Friday, May 31, 2019

Norway | The Needs - "Summerbore"


Bendik Brænne, Maciek Ofstad, Mattis Brænne Wigestrand, Knut Oscar Nymo and Nils Jørgen Nilsen are The Needs, a power pop, punk-rock band from Oslo, Norway. You can now listen to their debut single, "Summerbore". It's such an entertaining and powerful song. After listening to it, our expectations for the band can only be huge!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

United Kingdom | Florrie - "Borderline"


Sounds European! finally remeets British superstar Florrie. She has just released a new single, entitled "Borderline", and we couldn't be more excited about it. The song is a beautiful ballad, with a delightful melody built by classical instruments.

Croatia | Jakov Mađarić - "Kako si dospjela tamo"


We are now in Croatia, where we remeet the very talented Jakov Mađarić. He has just released a new single, entitled "Kako si dospjela tamo", and we are totally in love with it. Its chorus is so energetic and captivating!

Netherlands | Nielson - "Diamant"


Dutch singer Nielson has a new single on offer. So it's time to listen to great music! "Diamant" is a groovy song with inviting beats and a very effective chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Russia | Edvard - "Nad Zemloy letit korabl'"


Edvard Khatcharian is a Russian singer who was born in Sochi in 1984. He rose to prominence during the season 1 of Golos, the Russian version of The Voice, when he reached the show's semifinals. You can now listen to his latest single, "Nad Zemloy letit korabl'". It's an addictive pop song with a grandiose melody.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Sweden | Måns Zelmerlöw - "Grow up to be you"


Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw is coming back with new music! Recently, he has released a trio of singles: the summery "Better now", a cover of Eleni Foureira's "Fuego" (yes, you read it right) and the lovely "Grow up to be you", a beautiful ballad with empowering lyrics.

Portugal | Isaura feat. Luisa Sobral - "Uma frase não faz a canção"


Two of the most talented composers from Portugal met to release a single together. We are talking about Isaura and Luisa Sobral, who enchanted us with their tender sounds in "Uma frase não faz a canção".

Hungary | The Palace feat. Miskovits - "Visszanézek"


The Palace are a Hungarian collective formed by Holló Fehér, Tibor Kerekes, Mátyás Solymár and Bálint Wittinger. Their most recent single features Miskovits (born Márton Miskovits, a fellow Hungarian hip-hop artist): "Visszanézek" is a great sample of synthpop!

Norway | Secret Treehouse - "Wrong hands"


Sounds European! has the honor of announcing a very special exclusive premiere. You can now listen to Secret Treehouse's new single "Wrong hands" before its official release!

According to the band, the song "is about when our leaders don't do what's needed of them, and the consequences of it all ending up in the wrong hands". And well, let us be very clear: this single is absolutely wonderful! It offers a highly delightful melody, which builds a hypnotic and inviting mood, and is perfectly completed by great instrumentals and Anja's sweet voice.

Germany | Lotte - "Schau mich nicht so an"


We are in love with the latest single by Lotte! "Schau mich nicht so an" brings a more movemented side from the German singer, still retaining her unique approach to pop.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Latvia | Instrumenti feat. Prāta Vētra - "Te saule aust"


Two of the top acts from Latvia have met to release a single together. We are talking about Instrumenti and Prāta Vētra, whose "Te saule aust" is an explosion of soft rock!

10 Questions For: Secret Treehouse


They are one of the best bands hailing from Scandinavia. Their music blends indie, pop and rock in a unique manner, and all of their singles to date are simply marvelous. Sounds European! had the opportunity of talking to them, in one of the coolest interviews we've ever had. These are our 10 questions for Sveinung Fossan Bukve, of Secret Treehouse:

Sounds European!: We like to start our interviews getting to know a bit about the artists' backgrounds. Among all band members, who are the common idols you had when you were growing up? And do you feel they have influenced the music you currently make?

Sveinung Fossan Bukve (Secret Treehouse): Our musical backgrounds are quite diverse, I would say. My first real obsession when it comes to bands was Radiohead, and they still make much of the soundtrack of my life. I know Anja loves them too. Anja also loved U2 from her early days, and grew up with Alanis Morissette and Genesis. Marius really loves the world of drums from the '80s, he is pretty much the one in the band who loves commercial pop the most.

SE!: How did you guys first meet? When and how did you form the band? How did you feel when you started playing together? After the band was formed, what happened – what were your first career steps as a group?

SFB: Anja and I started the band a few years back. We moved to Bergen and then met Tormod, and then later Trond Espen and Marius joined. I would say when we all got together to make this record, there was this feeling of everything coming together. We found a sound together, we cracked the code of songs we've been working on for a long time – at the same time as we continued with that sound on new songs.

SE!: Can you tell us more about the band's name? Who came up with it? And what is the explanation behind the name Secret Treehouse?

SFB: Actually our former drummer, Giuliano. We all loved the name, and later we kind of formed our visual expression around the band's name. Secret Treehouse is about a form of escapism. It can be exemplified in an organic secret treehouse where there is life and creativity in a desolate, cold urban place. The place you retreat to when you need some distance and escape from reality. We like to describe ourselves in contrasts, the dark versus the light, the urban and dead versus the green nature. We like to think that there is a green creative hope in the midst of all the darkness, and we find creativity in these dichotomies.

SE!: Your three singles, "Kind of special", "Fear of frogs" and "The big rewind", are great. We really love them! Putting the three together, we feel a common direction: alternative pop-rock with retro electronic elements and a big focus on the melody. Is our impression accurate? How would you qualify, in style and genre, the music you make?

SFB: Thanks! When I write I have a big focus on melody, so very cool that you picked that up. I find it hard to label my own music, but I would say that we are within the indie pop genre, with elements of electronic music and rock. But I always have in mind that a good melody can work with almost any production or arrangement, so I'm aiming for any of our songs to be able to work with just an acoustic guitar or piano with vocals.

SE!: It's impossible to listen to your music and talk about your style and genre without connecting it all to the country where you come from. Norway is a place that is friendly to these alternative sounds, and is starting to be internationally recognized as an exporter of this kind of music. What is your view on the current Norwegian music scene? And how has it been, for you, to develop your career in Norway?

SFB: There has been a major shift in the way the business handles things over here the later years. The music business is getting more professional, and more and more musicians and bands are looking to go abroad. Artists like Röyksopp, AURORA and Sigrid are putting our city (and country) on the musical map and we even have bigger names than them in the EDM genre (Kygo and Alan Walker).

"A good melody can work with almost any production or arrangement"

SE!: In March, you signed with Ditto Plus, and "The big rewind" was your first single released on the label. What did it mean, for you, to sign with a label? And what has changed since then? What kind of experiences have they already been able to share and contribute to your work? And what possibilities have they already opened for you?

SFB: We have been DIY artists so far, and put together a strong team with people we trust to work with us. So signing with a label had to mean finding a label that allowed us to be in charge of our own career. Ditto Plus was therefore a perfect match for us. Having someone professional to discuss things with is important to us. The biggest change so far is that they've opened the way for us to get on editorial Spotify playlists, but it's still just early days in our collaboration.

SE!: Your three singles are going to be part of your upcoming album, which is also gonna be titled "The big rewind". What can you tell us about your album? At what point of making it are you? What kind of songs can we expect? And is there a release date known, or soon to be known?

SFB: We know the date, and the album is finished! I'm not sure when it will be official, though. We still have a few more singles at hand, before album release. The album was produced by our dear friend Stamos Koliousis. Songs are written by me, but we have all arranged them together. Some of the lyrics are written by our friend Øyvind Strømmen. We recorded the album partially in our own studio in Bergen, and in RecPublica Studio i Lubrza, in Poland. What an insane place to go! A high-end studio placed in a 700-year-old brick water mill in a poor, sleepy Polish town. Ten-minute drive from there, they have made the biggest Jesus statue in the world [Christ the King, in Świebodzin].
From the album, you can expect more of what you have already heard, but we like to vary between high-energy songs and more delicate songs, so there is a good mix there. We even have a song with only acoustic guitar and vocals. We stick to the good melody and let the song and arrangements develop from what we want to convey, but the whole album is in the landscape of indie pop with elements of electronic music and rock.

SE!: Besides the album's release, what else can your fans expect from you? What are your professional projects for 2019?

SFB: We are planning on doing several shows. First up is in London on May 30th. Then we're planning on having some trips abroad and in Norway after the album launches. And, we've started recording new music! A lot of new songs are written and a lot more is to come. So count on us to stay in there for the long run!

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Norwegian and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

SFB: Oh damn, what a great question! Nigel Godrich (as a producer), Röyksopp, Nels Cline (one of my biggest influences as a guitarist), Billie Eilish (what an unbelievable production that album of hers has), Aisha Badru (great voice), Jonny Greenwood... well, to name a few.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Secret Treehouse, and why?

SFB: That is a difficult question, but I would say that "The big rewind" or "Do you remember" (not yet released) are my favourites on the record, but also the quiet "Hero" (not yet released). It has to do with the topics and my personal involvement put into words in these songs, and that I really, really love how they turned out musically as well. They amplify what I intended to express in the first place.
As for the rest of the band, "Do you remember" and "Wrong hands" (out on May 30th) are very high up in their list of favourites. They have strong melodies with a lot of emotion, dressed up in dynamic and big arrangements.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "La libertad"


Spanish singer Alvaro Soler is turning into the soundtrack of all our summers. His Latin sounds blossoms in "La libertad", an entertaining mix of instruments with liberating lyrics.

Montenegro | Komnen Vuković - "Čuvam svijet"


Sounds European! loves introducing young talents from around the Old Continent. And here we came across Komnen Vuković, an 11 year old singer from Podgorica, Montenegro. His latest single, "Čuvam svijet", is a beautiful ballad in which he can explore all the power of his voice!

Portugal | Nicolau - "Licor"


Portuguese singer Filipe Nicolau was born in Cartaxo. He has recently released a great single: "Licor" brings a mix between local sounds and a tango-vibe (even present in its lyrics) that is bound to captivate you!

United Kingdom | Arcade Hearts - "Y u?"


Arcade Hearts is a four-piece from Gosport, United Kingdom. Their career is growing strong and steady, and their contagious sounds arrive to Sounds European! in their latest single, "Y u?". The track is a delicious throwback to '80s pop-rock.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Sweden | FELIN - "Woman with a knife"


FELIN is a Swedish artist hailing from Stockholm. She called our attention with "Woman with a knife", an empowering retro pop. About the single, the singer herself says it is "about the beginning of the end, when jealousy and suspicion starts to grow and slowly but surely makes you go insane".

Monday, May 27, 2019

The Charts Day #205 (part 2)


It is no surprise that the European charts are ruled by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's "I don't care": they are kings of producing worldwide hits! The single is currently #3 in Germany and Belgium, #2 in the Netherlands and #1 in Finland, France, Ireland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom!

The Charts Day #205 (part 1)


Dutch singer Duncan Laurence took the trophy on the latest Eurovision with his amazing "Arcade". And, as is a tradition with the winners of the festival, the song entered some of the charts around Europe: besides enjoying modest positions in Ireland (37) and the United Kingdom (67), it is this week's #6 in Switzerland, #2 in Belgium and #1 in the Netherlands!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Austria | Matakustix - "AlmÖsiKing"


Matthias Ortner is Matakustix, an Austrian artist hailing from Klagenfurt. Listen to his single "AlmÖsiKing", and we have no doubt: it's going to be an instant addiction! It's a very entertaining song, with an irresistible melody.

Finland | Kaija Koo - "Pelkkää voittoo"


Get ready to have a lot of fun with this new single coming from Finland! It's "Pelkkää voittoo", by Kaija Koo. The song offers a highly entertaining melody and a chorus which sticks to the head after the very first listen.

United Kingdom | Jack Savoretti - "Love is on the line"


British singer Jack Savoretti keeps dazzling us with singles from his latest album, "Singing to strangers". Now, it's time for "Love is on the line", a pop-rock ballad with a beautiful classic instrumentation.

Armenia | Sevak Khanagyan - "Padat'"


Armenian singer Sevak Khanagyan keeps his path of releasing songs in Russian language with his most recent single. "Padat'" is a contemporary rock ballad in which his voice shines through!

Netherlands | Don Diablo feat. Jessie J - "Brave"


Don Pepijn Schipper is Don Diablo, a Dutch DJ, producer and songwriter who was born in Coevorden in 1980. Don has joined British star Jessie J to record and release a new single. It's "Brave", an energetic song with a highly inviting melody.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Norway | Ruben - "Power"


Ruben is an up-and-coming pop singer from Norway. He has just released a new single, entitled "Power", and it's truly a masterpiece! Melody, ambience, vocals, chorus... everything helps building up an irresistible track. We are listening to it nonstop, but one listen was more than enough for us to be fully sure: it's our song of the week!

Portugal | Fernando Daniel - "Tal como sou"


Single after single, Fernando Daniel proves: he can do no wrong! And here he is, proving it once again. He has just released "Tal como sou", and it is simply stupendous. Its sweet melody is flooded with passion by Fernando's marvelous vocal performance. We love it to bits!

Greece | Giorgos Mazonakis - "Tosa vradia"


Giorgos Mazonakis returns to our site with a massive single. "Tosa vradia", his latest release, is a classic ballad with ethnic influences, beautifully complemented by his low-pitched voice.

Italy | Il Volo - "A chi mi dice"


After having another important participation in Festival di Sanremo, Il Volo are back with a new single. And we cannot stress it enough: it's a gift to the ears! "A chi mi dice" is a song with a very passionate melody, led by the boys' flawless vocals.

Germany | Davin Herbrüggen - "The river"


Davin Herbrüggen is a singer and songwriter who was born in Oberhausen in 1998. He has just won season 16 of the German version of Idols. You can now listen to "The river", the song he presented during the show's finale. It's such a captivating song!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Iceland | Of Monsters and Men - "Alligator"


Icelandic ensemble Of Monsters and Men return with their haunting sounds in what is their first single after some resting time. We're talking about "Alligator", a track that brings an edgier sound, with some raw rock inspirations, conveying a beautiful melody.

Updated on July 16th, 2019, with the official video.

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Rock mis härz"


Swiss superstar Beatrice Egli has just released a new single. And we can never get enough of her music: it's always a huge party! "Rock mis härz" is one more song which makes us wanna dance like there's no tomorrow.

Spain | Au/Ra - "Assassin"


Spanish singer Au/Ra is having a massive 2019! Here comes yet another amazing single from the artist: "Assassin" is a haunting piece of alternative pop that will enchant you instantly.

Norway | Sigrid - "Mine right now"


Norwegian singer Sigrid is back with another single from her album "Sucker punch". This time, we are talking about "Mine right now", a song with calm verses and an explosion of '80s-inspired pop in the chorus.

Updated on June 30th, 2019, with the official video.

Italy | Chiara Galiazzo feat. J-AX - "Pioggia viola"


Two big names from the Italian music market released a single together, and we're still hooked on its rhythm! Chiara Galiazzo and J-AX gathered in "Pioggia viola", a song that mixes eclectic styles in an amazing way!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Czech Republic | Thom Artway feat. Lenny - "Chasing the wires"


Two of the biggest names in the Czech music scene have met to release a single. And we couldn't be more excited about it! We're talking about Thom Artway and Lenny, whose "Chasing the wires" mixes synth and electronic sounds into a ballad with intense lyrics.

Denmark | Volbeat - "Leviathan"


Sounds European! remeets Danish band Volbeat and their new single. They have just released "Leviathan", and we just can't get enough of it! It's a great sample of the best rock 'n' roll can offer. It's strong, catchy and very memorable.

Germany | Kaled - "Ja ja"


German singer Kaled is back with a brand-new single on offer. It's entitled "Ja ja". It's a song with a great mix of strong melody and vocals, and a chorus which is extremely effective. We love it!

France | Jenifer - "Comme c'est bon"


French singer Jenifer keeps dazzling us with the singles from her latest album, "Nouvelle page". This time, she presented "Comme c'est bon", a sweet pop treat to dance along!

Updated on June 30th, 2019, with the official video.

Serbia | Milica Todorović feat. Mirza Selimović - "Avet"


Meeting of Balkan stars for an amazing new single! Serbia's Milica Todorović has gathered with Bosnia and Herzegovina's Mirza Selimović for "Avet". It is such a great song! Its melody and chorus are highly addictive.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Switzerland | Anna Rossinelli - "White garden"


Swiss singer Anna Rossinelli is back to our site with a fantastic new single. "White garden" (the title track of her most recent album) is a retro-infused pop-rock with an addictive groove!

10 Questions For: Cláudia Pascoal


Her career had just begun, and she was already going international: as quickly as anyone could ever dream, she was showcasing her talented voice to a large European audience. Now, after a short break, she is back, with a new single and an album in preparation. And she took a bit of her time to talk to us about all of this. These are our 10 questions for Cláudia Pascoal:

Sounds European!: Let's start this interview talking about your history. What are your first memories with music? What did you use to listen during your childhood?

Cláudia Pascoal: The warmest memories I have, related to music, in my childhood, are the car trips with my family while listening to Marante's cassettes, and "cleaning the house" moments while listening to Roberto Carlos's vinyl. My family has always had fun with music, so I have always found it fascinating to entertain my family and friends with it, with music.

SE!: You began your career taking part of some talent shows (including the Portuguese versions of Idols, The X Factor and The Voice). What took you to enter these competitions? How were your experiences in them? What did you learn from these moments, that you took to the future of your professional career?

CP: I competed in these shows never for the purpose of winning, but to realize how far I could go, and to understand the television industry. The process of making creative content has always fascinated me, and I thought, at the time, that it would be a good learning experience. It turned out to be exactly that, a good way to learn and be in the television industry – and on this path, I met unbelievable people, who now, some of them, are my closest friends.

SE!: In 2018, you won Festival da Canção with "O jardim". Tell us about that moment. How did you get invited to participate? And why did you decide to embark on the adventure? After winning, how did it feel to have your music recognized in such a prestigious festival in your country?

CP: I was invited by the songwriter, Isaura. At the time, I was still in The Voice Portugal and I was super excited, of course. The whole experience was super positive. I met incredible people who are now helping me to make my way in music.

SE!: Your victory on Festival da Canção granted you the right to represent your country on Eurovision, on home soil. How did you live that experience? And what are the greatest memories you keep from that moment?

CP: It is a great honor to represent my country while being exactly in it. What I keep, with a lot of affection, is the union of so many people, Portuguese and not Portuguese, for a song they liked and felt identified with.

SE!: You have recently released "Ter e não ter", your first single in almost a year. Why did you decide to take this (small) break before another single? And speaking of the track, what is the story behind it? How would you describe it?

CP: At the moment, I am recording my album, and I am very enthusiastic about it. But I like to do things calmly and understand the right path for each song.
"Ter e não ter" is a song of mine, written by Miguel Lestre (lead singer of Prana). It talks about distance relationships, which sometimes dissolve, but are kept forever (a little of what happened to me during Eurovision). It is a theme which is dear to me, and I hope that a lot of people will be able to connect to it, as much as I do.

"My songs are just an expression of my fascination with other people's work"

SE!: You are now working on the release of a studio album. What can you tell us about the process of recording? In what stages are you involved? Did any of the stages make you more excited? And what can we expect from the album?

CP: At this time, the album is in the recording stage, and it's being built by people I love. The album is being produced by Tiago Bettencourt and, at the beginning, we had a stage of exploration – setting an aesthetic direction for the whole album that could embrace all of my personality, which is basically created by "unicorns". Now, we are in the stage of rehearsals and recording. It is being really exciting to me, because all the planned work is finally taking shape. There are some guests, songs of mine, songs of friends, music with love.

SE!: We feel that your music is quite unique and, especially, intimate. What do you like your music to produce in the audience? What genres and artists inspire you for your sound? And how would you describe your music, in your own words?

CP: I don't really like to think about what my music causes, or how it can be translated. I just feel that, sometimes, things can't stay in the drawer and I have to share them, so that someone can feel what I feel or connect with the same feeling that I'm singing. We are surrounded by unbelievable artists who inspire me every day. Not just music artists, but writers, painters... humans! My songs are just an expression of my fascination with other people's work.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Portuguese and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

CP: The artists I am collaborating with in my album are already the artists that I have always dreamed to collaborate. That is why I feel that I am really living a dream. To know who they are, you will have to wait for the album release! :)

SE!: Besides the album, what are your plans for the remaining of 2019? What can your fans expect from you?

CP: I will continue to be myself, create a cartoon named "Blah", always go a little out of the usual with making music, keep looking for what is "beyond" and different, and I hope: many concerts!

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Cláudia Pascoal, and why?

CP: At the moment, "Ter e não ter". I went through a phase of doubt, and realized that life comes down to this sentence:
"To want and not to want anymore, even divided, I give life to you".
When in doubt, always love.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Sweden | Felix Sandman feat. Benjamin Ingrosso - "Happy thoughts"


Swedish stars and friends Felix Sandman and Benjamin Ingrosso got together for a delightful new single. "Happy thoughts" is a sweet song with a fresh melody and irresistible mood. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Norway | Frank Walker feat. Astrid S - "Only when it rains"


Norwegian singer Astrid S joined Canadian EDM DJ Frank Walker for a new single. It's entitled "Only when it rains". The song has a light ambience, and a fresh melody and a very modern chorus.

Italy | Alessandro Casillo - "Hasta luego"


After leaving Italy's main talent show, Amici, Italian singer Alessandro Casillo is back with a new single. It's "Hasta luego", a song which offers a very entertaining melody and a quite effective chorus. The result couldn't be more Latin than it is!

Germany | Xavier Naidoo - "Ich danke allen menschen"


German singer Xavier Naidoo is finally back to our site with a brand new single! "Ich danke allen menschen" is a soft pop with R&B influences that will melt in your ears!

Finland | Antti Ketonen - "Ennen kuin alkaa ukkostaa"


Finnish singer Antti Ketonen returns to Sounds European! with a great new single. "Ennen kuin alkaa ukkostaa" is a pop ballad with tender verses and a more agitated chorus that still maintains the intimacy of the song.

Monday, May 20, 2019

The Charts Day #204 (part 2)


Having P!nk in charts all around the world is no surprise. And her new single "Walk me home" is going through the same known path: this week, it's #8 in the Netherlands, #16 in Belgium, #21 in Ireland, #24 in the United Kingdom, #46 in Austria and #57 in Germany.

The Charts Day #204 (part 1)


Mabel's "Don't call me up" is a great song. And it's being as successful as it deserves! The song is getting a lot of airplay – and as such, it's charting everywhere. This week, for example, it's #3 in Belgium, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, #10 in Ireland, #12 in Austria and Germany and #36 in the United Kingdom.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Portugal | Ana Bacalhau feat. Diogo Piçarra - "O erro mais bonito"


Ana Bacalhau and Diogo Piçarra gathered their voices in a beautiful single. "O erro mais bonito" is a strong love ballad in which the two Portuguese singers convey emotions with great ease.

Slovenia | Rebeka Dremelj - "Še verjamem"


Look who is back! It's Slovene star Rebeka Dremelj, who has just released a new single. It's entitled "Še verjamem", and it's such a cute song! Rebeka leads, with her great voice, a very sweet melody built by typical Slovene instrumental choices.

Poland | Sarsa - "Tęskno mi"


Polish singer Sarsa is getting ready to share her third album, and she recently released a single from it. "Tęskno mi" is a fun indie song with a very colourful video to promote it. We love the ensemble!

Norway | Ina Wroldsen - "Body parts"


Norwegian singer Ina Wroldsen keeps surprising us with new singles. Her latest one is entitled "Body parts", and it is a powerful pop ballad with her signature electronic touch. It's an amazing song!

Lithuania | Natalija Bunkė - "Aš skrendu tau ant rankų"


Natalija Bunkė is a Lithuanian singer who was born in Kaunas in 1983. You can now listen to her latest single, "Aš skrendu tau ant rankų". It's an electropop with well-marked, intense beats and a very involving chorus.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Malta | Ira Losco - "High"


Maltese diva Ira Losco returns to Sounds European! with a haunting new single. "High" is a fantastic piece of alternative pop enhanced by an intense instrumentation. The lyrics allow Ira's voice to convey all kinds of emotions. We still have goosebumps after listening to it: it's our song of the week!

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Elma Hadžić - "So i med"


Elma Hadžić is a Bosnian singer hailing from Srebrenica. We have just listened to her latest single, "So i med", and we are really impressed. It's a song with several layers, even a bit "bipolar", we could say, but that's exactly what makes it such a great song. Every new second is a new discovery!

Belgium | Ycare feat. Axelle Red - "D'autres que nous"


Belgian star Axelle Red has joined Senegalese singer Ycare for an excellent new single. We're talking about "D'autres que nous", for sure one of the best songs to come from Belgium this year. We are listening to it nonstop!

United Kingdom | Sody - "The bully"


We really like when artists draw attention to certain issues within our society. And British singer Sody just did so with her most recent single: "The bully" is a straightforward message from the view of someone who suffered bullying to its attacker. If you are going through a similar situation and want shelter in music, then this will definitely resonate within you.

Denmark | Stefan Hjort - "Other hands"


Stefan Hjort is a Danish singer from Copenhagen who was born in 1998. He is starting his solo career after leaving boyband Page Four. You can now listen to his single "Other hands". It's a modern piece of pop music which explores all the quality of his voice. The result is as great as we could wish!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Germany | Sarah Connor - "Unendlich"


German singer Sarah Connor is on fire promoting her newest album, "Herz kraft werke". And here comes another single from it: "Unendlich" starts as a soft ballad and evolves in instrumentation to a tender chorus.

Sweden | Sabina Ddumba feat. Mr Eazi - "Blow my mind"


Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba is back, this time featuring Nigerian rap star Mr Eazi. Their collaboration is entitled "Blow my mind", and it mixes electronic pop with a slight ethnic twist that makes the song stand out!

Finland | Younghearted - "Enkeli"


Finland's Younghearted bring back their fresh pop sounds in a brand new single. "Enkeli" has a fun melody and a video that will make you join in the dancy fun!

France | Najoua Belyzel - "Tu me laisses aller"


It's high time we remeet French star Najoua Belyzel. We have just got to listen to her latest single, and we are fully in love. "Tu me laisses aller" is an entertaining electropop with a very marking chorus.

Belarus | Angelika Pushnova - "Derzhi menya"


Belarusian singer Angelika Pushnova brings back her explosive electronic pop sounds in a new single. "Derzhi menya" is enticing from start to end, and you won't be able to resist to that chorus!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Denmark | Mads Langer - "Me without you"


It's once again time to remeet Danish singer Mads Langer, with yet another great hit. His latest single is entitled "Me without you", and it brings a very fun pop-rock sound!

Russia | Slava - "Sloz umytaya pechal'"


Russian star Slava is back with a brand-new single. And we couldn't be more excited about it! "Sloz umytaya pechal'" is a grandiose song, with a highly addictive chorus and an irresistible retro feeling to it.

Updated on July 7th, 2019, with the official video.

Belgium | Billie feat. Amongster - "Pillow talk"


Belgian singer Billie is preparing a new EP, and she has just released a single from it. We are talking about "Pillow talk", a very fine piece of electronic noir pop in which she features fellow Belgian singer Amongster (Thomas Oosterlynck).

Norway | AURORA - "The seed"


Norwegian singer AURORA returns to our site with an emotional new single. "The seed" tackles the issue of human effect on nature in a beautiful set of lyrics and a fantastically composed video.

Latvia | Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis - "Ļaujies"


Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis is a Latvian singer who was born in Jaunjelgava in 1985. Meet him with his wonderful single "Ļaujies". It's a song which offers a perfect mix of groovy melody and smooth vocals. It's surely a must-listen!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Serbia | Aleksandra Mladenovic - "Poseban"


Aleksandra Mladenovic is a Serbian singer who was born in Žitorađa in 1994. She has just released a new single, entitled "Poseban", and we are completely in love with it. It's an extremely delightful Balkan ballad with wonderful instrumentals and a very marking chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Romania | Seredinschi - "Iarta-ma sa te iert"


Romanian singer Seredinschi has just released a new single. And it's surely a must-listen! "Iarta-ma sa te iert" is a groovy pop song with tropical spices in the melody and in the instrumentals. The result is simply great!

Turkey | Cem Belevi - "Bundan sonra"


It's time to listen to a great song coming from Turkey. It's time to listen to the new release by Cem Belevi! "Bundan sonra" is a smooth song with a groovy melody and a very marking chorus. It's impossible not to get involved by its ambience!

United Kingdom | Naked Next Door - "Fade"


Naked Next Door is an up-and-coming four-piece hailing from the British city of Milton Keynes. The band is made up of Euan Emerton, Tommy Woodward, Corin Schencks and Callum Petchey. Check out their most recent single: "Fade" is a fantastic blend of classic rock, and its British flavor couldn't be more welcome!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Finland | Ilta - "Minne mä meen"


Finnish singer Ilta returns to Sounds European! with her latest release. The track is entitled "Minne mä meen" and it is a growing classic ballad with a beautiful orchestration.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sweden | Zara Larsson - "Don't worry bout me"


Another worldwide hit on the way for Zara Larsson! The Swedish star has just released "Don't worry bout me", and it's simply great. It's a song that offers the best of contemporary pop: a soft yet intense beat leading a highly captivating melody.

Russia | Stas Mihailov feat. Tamara Gverdtsiteli - "Davay razluke zapretim"


Tamara Mikhailovna Gverdtsiteli is a Georgian singer who was born in Tbilisi in 1962. Tamara has gathered with Russian singer Stas Mihailov to record and release a new single. It's "Davay razluke zapretim", a great pop song with a very catchy chorus.

Croatia | Jacques Houdek - "Razgovor"


We are now landing in Croatia, to listen to another great single by Jacques Houdek. It's "Razgovor", a beautiful song with a sweet melody and a very endearing melody. Jacques's voice fills it all with a lot of feeling!

Belgium | Laura Tesoro - "Up"


It's time to listen to Laura Tesoro's new single. And it's an awesome one! "Up" is a song which mixes sexy verses and a very addictive chorus, wrapped by Laura's beautiful and unique voice. We love it!

Denmark | Bro - "Døgnrytme"


Bro is the stage name of Kevin Andreasen, a Danish singer born in Rødovre in 1996. He has recently released a song that should enter your summer playlists ASAP: "Døgnrytme" is a tropical pop mix with a very cool Latin flavor!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Monday, May 13, 2019

You've Seen Here: 2019 Eurovision Song Contest


The week of Eurovision Song Contest has arrived, and both the hardcore fans and the curious watchers are turning their full attention to the festival. And as it's our tradition, it's now time to present our guide to the contest, remembering all of the competing entries (as most of them were already reviewed on Sounds European! during the past months).

In 2019, Eurovision is going to be held at Expo Tel Aviv, in Tel Aviv, following last year's victory of Israel, with "Toy". According to the bookies, the Netherlands are the main favorite to win the trophy. Other countries that are pointed by experts as real contenders are Sweden, Russia, France, Azerbaijan and Malta.

We now take this opportunity and highlight a song we really enjoy, but weren't able to publish before, Greece's "Better love" – as Katerine Duska was born in Canada:

Check the full list of the 2019 entries, with their running order in the shows:

Semifinal 1 (May 14th, 2019):

1. Cyprus | Tamta - "Replay"
2. Montenegro | D Mol - "Heaven"
8. Belarus | Zena - "Like it"
10. Belgium | Eliot - "Wake up"
14. Estonia | Victor Crone - "Storm"
17. San Marino | Serhat - "Say na na na"

Semifinal 2 (May 16th, 2019):

1. Armenia | Srbuk - "Walking out"
2. Ireland | Sarah McTernan - "22"
4. Switzerland | Luca Hänni - "She got me"
9. Austria | PÆNDA - "Limits"
16. Netherlands | Duncan Laurence - "Arcade"
17. North Macedonia | Tamara Todevska - "Proud"

Final (May 18th, 2019):

14. Israel | Kobi Marimi - "Home"
TBD. France | Bilal Hassani - "Roi"
TBD. Germany | S!sters - "Sister"
TBD. Italy | Mahmood - "Soldi"
TBD. United Kingdom | Michael Rice - "Bigger than us"

The Charts Day #203


When we presented Angèle's "Balance ton quoi", it had already called our attention that it was getting a lot of airplay in Belgium and region. Well, The Charts Day is here to give further proof of it: this week, the song is leading the charts in France and placing as #13 in Belgium.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Spain | Edurne feat. Carlos Baute - "Demasiado tarde"


Meeting of Latin stars! Spain's Edurne has joined Venezuela's Carlos Baute for "Demasiado tarde". It's a beautiful ballad which explores their voices, individually and together, in a wonderful manner.

Romania | Raluca Leoaca - "Rolul secundar"


Raluca Leoaca has an impressive career. Born in Braila, Romania, in 1987, she has been a vocal coach in the local version of The X Factor, and has worked with some of the biggest names of her country, such as Delia and Sore. Recently, she released a new single: "Rolul secundar" is a fantastic sample of how pop music can be captivating!

Sweden | ISA - "Bye bye"


Swedish star ISA is ready to release her "Debut album" in the end of May. And we can only hold our excitement because she has already released some samples of it! We now present "Bye bye", a catchy and highly groovy pop song which has got us totally hooked. According to ISA, the track "is a confident text about caring for yourself in the first place and leaving something destructive behind. Even in the relationship with oneself, it's important to dare to turn your back on brain ghosts and self-hatred".

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Malta | Amber - "Alive"


Maltese star Amber has a new single on offer. And it's a great one! "Alive" is a groovy electropop with irresistible beats and a very memorable chorus. It's one of those songs one can't listen only once!

France | Philippine et Théo - "Il a neigé sur yesterday"


Whenever we meet French duo Philippine et Théo and a new single of theirs, we know great music is coming our way. And that's what is happening once again, with their rendition to Marie Laforêt's "Il a neigé sur yesterday". They managed to imprint their unique and sweet spirit to this already amazing song.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Portugal | ÁTOA - "Diferença"


We are used to the shower of charisma that ÁTOA bring in every single of theirs. But their latest one really took it up a notch. "Diferença" creates an intense atmosphere and delivers a raw passion in a rock-infused chorus that just snatched our wigs right off. Enjoy our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Acres - "Talking in your sleep"


Ben Lumber, Alex Freeman, Theo Sandberg and Konnor Bracher-Walsh are Acres, a post-hardcore band from the South coast of the United Kingdom. We are totally addicted to their latest single, "Talking in your sleep". It's such a powerful and grandiose song! We simply cannot stop listening to it.

Ukraine | Vera Brezhneva - "Ya ne svyataya"


Ukrainian super star Vera Brezhneva has just released a new single. And you know what it means: it's time to listen to prime-quality pop music! "Ya ne svyataya" offers those sounds one can only find in Vera's work. It is Eastern European, but it has some spices of other regions in the instrumentals which take it all to a whole new level.

Updated on June 8th, 2019, with the official video.

Poland | Lanberry - "Mówiłeś"


And Lanberry does it again! She has just hooked us with her newest single, "Mówiłeś", an exciting mix of contemporary pop that you will not be able to get off your head!

Updated on May 19th, 2019, with the official video.