Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top 50 of 2017: #1

2017 IN 50 SONGS

The end-of-the-year period is filled with traditions, and we also have our own. It's time to review some of the coolest artists and tracks which we listened throughout the year. In 2017, Sounds European! has presented more than 1600 songs. And, among them, we now list – until December 31st – the 50 ones which we consider to be the best of this period.

Steps have reunited this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary. And their return couldn't have been any better: their comeback single was simply breathtaking, an astonishing lesson on how to make first-class pop music. We can't stop singing and dancing to it, still, months after its release! "Scared of the dark" is our song of the year.

1st place: United Kingdom | Steps - "Scared of the dark"

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