Saturday, August 31, 2019

Malta | The Crowns - "We're gonna"


Maltese band The Crowns keep surprising us with amazing music. We are totally addicted to their new single, "We're gonna". It's a great pop-rock song, with a groovy melody and a perfect chorus. It's such an entertaining song: it's fun from first to last second! We are totally into it. It's our song of the week.

Germany | Madeline Juno - "Grund genug"


As German singer Madeline Juno commented with us on our exclusive interview with her, she is soon releasing her new album, "Was bleibt". And one more single to emerge from it is "Grund genug", a pop ballad with intense lyrics that Madeline describes as "less storytelling, but more an insight into what a panic attack looks like and where your mind takes you when thinking straight doesn't quite work".

Greece | Andreas Stergiopoulos - "Ego se xero"


Andreas Stergiopoulos is a Greek singer who was born in Agios Nikolaos. He has just released "Ego se xero", and it's a perfect sample of the best Greek pop can offer. It has a melody which is catchy and captivating, and a chorus which is passionate and intense. The result is amazing!

Finland | Isac Elliot - "Waiting game"


Finnish star Isac Elliot prepared a great new single to offer. We are talking about "Waiting game", a smooth and light (but very intense!) electropop song with a very modern chorus. It is, as usual, great entertainment!

Updated on August 31st, 2019, with the official video.

Friday, August 30, 2019

Estonia | Elina Born - "Kordumatu"


Estonian singer Elina Born returns to Sounds European! to share her most recent single. "Kordumatu" is a fresh splash of summer-inspired pop!

United Kingdom | Gabrielle Aplin feat. JP Cooper - "Losing me"


British stars Gabrielle Aplin and JP Cooper got together for an amazing new single! It's "Losing me". According to Gabrielle, the song "is about what you wish you could hear when you're having a particularly hard time, while also being that voice to someone else who needs it". The wrap to that message couldn't be better: it's a groovy track with an absolutely great vibe. Their voices help making it all even smoother than the melody already does!

Sweden | Vera Hotsauce - "One time"


Swedish rising talent Vera Hotsauce is back with a new single on offer. And we cannot stress it enough: "One time" is pop at its most entertaining form. Its melody is completely irresistible! We were caught from the very first seconds, and then we never stopped until the end.

Austria | Julian le Play - "Millionär"


After more than two years without appearing on our site, Julian le Play finally returns to show us his new single. "Millionär" brings a relaxed kind of pop, which is so characteristic of the Austrian singer, with a contemporary synth and electronic influence.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Finland | Benjamin - "Näytä mulle ne"


Finnish pop star Benjamin is back with his most recent single. "Näytä mulle ne" brings an uptempo pop ballad in which several instruments create a unique atmosphere.

United Kingdom | Barns Courtney - "Hollow"


Barns Courtney is a British musician born in Ipswich in 1990. Get to know his eclectic music style in "Hollow", a song that draws influence from classic and modern rock sounds to convey a really unique melody!

Slovenia | Anabel - "Mama"


Slovene star Anabel has just released a new single. And we are totally hooked! "Mama" is a great song, with a chorus which is highly contagious. It's impossible to listen to it and not be fully addicted: it's pop at its best form!

Bulgaria | Trilogy - "Up to no good"


Svetoslav Kepchelev, Mihail Ilinov and Lazar Lazarov are Trilogy, a Bulgarian pop-rock band from Sofia. Meet them with "Up to no good". It's a very smooth and involving song. It's so addictive!

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Sweden | Janice - "Hearts will bleed"


Swedish singer Janice is back to Sounds European! with her most recent release. "Hearts will bleed" takes her on an adventure of pop with an intense influence of R&B and a sultry chorus that will have you hooked!

Germany | Stereokeys - "Motion"


Benjamin, Stefan, Christoph and Tim are Stereokeys, an alternative indie rock band from Germany. They have just released a rocky summer soundtrack, entitled "Motion". Its ambience, built by entertaining melody and vocals, is simply amazing!

United Kingdom | Ed Tattersall - "Never believe"


Ed Tattersal is a British up-and-coming musician hailing from Hertford. Check up his captivating sounds in "Never believe", his latest single. The track is a piece of alternative rock that gets elevated by Ed's raspy and deep voice.

Russia | Leksa - "Pervaya lyubov'"


Leksa Prudnikova is a young talent rising in the Russian pop scene. Hailing from Krasnodar, the 16-year-old has recently released the single "Pervaya lyubov'", a refreshing track to dance along.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Norway | Secret Treehouse - "Sinking"


Secret Treehouse have finally released their album, "The big rewind". And along with it, they have released a new single, entitled "Sinking". The song is perfect to be the focus track of the album, as it presents very well the sounds they are offering in it. It's a song with a delightful melodic ambience, which blends perfectly with the vocals!

Updated on August 29th, 2019, with the official video.

Greece | George Sabanis - "M' ena sou vlemma"


Greek singer George Sabanis has just released a new single. And we couldn't be more in love with it! "M' ena sou vlemma" is a strong pop song with an extremely imposing chorus. Overall, the song could not sound more fitting to George's work!

United Kingdom | REYKO - "Lose myself"


REYKO are a London-based electropop duo, consisting of vocalist Soleil and producer Igor. Meet them with their great new single, "Lose myself". It's an atmospheric indie song with a wonderful vibe. It's hard to make minimalist sound grand, but they surely manage to achieve it: it all works so well!

Slovenia | Tinkara Kovač - "Bodi z mano do konca"


Look who is finally back: it's Slovene star Tinkara Kovač! She has just released a new single, entitled "Bodi z mano do konca". It's a sweet and delicate song with lovely instrumentals and a wonderful vocal performance. We love it to bits!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Lithuania | GJan - "Neleisk man užmigt"


Lithuanian singer GJan makes a stunning return to Sounds European!! This time, she delivers "Neleisk man užmigt", a compelling ballad that explores an intimate side of the singer.

Latvia | Normunds Rutulis - "Pantu panti"


Latvian artist Normunds Rutulis is back with a new single. And we are totally into it! "Pantu panti" is a song which is set to entertain whoever listens to it, from its very first second until the end.

North Macedonia | DNK - "Gore ili dole"


Sounds European! finally remeets Macedonian group DNK! They have a new single on offer, entitled "Gore ili dole". It's an intense and involving song with a very groovy melody. The chorus is specially addictive!

Ukraine | Marietta Ways - "Na krylakh"


Ukrainian singer Marietta Ways has a new single on offer. And it's totally a must-listen! It's "Na krylakh", a beautiful ballad with a powerful chorus. Marietta's voice owns the track greatly!

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Croatia | Kristina Boban - "Svijet za nas"


Kristina Boban is a Croatian singer from Split. Meet her with her latest single, "Svijet za nas". It's a very catchy pop-rock song with a chorus which is intense and highly addictive. We love it!

Armenia | Sevak Khanagyan - "Obnimi"


Armenian star Sevak Khanagyan has released another new single. We are talking about "Obnimi". It's one of those songs one could really say has the signature of the artist: it's very groovy, and the chorus is very intense... it screams Sevak!

Czech Republic | Mirai - "Hometown"


Czech band Mirai are back to our site! They have recently released "Hometown", a pop-rock track with a subtle folkish underlying tone that creates a very cozy atmosphere!

Slovenia | Lea Sirk - "Po svoje"


We are now landing in Slovenia, to have lots of fun with Lea Sirk's new single. And we cannot stress it enough: "Po svoje" is an extremely entertaining song! It's impossible not to bop to its melody from first to last second.

Russia | Stas Pieha - "V samyy pervyy raz"


Look who we are finally remeeting! It's Russian singer Stas Pieha, who has a new single on offer. It's "V samyy pervyy raz", a passionate midtempo song with a lovely melody and a chorus which is the true definition of captivating.

Updated on February 15th, 2020, with the official video.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Belgium | Mustii - "Blind"


Mustii is the stage name of Thomas Mustin, a Belgian artist hailing from Brussels. We have recently got to listen to his single "Blind", and we haven't stopped ever since. It's so hypnotic! It's a song that offers an involving melody and a very captivating chorus. And, to complete, it's all wrapped by a wonderful vocal performance. We love it to bits: it's our song of the week!

Italy | Selton feat. Malika Ayane and Carlinhos Brown - "Ipanema"


Italian star Malika Ayane has joined two Brazilian artists, Selton (band that is currently based in Milan) and Carlinhos Brown, for a new single. And the title couldn't be more related to the South American country: "Ipanema". The song is as Brazilian as one could be, with an Italian spice which makes it all even more interesting. We are listening to it nonstop!

Poland | Sylwia Grzeszczak - "Rakiety"


One of the divas of Polish pop is back! Sylwia Grzeszczak makes a stunning return with "Rakiety", an alternative pop with an electric melody that will have you on tenterhooks from start to end!

Romania | Peter Maffay - "Morgen"


Peter Maffay is a Romanian-born (he was born in Brasov) German singer and musician. He has just released "Morgen", and we are totally hooked. It's such a powerful song!

France | Bilal Hassani - "Jaloux"


We just came across the new single by French singer Bilal Hassani, and we're hooked from the very first listen. "Jaloux" is a powerful urban kind of pop wiht an equally intense set of lyrics.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Hungary | Soulwave - "Te maradtál"


There is no time we meet Hungarian band Soulwave without listening to a banger! And here they are, doing it all once again, with "Te maradtál". What a stupendous song it is! It's a song to listen on repeat.

United Kingdom | Girl Ray - "Show me more"


Poppy, Sophie and Iris are Girl Ray, a pop group hailing from London. Meet them with their latest single, "Show me more". We are sure you'll quickly fall in love with it (and with them!). It's alternative pop at its best. It's as enjoyable as it gets!

Ukraine | The Hardkiss - "Khto, yak ne ty"


The Hardkiss, Ukraine's most unique alternative ensemble, are back to Sounds European! to promote their latest album, "Zalizna lastivka". Their latest single is the haunting "Khto, yak ne ty", a synth ballad with a captivating melody!

Moldova | Mark Stam - "Ultima oara"


Moldovan singer Mark Stam is back with a new single. It's entitled "Ultima oara". It's a unique song, with an interesting melody, built by an interesting choice of instrumentals and arrangements. The result is awesome!

Finland | ALMA - "Lonely night"


Finnish star ALMA has recently released a new single. And we couldn't be more in love with it! "Lonely night" is a wonderful electropop song with hypnotic beats and an ambience that can make anyone disconnect from the world!

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Russia | Sergey Lazarev- "Lovi"


Sergey Lazarev has released a brand new single! "Lovi" is a chill kind of retro pop which sounds perfect for a ride to a night out!

Spain | Alex Ubago feat. Soge Culebra - "Maldito miedo"


Alex Ubago has another duet on offer! This time, the Spanish star has joined Soge Culebra (stage name of Gabriel Gómez, from Murcia) for a new single. And we are totally into it! It's "Maldito miedo", a groovy pop-rock with a very captivating chorus.

Croatia | Jacques Houdek - "Voli do boli"


Croatian star Jacques Houdek has just released a new single. And it's totally a must-listen! It's "Voli do boli", a smooth pop with a quite marking chorus. It's so enjoyable!

North Macedonia | Eye Cue - "Love me hate me"


Macedonian band Eye Cue are back to our site to show us their latest single. "Love me hate me" is a guitar-driven contemporary pop whose chorus will have you swinging endlessly!

Latvia | Dana Sokolova - "Sebya beregi"


We keep meeting Latvian singer Dana Sokolova, and we keep getting surprised. She is living a wonderful 2019! This time, we listen to "Sebya beregi". It's a well-paced pop-rock with a very entertaining chorus.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Netherlands | Maan - "Zo kan het dus ook"


It's finally time to remeet Dutch star Maan. She has recently released a great new single. It's "Zo kan het dus ook", a smooth song with a very groovy ambience and a quite cool chorus.

10 Questions For: Madeline Juno


Sounds European! now lands in Germany, where we had a conversation with one of the most talented (and delightful, let us add!) singers from the country. Her career was a huge success since her very first single, and you can get to know more about her path with this interview. These are our 10 questions for Madeline Juno:

Sounds European!: Let's go back to your childhood. When we talk about music, what are your first memories? How was your relationship with music at a young age? What artists did you like to listen to then? And did any of them eventually influence the artist you came to be?

Madeline Juno: Growing up, I was constantly surrounded by music, as both of my parents played in a band and therefore had rehearsals at our house, and sometimes took me and my brother along to their gigs. I first started playing piano at around six or seven, and later on taught myself to play acoustic guitar when I was about 12 – that's when I started writing songs and got more and more into music. I was a huge Miley Cyrus fan as a teen, so she definitely inspired me loads and still does today! I'm sure a lot of my way of writing songs was heavily influenced by artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, although I also loved alternative music, such as City and Colour, Paramore and Tegan and Sara, who have all absolutely made me become the writer I am today.

SE!: You grew up in an environment where music has always been present. Your father is a drummer and your mother is a pianist. In other words, music is in your blood. Do you believe that seeing your parents' relationship with music somehow helped you decide to follow the same path?

MJ: Yes and no, to be honest. My parents have always had normal day jobs and still do today, and music was their way of breaking out of their work life routine and letting loose a bit. But since I'm from a very small town in the South of Germany, where everyone and everything follows a rather strict and linear way of life and career paths, I never actually thought music was something to go for. It just happened, I was extremely lucky! But both my parents sure insipired me to start making music in the first place.

SE!: Your family was also important in your first steps with music, as your mother taught you piano in your childhood. How and when did you start showing interest in learning to play instruments and sing? And at what point did you realize that music was already going beyond a passion, but also becoming your profession?

MJ: Like I said above, I was around 12 when I picked up the guitar and started recording my first demos. I realized it was heading towards a more serious thing when one of my songs went sort of viral when I was 14 – that lead to a production team from Hamburg discovering and contacting me, which then resulted in me spending all of my holidays in a studio far from where I grew up. I was balancing school and being a teenager living her normal life and also recording an album for years, until I eventually gratuated at 18 years old, signed record deals and released my first record.

SE!: Your debut single, "Error", was the title track for the blockbuster film "Fack ju Göhte". It entered the German charts, as well as your second single, "Like lovers do", and your debut album, "The unknown". It's a wonderful start to a career! Did you expect such an instant success? And how did you deal with it? How did you feel when, within a few months, your songs started playing everywhere?

MJ: I don't think I actually took it as success at the time – everything happened all at the same time and there's hardly any time to really reflect on anything as you're doing what you're doing. I was so young and so scared and happy at the same time, it was super fun but also pretty crazy. It was a dream come true in a lot of ways, and I think it took years for me to be able to look back and see it as success.

SE!: In 2014, you took part in the National Final which selected the German entry for Eurovision, with "Error" and "Like lovers do". What made you participate in the selection? How was your experience in it? And nowadays, would you still consider competing in Eurovision?

MJ: Not to spill any beans here, but it was brought up by my record label at the time and taking part in the Eurovision National Final was considered good promotion, I guess (haha). I grew up watching Eurovision every year, so of course it was an honor getting an opportunity like that! I have to say though, I wouldn't do it again. I sure learned a lot, but looking back at it, I was too young and too inexperienced and I'm sure I'd be able to "deliver" a better performance nowadays, but then, I was simply too young.

"With every song and every album or EP, I've learned more about what I like and who I am and what I want to stand for or say in my songs" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: When we listen to your latest singles, and compare them to your first ones, we can notice differences (in sound, in approach, in style). It is even a little obvious that this happens, since we all change, we all grow. When you make this comparison between your first songs and your current ones, what would you say has changed, musically?

MJ: Musically, I've quite clearly moved away from the organic and acoustic production and sound of my first record, if I may say so myself. With every song and every album or EP, I've learned more about what I like and who I am and what I want to stand for or say in my songs. I would say my lyrics have grown as I have grown and so has the production and the tone of my voice. It's a super exciting journey growing up in the music industry! 

SE!: You are about to release a new album, titled "Was bleibt". And you have already gifted us some songs from it: "Gib doch nach", "Automatisch" (which we fell completely in love with, and named it our song of the week, by the way!) and "Grund genug". What can you tell us about these songs? What feelings and messages did you want to express in them? And what can we expect from your album?

MJ: Thank you so much! A lot of songs on my next record are less about relationships or obvious heartache caused by your partner or ex-partner. I talk a lot about mental health and personal growth, self love and how all hurdles and struggles lead to yourself getting stronger and eventually learning lessons. "Automatisch" is actually about depression, where the production is meant to make you want to get on your feet and dance. "Gib doch nach" on the other hand is less storytelling, but more an insight into what a panic attack looks like and where your mind takes you when thinking straight doesn't quite work. "Grund genug" is about the realization that your worth isn't based on what others make you feel and how other people may treat you. It's a song about self discovery and healing.

SE!: In addition to the album release, what are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

MJ: I'm super interested in a lot of things – I enjoy making art, such as painting, photography and videography. I'm also teaching myself to tattoo at the moment and I'm working on a new podcast. But mainly, I want to focus on my career as a songwriter for other artists and projects. That's at the top of my list!

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some German and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

MJ: Oh jeez, that's hard. I have a lot of artists and songwriters in mind I'd like to write for or with. But in terms of collaborations, I could name hundreds of amazing people!
My list is endless, but I absolutely admire Bon Iver, Julia Michaels, The 1975, Lorde, Jon Bellion, Sasha Sloan, Queen, Miley Cyrus... the list goes on and on and on...

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Madeline Juno, and why?

MJ: Haha... cheeky! Right now, I'm feeling super proud and excited to share this song called "Zu zweit allein" off the new album, which is pretty raw and the lyrics are insanely close to my heart. 
But in terms of releases from the past, I'm still very happy to have made "Halt mich fest", as it's so different to everything I'd ever done before, and I believe it was sort of the first beginning-to-end vocoder pop song in German.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

United Kingdom | Keane - "Love too much"


Keane's comeback to the music scene couldn't be more glorious! Their new album, "Cause and effect", will be released next month, but they are already presenting the second single from it: "Love too much" is a downtempo pop-rock with synth influences that bring a delicious retro feel.

Finland | ABREU - "Sytyn"


Finnish star ABREU has just released a new single. And it's an awesome one! "Sytyn" is smooth electropop with a delightful melody and a very fun chorus.

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Nezhnaya"


Azerbaijani singer Emin is back to our site with his latest single. We are talking about "Nezhnaya". It's a very entertaining pop song with an unmistakable spice of summer sounds.

Italy | Sara Jo - "Mili, mili"


Italian-born Serbian singer Sara Jo has just released a new single. And it's a great one! "Mili, mili" is a groovy and entertaining song with marking beats and a very inviting chorus. Once again, Sara proves her voice fits all kinds of songs!

Russia | Lena Katina - "Mono"


Russian star Lena Katina has a new single on offer. And you know what that means: it's time to listen to amazing music! It's a well-paced and hypnotic electropop with a very marking chorus.

Monday, August 19, 2019

The Charts Day #208 (part 2)


Besides the Belgian, there is only one other main national chart which doesn't have "Señorita" at the first place. It is the Italian one, whose leading song is "Una volta ancora", by Fred De Palma and Ana Mena.

The Charts Day #208 (part 1)


During previous weeks, we have already talked a bit about how "Señorita" is ruling over basically the entire Europe. Well, this week, we've reached an extreme: it is leading all the main national charts in the continent but two. And these two, of course, are the ones The Charts Day is going to highlight, starting with "Hoe het danst", by Marco Borsato, Armin van Buuren and Davina Michelle, which is currently #1 in Belgium (and #2 in the Netherlands).

Sunday, August 18, 2019

France | Najoua Belyzel - "Le fléau"


French singer Najoua Belyzel is back with a new single. And we couldn't be more into it! "Le fléau" is a song that offers a catchy melody which is easy to get addicted to, and a hypnotic ambience.

Slovakia | Zea - "Out of touch"


Alžbeta Ferencová is Zea, a Slovak singer who was born in Prešov and is currently based in Prague, in the Czech Republic. Meet her with her latest single, "Out of touch". It's a hypnotic pop song with a wonderful ambience. And she has such a smooth voice!

Croatia | Zsa Zsa - "Zarobljena"


Croatian singer Zsa Zsa returns to our site to deliver a taste of Balkan summer! Her latest single is entitled "Zarobljena", and it is a relaxed kind of summer track that would fit perfectly in any road trip playlist!

Greece | Dimitris Trifonas - "Dose ena telos"


Dimitris Trifonas is a Greek signer hailing from the island of Corfu. His most recent single will bring all the Greek dramatic folk: "Dose ena telos", which adds a bit of rock to the mix, is the kind of song we can't have enough of!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

France | Philippine - "C'est beau, c'est toi"


Hailing from Havre, Philippine is a young talent rising in France. After her participating in the fifth edition of The Voice in her country, she released a single with Irish singer Gavin James and is now going solo in "C'est beau, c'est toi". The song is a tropical mix of pop with a super catchy chorus. We love it to bits: it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | The Struts - "Dancing in the street"


It's time to listen to another amazing new single by The Struts. The British band has just released "Dancing in the street", and it's such an entertaining song! It offers an inviting melody, upwards ambience and vocals, and a video which completes this vibe perfectly.

Denmark | KOPS - "Four eyes"


Oskar Kops Kronback is KOPS, a Danish singer, songwriter and producer hailing from Ballerup. He has just released a new single, entitled "Four eyes". It's a highly involving pop-rock song with strong instrumentals and a very marking chorus.

Germany | Malik Harris - "Like that again"


German new talent Malik Harris has just released his first EP. And his new single is the EP's title track, "Like that again". It's a song which offers a well-paced melody, built by solid instrumentals, and a great vocal performance. The result is very fun!

This song's video on YouTube isn't available worldwide, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Friday, August 16, 2019

France | Maëlle - "Toutes les machines ont un cœur"


Maëlle Pistoia is a very young talent rising in France. Hailing from the city of Tournus, she became the winner of the seventh season of The Voice in her country, and here we present you her debut single. "Toutes les machines ont un cœur", composed by Zazie and produced by Calogero, is an explosion of alternative pop-rock sounds!

United Kingdom | Jax Jones feat. Bebe Rexha - "Harder"


British artist Jax Jones and American singer Bebe Rexha have joined forces in a great single! "Harder" is a festivity of contemporary electronic pop with a very quirky videoclip to go along!

Sweden | Tove Lo feat. ALMA - "Bad as the boys"


Sweden's Tove Lo and Finland's ALMA have recently met to release a single together. The result is "Bad as the boys", a downtempo approach to their edgy styles of pop that has a very interesting appeal!

Hungary | Tibor Kocsis feat. Heni Dér - "Sorszám"


Born in Kecskemét in 1981, Tibor Kocsis became a household name for Hungarian pop music. He won the second edition of the local The X Factor, and went on to release four studio albums and several successful singles. The latest one of them is with Serbian-born singer Heni Dér. Entitled "Sorszám", the song is a powerful pop with a retro synth vibe!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Portugal | NEEV - "Calling out"


Look who is back! It's Portuguese singer NEEV, with his latest single, "Calling out". It's a grower song which starts delicate and becomes a constant wave of greatness with its development. It's totally a must-listen!

France | INCA - "La vie m'attend"


Fabien Incardona is INCA, an author, composer and singer who was born in the South of France. Meet him with "La vie m'attend". The song, which is part of the show-event "Siddhartha l'opéra rock", is absolutely delightful!

North Macedonia | Lozano - "Ne te vadam od pamet"


Macedonian singer Lozano has just released a new single. And it's a great one! "Ne te vadam od pamet" is a passionate song with a captivating melody and a delightful ambience, built by a great work of instrumentals.

Finland | Ida Paul feat. Kalle Lindroth - "Sano mun nimi ääneen"


We are now finally landing again in Finland, to listen to another single by Ida Paul and Kalle Lindroth. We are talking about "Sano mun nimi ääneen". It's a great guitar-led song with a captivating melody and a chorus which is very marking.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Germany | Feuerherz - "Wer kann da denn schon nein sagen?"


It's time to remeet German boyband Feuerherz and their brand-new single. We are talking about "Wer kann da denn schon nein sagen?". It is, as usual, a very fun schlager song, with a chorus which is a true invitation to dance. It's irresistible!

10 Questions For: Christopher


Sounds European! had the honor of meeting one of the biggest stars of Danish music in person for an interview. And what a special one it was! He was very friendly, and open to talk deeply about various subjects, as you will see below. We are sure that, after reading this, you will be even more in love with him than you already were! These are our 10 questions for Christopher:

Sounds European!: We like to start interviews asking about the artists' first memories with music. What artists did you like to listen when you were growing up? Who were your idols in music? And do you feel that any of them has influenced the artist you came to be?

Christopher: One of my first memories when it comes to music is probably listening to Michael Jackson, and feeling like I couldn't stop my feet – and getting so happy of listening to that! I think I was 12 years old. I didn't grow up in a musical home, with a father playing the guitar or a mom sitting by the piano. So it was always just something that came from the inside, it was always pure passion.
I was 12 when I got a Christmas gift from my grandma. She gave me a Spanish guitar, and I started playing nonstop. I started to listen to a lot of singer-songwriters, like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson – stuff that I could easily learn how to play on the guitar, and play in front of the girls, you know? (laughter) That was really one of the big motivations for me, to be able to pick up the guitar and play some songs for my friends and for girls.
Then, when I was in third grade, that was my first musical huge success: there was like a talent show in my school, and I won that, and that was the first time that teachers, older students and my friends were like, "Wow, that was something else!". That was when I thought to myself, "Maybe I could do this, maybe I'm actually better than anyone at this". And yeah, that's my first musical memory.
You asked if any of the artists that I listened to growing up inspired me and influenced me as a musician... Absolutely! I think it's like that with all artists. You become a sort of a mishmash, a product of everything that you've listened to. So, I've listened to a lot of John Mayer, a lot of Michael Jackson, a lot of Justin Timberlake, a lot of Jack Johnson, a lot of singer-songwriters... lately, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran – and I'm just a mix of all that, you can hear all those guys in my music. And it comes out in different ways, but 100% [they have influenced and inspired].

SE!: When you were a kid, you were divided between two passions, football and music. At what point did you end up choosing music over football? What were you first steps singing and playing instruments? And when did you realize it was becoming more than a hobby, but your profession?

C: I remember when I got signed with Warner Music – at that time, it was called EMI Music –, when I got that label deal, when I signed that, I sort of slowly backed out of playing football (soccer, for the American audience). And I played for like 17 years... I still play to this day, and I love the sport, so I never quite stopped, but I knew that I was never good enough to go pro – and I felt like music really gave me a shot at going like pro-pro. And the label deal, the first deal, was a sign of that. I could show that to my parents and go, "I told you! I don't need a university degree! (laughter) I can do this!". And they were like, "OK, sure, go for it!". And that's eight years ago, now. Almost ten. And it's been going uphill – in a good way! – from that point.

SE!: You have a very special connection with your fans. Can you tell us a little about your relationship with them? How important do you feel this contact is, for you and for them? And what do your fans mean to you and your work?

C: Obviously, without the fans, I would not be able to do what I love. Without them buying tickets, without them listening to and spreading the music... just supporting me, and always being there, it would not be possible, any of it.
My career exploded at the same time as social media exploded, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and those three platforms have been a huge part of my career. They gave me a unique way to interact with the fans. I sort of was the "new generation" – I was like a Spotify artist, I was a YouTube artist and I was an Instagram artist... all this, at the same time. It all just sort of exploded when I exploded, so I had a huge fanbase, a huge following, and played some huge shows (compared to the fact that I had only released one album and been touring for a year)... playing for like 3000 people, in Denmark, which only few people do that.
So it was like a rocket career, and it was all because of the fans, it was all because of the young girls – in the beginning, there was a lot of similarities between me and what Justin Bieber did, it was young girls, and we all know that the 14, 15-year-old girls, they are the most dedicated and loyal fans, the ones that scream the loudest, and I really felt that, that kind of crazy pop-icon support. The way they put you like on a pedestal and you almost can't keep track with them, because it's so surreal, and it happened so fast. We still got some young, crazy 15-year-olds screaming, but it's ten years ago, so the fans grew with me. I see, today, when I'm performing, more 25-year-olds than there are 15-year-olds.
It's just been a crazy journey, and I've got a lot of day-one fans – people who have been with me from "Colours", my very first album, and "Call your girlfriend", the first cover I've ever put on YouTube, until "Irony", "My heart", "Real life" and the latest album, "Under the surface". It's been one hell of a ride, and I know for sure that none of it would have been possible without the fans.

SE!: Your success has crossed many borders. You have a large fan base not only in Denmark, but also in a lot of other countries. As an example, you have recently concluded your second Asian tour. How does it feel to know that your work has a worldwide reach? And how were your experiences on the Asian tours?

C: Oh, Asia is crazy, man! It started a couple of years ago, I think three or four years ago, that's when we played the first Chinese TV show, and since then we've been in all countries in Asia, I guess – all the big ones, at least. And it's just been crazy, to see your music travel to the other side of the world, and go to the other side of the world... get on a plane, sit there for ten hours, land in Hong Kong, and then there are screaming fans, you know? It's just been so surreal – and, in many ways, a dream come true!
I feel like there's a really special connection between my music and the Asian crowd, and the Asian music scene. They love pop music, so it just happened, again, very fast and very naturally. I've been in Beijing eight times, ten times, now. I just kept coming back, and I think that's one of the reasons why, right now, we can play sold-out shows and play in TV shows. I really feel that it's still growing, it's still building. It's weird and it's so awesome at the same time! It's mind-blowing when you get home from those tours and you have to absorb all the inputs, all the feedback and all the things that you've experienced... I'm just in my bedroom, in Denmark, in Copenhagen, going like, "What's just happened?". So crazy! So crazy!

SE!: In 2012, you received Danish Spotify's innovation award "Årets Nytænker". The award recognizes, among other things, innovative use of social and digital media to connect with fans, and it rewards creative promotion of music in new and original ways. So, being a person with recognized knowledge and quality in this topic, we ask you: how do you see the importance of social and digital media today, as tools for promoting music work?

C: It's everything, man. It's everything! It is the way that people consume music, it is the way that people listen to music. It's all digital. It's all online. And I think if you underestimate the power of Instagram, Facebook and social media in general, you don't have a fucking chance. (laughter) I mean, some people can do it, like Kanye West can do it – because he is where he is, he is who he is and his music is what it is –, he can take a step back from the game... but everybody else? To all aspiring musicians and all newcoming artists: put as much content as you can out there. Make shitloads of content! Be active, be social. Try to find that balance to where it's not ruining your life, obviously (that's hard, I've tried that), but in general, you can't underestimate the power of social media. It's the future, it's the now, it's everything. So yeah, go out there, get some content made and put it out there. Press it down people's throats. (laughter)
I can just see how important it is for me still today, and how important it's been for my career, and I wouldn't redo anything – even though it's hard sometimes, and you just wanna throw your phone in the ocean sometimes, and take breaks, you need that. But especially when you have a platform like mine, it's not even comparable to the audience you can reach on television, in the newspaper or in magazines – it's 600000 people, and it's the people that already chose voluntarily to follow you, you know? That's your number one promotion channel, so you should really take care of that and see the importance of that. That's how I see it.

"I'm allergic to repeating myself. I have to constantly be on the move, and go somewhere where I haven't been before and explore new music" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: As we see it, your latest albums, "Closer" and "Under the surface", show an artist who is maturing in several aspects. Songs as "Tulips", "Heartbeat", "Monogamy", "Irony" and "My heart" are examples of that: you are not afraid of exploring different styles, and you go very well in all of them. How do you compare the artist you are today with the artist you were at the beginning of your career?

C: That's a really good question! I'm glad that you say that! I've really, naturally just have felt a need to constantly develop myself as a songwriter, as an artist and as a singer, and go somewhere different. I'm allergic to repeating myself. I have to constantly be on the move, and go somewhere where I haven't been before and explore new music. And that means writing a lot of shit songs, because you are just fumbling, blindfolded, in the dark, "Where am I going? What's the next step?". And you just can't be afraid of writing shit songs. If you're afraid of writing shit songs, you'll never write that magic one. You'll never write something that really feels special to you. And that's what I really feel like I did, specially with "Under the surface", the new one.
Obviously, when I was 22, and I was single, and it was all about partying and getting girls, there was a lot of "Hey, there, sexy lady!" kind of songs – and, today, I think music sounds different to my ears. I like different stuff, my values are different, my moral compass is different. I feel certain things are more interesting than others... I mean, a lot happens from when you're 22 to 27, you know?
And I would love people to be part of my journey, not only visually, but also musically, so they can tell the difference between "OK, he was 18, he was 22, now he's 27. And now he sounds like this!". And I'm not afraid of going somewhere else, and experimenting with different genres and different styles. As long as it feels real, and as long as the lyrics are real to me, and it's a direct one-to-one vision of where I am in my life right now, then yeah, I can do whatever I want, whatever I feel like! To me, it's all about honesty, being real. That's important. Everything comes in second, after that, when it comes to writing.

SE!: You have just released a new single, titled "Real life". What can you tell us about this song? What feelings and messages did you want to express in it? And "Real life" is not part of your album "Under the surface". Does it mean we can expect a new album coming soon?

C: Actually, I'm gonna release a deluxe version of "Under the surface" in a couple of months, a physical version too, and "Real life" is gonna be on the album. It was like an in-between single, a song that I've written recently, after the album was released and after I got married – I wrote most of it on my honeymoon, and I was just high on life.
It's about being all the way up there, and you're looking down, with perspective, and you look at all the times that you've turned left when you should have gone right, and just accept the journey that you've been on, embracing all the wrong turns that you've made. It's looking at the person that you are hopefully gonna spend the rest of your life with and be like, "I love you for all your beautiful and all your good parts, but I love you for all your messy and all your bad parts too" – which is, for me, the most dedicated way of loving someone. It's like, "I love you for everything that you are, but most importantly I love you for everything that you're not".
And it's not only like that with a girlfriend or a wife. It's like that in a relationship with a brother, with a friend, or with your mom and dad. It's the only way to love someone, for all the things that they are and all the things that they're not. And I just thought that was a great message and something that you have to remind yourself of, especially before you go into a marriage and tell yourself, "I'm gonna spend the rest of my life with this person". We all carry our difficult sides, and our bad sides. And it's hard loving that too, but you gotta try.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

C: I took a break a couple of years ago, writing this album. I was off social media, I was not playing any live shows. Releasing this album and being back on the road has just made me so hungry! I feel I'm just gonna write and release music and tour the next couple of years, as much as I can. There is a Danish expression, "Smede mens jernet er varmt" [Strike while the iron is hot]... I feel like, right now, it's hotter than ever! I feel I found the recipe now, and I just need to go with it. And I just need to go all in!

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Danish and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

C: Oh! We have so many good musicians in the Danish scene right now! I feel that, soundwise and visually, it would probably be cool to write with . She is so awesome! A great songwriter, a great artist, so sweet, so talented... Yeah, I think that would be cool!

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Christopher, and why?

C: I think it varies all the time, man. Often, I just feel like saying "Real life", because it's where I am right now, and I just love performing that live and hearing people singing it back to me. But there is a difference between which one I like the most right now and which one I feel is the best song. I feel "Irony" is probably one of the best songs that I've ever written. And it just happened so naturally, the whole song just poured out of me – and I never tried that before! That was really a magical moment. It was a cool way that song sort of came to be. So, one or the other: "Real life" or "Irony".

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