Tuesday, May 12, 2020

United Kingdom | LONA - "Wonderland"


John, Todd, Sam and James are LONA, an uprising group coming from the United Kingdom. With their new single, "Wonderland", the band is offering a tribute to mankind: "Right now, more than ever, we feel like we're living in a 'Wonderland'. These times are so confusing, lonely and scary. It's hard not to get down in these surreal times. It feels like we are stuck in a real-life movie. We lose sight of the bigger picture, how amazing us humans can be. There are people on the front line, risking their lives to save others, people singing in the streets to make sure nobody feels isolated or forgotten. Amongst the chaos, there are beautiful moments. The world is full of unconditional love and hope, and we’re here to share this message to every last person. The lost, the lonely and the loved".

The song is rock 'n' roll as we want it to be: it's strong, catchy and highly addictive. We are promised an uplifting yet purposefully alt-rock anthem, with a chorus call to euphoria, and we surely get it!

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