Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Albania | Eleni Foureira - "Caramela"


She rocked the Eurovision Song Contest stage this year, took Cyprus to its highest position ever and lit charts around the world with "Fuego". And now, in the middle of an intense promotional tour, Albanian-born singer Eleni Foureira is ready to slay with a new single! "Caramela" starts slow and mellow, and explodes in summer tunes that unravel electronic and ethnic sounds, wrapped up by the addition of some Spanish phrases. How not to dance along!

Updated on August 3rd, 2018, with the official video.

Germany | JORIS - "Kommt schon gut"


It's time to remeet German singer JORIS. He has just released an awesome new single: it's "Kommt schon gut", a well-paced pop-rock song with a delightful melody and a very marking chorus. We love it!

Slovenia | Lea Sirk - "Moj profil"


After her Eurovision adventure, which took Slovenia to the final of this year's contest with the urban pop "Hvala, ne!", Lea Sirk returns to our site with a lovely new single. "Moj profil" has an electronic beat that takes the song to a whole new level!

Finland | Neon 2 - "Ikuisesti aina"


We are now landing in Finland, to remeet Neon 2 and their new single "Ikuisesti aina". It's an involving song with intense beats and melody, and a growing mood which flows into a wonderful chorus. It's surely a must-listen!

United Kingdom | Club Drive - "WDYD"


British pop-rock masters Club Drive return to our site with another contagious new single! We are talking about "WDYD", a song that brings their playful twist of pop-rock with a great funky melody.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Armin - "Nisu rijeci moje krive"


Armin Malikić is a Bosnian singer who was born in Tuzla in 1991. We have just got to listen to his single "Nisu rijeci moje krive", and we couldn't be more excited about it. What a powerful song it is! It offers an intense melody, which grows into an explosive and highly addictive chorus. All of that, led by an amazing vocal display by Armin. We love it!

10 Questions For: Eldar


Sounds European! is proud to present an exclusive interview with one of the most important faces of Azerbaijani music. His name is part of the history of Eurovision, as a winner and as a host. His discography is excellent (one of his singles was in our list of the 50 best European songs of 2017) and varied. And besides all this, he is also a wonderful person! These are our 10 questions for Eldar:

Sounds European!: What are your first memories with music? What did you use to listen when you were a kid? When and how did you start singing? How about professionally?

Eldar: My very first musical memories are related to music tapes with Pavarotti and Julio Iglesias written on them. I had them as a gift from my grandpa. But my parents say I have a longer musical experience. When they weren't able to cope with me yelling, radio was the perfect lullaby, they say.
As a child, I had a very different sense of music. I could find beauty in every sound I heard, and that made me able to listen to all the music that ever came to my ears anywhere, anytime. Some of them were fascinating, some not as much, but still beautiful. That's what I still have in me from my childhood, alongside singing in the bathroom. So now you know where it all started.
But seriously, my first professional experience on stage was when I was 12 or 13 years old. I sang Caccini's "Ave Maria" in a German church in Baku. Still proud of this page!

SE!: You come from a family of artists. You are the great-grandson of Marziyya Davudova (who received the title of People's Artist of the Soviet Union) and Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh (Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan), and grandson of Firangiz Sharifova (People's Artist of Azerbaijan). Therefore, we can say art is in your blood. Was art an obvious path, in your life? How did it happen for you?

E: Somehow, I have always known I belonged to stage. I was surrounded by this magic since I was very young, while visiting my grandma at the theater. Strangely, I was more interested in what was happening behind the curtain, on backstage. Once, I was so frustrated when I saw Snow White smoking and Pinocchio removing his paper nose – and I was a CHILD!
But I never betrayed stage, I wanted to show people that life can be the same on both sides of the stage. I wasn't pushing to be on stage or singing or whatever, I just took every opportunity in my school life and student years to express what I have inside. And then I realized singing is the best way for me to do that.

SE!: Now, let's talk about your general influences, besides family. When you were starting your career, what artists were your inspirations? In what ways did they affect, if they did, your current work?

E: Plenty of them. Robbie Williams, Céline Dion, Lara Fabian and Cher. First I was emulating them, how and what they talk or sing. Then I came to a point I understood that their souls and what they've been through are more important, and they became a kind of example to me.

SE!: Your name will be forever imprinted in the history of Eurovision, as one of the contest's winners. What can you tell us about your entire experience? How did it feel to take your country to the victory? And how does it feel now, more than half a decade later, when you look back at that moment?

E: The Eurovision journey was the most beautiful time of my life. Eurovision is one of the biggest celebrations of music, friends, equality and diversity at the same time. We all just had a great time there, and sometimes I still can't believe we came first. But they were really three months of hard working, I must say.
In Düsseldorf, I felt like I had done that hundreds of times in my life. I was focused and concentrated. I felt like a duck to water. Then came the victory, coming back home, proud eyes of loving and beloved people, fans. This was a great opportunity to be heard and spread souls to the world. And it's all on me now.

SE!: As we see it, after your victory, you have become one of the faces of Azerbaijani music – somewhat an ambassador of your country's music. How did your life change since then? And do you feel more pressure, as an important name of the music scene in Azerbaijan, when you are making and releasing new music?

E: This is a big responsibility. I try to control every step I take because I know someone is out there watching me, and maybe wanting to be like me. I just try to be a good example for them. This is the only one thing that adds pressure – but a pleasant one, you know. Music is so different, first of all it has to come out from deep inside your soul. Only then it can touch people.

"It [music] has to come out from deep inside your soul. Only then it can touch people" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: Your current work is very good and, what really calls our attention, very varied. You have songs which sound more traditional, others which are more modern, going from sweet ballads until intense pop-rocks. What can you tell us about your music, nowadays? And how would you qualify it, in genre and style?

E: I guess I've found myself for now. I've always wanted to make music that comes from inside, but couldn't find a way out – and circumstances, you know, they force you, and they're stronger sometimes. But I'm happy now I'm able to do what I want, to make my own music and to put my story in every song. I admit it could be boring sometimes, but it's natural and honest with every word I sing. I'd call it emotional pop. Or just emotional. :)

SE!: Comparing to the rest of the continent, Azerbaijan is not the largest or the most populated country in Europe. So, we imagine developing a music career there must not be the easiest thing. What are the challenges of the Azerbaijani music scene? Also, we often see foreign composers and producers participating of your country's production – are these areas that you still need to grow, internally speaking?

E: Azeri national music has very deep roots and strong ancient traditions that are reflecting even now in local content. And it's not unusual. Music is about overlapping and kinship. For example: you can hear motives in Turkish, Indian, Pakistani and Balkan music which are very similar to the Azeri one. And vice versa. It's like songs in European or American countries, which are very similar, with mostly the same roots.
That's why, for me, music has no borders and boundaries. It's a common area where taste is rife. With international collaborations, it's the same. And if it's about Eurovision, obviously, it's double good to have a professional point of view from European songwriters. If you write a song for a movie with an Indian story, for example, you will definitely contact someone who has it in their blood. Music should unite and make people smile or cry or grieve or just have fun, no matter where you're from.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Azerbaijani and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

E: My God, I never know the answers for questions like this (favorite color, movie...)! You can always find beautiful and awful sides of everything. But frankly speaking, I have several ideas about some Azeri artists – can't say names yet. Talking about international ones, I would need to think a bit more, because not only voices should fit... souls, lives are also important. For now, I could recognize my soulmates in Cher and Sia.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

E: New songs are coming up soon, let's say around fall. Working on new stuff with Azeri and Swedish producers. I promise to keep you up to date! :)

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Eldar, and why?

E: Oh, not a huge fan of Eldar, but "I miss you" is touching somehow. :)
It's very personal to me, and I put so much soul and personal drama in it... I always wanted to tell a story like that, and I want people to recognize their own stories in it. But I also want to say that missing someone doesn't mean not moving on. It's just a beautiful sadness and beautiful memories.
I think I found myself, writing this song. I guess, and I know, that with "I miss you", an absolutely new age of my music starts. My heart could be broken and become stronger, it could be covered with scars, but it will never be a stone inside. I'm very proud of it.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Italy | Alessio Bernabei - "Ti ricordi di me?"


It has been a while since we last listened to a new single by Italian star Alessio Bernabei. And he was wondering: do you remember him? We surely do, and we couldn't be happier about his return single! "Ti ricordi di me?" is excellent, entertaining from first to last second.

United Kingdom | Rick Astley - "Beautiful life"


Nope, we are not rickrolling you: British singer Rick Astley is back to the music spotlight with a brand new single! His latest release is entitled "Beautiful life", and it brings the groove of disco music to an uplifting pop tempo.

Germany | Franziska Wiese - "Ich tanz im regen"


Franziska Wiese is a German violinist and schlager singer who was born in Spremberg in 1987. You can totally feel her vibe while listening to her new single "Ich tanz im regen". It's pop meets schlager meets violin, in a way all of them reach higher levels because of each other.

Netherlands | Nielson - "Doen, durven of de waarheid"


Dutch singer Nielson returns to our site with his latest release. In "Doen, durven of de waarheid", he brings a relaxed summer tune with a chilling chorus, perfect for a suntan session by the pool.

Norway | Astrid S - "Relevant"


Norwegian star Astrid S has asked her fans to help her make a song. And after thousands of ideas, we now have "Relevant", an awesome example of collaborative music! It's the perfect addition to anyone's playlist.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Lithuania | Donny Montell - "Žiūrėk ką padarei"


Lithuanian singer Donny Montell returns to Sounds European! with a true pop banger. "Žiūrėk ką padarei" is a very contemporary track, displaying Donny's capabilities to produce captivating singles. This song is so addictive that it instantly became our song of the week!

Austria | Robin Resch - "Guitar and a heartbeat"


Great new single coming from Austria! It's impossible to listen to Robin Resch's new release "Guitar and a heartbeat" and not fall in love instantly. What a pleasant melody, what a wonderful instrumental work, what a great voice!

Spain | Aitana - "Teléfono"


Spanish singer Aitana Ocaña is back to our site with her first single post Operación Triunfo. And boy it was an awaited release! The song is entitled "Teléfono", and it is a true banger. It is a Latin-flavoured, super contemporary pop that will captivate you from start to end!

Belgium | Silvy - "Red"


Silvy De Bie is a Belgian singer who was born in Heist-op-den-Berg in 1981. She rose to prominence as the lead singer of Sylver in the 2000s and early '10s. Silvy has just released a new single, and we just can't stress enough: it's absolutely wonderful! "Red" has an exciting melody, with a powerful and addictive chorus. We are listening to it nonstop!

Ireland | Dermot Kennedy - "Young & free"


Dermot Kennedy is an Irish singer and songwriter hailing from Dublin. His influences are very varied, ranging from R&B and hip hop to more folk-inspired tunes. And that mix of genres is present in his music: his latest single is "Young & free", a deep ballad with an intense R&B-inspired base.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Netherlands | Miss Montreal - "Till the Sun comes up"


Dutch star Miss Montreal has just released a new single. And we couldn't be more excited about it! "Till the Sun comes up" is a great guitar-led song with a melody which builds up until reaching its peak in a quite effective chorus. We love it!

Romania | Amir - "What you want"


Amir Arafat is a Romanian singer from the city of Iași. Last year, he took part of the local version of The Voice, reaching the third week of the competitions on Team Smiley. And now he is launching his music career with a fantastic single. "What you want" brings a deep Latin influence on a true summer anthem!

Finland | Kaija Koo feat. Reino Nordin - "Paa mut cooleriin"


Two Finnish artists have gathered for a great new single! It's Kaija Koo and Reino Nordin, with "Paa mut cooleriin". It's a great pop song with electronic beats, which offers a fun melody and a very marking chorus.

Turkey | Cem Belevi - "Yedi düvel"


After almost three years since his previous post, it's time to feature Turkish singer Cem Belevi once again! Now he returns with "Yedi düvel", a song which captivates the essence of Turkish music in a pop that goes in crescendo to reach a great chorus.

Denmark | Andreas Mark feat. Himalaya - "Runaway"


Andreas Mark, DJ and music producer, and Himalaya, modern R&B and hip-hop singer, are both from Copenhagen. They have gathered to record and release "Runaway". And what a great song it is! It's impossible to resist to its groove.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Spain | Agustín Galiana - "T'en va pas comme ça"


Spanish-born singer Agustín Galiana makes a stunning comeback to Sounds European!. With "T'en va pas comme ça", he heats up the atmosphere delivering a highly-entertaining pop!

France | Louane - "No"


Get ready to listen to an excellent new single! Louane's "No" is a masterpiece of pop music, and we are listening to it nonstop. The song offers a contagious melody, which leads into an outstanding chorus. We love it to bits!

Germany | LEA - "Zu dir"


Time to check up on German singer LEA! In "Zu dir", she brings a delicate pop which grows in strength with a sweet instrumentation. You are bound to fall for its fresh chorus!

Finland | Miro Miikael - "Babysteppei"


It's time to remeet Finnish singer Miro Miikael, whose new single is set to make everyone fully addicted! "Babysteppei" is as great as pop can get: its entertaining melody and catchy chorus are irresistible.

Bulgaria | DARA - "All men"


Bulgarian singer DARA is back to Sounds European! with a banger! Her single "All men" has a very deep base and an intense melody, both leading to a momentous chorus.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Russia | Nikolai Baskov - "Dva ventsa na karete"


Russian singer Nikolai Baskov has just released a new single. And it's an extremely addictive one! "Dva ventsa na karete" offers a very entertaining mix of pop with spices of schlager, over a well-paced and captivating melody. We love it!

Spain | Manu Tenorio - "Quiero"


Manu Tenorio was born in Seville in 1975, and reached fame after participating on the first edition of Operación Triunfo. More than fifteen years and seven studio albums after, he appears on Sounds European! with the release of "Quiero", his latest single. The song has an intense Spanish influence, being led by a playful guitar and heating up the mood from its first beat!

Italy | Andrea Bocelli - "Qualcosa più dell'oro"


One of the most famous voices in the world is back, and with original songs! After 14 years, Andrea Bocelli is releasing an album entirely composed of new songs, "Sì". From it, we can already listen to the single "Qualcosa più dell'oro". It is, as one can always expect from him, a grandiose song, which mixes pop and opera in a marvelous way. You can also listen to the versions in Spanish and in English (besides a second one in English, featuring Dua Lipa).

Belgium | Hadise - "Farkımız var"


Belgian-born Turkish superstar Hadise is back to our site with a great new single. In "Farkımız var", she delivers her classic mix of electronic Turkish pop that makes our ears go crazy with joy!

Cyprus | Loukas Yorkas - "Ypokrinesai"


Cypriot singer Loukas Yorkas has a great new single on offer. And it's totally a must-listen! "Ypokrinesai" is a wonderful song. It mixes traditional elements and a calm pop melody in a delightful manner. A special highlight for its video, which gives a nice review of Loukas's career.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Finland | Jenni Vartiainen - "Voulez-vous"


Finnish alternative pop diva Jenni Vartiainen returns to our site with a true disco banger. In "Voulez vous", she delivers a super contemporary pop, with a captivating base and a chorus to dance your stress off!

Sweden | Maria Hazell - "Best thing"


Look who is back! After almost two years since her last release, "Debut", Swedish pop diva Maria Hazell is finally returning with a new single. And her comeback couldn't be any better: "Best thing" is simply excellent! It's a delightful upbeat song with a melody which is set to stick to the head after one single listen. We love it!

Spain | Full - "Alfombra roja"


After more than a year since their last appearance on our site, Spanish rock band Full are back with their newest single. "Alfombra roja" brings the power of Spanish indie rock music, captivating you with an infectious beat.

Finland | Trust No One - "Daughter of the Moon"


Sounds European! remeets Finnish band Trust No One, and their amazing new single. It's entitled "Daughter of the Moon", and it's a delightful rock track with a smooth melody and a fun ambience. They really know how to offer music with personality!

France | Nazim - "On refera le monde"


Multitalented French singer Nazim is back to our site with a song to enjoy and dance along from start to end! "On refera le monde" is a cheerful pop with Latin influences. You won't be able to stop moving along!

Monday, July 23, 2018

The Charts Day #191 (part 2)


The new album by Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, "Youngblood", is enjoying a successful welcome all around the world. And the first single to emerge from the release, which also bears its title, managed to sneak into several charts around Europe. This week, the song is #5 in Norway, #6 in Denmark, #7 in Ireland, #8 in the United Kingdom and #9 in Sweden!

The Charts Day #191 (part 1)


American band Maroon 5 is having a tremendous moment with their most recent single. "Girls like you", which features American rapper Cardi B, is this week's #4 in Switzerland, #6 in Ireland, #7 in the United Kingdom, #8 in Austria and Portugal and #10 in Norway!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sweden | Frida Sundemo - "Islands"


Swedish singer Frida Sundemo returns to Sounds European! with a great new single. "Islands" is an athemic piece of alternative pop which starts with chilling backing vocals and grows in instrumentation.

North Macedonia | Aleksandra Janeva feat. Natasa Malinkova - "Euforija"


Two great singers from North Macedonia got together for a new single! It's "Euforija", by Aleksandra Janeva and Natasa Malinkova. It's a fresh song with a delightful summer vibe. It's impossible to resist to its enticing instrumentals and entertaining melody.

Spain | Dorian - "Algunos amigos"


Spanish band Dorian returns to our site with their most recent single. "Algunos amigos" is a great concoction of pop, synth and rock, with that anthemic lift in the chorus that elevates the song to a whole new level!

Bulgaria | Mihaela Marinova - "Ochi v ochi"


Bulgarian star Mihaela Marinova has a new single on offer. "Ochi v ochi" is a sexy pop song with an intense melody and an extremely powerful chorus. Mihaela's voice is, as usual, excellent, taking it all to an even higher level.

United Kingdom | Bondax feat. Andreya Triana - "Real thing"


Bondax is an electronic music duo formed by Adam Kaye and George Townsend in Lancaster. For their most recent single, they gathered with Andreya Triana to create "Real thing". The song mixes the best from both artists: the groove of the guys and the jazzy silky voice of the girl will make you melt!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bosnia and Herzegovina | ToMa - "Ljubiš, ali ne voliš"


ToMa is the stage name of Tomislav Marić, Bosnian singer and musician who was born in Livno and raised in Žepče. His single "Ljubiš, ali ne voliš" is a masterpiece. It's pop-rock at its best, with a contagious melody and a chorus which sticks to the head after the first listen. We are listening to it nonstop: it's our song of the week!

Ireland | Niall Horan - "Finally free"


Irish singer Niall Horan is consolidating himself as one of the most versatile contemporary singers to emerge from Ireland. And his most recent single will show you why: "Finally free" is pop perfection, led by the cheerful weep of a guitar and an uplifting chorus. The song is part of the official soundtrack for the movie "Smallfoot".

Updated on October 7th, 2018, with the official video.

Sweden | Oscar Enestad - "Heaven on my skin"


Another FO&O member is starting his solo career! Oscar Enestad is a Swedish singer who was born in Stockholm in 1997. His debut solo single is "Heaven on my skin", a hypnotic song with a haunting melody and a wonderful vocal performance.

Belgium | Lea Rue - "River"


Lea Rue is the stage name of Emma Lauwers, a Belgian singer and songwriter born in 1993. Starting her career on the third season of The Voice van Vlaanderen, she became a hit with the release of her single "I can't say no". And now she is bound to make it once more: "River", her newest single, is a real gem of alternative pop!

Greece | Kelly Kelekidou - "Sti Thessaloniki"


Kelly Kelekidou is a Greek singer who was born in Thessaloniki in 1979. We have just got to listen to her most recent single, "Sti Thessaloniki", and we are fully addicted. It's a highly entertaining upbeat song with a very captivating chorus.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Romania | Iulia Dumitrache - "Rani deschise"


Iulia Dumitrache is a Romanian singer born in 1989 in the city of Pitesti. Her most recent single will definitely captivate you: in "Rani deschise", she delivers a soft and sensual pop with a very interesting melody!

Slovenia | Nino - "Moja moja"


Slovene star Nino is in summer vibes with his new single! "Moja moja" is a fresh and irresistible electropop song, with smooth beats and a highly captivating ambience. Once again, Nino displays all his ability to make addictive melodies!

Portugal | Rui Andrade - "Medo"


Portuguese singer Rui Andrade returns to our site with a brand new single. In "Medo", he brings an intimate ballad whose lyrics deal with facing life and seizing the opportunities it brings.

Armenia | Sevak Khanagyan - "Zerkala"


Armenian singer Sevak Khanagyan is back with a new single. It's entitled "Zerkala", and it's a well-paced electropop with marking beats and a very contagious melody. Sevak's beautiful voice fills it all with unique quality.

Spain | Mireya Bravo - "Corazón vendío"


The 2017 edition of Operación Triunfo keeps generating new talents, y'all! This time, we meet Mireya Bravo, hailing from Alhaurín de la Torre. After being the sixth participant to leave the show, she worked on her solo album, "Tu reflejo", which will soon be released. From her debut album comes her first single, "Corazón vendío", a mix of Latin-infused electronic pop which fits the European summer like a glove!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Croatia | Marko Tolja - "Zaplesale su sjene"


Croatian singer Marko Tolja has a new single on offer. And it's a great one! "Zaplesale su sjene" offers a beautiful and captivating melody, built by classy (and classic) instrumentals, and a truly irresistible chorus.

United Kingdom | Catherine McGrath - "Lost in the middle"


British country pop star Catherine McGrath returns to our site with a new single! We are talking about "Lost in the middle", a sweet track that will make your body sway to its rhythm!

Greece | Demy - "Kyma kalokairino"


Greek diva Demy has just released a new single. "Kyma kalokairino" is a well-paced guitar-led pop song with spices of electronic and dance during the chorus. All of that, led by Demy's delightful voice. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Portugal | Carolina Deslandes feat. Agir and Diogo Piçarra - "Respirar"


Three of the top talents hailing from Portugal gathered in a beautiful song together. We are talking about Carolina Deslandes, Agir and Diogo Piçarra, who collaborated in "Respirar", a soulful ballad to enlight any mood!

France | Suzane Grimm - "Sainte-Hélène"


Suzane Grimm is a French singer from Aulnoye-Aymeries. "Sainte-Hélène" is the title of her most recent single. And we cannot stress it enough: it's absolutely wonderful! It's a haunting pop song with a unique melody and involving ambience. We love it!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Finland | Pasa - "Elvis ei meitä vihikään"


Finnish band Pasa is back to our site with a surprising new single! "Elvis ei meitä vihikään" brings retro '80s sounds infusing a very entertaining synth pop. The result is a very fun song!

Slovenia | Tamara Goričanec - "Rada bi vrnila čas nazaj"


Tamara Goričanec is a Slovene singer who was born in the beautiful city of Ljubljana. She has just released a new single, entitled "Rada bi vrnila čas nazaj". It's a deep song with a mysterious ambience and a very cool melody.

Sweden | Kim Cesarion - "Honest"


Yep, he is back! Swedish singer Kim Cesarion returns one week after his latest appearance on our site with another great new single! In "Honest", he brings an electronic ballad to soothe your senses.

Belgium | Regi feat. Jake Reese - "Ellie"


Jake Reese is the stage name of Jaap Siewertsz van Reesema, Dutch singer who was born in Deventer in 1984. He was the winner of the third season of The X Factor in the Netherlands, in 2010. Jake has joined Belgian DJ Regi for a new single. It's "Ellie", a captivating song which mixes electronic and pop-rock in a very special way.

Romania | Seredinschi - "Ochii ei"


Romanian singer Seredinschi returns to our Sounds European! with a great new single. In "Ochii ei", he delivers a deep ballad with an explosive R&B chorus.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

United Kingdom | Mamas Gun - "On the wire"


It's time to remeet British band Mamas Gun and their brand-new single. "On the wire" offers rock 'n' roll with a unique approach, mixing a deep and very current theme in its lyrics and video, and a groovy and sexy appeal in its melody. It's a song to listen nonstop!

Serbia | Dragica Zlatic - "Udaj se za mene"


Dragica Zlatic is a singer born in 1985 in Čačak, Serbia. Her most recent single mixes pop and ethnic sounds: "Udaj se za mene" is a true representation of Balkan contemporary music!

Russia | Polina Gagarina - "Vyshe golovy"


It's impossible to argue: Russian diva Polina Gagarina is living a truly golden moment. Every new single she releases is excellent – it's one masterpiece after the other! And "Vyshe golovy" is no exception. What a wonderful song it is! It's a deep, involving and highly addictive ballad. Polina's voice shines through the entire track!

Turkey | Aleyna Tilki feat. Emrah Karaduman - "Yalnız çiçek"


Aleyna Tilki is a Turkish singer born in Konya in the year 2000. She is quickly becoming a sensation of Turkish pop, having singles reaching astronomical figures in YouTube and Spotify. For her most recent release, she collaborated with Emrah Karaduman, a fellow Turkish singer born in 1992 in Samsun. Their song together is entitled "Yalnız çiçek", and it gives a modern electronic twist to the traditional ways of making pop!

Sweden | Simon Michael feat. Amina and Amskøld - "Love her like honey"


Simon Michael is a 23-year-old artist, music producer and songwriter from Stockholm. He has gathered with Amina and Amskøld to record and release "Love her like honey". It's a delightful song, with a smooth and addictive melody. It's surely a must-listen!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Monday, July 16, 2018

United Kingdom | Emma Blackery - "Icarus"


Sounds European! remeets British new talent Emma Blackery, with an irresistible new single. It's entitled "Icarus", and it's a song with a fresh vibe and a well-marked and entertaining melody which grows into a very strong second half of track. We love it!

Greece | Melisses - "To kryfto"


Get ready to listen to a wonderful new single coming from Greece! It's "To kryfto", by Melisses, a song which took our hearts on the very first listen. Its beautiful melody is led by classy and delicate instrumentals, which build the ambience up, until flowing into a dazzling end. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Slovenia | Jan Vehar - "Tvoj je čas"


It's time to listen to a new single by Slovene singer Jan Vehar. It's "Tvoj je čas", a song which debuted in a festival in the beautiful city of Koper, and went directly to #1 in Slovenia's iTunes. Its mix of fresh and captivating melody and a marking chorus is delightful!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Finland | Lordi - "Your tongue's got the cat"


Lordi are a Finnish hard rock and melodic heavy metal band, led by Mr Lordi, their lead singer, songwriter, visual art designer and costume maker. They took Europe's heart in 2006, winning Eurovision in Greece (and still holding one of the best records in the contest's history). They have just released their ninth studio album, "Sexorcism". From it, we now listen to "Your tongue's got the cat", a powerful and addictive rock song!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

United Kingdom | Bang Bang Romeo - "Shame on you"


Anastasia Walker, Ross Cameron and Richard Gartland are Bang Bang Romeo, a band hailing from Doncaster. Their most recent single will surely appeal to you: "Shame on you" starts with some blues-infused beats and evolves into an electrifying chorus, wrapped up beautifully by Anastacia's deep voice.

Norway | Sigrid - "Focus"


No one in Norway is living a more prosperous artistic moment than Sigrid. Her singles are having a worldwide reach, and "Focus" has everything to take the same path. Its piano-led melody offers the perfect set for Sigrid's delightful voice to shine all over. It's wonderful!

Portugal | Salvador Sobral - "Cerca del mar"


Portuguese singer Salvador Sobral has just released his first single in Spanish. And it is as beautiful as all his previous ones! "Cerca del mar" is a touching mix of jazz and some subtle ethnic sounds, conveying a very unique melody.

Russia | SALT - "I believe"


Sounds European! remeets Russian-born talent SALT, who has just released an excellent new single. We simply cannot stop listening to "I believe". Its dark and intense ambience is highly hypnotic, and the chorus is a perfect complement for it all.

Spain | Malú - "Contradicción"


Spanish singer Malú is back to our site with a fantastic new single. In "Contradicción", she explores Latin-infused melodies and adds them to her classic pop-rock, conveying a uniquely strong melody!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

United Kingdom | S Y K E S - "Karma"


S Y K E S is Barney Sykes, an artist with a multi-country history on his background: he was born in London, raised in Athens and is currently based in Berlin. And we can totally feel this blend of cultures on his new single "Karma". The result couldn't be any better: what a melody, what a voice, what a chorus! It has quickly made us fully addicted. It's our song of the week.

Finland | Satellite Stories - "Carried away"


After a long time without appearing on our site, Finnish band Satellite Stories makes a tremendous comeback! Their new single is entitled "Carried away", and it brings the kind of tropical indie rock that we can't stop falling for!

France | Philippine et Théo - "Pour la fin du monde"


Philippine et Théo are a duo of French singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists from Mauritius and Le Havre. They are also known for having taken part of The Voice in France. Now, they are releasing their first video. And, if it depends on this first sample, huge success is on their way: "Pour la fin du monde" is excellent! Its melody is fresh and captivating, the chorus is highly addictive and their voices are flawless. It's totally worth the listen!

Turkey | Simge - "Ben bazen"


Turkish singer Simge returns to Sounds European! with a great new single! In "Ben bazen", she mixes pop and electronic sounds, creating a unique treat!

Poland | MANNEI - "Łapię tlen"


MANNEI is the stage name (and maiden name, too) of Sara Boruc, Polish singer from Poznan. She has just released a new single, entitled "Łapię tlen", and we are listening to it nonstop! It's an involving song, with hypnotic melody and a very marking chorus.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Austria | FITZ - "Bipolar"


We remeet Austrian duo FITZ for a shot of energy! Their new single is entitled "Bipolar", and it is an uplifting mix of pop and rock that will instantly pick up your mood!

United Kingdom | The Struts - "Body talks"


British band The Struts are back with a new single. And we cannot stress enough: it's as great as rock 'n' roll can ever be! "Body talks" is a powerful song, with an intense melody and an explosive chorus – all of it, wrapped by Luke Spiller's unique and awesome vocal delivery. We absolutely love it! There is also a second version for this single, featuring American star Kesha, which you can listen by clicking here.

Updated on July 24th, 2018, with the official video.

Norway | Ina Wroldsen - "Mother"


Norwegian singer Ina Wroldsen confirms her prolific 2018 with the release of yet another amazing single. In "Mother", she brings a more nostalgic twist of electronic pop, yet retaining her majestic touch.

Greece | Valadis - "Arkei"


Valadis is a Greek singer who was born in Rhodes. We have just got to listen to his single "Arkei", and we couldn't be more in love with it! It's a song which offers an endearing melody, which grows into a very strong chorus. It's a highly addictive track!

Sweden | Yanomi - "Stories"


Yanomi is a duo formed in Stockholm, Sweden, by Jacob Lundahl and Nomi Bontegard. Their music blends pop and folk, as you can notice in their most recent single, "Stories". The song is a beautiful and tender song that envolves you with its melody!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Poland | Pola Rise - "OhOH (ROISTO remix)"


Pola Rise is the stage name of Polish singer and songwriter Paulina Miłosz. We are totally addicted to her single "OhOH (ROISTO remix)"! The original version was already awesome, and the remix has added even more addictive qualities to it. It's irresistible!

Turkey | ODO - "Efsane"


ODO is the acronym for Ozan Doğulu Orkestrası, a project led by Ozan Doğulu himself. The most recent single of the ensemble is entitled "Efsane", and it plays between pop, folk and electronic sounds, with a retro twist that will simply captivate you!

United Kingdom | Pale Waves - "Kiss"


British band Pale Waves have just released a new single. And it's surely a must-listen! "Kiss" is an outstanding rock song, with delightful melody and instrumentals, and a perfect fitting vocal performance. The chorus is the cherry on top of it all: it's highly catchy!

Moldova | Olga Verbitchi - "Oameni"


Olga Verbitchi is a young talent raising in Moldova. Born in Cruzesti in 2001, she won the sixth season of the Romanian version for X Factor,  on the team of fellow Moldovan artist Carla's Dreams. Check out Olga's new single: "Oameni" brings a fresh summer tune completed with electronic beats.

Denmark | Emmelie de Forest - "Any less"


Danish star Emmelie de Forest has just released a new single. "Any less" has a great melody, which involves the listener in a growing way, until exploding in a highly captivating chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Romania | Randi - "Ce te-aș mai"


Romanian singer Randi returns to Sounds European! with a great new single. "Ce te-aș mai" is a captivating electropop with a soft chorus, a great way to get the party started!

Croatia | Domenica feat. Damir Kedzo - "Mi protiv nas"


Domenica Žuvela is a Croatian singer who was born in Vela Luka in 1993. She has gathered with Croatian star Damir Kedzo to record and release a wonderful new single. "Mi protiv nas" is a beautiful song, with endearing melody and a captivating chorus.

Updated on March 11th, 2020, with the new stage name of the artist.

United Kingdom | Suns Up - "Stay"


Suns Up is an up-and-coming Brit rock band hailing from Sussex. Their most recent single is the captivating "Stay", a song that blends the alternative side of British pop-rock in a great melody!

Greece | Giorgos Giannias - "Etoimasou"


Greek star Giorgos Giannias has just released a new single. And that can only mean one thing: it's time to listen to great music! "Etoimasou" gathers some of the best elements of Greek pop music in one song: its intensity, its power and specially its catchiness.

Netherlands | Romy Monteiro - "Stone by stone"


Romy Monteiro is a Dutch singer born in Utretch in 1992. Her career took off after taking part of the fifth season of the local version of The Voice, after which she starred in musicals and released singles of her own. The most recent of her songs is entitled "Stone by stone", and it is a sensual pop with R&B beats and melody.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Estonia | Black Velvet - "Väravad"


We close our second day of World Cup music with an amazing song coming from Estonia. It's Black Velvet (historical band from Tallinn, formed by Lauri Liiv, Sven Lõhmus and Sulev Lõhmus) with the very exciting "Väravad".

Spain | Antonio José feat. Juan Magan - "Se vive mejor"


It's time for one more song in the rhythm of football! We continue this special World Cup day with "Se vive mejor", by Spanish stars Antonio José and Juan Magan.

Sweden | De Vet Du - "Vi sjunger"


We continue our second day dedicated to songs related to the World Cup going, once again, to Sweden. De Vet Du, one of the most successful groups of the current Swedish music scene, offers us "Vi sjunger".

Italy | Gianluca Vacchi feat. Sebastián Yatra - "LOVE"


There are so many songs which were released all across Europe in the spirit of this year's World Cup, that one special day dedicated to them wasn't enough. So here we are, once again, with more football-infused music. Let's dance to the groove of the very entertaining "LOVE", by Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi and Colombian singer Sebastián Yatra. Its official video has the participation of several football stars!

Monday, July 09, 2018

Spain | Ana Guerra feat. Juan Magan - "Ni la hora"


After a very successful experience in Operación Triunfo, which included being a hit in Spanish-speaking countries with "Lo malo", Ana Guerra is launching her solo music career with a bang. Together with Juan Magan (born in El Masnou in 1978), she released "Ni la hora", a Latin-infused tune to dance to!

10 Questions For: The Overslept


We have no words to explain how excited we were to have an interview with one of the best new bands in Europe! Their songs are always excellent, and we have them in several of our playlists. And, after this amazing talk, our admiration for them has only grown even more! These are our 10 questions for The Overslept:

Sounds European!: As we see it, a band is usually a reflection of the musical preferences its members have in common. So, who are the members' idols in music? What artists are your inspirations? Do you feel they have influenced, in any way, your work as a band?

The Overslept: We all started making music early in our lives. There is no doubt that our musical roots are somewhat the same. We all grew up listening to bands such as Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and many other mid-2000s pop rock bands. Even though we are always searching for the best way to make our music feel new and fresh, we feel like you can still hear some of their influence in our songs.
Music has changed along the years, and that is very obvious when you hear what is on the radio nowadays. We like the challenge that comes with mixing our musical roots, our love for pop music and whatever the hype is at the moment.

SE!: Tell us a bit about the band's origins. How did you guys meet? And how did you decide to form a band? What were the first steps in your career as a group? And how were your first gigs?

TO: We have known each other since we were in high school, and we were already making music together. In 2014, we decided to take it to the next level and start The Overslept.
We recorded our first EP, "Memory lane", and took part in Popronde (which is a large festival that travels through 40 cities in the Netherlands). Upcoming bands from all over the country can sign up, and a small number of bands get to play on all sorts of venues. Most venues are really great, but some are not really made for live bands. We played this one show in a bar where the electricity kept shutting down. Eventually, we had to improvise a little acoustic show. These were some of our first shows and they really helped us expand our fan base.
It wasn't until we played some great support shows for bands as Simple Plan, Paramore and Panic! At The Disco that we started to get the wind in our sails.

SE!: You self-published your two first EPs, "Memory lane" and "Guidelines". Self-publishing music is usually not easy, specially for bands that are starting their careers. How was it, for you? And what can you tell us about the two EPs, musically?

TO: It sure isn't an easy job. Recording "Memory lane" was an adventurous journey for us – writing, recording and mixing the songs, all by ourselves. It was a great experience making that EP, but we found out that some jobs should be done by professionals in real studios.
There is a feature on "Forgive me", with Bjørgen van Essen [of Only Seven Left], who has become a close friend of ours since the recording of that song. He co-wrote, produced and mixed most of the songs on "Guidelines". It was the first time someone who was not in the band was giving input about our music and production. There is a really good musical connection between us and we still love working with him.
Both of the EPs were released and promoted by ourselves. It is important, these days, to keep your social media game strong – because when you self-publish your music, it is the most important way to get your music heard by the world.

SE!: After the two EPs, the band signed with the record company 8ball Music. Following "Stolen car", you guys started getting even more recognition and support. How do you guys face your success? How does it feel to see so many people enjoying your music? And how is your relationship with your fans?

TO: The taste of that success just drove us to work harder. It is such a great feeling to hear people singing along to your songs at shows and to hear yourself on the radio. We get a lot of messages from fans who are really thankful for our music, that gets them through tough times in their lives. We are really grateful for our fans and we are glad that our music can have such a positive effect on people. We always make time after shows to talk to fans because, without our fans supporting us, we would not be where we are now.

SE!: You have recently released a new EP, entitled "Signals". How was the process of recording and producing it? What can people expect from it? And, looking back on your two self-published EPs, how would you compare "Signals" to them? What has changed in your music since them?

TO: Compared to our last two EPs, "Signals" can be described as a new chapter in our music. It has a more mature sound with a dark tone, but also has a hopeful undertone. It is a story of ups and downs that we experienced as individuals, but also as a band. It is something we all get inspired by in the writing process.

"We like the challenge that comes with mixing our musical roots, our love for pop music and whatever the hype is at the moment"
(Picture: Nynja Dudok)

SE!: 2018 has been a year of concerts for The Overslept. You had your first solo show at Paradiso, in Amsterdam, besides performing in festivals such as Eurosonic, Paaspop and Pinkpop. How were these experiences, for you? Going further, what can you tell us about your concerts? What do you guys offer to the audience? And how does it feel to be on stage, as a band?

TO: Playing our own shows in these bigger venues is a great step for us as a band. It is really awesome to see that the support for our band is growing day by day. Also, the bigger festivals that we played were amazing. Large stages and large amounts of people that are listening to our music. We get a lot of positive response during the show, but also afterwards. People walk up to us to tell us that they loved the show.
It is such a great opportunity for us to play these bigger festivals, because it gives us the chance to add a little extra to our energetic show. When we get the chance to use pyro, confetti or CO2, we get really excited, because it adds a new dimension to our live set.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

TO: It's been a month now since we have released "Signals", and there is a tour this fall. We are definitely going to play the new songs, to let people hear the new music live. We are always busy writing new songs and taking them to the next level. So there is a chance we will throw in a new song that we haven't released yet, but we are not promising anything.

SE!: Going further, what are your long-term dreams? What do you dream of achieving in your career, looking ten, 20 years in the future?

TO: 20 years is a really long time! Right now, we are focusing in getting our music known in the Netherlands. But, like any band, it is a dream to tour around the world, playing the biggest gigs in the most beautiful places.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Dutch and international artists you would like to collaborate with?

TO: The Netherlands has such a great variety of artists. It would be really cool to write a song or be remixed by someone like Martin Garrix or Afrojack. As for international artists, we really like Dua Lipa. She makes such great music and is a great artist. I think that we, as artists, can learn a lot from her, and it would take us to a next level.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by The Overslept, and why?

TO: "Stolen car" is a song that means a lot to us. It was a huge step for us musically, but also a huge step in our success story. It was our first song that got a lot of radio play and brought our music career to the next level. We will continue to write music and play shows for as long as people want to hear our music. We are hoping to do this for a very long time and become a household name. For now, here in the Netherlands. And hopefully someday around the world.