Friday, August 31, 2018

Germany | JORIS - "Feuerwesen"


German singer JORIS has just released a new single. And we couldn't be more addicted! "Feuerwesen" is a beautiful guitar-driven song which explores his wonderful voice in a very special way. And what a captivating melody!

Sweden | Omar Rudberg feat. Elias Hurtig - "La mesa"


During the past months, we have been watching the first steps of the solo careers of the stars of FO&O: first, it was Felix; then, Oscar; now, it's time for Omar Rudberg (Venezuela, 1998) to complete the trio. Omar has joined Swedish hip-hop singer Elias Hurtig to record and release "La mesa". It's a fresh and delightful song which exudes summer, Latin vibes.

Finland | Benjamin feat. IBE - "Naarmuja"


It took Finnish star Benjamin one year and a half to clear his past (including his social media) and start all over again. But the wait is now over, as he is back with a new single. And we couldn't be more excited by it! "Naarmuja", featuring IBE (from Helsinki), marks a new beginning for his career, with new sounds and lyrics in Finnish. It's already reaching the top places of national charts, and we are not surprised: it's excellent!

France | Ofenbach feat. Benjamin Ingrosso - "Paradise"


French DJ and producer duo Ofenbach have joined Swedish star Benjamin Ingrosso for a great new single. "Paradise" offers a fresh and addictive melody, which sets the perfect ambience for Benjamin's voice to shine all over. It's a song to have fun from first to last second!

Updated on October 8th, 2018, with the official video.

Greece | 7he 7ouch - "Solution"


Constantine, Stelios, John, Toni and Dave are 7he 7ouch, band which was formed in Greece and is now developing their career in the United Kingdom. They have recently released a wonderful single, entitled "Solution", which is going to be part of their upcoming EP, to be released in the end of October. It's a very powerful song, with marking instrumentals and a very fitting vocal work. And the chorus is amazing!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bulgaria | Deep Zone Project - "Golden girls"


Deep Zone Project are a Bulgarian house, pop and dance band formed in 2002. They rose to international prominence after taking part of Eurovision in 2008. Their new single, "Golden girls", is the official song of the 2018 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships. It's a very entertaning electropop with an irresistible melody.

Sweden | Smith & Thell feat. Swedish Jam Factory - "Forgive me friend"


Swedish duo Smith & Thell return to Sounds European! with a true banger. In "Forgive me friend" (which features musical enterprise Swedish Jam Factory), they mix country, pop and dance music to create a super addictive mix!

Germany | Zach Mathieu - "Miracle"


Hailing from Schrobenhausen, Zach Mathieu are Matthias Lesti, Julius Bohne, Andreas Baierl and Dominik Schlingmann. Their most recent single is entitled "Miracle", and it brings the true essence of old-school rock. The guitar riffs throughout the whole track will send shivers down your spine!

Netherlands | Ilse DeLange - "Around again"


Dutch singer Ilse DeLange is having a very prolific 2018. Recently, she has released yet another lovely single. "Around again" is a sweet pop ballad that lets Ilse's voice blossom!

North Macedonia | Lozano - "Jako jako"


Macedonian singer Lozano returns to Sounds European! with a great new single. "Jako jako" brings the unmistakeable heat from the Balkans, a tune very much welcome to seize the last days of summer in Europe!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Poland | Gromee feat. Jesper Jenset - "One last time"


Born in Kraków, Poland, in 1979, Andrzej Gromala is better known as Gromee. He is a producer, remixer and DJ with a rising career, who has just teamed up with Norwegian singer Jesper Jenset for a killer single together. "One last time" has a great instrumentation and a very groovy chorus!

Russia | Kristian Kostov - "Shower thoughts"


Recently, Russian-born singer Kristian Kostov has released "Shower thoughts", his first EP. And he decided to gift us with the song that gives the EP its name. The single is a haunting mix of alternative sounds and some Eastern details, conveying a very unique sound.

United Kingdom | ATZX feat. Luke Friend - "Karma"


ATZX are a young duo of producers hailing from Blackpool. Their most recent single includes vocals by Luke Friend, is entitled "Karma", and brings a retro taste to modern electronic beats. Highly addictive!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Spain | Blas Cantó - "Complicado"


Spanish singer Blas Cantó has recently unveiled a new single. And we fell in love with it from the first listen. "Complicado" is a contemporary pop ballad that shows Blas's sweet side.

Sweden | Ignore The Elephant - "Told you so"


Martin Hellohf, Andreas Oxelgren, Marcus Johansson, Simon Frisk and Simon Möller are Ignore The Elephant, a band from Gothenburg which is about to make you shiver with their sounds. Their most recent single is "Told you so", an amazing piece of indie-pop with a very entertaining video to accompany the track!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Italy | Irama - "Nera"


Irama is quickly becoming one of the most successful Italian artists of the year. And his latest single can show you why. "Nera" adds a fun melody to his mix of pop and hip-hop, resulting in a very good song!

Ireland | Kodaline - "Head held high"


Irish band Kodaline are back to our site to present us their most recent single. "Head held high" brings a foklier approach to pop-rock, maintaining a very addictive melody throughout!

Germany | Parallel - "So wie du tanzt"


German duo Parallel returns to Sounds European! bringing a happy summer song. In "So wie du tanzt", they shine with an exquisit and classy melody!

France | Amir - "Longtemps"


French singer Amir Haddad is on fire lately! He has recently released a new edition of his album "Addictions", and here comes a single coming out of it. "Longtemps" starts as a sweet ballad which grows creating a very romantic atmosphere!

Albania | Ermal Meta - "Io mi innamoro ancora"


Albanian-born singer Ermal Meta returns to Sounds European! with his most recent single. In "Io mi innamoro ancora", he brings the kind of pop-rock that explodes in the chorus and will have you hooked instantly!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Moldova | Dan Balan feat. Matteo - "Allegro ventigo"


Born in 1979 in Chișinău, singer and producer Dan Balan made headlines worldwide as part of O-Zone (yep, the guys from "Dragostea din tei") and went on to become one of the most successful Moldovan artists, releasing hit after hit. In his latest one, he features Romanian artist Matteo (born Matei Vasiliu in Bucharest in 1984) for "Allegro ventigo", a cheerful summer song that includes electronic beats and Latin influences.

Austria | ZOË - "Please come home"


Austrian sweetheart ZOË is back to our site with a great new single. We are talking about "Please come home", a folk-inspired pop that makes her voice shine through.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

United Kingdom | Dan Lancaster - "Move a mountain"


Dan Lancaster is a producer, mixer, writer and singer currently developing his career in London. He has worked with names such as Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Don Broco and Bring Me The Horizon, and we could get to hear his own music in "Move a mountain". His single is a powerful mix of electronic and pop sounds.

Sweden | SHY Martin - "Lose you too"


SHY Martin is a Swedish singer born in 1993 in Lerdala. She has an impressive curriculum, having worked with names such as FO&O, The Chainsmokers, Astrid S, Kygo, Ellie Goulding and Bebe Rexha. And now we can have a taste of her own music in "Lose you too". The song is a delicate ballad with minimalistic verses and a beautiful chorus.

Finland | Elias Kaskinen & Päivän Sankarit - "Taksi vai Uberi?"


Finnish ensemble Elias Kaskinen & Päivän Sankarit return to our site with a great ne single. In "Taksi vai Uberi?", they mix pop and rock in a very groovy way, which results in a highly entertaining song!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Austria | Joe Traxler - "Asymmetrical life"


Joe Traxler is an Austrian singer hailing from Linz, currently developing his career in London. His most recent single is entitled "Asymmetrical life", and it is definitely a grower: it starts as a fragile ballad and explodes in a beautifully constructed chorus.

Italy | Rose Villain - "Funeral party"


Rose Villain is the stage name of Rosa Luini, Italian singer who was born in Milan and is currently developing her career in New York. She has just released a new single, and we are listening to it nonstop. "Funeral party" is groovy, catchy and completely addictive. It's excellent!

France | Ishay Ribo feat. Amir - "Comme les oiseaux"


Ishay Ribo is a singer born in Marseille, France, who has been developing his music career in Israel. His newest single features Amir, is entitled "Comme les oiseaux", and brings a cheerful melody that will surely put a smile on your face!

Finland | ABREU - "Yhen elämän juttu"


Finnish star ABREU is back with a great new single. It's entitled "Yhen elämän juttu", and it's a perfect summer hit. It offers a fresh and very entertaining melody, along with a very marking chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Lithuania | Beatrich - "Pardon me"


We've already given you a taste of Lithuanian singer Beatrich, but finally she is here solo for her most recent single! In "Pardon me", she brings the heat of summer into a pop song!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Malta | Emma Muscat - "I need somebody"


It's time to get to know a great new talent rising in Italy. Emma Muscat was born in Malta, but is rising to prominence in Italy, where she has just reached the semifinals of the latest season of the traditional show Amici. Now, she has released a new single, entitled "I need somebody", and we are fully addicted. Melody, voice, ambience, chorus... everything is as good as it can ever be! We are absolutely addicted: it's our song of the week.

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "La stessa"


Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso surprised us with a new single. And we fell in love as soon as we heard it. "La stessa" mixes soft electronic sounds with a classic instrumentation, conveying a unique pop sound!

North Macedonia | Magdalena Cvetkoska - "Ko da nema utre den"


Look who is back! Macedonian diva Magdalena Cvetkoska has just released a new single. And she never disappoints us: every song of hers is a masterpiece on itself! "Ko da nema utre den" is another sample of that. What an outstanding one!

Albania | Kejsi Tola - "U rritem"


Albanian star Kejsi Tola is finally back to our site! She has recently released "U rritem", a soft pop with ethnic sounds to enjoy with a cocktail at hand!

Spain | Veintiuno - "Tu nombre"


Diego Arroyo, Pepe Narváez, Yago M. Banet and Jaime Summers are Veintiuno, a Spanish band from the cities of Madrid and Toledo. Their new single, "Tu nombre", is a delightful pop-rock with an awesome growing melody and an addictive ambience.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Norway | Ina Wroldsen feat. Alok - "Favela"


Norwegian singer Ina Wroldsen teamed up with Brazilian DJ Alok for a tropical-inspired new single. "Favela" tells the story of a girl from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in a great electronic pop!

Updated on December 23rd, 2018, with the official video.

France | Naya - "Cat song"


It's time to remeet French new talent Naya, whose new single is absolutely captivating. "Cat song" is an excellent electropop with a hypnotic melody and a wonderful vocal performance which fits perfectly to the song's intent. It's surely a must-listen!

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "Ella"


Spanish singer Alvaro Soler surprised us with his new single. He tones down the fiesta of his other releases to give us "Ella", a soft Latin-inspired ballad that unveils a new face of his music.

Sweden | Mayka - "Watching you"


Swedish singer Mayka has just released a new single. And you know the deal: her music is always irresistible! "Watching you" is a groovy song with a well-paced melody and a very marking chorus. It's a song to listen nonstop!

Portugal | Lisandro Cuxi - "On vaut de l'or"


Portuguese-born singer Lisandro Cuxi makes a stunning comeback to Sounds European!. His new single is entitled "On vaut de l'or", and it is another amazing mixture of pop, electronic and even ethnic beats. How not to fall for it?!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Serbia | Nikola Rokvić - "Pao sam"


Serbian singer Nikola Rokvić has a great new single on offer. "Pao sam" is Balkan pop at its best form: folk instrumentals into an extremely entertaining melody and a chorus which sticks to the head after the very first listen. We are totally in love!

Luxembourg | Austinn - "Chardonnay"


Austinn are an indie band from Luxembourg that has been making headlines with their relaxed, British-like sounds. And we also were mesmerized when we got to hear their single "Chardonnay": it's a delicious piece!

Russia | Fabrika - "Mogla kak mogla"


Sounds European! remeets Russian group Fabrika and their very entertaining new single. "Mogla kak mogla" is fun from first to last second. It's impossible to listen to it without getting completely involved by its melody and chorus.

Denmark | Nicklas Sahl - "New eyes"


Sounds European! remeets Danish artist Nicklas Sahl in his newest single. "New eyes" is a great voice-and-guitar pop that will captivate you from the beginning!

Sweden | Tove Lo feat. Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant and ALMA - "Bitches"


Huge international meeting of stars! Tove Lo, Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant and ALMA are all together for a great new single. And, even though there are so many stars in only one song, "Bitches" manages to explore the best of each. We love it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Serbia | Marija - "All the girls"


Serbian teen star Marija is back to Sounds European! with a great new single. "All the girls" is a fresh electropop, perfect to relax after a day of fun!

United Kingdom | Ward Thomas - "Lie like me"


Ward Thomas are a British country-pop duo from Hampshire, composed of twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas. They have just released a new single, entitled "Lie like me", and we are listening to it nonstop. It is absolutely outstanding! Captivating and catchy, from first to last second.

Russia | Helene Fischer - "Flieger"


Russian-born German star Helene Fischer returns to our site with another exquisit banger. Her latest single is "Flieger", an exciting mix of schlager and pop. The video is a mix of live performances by Helene, and it shows that she can really put on a party!

Poland | Patrycja Markowska - "Lalka"


Polish singer Patrycja Markowska is finally back with a new single. And it's a great one! "Lalka" offers an outstanding mix of a hypnotizing melody, built by unique sounds and instrumentals, and a perfectly fitting vocal performance by Patrycja. We love it!

Greece | Xristina Salti - "Den xechnaei i kardia"


Xristina Salti has a new single! The song is "Den xechnaei i kardia", and it brings the unmistakeable taste of Greek pop ballads, complimented by the beautiful voice of Xristina.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sweden | Newkid - "Lakan"


Newkid is the stage name of Jhun Alexander Ferrer, Swedish singer and rapper from Uddevalla. We have just got to listen to his new single "Lakan", and we are totally in love with it. We simply cannot resist to its melody and instrumentals!

Iceland | Friðrik Dór feat. Jón Jónsson - "Á sama tíma á sama stað"


Summit of Icelandic talent! Friðrik Dór and Jón Jónsson have gathered for "Á sama tíma á sama stað", a song which starts as a soft, piano-driven ballad and grows in strength to convey the ultimate bonfire track!

North Macedonia | Tatjana feat. Maria Ivanovska - "On my mind"


Tatjana is a singer who was born in the Caribbean, but is developing her career in North Macedonia. She has joined Maria Ivanovska, of Eye Cue, for a new single. "On my mind" is a great pop song, with an irresistible summer vibe and a wonderful mix of two excellent voices. You can also listen to the version in Macedonian by clicking here.

Germany | Rola - "Blender"


Rola is a German singer hailing from Frankfurt. Inspired by early 2000s pop and R&B, her sound is a mix of influences that will take you to one of the most delicious musical flashbacks. This is what happens in "Blender", her latest single, a song that updates those sounds to today's contemporary pop.

Russia | Guzel Hasanova - "Malen'kaya devochka"


Guzel Hasanova is a Russian singer from Ulyanovsk. She has just released a new single, and we can't stop listening to it! "Malen'kaya devochka" is a smooth, well-marked pop song with an involving melody and a delightful vocal performance.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Sweden | Wiktoria - "Perfect memory"


Swedish singer Wiktoria is back to our site to present us her most recent single. It is titled "Perfect memory", and it  is a cheerful contemporary pop that will lift your spirits in a heartbeat!

Spain | Drama de Enero - "El mundo entero"


Drama de Enero is a band hailing from Terrassa, Spain. Their latest single is the great "El mundo entero", a song with a powerful melody that mixes pop and rock.

Hungary | Boggie - "Kacaj"


Hungarian singer Boggie is back to Sounds European! with her new single. "Kacaj" adds country sounds to her beautiful voice, conveying a sweet and tender pop ballad.

Turkey | Hande Yener - "Beni sev"


Hande Yener is a Turkish singer born in Istambul in 1973. Her career spans almost 20 years and 12 studio albums, making her one of the most successful singers in her country. Her most recent single is entitled "Beni sev", and it mixes the nostalgia of Turkish folkloric sounds with current electropop melodies.

Romania | Alexandra Tanasoiu - "Dor de vara"


Alexandra Tanasoiu is a Romanian singer hailing from Bucharest. Her most recent single is the happy "Dor de vara", a pop song that will put you in the mood for some fun time!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Spain | La Casa Azul - "Ataraxia"


Spanish indie band La Casa Azul is evolving their sounds to a more alternative, synth-inspired vibe. And we are digging it! Their most recent single is entitled "Ataraxia", a ballad that will play with your emotions from the first second.

France | David Guetta feat. Anne-Marie - "Don't leave me alone"


French DJ and producer David Guetta has joined forced with British star Anne-Marie for a new single. And that can only mean one thing: it is ready to become a worldwide hit! It's a modern and catchy electropop song which is set to have huge airplay all around the world.

Russia | Kristian Kostov - "Get it"


Russian-born singer Kristian Kostov is finally releasing a new single! And his comeback song is just as powerful as everything you know from him. "Get it" is a dark, atmospheric track that plays with a deep set of lyrics.

Updated on April 19, 2019, with the official video.

Romania | Maxim feat. Laola - "Amar"


Laola is Laura Balan, a very talented Moldovan singer from Chișinău. She has joined Romanian group Maxim to release "Amar". It's an irresistible song! Its melody is enticing and fun, and their voices work very well together.

Poland | Olga Polikowska - "Ulatuje"


Olga Polikowska is a Polish singer hailing from the city of Zabrze. Her most recent single is entitled "Ulatuje", and it is an addictive mix of dance, electronic and retro sounds that will drag you to the center of the dancefloor in the blink of an eye!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Portugal | D.A.M.A - "Nasty"


It took us a while to listen to Portuguese group D.A.M.A's most recent single. But allow us to say: we don't want to wait any other second at all! "Nasty" is an outstanding song, and we are listening to it nonstop. It's entertainment at its best form: everything works towards making this song unforgettable. We are completely in love! It's our song of the week.

United Kingdom | Paloma Faith - "Warrior"


British singer Paloma Faith is having a tremendous 2018, scoring hits with every single she has released so far. And the latest one of them is no exception: "Warrior" brings a more insightful and emotional side of hers, conveying one of the most exquisite ballads released this year.

Italy | Bianca Atzei - "Risparmio un sogno"


Italian star Bianca Atzei is living a wonderful moment of her career. Every new single of hers ia a gift to our ears, and her most recent one is no exception to that. "Risparmio un sogno" is a masterpiece! What a melody, what a vocal performance... everything is flawless!

Netherlands | Ilse DeLange - "Lay your weapons down"


Dutch singer Ilse DeLange is back with us for a delicious treat. Her newest single is entitled "Lay your weapons down", and it is a soft pop song that flows beautifully thanks to a perfectly timed instrumentation. If you don't fall for this chorus, we don't know what can conquer you!

Updated on September 2nd, 2018, with the official video.

Russia | Oleg Miami - "Blizhe"


It's time to remeet Russian singer Oleg Miami, whose new single has made us fully addicted. "Blizhe" has everything to become a summer hit in the region. It offers a delightful mix of melody and instrumentals, which goes even higher during the chorus. It's a song to dance from first to last second!

Friday, August 17, 2018

France | Madame Monsieur - "Comme une reine"


French duo Madame Monsieur are having a fabulous 2018. And their latest single is just a proof of it! "Comme une reine" (a single from their debut album "Vu d'ici") is a classy twist on pop, that will make you want to sway your body to the music.

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Daria Hodnik - "Zagrli me sad"


Bosnian singer Daria Hodnik (formerly known as Daria HodMar) is finally back, with her new stage name and new music to offer. She has just released a new single, entitled "Zagrli me sad", and we are very excited about it! Its melody is so contagious, one cannot avoid getting fully into it. Daria's voice completes it all perfectly!

United Kingdom | Mo Brandis - "Smoke & mirrors"


British singer Mo Brandis returns to Sounds European! with a very different kind of sound. His latest single is entitled "Smoke & mirrors", and it is a darker, more alternative approach to pop. The chorus is an explosion of sounds!

Greece | Vangelis Kakouriotis - "Esena mono thelo"


Sounds European! remeets Greek star Vangelis Kakouriotis, who has just released an exciting new single. "Esena mono thelo" is a hypnotic pop song with a smooth ambience and a very modern chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Turkey | Sertab Erener - "Bastırın kızlar"


Sertab Erener is a Turkish singer born in Istanbul in 1964. Her career spans 26 years,  11 studio albums, countless hits and the only Turkish victory on Eurovision, back in 2003. With such a curriculum, you can imagine why we were so excited to hear her new single! "Bastırın kızlar" brings pop, rock and ethnic sounds in an explosive mix!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Germany | Bosse - "Alles ist jetzt"


Look who is back! German star Bosse has just released a new single. And it is, as one can always expect from him, an excellent one! "Alles ist jetzt" offers a unique melody, with classy instrumentals and a very positive vibe, and an irresistible chorus.

United Kingdom | Healyum - "Cheap alcohol"


British band Healyum returns to Sounds European! with a mind-blowing new single. We are talking about "Cheap alcohol", a really interesting approach to contemporary electronic pop.

Russia | Mitya Fomin feat. Albina Dzhanabaeva - "Spasibo, serdtse"


Mitya Fomin is the stage name of Dmitri Anatolevich Fomin, Russian singer who was born in Novosibirsk in 1974. Mitya has gathered with Russian star Albina Dzhanabaeva to released "Spasibo, serdtse". It's an intense electropop song with an imposing ambience, a perfect mix of voices and a chorus which is as addictive as one can be.

Azerbaijan | AISEL - "More emotion"


Azerbaijani singer AISEL makes another stunning entry on our site, this time with her latest single "More emotion". She delivers a jazzy kind of pop that is bound to captivate you!

Romania | Nico - "Nebuni indragostiti"


Romanian singer Nico has just released a new single. And it was love at first listen! "Nebuni indragostiti" has a summer vibe around its instrumentals and melody, with a melody only Romanian pop can deliver. It's very catchy!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

United Kingdom | Edis feat. Emina Jahovic - "Güzelliğine"


Long live globalization! British-born Turkish star Edis has just teamed up with Serbian singer Emina Jahovic to release a song together. And damn we are digging it! "Güzelliğine" has a catchy vibe and the perfect mix of electronic sounds and pop!

Slovenia | Nika Zorjan feat. Jonatan Haller - "Luna"


Slovene star Nika Zorjan has joined Jonatan Haller (Portuguese-born singer and musician with a multinational background; you can check more about him and his work on his Instagram) for a delightful new song! "Luna" offers a summer vibe song with great Latin elements leading its melody. Their voices work very well together!

Switzerland | ZiBBZ - "Undun"


Swiss duo ZiBBZ returns to our site with another great single. Their newest song is "Undun", a heartfelt contemporary ballad with an explosive chorus.

Estonia | Karl-Erik Taukar - "Salaja"


Estonian singer Karl-Erik Taukar has recently released a new single. We have just got to listen to it, and it instantly became an addition to our playlists. "Salaja" is a delightful pop-rock song with a great chorus.

Portugal | Cati Freitas - "Meu amor"


Cati Freitas is a young Portuguese singer hailing from Braga. She is returning to the music scene after the release of her successful first album, "Dentro", in 2013. And her comeback single is the beautiful "Meu amor", a ballad with a compelling instrumentation that retains the nostalgic catch of classic Portuguese music.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

United Kingdom | The Rah's - "Survival"


Jack, Neale, Andy, Jordan and Lee are The Rah's, a Scottish five-piece alternative rock band from Prestonpans. They have just released a new single, entitled "Survival", and we are totally thrilled. It's such a powerful rock song! We love it to bits!

Croatia | Vanna - "Gdje počinje kraj"


Croatian singer Vanna makes a stunning return to Sounds European!. Her most recent single is entitled "Gdje počinje kraj", and it is a classic ballad wonderfully wrapped with a beautiful instrumentation.

Russia | Evgeny Leks - "Davay"


Look who is back! Russian singer Evgeny Leks has just released a new album, "Leksika". From it, we now listen to the single "Davay". And we couldn't be more excited about it! It's electropop at its best, with a smooth ambience and a very memorable chorus.

Updated on January 21st, 2020, with the official video.

Belgium | Frantzis - "Talk about you"


Belgian singer Tom Frantzis dropped his first name for his new moniker, but his music keeps being as enticing! We have just come across his single "Talk about you", and we fell in love with its quirky and contemporary way of mixing pop and rock!

Italy | Anna Tatangelo - "Chiedere scusa"


Italian diva Anna Tatangelo has a wonderful single on offer. It's surely a must-listen! "Chiedere scusa" offers a well-paced and well-marked melody, which grows in intensity towards its very catchy chorus.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Finland | Isac Elliot - "Uncover me"


It's high time we listened to Finnish star Isac Elliot's single "Uncover me". And better late than never, since it is an awesome one! It's pop at its best, offering a modern and highly captivating melody, wrapped by the best of Isac's voice. It's so lovely!

10 Questions For: Amar Mais Agora


Their music is a beautiful translation of the love they have for each other. You can feel it in their songs, in their message, in the way they sing. We've got the chance to have a great exclusive talk to them, and now you will be able to feel it even more, through their history and ideas. These are our 10 questions for Amar Mais Agora:

Sounds European!: Amar Mais Agora are Joana Andrade and Zé Tó Lemos. Individually, what are your first memories with music? And what were your first steps in the music world? As a duo, specifically, how did you meet? And how was Amar Mais Agora created?

Amar Mais Agora: Our first personal meeting was in a rehearsal. It was there that we met, and we soon felt a click of love and passion for each other. Then, we both played and sang a track which means a lot to us... it was a magical moment, which seemed to be guessing the future in which we are today. After that, we played several times together in bars, casinos, hotels and private parties.
In 2008, Joana competed in a contest of one of the most listened national radio in Portugal, RFM. After that experience, having reached the final, the desire to start making original music was awakened in us.
We released our first album in 2010, "Será que será", [signing] as Joana Andrade & Os Dagma. The second one, in 2014, "Remédio errado", as Joana Andrade solo – which reached the top [of the charts] in another of the most listened national radios, Rádio Comercial. At that time, we were still looking for our sound, and we thought about making a song and singing it in unison.
After making that first song [in unison, signing as Amar Mais Agora], "Não estamos sós", we felt we had just found our sound, our path. We started to release one song a month, and the album "Amar mais agora" hit the market in January 2018. We are already preparing our second album.

SE!: What are your music influences? And who are the artists that inspire your work (both musically, and when thinking about songwriting, stage performance, public posture, etc.)?

AMA: We have several artists who inspire us, from jazz to pop, pop-rock, indie, among other styles. Honestly, we are not used to watching concerts and looking for new songs. Our focus is to sit with a piano and find melodies and lines that identify us. But we listen to a bit of everything, especially when we travel by car with Spotify – and of course, we get several references.

SE!: Tell us about the meaning behind the name A.M.A., Amar Mais Agora. What took you to use this name, and what does it mean to you? Is it a message which is present, besides the name, in your work? If so, what do you want the public to absorb from this message?

AMA: Our name has a huge meaning, both for us and the message it conveys.
A.M.A. is the acronym for Amar Mais Agora, "Love More Now". Why? We united our love as a couple, as a family, to what we like to do – music – and our name could only be one: A.M.A..
As for the message it conveys, it is important to love more and more, and to love now – because time passes, life runs by, and sometimes we forget to value others, to hug, to say "I love you", and who knows, one day it may be too late. Don't leave anything to be done, anything to be said, because time doesn't turn back, so "loving more now" is very important.

SE!: You are moved by challenges. One of them, which marked us a lot, was to release one song a month. What can you tell us about this experience? Given that creativity is intermittent, and may take a long time to emerge, was it difficult to deal with a timetable that "forced" you to make music with a fixed date?

AMA: It was, indeed, a challenge. We like to challenge ourselves. "What isn't challenging doesn't transform you" is a base of our philosophy of life. Whenever we come together to compose, several ideas arise. It was a matter of managing the ones we liked best and working with all the love that gives us.

SE!: Still about the challenge of having one song a month. As we see it, these releases helped to form an image of the duo, to create your own identity, without having songs which sound similar – something that is not easy. What care have you had, during this journey, thinking about this matter?

AMA: It was very simple. The entire musical aesthetic was defined. Still, we have one song or another which is a little off synthpop, but that is how we wanted it, and why not? We took the risk. That is how we wanted to reach people, that is how we wanted to convey all the emotions that go into the songs. It had to be like this, we are not too stuck to rules.
The entire album was produced by Amar Mais Agora, and in our humble studio. It was really a matter of composing and producing according to our image.

"Our path is more complicated, but it can only be that way to make sense" (Picture: Filipe Santos, Santa Maria da Feira)

SE!: Another challenge which is very present in your work is the vocal matter. You work with your two voices in unison. It is a beautiful harmony! But we imagine it can be difficult to achieve that (even more when matching a feminine and a masculine tone). How is this work, for you?

AMA: As incredible as it may seem, for us, it is very easy to sing in unison. Our personal connection is so strong, that it facilitates everything we do in our work. We take great pleasure in singing our songs, our lyrics, our ideas. Whatever is written is felt by both of us, and that feeling makes things even easier. So it was and still is very easy, for us.

SE!: We know this is a complicated question. But, at the same time, it helps the artists to explain how they see themselves, and the goals of his work. So, how would you define your music, in style and genre?

AMA: Our music is very much ours, it's us above the style. The composition we develop takes us to our own style – which, in our point of view, is a very personal style, unique in Portugal. As it is so different from what is out there, it is more complicated to be in national radios. At this moment, we are still not getting a lot of airplay.
We dream of concerts in festivals, at sunset, clubbing, indoors, among many other stages. But, unfortunately, we do not have an agency yet, which makes things more complicated. We reach the point of thinking: are we in the wrong country, considering our sound? But that is how we are going to continue. We are and will always be ourselves. We do not want to lose our identity in favor of being more commercial. Our path is more complicated, but it can only be that way to make sense. Otherwise, it loses the essence – and without essence, there is no art.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

AMA: We have two concerts scheduled: on September 15th in Póvoa de Varzim, in a reduced format, and on November 3rd in Santa Maria da Feira, at the film theater António Lamoso, with our full band.
Even before that, we are going to release a new single, which is very strong, very happy. It is a little different from the style of our first album, but we wanted to have a single about love with a more joyful, less dark ambience... more bigger chords, more percussion. And there is a reason behind all that. We feel our sound was very well received in Brazil, and we thought to make kind of an homage to Brazilian rhythms. We used more percussion, more joy, but still being ourselves in it. We will be proud when it comes to the day of its scheduled release, in September.
We will continue to make music. We will continue to be ourselves. And we hope to have many concerts, so we can reach people and create our true fans.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Portuguese and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

AMA: That is a very interesting question. Over the years, we realized that it is very difficult to achieve this kind of situation. So, at the moment, we no longer think about this topic, nor create expectations of A or B.
But... Prince or Freddie Mercury (joking and laughing).

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Amar Mais Agora, and why?

AMA: Joana Andrade's chosen song is "Ama", because it is about our relationship.
Zé Tó Lemos's one is "Faltou-nos um beijo", because of the sound it took me so long to find, and after I did, I fell in love with.
But our next single is undoubtedly the one we like the most. You will need to wait a little to listen to it, and we hope you will fall in love with it!

Updated on July 5th, 2020, with the new stage name of the artist.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Greece | Nikos Ganos - "To kevrati"


It was more than four years ago that we met Nikos Ganos. And finally we have him back! His newest single is the contagious "To kevrati", which brings rock with an exquisite retro vibe.

Ukraine | Bozhena Dar - "Moye sontse"


Bozhena Dar is a Ukrainian singer who was born in Dnipro in 1988. She has just released an outstanding new single, and it's surely a must-listen! "Moye sontse" offers a captivating melody and a very memorable chorus. It takes very little for the listeners to find themselves fully hypnotized by it all!

Sweden | Hammenfors - "Thinking about"


Johan Hammenfors is a Swedish singer born in Grästorp. He is launching his music career with a lovely debut single: "Thinking about" is a cheeky pop with a great melody, a perfect track to get you through the European heat!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Albania | Elvana Gjata feat. Ledri Vula and John Shahu - "Mike"


Albanian star Elvana Gjata has gathered with Ledri Vula (Kosovar singer from Pristina) and John Shahu (Albanian singer and musician who was born in Tirana and lives in Australia), for "Mike". It's a fresh song with a catchy melody, a marking chorus and perfectly fitting vocals.

Norway | Lila - "2020"


Norwegian singer Lila is finally back to Sounds European!. And her most recent single is a real treat: "2020" is a great concoction of electronic and pop sounds, resulting in an addictive mix!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Romania | Cardinale - "Lumea va fi a ta"


Cardinale are a Romanian group formed by Maria, Alexa, Silvia and Daniela, all born and raised in Bucharest. They have just released a single, entitled "Lumea va fi a ta". It's an excellent song! Melody, chorus, vocals... everything works greatly, and even better when put together. It was love at first listen: it's our song of the week!

Portugal | Tiago Braga - "Ilusão"


Tiago Braga is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and musician born in Porto in 1994. Related to music from a very early age, he started uploading his videos to YouTube, and his success opened the doors for his career. Check out his most recent single: "Ilusão" is a very contemporary pop with a captivating chorus.

Turkey | Güliz Ayla - "Gelsin öpsün kalbimi"


Güliz Ayla is a Turkish singer and songwriter who was born in Samsun in 1988. Güliz has just released an excellent new single, and we are listening to it nonstop. "Gelsin öpsün kalbimi" is an exciting pop song with an irresistible melody. We are totally addicted!

Croatia | Vlaho - "Feel it"


Croatian-born singer Vlaho makes a stunning return to Sounds European!! His newest single is entitled "Feel it", and it brings pop-rock mixed with country in a song that will get you swinging in no time!

Moldova | Ana Munteanu - "Unde te duci?"


Born in Moldova in a family of actors, Ana Munteanu has always had art in her blood. And she took the chance to display all her talent on The Voice of Romania, which she took part and won in 2017. Now, we listen to her newest release, "Unde te duci?", which is absolutely outstanding. Its melody is intense and involving, and her voice completes it perfectly.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Russia | Rafael - "Magnit"


Rafael Pashamov is a singer, songwriter and musician who was born in Moscow, but is developing his career in Bulgaria. He rose to prominence after finishing third in the fifth season of Bulgaria's The Voice. Listen to his debut single: "Magnit" is a R&B ballad with a magic atmosphere surrounding it.

Netherlands | Sinan Akçıl feat. Maher Zain - "Gülmek sadaka"


Sinan Akçıl is a Dutch-born (Leeuwarden, 1982) Turkish singer, songwriter and composer who is internationally known for being the producer of Eurovision hit "Düm tek tek". He has gathered with Lebanese-born Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Maher Zain for "Gülmek sadaka". It's a song which is pure entertainment, from first to last second!

Norway | Alexandra Joner - "Chico"


Alexandra Irena Acevedo Joner was born in 1990 in Olso to a Norwegian father and a Cuban mother. Her career started in 2012, and since then she has released several amazing singles. Her most recent release is "Chico", a song that mixes international pop with Latin flavors.

Latvia | Dana Sokolova - "S belogo lista"


It's time to remeet Latvian singer Dana Sokolova, who has another great single on offer. It's "S belogo lista", a song which is softer than what we are used to get from Dana, but without losing any drop of intensity and power. We love it!

Germany | Butrint Imeri - "Alea"


German-born singer Butrint Imeri comes back to Sounds European!. His most recent single is "Alea", a danceable tune that will send energy through your veins from the first second!

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Hungary | Myra Monoka - "Rewind"


Myra Monoka is a Hungarian singer, songwriter and music producer from Budapest. Myra has just released "Rewind", a great sample of her music – a blend of contemporary R&B and electronic pop. It's a song to listen on repeat!

United Kingdom | The Slow Readers Club - "Supernatural"


British band The Slow Readers Club returns to our site with their latest release. "Supernatural" is the perfect mix of alternative British rock, and the band describe its lyrics as being "about love and vulnerability and the anxiety that comes with surrendering yourself to someone."

Russia | Jasmin feat. Denis Klyaver - "Lyubov'-otrava"


Denis Klyaver is a Russian singer who was born in Saint Petersburg (then Leningrad) in 1975. Denis has gathered with Jasmin to record and release "Lyubov'-otrava". It's a fresh song with summer vibes which give a unique Latin feeling to the usual Eastern European pop.

Denmark | M-22 feat. Medina - "First time"


Danish singer Medina returns to our site thanks to her collaboration with M-22 (a duo formed in Canada by Matt James and Frank Sanders). Their single together is entitled "First time", and it brings a delicate, almost nostalgic approach to electronic sounds.

Serbia | TeodoRa - "Crni vitez"


TeodoRa is the stage name of Teodora Džehverović, Serbian singer who was born in Pančevo in 1997. We now present her most recent single, "Crni vitez", which is really awesome. It's Balkan pop at its best. What a catchy melody and chorus!

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Armenia | Aram Mp3 - "Ver u var"


Time to check up on Armenian singer Aram Mp3! He has recently released "Ver u var", a song that plays with folkloric and electronic influences to convey a very bright pop.

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso - "I wouldn't know"


Sounds European! remeets Swedish star Benjamin Ingrosso, who has just released a new single. And it meets all expectations: it's simply excellent! Benjamin has a unique approach to pop music, mixing modern and classic elements in a very special way, and it's very present in "I wouldn't know". It's a song to be immediately added to everyone's playlists!

Updated on August 28th, 2018, with the official video.

Italy | The Kolors feat. J-AX - "Come le onde"


Meeting of Italian stars on arrival! The Kolors have gathered with J-AX (born Alessandro Aleotti in 1972 in Milan, one of the most popular faces of the Italian rap scene) for "Come le onde", a song that exudes summer vibes throughout!

Slovenia | Natalija Verboten - "Lepa na pogled"


Natalija Verboten is one of the most prominent singers from Slovenia. Natalija, who was born in Slovenj Gradec in 1976, has just released a great new single. "Lepa na pogled" is a very fun folk pop, with a well-marked and irresistible melody.

Kosovo | Yll Limani - "Prej se jena nda"


Kosovar singer Yll Limani returns to our site with a great new single. His most recent single will captivate you: "Prej se jena nda" starts as a gentle ballad but evolves to a very enjoyable pop with ethnic influences.

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Ukraine | Elka - "Domoy"


Get ready to listen to a wonderful new single coming from Ukraine! It's "Domoy", by Ukrainian star Elka. It's a song which offers a smooth melody which grows into a beautiful, captivating chorus, wrapped by Elka's unique vocal presence.

Updated on September 21st, 2018, with the official video.