Tuesday, August 25, 2020

United Kingdom | TV COMA - "Congratulations"


Leo Troy, Max Troy, Jamie Rider and Laurie Rothwell are TV COMA, a British power-pop band based in Brighton. Meet them with their single "Congratulations". The song brings a mix of familiar sounds, which reminded us of some of the best '90s rock songs, and modern influences. And these modern influences went beyond the music, as the lyrics focus on millenials and modern relationships.

The song is a break-up anthem for the digital age, as Leo, the band's vocalist, explains: "It's about the unexplored paradigms of modern relationships. As the first humans to publically document relationships, millenials were pioneers in dealing with the psychological impact of social media on modern day love. 'Congratulations' explores the aftermath of this: how hard it is to get over someone when there's a 24/7 feed of what they're doing just a click away, when you see that person with another person, followed by a unique kind of acceptance".

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