Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sweden | Will Ferrell feat. Molly Sandén - "Husavik (My hometown)"


Eurovision fans didn't have this year's festival to enjoy, but they were given the comedy "Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga". And one of the songs in the movie, "Husavik (My hometown)", by American actor Will Ferrell and Swedish singer (and former Junior Eurovision star) Molly Sandén, who signed it as My Marianne, has blown everyone away.

Let's think about its qualities: It's a grandiose power ballad with a growing second half. Sandén performs it flawlessly. It works amazingly well live. It's deep and touching. It has two languages. So, can we say this could easily be a real-life Eurovision winner? Well, one way or the other, there is one thing we can surely say: it's not "Ja ja ding dong", but it's our song of the week!

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