Friday, July 31, 2020

France | Mauvais Oeil - "Mektoub"


Mauvais Oeil is a duo formed in Paris by Sarah Benabdallah and Alexis Lebon. Their music combines indie sounds and draws influences from their Algerian backgrounds, as we can appreciate in their latest single, "Mektoub". The song is a feast of ethnic sounds!

Lithuania | Donny Montell - "Kol vakaras ilgas"


Lithuanian singer Donny Montell returns to our site with a charming new single. "Kol vakaras ilgas" turns the artist to a nostalgic kind of synth pop that has us hooked!

Slovenia | Žan Serčič - "Čudeži"


Žan Serčič is back to our site with a new single! "Čudeži" (extracted from the album "Iz moje sobe") is a fresh, guitar-driven pop that radiates good vibes. This uplifting feeling is enhanced when you watch the video: a really cool combo altogether!

Turkey | Zeynep Bastık - "Bir daha"


Zeynep Bastık is a 27-year-old singer from Çanakkale, Turkey. Her most recent single brings a sound we seldom hear from the country: "Bir daha" is a groovy mix of retro and international sounding pop that will have you dancing in no time!

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Spain | Mireya Bravo - "Cuando tú te vas"


Spanish singer Mireya Bravo has amazed us in her most recent single. We're talking about "Cuando tú te vas", a song that mixes Latin and dance beats to create a fabulous concoction of sounds.

Czech Republic | Olga Lounová feat. Elis Mraz - "Napůl lásky"


Czech star Olga Lounová met with rising singer Elis Mraz (a fellow Czech artist born in Ostrava in 1994). Together, they released "Napůl lásky", a funky sample of infectious retro pop.

France | Carla - "L'autre moi"


French singer Carla returns to Sounds European! with the first single from her debut studio album, both named "L'autre moi". The track is a lively sample of pop with a super danceable chorus.

Turkey | Alternans - "Hayat"


Alternans is a Turkish rock band hailing from Istanbul, formed by Onur Asilkılıç, Hikmet İnci, İbrahim and Armağan. Their most recent single will blow your mind: "Hayat" brings a powerful mix of old school and alternative rock.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Denmark | Barbara Moleko - "Fejl"


It's time to remeet Danish singer Barbara Moleko! She has recently released "Fejl", a groovy retro pop that will have you bopping your body along in no time.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Bulgaria | Denitsa Karaslavova - "Mon ami"


Denitsa Karaslavova is a young talent rising in Bulgaria. She was born in 2002 in Parvomay, she has been developing a career in music from an early age, and rose to prominence after taking part in the 2018 edition of The Voice in her country (as part of Poli Genova's team). Listen to her most recent single: "Mon ami" is a mysterious mix of electronic and pop beats that show Denitsa's talent.

Austria | Alle Achtung - "Marie"


Alle Achtung is an Austrian band formed in Graz by Markus Bieder, Patrick Freisinger, Robert Veigl, Christian Stani and Romina Denaro. Their fun sounds converge in "Marie", their latest single. It's a feel-good pop-rock song with a captivating beat!

Turkey | Metin Göç - "Yastık izi"


Metin Göç is a rising Turkish singer hailing from Istanbul. Listen to his enticing sounds in his latest single: "Yastık izi" brings the fresh waves of local summer in a really enjoyable melody, which is taken to a whole new level thanks to his deep voice.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Hungary | Freddie - "Mindig itt maradsz"


Hungarian singer Freddie returns to Sounds European! with a lovely new single. "Mindig itt maradsz" is a calm pop-rock ballad in which he reminisces about past loves.

Slovenia | Anja Istenič - "Poletne noči"


Anja Istenič is a Slovene singer hailing from the city of Idrija. Her most recent single is a celebration to summer: "Poletne noči" is an upbeat mix of pop with folkloric sounds that oozes positivity, good mood, dance and laughter!

France | Julien Doré - "La fièvre"


Julien Doré is back to Sounds European!! He has recently released "La fièvre", a soft indie pop song that brings tropical elements to create a song fit for the European summer.

Turkey | Murat Dalkılıç - "Müjgan"


Murat Dalkılıç is back to our site! The Turkish singer has just released "Müjgan", an exciting fusion of pop and ethnic sounds with edgy guitar riffs that complete an outstanding instrumentation.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Croatia | Damir Kedzo - "Nedodirljiva"


Croatian singer Damir Kedzo is back to our site with a stunning new single. "Nedodirljiva" is a pop-rock track that can totally fit your summer playlist!

Austria | Bärenheld - "Du"


Bärenheld is the moniker of Josua Palmanshofer, an Austrian musician hailing from Sankt Marien. We were charmed by his most recent single: "Du" is a relaxed pop-rock track with a very cool groove.

Albania | Eleni Foureira - "Temperatura"


Albanian-born singer Eleni Foureira continues her string of hits with another super fun track. "Temperatura" brings together Latin and Greek cultures with a tropical feel that will have you dancing in no time!

Spain | Nick Maylo - "Huracán"


Nick Maylo is a young talent rising in Spain. He was born in Barcelona in 2000, and rose to prominence after his participation in the 2020 edition of Operación Triunfo. He is now releasing a stunning single: "Huracán" brings the potence of Spanish ballads with a touch of Latin pop in the verses, creating a quite unique mix.

Turkey | Gökçe Kırgız - "Pişmanlar ülkesi"


Gökçe Kırgız is a Turkish singer born in Istanbul in 1989. Her newest single will blow your mind: "Pişmanlar ülkesi" brings the best of electronic pop sounds!

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Lithuania | Monika Linkytė - "Visada šalia"


Lithuanian singer Monika Linkytė has recently released a new single! "Visada šalia" is an involving track that hypnotizes you with its soft charm.

Croatia | Nika Turković - "Gledaj me"


Nika Turković is a Croatian singer born in Zagreb in 1995. She represented her country at the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, placing third with "Hej mali". Listen to her newest sounds: In "Gledaj me", she explores downtempo synth pop in a way few artists from the region do.

France | Amel Bent feat. Imen Es - "Jusqu'au bout"


Amel Bent has a new single! The French artist has met with Imen Es (born in Sevran, near Paris, in 1999) to release "Jusqu'au bout", an explosion of ethnic-flavored pop with intense beats and a constant feel-good vibe.

United Kingdom | Julian Perretta - "Closer to you"


Julian Remo Perretta is an English singer-songwriter and producer born in London in 1989. He rose to prominence in 2016, when his single "Miracle" entered the charts in several European countries. His most recent single is entitled "Closer to you", and it brings a delicious, electronic-inspired kind of pop that is perfect as a party starter!

Turkey | Umut Kuzey - "Oğlum"


Umut Kuzey was born in 1976 in Adana, Turkey. He has developed a fruitful career, spanning almost 20 years and six studio albums. Listen to his most recent release: "Oğlum" is a ballad which leans in classical instrumentations and Umut's delicate voice to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

North Macedonia | Yon Idy - "Back around"


Yon Idy is a Macedonian singer hailing from Skopje. He has just released a new single, "Back around", and we cannot stress it enough: it's an outstanding song! The song has a stupendous melody and an unforgettable vocal performance. It's arguably the best song to come from North Macedonia this year. We are fully addicted to it: it's our song of the week!

Norway | HAYES feat. dePresno - "When it comes to love"


HAYES returns to our site with a very cool track. "When it comes to love", featuring vocals by fellow Norwegian dePresno, is an interesting mix of electronic and retro sounds.

Spain | Nil Moliner - "La bestia"


Nil Moliner was born in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, in 1992. He has seen a meteoric rise to fame in recent years thanks to his upbeat take on pop-rock sounds. You can see this explosive mix in "La bestia", his most recent single. The song has a memorable chorus and the addition of interesting trumpet beats.

United Kingdom | The Trusted - "The innocent"


Time to check up on British band The Trusted! They have recently released "The innocent", a song in which they explore retro rock ballads with the use of jangly guitars, upbeat drums and rich vocals.

Turkey | Özgür Ordulu Orka Orkestrası - "Sana ihtiyacım var"


Özgür Ordulu is a Turkish musician who, in 2013, formed his own music company. Among the many projects and services it carries out, we find Orka Orkestrası, a music group who has achieved several hits in the country. The latest one is "Sana ihtiyacım var", a fresh mix of ethnic and international pop sounds.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Estonia | Uku Suviste - "Müüdud ja pakitud"


Uku Suviste has a new single! He turns to the Estonian language to deliver "Müüdud ja pakitud", a pop track with a soft groove and a memorable chorus that shows off Uku's great voice.

Netherlands | Mart Hoogkamer - "Jij bent gemaakt voor mij"


Mart Hoogkamer is a Dutch singer who was born in Leiden in 1998. He rose to prominence after being the runner-up of the eighth season of Holland's Got Talent. He has just released a new single, "Jij bent gemaakt voor mij". It's a unique song, with a great mix of Dutch and Latin sounds. The result is amazing, especially during the chorus.

Belarus | Alexander Rybak - "Pozadi"


Belarusian singer and musician Alexander Rybak has just released another single. And we cannot stress it enough: it's a great one! Whether it's with it or with its version in English, he shows how amazing he sounds in any and every language.

Slovenia | Lea Sirk - "Move it on"


Slovene star Lea Sirk has just released a new single. And we are totally hooked! "Move it on" is a fun electropop song with smooth beats and a very catchy melody. You can also listen to its version in Slovene, "V krogu".

Malta | Scar - "Never enough"


Axel Borg, David Cassar Torreggiani, Konrad Pule and Michael Scicluna are Scar, a band coming from Malta. Meet them with "Never enough", their amazing new single. It's a very enjoyable pop-rock song with an imposing ambience, built by a marvelous mix of great vocals and strong and perfectly fitting instrumentals.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Romania | Proconsul - "Chemare"


Sounds European! finally remeets Proconsul. The Romanian band has recently released a new single, entitled "Chemare", and we are totally taken by it. It's a beautiful pop-rock ballad with a very contagious melody.

Germany | DJ Herzbeat feat. Marie Wegener - "Irgendwas mit liebe"


It's time to listen to another schlager hit by DJ Herzbeat! This time, he has gathered with Marie Wegener for "Irgendwas mit liebe". It's an outstanding song, with fun hints of electronic which help take it all to an even higher level.

Ukraine | Assol - "Za toboy"


Assol is the stage name of Kateryna Ihorivna Humenyuk, a Ukrainian singer who was born in Donetsk in 1994. She has just released a new single, and we are totally in love with it. "Za toboy" is a smooth and hypnotic electropop song.

Serbia | Bit Band - "Nemoj da se predajes"


Đorđe Novaković, Božidar Mihajilović, Srđan Sekulić and Žarko Vučan are Bit Band, a Serbian band from Belgrade. Meet them with their excellent single "Nemoj da se predajes". It's a song that offers a breathtaking mix of pop-rock and Balkan sounds.

France | Philippine - "N'importe quoi"


French rising star Philippine has recently released a new single. We have just got to listen to it, and it was a huge case of instant love. "N'importe quoi" is an upwards pop song with a very captivating melody. It's impossible to resist!

Greece | Nikos Oikonomopoulos - "Skase ena fili"


Greek singer Nikos Oikonomopoulos has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Skase ena fili". It's a great Greek pop song, with a catchy melody and a very exciting chorus. We love it!

Croatia | Teo Grčić - "Čuvam te"


Teo Grčić is a Croatian singer hailing from Sinj. Meet him with his latest single, "Čuvam te". It's a catchy pop-rock song, with an amazing addition of Balkan influences. The result is awesome!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Finland | Meiju Suvas - "Playing with the fire (Ay ay ay)"


Meiju Suvas is a Finnish singer who was born in Helsinki in 1959. She has just released a new single, entitled "Playing with the fire (Ay ay ay)", and it's simply irresistible. Listen to it and tell us: how not to have fun with it?

Sweden | Winona Oak - "Let me know"


It's always great to listen to Winona Oak's songs! We've just got to listen to her "Let me know", as it was re-released with a lyrics video for Pride celebrations, and there was no way we wouldn't recommend it here. It's an excellent song. We are listening to it nonstop!

Armenia | Christine Pepelyan feat. Sargis Yeghiazaryan - "Ser im"


Marvelous collaboration coming from Armenia! Singers Christine Pepelyan and Sargis Yeghiazaryan got together to release "Ser im". It's an endearing ballad with a smooth melody, and a great meeting of two amazing and very complementary voices.

Bulgaria | ALMA - "Be alright"


It's finally time to remeet Bulgarian rising star ALMA! Her latest single, "Be alright", is amazing. It's a smooth song with a well-built and catchy melody, and a beautiful vocal performance.

Hungary | Kati Wolf - "Egynyári"


It's time to enjoy a new single by Kati Wolf! The Hungarian star has recently released "Egynyári". It's great entertainment from first to last second. It's impossible to listen to it without dancing all along.

North Macedonia | Clashing Colors - "Honey dearest"


Temelko Andreev and Lili Babunska are Clashing Colors, a Macedonian duo founded in Veles in 2017. Meet them with their great single "Honey dearest". It's a grandiose song, with amazing instrumentals and a very imposing vocal performance. The result is amazing!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Slovenia | BQL - "Na frišno"


BQL have a new hit in Slovenia. And there is no doubt why: "Na frišno" is entertainment at its purest form. With it, the duo offers a perfect mix of pop, folk and country influences.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Spain | Pastora Soler - "La soledad"


You know the deal: any ballad sounds stronger and more special when Pastora Soler is singing it. And "La soledad", the Spanish diva's new single, is not an exception to that rule. What an amazing song it is!

Germany | Anica Russo - "How I do"


Sounds European! finally remeets German singer Anica Russo. She is back with a new single, entitled "How I do". It's a modern electropop song with a highly entertaining melody.

Finland | Isac Elliot - "Weekend"


Finnish star Isac Elliot is back with a new single. And it's a huge banger! The song is a catchy electropop with a smooth melody and awesome hints of retro. It's very inviting, especially during the chorus.

Portugal | Anjos - "Tempo"


Anjos are a Portuguese duo formed in 1999 by siblings Nelson and Sérgio Rosado. Meet them with their latest hit, "Tempo". It's a great song, with a haunting melody and a very imposing chorus.

Greece | Kostas Martakis - "Allos anthropos"


Get ready to listen to a song which is Greek pop at its best! We are talking about "Allos anthropos", latest single by Kostas Martakis. It's a catchy and extremely inviting track. We can't stop dancing to it!

Lithuania | Kastytis Kerbedis - "Sakau tau taip"


Kastytis Kerbedis is enjoying another hit in Lithuania. And we can totally see why: "Sakau tau taip" is such a captivating song! The melody is contagious, and the chorus is very memorable.

Latvia | Markus Riva - "Vienmēr"


We are now landing in Latvia, to listen to a great song by Markus Riva. We are talking about "Vienmēr". It's a smooth and groovy electropop song with marking beats and a strong chorus.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Italy | Levante - "Sirene"


Italian star Levante has just released a new single. And that can only mean one thing: it's time to, once again, get delighted by her unique style! "Sirene" offers the wonderful mood we are happily used to get from her songs. It's smooth, hypnotic and highly enjoyable.

Poland | AniKa Dąbrowska - "Nawet jeśli jutra nie ma"


We are now landing in Poland, to listen to another great single by AniKa Dąbrowska. We are talking about "Nawet jeśli jutra nie ma". It's a well-paced vocal song with an intense and marking chorus.

Cyprus | Minus One - "Take me away"


Time for some rock by Minus One! The Cypriot band has just released "Take me away", a track in which they explore retro synth rock with a mesmerizing result!

Finland | BEHM - "Frida"


Finnish rising star BEHM has just released a new single. And we love it to bits! The song, titled "Frida", is simply great. Its soft pop-rock instrumentation is extremely catchy.

Belarus | Alexander Rybak - "My whole world"


It's finally time to remeet Alexander Rybak. The Belarusian star has just released an endearing new single. It's "My whole world", a touching ballad with simple but extremely effective instrumentals. Rybak adds a very personal performance to it.

Germany | Psyrena - "Rainbows & unicorns"


It's time to meet a unique project. Psyrena is an electronic-art-pop artist from Germany, based in the United Kingdom, which is the result of the collaboration between songwriter Madeleine Wise (the physical presence of Psyrena) and producer Yak Bondy. Their music is a mix of electronic, classical and pop music, as you can check with their single "Rainbows & unicorns". It's as catchy as music can get. We love it!

Spain | Manuel Carrasco - "Me gusta"


Manuel Carrasco has a new single! He has just released "Me gusta", a song extracted from the album "La cruz del mapa". The track presents an intriguing folk-inspired beat that adds to his unmistakably Spanish twist.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Italy | Takagi feat. Ketra, Elodie, Mariah and Gipsy Kings - "Ciclone"


Get your castanets ready: it's time to enjoy rumba realness! Takagi, Ketra, Elodie, Mariah (Mariah Angeliq, American singer from Miami) and Gipsy Kings (renowned French group from Arles, currently consisting of Nicolás Reyes and Tonino Baliardo) have just released "Ciclone". The song shows what happens when you add the Gipsy Kings vibe into an electropop song. The result is absolutely irresistible!

United Kingdom | Dua Lipa - "Hallucinate"


Dua Lipa is living a wonderful moment, as she is one of the leaders of this retro wave that is taking over the world of music. And her influence continues with her new release. "Hallucinate" offers an awesome disco vibe, brought to current sounds of pop music. It's so entertaining!

Denmark | Daniel Schulz - "AFK"


Daniel Schulz is a 22-year-old Danish artist who was born and raised in Kolding. Meet him with his great new release, "AFK". It's a groovy pop song with smooth, delightful R&B influences.

Finland | costee - "Kukaan ei henkiin herätä"


After releasing some collaborations, Finnish star costee is back, now with a solo single. And we cannot stress it enough: we are loving his current moment! "Kukaan ei henkiin herätä" is an excellent, involving ballad, built by moody instrumentals and a great vocal performance.

Greece | Panos Kiamos - "Dyo metra ouranos"


The new single by Greek singer Panos Kiamos is a real feast of ethnic sounds! We're talking about "Dyo metra ouranos", a song with an imposing beat and a total feel-good atmosphere (which is very smartly translated in the video).

Portugal | Tomás Adrião feat. Cláudia Pascoal - "Passo a passo"


Tomás Adrião and Cláudia Pascoal have met to work together on a lovely single. The song is "Passo a passo", a track that talks about the very first stages of a new relationship, in which you are getting to know the other person.

Germany | DJ Herzbeat feat. Sonia Liebing - "Maybe"


DJ Herzbeat is the stage name of Christoph Breier, a German DJ who works primarily with schlager music. He has joined Sonia Liebing to record and release "Maybe". The song has become a huge hit, and it's no wonder why. It offers an excellent mix of electronic and schlager influences, resulting in an absolutely infectious song.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Italy | Diodato - "Un'altra estate"


Italian singer Diodato is promoting his latest album, "Che vita meravigliosa" (which includes his Sanremo winning entry, "Fai rumore"). And he recently dazzled us with another amazing single. "Un'altra estate" has a delightful orchestration that consolidates this prolific moment of his career. The track captivated us: it's our song of the week!

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Ya ne mogu molchat'"


Sergey Lazarev has a new single on display. And we better warn you: it's addictive! We're talking about "Ya ne mogu molchat'", an energetic pop track with retro vibes like only Sergey can produce!

Updated on September 18th, 2020, with the official video.

France | Kendji Girac - "Habibi"


If you were also missing the sounds by Kendji Girac, we have great news for you. He will be releasing a new album in October, and is already promoting it with a new single. "Habibi" gives us a unique combination of Kendji's Latin pop with Arab melodies, creating a celebration of ethnic sounds!

Poland | Patryk Skoczyński - "Ruchomy cel"


Patryk Skoczyński is a Polish singer and songwriter who was born in Inowrocław. He rose to prominence reaching the final phases of The Voice of Poland's season 6, in 2015. Meet him with his new single, "Ruchomy cel". It's a great song which travels between pop and pop-rock. The melody is exciting and the chorus is very catchy!

Sweden | Clara Mae - "Drunk on emotions"


Clara Mae is the stage name of Clara Hagman, a Swedish singer and songwriter who was born in Gävle in 1991. Clara was a member of Ace of Base from 2009 to 2012. She has just released "Drunk on emotions", and we are totally hooked on it. It's a very cool electronic pop song with a very marking chorus.

Turkey | Berkay - "Kırgınım Ona"


Time to remeet Turkish singer Berkay! His most recent single is entitled "Kırgınım Ona", and it brings a delicate ballad that retains a soft traditional approach thanks to the vocal interpretation by Berkay.

United Kingdom | The 1975 - "Guys"


The 1975 are a British pop-rock band formed in 2002 in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We have just got to listen to their single "Guys", and we couldn't be more in love with it! The song, which talks about their friendship, and the love they feel for being together as a band, is one of the most beautiful of the year.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Croatia | Franka - "Prvi osjećaj"


Croatian singer Franka hops on the trend of retro-sounding bangers with a fabulous new single. "Prvi osjećaj" plays with different rhythms and instruments to create a unique track!

Belgium | Frantzis feat. Ana Yah - "This dance"


Belgian singer Frantzis has a new single to show us! Featuring Ana Yah (stage name of Astrid Destuyver, also from Belgium), the song is entitled "This dance", and it brings a traditional ballad structure wrapped in electronic beats, adding very interesting layers of sound.

France | Louane - "Donne-moi ton coeur"


Look who we are finally remeeting! French star Louane has just released a new single. It's "Donne-moi ton coeur", a classy song with moody, hypnotic vibes and a vocal performance that fits it all like a glove.

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Mirza Selimović - "Nevjerna"


We just came across another fantastic single by Mirza Selimović. Back in March, the Bosnian singer released "Nevjerna", a captivating ethnic ballad that explodes in a beautiful chorus.

North Macedonia | Natasa Malinkova - "Se sto mi zema"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's Natasa Malinkova, with her exciting new single "Se sto mi zema". It's an inviting electropop song with a fun melody and an instrumental chorus which involves unique instruments.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

United Kingdom | Ellie Goulding feat. Lauv - "Slow grenade"


Great collaboration on its way! British star Ellie Goulding has gathered with American singer, songwriter and producer Lauv to release "Slow grenade". It's a smooth pop song with a very captivating chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Italy | Nek - "Ssshh!!!"


It's time to listen to awesome new song coming from Italy! We are talking about "Ssshh!!!", new single by Nek. It has a lot of personality: it offers strong instrumentals, a unique melody, and a great vocal performance.

Denmark | Eivør - "Sleep on it"


Eivør Pálsdóttir is one of the most prominent names from the Faroese music scene. Born in Syðrugøta in 1983, she took her folk-inspired electronic sounds all around the world: she has won awards in Iceland, had her debut album being critically praised in the United Kingdom, and had songs appear in the soundtracks of several videogames and series (including "God of war" and "Game of thrones", among others). This year, she is releasing her second studio album, "Segl", and we can already hear one single from it. "Sleep on it" is a haunting electronic ballad that talks about making choices.

About the track, Eivør says that she "wrote this song during a very late night. I remember twisting and turning in bed but not being able to sleep. I had gotten my head into a frenzy, so I got out of bed, made a cup of tea, lit a candle and I started writing this poem. It was like a flow of thought, a conversation with myself".

Spain | Anne Lukin - "Volver a mí"


Anne Lukin is a singer born in Pamplona, Spain, in 2001. She came to prominence after her participation in the 2020 edition of Operación Triunfo, and has kicked off her career with beautiful music. Her latest release is "Volver a mí", an ethereal waltz-tempo ballad that shows off the sweet tones of her voice.

Sweden | Jessica Andersson - "Serenity"


Swedish singer Jessica Andersson has recently dropped a new banger! "Serenity" will take you back to a disco-infused pop track, the perfect party starter!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Belgium | Hooverphonic - "Summer Sun"


Belgian band Hooverphonic are back to our site with their most recent single. "Summer Sun" gives a different take on songs that celebrate the warm European season, doing so with classy, jazzy sounds instead.

10 Questions For: Nico


She has a solid, well-established career in Romania. Also, she has one of the most talented voices in the country. And now, Sounds European! had the honor of interviewing her, and getting to know more about her career, and the wonderful person she is. It was a true delight to talk to her! These are our 10 questions for Nico:

Sounds European!: We like to start our interviews getting to know a bit about the artists' music backgrounds. What are your first memories with music? What artists did you enjoy listening when you were growing up? Do you feel they have, in any sense, helped shape the artist you are today?

Nico: I started singing at an early age. As a child, I remember I used to sing all day long for my friends on the streets of the neighborhood I grew up in. Later on, I attended the courses of a singing school called "Popular Arts School" in my hometown.
Barbra Streisand, Natalie Cole, Etta James were definitely my big influences in music. But when it comes to an artist I focused on, an artist who I truly admired and I totally took as a role model, this is clearly Whitney Houston. I've always felt she had the most complex voice I've ever listened to, and I can truly say that she was my inspiration.

SE!: We've talked about your background, now let's talk about your career. What were your first steps as a professional singer? How did you feel when you started seeing people listening to your music? And at what moment have you realized "That's it: I am an artist, and this is my future"?

N: I took my first steps for achieving my dream of becoming a professional singer by singing at the local theatre in my home town, where I'm still performing. From that point, I started developing my career besides the theatre activity, by providing vocals for hip-hop songs released by different Romanian artists and also by competing on reputable festivals in Romania.
My debut was in 2002, with the release of "Cine e cu noi", a major hit single in Romania by hip-hop group B.U.G. Mafia. I sang the chorus and the success of the song took me by storm, with many other collaborations to follow, as well as with the release of my first studio album coming the next year. I was overwhelmed by the affection I received from the audience and the press.

SE!: When we look at the career you have built, we can notice you have been through several music competitions. That made you travel with your music to several different countries. Why did you choose to go the competition path? And how does it feel to be able to showcase your work to such different audiences?

N: I participated in singing competitions from an early age. I think, for singers from my generation, such competitions were the The X Factor or The Voice of that time. They represented a big chance for a new artist to be discovered.
Since I am a very competitive person, I continued to participate and let my voice be heard. I won some international music festivals in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Turkey.
For me, attending international festivals was also a real opportunity to get to know various cultures. For example, my song "Un ideal", from my 2007 album "Cast away", is a remake of a traditional song from Kazakhstan's culture. Similarly, my 2018 single "Oare cine?" has some soft oriental influences.

SE!: Among the competitions you have taken part of, there are two we would like to talk about more deeply. The first one is Eurovision. You have participated in Romania's National Final some times and, eventually, you represented your country in Belgrade. What can you tell us about your times in the National Finals? And what about your experience in the festival in 2008?

N: Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest has always been a big challenge for me!
Prior to the 2008 National Selection for Eurovision, I was a constant contestant, taking part in five National Selections and submitting six songs, out of which three made it to the final.
I took it step by step, finishing on the third and on the second places before winning the chance to represent my country.
I remember one of the songs I was pretty sure it would take us to Eurovision was "Jokero", performed with Akcent. The song was already a hit single in Romania and it also started to gain airplay in several European countries.
But Eurovision is unpredictable and you can't bet on a song! At the end of the day, it's the decision of the audience!
Competing within Eurovision in Belgrade was the most important achievement of my career. Everything out there works by a strict schedule. The stage, the green room – oh my God, the audience, what an audience! In the semifinals, Vlad and I were very happy with our qualification to the grand final, where we opened the competition, performing as the first ones. It wasn't that easy to be the first act, but the audience helped us a lot, by giving us such a warm welcome! Although the song finished in the 20th place, it won the Marcel Bezençon Composer Award, to that date being the only Romanian entry to win such an award.
Outside the competition, ESC is a great opportunity to meet artists from different countries. For example, in Belgrade, I met Sirusho (Armenia's entrant) and we are still in touch.

SE!: The second competition we would like to discuss is Te Cunosc de Undeva [Romania's Your Face Sounds Familiar]. There, we could see a different side of your talents. How was it different, for you, to have to perform "as other people"? How was the whole process of turning into somebody else week after week? And which would you say were the most challenging acts you had to recreate?

N: Te Cunosc de Undeva was another challenge for me. In my live concerts, I use to cover a lot of songs from the international repertoire. But with every performance, I try to own the song, to make it mine somehow. That's why, when you are asked to imitate an artist, it isn't an easy thing to do. At least for me, it wasn't that easy. I received some characters which I think I managed to impersonate pretty well, like Alicia Keys (who I adore), Melanie Fiona, Dua Lipa or Stevie Wonder. Céline Dion and Lara Fabian are unique artists, I think it's impossible to try and copy them, even though I won a gala by singing Lara's "Je suis malade". The most challenging character I had to recreate was definitely AC/DC. I sang "Shoot to thrill"; it was hard, but at the end of the song, I was glad I made it!

"With a euro-pop genre, it's easier to access different mainstream markets. I've chosen a different path, a different genre, a different audience"
(Picture: Miriam Dumitrescu)

SE!: The Romanian music scene is one of the most prolific ones in Europe. What are some advantages and disadvantages of developing a career in such a flourishing environment? How was it, for you, to find your own place in the music market?

N: There are some Romanian artists who made it outside Romania: look at Inna, Alexandra Stan, Akcent, Edward Maya and more. They are very successful in Europe and not only.
Truth is, with a euro-pop genre, it's easier to access different mainstream markets. I've chosen a different path, a different genre, a different audience. I've focused on developing a career in Romania, since my debut occurred when I was already 33 years old.

SE!: For your latest single, "Esti liber", you gathered with other big female artists to deliver powerful feminist lyrics. Tell us more about the project, and about the message you want to pass along with this song.

N: I started a soft pop-rock project last year, by releasing "4 pereti" ("4 walls"). Since it was well received by audience and radio stations, I decided to continue it. "Esti liber" ("You're free") was written during the lockdown. I fell in love with it when I first heard it.
Since the message is a feminist one, I asked some of my colleagues to join me for the music video. Amna, Adda, Nicole Cherry and Misha all have built amazing careers in music and I was truly happy that they accepted to be part of this project.
The song talks about the independent woman that finds courage to go on by herself when she finds the beloved one cheats on her.
It has received positive reviews and I am so thankful to my team for writing it and to my fans for making this song popular.

SE!: Speaking of collaborations, you've teamed up with several other artists throughout your career. What are some of your most remarkable experiences collaborating with other people? And, looking ahead, if you could choose anyone, who would be some Romanian and international artists you would still like to collaborate with?

N: I've always been into collaborations. I feel that it's important to work with other artists. Not only for the fanbase, but also for a permanent development.
Many of my collaborations are with hip-hop/rap artists, and that's because I know that's where I can be myself.
Definitely, the collaboration with B.U.G. Mafia will always be special to me, I had an amazing time back then! So I would be more than happy to work with these guys again.
At an international level, I admire Alicia Keys and Delta Goodrem. I'd love to work with them!

SE!: We can imagine that the COVID-19 situation has changed some of your plans for this year. How were you affected by the pandemics? And what can we and your fans expect from you in the near future?

N: Indeed, the COVID-19 situation has changed a lot of plans for all the people involved in art.
I had to postpone "Suflet pereche", a brand new concert-play, a production of the theatre I'm performing at. It is a brand new production in which I perform all of my popular songs. I hope to bring it to the audience again soon.
My fans can expect new music from me, as always, because I try to release new songs constantly. I'm lucky to have a recording studio at home and my constant team beside me (Laurentiu Matei and Ovidiu Iordache – the composer and the lyricist). Also, I have, in plan, the release of a traditional Romanian music album.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Nico, and why?

N: That's the hardest question. Honestly. :)
It's hard to choose from all of them.
If I think of my latest releases, I'd go for "Suflet pereche"; that song can calm me down with every rehearsal, with every performance. There's something special about this song and it's also a fan favorite.
But my signature song and my all time favorite is definitely "Nu pot sa mai suport". It means so much to me and I'm more than happy to see that today, more than 17 years from the original release, it has such an authentic and actual sound, being known not only by people in my generation, but also by youth.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Poland | Adam Stachowiak - "Dotrę na szczyt"


Polish star Adam Stachowiak has a new single on offer. And we couldn't be more excited about it! "Dotrę na szczyt" is a wonderful pop-rock song. It offers a light but very inviting melody, which builds an ambience which is hard to resist.

United Kingdom | Lawson - "Animals"


British band Lawson are finally back with us! They have recently released a new single, "Animals", a song that mixes pop and synth in an engaging way. Do not miss the video: it really takes the fun of the song to another level!

Italy | Irene Grandi - "Devi volerti bene"


Time to check up on Italian artist Irene Grandi! She is promoting his latest album, "Grandissimo", with a new single. "Devi volerti bene" is a potent pop-rock track with an endearing retro flavor.

Germany | Nena - "Licht"


German singer Nena has just released a new single! The song is entitled "Licht", an energetic pop anthem that the singer released as a surprise to celebrate her 60th birthday. The lyrics inspire to send light and love to others, in a way to spread positivity to the world.

North Macedonia | Jane Dunimagloski feat. Meri Todorova Mladenovska - "Bajka za nas"


Jane Dunimagloski is a Macedonian singer from Skopje. Meri Todorova Mladenovska is a Macedonian singer from Prilep. They've got together to record and release "Bajka za nas". It's an interesting mid-tempo ballad, with two voices that complement each other in a great manner.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Georgia | Katie Melua - "A love like that"


Time to remeet Georgian-born, British-based Katie Melua! She is promoting her upcoming studio album, "Album no. 8", to be released in October, with the single "A love like that". It is a captivating track that mixes soft classical instruments with Katie's melting voice.

Belgium | IBE - "Dark maze"


It's time to listen to another awesome release by IBE! The Belgian rising star has just released "Dark maze". It's a solid song with great instrumentals and, as usual, a flawless vocal performance.

Slovenia | Samantha Maya - "Glas"


Samantha Maya is a Slovene singer from Prebold. She rose to prominence winning the music event Slovenska Nota. After the instant success she reached with previous singles, she has taken some time out of the public eye. Now, she is returning with a new single, "Glas". It's stupendous!

Armenia | Sirusho - "Vision"


Armenian star Sirusho has just released a new single. And we are totally taken by it! "Vision" is a great song, with a mysterious vibe and a wonderful addition of folk elements.

Moldova | Vanotek feat. Bastien - "Talk to me"


There's a new single by Moldovan producer Vanotek! Featuring vocals by Bastien (the stage name of Sebastian Tudor, a 22-year-old singer from Bucharest), he has just released "Talk to me", a soft approach to groovy dance sounds.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Ukraine | Elka - "Mne legko"


Ukrainian singer Elka has just released a new single. It's "Mne legko", a track that sounds so characteristic, it could only be hers! The song is a captivating and smooth pop-rock, with that fun, fresh and playful vibe only Elka offers.

Finland | Ollie - "Älä riko mua enää"


Ollie is becoming one of the most prolific artists from Finland. And he demonstrates that single after single. With his latest release, "Älä riko mua enää", he delivers a calmer pop ballad that is enhanced by the subtle addition of string instruments.

Serbia | Filip Mitrović - "To što jesam"


Filip Mitrović is a Serbian singer who was born in Kraljevo in 1991. Meet him with his wonderful new release, "To što jesam". The song is an intense Balkan ballad with a growing melody and a very imposing second half.

Denmark | Hugo Helmig - "Sooner or later"


Danish star Hugo Helmig has just released a new single. It's entitled "Sooner or later". It's a great pop song! The chorus is extremely marking, and the ambience is irresistible. It's worth noting that Lukas Forchhammer (Lukas Graham) is one of the songwriters of the track, and that he also helps with some vocals.

Romania | Lucian Colareza - "Tu nombre"


Lucian Colareza is a Romanian singer from Constanța. He rose to prominence after reaching the final phases of The Voice of Romania in 2014. He has just released a marvelous new single, entitled "Tu nombre". It's a song that offers Latin passion in a great Romanian read. It's so lovely!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Sweden | Will Ferrell feat. Molly Sandén - "Husavik (My hometown)"


Eurovision fans didn't have this year's festival to enjoy, but they were given the comedy "Eurovision Song Contest: The story of Fire Saga". And one of the songs in the movie, "Husavik (My hometown)", by American actor Will Ferrell and Swedish singer (and former Junior Eurovision star) Molly Sandén, who signed it as My Marianne, has blown everyone away.

Let's think about its qualities: It's a grandiose power ballad with a growing second half. Sandén performs it flawlessly. It works amazingly well live. It's deep and touching. It has two languages. So, can we say this could easily be a real-life Eurovision winner? Well, one way or the other, there is one thing we can surely say: it's not "Ja ja ding dong", but it's our song of the week!

Turkey | Aleyna Tilki - "Bu benim masalım"


It's time to have fun with Aleyna Tilki's new single! The Turkish star has just released "Bu benim masalım". It's a song that offers a groovy, well-paced melody, built by captivating claps and wonderful instrumentals. It's impossible not to get involved.

Russia | INKI - "Kholodno-goryacho"


INKI is a boyband created for the Russian market, based on Japanese and South Korean musical trends. The group was created and is being led by Maxim Fadeev. They have just released "Kholodno-goryacho". The song is very smooth, and properly delivers the idea of taking Asian influences to Russian sounds.