Thursday, July 16, 2020

Denmark | Eivør - "Sleep on it"


Eivør Pálsdóttir is one of the most prominent names from the Faroese music scene. Born in Syðrugøta in 1983, she took her folk-inspired electronic sounds all around the world: she has won awards in Iceland, had her debut album being critically praised in the United Kingdom, and had songs appear in the soundtracks of several videogames and series (including "God of war" and "Game of thrones", among others). This year, she is releasing her second studio album, "Segl", and we can already hear one single from it. "Sleep on it" is a haunting electronic ballad that talks about making choices.

About the track, Eivør says that she "wrote this song during a very late night. I remember twisting and turning in bed but not being able to sleep. I had gotten my head into a frenzy, so I got out of bed, made a cup of tea, lit a candle and I started writing this poem. It was like a flow of thought, a conversation with myself".

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