Sunday, September 30, 2018

Romania | Keo - "Fraier"


It's high time we remet Romanian artist and producer Keo. He has just released a new single, and we are in love with it. It's entitled "Fraier", and it is a smooth electropop with a very captivating melody.

United Kingdom | Archie Faulks - "It rains"


Archie Faulks is a British singer and songwriter from London. He is kicking off his career with a sweet debut single: "It rains" is a solemn love song that is driven by the amazing tunes of alternative folk-pop chords.

Poland | MANNEI - "Juice"


Polish singer MANNEI is back to our page with her newest single. It's entitled "Juice", and it's a great invitation to travel back in time without forgetting the present. It offers a mix of pop, retro and synth sounds that will blow your mind!

Portugal | Patinho Feio - "Fado"


António Justiça, André Imaginário, Filipe Pires, João Malaquias and Rui Valentim are Patinho Feio, a Portuguese band from Ílhavo. They have just released "Fado", an intriguing rock song with hypnotic melody and ambience.

Serbia | 100% Bend - "Gospodin pravi"


100% Bend are a Serbian band from Šabac, formed by Duska, Nikoleta, Ivan, Mladen, Darko, Dragan and Uros. They have recently released a new single. "Gospodin pravi" is a catchy and very inviting Balkan pop song. Its chorus is so exciting!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Russia | Kristina Kosheleva - "Bol'she net sil"


Kristina Kosheleva is a Russian singer who was born in Sysert in 1998. She has just released a new single, entitled "Bol'she net sil". And let us say it loud and clear: it's irresistible! The melody is very strong, her vocal performance is flawless, the chorus is highly addictive... everything about it is impeccable. The result couldn't be any different: it's our song of the week!

Sweden | YOHIO - "Tick tack (Genius)"


Swedish star YOHIO has just released a new single. And we are listening to it nonstop! "Tick tack (Genius)" is an excellent song. It offers a melody which involves you since its very first second, a chorus which is strong and quite effective and vocal performance which completes it all to perfection.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Germany | Lichtblick - "Lichtblick"


It's time to listen to a German girlband singing a cover version... of another German girlband! Lichtblick's self-titled single is a rendition of No Angels's "Daylight in your eyes" in German. And it's as captivating as the original one. We love it!

Romania | Jukebox - "Am ce nu am"


Sounds European! remeets Romanian band Jukebox and their awesome new single. "Am ce nu am" is a song which mixes pop-rock and reggae in a delightful manner. A special highlight for its chorus, which is just excellent!

France | Joyce Jonathan - "Je te déteste pas du tout"


French star Joyce Jonathan has a new single on offer. And you know what that always means: it's time to listen to excellent music! It's a piano-led ballad which sets the perfect mood for Joyce's voice to shine. It's so lovely!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Spain | Nunatak feat. Rafa Val - "Nadie nos va a salvar"


Our friends of Nunatak have recently recorded "Sesiones valientes", an acoustic release of four of their previous songs featuring fellow singers. The first glimpse we had from it is "Nadie nos va a salvar", featuring Rafa Val (lead singer of Spanish band Viva Suecia). The result is a beautiful rock ballad!

Slovenia | Anabel - "Klic stran"


Slovene singer Anabel is back with a new single. And it's a great one! "Klic stran" is a great sample of what pop music should always be. It offers a melody which is involving, a chorus which is very memorable and a vocal performance which fits it all perfectly.

Germany | Ela - "Universum"


Ela is a German singer who was born in Bonn. She has just released a wonderful new single. "Universum" is a highly entertaining schlager song with a melody which is as fun as one can be and a chorus which is very marking.

Estonia | Laura - "Tõusulained"


It's finally time to remeet ways with Estonian star Laura! She has just released a new single, and we are very excited about it. "Tõusulained" is a summer-flavoured electronic pop with a very modern and captivating chorus.

France | Kyo - "Fremen"


French band Kyo only knows how to make prime music. And their most recent single, "Fremen", is no exception to this rule. It's a very entertaining pop-rock song with awesome vocals and potent instrumentals.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Russia | EVA - "Posmotri"


One more single released, and Russian singer EVA is starting to prove she is a rising star whom we should keep an eye on. "Posmotri" is simply great! Its melody is almost hypnotic, and invites you to a trip into the track as few ones can. We love it to bits!

North Macedonia | Simona Popovska - "Ti si moja pobeda"


Look who is finally back! We were completely excited to know Macedonian superstar Simona Popovska has finally released a new single. And we cannot stress enough: it is an outstanding comeback! "Ti si moja pobeda" is a summer pop song at its best.

Finland | Kaija Koo - "Mun sydän"


It's time to remeet Finnish singer Kaija Koo, who has just released a new single. It's entitled "Mun sydän", and it's a song which offers a well-paced melody which grows into a powerful and imposing chorus. We love it!

Netherlands | Vinchenzo - "Craving"


We now land in the Netherlands, where Vinchenzo has a wonderful new release on offer. "Craving" is that kind of song which sticks to the head as quick as one can notice. Its melody is sexy and involving and the chorus is very modern and effective.

Germany | Madsen - "Sommerferien"


Get ready to listen to an excellent song coming from Germany! "Sommerferien", by Madsen, is a perfect example of what outstanding rock 'n' roll is. It's intense, powerful and completely addictive. We are listening to it nonstop!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bulgaria | Philipp Kirkorov feat. Nikolai Baskov - "Ibiza"


Two of the biggest stars of the Russian music scene got together for a new release. And the result fully lives up to all of the expectations! "Ibiza", by Bulgarian-born Philipp Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov, is an addictive song with an entertaining melody and a very effective chorus. All this is only surpassed by its even more entertaining video!

Portugal | Amar Mais Agora - "O melhor lugar"


Our dear friends of Amar Mais Agora are back with a new single. And we cannot stress enough: it's totally a must-listen! "O melhor lugar" presents a different side of their amazing work, with an upwards, speedy melody which explores their unison work in a whole new manner.

Updated on July 5th, 2020, with the new stage name of the group.

Poland | Marta Gałuszewska - "Jeden dzień"


Polish singer Marta Gałuszewska is back, with a great new single on offer. "Jeden dzień" is an irresistible pop song with spices of electronic, whose melody and chorus are as catchy as they could be. We love it!

Romania | JO - "Sangria"


Get yourself ready to dance: "Sangria", the new single by Romanian singer JO, is surely gonna make your body move like there is no tomorrow! It is a song which offers fresh, sexy instrumentals and melody, in a way only Romania seems to know how to make.

Serbia | Jelena Tomašević - "Dobro jutro ljubavi"


Serbian star Jelena Tomašević is back with a wonderful new single. "Dobro jutro ljubavi" offers a fresh approach to Balkan pop. It's impossible to stay still to its marking beats and catchy melody – and even more impossible not to notice Jelena's wonderful vocal performance!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Germany | Marie Bothmer - "Halbes du"


Sounds European! remeets German singer Marie Bothmer, who has just released a new single. It's "Halbes du", an excellent pop song with a contemporary groovy melody built by classy instrumentals and a chorus which sticks to the head after the very first listen.

France | Amel Bent feat. Alonzo - "Rien"


It's always great news when French star Amel Bent releases a new single. So we couldn't be more excited when we saw "Rien" was out! The song, which features Alonzo (French rapper from Marseille), offers an exciting groove and a unique and powerful melody.

Azerbaijan | Ruslan Alishan - "Unut"


Ruslan Alishan (or Alişan) is an Azerbaijani singer from Mingachevir. He has just released "Unut", a song which offers a contemporary approach for regional pop music. It's a delightful track which mixes a smooth melody and Ruslan's sweet voice in a wonderful manner.

Serbia | Mia Borisavljevic - "Pricaju po gradu"


Mia Borisavljevic is a Serbian singer who was born in Valjevo. She has just released a new single, entitled "Pricaju po gradu". It's Balkan pop at its best: it is groovy and involving and has a melody which is simply irresistible.

Ukraine | Loboda - "Lety"


It's time to listen to an amazing song coming from Ukraine. We have just got to listen to "Lety", by Loboda, and we are totally in love with it. It's an emotional and extremely involving song, which explores Loboda's voice in an awesome way.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Germany | Bosse - "Augen zu musik an"


German star Bosse has just released a new single. And we can't stop listening to it! "Augen zu musik an" is a well-paced pop song with electronic beats and a very entertaining chorus.

The Charts Day #194


Danish band Lukas Graham have just released their new single "Love someone", and it's already starting to chart in some places. This week, the song is #1 in their home country, Denmark, besides being #15 in Norway, #32 in Sweden and #94 in Ireland.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ireland | Eoin Glackin - "High king falls"


Eoin Glackin is a Dublin-born singer singer and songwriter. He is very soon releasing his debut album, and now presents us the lead single from it: "High king falls" is an alternative pop song with a deep set of lyrics.

Poland | Gracjan Kalandyk - "Dogasanie"


Gracjan Kalandyk is a Polish singer hailing from the city of Elbląg. His career took off after participating in the fifth season of The Voice of Poland. And here he presents us his most recent single. In "Dogasanie", he delivers a beautiful emotional ballad.

Netherlands | Glennis Grace - "Walk on water"


Dutch singer Glennis Grace is living a very good 2018. She made it to the finals of the 13th season of America's Got Talent, wowing the judges with every single performance of hers. We wanted to celebrate this feat with her latest single before entering the competition: "Walk on water" is a very powerful R&B ballad!

Spain | Blas Cantó - "No volveré (a seguir tus pasos)"


Blas Cantó's prolific career is in a very prolific phase. And he confirms this statement with the release of yet another amazing single. "No volveré (a seguir tus pasos)" gives a pop twist to traditional ballads, exploding in a Latin-flavored chorus.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sweden | Simon Alexander - "Last dance"


Simon Alexander Göthberg is a singer and songwriter who was born and raised on the West coast of Sweden. Simon has just released an amazing new single, entitled "Last dance", and we simply couldn't be more in love with it! It's an indie pop with infusions of folk which is absolutely catchy and addictive. His voice delivers all the power the song demands, and the chorus is as memorable as one can be. We can't stop listening to it: it's our song of the week!

Romania | Soundland feat. Timebelle - "Heartache"


Romanian project Soundland and Swiss band Timebelle are back together for a new summer-like song together. "Heartache" is a danceable tune from start to end!

Hungary | Bogi Dallos feat. Freddie - "Csakazértis szerelem"


Hungarian singers Bogi Dallos and Freddie return to our site for a very special treat. They have recently covered "Csakazértis szerelem", a song which is considered a local classic from the '80s, and revamped it into a contemporary pop with retro flashes.

Updated on September 2nd, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

Poland | Paula Biskup - "Wyliczanka"


Paula Biskup is a 12-year-old singer hailing from Turek, Poland. She is currently one of the singers bidding to represent her country at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Her song is entitled "Wyliczanka", and it brings a super fresh electro pop!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Spain | Shinova - "El álbum"


Gabriel, Ander, Erlantz, Dani and Froufe are Shinova, a band hailing from Berriz, Spain. Their story started in 2008, and thus far includes five studio albums, the latest one released this year. Check out their most recent single: "El álbum" is a perfect sample of their powerful alternative rock!

France | Palmer - "Etrange ami"


Manon Palmer is a French singer hailing from Lyon. She started her career taking part of the fourth season of The Voice in her country, and now she is releasing her first solo single. "Etrange ami" is a sultry electronic pop that unveils all of her talents!

United Kingdom | Tom Odell feat. Alice Merton - "Half as good as you"


Two big names of the indie music scene have gathered for a single together. And, naturally, the result is beautiful! Tom Odell and Alice Merton released "Half as good as you", an emotional, piano-driven ballad.

Denmark | Daniel Jul - "Kærlighed og kildevand"


Daniel Jul is a young talent rising in Denmark. Hailing from the city of Brønderslev, he arrives to Sounds European! with a very nice single: "Kærlighed og kildevand" brings a tender pop that lets Daniel show off his raspy voice.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Spain | Despistaos - "Vuelve a verme"


Spanish band Despistaos is having a tremendous 2018. And their latest single will show you why their success is destined to last: "Vuelve a verme" starts as a tender ballad which grows in instrumentation and strength towards the chorus.

Estonia | Big Ohe feat. Stig Rästa - "Sa ju tead"


Big Ohe is a new project led by Estonian singer Stig Rästa. Aiming to gather different musicians and producers together, the ensemble just released its first single. "Sa ju tead" is a groovy soft pop that explodes in a super fun chorus!

Cyprus | Hovig - "Words are never easy"


We just got to hear that Cypriot singer Hovig released a new single in the beginning of this year. And we are really digging it! "Words are never easy" is a very catchy contemporary electropop.

Poland | Cleo - "Film"


Polish star Cleo returns to Sounds European! with a very exciting new single. In "Film", she brings a fun kind of electronic pop that will put you to the dancefloor with its very first beat!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Netherlands | Stefania - "Stupid reasons"


Stefania Liberakakis (Utrecht, 2002) is a young talent rising in the Netherlands. And don't let her age fool you: she has quite a résumé already! She was part of the third season of The Voice Kids in her country, and was also part of the Dutch group Kisses, that sang at the 2016 Junior Eurovision. Now, she is shining solo: "Stupid reasons" is a super fresh, contemporary pop.

Italy | Mahmood - "Milano good vibes"


Italian singer Mahmood returns to our site with his latest single. In "Milano good vibes", he released a relaxed pop that retains the summer feelings in Europe.

Estonia | Frankie Animal feat. Jüri Pootsmann - "Funny"


Didn't we say Estonian music is blooming with duets? The latest addition to the list includes Frankie Animal (an indie rock band formed in Tallinn in 2012) and Jüri Pootsmann, who collaborated in "Funny". The result is a minimalistic kind of song that shines in a grungy chorus.

Germany | Rosenstolz - "Wenn es jetzt losgeht"


Rosenstolz is a German pop duo formed in Berlin in 1991. After 12 albums and 20 years of career, the band took a break in 2011. But they have recently returned to the spotlights with a hitherto unpublished track. "Wenn es jetzt losgeht" is a beautiful ballad that shows the best of their music!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Poland | Sarsa - "Zakryj"


Polish singer Sarsa is back to our site with yet another amazing single! In "Zakryj", she delivers a great alternative downtempo song which reaches its climax in a fabulous chorus.

Romania | Elena - "Un gram de suflet"


Romanian diva Elena is back to action! Her newest single is entitled "Un gram de suflet", and it is a compelling pop with a retro feeling that suits it perfectly. Oh, how not to fall for her charm!

Hungary | Zséda - "Élj a napnak"


It was high time for us to remeet Hungarian singer Zséda! And she returns with a bang: "Élj a napnak" starts as a soft pop ballad and explodes in the chorus with beautiful tenderness.

Spain | Veintiuno - "Cabezabajo"


Spanish band Veintiuno returns to Sounds European! to deliver a great new single. "Cabezabajo" is a perfect sample of contemporary indie rock, which adds some synth beats to create a unique sound.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Montenegro | Šako Polumenta - "Nedostaješ"


We recently featured his duet with Lexington Band, and Šako Polumenta is already back with new music! "Nedostaješ" is a song which mixes pop, rock and ethnic instruments, conveying a very interesting sound.

10 Questions For: Oscar Enestad


He lived instant success as a member of one of the best boybands of recent times. Now, he is starting his solo career – and his first song has already surprised us a lot. Add to all this the fact that he is a great person, and the result could only be one: an excellent interview! These are our 10 questions for Oscar Enestad:

Sounds European!: Let's start this interview with talking a bit about your musical history. What are your first memories with music? What artists did you enjoy listening when you were a kid? When and how did you start singing? And who were the first people to notice your talent for it?

Oscar Enestad: My first memories with music were that I used to listen to Shakira and Eminem. They were the first artists I have ever loved. Such a weird mix! But my first concert was also Shakira at Ericsson Globe – I was a huge fan! Then, I started to listen to rap, especially Eminem.
I started to sing to my parents. When there were songs playing on TV, I used to sing and dance to that. Especially Aqua, haha! After that, my parents put me in music school. So I guess they were the first ones to discover that I had a talent for singing and performing.

SE!: You were a member of The Fooo, which changed name to The Fooo Conspiracy and then to FO&O. The group's success was nearly immediate. How was it, for you, to face instant fame? What are your favorite memories of the period with the band? And what lessons did you take from it that are now useful in your solo work?

OE: It was really fun and really special. It wasn't like little fame either – it was Justin Bieber level of fame over one night. It was really something you had to get used to and embrace. It was a bit scary in the beginning, but since then it has only been fun. I mean, it's a part of the job.
My favorite memory from being in the band is the fact that we became best friends. It was one of the top things, that you were able to work with your best friends daily, and travel together and perform together. As well as all the concerts and meeting all the fans!
The biggest lesson I learned from being in the band is that you have to value your privacy. When we became famous over one night, it was like I was somewhere in between Oscar in private and Oscar in public. There wasn't a clear line in between the two, and that was hard. I think it is important to draw the line between the private stuff and the public stuff.

SE!: As a member of FO&O, you were part of one of the biggest entertainment events in Sweden, Melodifestivalen. How was that experience, for you? What was it like to have to ally a new element to your performance (working with and for the cameras), while being judged by the audience? And would you ever consider taking part of it as a solo artist?

OE: It was a really educative experience and I learned a lot. It is a bit different when everything is about a TV show, with the whole voting system, and that you get eliminated. There was also a lot of work and you get to see a whole new side of the music industry that none of us in the band expected.
But yes, I would consider doing it again! It's a great show and you reach a lot of people with it!

SE!: Now, Felix, Omar and you are focusing on your own solo projects. When did you guys realize it was time to give your solo works a try? And how was that transition, for you? What is it like to go from a group, where you work to coordinate your voice to others, to solo, where you are the protagonist, with all the responsibility of leading the songs?

OE: We decided that we would focus on our solo projects last fall. We all felt we were at a point in our career where we wanted to try and do our solo stuff. It was all good in time. All of us were of course nervous and thought it was scary, like when you are used to be in a group and able to share everything – and suddenly you have to do it all by yourself. However, now when you are able to do your own music and your own sound, it feels like it was a good decision. It is fun to be by yourself, and it's not that big of a difference, really.

SE!: Your first song was a wonderful surprise, for us. We met a different Oscar, with a haunting, emotional and slightly dark debut single. What can you tell us about "Heaven on my skin"? What is the message behind it? And can we expect your next songs to have a similar vibe – or should we be ready to be surprised again?

OE: The song is about when you meet a person that is beautiful on the outside, but something just isn't right on the inside. "Heaven on my skin but hell in my heart". It's about superficiality and shallowness. And yes, you are all going to be surprised again!

"It would be nice to win a lot of awards and play at huge stadiums, but if the music is good – then that stuff will come too"

SE!: In four years with FO&O, you have achieved impressive feats: eight wins and 12 nominations in different music awards, two platinum and one gold certification, over 80 million streams on Spotify and several sold out shows. And you are only 21 years old! Looking ahead, what else do you dream of achieving in your career? What are your dreams and aspirations?

OE: All I want for now is to release good music and put it out in the world. To make an impact on people and move people with the stories that I tell through the music. Like, it would be nice to win a lot of awards and play at huge stadiums, but if the music is good – then that stuff will come too.

SE!: During your career, you have shared stage with great international stars, such as Justin Bieber and One Direction. What other artists did you get the chance to work with? Could you learn anything from these experiences, either talking to them or observing their work?

OE: We met One Direction when we opened up for them, and of course we have always looked up to them as a band. It was crazy to share the same stage as both them and Justin Bieber. But the only artist we actually teamed up with is Danny Saucedo. I think it's kind of hard to work with other people when you already are a group – you are already a lot of people!

SE!: Since we are talking about working with other artists, if you could choose anyone, who would be some Swedish and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

OE: My Swedish dream collaboration would be Tove Styrke. And internationally it would be Ed Sheeran. Or maybe like Eminem. It would be amazing to sing on a chorus of one of his songs!

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

OE: More music. It's all a bit of a secret at the moment. But it will surprise you!

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song of yours, and why?

OE: With FO&O, my all-time favorite song is "Summer love". I think it's the best song we have ever done. It's not your typical boyband song.
My favorite song by me as a solo artist is not released yet!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Poland | Kasia Kowalska - "Alannah (tak niewiele chce)"


Born in Sulejówek, Poland, in 1973, Kasia Kowalska is a pop rock singer, songwriter, producer, and actress. With a career spanning 26 years, she is now releasing her tenth studio album, the first one since 2010. The lead single from it is entitled "Alannah (tak niewiele chce)", a song that mixes pop and country sounds.

Ukraine | MELOVIN - "That's your role"


Ukrainian singer MELOVIN returns to Sounds European! with a massive new single. We are talking about "That's your role", an exciting pop with a unique arrangement of instruments.

Denmark | Lukas Graham - "Love someone"


After enjoying international success with their previous studio album, Danish band Lukas Graham are ready to conquer it all again with a new release. Their soon-to-come work is entitled "3 (The purple album)", and its lead single is "Love someone". The song is an emotional pop ballad that will make your feelings bloom!

Switzerland | Sebalter - "Better not"


After some time away from the music business, Swiss singer Sebalter returned last year with the single "Un cuore a metà". And now he follows it up with "Better not", a folk pop with a very uplifting atmosphere.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

France | Jenifer - "Notre idylle"


Our song of the week comes with a French taste. After a long time without a new single, Jenifer returns to shower us with class in "Notre idylle". The song is a delicious pop with a strong chorus and a beautiful retro-inspired atmosphere!

Spain | Arnau Griso - "Desamortil"


Spanish band Arnau Griso is on fire, y'all! They have just released the single "Desamortil", another sample of their cheerful melodies and quirky lyrics.

Norway | AURORA - "Forgotten love"


Norwegian singer AURORA returns to our site with her most recent single. It is entitled "Forgotten love", and it brings a delicate and tender pop ballad which creates a beautiful atmosphere.

United Kingdom | Abigail Scott - "Damaged"


Abigail Scott is a British singer from South London. We recently got to hear her single "Damaged", a classy track with a soulful production and beautifully raw vocal that oozes emotion throughout.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Greece | 7he 7ouch - "You can"


Greek band 7he 7ouch returns to our site with a massive rock track. The single is entitled "You can", and it is a soaring mix of sounds with a touching set of lyrics.

Poland | Paulina Czapla - "Twój talizman"


Paulina Czapla hails from the city of Malbork, in Poland. Her music career took off after her participation in the Polish versions for The X Factor and Must Be The Music. Her most recent single is entitled "Twój talizman", and it is an enticing pop with synth beats and some folk influences to wrap it up beautifully!

Portugal | Sérgio Godinho - "Nação valente"


Sérgio Godinho is a Portuguese poet, composer and singer born in 1945 in the city of Porto. He is one of the most prolific artists to emerge from Portugal, having released innumerous albums and singles. His latest one is entitled "Nação valente", and it gives a traditional twist to singer-songwriter songs.

Estonia | Liis Lemsalu feat. Ott Lepland - "Süda taob"


Estonia is having a great moment of duets, and now it's time to see what Liis Lemsalu and Ott Lepland have to offer! They recently released "Süda taob", a very entertaining pop.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

France | Kyo - "Dans les cordes"


After almost a year without appearing on Sounds European!, French band Kyo are back with us! We just happened to come across "Dans les cordes", an exciting mix of synth and electronic rock that will captivate you instantly!

Ukraine | The Hardkiss - "Free me"


Ukrainian band The Hardkiss returns to our site with another mind-blowing single. "Free me" strarts as a soft, piano-driven ballad, and then explodes in an intense rock chorus.

Turkey | Güven Yüreyi - "Kabuk"


Güven Yüreyi is a Turkish singer born in Kuşadası in 1994. His most recent single will put you on your feet in a heartbeat: "Kabuk" mixes dance, electronic, pop and ethnic beats in an explosive song!

Germany | Markus Schulz feat. Sebu - "Upon my shoulders"


German DJ and producer Markus Schulz (born in Eschwege in 1975) has recently unveiled a new single, which features Syrian-born singer Sebu. In "Upon my shoulders", they deliver a soft approach to electronic pop.

United Kingdom | Pale Waves - "Eighteen"


British ensemble Pale Waves returns to our site with their latest single. "Eighteen" is another single from their upcoming album, "My mind makes noises", and it brings the delicious kind of synth pop we love from them!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sweden | Little Jinder - "Pinocchio"


Little Jinder is the stage name of Josefine Jinder, a singer hailing from Stockholm and who captivated us with her single 'Pinocchio". It's a contemporary ballad filled with synth sounds, which helps to create a mysterious vibe around the song.

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "Puebla"


The release of his second studio album, "Mar de colores", has Alvaro Soler very busy. But that hasn't stopped him from releasing singles. And yet another one comes now, this time "Puebla". The song brings a cheerful concoction of sounds that will draw a smile on your face!

Russia | ARTi - "Granata"


ARTi is a singer born in Perm, Russia, but who is developing his music in Bulgaria. His most recent single really called our attention: "Granata" is a mix of urban sounds and pop with a very fun atmosphere and the catchiest of choruses!

Poland | Michał Szpak - "Rainbow"


Polish singer Michał Szpak returns to Sounds European! with a beautiful new single. "Rainbow" is a sweet, piano-driven ballad that shows a tender and loving side of his music.

Netherlands | Wulf - "Watch me go"


Dutch singer Wulf returns to Sounds European! with his most recent single. Entitled "Watch me go", it brings a delightful kind of pop that will have you bobbing your head up and down to the rhythm!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ukraine | Taisiya Povaliy - "Ty v glaza mne posmotri"


After quite a long time, we finally get to remeet Ukrainian singer Taisiya Povaliy! Her most recent single is entitled "Ty v glaza mne posmotri", and it brings the distinct flavor of downtempo electropop from the region. It's appealing from the very first beat!

Iceland | Greta Salóme feat. Tiny - "Wildfire"


Icelandic singer Greta Salóme has teamed up with local rapper Tiny in an exciting new single. We are talking about "Wildfire", a great folk-pop that is the soundtrack of Icelandic animated film "Ploey".

Germany | Glasperlenspiel feat. Ali As - "Schloss"


German pop duo Glasperlenspiel returns to Sounds European! with a very nice new single. "Schloss", extracted from their new album "Licht & schatten", features Ali As (a rapper born in Munich in 1979) and brings a delicate mix of contemporary electropop.

Denmark | LUKA - "Paper cut"


LUKA is the stage name of Lasse Kjær, a Danish singer and songwriter. He has recently unveiled a very interesting new single: "Paper cut" is a calm pop ballad that shows his raspy voice bloom.

Russia | Aleks Jackman - "Chuvstva"


Born in Moscow in 1991, Aleks Jackman is a Singer, songwriter, producer and actor. Check out his work in his most recent single. "Chuvstva" is a ballad with intense synth elements that make it sound super contemporary.

Monday, September 10, 2018

The Charts Day #193 (part 2)


Lithuanian DJ Dynoro is making headlines around the world charts with his single "In my mind" (which features Italian DJ Gigi D'Agostino). And, in Europe, the song is a massive hit: this week, it's #1 in Austria, Finland, Germany and Switzerland, #2 in France, Norway and Sweden, #5 in Ireland, and #6 in Denmark and the Netherlands!

The Charts Day #193 (part 1)


Time to check up what has been going on in the charts around Europe. And we start our 193rd delivery of The Charts Day with British artists: Calvin Harris and Sam Smith's collaboration, "Promises" is this week's #1 in Ireland and the United Kingdom, #7 in Sweden and #9 in the Netherlands!

Sunday, September 09, 2018

France | Cassandre - "Respire"


It was about time Cassandre released a new single: we simply couldn't wait any longer for a new song by one of our favorite French artists! But the wait was worth it, as "Respire" is just great. It's an enticing electropop song with beats which get you addicted after almost no time. It's a song to be in everyone's playlist!

Updated on November 2nd, 2018, with the official video.

Estonia | Elina Born feat. Jüri Pootsmann - "Jagatud saladus"


Estonian musicians Elina Born and Jüri Pootsmann have gathered their voices for a wonderful collaboration. Their single together is entitled "Jagatud saladus", and it is a fresh and relaxed pop.

Italy | Annalisa feat. Mr.Rain - "Un domani"


Italian superstar Annalisa is back with a new single! This time, she has joined Italian rapper Mr.Rain (stage name of Mattia Balardi, who was born in Desenzano del Garda in 1991) to release "Un domani". It's a groovy song with intense beats and a marking chorus.

United Kingdom | Nina Nesbitt - "Loyal to me"


British singer Nina Nesbitt returns to Sounds European! with a lovely new single. "Loyal to me" is a fresh pop that has a great chorus. The overall song has a 2000s retro feeling that we couldn't love more!

Poland | Roksana Węgiel - "Obiecuję"


Roksana Węgiel is a young new talent who is rising in the Polish music scene. Earlier this year, the 13-year-old singer from Jasło was the winner of the first season of The Voice Kids in Poland. Roksana has just released her second single (following "Żyj"), and it leaves us no doubt: we are watching a new star being born. It's an excellent song, which explores her wonderful voice in a great way!

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Hungary | Paddy And The Rats - "Castaway"


Paddy And The Rats are Paddy O'Reilly, Sam McKenzie, Bernie Bellamy, Joey MacOnkay, Vince Murphy and Seamus Connelly. The band was formed in 2008 in Miskolc, Hungary, and it mixes elements from Irish and Celtic music, as well as punk rock and traditional polka sounds. Check out the single of theirs we've just come across: "Castaway" shows their diverse range of influences in a beautiful song that became our song of the week!

Russia | Irina Letina - "Playboy"


Irina Letina is a Russian singer from Moscow. Her new single, "Playboy", is pop at its purest and most addictive form! It offers a growing melody which reaches an irresistible level during the chorus – all of that, accompanied by a perfect vocal performance by Irina. It's a song to listen nonstop!

Switzerland | ILIRA - "Whisper my name"


Ilira Gashi was born in Brienz, Switzerland, from Albanian and Kosovar parents. And we are sure that her debut single will leave you craving for more: "Whisper my name" is a super contemporary electronic pop, with intense beats and a really catchy melody!

United Kingdom | Jess Glynne - "All I am"


British star Jess Glynne has just released a new single. And that can only mean one thing: it's time to listen to a soon-to-be worldwide hit! "All I am" is a modern electropop song, in that way only Jess knows how to deliver. It's awesome!

Poland | BARANOVSKI - "Luźno"


Polish singer BARANOVSKI is back to Sounds European! with his latest single. "Luźno" is a very interesting pop-rock with retro elements throughout, conveying a highly captivating track!

Friday, September 07, 2018

Latvia | Madara Grēgere - "Miljons domu nakts"


Madara Grēgere is a Latvian singer from the city of Ventspils. She has just released a new single, entitled "Miljons domu nakts", and we are in love with it! It's a song with a lovely and captivating melody, perfectly followed by Madara's great vocal performance.

Spain | Arnau Griso - "El gusto es mío"


Arnau Blanch y Eric Griso are Arnau Griso, a Spanish duo hailing from Barcelona. Their sounds are resonating all through Spain thanks to their uplifting melodies, as they give us in "El gusto es mío". The song has cheeky lyrics and a very cool melody.

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Was geht ab"


Swiss star Beatrice Egli has a new single on offer. And, as one can always expect from her, it's fun from first to last second! "Was geht ab" leaves no doubt since the first chords: it's ready to make you dance and forget your problems.

United Kingdom | Claire Richards - "On my own"


Claire Richards is an English singer, songwriter and dancer who was born in Hillingdon in 1977. As a member of Steps, she stormed into the British pop scene – and into our top 50 of 2017, crowning the song of the year. Now, she is releasing her debut solo album. "My wildest dreams" will soon be on sale, but now we can enjoy its first single, "On my own". The song is a delightful pop with strong lyrics.

Netherlands | Ilse DeLange - "Sun & shadow"


It's time to remeet Dutch star Ilse DeLange, who has just released another great single . "Sun & shadow" is a piano-driven song which lays the perfect set for Ilse's wonderful voice to shine all over. Its melody is catchy and extremely endearing.

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Latvia | Aminata - "Don't talk about it"


Latvian singer Aminata has tuned up a less dark vibe for her new single. And we're digging it! "Don't talk about it" still retains her signature alternative sounds, but this time the melody is more uplifting, conveying a really interesting new sound.

Poland | Agnieszka Adamczewska - "W moje oczy patrz"


Agnieszka Adamczewska is a Polish singer who was born in Siemianowice Śląskie. She is considered one of the top names to be watched in Poland this year, and her new single clearly shows why. "W moje oczy patrz" is an outstanding song!

Belarus | Natalia Podolskaya - "Sil'naya slabaya"


Belarusian singer Natalia Podolskaya returns to our site with a great new single. "Sil'naya slabaya" is a contemporary electronic pop that brings that unique Russian flavor to the mix, taking the whole composition to a new level of greatness!

United Kingdom | Samm Henshaw - "Broke"


Sounds European! remeets British singer and songwriter Samm Henshaw, who has just released a great new single. It's entitled "Broke", and it's a groovy song which mixes influences of soul, R&B and pop in an excellent way. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Turkey | Özay Bakır - "Aşk katili"


Özay Bakır is a Turkish musician born in Istanbul in 1980. His most recent single is becoming a huge hit in his native country: "Aşk katili" mixes electronic pop and ethnic elements, exploding in a momentous chorus!

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Denmark | MØ feat. Diplo - "Sun in our eyes"


It's impossible to argue: is a true hitmaker! The Danish star is going through a wonderful streak of excellent singles, and "Sun in our eyes" is one more sample of that. The song, which features American DJ and producer Diplo, easily sticks to the head after the very first listen. We are fully in love with it!

Germany | SARAH – "Einzigartig schön"


We remeet German singer SARAH in a very captivating new single. "Einzigartig schön" is a flashback to retro-inspired pop. The claps all across the single will make you move your body along from start to end!

Poland | Natalia Nykiel - "Łuny"


Look who is back! Polish star Natalia Nykiel returns with a new single, and we cannot stress enough: it's an outstanding one. "Łuny" offers a unique mix of classic dance music and contemporary electropop elements. The result is perfect!

Updated on November 1st, 2018, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Emma Blackery - "Take me out"


British singer Emma Blackery is having a tremendous 2018. All her songs have become hits, and her latest single is bound to follow the same road! The song is entitled "Take me out", and it brings calmer verses but an explosion of pop in the chorus. It's just amazing!

North Macedonia | Lina Pejovska - "Toplo ladno"


Macedonian singer Lina Pejovska is living a very prolific moment in her career. She has been releasing several new singles, and the best part is that they are all awesome! Her most recent one is "Toplo ladno", an intense and involving pop song which displays all of her vocal power.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Romania | Sore - "O sa uit"


It was high time we checked up on Romanian singer Sore. And she has just released a very interesting new single. We are talking about "O sa uit", a song that brings an unmistakeable summer feeling and the addition of some folkloric tunes.

Bulgaria | Lidia Ganeva feat. VenZy - "Milioni prichini"


Lidia Ganeva is a Bulgarian singer who was born in Plovdiv in 2006. She rose to prominence after taking part of Junior Eurovision in 2016, with "Magical day". Lidia has joined VenZy to record and release "Milioni prichini". Its melody, which is built by fresh and cool instrumentals, is simply great!

Montenegro | Šako Polumenta feat. Lexington Band - "Stranac"


Born in Bijelo Polje in 1961, Šako Polumenta is one of the most popular pop-folk singers in Montenegro. We just got to know the song that made him team up with Serbia's Lexington Band. The single, "Stranac", brings the unmistakeable flavor of Balkan pop!

United Kingdom | Cheat Codes feat. Little Mix - "Only you"


American DJ trio Cheat Codes have gathered with British girlband Little Mix for an excellent new single. "Only you" is an addictive electropop with an enticing melody and a very modern chorus. We love it!

Malta | Amber - "Power"


Maltese singer Amber is back to Sounds European! with an exhilarating new single. "Power" has a contagious melody and lets her unveil very intense vocals.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Croatia | Nina Kraljić - "Lay you down"


We have just come across Nina Kraljić's single "Lay you down". And we are extremely touched by its beauty. The song is a fragile ballad that is taken to a whole new level thanks to Nina's stunning vocal performance.

Norway | Mørland - "Leo"


Norwegian singer Mørland returns to Sounds European! with yet another amazing single. We've just got to know "Leo", a soft ballad with a beautiful instrumentation.

North Macedonia | Annia - "Dodje mi da vrisnem"


Macedonian singer Annia returns to our site. And, this time, she presents us with a really entertaining pop. "Dodje mi da vrisnem" is a modern twist on the genre, and the visuals of the video clip really blend greatly with the whole proposal.

Germany | Moritz Garth - "Bumerang"


Moritz Garth is a young German singer, born in 1995 in the southwestern part of the country. We just got to listen to his most recent single: "Bumerang" is a dramatic contemporary ballad which is taken to antoher level by his raspy voice.

United Kingdom | Gabrielle - "Shine"


Louise Gabrielle Bobb is a British singer born in London in 1970. This year, she returns to the music scene after a 11-year hiatus with a new album entitled "Under my skin". And she has already graced us with the first single to emerge from it: "Shine" is a powerful ballad with a tender melody and a super uplifting set of lyrics.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Azerbaijan | Sevda Ələkbərzadə - "Qal, sənə qurban"


Azerbaijani singer Sevda Ələkbərzadə has a new single on offer. And we love it! "Qal, sənə qurban" is a soulful and involving pop song with a classy set of instrumentals and groove. Its chorus is simply outstanding!