Wednesday, September 09, 2020

10 Questions For: Alessandro Casillo


He is one of the best talents of his generation. And we should add: not only in Italy, but in Europe as a whole. We have been watching him grow up, and his music go through several transformations. Every one of them has been a pleasure to our ears – as it was a pleasure to get to interview him! These are our 10 questions for Alessandro Casillo:

Sounds European!: We feel that an interesting way to get to know a singer is to learn about his early relationship with music. What artists did you enjoy listening to when you were younger? Do you feel that any aspect of their work has influenced you as an artist, at any point of your career?

Alessandro Casillo: Since I was a child, I was into music. I used to listen to every kind of music, but Michael Jackson was (and is) my favorite singer. Everyday, I listen to Michael, so everyday Michael is in my mind.

SE!: We talked about your first memories with music, as a listener. Now, we want to talk about your first memories with music as a singer. When and how did you start singing? Who were the first persons to recognize your talent? And what was the moment when you realized that singing was becoming more than a hobby, but your profession, your future?

AC: When I was a child, often I used to sing and play at the piano in my house, so I could consider my parents as my talent scout. :)
When I was 13, fortunately I got the opportunity to participate on a famous talent music show. From that, I understood it could be an important occasion that would change my life.

SE!: One of the first achievements of your professional career was winning the Giovani category of Festival di Sanremo in 2012. You were starting your career, at a very early age [15], and you were already writing your name in the history of an event which is an institution of the international music scene. How was that, for you? How did you feel?

AC: I didn't expect to win Sanremo so young. It was an unbelievable and unforgettable experience. From that moment, I thought that music was not only a passion, but could be a full time work!!

SE!: You have a very special relationship with your fans. You've had huge autograph sessions throughout Italy. You've had very successful tours. You had a unique bonding experience on #ALECAMP. Even in your latest video, "After", we can see references to your fans and your connection with them. What can you tell us about this relationship? What role do you believe your fans have in your career?

AC: My fans are everything! Without them, I would be nothing. I listen to their advice and try to put it to my songs. We are a big family. A singer without a fan is not the same singer.

SE!: We absolutely love your music! You are one of the few artists to have appeared twice in our lists of best European songs of the year – "L'amore secondo Sara" in 2014 and "Ancora qui" in 2018. And it's interesting to notice: these two songs are very different from each other! It's clear to us that we watched you grow up (as a person and as an artist) along with your music. When you make this comparison yourself, between your first songs and your current ones, what would you say has changed, and what has remained the same, musically?

AC: I started working with music at a very young age and, while I was growing up, my music was growing up the same. I like changes, I like to show my versatility because for me music is growing continuously.

"I like changes, I like to show my versatility because for me music is growing continuously" (Fashion stylist: Tommaso Rosati)

SE!: In this sense of evolving, of growing up along with your music, we can say that you are now living a new stage of your career. You've just signed with Krishna Music Group – "After" is your second exclusive release with them. How is this new moment being, for you? How does it feel to start working with a group that believes in your current music, your current self?

AC: Yes, I've just signed with them, and I feel very well, because I feel that they trust in me and in my music. I was waiting for people like them for a long time.

SE!: As you are giving your first steps in this new music group, we can only wonder. What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

AC: I'm writing every day a new song for the new album, I'm working very hard and I hope that everyone who will listen to my new stuff will like it!!

SE!: If we look even further in time, what do you still want to achieve in your career? What are your biggest professional dreams?

AC: My dream is to do this job for all my life time. I dedicate all my life to music and so I hope it could be like this forever.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Italian and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

AC: I have already got the lucky opportunity to work with amazing artists, like the Backstreet Boys, James Blunt and Pino Daniele. I got a very open mind so I would enjoy every kind of collaborations, but if I have to choose one, probably I would chase Lauv. I love him!

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Alessandro Casillo, and why?

AC: My favorite song is my next one, because I want to improve as best as possible.

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