Sunday, February 09, 2020

Serbia | IN VIVO - "Džentlemen"


IN VIVO is a Serbian duo formed by Igor Maljukanović and Neven Živančević. Meet them with their latest single, "Džentlemen". It's a song that offers an involving and hypnotic melody, with a unique mood and ambience.


Ćofi said...

I think you happen to have a mistake here: These guys were most likely not born in “Rodjen”, because “rodjen/rođen/рођен” is Serbian for “born”. There seems to be no info on the net as to where exactly they were born, but they both attended a primary school in Banjica, one of the Southern districts within the city of Belgrade.

Sounds European! said...

Thanks a lot for your correction! You are totally correct, and we have adapted the text after your tip! :)