Thursday, January 31, 2019

Albania | Alban Skenderaj - "Nentor, 26"


Albanian star Alban Skenderaj has a wonderful new single on offer. It's "Nentor, 26", a guitar-led ballad with soothing instrumentals and a marvelous vocal performance by Alban. The result is so great!

Russia | Tina Karol - "Sila vysoty"


Russian-born singer Tina Karol returns to our site with a new single. "Sila vysoty" is a contemporary ballad in which Tina's voice blossoms with power.

United Kingdom | Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus - "Nothing breaks like a heart"


British DJ and producer Mark Ronson (born in St John's Wood in 1975) has joined Miley Cyrus for a new worldwide hit. "Nothing breaks like a heart" has all the elements to be a huge success: it's modern, catchy and extremely addictive.

Hungary | Kati Wolf - "Ha egy jelre vársz"


Hungarian singer Kati Wolf returns to our site with a true banger. "Ha egy jelre vársz", her newest single, is a contemporary pop with very interesting guitar riffs in the chorus.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Germany | Alice Merton - "Funny business"


German star Alice Merton has just released another amazing song. It's entitled "Funny business", and it is another song with Alice's trademark sounds: it's classy, it's exciting and it's highly entertaining!

Ireland | Westlife - "Hello my love"


Ireland's Westlife are back! Kian Egan, Markus Feehily, Nicky Byrne and Shane Filan have recently reunited to release a new single together, entitled "Hello my love". The song is a modern twist on their trademark pop: calm verses and an explosive chorus!

Greece | Sakis Rouvas feat. Stelios Rokkos - "Zorika vradia"


Greek star Sakis Rouvas has joined singer and songwriter Stelios Rokkos (born in the settlement of Kalliopi, on the Greek island of Limnos, in 1965) for a new single. "Zorika vradia" is a well-marked pop-rock song with very strong melody and chorus.

Slovenia | Raiven - "Nisem kriva"


Slovene alternative diva Raiven is getting ready to participate on the local National Final for Eurovision. But, before that, we found about a new single of hers that snatched our wigs off. "Nisem kriva" has a different twist on contemporary electronic pop, presenting a more mysterious atmosphere.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Germany | Vanessa Mai - "Niemals"


It's time to party German-style, with the latest release by Vanessa Mai! "Niemals" is a party on itself: it's entertainment from first to last second. It's a song to dance, to have fun and to leave troubles behind!

United Kingodm | Fleur East - "Favourite thing"


Long time no see, my dear! Fleur East is back to the music business with a great new single. It's entitled "Favourite thing", and it is an uplifting kind of pop with ethnic beats throughout and a more than engaging chorus.

Albania | Miriam Cani - "Ne parajse"


Albanian star Miriam Cani has a new single on offer. And it's a great one! "Ne parajse" offers a fresh summer vibe into a groovy electronic pop song. It's impossible to listen to it and not get fully involved.

Russia | Stanislav Soroka - "Idi za mnoy"


Hailing from Moscow, Stanislav Soroka arrives to Sounds European! to conquer you with his newest single. "Idi za mnoy" is a delicate ballad that evolves into a movemented chorus.

Monday, January 28, 2019

The Charts Day #201 (part 2)


A song which was released four years ago (and was in our Top 50 of 2015) is currently charting in Belgium. And since we love it, it's time to share it on our The Charts Day! "Leef", by Dutch singer André Hazes (also known as André Hazes Jr.), is this week's #3 in Belgian charts.

The Charts Day #201 (part 1)


It's not a surprise to anyone. Whenever Ariana Grande releases a new single, it instantly starts climbing up charts all around the world. This time, it didn't take one week for her "7 rings" to reach #1 in Finland, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The song is also #5 in Belgium, #6 in Portugal and #28 in the Netherlands. Worldwide hit, is that what we call it?

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Norway | Secret Treehouse - "Fear of frogs"


Secret Treehouse are a Norwegian alternative pop-rock band from Bergen, consisting of Anja Bere, Trond Espen Teigen Bjoland, Sveinung Fossan Bukve, Tormod Smith Svanevik and Marius Mathisen. They have just release a new single. And it's simply great! "Fear of frogs" is an excellent song, which mixes modern and retro elements into a masterpiece of alternative pop.

Updated on May 16th, 2019, with the official video.

Estonia | Elina Born - "Tagasi me"


Time for Elina Born! The Estonian singer has recently dropped a new single, this time in her native tongue, and we are hooked on it. "Tagasi me" is an emotional ride through contemporary pop.

North Macedonia | 2Be - "100 pesni"


Valentino Stojanovski, Ljupche Stojanovski and Sinisha Zukik are 2Be, a Macedonian pop-rock band from Skopje and Bardovci. They have just released "100 pesni", a delightful song with a fresh and very cute melody.

Italy | Malika Ayane - "Quanto dura un'ora"


Italian singer Malika Ayane returns to our site with a mind-blowing new single. We are talking about "Quanto dura un'ora", a song in which she plays with synth sounds, creating an alternative melody hard to find in the local music scene.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sweden | YOHIO - "Merry go round"


Swedish star YOHIO has a new single on offer. And it's a stupendous one! It's a song which offers a different (and awesome!) approach to rock, with unique instrumentals and melody. The chorus is especially addictive. We are listening to it nonstop: it's our song of the week!

Russia | Ekaterina Buzhynska - "Bilosnizhna zyma"


We remeet Russian singer Ekaterina Buzhynska, this time on her own! In "Bilosnizhna zyma", she brings an uptempo kind of traditional pop that will put a smile on your face in no time.

Croatia | Pravila Igre - "Baš kad mi ne treba"


Croatian band Pravila Igre has just released a new single. And it is, once again, an outstanding one! It's a light pop-rock song with a nicely paced melody with soothing and very enjoyable instrumentals.

Hungary | Gabi Tamáska - "Bárhol"


Gabriella Tamáska is a young singer hailing from Székesfehérvárról, born in 1997. Last year, she took part of the eigth edition of the Hungarian version of X Factor, where she reached the third place. And here she shows her talents in her debut single: "Bárhol" is a synth pop that explores Gabi's deep voice.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Belarus | Litesound - "Iris"


Belarusian band Litesound celebrated the 20th anniversary of "Iris", biggest hit of American band Goo Goo Dolls, with their own rendition of the song. And when you add a great band and a great song, the final result could only be one: it's simply awesome!

Turkey | Füme - "Affet beni"


Hailing from Ankara, Füme is a band formed by Özgür Yılmaz, Çağdaş Sarıcı, Gökhan Keçeci, and Türker Soykan. Check out their most recent single: "Affet beni" mixes rock, synth and retro sounds in a delicious way.

Ukraine | Ksana - "Odinochestvo"


Amazing new single coming from Ukraine! Get thrilled by the exciting "Odinochestvo", latest release by Ukrainian star Ksana. It's a stupendous pop song with a very marking chorus.

North Macedonia | Marija Ickova - "Sladok otrov"


Marija Ickova is a young talent rising in North Macedonia. Hailing from Bogdanci, she wowed the judges in the first season of X Factor Adria by singing Led Zeppelin's "Whole lotta love". Her we can have another taste of her talent in a single of her own: "Sladok otrov" brings a jazz sound that melts in your ears.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Vershina"


Azerbaijani superstar Emin has just released a new single. And we cannot stress enough: it's a very beautiful song! It's a ballad with captivating melody and wonderful instrumental and vocal work.

Ireland | Wild Youth - "Making me dance"


It's time for us to check up on Wild Youth! The Irish band have just released "Make me dance", a groovy kind of pop-rock with a retro feeling that will have you addicted in no time!

Armenia | Gosh Acobs - "Erazs irakanacav"


Gosh Acobs is an Armenian singer coming from Yerevan. He has just released a new single, entitled "Erazs irakanacav". It's a very endearing song, with a highly captivating melody and an ambience which is impossible to resist.

Czech Republic | Support Lesbiens - "Little by little"


Czech band Support Lesbiens are taking us to a ride on their new single. "Little by little" has guitar-driven verses that explode in an appealing chorus that will make you bob your head up and down!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Sweden | ISA - "Craving"


Get ready to listen to an awesome new song coming from Sweden! Since she started her own record label, exploring her true self as never before, ISA is only getting better and better. And her new single "Craving" is here to prove it: it's a masterpiece of pop music. It's a very contemporary song, with a deep message. "Most people knows how hard it is to act rationally in relationships. 'Craving' interprets the dilemma in trying to resist the attraction of a person who adversely affects one's life, while it's so insanely magical to be near him or her for the moment. The song is about losing yourself in a destructive relationship and pending between these emotions", ISA explains.

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Hungary | Begi Lotfi feat. Freddie - "Győzni jöttünk"


Two great talents met in Hungary for a single together. We are talking about Iranian-born producer Begi Lotfi (one of the members of Compact Disco) and Freddie, who released "Győzni jöttünk". The song is the perfect mix of both styles: a movemented synth pop with engaging vocal performances!

Italy | Giulia Mutti - "Almeno tre"


Giulia Mutti is an Italian singer who was born in Pietrasanta in 1993. She took part of Sanremo Giovani with "Almeno tre", and we are totally in love with the song. It's a classy song with a very involving and enticing ambience. It's surely a must-listen!

Bulgaria | Poli Genova - "Geroite"


Bulgarian singer Poli Genova returns to Sounds European! with her latest single. We are talking about "Geroite", a beautiful R&B ballad with a synth-infused chorus.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

North Macedonia | Vasil Angelov - "Muzika"


Vasil Angelov is a new artist rising in the Macedonian music scene. Get to know a bit of his work with his newest release, "Muzika". It's a song which displays a lot of his talent, wrapped in a very cool melody.

United Kingdom | Robbie Williams - "I just want people to like me"


British singer Robbie Williams is soon releasing the third volume of his album "Under the radar". And, to promote it, he released a single from it. "I just want people to like me" is an intense pop-rock with a very strong set of lyrics.

Sweden | Oscar Enestad - "Sign of my love"


Swedish star Oscar Enestad is starting the year with a true banger! He has just released a new self-written single, entitled "Sign of my love", and we couldn't be more excited about it. "It's about how you get jealous because you love someone so much – and the jealousy is a sign that the love is real and authentic", says Oscar. The song is pop at its best form: addictive, contagious and highly entertaining. We love it to bits!

Armenia | Yana Hovhannisyan - "Sirtn im"


Yana Hovhannisyan was born in 2002 in Yerevan. Graduated from the vocal department of the State Song Theatre, she is no newcommer to the music scene of Armenia. Her latest single is entitled "Sirtn im", and it is an entertaining downtempo pop track.

Monday, January 21, 2019

The Charts Day #200 (part 2)


"DODI", new single by German rapper Shindy, is taking over the radios of the region! This week, the song is topping the charts both in Germany and in Switzerland.

The Charts Day #200 (part 1)


Our The Charts Day is reaching a very important number: it's time for its 200th edition! And we start it with "Wow.", by Post Malone, a song which is charting in several countries. Currently, it is #1 in Norway, #3 in the United Kingdom, #6 in Ireland, #13 in Austria, Bulgaria and Switzerland, #18 in Portugal, #22 in Germany and #37 in Belgium.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

North Macedonia | Martija Stanojkovic - "Get crazy"


It's time to dance with a great new hit coming from North Macedonia! "Get crazy" is the title of Martija Stanojkovic's new release. And it's a totally song to listen on repeat! It's a very fun song, with a contagious melody and an irresistible chorus.

United Kingodm | Olly Murs - "Excuses"


British singer Olly Murs is back with a brand new album, "You know I know". And recently he has presented us with a new single from it: "Excuses" is a pop ballad in which Olly explores an intimate side, creating a beautiful atmosphere with every beat!

Armenia | Karen Aslanyan - "Es xandum em"


Karen Aslanyan is an Armenian singer and actor from Yerevan. He has just released "Es xandum em", and it's a very exciting song! It offers a highly entertaining melody, built by a mix of Armenian folk instrumentals and modern elements, and a memorable chorus.

Germany | Alexa Feser - "Mut"


We got to listen to Alexa Feser's new single, and we fell in love with it! "Mut" is a soft and delicate sample of how ballads in German can be emotional!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Estonia | Karl-Erik Taukar - "Need read"


Estonian singer Karl-Erik Taukar returns to Sounds European! with our song of the week! "Need read" is a powerful pop-rock which evolves in strength throughout the whole song.

Italy | Giorgia - "Una storia importante"


Italian star Giorgia has just released another single from her new album "Pop heart". This time, it's "Una storia importante", version of Eros Ramazzotti's 1985 entry for Festival di Sanremo. Giorgia manages to give her own personality to the track, and the result is beautiful.

Hungary | Gergő Oláh - "Hozzád bújnék"


Gergő Oláh is a Hungarian singer who was born in Salgótarján in 1988. He was the winner of the third season of The X Factor in Hungary. Gergő, who is Gigi Radics's cousin, is going to take part of this year's A Dal (the Hungarian National Final for Eurovision) with "Hozzád bújnék". It's a wonderful song. We can't get enough of it!

Albania | Soni Malaj - "Më e fortë"


Born in 1981 in Tropojë, Albania, Soni Malaj graced the stage of the latest Festivali i Këngës with a shower of charisma. "Më e fortë" brought an upbeat pop with intense beats and a captivating electronic chorus. You can check her live performance here.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Cyprus | Elena Papapanayiotou - "Kai mazi kai monoi"


Elena Papapanayiotou is a Cypriot singer who was born in Larnaca in 1995. She rose to prominence after taking part of the second series of The Voice of Greece. Elena has just released "Kai mazi kai monoi", and we cannot stress enough: it's an excellent song! We love it to bits.

Montenegro | Sergej Ćetković - "Dio zivota"


Montenegrin singer Sergej Ćetković finished 2018 releasing a single on the very last day of the year. The song is entitled "Dio zivota", and it is a new approach to his tender, ethnic kind of pop-rock. A real treat to the ears!

Belgium | Regi feat. Milo Meskens - "Ordinary"


Meeting of two huge Belgian stars! Regi and Milo Meskens got together to record and release "Ordinary". And trust us: there is absolutely nothing ordinary about this song. It's a great electronic pop track!

Turkey | İlyas Yalçıntaş - "Bilmece"


İlyas Yalçıntaş is a Turkish singer born in 1989 in the province of Erzincan. Check out his most recent single: in "Bilmece", he delves into a very exotic mix of electronic, synth sounds and local elements.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Greece | Panos Kiamos - "Afto na to thymasai"


Greek star Panos Kiamos has just released a new single. And we couldn't be more hooked! It's entitled "Afto na to thymasai", and it's a song which offers the best of Greek pop: deep intensity and a chorus which is as marking and catchy as one can be.

Spain | Funambulista - "Éramos reyes"


Spanish band Funambulista return to our site with their most recent single. "Éramos reyes" is the third single of their upcoming studio album, and it is a beautiful pop-rock ballad.

Updated on February 16th, 2019, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Declan J Donovan - "Pieces"


Meet Declan J Donovan, a British singer hailing from Harlow. We have just got to listen to his latest single, and we are totally in love with it. "Pieces" is an outstanding song, one of those which makes you feel like replaying it over and over again.

Romania | Elena - "Luna alba"


Romanian diva Elena went for a very different sound in her new single. Having us used to mixing beats from all around the world, her "Luna alba" brings the fresh sensation of local folk, which she also delivers perfectly.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Finland | Lauri Tähkä - "Palavaa vettä"


Finnish star Lauri Tähkä has just released a new single. And you know what it means: it's time to listen to great music! "Palavaa vettä" offers that unique power only Lauri can imprint to music. It's surely a must-listen!

Updated on February 4th, 2019, with the official video.

Italy | Tony Maiello - "Tutta colpa mia"


Tony Maiello is a singer and songwriter who was born in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy, in 1989. With a career spanning ten years, innumerous singles of his own and several hits written for other artists (including Lele's "Cosi com'è", Giorgia and Marco Mengoni's "Come neve", and Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci's "Il coraggio di andare"), he released his second album in late 2018, and here we present you his latest single. "Tutta colpa mia" is an emotional ballad that is bound to captivate you!

Sweden | Victor Crone - "Storm"


Swedish singer Victor Crone is going to represent Estonia on Eurovision, after winning this year's Eesti Laul, the Estonian traditional National Final. And his song is absolutely amazing! "Storm" offers a fun melody, built by great instrumentals, and a very marking chorus. We love it!

Updated on February 16th, 2019, with the Eurovision Song Contest label.

Belgium | Lara Fabian - "Je suis à toi"


Next February, Belgian singer Lara Fabian will release another studio album, entitled "Papillon". And here comes yet another single to promote her work! "Je suis à toi" is a soft pop with an uplifting chorus that lets Lara's voice fly high!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Belarus | Ivan - "Snova tebya zabyvayu"


Look who is back! Belarusian singer Ivan returns with a great new single on offer. It's entitled "Snova tebya zabyvayu", and it's a well-paced ballad with captivating melody and a very effective chorus.

United Kingdom | Sam Smith - "Fire on fire"


British singer Sam Smith released a new single! "Fire on fire" has a delicate instrumentation which fits perfectly with Sam's voice and interpretation. The song is taken from the new mini-series adaptation of "Watership down".

Italy | Laura Pausini feat. Carlos Rivera - "La solución"


Laura Pausini is not only the queen of Italian pop music: she is also the queen of duets! This time, the Italian diva has joined Mexican singer, songwriter and actor Carlos Rivera for a new release. It's "La solución", a delightful song with an endearing melody and perfect vocals.

Ukraine | The Hardkiss - "Kokhantsi"


Ukrainian band The Hardkiss return to Sounds European! with yet another power of their strength. Here they show us another single from their album "Zalizna lastivka": "Kokhantsi" is a potent rock to bang at the top of its power!

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Charts Day #199 (part 2)


Greece is completely taken over by a single song! You can't go anywhere in Greek lands without listening to "Tora ti na to kano", by Nikos Oikonomopoulos. No wonder, it's this week's #1 in the local charts.

The Charts Day #199 (part 1)


It's time to get to know a song which is playing nonstop in several Latin countries! It's "Adan y Eva", huge hit by Argentine rapper Paulo Londra. And day after day, this song is showing its international power: this week, for example, it is topping the charts in Spain!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Germany | Anica Russo - "Progress"


Anica Russo is a singer and songwriter from Berlin. She has just released her single "Progress", and we are totally hooked. It's a very catchy song, with a well-paced melody and a quite marking chorus.

Spain | Aitana - "Vas a quedarte"


Right before Christmas, Spanish singer Aitana released a brand new single. "Vas a quedarte" is an intense ballad that shows a more emotional side of her music, letting her voice go from sweet to rough and send chills down your skin.

Greece | Demy - "Ela"


It's time to listen to a new single by Greek star Demy. "Ela" is a delightful song, a very interesting meet of Greek folk and electronic pop. It's impossible to listen to it without dancing along!

Russia | Maxim Fadeev feat. Serebro - "Prityazhen'ya bol'she net"


Two of Russia's top artists released a single together, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you! We are talking about Maxim Fadeev and Serebro, who melted their talents in "Prityazhen'ya bol'she net". The song is a ballad with electronic and synth elements resounding throughout.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Croatia | Severina - "Imaš pravo"


Sounds European! remeets Croatian superstar Severina, who has just released a marvelous new single. It's "Imaš pravo", a song with a strong melody and classy instrumentals, which seem to be the perfect fit for a voice like Severina's. The final result couldn't be more irresistible. We are totally in love: it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Four Of Diamonds - "Blind"


Sophia, Yasmin, Caroline and Lauren started their music journey as solo contestants on the 2016 version of the British X Factor. The show producers saw something in them and decided to put them together as a group, and that is how Four Of Diamonds was formed! We just got to them thanks to their latest single, "Blind", and we were dazzled with their talents: they mix traditional pop with contemporary electronic sounds in a fabulous way!

France | Chimène Badi - "Là-haut"


Little by little, we are getting closer to this year's season of National Finals for Eurovision. And, as candidates are starting to be presented, some of them are already calling our attention. It's the case of Chimène Badi's "Là-haut", from France. It's that kind of song that one loves more and more after every listen!

Updated on March 16th, 2019, with the official video.

Armenia | Aram Mp3 - "Hanina"


Armenian singer Aram Mp3 is back to our site to show us a very fun side of his music. "Hanina" is a total flashback to sounds from the '70s and '80s with a very fitting video. We can't stop grooving to it!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Sweden | ISA - "After you"


Swedish singer ISA has released a delightful new single. It's entitled "After you", and it's a piano-led ballad which displays ISA's vocal quality and depth. It's a captivating song that makes the listeners want to play it over and over again!

Spain | Agustín Galiana - "Je n'aime que toi"


Spanish-born singer Agustín Galiana keeps dazzling us with his French-language work. His latest release is the single "Je n'aime que toi", a classic pop ballad that includes Latin elements to give it a distinctive touch.

Italy | Manuel Moscati feat. Matteo Becucci - "Sempre"


Manuel Moscati is an Italian singer who was born in Rome in 1985. He is also developing his career in Albania, where he competed in the country's fourth season of The X Factor. Manuel took part of the latest Kënga Magjike alongside Matteo Becucci (Livorno, 1970, winner of the second series of The X Factor in Italy). Their entry, "Sempre", is a very captivating song, which mixes Italian and Albanian influences in a unique way.

Poland | Grzegorz Hyzy - "Pech to nie grzech"


Time to check up on Polish singer Grzegorz Hyzy, whose new single is bound to captivate you. "Pech to nie grzech" is a very fun mix of pop, rock and some retro beats.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

North Macedonia | Aleksandar Tarabunov feat. Barbara Popovic - "Bi te odbral samo tebe"


Macedonian singer Aleksandar Tarabunov has joined Barbara Popovic (born in Skopje in 2000, took part of Junior Eurovision in 2013) to record and release a new single. "Bi te odbral samo tebe" explores the mix of their voices in an excellent way, through a great melody.

United Kingdom | Nina Nesbitt - "Colder"


British singer Nina Nesbitt returns to Sounds European! with a single that presents her upcoming album (entitled "The Sun will come up, the seasons will change", and out in February). The song is called "Colder" and it tells the story about love from an adult perspective, all wrapped up in a catchy electronic pop melody.

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Božo Vrećo feat. Marko Louis - "Sanjao sam"


Bosnian star Božo Vrećo has gathered with Marko Louis, singer and songwriter who was born in Munich but is living and developing his career in Serbia, for a new single. It's "Sanjao sam", a song which takes vocal folk music to its highest level.

Spain | Manuel Carrasco - "Déjame ser"


Spanish singer Manuel Carrasco finished 2018 with a bang, releasing two amazing singles, "Llámame loco" and "Déjame ser". We were mesmerized by the latter, which is a classic ballad that will captivate you with its unmistakeably ethnic appeal.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Kosovo | Flaka Krelani - "Garden"


Kosovar singer Flaka Krelani is back with a new single. And it's a wonderful one! "Garden" offers an involving and groovy set of melody and chorus, which helps building a very hypnotic ambience. Flaka's vocal performance is stupendous!

Portugal | Tomás Adrião - "A vontade"


Tomás Adrião is a young talent hailing from Sintra, Portugal. He was crowned the winner of the local version of The Voice in 2017, and now he shows us his talent with a stunning debut single. "A vontade" is a heartbreaking love song with soft verses and an explosive chorus.

Serbia | Milica Todorović - "Ista ja"


Milica Todorović is a Serbian singer who was born in Kruševac in 1990. She rose to prominence winning the second season of the talent show Zvezde Granda, when she was only 14 years old. Milica has just released a new single. "Ista ja" is a very exciting Balkan uptempo pop.

Russia | Dima Bilan - "Molniya"


It's been a long time without Dima Bilan passing through our site. But, thankfully, he is back with a massive track! "Molniya" brings an electronic pop that suits Dima's style perfectly!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Greece | Christina Miliou - "Diko mou thema"


Get ready to listen to an excellent single coming from Greece! It's "Diko mou thema", the latest release by Greek star Christina Miliou. The song mixes a powerful melody, a contagious chorus and a wonderful vocal performance. It's impossible not to love it!

North Macedonia | Kaliopi - "Hajde da pjevamo"


Time to travel to North Macedonia with Kaliopi! She finished 2018 releasing "Hajde da pjevamo", an in crescendo ballad that mixes pop and rock and lets her amazing voice shine through.

Azerbaijan | L'veen - "Dərdverən"


L'veen is the stage name of Elvin Novruzov, Azerbaijani singer from Baku. He has just released a new single, and we are listening to it nonstop! "Dərdverən" is a delightful song with an irresistible groove.

Spain | Funambulista - "Viento a favor"


Spanish artist Funambulista shines with another single! "Viento a favor" brings together pop and rock with a quintissential Spanish flavor, noticeable not only in the lyrics but also in the instrumentation.

Monday, January 07, 2019

The Charts Day #198 (part 2)


One of the biggest worldwide hits of 2018 is still at the top of the charts in Portugal. It's the amazing "Shallow", by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, part of the soundtrack of the movie "A star is born". Besides being the Portuguese #1 this week, the song is also #6 in Norway, #10 in Ireland, #15 in Bulgaria, #19 in Austria and Belgium, #21 in the Netherlands, #24 in the United Kingdom and #37 in Germany.

The Charts Day #198 (part 1)


Every beginning of year, charts all over the world are still filled with Christmas songs. Few countries are not topped by Mariah Carey or Wham! (or Ava Max, which we posted not long ago). One of them is the Netherlands, whose #1 this week is Davina Michelle's "Duurt te lang".

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Italy | Marco Mengoni feat. Tom Walker - "Hola (I say)"


Italian singer Marco Mengoni gathered with British artist Tom Walker in "Hola (I say)". The single is a great meeting of the talents of both: a simple ballad that captivates thanks to its emotional side.

Germany | Max Giesinger - "Lieber geh ich"


German singer Max Giesinger has recently released a new album, "Die reise". We've already seen the lead single from it, "Zuhause", and here he shows us another sample! "Lieber geh ich" is a soft ballad that will melt in your ears!

Belarus | Evgeniy Dolich feat. Taisia Serikova - "Ja sumuju pa tabie"


Evgeniy Dolich is a Belarusian singer who was born in Minsk. He has joined Taisia Serikova (member of MILKI, born in Gomel in 1990) for "Ja sumuju pa tabie". It's a wonderful ballad with endearing melody and instrumentals. Their voices work very well together!

Croatia | Mateo Pilat - "Prije kiše"


Croatian singer Mateo Pilat has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Prije kiše", and it's a wonderful pop-rock song. Its melody is absolutely delightful and captivating, and Mateo's voice fills it all perfectly!

Saturday, January 05, 2019

Italy | Federica Abbate - "Finalmente"


Federica Abbate is an Italian singer and songwriter who was born in Milan in 1991. She wrote some of the biggest hits of Italy in recent years, such as "Roma-Bangkok" and "Nessun grado di separazione". Her "Finalmente" was our favorite entry of Sanremo Giovani (the newcomers' section for the 2019 Festival di Sanremo). It's a song which displays a unique and strong music personality. We are completely hooked: it's our song of the week!

Germany | Mark Forster feat. Maro and Maurice Kirya - "Chip in"


German singer Mark Forster travelled to Uganda to meet local artists Maro and Maurice Kirya. The three released "Chip in", a song that mixes Mark's rap-pop with ethnic sounds.

France | Lynda - "Ma berceuse"


Lynda Sherazade is a French singer who was born in Garges-lès-Gonesse in 1995. We have just got to listen to her single "Ma berceuse", and we instantly fell in love with it. No wonder why: it's such a groovy and inviting pop song!

Spain | Antonio José feat. Maite Perroni - "Si tú quisieras"


Spanish singer Antonio José gathered with Mexican artist Maite Perroni in a beautiful ballad. "Si tú quisieras" is a lovesong that mixes different styles into a fantastic track!

Friday, January 04, 2019

Luxembourg | Nyv - "Io ti penso"


2018 ended with the first step for the 2019 Festival di Sanremo – Sanremo Giovani, in which newcomers were trying to grant a spot in the main category of the contest. Luxembourgish singer Nyv was one of the contestants. Her "Io ti penso" wasn't one of the winners, but it has totally caught our attention: what a beautiful song it is!

Updated on November 1st, 2020, with the new stage name of the artist.

Finland | Mikko Harju - "Sinä olet elämä"


We just came across another single by Finnish singer Mikko Harju, and boy do we wish we had heard about it sooner! "Sinä olet elämä" is a contemporary ballad which includes a classic instrumentation to elevate the song.

North Macedonia | Thea Trajkovska - "Koga najdobro te poznavam"


Macedonian star Thea Trajkovska has just released a new single. And we are totally addicted to it! "Koga najdobro te poznavam" is an involving pop song with fresh instrumentals, a catchy chorus and (as usual) an irresistible vocal performance by Thea.

Romania | Liviu Teodorescu - "SAFE"


Romanian singer Liviu Teodorescu is back to Sounds European! with a great new track. "SAFE" brings the mix of electronic and contemporary pop that is always so appealing!

Thursday, January 03, 2019

Greece | Elli Kokkinou - "Ximeromata savvatou"


It's finally time for us to remeet Greek singer Elli Kokkinou. She has just released "Ximeromata savvatou", an emotional song with a very powerful chorus. Elli's voice adds the perfect amount of intensity to the track!

Germany | Fabrice Noel - "Alles verändert sich"


We remeet German singer Fabrice Noel in a great new track. "Alles verändert sich" starts as a soft electronic pop and evolves into an explosive chorus with R&B influences.

Spain | Arco - "La primera"


Arco is the new project of the Spanish musician Antonio Arco, the former leading man in El Puchero del Hortelano. They have just released an awesome single, entitled "La primera". It's a masterpiece of Spanish pop-rock!

France | David Carreira feat. Kell Smith - "Cuido de você"


French-born singer David Carreira met Brazilian singer Kell Smith to release a single together. The song is entitled "Cuido de você", and it is a love story told in the form of a soft pop.

Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Albania | Flori Mumajesi - "Plas"


The end of the year in Albania is always full of music festivals. You now listen to the winner of the 2018 Kënga Magjike, Flori Mumajesi's "Plas". It's a delicate ballad which allows Flori to display all the quality and emotion of his voice. It's very touching!

Finland | Kaija Koo feat. Jenni Vartiainen, Vesala and SANNI - "Tule lähemmäs beibi 2018"


When four Finnish divas meet, there's definitely something good going on! Kaija Koo released a new version of her 1993 hit "Tule lähemmäs beibi" and invited Jenni Vartiainen, Vesala and SANNI to collaborate in the track. The result is a delicious pop with electronic and retro influences.

Croatia | Alen Đuras - "Ne mogu se miriti"


Alen Đuras is a Croatian singer who was born in Virovitica in 1993. He has just released "Ne mogu se miriti", a sweet ballad which mixes traditional instrumentals and Alen's beautiful voice in a wonderful manner.

Denmark | Mads Langer - "Tag mig med"


Danish musician Mads Langer returns to Sounds European! with a very interesting new single. "Tag mig med" sends the singer to a journey through electronic pop, with soft verses and an explosive chorus that will make you groove along!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Armenia | Nare Gevorgyan - "Mer Ergire"


Nare Gevorgyan is a pop and folk singer hailing from Metsamor, Armenia. She has just released a new single, entitled "Mer Ergire". It's an excellent display of what Armenian folk pop can offer. We love it!

Albania | Jonida Maliqi - "Ktheju tokës"


As is traditional for Christmas, Albania could enjoy a new edition of Festivali i Këngës. This time, the winner was Jonida Maliqi, a singer born in Tirana in 1982. Jonida wowed everybody with her song "Ktheju tokës", a plea which talks about the hardships migrants go through. Jonida was confirmed as the representative of Albania in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Updated on March 10th, 2019, with the official video.

Italy | Irama - "Bella e rovinata"


Italian singer Irama has a new single on offer. And it's a very captivating one! "Bella e rovinata" is a unique ballad, with a melody which goes beyond what is obvious for the genre, and catches the attention exactly because of that.

Spain | Vanesa Martín feat. Mariza - "Pídeme"


Spanish singer Vanesa Martín has recently released a new album, entitled "Todas las mujeres que habitan en mí". And one of the singles to emerge from it is simply fantastic. "Pídeme" features Portuguese singer Mariza to create a magical love song which oozes sensuality.