Sunday, March 31, 2019

Denmark | Nabiha - "Not coming up for air"


Danish singer Nabiha is finally back! Her most recent single is entitled "Not coming up for air", and it brings a strong set of lyrics wrapped up in a simple yet effective downtempo electropop melody.

United Kingdom | Hannah Grace - "The bed you made"


British singer Hannah Grace is back to our site, with her latest single "The bed you made". We are totally in love with it! It's a guitar-led ballad which displays Hannah's vocal capabilities in a wonderful manner.

Sweden | lennixx - "Bad bird"


lennixx are a Swedish duo from Stockholm, formed by childhood friends Hanna Larsson and Andrea Kallström. They started their career as Hanna & Andrea, and changed their stage name in 2018. We now present their latest release, "Bad bird", a groovy ballad with a sexy melody, a strong chorus and a perfect mix of Hanna's and Andrea's voices.

Belgium | Lara Fabian - "Par amour"


Time for another single by Lara Fabian! Her most recent single, extracted from her album "Papillon", is entitled "Par amour", and it is an emotional ballad that she delivers majestuously.

Slovenia | BQL - "Ko je ni"


Slovene duo BQL are back to our site with a new single. We are talking about "Ko je ni", an empowering pop-rock with a great instrumentation which creates an uplifting feeling.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Germany | Revolverheld - "So wie jetzt"


German band Revolverheld can do no wrong. Single after single, their releases keep dazzling us. And their latest one has done it again: "So wie jetzt" is excellent! Everything about it works to build an irresistible song: instrumentals, vocals, melody, chorus. It's flawless: it's our song of the week!

Poland | Afromental - "Odpowiedz"


Tomek Lach, Bartek Sniadecki, Wojtek Witczak, Tomek Torres and Aleksander Milwiw-Baron are Afromental, a Polish rock and hip-hop band from Olsztyn and Wrocław. We are listening to their new single "Odpowiedz" nonstop. It's such a strong rock song! The chorus is as powerful and addictive as one can be.

Croatia | Pravila Igre - "Voli me jedan dan"


We now go to Croatia, to listen to yet another awesome single by Pravila Igre. The band has just released "Voli me jedan dan", and we are fully addicted. It's a pop-rock song with a very entertaining melody and an excellent chorus. We love it to bits!

Finland | Jannika B - "Kaksi jotka pelkää"


Look who's back! After a long hiatus in her music career, Finnish singer Jannika B released a new single. And it is everything you could've asked for: "Kaksi jotka pelkää" brings a captivating twist to contemporary pop.

France | M. Pokora - "Les planètes"


French star M. Pokora is back with a brand-new single. And we cannot stress enough: it's an outstanding one! "Les planètes" is a highly captivating ballad with endearing ambience and chorus. Pokora's voice fills it all with a lot of emotion!

Friday, March 29, 2019

United Kingdom | Emma Bunton - "Too many teardrops"


British star Emma Bunton is slowly releasing the tracks of her new album, "My happy place". We now present "Too many teardrops", a great, classy song with a James-Bond vibe and a flawless vocal performance by Emma. We love it!

Belarus | Koldun - "Vertoloty"


Time for us to remeet Belarusian singer Koldun! He has recently released "Vertoloty", a contagious piece of dance pop that will automatically put you to the dancefloor and move along!

Germany | Mine - "90 grad"


Mine is a German singer from Mainz. She has just released a wonderful new single, entitled "90 grad". It's a song with a unique sound and personality, with an interesting way of dealing with instrumentals and vocals. We love it!

Italy | Paola Turci - "Viva da morire"


We were definitely surprised by the new single by Paola Turci! Her "Viva da morire" brings an uptempo kind of pop that we hadn't heard in her yet. Time to shake your booty along the music!

Spain | Gabriela Richardson - "Crime"


After participating in the international hit "Hundred miles", Gabriela Richardson has recently released a solo single that blew our wigs away. We are talking about "Crime", a contemporary electronic pop that oozes good vibes!

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Croatia | Domenica - "Indigo"


This year's Dora, the Croatian National Final for Eurovision, has presented several amazing new songs to the audience. And one of the main highlights of the competition was surely Domenica's "Indigo". It's a delightful pop song with a fresh melody and a lovely vocal performance by Domenica.

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso feat. Julie Bergan - "I'll be fine somehow"


Meeting of two amazing Scandinavian stars! Sweden's Benjamin Ingrosso has joined Norway's Julie Bergan for a new version of his "I'll be fine somehow". It's a beautiful ballad which explores their voices in a very sweet manner.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

United Kingdom | Amy Lawton - "Don't bring Louise"


Mancunian singer Amy Lawton returns to our site with a sweet new single. "Don't bring Louise" is the perfect laid-back mix of pop and country to relax to. Amy describes the lyrics as "following the story of two lost lovers, with their paths heartbreakingly missing each other by only a matter of minutes".

Austria | Conchita Wurst - "Hit me"


Austrian singer Conchita Wurst is living a transitional moment in her career. She has recently released "Trash all the glam", and now confirms a shift in her looks with "Hit me". Both songs speak of liberation in strong lyrics, presenting captivating melodies.

Finland | Vesala - "Uusia unelmia"


Finnish star Vesala has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Uusia unelmia", and it's an electropop with intense beats and a very inviting ambience. The chorus is quite cool!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spain | Roi Méndez - "Plumas"


Roi Méndez Martínez is a Spanish singer and guitarist who was born in Santiago de Compostela in 1993. He rose to prominence when he took part in season nine of the talent show Operación Triunfo, in 2017. Roi has just released an exciting new single, titled "Plumas". It's an awesome song with a first-class, extremely catchy chorus.

Croatia | Severina - "Fatamorgana"


Croatian diva Severina has a new single on offer. And you know what it means: it's time to listen to great music! "Fatamorgana" is a sexy pop song with a very marking chorus. It's impossible not to dance with it!

Sweden | Molly Sandén - "Den som e den"


It's time to go to Sweden, and listen to Molly Sandén's latest single. It's "Den som e den", an electropop song with a well-marked and well-paced melody and a very inviting chorus.

United Kingdom | Ellie Goulding - "Flux"


British singer Ellie Goulding is back with a new single! We are talking about "Flux", a ballad that exposes Ellie's emotions and chills you to the bone with a delicate instrumentation.

Germany | Sebastian - "Rub a líc"


German-born Czech star Sebastian has a new single on offer. And it's a marvelous one! "Rub a líc" is a song which explores the best of Sebastian's music: great pop-rock melody, perfectly filled by his unique and awesome vocals.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Switzerland | Nicole Bernegger - "Alien pearl"


When we heard Nicole Bernegger had released a new single, we got super excited. And after listening to it, we can tell you once again: she is a superb artist. Her comeback song is entitled "Alien pearl", and it brings a kind of sensual country pop that will melt in your ears!

Armenia | Sevak Khanagyan - "Okean vnutri tebya"


It's time to remeet Armenian singer Sevak Khanagyan, and listen to his new single. It's "Okean vnutri tebya", an involving song with a mysterious ambience and a very marking chorus.

Portugal | Isaura - "Liga-desliga"


Portuguese artist Isaura returns to our site with a haunting new single. "Liga-desliga" is a beautiful piece of alternative music with lyrics that discuss the current technological era.

Hungary | Viktor Varga - "Noé"


Hungarian singer Viktor Varga has just released a new single. And it's a very cool one! "Noé" is a song which offers a mysterious ambience to a mid-paced ballad with a marking chorus. Viktor's voice is, as usual, amazing!

United Kingdom | Lewis Capaldi - "Someone you loved"


British singer Lewis Capaldi is becoming one of the strongest new names in the music industry. And proof of that is his most recent single, which rapidly became a hit: "Someone you loved" is a heartfelt ballad that will give you goosebumps from the very first key.

Updated on September 8th, 2019, with the official video.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Switzerland | Luca Hänni - "She got me"


The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation has announced Luca Hänni's "She got me" as their entry for this year's Eurovision. It's the first time since 2010 they have dropped their National Final and chosen their song internally, as part of austerity measures. Their selection process has changed, but the final quality hasn't (and if it has, it's been for better): it's a very good track! It offers a very modern structure, with catchy verses, a growing bridge and an inviting electropop chorus.

Georgia | Oto Nemsadze - "Sul tsin iare"


Oto Nemsadze is a Georgian singer who was born in Gori in 1989. He won season five of Geostar (the Georgian version of Idols) and was the runner-up of season three of The Voice of Ukraine. Oto has just won Georgian Idol, which granted him his country's spot for this year's Eurovision. His entry for the European contest is "Sul tsin iare" (which was changed into "Keep on going" for it), a powerful ballad which explores his raspy voice in a wonderful manner.

Updated on April 9th, 2019, with the official video.

Netherlands | Wulf feat. Miss Montreal - "Scared of love"


Two great Dutch stars got together to release a new single. It's "Scared of love", by Wulf and Miss Montreal. It's a song which offers a delightful melody and a marking chorus, creating the perfect set for their voices to work perfectly together.

Russia | Ulyana Mi - "Ne ukhodi"


Ulyana Mi is the stage name of Ulyana Miloshenko, Russian singer who was born in Kholmsk in 1986. She has just released a new single, entitled "Ne ukhodi". It's a great song, with raw, strong pop-rock instrumentals and a very catchy chorus.

Sweden | Nano - "Chasing rivers"


Swedish singer Nano returned to the Melodifestivalen stage with a new single. "Chasing rivers" is a pop song with an anthemic feeling that shows a more emotional side of Nano's.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

United Kingdom | Adam French - "Keep it together"


British singer Adam French returns to our site with a teaser of his upcoming debut album. The single is entitled "Keep it together", and it mixes pop-rock with alternative sounds in perfect doses. About the song, Adam says: "It is very much an optimistic reminder that things get better with time... Battling your demons can be incredibly difficult, but this song serves as an internal pep-talk, an uplifting monologue, if you like".

Malta | Michela - "Chameleon"


Michela Pace was born in Gozo, Malta, in 2001. Earlier this year, she won the inaugural season of Malta's The X Factor, thus earning the right to represent the island nation on Eurovision. Her song for the continental festival was revealed not long ago: "Chameleon" brings a mix of pop and electronic sounds that has captured hearts all across Europe!

Moldova | 7 Klase - "Fata care nu ma lasa"


Moldovan group 7 Klase are back with a new single. And it's a great one! "Fata care nu ma lasa" is an extremely fun song, which explores their unique set of instruments in a very cool way. We love its chorus!

Serbia | Ivana Pavkovic - "Ledeno doba"


Ivana Pavkovic is a Serbian singer who was born in Bor, in a family of Macedonian descent. She has just released a new single, entitled "Ledeno doba". It's a great sample of the best of Balkan pop, with local instrumentals being used with a very modern approach.

Norway | D'Sound - "Mr. unicorn"


D'Sound is a Norwegian band formed in Oslo in 1993. Their mixture of jazz and pop turned them into a household name for the music business, having edited several singles and albums. Earlier this year, they took part of Melodi Grand Prix, the local National Final for Eurovision, with the song "Mr. unicorn". The song is just what the title makes you think about: a happy and uplifting song that will make you dance immediately!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

United Kingdom | John Lundvik - "Too late for love"


John Lundvik is a singer, songwriter and athlete who was born in London and raised in Växjö, Sweden, since the age of six. John is going to be part of this year's Eurovision twice: once, as one of the songwriters of the British entry, Michael Rice's "Bigger than us"; and also, as the leading artist for Sweden, after having won the traditional Melodifestivalen. We have no doubt he can take Sweden to another great result in the contest. "Too late for love" is grandiose and catchy, in a way that hardly any other entry of this year manages to be. We are listening to it nonstop: it's our song of the week!

Poland | Tulia - "Fire of love (Pali się)"


Tulia are a Polish folk music group from Szczecin, formed by Joanna Sinkiewicz, Dominika Siepka, Patrycja Nowicka and Tulia Biczak. They are going to represent Poland on Eurovision with "Fire of love (Pali się)". Their entry is a masterpiece of folk pop: it is a perfect discharge of intensity and vocal singularity, wrapped by an excellent work of folk instrumentals. We are fully in love with it!

Armenia | Srbuk - "Walking out"


When Armenian broadcaster AMPTV announced Srbuk as their artist for this year's Eurovision, our expectations went through the roof, as we love everything we've ever heard from her. And her entry, "Walking out", is everything we could have wished for! It's a modern and classy song with a grandiose and very marking chorus. We love it to bits!

North Macedonia | Tamara Todevska - "Proud"


Tamara Todevska is back to Eurovision! After 11 years of her first participation, the Macedonian star is now once again representing her country in the contest, with the amazing "Proud". It's a beautiful and passionate ballad, which displays a lot of emotion and depth. The country will seize the event to use North Macedonia, its new official name, for the very first time.

Finland | ALMA - "Summer"


Finnish singer ALMA returns to Sounds European! with a lovely new single. "Summer" brings a more intimate side of her music, in a relaxed downtempo pop.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Germany | Aly Ryan - "Wear your love"


German singer Aly Ryan returns to our site with her latest single. "Wear your love" was her bid to represent Germany on the Eurovision Song Contest, but sadly she didn't win the National Final. However, her upbeat sensual song has definitely won our hearts over!

Slovenia | Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - "Sebi"


Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl are a duo hailing from Maribor. Earlier this year, they won the Slovene National Final for Eurovision with the song "Sebi", a low-fi minimalistic track with a beautiful set of lyrics.

Moldova | Anna Odobescu - "Stay"


Born in Dubăsari, Moldova, Anna Odobescu is a 27-year-old singer who will represent her country on this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Stay". The track is a powerful ballad in which Anna unveils a powerful vocal performance.

Estonia | Uku Suviste - "Pretty little liar"


Estonian singer Uku Suviste appears solo for the first time on our site thanks to his Eesti Laul runner-up single. The song is entitled "Pretty little liar", and it is a strong pop which explodes in a beautifully instrumented chorus.

Sweden | Vera Hotsauce - "Hey boy"


Vera Hotsauce is living a very prolific (and solid) moment of her career. The Swedish singer has just gifted us with another wonderful song. "Hey boy" is a huge shower of groove, led by a voice which seems to be born for this kind of song.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Scream"


Sergey Lazarev is back to Eurovision! With his newest single, he will represent Russia this year and try to win the trophy he almost got back in 2016, when he was third. His bid is entitled "Scream", an intense ballad with an amazing instrumentation that will give you goosebumps all along!

Kosovo | Nevena Božović - "Kruna"


Nevena Božović is only 24 years old, but her history with Eurovision is already very solid. The Kosovar-born Serbian star has represented Serbia on the 2007 Junior Eurovision and, as a member of Moje 3, on the 2013 Eurovision. This year, back as a solo artist, Nevena won the right to represent Serbia in Tel Aviv after winning the country's National Final with "Kruna". It's a grandiose Balkan ballad which displays the best of her voice!

Updated on May 6th, 2019, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Noble Jacks - "Rely on love"


Noble Jacks are a Sussex band that mix rock and folk in a very entertaining way. You can listen to their musical concoction in their latest single, "Rely on love", a song that starts with a bang and keeps you high on its sounds all along!

Turkey | Murat Boz - "Öldür beni sevgilim"


It's finally time to remeet Turkish star Murat Boz! He has just released an amazing new single. "Öldür beni sevgilim" is a highly captivating song, with intense verses and a very marking and characteristic chorus.

North Macedonia | Dina Jashari - "Posledna minuta"


Sounds European! remeets Macedonian singer Dina Jashari, who has an exciting new single on offer. It's "Posledna minuta", a song which has a fresh, guitar-based melody and a delicate but effective chorus to complete it all.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso - "All night long (All night)"


Swedish star Benjamin Ingrosso opened this year's Melodifestivalen final with a new song of his: his rendition of Lionel Richie's "All night long (All night)". It's not easy to imprint your own signature to a worldwide hit, as it is already part of people's memories, but Benjamin manages to do it. You can totally feel a mix of the original and his own way of making music!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

10 Questions For: Tomás Adrião


New year, new weekday for 10 Questions For. From now on, our interviews are always going to be published on Wednesdays. And we start this new phase with one of the best new talents rising in the Portuguese music scene. These are our 10 questions for Tomás Adrião:

Sounds European!: We always like to start our interviews getting to know a little bit about the interviewee's childhood. What are your first memories with music? What artists did you listen when you were a kid? Do you believe you take something from this period to the artist you currently are?

Tomás Adrião: It all began, I think, with the "school" my father offered me when he introduced me to bands and artists he used to listen to. At home and in the car, there was always music for me to start humming. I remember, as a child, listening to bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, etc., and all the great legends of the music world. Nowadays, I continue to listen to the same music, because these were the artists who made me get to know the artist I wanted, and want, someday to be!

SE!: We can say that everything began, for you, at the age of seven, with your first guitar. What can you tell us about this moment of your life? Who were the first people to notice your potential as an artist? And what were your steps, from then on?

TA: My passion for music was born from the moment I had the first contact with musical instruments, more specifically with a guitar that I was offered when I was seven years old. Later, I began to study music and to have my first projects, like two bands that I formed between when I was 14 and 17 years old. I started playing on the streets and in bars, and then I decided to participate in The Voice, which made my life change a lot.
Nowadays, I take these days with me, for what I am today. Because in fact, I am still the same kid with the guitar on my back and with dreams to come true.

SE!: An important page of your history was your victory in The Voice Portugal. What made you try to participate in the show? How was your period with your coach, Amor Electro's Marisa Liz, and what lessons do you take from her (and from your experience in The Voice as a whole) to your career? And, of course, how did it feel to win the show?

TA: I decided, at the time, to take part in The Voice to seize an opportunity. Winning the show was never in my plans – but of course I was very grateful for the victory, because it gave me much more than I asked. Today, I take this opportunity with all my strength, to be able to do what I love the most. If it wasn't for this victory, I would probably never be able to do what I currently do.
My period with Marisa Liz was very important for me. In addition to giving me excellent advice throughout the show and teaching me a little more about this world that is so new to me, she stayed by my side after the show, and kept by my side to always teach me a little more every day.

SE!: You name as influences artists such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and James Bay. They are all known as singer-songwriters, as well as great instrumentalists. Is this the path you see for yourself? And what else do these artists inspire in you?

TA: Yes, these are my main influences, because in addition to identifying myself with their sounds, they also teach me that music can not be plasticized, but felt and sincere. That is how I always want to make my music. I wish one day to be as good a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist as they are.

SE!: Now, you are starting your solo career. How was this period between the victory in The Voice and the release of your first solo single? What were your main concerns, searches and desires when planning the beginning of your career?

TA: After my win in the show, I was very enthusiastic, but also scared of what was to come. I had suddenly signed with Universal Music, and I didn't even know the artist I could be. I had to grow up and realize what I wanted to be. I made songs after songs, and most of them were not the best. Over time, I matured and started to write my first songs and collaborate with other songwriters. At the beginning of August 2018, I had the pleasure of having in my hands a song by Moisés Premoli to sing, titled "A vontade", my first single. Now, after all this, I am starting to write songs for my first album.

"I am still the same kid with the guitar on my back and with dreams to come true" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: We cover the music market of all countries in Europe. And, comparatively, we can say that Portugal is one of the places where there are more opportunities for male singers. For an artist who is starting, this may be a good thing (because there is a consolidated space), but there can also be more difficulties (because there is a lot of competition). How do you see this situation for yourself?

TA: Portugal is very well served with the artists it has. Luckily, there has been more and more space for new artists – I hope to have this luck too. I think that there is more and more space for everyone. It is not easy, but with time and dedication, everything is possible.

SE!: Your first single, "A vontade", left us in love and wanting more! So the question is obvious: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

TA: First of all, many thanks to everyone who liked my first single! Secondly, I can say that they can and should wait for a second single and for my first album, which is going to be released later this year.

SE!: Looking a little further, since your future is still all ahead of you. What do you want to achieve in your career? What are your biggest professional dreams?

TA: I just want to be happy, I really want to continue playing and doing my music for a lot longer. I want to play all across my country, from small halls to large venues, from small parties to big festivals. This is what can make me happy, I wish it to be so.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Portuguese and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

TA: Choosing a Portuguese artist, I would choose an artist who has influenced me a lot, like Luís Severo.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Tomás Adrião, and why?

TA: As I still have little to show, I think I can only choose the song that defines me the most, my first single "A vontade".

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Denmark | Fallulah - "Bloodline"


Danish singer Fallulah is back, and we couldn't be more excited. Her return single is entitled "Bloodline", and it is a fabulous alternative pop.

United Kingdom | Jess Glynne - "No one"


British singer Jess Glynne returns to our site with a new single. "No one" has an agitated melody in the verses and reaches a slightly calmer, more electronic inspired chorus, that captures you instantly!

Germany | S!sters - "Sister"


Laura Kästel and Carlotta Truman are S!sters, a German duo formed in Hannover. They were chosen to represent Germany on this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Their song is entitled "Sister", and it is an emotional pop ballad. Oh, and no: they are not actually sisters.

Croatia | Ivan Zak - "Mala princeza"


Croatian singer Ivan Zak is back to our site with a great pop-rock. "Mala princeza" brings the fun sounds of the genre in the Balkans, accompanied by a flawless vocal performance.

Belarus | Zena - "Like it"


Zinaida Kupriyanovich is the real name of Zena, a 16-year-old Belarusian singer, actress and television presenter born in Minsk. She earned the local National Final for Eurovision and thus will represent her country with the song "Like it", a cheeky and fun electropop.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Finland | Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman - "Look away"


Darude is the stage name of Ville Virtanen, a Finnish DJ and record producer from Eura. His career reached international success thanks to the hit "Sandstorm", which earned him several awards around the world. This year, he and Sebastian Rejman (singer, actor and TV host born in Helsinki in 1978) will take on the Eurovision stage for Finland with the song "Look away", a very entertaining dance track.

Norway | Kakkmaddafakka - "Runaway girl"


Axel Vindenes, Pål Vindenes, Stian Sævig, Kristoffer van der Pas, Sebastian Emin Kittelsen and Lars Helmik Raaheim-Olsen are Kakkmaddafakka, a Norwegian indie group from Bergen. They have just released a wonderful new single, entitled "Runaway girl". It's a highly addictive indie pop song, with a chorus which sticks to the head after the very first listen. We are listening to it nonstop!

United Kingdom | Vistas - "Eighteen"


Vistas is a three-piece indie-rock band hailing from Edinburgh. Listen to their most recent track: "Eighteen" is a high-tempo track whose lyrics talk about, as described by the band, "looking back on the best summer of your life and wishing you could go back to that moment".

North Macedonia | Bobi Pavlovski - "Tamo negde"


Macedonian singer Bobi Pavlovski has just released a new single. And we are totally in love with it! "Tamo negde" is an intense song with a very marking pop-rock chorus. It's surely a must-listen!

Belgium | The Lighthouse - "Tel Aviv"


Belgian band The Lighthouse returns to Sounds European! with a great new track. "Tel Aviv" is a tropical indie rock that will take you to summer in a heartbeat!

Spain | Ayoho - "Paradise"


Fran, Lalo, Nacho, Javi, Kuko and Mike are Ayoho, a Spanish band hailing from Cartagena. Their latest single will automatically place them among your favorites: "Paradise" is a friendly, cheerful pop-rock with uplifting lyrics.

Russia | Egor Kreed - "Vremya ne prishlo"


Russian star Egor Kreed has a new single on offer. And it's a very strong one! "Vremya ne prishlo" is a song which mixes intense verses and melodic choruses in a very effective way.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

France | Bilal Hassani - "Roi"


Bilal Hassani is a French singer with Moroccan origin who was born in Paris in 1999. His history with Eurovision dates back to the first steps of his career: he auditioned for The Voice Kids with the contest's 2014 winner, "Rise like a phoenix", and then joined the team of former French representative Patrick Fiori. Now, it's his time to be part of the contest, as he was chosen to represent France with "Roi" – a marking ballad with a very effective chorus.

Finland | Benjamin - "Tanssin yksin"


Finnish superstar Benjamin has just released a new single. And all the high expectations were met: "Tanssin yksin" is very good! It's a an electronic-infused pop song with a very modern and effective chorus.

United Kingdom | Andreya Triana - "Broke"


Sounds European! remeets British singer Andreya Triana, who has just released a wonderful new single. "Broke" is another single which ticks all the points we expect from Andreya's songs: it is classy and grandiose, and offers a flawless vocal performance. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Iceland | Hatari - "Hatrið mun sigra"


Hatari are an Icelandic techno and punk rock group from Reykjavík. They were chosen to represent their country on this year's Eurovision, with "Hatrið mun sigra". Their strong song, message and performance are surely ready to add something different and unique to the concerts in Tel Aviv.

Montenegro | Monika Knezović - "Nepogrješivo"


Monika Knezović is a Montenegrin singer hailing from Podgorica. She has recently taken part of the local National Final for Eurovision with the song "Nepogrješivo". She didn't manage to win the show, but she definitely conquered our hearts with her strong pop ballad!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Netherlands | Duncan Laurence - "Arcade"


Duncan Laurence is the stage name of Duncan de Moor, Dutch singer who was born in Spijkenisse in 1994. He is going to represent the Netherlands on this year's Eurovision – and his entry, "Arcade", is being considered one of the favorites to win the contest in May. And we can totally understand why: it's a grandiose song, with a magnificent melody and a perfect chorus. We couldn't be more in love with it! It's our song of the week.

Croatia | MANNTRA - "In the shadows"


Andrea Kert, Boris Kolarić, Marko "Pure" Purišić, Maja Kolarić and Marko Matijević Sekul are MANNTRA, a Slavic rock and folk metal band from Umag, Croatia. They have just taken part of Dora, Croatia's National Final for Eurovision, with "In the shadows". The song, which finished fourth, is excellent. It mixes folk and rock in a unique way, as if they were always meant to be together. We love it to bits!

Sweden | Lina Hedlund - "Victorious"


Every year, Melodifestivalen (the Swedish National Final for Eurovision) gifts us with at least one schlager masterpiece. In 2019, it was Lina Hedlund (Bollnäs, 1978; member of pop group Alcazar) and her solo single "Victorious". It's a marvelous song. We just want to listen to it over and over again, and its chorus is totally stuck in our heads!

Portugal | Conan Osiris - "Telemóveis"


Conan Osiris is the stage name of Tiago Miranda, a singer born in 1989 in Lisbon. His eclectic style turned him into a very unique artist. This year, he won the traditional Festival da Canção and the right to represent Portugal on the Eurovision stage with the song "Telemóveis". In it, he draws inspiration from Portuguese and international rhythms to create a jewel of alternative music.

Italy | Paola Turci - "L'ultimo ostacolo"


We don't seem to get enough of Paola Turci! She returned to Festival di Sanremo this year with a lovely new song: "L'ultimo ostacolo" is a ballad that mixes pop and rock and captivates you with an amazing instrumentation.

Friday, March 15, 2019

United Kingdom | Emma Bunton - "Baby please don't stop"


Look who is finally back in business! Emma Lee Bunton (Finchley, 1976) has been a star of generations, as a member of the greatest girlband of all time, the Spice Girls. She has also been very successful as a solo artist, but it's been more than a decade since we've listened to something new from her. The wait is finally over, as Emma is soon releasing a new album, "My happy place", and its first single is already out. "Baby please don't stop" is a fresh and very entertaining pop song!

Norway | KEiiNO - "Spirit in the sky"


KEiiNO is a Norwegian ensemble formed by Tom Hugo Hermansen, Fred-René Buljo and Alexandra Rotan. They won Melodi Grand Prix, the Norwegian National Final for Eurovision, with their first single, "Spirit in the sky". The song, sung in English and Northern Sami, mixes folkloric elements and electronic pop to convey a fantastic track!

Updated on April 6th, 2019, with the official video.

Slovenia | Siddharta - "Jaz"


Slovene rock band Siddharta have just released a new single. And it's surely a must-listen! "Jaz" explores the hypnotic instrumental sounds we've grown used to get from their songs, with a darker and more mature approach to them.

Turkey | Serhat - "Say na na na"


Ahmet Serhat Hacıpaşalıoğlu, popularly known as Serhat, is a Turkish singer, producer and television host born in Istanbul in 1964. His extensive work in his home country turned him into a household name in the entertainment industry. Back in 2016, he represented San Marino in the Eurovision Song Contest, and he is back to the festival to fly the flag of the microstate this year. His new bid is entitled "Say na na na", and it is a contagious disco-infused pop with upbeat lyrics.

Armenia | Mash Israelyan - "Sers qo anunov"


It's time to get to know another great talent from Armenia! It's Mash Israelyan, who has just released a new single. "Sers qo anunov" is a soft, delicate ballad with a mix of classy and folk instrumentals and a beautiful vocal performance by Mash.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Russia | Chingiz Mustafayev - "Truth"


Born in Moscow in 1991, Chingiz Mustafayev is an Azeri star who developed a big music career in Eastern Europe. Earlier this year, he was confirmed as the Azeri representative on this year's Eurovision with the song "Truth". The track is a modern pop with an ethnic flavor throughout, managing to capture you from the very first beat.

Georgia | Tamta - "Replay"


Georgian-born Greek star Tamta was confirmed last month as this year's Eurovision representative for Cyprus. Her song, "Replay", is an electronic pop that will surely bring everybody in Tel Aviv down to the dancefloor!

Sweden | YOHIO - "My nocturnal serenade"


Another great single coming from Sweden, another great single by YOHIO. The Swedish superstar has just released "My nocturnal serenade", and we just can't stop listening to it! It's a melodic rock song with a very powerful chorus. We love it to bits!

Updated on June 9th, 2019, with the official video.

Croatia | Nela feat. Marko Kutlić - "U zagrljaju spašeni"


Nela is the stage name of Antonela Đinđić, Croatian singer from Zagreb. She has teamed up with Marko Kutlić for an outstanding single. It's "U zagrljaju spašeni", an entertaining ballad which mixes their voices in a perfect way. We absolutely love its chorus!

Italy | Alessandro Casillo - "Perché non amici"


Italian star Alessandro Casillo is taking part of the most traditional talent show in Italy, Amici. And, during his participation, he has released a new single, entitled "Perché non amici". It's a well-paced pop song with a quite captivating chorus.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

France | Kendji Girac feat. Claudio Capéo - "Que Dieu me pardonne"


Two of the biggest male pop stars in France gathered in a single together. We are talking about Kendji Girac and Claudio Capéo, who released "Que Dieu me pardonne". The song brings the Latin flavors of Kendji and French sounds of Claudio to create a very catchy pop!

Latvia | Dana Sokolova - "Serebro v glazakh"


Latvian singer Dana Sokolova is living a very prolific moment in her career. And it's not only quantity: it's quality, too! "Serebro v glazakh", her latest single, is simply great: it's a raw and strong pop-rock song with a very marking chorus and a wonderful vocal performance.

Denmark | Maximillian - "Beautiful scars"


Maximillian is a 20-year-old newcomer artist from Copenhagen. He has just released "Beautiful scars", a song with a deep meaning behind it. "I made a lot of bad decisions, hung out with the wrong people and did a lot of things I regret. This song is about how I used to behave and treat people around me. How we all have inner demons that sometimes burst out in the world with no warning", he explains. The result is simply excellent: it's a song to listen on repeat!

Updated on June 13th, 2020, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Larkins - "TV dream"


Larkins are a four-piece collective hailing from Manchester. Their mix of Brit pop and synth sounds have attracted the attention of an increasing public, and here we present their sounds with their latest single. "TV dream" is an amazing piece of pop-rock with a strong critique to social standards in its lyrics.

Montenegro | Ivana Popović Martinović - "Nevinost"


Born in Podgorica in 1977, Ivana Popović Martinović is a Montenegrin singer who has captured our hearts with her Montevizija (the local National Final for Eurovision) entry. "Nevinost" is a sweet ballad with some ethnic touches in which Ivana's voice blossoms.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso - "1989"


Swedish superstar Benjamin Ingrosso is unstoppable! He has just released the deluxe version of his album "Identification", containing two new tracks. One of them is "1989". In the words of Benjamin himself, "This is one of my absolute favorite songs that I've ever written, and I never had the chance or timing to release it until now. It's a song that I think brings you back to a different era and that sounds like it is coming straight out of the '80s". We couldn't agree more with him: it's an excellent song, with an undeniable '80s vibe.

Croatia | Dino Petrić - "Pogledaj istinu"


Dino Petrić is a Croatian singer who was born in Hvar. He has just released an awesome new single, entitled "Pogledaj istinu". It's a well-paced ballad with a growing melody and a chorus which meets any expectation, especially after the song grows.

Greece | Livin R feat. DARA and Noisy - "BTW (Bye, bye)"


Bulgarian star DARA has joined two Greek DJs and producers for a new single. It's "BTW (Bye, bye)", featuring Livin R (born in Chania, city in Crete) and Noisy (stage name of Dimitris Trigonis, born in Athens in 1992). What an addictive electropop it is!

Portugal | ÁTOA - "Pensa positivo"


Portuguese group ÁTOA have just released a new single. And it's a very exciting one! "Pensa positivo" offers a groovy melody, energetic rapping verses and an extremely marking chorus.

Italy | Andrea Bocelli feat. Ed Sheeran - "Amo soltanto te"


Two of the biggest music stars in the world have teamed up for a new single. It's Andrea Bocelli and Ed Sheeran, with "Amo soltanto te". It's a grandiose and classy song, led by a piano and an orchestra, which offer the perfect set for their voices to shine.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Russia | BURANOV - "Chto tebe nado?"


Russian singer BURANOV is living a new moment of his career, and we are totally in love with it. His new single is one more sample of that. "Chto tebe nado?" is a groovy and irresistible song.

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Romania | Sore feat. Smiley - "Jumatate"


Two big Romanian singers gathered for a great collaboration together. We are talking about Sore and Smiley, who released "Jumatate", a downtempo mixture of pop, R&B and ethnic sounds.

Norway | Mørland - "En livredd mann"


Norwegian singer Mørland appears in Sounds European! for the first time singing in Norwegian. That's because of his latest single, "En livredd mann", a song with a combination of emotional instrumentation and soulful set of lyrics that will surely give you goosebumps!

Belgium | Billie - "Always on the run"


Belgian singer Billie returns to our site with a massive new single. "Always on the run" takes her electropop to a new approach, this time more intense on the electronic beats and with a gentler chorus, but keeping a great quality.

Sweden | Vera Hotsauce - "Hotsauce"


Swedish new talent Vera Hotsauce has a new song on offer. It's the self-titled single "Hotsauce", which is part of her new mixtape "Happy/bad". It's a highly groovy and involving pop song with irresistible electronic beats. We love it!

Estonia | Stefan - "Without you"


Stefan Airapetjan is a singer who was born in Estonia with Armenian origin. Stefan has taken part of this year's Eesti Laul, the Estonian National Final for Eurovision, with "Without you". The song, which ended with the third place, was one of our favorites of the competition. It's a passionate ballad with a very marking chorus.