Tuesday, December 08, 2020

United Kingdom | James Smith - "I don't wanna know"


We remeet British singer James Smith with another gem of his music. His most recent release is entitled "I don't wanna know", a relaxed, guitar-driven ballad in which James exposes an intimate part of himself.

Speaking on the track, the singer explains: "I spend a lot of time travelling being a songwriter and this song was one of the four that I started writing on the tube... I've actually sampled the tube at the start of the track which I recorded on the same day, humming it into my phone. Story-wise, it's inspired by the time I sat down for a meal with my ex-girlfriend after we'd broken up – we spoke about being with other people whilst not being together – and in this instance, I really didn't wanna know. At its core, it's another sad-boy heartbreak song. I really love it, and I had a lot of fun producing that epic ending too".

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