Thursday, August 31, 2017

United Kingdom | Neck Deep - "In bloom"


Neck Deep are a Welsh pop punk band from Wrexham, formed by Ben Barlow, Matt West, Sam Bowden, Fil Thorpe-Evans and Dani Washington. They have just released "In bloom", single from their new album "The peace and the panic". And we couldn't be more in love with it! Melody, instrumentals, vocals, chorus... everything is awesome. It's a stupendous song!

Albania | Eleni Foureira - "To kati pou exeis"


It's been a while since we last featured Albanian-born singer Eleni Foureira, so let's check what she's been up to! Her most recent single is "To kati pou exeis", a contagious mix of pop and electronic beats that will take you to the dancefloor instantly!

Finland | Sunrise Avenue - "I help you hate me"


Finnish band Sunrise Avenue have just released a new single, and we couldn't be more excited about it! "I help you hate me" is an exciting song with marking instrumentals and a very catchy melody. It's high-quality rock 'n' roll!

Czech Republic | Marta Jandová - "Školíš mě"


Czech singer Marta Jandová is finally back on Sounds European!! She has recently unveiled a great new single: "Školíš mě" is a captivating ballad which starts driven by a gentle piano and evolves into a more dramatic piece as it plays on.

Greece | Louis - "Demenoi sto sagapo"


Look who is back! Greek singer Louis has a new single on offer. It's entitled "Demenoi sto sagapo", and it's an inviting and quite entertaining pop song. The chorus is as catchy as one can be, and makes you want to listen to it over and over again!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

France | David Carreira - "Ficamos por aqui"


French-born singer David Carreira is having a tremendous 2017! His third single of the year is "Ficamos por aqui", a contemporary pop song with electronic features and an irresistible rhythm!

10 Questions For: Isac Elliot


He's one of biggest (and best) young talents of the European pop scene. We're watching him grow up and, along with it, develop his music more and more. And Sounds European! had the chance of having a very interesting talk to him. These are our 10 questions for Isac Elliot:

Sounds European!: You come from a music family. Was it always your aspiration to take singing as your career too? And what are your first memories of singing in public?

Isac Elliot: Yes, we have always had a lot of instruments in the house, gone to concerts, had music playing all the time and stuff... so music has always been a part of my life without even thinking of it. Together with my sister and one neighbor, we put together theater plays, musicals and concerts for my parents and the neighbors all the time. This was when I was like five. The hours my parents have spent watching these performances... oh, my God! And I have seen footage. We were not good!
The first "real" performance was in first grade, when I got a solo in the school play. From there, my music teacher told my parents to apply for this one boy choir. I got accepted, went on to getting picked to be part of musicals at the National Theater, and eventually ended up signing a record deal with Sony Music when I was 11.

SE!: Who were your music idols when you started singing? Who did you enjoy listening? Do you feel they have, in any way, influenced the music you make nowadays?

IE: At first it was, of course, kids music. But I remember we had this one compilation album in the car that I LOVED listening to, which was called "100 Motown classics". So it was The Jackson 5, The Marvelettes and stuff. I did not know any English, so it was a lot of mumbo jumbo when I sang along. My first own album was My Chemical Romance's "The black parade". I loved that album and the band. That was also my first ever concert, when my dad took me to see them in Helsinki. I was six. I then soon started to listen to pop and singers like Usher, Justin Bieber and Beyoncé. I would say those were the first ones to influence me as a singer. Michael Jackson, Sam Smith and a lot of R&B singers are the ones that inspire me now – and I constantly try to improve as a singer.

SE!: You started hitting the charts at a very young age – to be more specific, when you were only 12, with "New way home". How was it, for you, to deal with fame so early in life? And how did you feel when you realized your songs were getting steady airplay?

IE: It was a real surprise. When we worked on "New way home" in the studio, we knew it was good, people came in and were amazed, and I got told my vocals were good. However, we thought that if this could get one or two spins on the radio in Finland, it would be a massive achievement. I remember being in school, at the end of sixth grade, and our teacher let the whole class stay inside during recess to listen to the song's radio premiere. Once I heard it on the radio in front of all my classmates, I thought: "OK, I made it. This was the jackpot. It can't get any sweeter than this". Then the song became a radio hit all over Scandinavia and it was all just a bonus. It felt great and surreal. We did not expect or even dream about that.

SE!: As you got older, your music has matured along with you. How do you compare the songs of your first album to the ones you are currently making? And what do you still hope to musically achieve in the future?

IE: I am 16 now and have been in the business for five years. Being 12 and being 16 is a big difference. Five years is one third of my whole life. So of course I have grown, and my music as well. I had songs like "Party alarm" and "First kiss" on the first album. Good songs, but the lyrics were not too deep. Right now, I feel I am doing music that I think is cool, the lyrics hold more meaning and I am a part of the whole process of finding songs, writing and recording.
As I said, we have achieved so much more than we ever thought we would, so everything right now is just a bonus and I am just enjoying myself. I hope to be able to always look back on my music and career and be proud of what I have done and stand by my music. I have the most amazing fans. Some of them have been there from the start, and more have jumped in along the road. I also hope I can have the same amazing relationship with my fans as I have for the past years. They are the core of everything.

SE!: Finland is a country which is more known, internationally speaking, for its rock music. But we know its pop scene is very good, too. How do you analyze the pop music of your country? And was it hard for you to develop a pop career in Finland?

IE: There has traditionally been a lot of rock exports, that is correct.
But there has also been a strong traditional Finnish music style we call iskelmä [a kind of Finnish schlager] and tango. Those are old traditions, though. Right now, the music scene in Finland is really blooming. The rap scene is HUGE in Finland – which might seem strange. What is amazing is that we also have more and more artists and acts that are singing in English. At some point, no one did that. We have amazing songwriters and producers as well, who are starting to make a name for themselves abroad. Then we, of course, also have the joke or parody music that is really big. It feels a bit annoying, at times. If you make joke music, sing about drinking or sex in Finnish, you will have a #1.
It was not hard for me to develop a career. I had a great team, and my team is even better now. But most of all, it was the fans who made it happen and it is the fans that still are the core of everything.

"I hope to be able to always look back on my music and career and be proud of what I have done and stand by my music" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: But your audience is clearly not limited to Finland. You have fans from all around the globe. How do you feel, knowing people from so many countries appreciate what you do as a singer? And how is your relationship with your fan base?

IE: I think it is just amazing how music travels through social media and how the fans help me out and spread the word. I love getting tweets from Brazil or seeing snaps from the Netherlands, where people are listening to my music together with friends, or seeing everybody singing along to my songs at a meet-and-greet in Turkey. I have my core fanbase in the Nordic countries and in the Baltics, though. Seeing them, having them at my show, listening to my music, is such a huge thing for me. They give me so much and do so much for me. I try to connect with them as much as possible, take pictures, stay active on social media and host meet-and-greets, competitions and signings. It can get a little hectic at times outside venues, airports or hotels, but I always try to stop and say "hi" and "thank you" and take a picture. They just want a little bit of my time.

SE!: We have seen some footage of your concerts, and it looks awesome. What do you feel when you are on stage? And what can people expect when they go to a concert of yours?

IE: The live shows are the best thing of it all. I have a great live team and we have so much fun traveling. I can't believe all the places we have got to see. At the shows, it is like a big party. Everybody is happy, we have fun and enjoy the music. I get to see the fans and how happy the music makes them. All the hours working on the songs in the studio, trying to perfect them, can be exhausting at times, but just having fun and enjoying the shows is amazing. It's like electricity. Just feeling it in all possible ways. Feeling everybody can enjoy the shows is important, and my team really focuses on that a lot as well.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

IE: I have been working on a lot of new music. Feels like forever! We will release "FAITH" – that I can't really tell much more about, at this point. It is a huge thing for me. Something totally new in all sorts of ways. It will involve a lot of new music though, and I am stoked about it. I also have a new song called "AYO" coming out and it is an uptempo banger. We love that tune. During the rest of the year, I also have a few very cool collaborations coming out, and they are always a lot of fun. When you are a solo artist, it is so much fun to team up with another artist or another act.

SE!: About collaborations. You have already worked with some other great people, such as Redrama, Tyga and Tungevaag & Raaban. If you could choose anyone, who would be some Finnish and international artists you'd still like to collaborate with?

IE: I would love to work with Dua Lipa, because she is so cool, with such a unique sound. I have not yet had a duet or worked with a female artist, so that would be a really cool thing. Another great option would be Zendaya. She was my celebrity crush some years ago and I met her at a Grammy party in Los Angeles last year. She was super nice, and to make a song with her would of course be amazing. Harry Styles would also be amazing. I was the opening act for One Direction at a couple of shows of their latest tour, and got to meet and chat with them. They were all really nice, but Harry was like the best guy ever. We've got to talk, and actually chatted about a song that they had recorded, never released and then it ended up with me. To work on a song together with Harry, now that he is doing his very cool solo thing, would be amazing.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Isac Elliot, and why?

IE: I will start by telling you that I have A LOT of new favorites coming up now, with the new releases. We have really worked hard on writing amazing songs and now we are finally at a point where I get to share them with my fans. I'm so happy! Amongst the old songs, it is hard to pick out a favorite. I can imagine it is like asking a parent to choose their favorite kid. A song called "Parachute" is a valid choice, and has a very special story and person linked to it. A fan that I have met, who has gone through a lot, and this song helped her. For that very reason, I will pick "Parachute" this time.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Czech Republic | Pavel Callta - "Endorfin"


Czech singer Pavel Callta has just released a new single, and it's a great one! "Endorfin" offers a fun, marking melody, wrapped by Pavel's delightful voice. A special highlight for the chorus, which is the perfect complement for it all: it's very exciting and captivating!

United Kingdom | Gabrielle Aplin - "Waking up slow"


British singer Gabrielle Aplin has recently released the first single from her newest EP, "Avalon". The song is entitled "Waking up slow", and portrays Gabrielle's dreamy voice in an uptempo melody which mixes guitars and synth elements.

Updated on September 22nd, 2017, with the official video.

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Ispaniya.leto!"


Sounds European! remeets one of the biggest Azerbaijani pop stars, Emin, and his new single. "Ispaniya.leto!" is a light and fresh song with entertaining melody and a very effective chorus. It's surely worth the listen!

Germany | Adel Tawil feat. Youssou N'Dour and Mohamed Mounir - "Eine welt eine heimat"


German singer Adel Tawil has gathered with two African talents for his newest single. Together with Senegalese singer and songwriter Youssou N'Dour and Egyptian singer and actor Mohamed Mounir, he released "Eine welt eine heimat". The song represents the mixture of cultures of their artists: sung in four languages (German, French, Arabic and English), it is an explosion of different sounds!

Netherlands | HANDED - "Shelter from the rain"


HANDED are a Dutch indie pop band formed around Stef Classens, winner of the third season of the show The Best Singer-Songwriter of the Netherlands. We've just got to listen to their single "Shelter from the rain", and better late than never: it was love at first listen! It's music at its most beautiful form.

Monday, August 28, 2017

United Kingdom | BETSY - "You won't love me"


British singer BETSY is back to our site with a fantastic new single. "You won't love me" is a heartfelt ballad which presents BETSY's fragile and intimate side. You'll be enchanted by her voice!

Greece | Demy - "Me ekdikise"


Few months after representing her country on Eurovision Song Contest, Greek super star Demy is back with a new single. "Me ekdikise" shows she is still on the top of her game, with an exciting and very catchy electropop.

Sweden | Clara Strauch - "Weeds"


Clara Strauch is a Swedish artist who grew up in Gotland and has recently moved to New York to pursue her music career. Listen to her most recent single: "Weeds" is a calm folk with a beautiful orchestration led by a dreamy voice!

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Russia | EVA - "Pyat' kasaniy"


EVA is the stage name of Ksenia Brakunova, Russian singer who was born in Bryansk in 2002. She rose to prominence after taking part of the second season of The Voice Kids in Russia. EVA has just released "Pyat' kasaniy", an amazing pop song with groovy melody and a very marking and memorable chorus.

Romania | Aner - "In urma ta"


Romanian singer Aner is back to Sounds European! with his most recent single. "In urma ta" is a song that brings a different sound in his music (treating us with a relaxedelectronic R&B), but keeps the warmth in his voice.

Finland | Roope Salminen & Koirat feat. Ellinoora - "Tanssi se ulos"


It's time to remeet Finnish group Roope Salminen & Koirat. This time, they've gathered with Ellinoora, to record and release "Tanssi se ulos". It's a great meeting of the group's groove with Ellinoora's stupendous voice.

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Netherlands | Secret Rendezvous - "U send me flying"


Yep, we are back with Secret Rendezvous. You see, the Dutch duo has just released a new single, and it's simply superb! "U send me flying" starts as a soft dance song and evolves into a more movemented track, with a delicious retro feeling attached!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Germany | Wincent Weiss - "Frische luft"


Germany is watching the rise of a new star: single after single, Wincent Weiss is establishing himself as one of the top names in his country's pop scene. And "Frische luft" keeps the pace: it's an irresistible song. We love it!

Turkey | Ömür Gedik - "Gece hayvanı"


Born in Istambul in 1970, Ömür Gedik is a Turkish singer, actress and director. Meet her musical side in her most recent single: "Gece hayvanı" is an uplifting mix of pop and local folkloric sounds!

Denmark | Frederik Leopold - "The payback song"


Frederik Leopold is a Danish singer and songwriter hailing from Copenhagen. He has just released a new single, entitled "The payback song", and we are highly addicted to it! Its irresistible melody is the perfect set for an awesome chorus and an impeccable vocal performance by Frederik.

Serbia | Arena - "Dodji"


Formed in Čačak, Serbia, meet Arena! The band has recently released a great single, entitled "Dodji". The song is a pop-rock ballad with a big folkloric influence, creating a unique sound!

United Kingdom | Mia Rose feat. D.A.M.A - "Sussurro"


Mia Rose is the stage name of Maria Antónia Teixeira Rosa, British singer of Portuguese descent who was born in London in 1988. She has joined Portuguese group D.A.M.A to release "Sussurro". It's a touching and delicate song with wonderful melody and beautiful vocals.

Spain | Efecto Pasillo - "Carita de buena"


We met Spanish band Efecto Pasillo some time ago, but it's high time we check up on them! Their most recent single is "Carita the buena", a happy and uplifting piece of Latin pop-rock that will infect you with its rhythm!

Armenia | Sofi Mkheyan - "Siro ton"


Sofi Mkheyan, born in Yerevan in 1984, is one of the most important names of the Armenian pop music scene. She has just released "Siro ton", and we can't stop listening to it! It mixes modern and local influences in a very special way. It's irresistible!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Belgium | Loïc Nottet - "Mud blood"


Belgian singer Loïc Nottet keeps promoting his debut studio album, "Selfocracy". And we already got to know the second single to emerge from it. "Mud blood" is an energetic pop that will keep you on tenterhooks from start to end. The video portrays incredible imagery, which perfectly matches the energy of the song. Such a combo was bound to be our song of the week!

Russia | Oleg Miami - "Ty veter, ya voda"


Russian singer Oleg Miami has just released a new single. And it's surely a must-listen! "Ty veter, ya voda" is a masterpiece of pop music. It has everything one can want: great melody, awesome vocals and an extremely memorable chorus. It's a song to listen on repeat!

Sweden | LÉON - "Surround me"


Swedish singer LÉON returns to our site with a sensual new single. "Surround me" starts with jazz-inspired beats and evolves into a lovely pop. Her voice shines through the entire song, giving it another level of greatness!

Finland | Pasa - "Ei vaihdeta numeroita"


It's time to remeet Finnish band Pasa, who have just released a new single. "Ei vaihdeta numeroita" has a melody which makes anyone instantly involved. And the chorus is the cherry on top of it all: it's excellent!

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Spain | Leiva - "La lluvia en los zapatos"


Spanish singer Leiva is living a very prolific moment. His music has expanded outside of Spain, into some countries in Latin America, and that has him releasing great singles one after the other. The latest of them is "La lluvia en los zapatos", a massive piece of Spanish rock!

North Macedonia | Tajfata feat. Dimitar Andonovski - "Sedum dena sedum nokji"


Tajfata are a Macedonian band from Prilep. Together with Dimitar Andonovski, they have released a new single, entitled "Sedum dena sedum nokji". And we are totally in love with it! It's Balkan folk pop at its most perfect form. It's impossible not to fall in love with it!

Poland | Grzegorz Hyzy - "Noc i dzien"


Polish singer Grzegorz Hyzy returns to Sounds European! with a fantastic new single. "Noc i dzien" is a captivating pop with intense synth beats and a marvelous chorus!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Austria | Oliver Haidt - "Wir zwei chaoten"


Oliver Haidt is the stage name of Walter Wilfinger, Austrian singer who was born in Graz in 1977. His new single "Wir zwei chaoten" is a lesson on how to make a schlager hit. Captivating melody, marking beats, unmistakable chorus. We love it!

Serbia | Ljupka Stević - "Ostavi telefon"


Ljupka Stević is a Serbian singer born in Požarevac in 1985. Listen to her most recent single: "Ostavi telefon" mingles summer tunes with Balkan pop, a mix hard to let go of!

Czech Republic | Kryštof - "Šňůry"


Sounds European! finally remeets Czech band Kryštof and their new single. "Šňůry" is a great song, which offers a great time from first to last second. It takes almost no time until the listener finds himself totally into its melody!

United Kingdom | The Kooks - "Broken vow"


The Kooks is a British band formed in Brighton in 2004. You may remember them from the worldwide hit "Shine on". This year, they have released an album with their biggest hits so far, and which also includes some new singles. One of them is "Broken vow" is a hypnotic piece of Brit rock!

Finland | Ilta - "Koukkuun"


Ilta is a Finnish singer from Jyväskylä. We have just got to listen to her new single "Koukkuun", and we are very excited about it. Its melody is set to captivate the listeners since the first beats, with the chorus finishing the job of making everyone addicted!

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Netherlands | Secret Rendezvous - "Don't look at me that way"


Dutch band Secret Rendezvous are back to us with a brand new single. "Don't look at me that way" is a calm electronic pop which grows towards the chorus. Perfect song to sway your body!

Italy | Takagi feat. Ketra, Lorenzo Fragola and Arisa - "L'esercito del selfie"


Takagi is the stage name of Alessandro Merli, Italian DJ who was born in Milan in 1973. Ketra is an Italian producer from Abruzzo. They have gathered with two of their country's biggest stars, Lorenzo Fragola and Arisa, to release "L'esercito del selfie". There is no way a song can be as entertaining as this one!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Poland | Lanberry - "Ostatni most"


Polish singer Lanberry returns to Sounds European! with her most recent single. "Ostatni most" is a perfect mixture of electronic beats and pop, with a slight retro touch in the chorus to make it all more addictive!

United Kingdom | Mallory Knox - "Sugar"


It's time to remeet one of the best bands of the current British rock scene: Mallory Knox has just released a new single. And, as usual, it's high-quality rock 'n' roll. "Sugar" is powerful, intense and very addictive. We love it!

Sweden | Janice - "I got you"


Janice is definitely becoming the new sensation of Swedish pop. Her new single has done the trick again: "I got you" has a catchy chorus and intense verses, and add a beautiful set of lyrics to wrap it all up!

Greece | Christos Kaliatsas - "Koita pos echo ginei"


Christos Kaliatsas is a Greek singer who was born in Alexandroupoli. His new single "Koita pos echo ginei" is surely a must-listen. It's pop as only Greece knows how to make: it has that unique local touch in melody and instrumentals which we totally love!

Finland | Kauriinmetsästäjät - "Sua sua"


Hailing from Helsinki, Heikki and Tuomas make up Kauriinmetsästäjät. The band's electronic pop is bound to captivate you: "Sua sua" is a song to play on repeat!

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Romania | DJ Project feat. Elena - "Duminica"


DJ Project are a Romanian group formed by DJs Gino Manzotti (Handke Giuseppe) and Maxx (Ovidiu Florea), currently completed by singer Xenia Costinar. They have gathered with Romanian super star Elena to release "Duminica". It's a very involving song with a chorus which sticks to the head after one single listen.

Switzerland | Anna Känzig - "Lion's heart"


Swiss singer Anna Känzig returns to Sounds European! with a beautiful new single. "Lion's heart" is the kind of alternative pop that captivates you from the very first beat, involving you in a fantastic atmosphere.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Belgium | Lara Fabian - "Growing wings"


Belgian-born diva Lara Fabian is soon releasing "Camouflage", her new album. To tease us a bit, she has just dropped a new single, and we are already addicted to it! The song is "Growing wings", a beautiful ballad which starts softly and evolves with alternative sounds that bring a great '90s feeling. Magic!

10 Questions For: Liviu Teodorescu


Sounds European! is proud to present a great new interview. This time, we had the chance of talking to one of the most talented singers of the new generation of the Romanian music scene. And it was a delightful talk, let us say! These are our 10 questions for Liviu Teodorescu:

Sounds European!: We want to start this talk by looking back in time. What are the music memories of your childhood? Who did you use to listen? Who were your idols? And do you feel they have, in any way, influenced your work as a singer, nowadays?

Liviu Teodorescu: As a child, I started singing in a choir, at eight years old. So I kind of started my journey with music being into it rather than being outside, as a fan or as a music lover. I started discovering artists and bands later. The first band I fell in love with was Queen. So, I bought my first mp3 player and I filled it with music from Queen, Michael Jackson, Green Day, Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others. My taste in music varies from rock to soul, R&B, hip-hop, because, as a child, I felt so influenced by my idols, that I mentioned before. Today, I listen to every single fresh track, because I want to be in touch with anything new. Because I want to sound fresh.

SE!: At what age did you start singing? And when did you start having your first public presentations? Did you dream, at that time, that you would be a successful professional singer in the future, as you are now?

LT: I started singing at eight years old in a choir and my first public presentation was at nine years old, I think. I remember it like it was yesterday. After that, I swore to myself that I'd never get back on stage again. I felt so nervous and I had stage fright. But then, as time passed, the stage became my friend, the space where I could express myself so easily. Today, before I go on stage, I'm also nervous, but as I take the first step in front of the crowd, I feel free.
Yes, I dreamed so much about being a successful singer. I remember my first microphone and how I used to spend hours and hours singing in front of the mirror, imagining thousands of people watching. I guess this is my destiny, I have to fulfill it, no matter what.

SE!: In 2006, you represented your country on Junior Eurovision Song Contest, as a member of New Star Music. How was your experience in the festival? What lessons did you learn from it, as a kid in an international event? And would you ever consider taking part in the adult version of Eurovision?

LT: The experience of Eurovision marked me as a child. We were rehearsing a lot, daily, for hours. I learned what discipline is and how hard working is so important for your dreams to come true. It was a great responsibility hanging on our shoulders. We took the sixth place, from almost 25 countries participating. I felt disappointed at the time. Now, I realize that our result was great, almost the greatest in the history of Romania in Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Now, I don't know if I'd do that again. Not because it would be hard for me, but because I think Eurovision is, nowadays, more about politics than music.

SE!: We can say that one of your first big steps as an adult singer was during the first season of The Voice of Romania, where you reached the semifinals. What can you tell us about your time in the show? And how did it help you open doors for your career?

LT: The Voice was the start of my career, definitely. It was also my personal coming back into music because, for a while, I was so convinced that I was into acting. I was going to apply for the Acting College here, in Romania. But in the last moment, I fell for music again. Music is the thing that comes out of me without struggle. So I applied for the Conservatory and I was the first student on my group, with the highest marks on the exams – all of that, without having finished high school with a musical profile.
Coming back to The Voice, it was one of my greatest experiences. And, after I left the show, I got into the biggest Romanian television project at that time, a very successful TV series here, called "A bet with life". That was the moment when everybody started to recognize me, as I walked on the street.

SE!: You really seem to be someone who is not afraid of competing. Besides Junior Eurovision and The Voice of Romania, you were a semifinalist of the Romanian Dancing With The Stars and the ninth winner of your country's Your Face Sounds Familiar. How do you face competitions, and being judged weekly by other people and the audience?

LT: It's so funny you say that, because I HATE competition. :)) I think I got so far into these contests not because I'm competitive, but because I love what I do and I focus only on what I have to do, not on others. I'm not afraid of people judging my performances, because I'm a hard worker. And, if you work hard, you have less chances to fail. It's that simple.

"I'm a hard worker. And, if you work hard, you have less chances to fail"

SE!: We are aware this isn't the easiest question for an artist to answer. But how would you define your style, your genre? What would you like people to absorb, to feel, when listening to your songs?

LT: I'd like to heal people. I'd like to say the things that they would like to say too, but they don't, because sometimes it's hard to say what you think. I'd like to make them feel free and positive. My genre is something between R&B and pop-rock. I love the feeling in the R&B music and the strength in rock music. I'm trying to combine these two.

SE!: You are not only a singer, but also a songwriter. What topics do you like to write about? Where do you get inspiration for it? And do you have a specific place and/or time you like to write songs?

LT: I like to write when I'm relaxed and when my previous single is a success. :)) I write also in the shower, sometimes. I like special vocal lines and special topics. Love is one of my favorite topics, but I like different perspectives, saying things as they were never said before. My studio, LiTE Music, is my favorite place for making music, singing and anything connected to music.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

LT: The next project I'm working on is called "LiTE moments". I wrote and produced four songs, with an organic sound. I want to prove that simple is the new cool. The topics are special, I wrote from a different perspective. I hope people will understand and feel these songs, as I do. After "LiTE moments", we have a very special song, my next single. I hope people will like it, too.

SE!: You have worked with some other great Romanian singers. Can you name some of them? How were these experiences, for you? And if you could choose anyone, who would be some Romanian and international artists you'd still like to collaborate with?

LT: I worked with Andra, Smiley, Marius Moga, and other great musicians here in Romania. These experiences helped me as a songwriter and producer. I learned a lot and I thank them so much. From Romania, I'd like to collaborate with Delia, Alina Eremia, Killa Fonic, Nane and others. One of my favorite international artists is Dua Lipa and I'd like to spend a day with her in the studio, because I feel like, at the end of the day, we would have a fresh track.

SE!: We would like to finish this interview with a song of yours. What is your favorite song by Liviu Teodorescu, and why?

LT: My favorite song is my last single, "Obsesie". Obsession, in English. I think this song is the apogee for me as a songwriter. The vocal lines came to me so easily, but I worked a lot for this song. I love the final result, and the number of views and the feedback from social media and radio/television prove that you love it, too!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso - "One more time"


Sounds European! remeets Swedish star Benjamin Ingrosso and his new single. It's entitled "One more time", and it's a very interesting song. Benjamin has a unique way to deliver fresh music single after single, being original every time.

United Kingdom | Robbie Williams - "Eyes on the highway"


Get ready to listen to an awesome new single by British super star Robbie Williams! "Eyes on the highway" is a masterpiece of pop music. Its melody is extremely catchy, and the spices of pop-rock, specially in the chorus, make it even more enticing.

Estonia | Karl-Erik Taukar - "Seitse pühapäeva"


Karl-Erik Taukar is becoming one of the most solid artists of the Estonian music scene. Every new single of his is better than the previous one, and "Seitse pühapäeva" keeps the path. It's impossible to listen to it without wanting to replay it over and over again!

Greece | Konstantinos Argiros - "Ksimeromata"


Greek singer Konstantinos Argiros has just released a new single. And it's a very entertaining one! "Ksimeromata" offers fun melody, great mix of instrumentals, perfect vocals and a chorus which is as captivating as one can be.

Finland | Vilma Alina feat. Nelli Matula, Ida Paul and Sini Yasemin - "Tyynysotaa"


Huge meeting of stars in Finland! Vilma Alina, Nelli Matula, Ida Paul and Sini Yasemin (from Helsinki) have just released "Tyynysotaa". And it's pop at its best form! It's catchy, entertaining, with marking beats and a very strong chorus.

Russia | Julia Parshuta feat. Mark Tishman - "Nevynosimaya"


Mark Tishman is a Russian singer who was born in Makhachkala in 1979. He has gathered with Julia Parshuta to record and release "Nevynosimaya". It's a very interesting electronic pop song with an extremely catchy chorus.

France | Raphaël - "L'année la plus chaude de tous les temps"


Raphaël Haroche (born in Paris in 1975) is an extremely well-succeeded French singer, with six albums which reached top ten in his country's charts. He has just released a new single, entitled "L'année la plus chaude de tous les temps". It's a delicate, beautiful song, and we are totally in love with it!

Monday, August 21, 2017

United Kingdom | Gary Barlow - "6th Avenue"


It's time for another milestone, as Sounds European! reaches its 6000th post. As it became our tradition, we celebrate these moments by presenting a song which has the achievement's number – now, "six thousand". It's usually in the title, but it was barely impossible to find a song with "six thousand" in its title, so we went for lyrics: the beautiful "6th Avenue", by British star Gary Barlow, says "I've traveled six thousand miles, thirty thousand feet just to see you".

Italy | Omar Pedrini - "Dimmi non ti amo"


Hailing from Brescia, Omar Pedrini is an Italian singer who has been in the music business for more than 20 years, having released several albums and singles. The latest one of them is "Dimmi non ti amo", a song which combines pop and rock with perfect majestry!

Romania | Mihai Chitu feat. Mellina - "O ultima tigara"


Two Romanian artists who were featured on Sounds European! before gathered to release a great single. We are talking about Mihai Chitu and Mellina, and the song "O ultima tigara". The track is an uplifting pop with R&B beats and a very summerish vibe attached!

Turkey | Zakkum - "İkimiz de yorgunuz"


Yusuf Demirkol, Cem Senyücel, Ali Emre Yılmaztürk and Salih Eren Parlakgümüş are Zakkum, a Turkish band formed in Ankara in 1999. Check out their most recent single: "İkimiz de yorgunuz" is a delightful rock ballad filled with the nostalgia of Turkish folkloric sounds.

Poland | Anna Wyszkoni - "Zanim to powiem"


Polish singer Anna Wyszkoni keeps dazzling us with new music. Her most recent single is entitled "Zanim to powiem", a pop song which starts with some country-inspired beats and evolves into a fantastic synth-driven chorus!

Portugal | HMB - "Não me leves a mal"


Portuguese band HMB also returns to Sounds European! with their most recent single. The song is "Não me leves a mal", and it's a contagious pop with a very catchy groove. Instant mood lifter!

Finland | Jenni Vartiainen - "Se oikea"


Finnish pop diva Jenni Vartiainen is back on our site! She has recently dropped a new single, "Se oikea", a song in which she delivers her classic pop freshness combined with current electronic beats. What is there not to love?

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Italy | Paola Turci - "Un'emozione da poco"


Italian star Paola Turci has just released a new single, and we couldn't be more addicted to it. "Un'emozione da poco" offers everything one can expect of Paola: strong melody, awesome vocals and a chorus which is as captivating as one can be. The result is absolutely grandiose!

France | Calogero - "Je joue de la musique"


French singer Calogero returns to Sounds European! with his most recent single. "Je joue de la musique" is a funky pop-rock with an uplifting melody and a very interesting combination of instruments!

Portugal | Lisandro Cuxi - "Danser"


Lisandro Cuxi is a 17-year-old singer who has a very international background: his origins are from Cape Verde, he was born in Portugal and he lives in France. Lisandro is developing his career in France, where he has just won the sixth season of The Voice. Now, he has released "Danser", which clearly displays all his talent. It's a delightful song!

Poland | LemON - "Akapit"


Remember Polish band LemON? It's been some time since the last time they appeared in our site, but happily they are back with new music! Their most recent single is "Akapit", a rock ballad which brings back the best sounds of the band!

Slovakia | Emma Drobná - "Words"


Sounds European! remeets Slovak singer Emma Drobná and her new single. "Words" is an excellent song, which offers an involving, marking melody and an extremely addictive chorus. It takes almost no time to make you want to listen to it over and over again!

Updated on October 27th, 2017, with the official video.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Spain | Pastora Soler - "La tormenta"


Due to health issues, Spanish singer Pastora Soler had been away from stages since 2014. But the waiting is over, people: she is back, and as fierce as she ever was! She is soon releasing "La calma", her new studio album, and she already graced us with a comeback single: "La tormenta" is a dramatic ballad full of classic instruments and the characteristic outpour of magic that Pastora's voice brings. We were hooked from the very moment we hit play, so no wonder the track became our song of the week!

Updated on September 8th, 2017, with the official video.

France | Nemo Schiffman - "I don't mind"


It's time to get to know a great new talent who is rising in the French music scene. Nemo Schiffman is a singer and actor who was born in Paris in 2000. We have just got to listen to his single "I don't mind" (for the version in English, click here), and we are totally in love with it! It's a modern, exciting song with catchy melody and irresistible chorus.

Denmark | New Politics - "CIA"


Danish band New Politics are soon releasing a new album, "Lost in translation". And they have already presented us two singles from it: the first one was "One of us", and now it's the turn of "CIA", a more edgy and raw rock song with the energy that the guys give us in every song!

Updated on September 29th, 2017, with the official video.

Germany | Oonagh feat. Safri Duo - "Zeit der sommernächte"


Oonagh is the stage name of Senta-Sofia Delliponti, German singer and songwriter who was born in Wolfsburg in 1990. Her music is inspired by mystic literature and ethnic sounds, creating a unique and haunting kind of ethno-pop. She has gathered with Danish ensemble Safri Duo to release "Zeit der sommernächte". Don't try to resist: it's as fun and catchy as a song can be!

United Kingdom | Steps - "Neon blue"


British pop group Steps have celebrated their 20th anniversary with a new album, and all the singles they presented us so far show that their magic is far from over. Once more, they display their charisma and wonderful sounds in "Neon blue", their third single of the year. The song is a catchy dance pop with a fabulous retro feeling!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Estonia | Merlyn Uusküla - "Jälle 18"


Merlyn Uusküla is an Estonian pop and dance singer who was born in Tallinn in 1984. She has just released "Jälle 18", which is a party on its own. It's a pop song with spices of schlager which has everything to make you dance from first to last second. It's irresistible!

Lithuania | Moniqué - "Palauk dar"


Lithuanian singer Moniqué is back to Sounds European!! Her most recent single is "Palauk dar", a very contemporary pop song with electronic beats, and a soft chorus with an addictive guitar riff!

Croatia | Damir Kedzo - "Ljubavi moja"


Every time Croatian star Damir Kedzo releases a new single, our expectations for great music rise. And he never disappoints them! "Ljubavi moja" surely delivers it all: it's a beautiful song, with grandiose melody and a chorus which is as good as one can be. We are totally in love with it!

Updated on September 29th, 2017, with the official video.

Updated on March 11th, 2020, with the new stage name of the artist.

Malta | The Travellers - "Ħafi paċi kuluri"


Meet The Travellers, a Maltese band formed by Chris Gatt, Joseph Xerri, Sylvano Mizzi, Andrew Vella, Clayton Bonello and Michael Camilleri. Their most recent single is an explosion of happiness: "Ħafi paċi kuluri" is a catchy pop-rock song in Maltese language – definitely a great mix!

Bulgaria | Damyan Popov feat. Divna - "Tvoeto momche"


Two great Bulgarian artists are together for an awesome new single. Damyan Popov and Divna have just released "Tvoeto momche". It's a great song, which offers a captivating and marking melody, besides a very memorable chorus.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

France | Christophe Willem - "Marlon Brando"


Time to check up on French singer Christophe Willem! He has recently returned to the music scene with a new single, a teaser of a new album that will soon be released. The song is "Marlon Brando", a catchy mix of pop, indie, alternative and disco sounds that will send groovy vibes all through your body!

Iceland | Júníus Meyvant - "Mr. Minister Great"


Júníus Meyvant is the stage name of Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, an Icelandic singer and songwriter from the Westman Islands. He has just released "Mr. Minister Great", and it's surely a must-listen. Its mix of sweet melody and beautiful vocals is irresistible!

United Kingdom | WOWH - "Early hours"


Nick Harrison and Toby Couling are WOWH, a duo of producers and writers formed in London. Their sounds bring back the groove of the '60s, which is combined with pop melodies and synth beats to result in irresistible songs. Such is the case of "Early hours": you won't be able to listen to it just once!

Ireland | The Academic - "Bear claws"


Sounds European! is very excited to remeet Irish band The Academic. They have just released a wonderful new single, entitled "Bear claws". It's solid, great rock 'n' roll, at its purest form. It's a clear case of love at first listen!

Spain | Carlos Sadness - "Volcanes dormidos"


Spanish singer Carlos Sadness has recently returned to the music business with a new single! The song is "Volcanes dormidos", and it brings catchy indie-pop tunes mixed with a tropical feeling that takes it to a whole new level!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Greece | STAN - "Tora lipo"


It's time to remeet Greek star STAN, who has just released an irresistible new single. "Tora lipo" is a great example of why STAN is consistently topping charts in Greece: he seems to have the exact recipe to make perfect Greek pop masterpieces!

Sweden | Danny Saucedo - "Jag får inte nog"


Swedish pop singer Danny Saucedo has recently popped up a new single, and we can't get it out of our heads! We are talking about "Jag får inte nog". The song is a soft pop which grows in intensity, until a very inviting chorus. We can't stop moving our bodies along!

Spain | Carlos Marco - "When the mind wanders"


Spanish star Carlos Marco needed no time to prove his solo career was set to shine bright. Single after single, he keeps gifting our ears with pop greatness. And "When the mind wanders" is another sample of that. It's as good as pop music can get!

United Kingdom | Tonica - "Save yourself"


Tonica are an emerging duo hailing from Manchester. Their vibrant electropop sounds are addictive, as happens in the single "Save yourself": the song is a trip back to the enticing disco sounds from the 90s, which is always a good treat to the ear!

This song doesn't have a full-length video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Albania | Flori Mumajesi feat. Elinel - "Ne shpirt"


Sounds European! remeets Albanian singer Flori Mumajesi, who has just released another collaboration. This time, he has gathered with Elinel, Kosovar rapper from Pristina, for "Ne shpirt". It offers a unique and very marking melody. It's so exciting!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Portugal | Squeeze Theeze Pleeze - "Mismatch"


Squeeze Theeze Pleeze is a Portuguese rock band formed in Cantanhede in 1997. Their most recent single is a true gem: "Mismatch" is a classic downtempo rock, perfect for a relaxing moment!

Denmark | Hjalmer - "Hvis du går"


Hjalmer is a Danish singer who was born in Copenhagen. Music has always run through his veins, as his father is rock legend Kim Larsen. We are in love with his new single "Hvis du går". It's impossible to listen to it without wanting to repeat it over and over again!

Spain | Münik - "Puede esperar"


Spanish band Münik are finally back on Sounds European! with their music! Their most recent single is "Puede esperar", a very catchy pop song with a great synth base and the catchiest of choruses!

Austria | Poptracker feat. ArianA - "Hold"


Great meeting in Austria! Poptracker and ArianA Schirasi-Fard, from Vienna, gathered to record and release "Hold". It's the perfect mix of a highly catchy melody with a wonderful vocal performance. The result is flawless!

United Kingdom | Alex Francis - "The last time"


We've presented you to British singer Alex Francis last May, when he was featured in Melanie C's "Hope". But now it's time to listen to his most recent solo single! "The last time" is a calm pop song that plays with some folk-like melodies to create a beautiful groove!

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Charts Day #179 (part 2)


The latest hit of British DJ Calvin Harris is "Feels". The song, which features American singers Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry and Big Sean, is charting as #10 in Switzerland and Finland, #9 in Belgium and the Netherlands, #8 in Austria and Portugal, #7 in Denmark, #5 in Norway, #4 in Ireland, #2 in France and #1 in the United Kingdom!

The Charts Day #179 (part 1)


Latin music is living a very prolific 2017. After the success of "Despacito" (which video recently became the most viewed on YouTube's history), it's time for another song to take the crown: "Mi gente", by Colombian singer J Balvin featuring French DJ Willy William, is this week's #10 in Austria, #9 in Bulgaria, #5 in Germany and the Netherlands, and #4 in Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sweden | MY - "Hate on myself"


MY is the stage name of Swedish singer My Helmner. She has taken the pop scene by storm with her quirky and energetic pop, and it's high time you listen to her music: "Hate on myself", her most recent single, is a very catchy pop with a beautiful message of hope in its lyrics!

United Kingdom | Harrison Rimmer - "I am on fire"


Harrison Rimmer is a British singer who was born in Fleetwood. He has just released a new single, entitled "I am on fire", and we can't stop listening to it. It offers a simple but great and effective melody and vocal work. It's totally effective!

Ukraine | Lora Superfin - "Letet'"


Lora Superfin is the stage name of Larisa Nikolayevna Superfin, a Ukrainian singer born in 1981. Her music will, for sure, dazzle you: she takes the catchiest pops in former Soviet countries and adds schlager beats, as in her most recent single "Letet'". We're sorry for the short description of the song, but our bodies just ask to dance to it!

Kosovo | Shkurte Gashi - "Do mbijetoj"


It's time to remeet Kosovar singer Shkurte Gashi, who has just released a beautiful new single. "Do mbijetoj" has an endearing melody, built by great instrumentals, and a chorus which is very effective. We love it!

Turkey | Burcu Güneş - "Darmaduman"


Meet Burcu Güneş, a Turkish singer born in the city of İzmir in 1975. During her career, which spans almost 20 years, she has released several albums, all of them with extensive success in the Turkish charts. Listen to her most recent single: "Darmaduman" is a soft pop with the exquisite Turkish influence!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Italy | Elodie - "Verrà da sé"


Get ready to have your mind blown by the new single of Italian star Elodie! "Verrà da sé" is a masterpiece of pop music. It would be incredibly unfair to highlight any specific quality of this song, because everything is stupendous. It's such a thrilling and addictive track! We couldn't be more in love with it: it's our song of the week!

Moldova | Carla's Dreams - "Pana la sange"


Moldovan ensemble Carla's Dreams are finally back on Sounds European!! Their most recent single is "Pana la sange", a very intense song which mixes pop, hip hop and R&B. The dramatic imagery in its video helps creating a thrilling atmosphere.

Greece | Prodromos - "Den eimai tromokratis"


Prodromos is a Greek singer who was born in Marousi in 1989. He has just released a new single, entitled "Den eimai tromokratis", and it's different from anything you listen from Greece. Different, and great! Its melody is hypnotic and highly contagious. The chorus is a party on its own!