like using direct and unyielding language, but that doesn't mean our songs would lack meaning. We believe it's a way of conveying a message that works well and is ear-catching. We eventually talk about topics that we all went through as a generation. We talk about love, future, uncertainty, all kinds of relationships, sex, what makes us angry.

"We play rock for people who forgot they liked rock" (Picture: Peter Walters)

SE!: The scene of Spanish rock is quite competitive, but it seems to be in a down slope compared to other genres. Do you agree with this? What's your experience with making rock music nowadays?

AB: Rock went through the same phase as jazz when the latter was replaced by rock. There are also urban genres that grew, developed and evolved pretty well, and set on the market. We believe this made rock gain a different meaning somehow. And let's not kid ourselves: everybody likes rock, and releasing anger and energy at some point. Making rock music is what we like, and what we enjoy the most on stage. It's easy to bring it to the public because it transmits a lot, and the audience feels it that way. It's something that must be lived live, and you can't beat that experience.

SE!: How is your experience when playing live? What can we expect in a show of yours?

AB: An Arde Bogotá show is rage, passion, dancing, sweat and a lot of energy. We compose and rehearse as if we're playing live, and that is passed down to our songs. In our concerts, we can tell the same stories we offer in "La noche", but in a more striking way. Missing a live show is not an option.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Spanish and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

AB: Miley Cyrus, Sen Senra, Dani Fernández, Maren, Rayden, Second, Mark Ronson, and anybody who makes us get out of our comfort zone.

SE!: What are your projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you for the remainder of 2021?

AB: We're releasing the album we wanted to do, a full album that tells a story in the rhythm of pure rock. We'll defend it and get it on the road with all our energy, wherever we're allowed to, in a series of concerts that will go on through the year.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Arde Bogotá, and why?

AB: We all have our favorite songs, and some of them are not singles. But the song that started it all, and with which we made a deal with the devil, was "Antiaéreo". Some things just can't be explained.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Italy | Ligabue - "Essere umano"


Ligabue brings all his power in a new single. "Essere umano" portrays what the singer likes most in music, as he described himself: "I always liked guitars. (...) It's definitely not an era of triumph for their sound: very few are expected in current productions. But I've always liked them and I've always put guitars in my pieces. I'm glad we chose to use 'Essere umano' as a single. For me it sounds stubbornly full of guitars. Stubbornly rock".

Belgium | Mustii - "Alien"


Belgian talent Mustii returns to our site with a brand-new single! We're talking about "Alien", a song in which he explores a more rock-like instrumentation without losing his alternative twist and that is also the first single from his upcoming album.

Mustii explained on his social media: "This album and this song are tributes to my uncle and his extraordinary life as he navigated through his schizophrenia until he finally ended his days 17 years ago. He is my red thread through this album. By trying to give voice to my uncle's life, I began a deeply intimate and introspective journey, one that was both reinvigorating and unexpected".

Germany | Despina Vandi - "Petra"


German-born, Greek diva Despina Vandi is back with a new single. In "Petra", she delves into her emotions wrapped in a folkloric melody, creating an atmosphere that is bound to cause goosebumps!

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Aromatom"


We remeet Russian star Sergey Lazarev! He has recently released "Aromatom", a song in which he treats us to a dose of '80s synth pop from start to finish. This kind of more mellow melody really suits his voice!

Sunday, May 09, 2021

Spain | Arde Bogotá - "Cariño"


Spanish band Arde Bogotá are releasing their very first album, entitled "La noche". And here comes the third amazing single to promote it! "Cariño" is a song that mixes funk and rock and in which the deep, low-pitched vocals make it extra alluring!

North Macedonia | Lozano - "Vardare"


It's finally time to remeet Macedonian singer Lozano. He has just released a new single, entitled "Vardare". It's folk music at its best! Its ambience is deep and passionate, and Lozano's talented voice is the perfect lead for it.

Switzerland | KARAVANN - "Bring back the feeling"


Danish Tobias Jensen and Swiss Fabian Imper are KARAVANN, a duo formed in Gommiswald, Switzerland, in 2013. Their most recent single is a glorious sample of pop: "Bring back the feeling" boasts anthemic beats that create an uplifting melody, all accompanying a chorus that you just won't get out of your head!

Ireland | Picture This - "LA house party"


Irish band Picture This have just released a new single. We are talking about "LA house party". It's a very entertaining pop-rock song, with great lyrics and a very cool and creative melody.

Saturday, May 08, 2021

Italy | The Kolors - "Cabriolet panorama"


The Kolors are living a wonderful moment in their career. Every new single they release is a huge banger. And their brand-new one, "Cabriolet panorama", is no exception to that. It's an extremely enjoyable retro pop song, with a delightful ambience, and a melody that is inviting from the first to the last second. It's absolutely outstanding: it's our song of the week!

Finland | Paul Elias - "Sanat takas"


Paul Elias is a Finnish singer and songwriter from Helsinki. He was recently involved in the amazing project Joel Herttua, and now it's time to see his solo work! His single "Sanat takas" is an empowering synth-pop track that talks about a person in a relationship who always threatens to leave.

Iceland | September feat. Birgir - "Already better"


Icelandic artists September and Birgir are back together for a beautiful collaboration! Their single is titled "Already better", and it is a cozy ballad with a captivating piano hook, beautiful lyrics and an anthemic chorus.

Denmark | Troels Gustavsen - "Lykkelig fortabt"


We are now landing in Denmark, to listen to a new single by Troels Gustavsen. And we cannot stress it enough: "Lykkelig fortabt" is a great pop song! The melody is very captivating, and the chorus is simply amazing.

Friday, May 07, 2021

Poland | Marcin Maciejczak feat. LUNA - "Nie proszę o więcej"


LUNA is a new artist rising in the Polish alternative music scene. She has joined Marcin Maciejczak to release an amazing new single. "Nie proszę o więcej" is a song which seizes the best of their talents, offering the perfect set for them to shine brightly.

Greece | STAN - "Ki an"


Greek star STAN has just released a new single. And we are totally into it! "Ki an" is an involving folk pop song with a great melody and a flawless vocal performance.

United Kingdom | The Trusted - "Rebel song"


Sounds European! remeets British band The Trusted with their brand-new release. We are talking about "Rebel song". It's a great rock song, with an exciting raw energy which takes you on a unique journey!

Turkey | Bulut Atlası - "Bitmez gece"


Kaan Cengiz, Ensar Budak, Kadir Yüksel, Serhan Sefil and Çağrı Ayçiçek are Bulut Atlası, a Turkish band hailing from Istanbul. They captivated us with their unique take on alternative rock, as we can appreciate in the single "Bitmez gece". It's a very good sample of the genre!

Thursday, May 06, 2021

Spain | Miki Núñez - "Sin noticias de Gurb"


Miki Núñez has a new single from his album "Iceberg". We're talking about "Sin noticias de Gurb", a very fun pop-rock song that brings out the best in Miki's sounds!

Denmark | mags - "I can't get over you"


Margrethe Tang is mags, a Danish singer hailing from the city of Ry and who is ready to conquer Scandinavia with her stunning approach to pop. Check out her most recent single: in "I can't get over you", she delivers a uniquely '90s-infused track that talks about unsolved love. We're enjoying every beat!

Sweden | Andy and the Rockets - "Hot black desert"


Andy and the Rockets is a rock band coming from Sweden. Meet them with their new single, "Hot black desert". The song was recorded the old school way, with the band playing together in Park Studio, in Stockholm. It's rock at its purest form: strong, intense and very catchy.

Germany | Tim Kamrad - "Dance with danger"


Tim Kamrad is a 21-year-old singer hailing from Wuppertal, Germany. We just came across his single "Dance with danger", and we don't seem to be having enough of it! It brings exciting pop wrapped in a bubbly groove that will make you do exactly what the title suggests.

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Italy | Enrico Nigiotti - "Notti di Luna"


It's been some time since our last feature of Enrico Nigiotti, so we were quite pleased to find he has a new single! In "Notti di Luna", he delivers an involving, guitar-driven ballad pushed forward by his enchanting voice.

United Kingdom | Hatty Keane - "I'll take you there"


It's time to enjoy the groove of soul with Hatty Keane! The British artist has just released a wonderful rendition of The Staple Singers' "I'll take you there". The mix of Hatty's great voice with the song's inviting melody is excellent!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Norway | Hanne Mjøen - "Hell with you"


Hanne Mjøen is a Norwegian alt-pop artist based in Trondheim. Meet her with her single "Hell with you". It narrates what it feels like to fall out of love but not wanting to leave for the fear of never falling in love again. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Ireland | Robert Grace - "The hurt you gave me"


Irish singer Robert Grace is back with us! He has recently released "The hurt you gave me", a song with a groovy beat that plays between pop and urban sounds in a very entertaining way.

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Finland | Isac Elliot - "Roommates"


Isac Elliot has a new single on offer! The Finnish star has just released "Roommates". It's a modern pop song with groovy beats and a very smooth chorus. We love it!

Spain | Diego Martín feat. Leire Martínez - "Tuvo su tiempo"


Diego Martín is a Spanish singer and songwriter born in San Ginés, Murcia, in 1979. With an active career since 2005, he has just teamed up with Leire Martínez from La Oreja de Van Gogh for a delightful single. "Tuvo su tiempo" is a classic ballad in which their distinct voices blend beautifully.

Denmark | Evey - "Nothing"


Evey is the stage name of 20-year-old Danish singer Eva Arnby, from Copenhagen. She has just released her debut single, "Nothing". The song aims to help herself and everyone to openly talk about and destigmatize tough things in life – like mental health. It's a very good indie pop-rock song. We just can't stop listening to it!

Slovakia | ANIKA IRIS - "Alive"


We love getting to know the next generation of pop stars. And ANIKA IRIS (born Anika Gužáková) is one of the most promising new names in the Slovak music scene. She is only 14, and she is kicking off her career with a strong debut single. "Alive" is a soft-paced, guitar-driven pop that lets ANIKA explore her vocal skills.

Monday, May 03, 2021

Romania | Smiley - "Noi doi si noaptea"


Smiley takes the '80s-inspired beats to Romania in his most recent single! "Noi doi si noaptea" is a captivating piece of pop with the groove of that decade and Smiley's characteristic take.

Lithuania | Man-Go - "Reikėjo tiek nedaug"


Lithuanian group Man-Go have just released a new single. We are talking about "Reikėjo tiek nedaug". It's a very entertaining electropop song with an extremely catchy chorus.

Turkey | Aydın Kurtoğlu - "Çiçek"


Aydın Kurtoğlu is back with us! He's sharing his most recent single, "Çiçek", a song that takes him to a more traditional kind of ethnic ballad.

North Macedonia | Nokaut - "Shal"


It's high time we remet Macedonian band Nokaut. They have recently released a new single, "Shal", and it's an amazing one. It's a well-paced pop-rock song with irresistible beats and a very hypnotic ambience.

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Poland | sanah - "Heal me"


Polish singer sanah is ready to take on the world with her newest single! "Heal me", her first single in English, blends jazz sounds into a charismatic pop, all highlighting her sweet voice and unique interpretation skills.

Germany | Sacropolis - "Why should I?"


German band Sacropolis are back with us! They are promoting their fourth single, called "Why should I?". The track is a compelling mix of alternative rock with captivating guitar riffs.

Spain | Nil Moliner - "Libertad"


If you're in search of an uplifting song, then Nil Moliner has just what you need! His latest single, "Libertad", is a chant to life and the euphoric feeling of being free, all wrapped in fittingly intense pop-rock beats.

Bulgaria | Grafa - "Khimera"


It's time to listen to Grafa's latest single, which is becoming a huge hit in Bulgaria. It's "Khimera" (or "Somebody else", in its version in English), a groovy pop song with a very catchy melody, led by well-marked and well-paced beats. The chorus is the cherry on top of it all!

Saturday, May 01, 2021

Finland | Apocalyptica feat. Jacoby Shaddix - "White room"


Finnish band Apocalyptica has a new single! They bring a collaboration with American singer Jacoby Shaddix, vocalist of popular band Papa Roach. Together, they released "White room", a song with powerful influences of rock and classical instruments and a chorus that elevates the track to a whole new level of epic. It's our song of the week!

Germany | Giovanni Zarrella - "Sei bella tu"


Giovanni Zarrella is a singer and TV presenter who was born in Hechingen, Germany, in 1978. And his birth place is the last German reference you are going to get here: from now on, think Italy, Italy, Italy. His "Sei bella tu" is the most Italian non-Italian song we could ever think of. It's one to immediately fall in love with.

Switzerland | Stefanie Heinzmann - "Believe"


Time to check up on Stefanie Heinzmann! She is back with a brand-new single: "Believe" is a pop track that incorporates tropical beats and an uplifting set of lyrics to pick you up from any bad mood! The song anticipates her new album, "Labyrinth", which will be out in mid-May.

Belgium | Maude - "Dance you off"


Maude Van der Vorst is a 23-year-old singer from Flanders, Belgium. We've just got to listen to her single "Dance you off". And it's a party on its own! It's a huge invitation to dance nonstop.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Sweden | Smash Into Pieces - "My wildest dream"


Swedish band Smash Into Pieces have just released two new singles. They are "Bangarang", whose lyric video you can watch here, and "My wildest dream", which we are now presenting. It's one of those songs that, if we highlight one aspect of it, we would end up being unfair to everything else: it's all perfect, and it all works even better together.

Latvia | Prāta Vētra - "Feels"


Latvian band Prāta Vētra (BrainStorm) returns with a new single in English. We're talking about "Feels", a song that drives the band through relaxed alternative sounds. The track is also a taste of their upcoming new album, in which they've been working for the past year.

Denmark | Jada - "I'm back"


Danish artist Jada is becoming one of the most promising new acts in her country. And singles like her latest one are proof of her great talent. "I'm back" is a potent alternative ballad which creates a haunting atmosphere thanks to its instrumentation. The song talks about doubt and how to regain trust in yourself.

Ukraine | Vera Brezhneva - "Ty ne odin"


It's time to listen to a great new single by Vera Brezhneva. We are talking about "Ty ne odin". It's a smooth electropop song with that unique approach only the Ukrainian diva can imprint in a song.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

United Kingdom | Silvertwin - "You only"


It's time to remeet British band Silvertwin. The London quintet have just announced their self-titled debut album for July. And while we anxiously wait for it, we have a new single to enjoy! It's the extremely sweet "You only".

"'You only' is the most '60s sounding song on the record, which is why we wanted to nail a '60s looking video. Our influences were The Beatles, The Monkees and The Beach Boys. We wanted it to feel like a mix of 'A hard day's night' and The Monkees' TV show. Our goal was to create something homemade and given the references, we decided to get a second-hand super-8 camera to shoot it on", says Isaac Shalam.

Sweden | Oscar Zia - "Då tror du fel"


Oscar Zia has a new single on offer. The Swedish artist has just released "Då tror du fel". It's an exciting electropop song with a delightful, smooth ambience. Oscar's vocal performance fits it all perfectly.

Spain | Ruth Lorenzo feat. Rayden - "El mismo puñal"


Ruth Lorenzo and Rayden have gathered for a new single. The Spanish stars have just released "El mismo puñal". It's a very intense pop song, with strong and marking pop-rock instrumentals. Their voices and styles work very well together!

Ireland | Bobbi Arlo - "Feel it"


New song by Bobbi Arlo! We've just got to listen to the Irish singer's "Feel it", and we are totally into its vibe. It's a smooth and delightful electro-pop song.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Ukraine | MELOVIN - "I krov kypyt'"


We are now landing in Ukraine, to listen to the new single by MELOVIN. It's "I krov kypyt'", a song which is hypnotic from first to last second. It's absolutely involving! MELOVIN's voice works perfectly for this kind of vibe and approach.

Portugal | Bárbara Tinoco feat. Bárbara Bandeira - "Cidade"


A meeting of Bárbaras happened in Portugal: Tinoco and Bandeira gathered their talents in the lovely single "Cidade". The track is a soft, guitar-driven ballad in which they captivate you with their sweet tunes!

Finland | Suvi Teräsniska - "Kaikki joiden jäljet säästin"


Suvi Teräsniska returns to Sounds European! with a massive new single. "Kaikki joiden jäljet säästin" is an anthemic ballad which lets Suvi show off her voice and emotions wrapped in a beautiful instrumentation.

Sweden | Molly Sandén - "Nån annan nu"


Swedish singer Molly Sandén was rather busy, appearing on the Oscars last Sunday. Now, she is back with us to share her most recent single. We're talking about "Nån annan nu", a feast of synth-pop sounds with a captivating disco atmosphere.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Croatia | Damir Kedzo - "Korijen u pijesku"


Croatian singer Damir Kedzo has just released a video for another song of his! It's another track from his album "Poljubi me sad". "Korijen u pijesku" is a marvelous song, with a passionate melody and, as we never get tired of highlighting, a flawless vocal performance by Damir.

Greece | ENORASIS - "Adiorthoti kardia"


ENORASIS are a Greek band from Piraeus. Meet them with their latest single, "Adiorthoti kardia". It's a very strong pop-rock song with smooth vocals and a melody that is absolutely captivating and inviting.

Austria | Josh. - "Ring in der hand"


Sounds European! remeets Austrian star Josh.. He has a new single on offer, entitled "Ring in der hand". It's a song which offers his trademark sounds: it's raspy, marking and very captivating. It's simply irresistible!

Belgium | OLIVIA - "Can't break a broken heart"


Olivia Trappeniers, formerly known as OT, is now signing her music as OLIVIA. We've just got to listen to her single "Can't break a broken heart". It's such a captivating electropop song. It's a song to listen on repeat.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Slovakia | Lina Mayer - "Stratená"


Long time no see for Lina Mayer! The Slovak songstress has just released a new single. We're talking about "Stratená", a song that draws the '80s sounds that are conquering the world and will put your body to dance in a heartbeat!

Ukraine | Artem Pivovarov - "Randevu"


One of the biggest names of the current Ukrainian music scene, Artem Pivovarov has just released a new single. And "Randevu" is another song that shows that Artem makes music with a unique personality. It's so captivating!

Albania | Elvana Gjata - "Mos u ngut"


Albanian star Elvana Gjata has just released an album, "Çelu". And she is promoting it by releasing videos for six of its songs. We're highlighting "Mos u ngut", a cheerful song that plays with folkloric sounds to create a chirpy melody. You can check out the videos for the other singles in her official playlist.

Turkey | Özgün - "Vefa"


Sounds European! is thrilled to remeet Turkish singer Özgün! His most recent single is the perfect blend of styles: "Vefa" brings pop with a subtle ethnic touch that makes it uniquely addictive!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

France | Amir feat. Indila - "Carrousel"


Amir and Indila gathered for a beautiful collaboration. Their single together is entitled "Carrousel", and it's a sweet, mid tempo pop ballad in which the voices of the two artists blend perfectly.

Finland | Erin - "Niinku koko ajan"


Finnish singer Erin has just released a new single. It's entitled "Niinku koko ajan". The song is a sweet pop-rock with great melody and instrumentals, and a marvelous vocal performance.

United Kingdom | Joel Corry feat. RAYE and David Guetta - "Bed"


Time for an explosive mix of artists! We're talking about Joel Corry, RAYE and David Guetta, who got together for the single "Bed". The track brings the best of the three, resulting in a funky electro-pop piece.

Denmark | Emma Nicoline - "Hva så nu"


Emma Nicoline is becoming one of the biggest new artists to emerge from Denmark. And she gave us proof of this with her second single: "Hva så nu" continues her journey through synth pop, this time building a more relaxed atmosphere with a singular retro nostalgia.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Piuma"


Earlier this week, we presented "Sorriso grande", one of the two new singles by Alessandra Amoroso. Now, it's time to present the second one, "Piuma". It offers Alessandra at her best: a captivating melody, beautiful instrumentals and a flawless and breathtaking vocal performance. Everything helps taking the song to amazing levels! It's our song of the week.

Finland | Erika Vikman - "Häpeä"


Erika Vikman is back! The Finnish diva has recently released a bombastic new single. "Häpeä" takes her disco pop sound to an intense retro beat that will have you on the edge of your seat!

United Kingdom | Years & Years - "Starstruck"


Years & Years are set to conquer the global pop scene once again this year. Their new single, "Starstruck", has all the elements it needs to become a global sensation: a captivating beginning that climaxes in a chorus full of energy!

Germany | Jan-Marten Block - "Never not try"


Jan-Marten Block is a German singer who was born in Niebüll in 1995. He has just been crowned the winner of season 18 of the talent show DSDS. Meet him with "Never not try", the single he debuted during the season finale. It's such an imposing pop-rock song!

Friday, April 23, 2021

Italy | Federico Rossi - "Pesche"


Federico Rossi is an Italian singer who was born in Modena in 1994. He rose to prominence as half of the successful duo Benji & Fede. He is now starting his solo career, and we love his debut single! "Pesche" is a fresh pop song, with references to some of the best current influences of worldwide hits.

Austria | Melissa Naschenweng - "Blödsinn im kopf"


Look who is back with a new release! It's Austrian star Melissa Naschenweng, with "Blödsinn im kopf". It's a song which takes the unique signature Melissa gives to schlager, and takes it to a more pop-rock approach. The result is very enjoyable!

Denmark | Liberty - "The last time"


Liberty is the stage name of Mattias Kolstrup, a Danish singer born in Skive in 1988. He rose to prominence as the frontman in the popular band Dúné, and has been flying solo for some time now. He has just given us a delicious new single: "The last time" is an explosion of pop with retro flavors that melt in your ears!

Netherlands | Suzan & Freek - "Goud"


Suzan & Freek return to Sounds European! with another lovely single. "Goud" is the first song of many the duo has recorded over the past months. The video (a mini documentary, as they described it) conveys the intimate atmosphere the song creates.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Sorriso grande"


Italian star Alessandra Amoroso has gifted us with not only one, but two singles. And they are both outstanding! We now present "Sorriso grande". It explores Alessandra's unique voice in a melody that mixes pop and electropop in a very entertaining manner.

United Kingdom | James Smith - "District Line"


British talent James Smith has just released a new EP! "District Line EP" is a project pieced together on his travels along the (obviously!) District Line – a place where he consoled heartbreak, read, discovered music and had a few tipsy teenage journeys home. In some respects, it's a "coming of age" project, with the District Line being the metaphor for James' personal journey.

Along with it, we have a new single, the EP's title track. It's such a sweet song, which offers the best of James' amazing voice. We are completely in love with it!

Sweden | SHY Martin - "Remember you were the one"


Swedish singer SHY Martin is back with a new single. With "Remember you were the one", she is now showcasing a slightly darker side of her musical spectrum, mixing influences from her alternative teenage idols with a contemporary flair and clear message of self-respect. It's a groovy and highly hypnotic song!

Portugal | Diogo Piçarra - "Promessas"


Portuguese star Diogo Piçarra has returned with a great new track. It's "Promessas", a groovy pop song with awesome R&B influences. The result is taken to an even higher level because of Diogo's huge talent and quality!

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Slovenia | Nino - "Ko si z mano"


Slovene star Nino has just released a new single. And we couldn't be more excited about it! "Ko si z mano" is a great electropop song, with strong beats and melody and a perfectly fitting vocal performance by Nino. The result is highly addictive!

Italy | Matteo Romano - "Casa di specchi"


It's time to get to know a great new talent rising in Italy! It's Matteo Romano, a singer and musician who was born in Cuneo in 2002. Meet him with his single "Casa di specchi". It's a marvelous song, which presents his talent in a great way.

Germany | Daria Kaah - "Ich bin für dich da"


Daria Kaah is the stage name of Daria Katharina, a German singer who was born in Saarland. Meet her with her single "Ich bin für dich da". It's a very entertaining song, with marking beats and a very enticing melody. We are totally hooked on it!

Russia | Mari Kraimbrery - "Idi tancuj"


Time to remeet Russian singer Mari Kraimbrery! She has recently released the single "Idi tancuj", a feast of Eastern pop with intense beats and a very entertaining atmosphere in the chorus.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Spain | Alba Reche - "La culpa"


Alba Reche is a Spanish singer who was born in Elche in 1997. She rose to prominence as the runner-up of the tenth season of the talent show Operación Triunfo. She has just released "La culpa", a hypnotic song with an intense melody, and a haunting vocal performance.

Croatia | Kristina Boban - "I'm a winner"


Croatian singer Kristina Boban is back with a marvelous new single. It's "I'm a winner", a deep and involving ballad which explores Kristina's voice in a wonderful manner. The ambience the song offers sets a strong and imposing spirit, which Kristina fulfills with unique quality!

Italy | Alice Pisano - "Seventeen"


Alice Pisano is an Italian born, London-based singer and songwriter. Meet her with her lovely single "Seventeen". It's a very enjoyable guitar-led song. Alice's voice shines through all the track!

"I wrote this song about my first love. I was staying at my parents' house in lockdown, and being in my old room, rediscovering old photos and diaries, brought back lots of memories and forgotten feelings. I found myself reliving the power of that first love... maybe you can't love anyone that deeply more than once", Alice says.

Malta | Destiny Chukunyere - "Je me casse"


When Eurovision 2020 got cancelled, we had no doubt Destiny Chukunyere would be back for the 2021 edition of the festival. And her return is making her dream of the top! Her entertaining "Je me casse" is seen as one of the favorites to win the edition – which would, if she actually won, make her the first artist ever to win both Junior Eurovision and Eurovision.

Monday, April 19, 2021

The Charts Day #221 (part 2)


This week, there's no song which has been more played in Europe than "Montero (Call me by your name)". The single by Lil Nas X is currently at #1 in Finland, France, Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom, #2 in Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland, #4 in Sweden, #5 in Germany, #11 in the Netherlands, #12 in Portugal and #17 in Bulgaria.

The Charts Day #221 (part 1)


TikTok hits are starting to take over national charts. It's what we have now with Nathan Evans' "Wellerman". The song is leading the charts in Austria, Belgium and Switzerland, besides appearing (in lower positions) in the charts in Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Denmark | Alexander Oscar - "One more dance"


Danish singer Alexander Oscar has just released a new single. And it's a great one! "One more dance" is a very fun pop song with irresistible light electronic beats leading it all. The chorus is very catchy.

Czech Republic | Slza - "Bouře"


Time to remeet Czech duo Slza! They are back with us with "Bouře", a song that drives them through captivating synth pop-rock sounds.

Bulgaria | Nikol - "Bez cherni ochila"


Nikol is an 18-year-old Bulgarian singer and songwriter. Music runs in her veins: she's the daughter of Bulgarian stars Loko and Stanley. Meet her with her brand-new single, "Bez cherni ochila". It's a groovy pop song with an irresistible R&B mood.

Belgium | Milow - "ASAP"


Belgian singer Milow returns to Sounds European! with a new single! We're talking about "ASAP", an endearing, guitar-driven pop with a very hopeful message in the lyrics. The video accompanies the fun atmosphere the song creates!

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Spain | Roi Méndez feat. Cepeda - "La misma dirección"


Spanish singers Roi Méndez and Cepeda have had an amazing relationship since meeting in the 2017 edition of Operación Triunfo. And now they've given their fans what they have been asking for ages: a single together! "La misma dirección" starts as an emotional ballad that explodes in a chorus full of rock energy. It's our song of the week!

Finland | Joel Herttua - "Syntinen"


Joel Mäkinen, Tuomas Wäinölä, Paul Elias, Anssi Nykänen and Heini-Mari Herkkola are Joel Herttua, a new group coming from Finland. They have just released "Syntinen". It's a perfect mix of pop-rock and EDM. The result is absolutely addictive!