Wednesday, November 30, 2016

United Kingdom | Sigma feat. Birdy - "Find me"


Sigma and Birdy may have very different sounds in their work, but when they teamed together they created pure magic. "Find me" has the depth of the singer and the electronic touch of the producers, making it a very unique gem within the British music scene.

Slovenia | Nino - "Življenje brez pravil"


It's time to remeet one of our favorite artists from Slovenia! Nino has just released a new single, "Življenje brez pravil". It's another great track of his album "Pod tušem", which once again proves his ability to produce music in a huge variety of styles and genres – and always great, in every single one of them!

Switzerland | HONOR - "Love hate kiss kill"


HONOR is a singer hailing from Lugano, Switzerland. Her blend of pop and synth beats is quite unique in her country, and we can prove that in her most recent single: "Love hate kiss kill" has a lovely retro feeling. Go put it on your playlist!

Denmark | Volbeat - "Seal the deal"


Danish band Volbeat are back with another very powerful single. "Seal the deal" exudes energy from first to last second. It builds an involving and hypnotizing ambience which is impossible to resist.

Serbia | Tea Tairović - "Meni odgovara"


Tea Tairović is a Serbian singer hailing from Novi Sad. She started her career two years ago, but is quickly becoming a star. We can see why in "Meni odgovara", her most recent single: the song is a fantastic sample of current Balkan pop.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

United Kingdom | Zak Abel - "Unstable"


British singer Zak Abel is back with us for a great new single. "Unstable" brings one of the most entertaining pops coming out of the British islands this year, with a touch of contemporary synth sounds to create a unique song.

Updated on March 20th, 2017, with the official video.

Hungary | SirVive - "Kéz a kézben"


Sounds European! travels to Hungary, where we remeet the band SirVive and their new single. "Kéz a kézben" is a delightful mix of electronic and pop-rock, with an irresistible melody and a very inviting chorus.

Russia | Alexander Elovskih - "Vso ne sluchayno"


Russian singer Alexander Elovskih decided to drop his first name for his current work, and that's how he is bringing us his newest single. "Vso ne sluchayno" brings sounds closer to the electronic kind of pop that Russians make and we totally love!

France | Claudio Capéo - "Ça va ça va"


Claudio Capéo is the stage name of Claudio Ruccolo, French singer and musician who was born in Cernay in 1985. He rose to prominence after taking part of the fifth season of the French The Voice. Claudio has just released "Ça va ça va", which is a very entertaining pop with a very catchy chorus. We love it!

Updated on December 19th, 2016, with the official video.

Romania | Claudia Pavel - "Deja vu"


We travel to Romania to remeet Claudia Pavel, one of the most popular singers in the country. Her most recent single is a fresh breath of summer in the cold European winter: "Deja vu" has a flowing melody and a very catchy groove that will have you dancing from start to end.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Charts Day #166 (part 2)


British band Clean Bandit won't stop creating hits. Their latest one features Sean Paul and Anne-Marie, and is entitled "Rockabye". The highly entertaining act is this week's #9 in Belgium, #8 in Austria and Bulgaria, #3 in Norway and #1 in Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom!

The Charts Day #166 (part 1)


American band Maroon 5 has recently teamed up with fellow American singer and rapper Kendrick Lamar for "Don't wanna know". The song became an instant hit: in Europe, it is currently #8 in Ireland and #5 in Denmark, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Serbia | Jovana Nikolić - "Svila"


Time to check back on Serbian singer Jovana Nikolić, who has recently released a new single. "Svila" is a classic Balkan ballad, dominated by an intense instrumentation and a powerful vocal performance.

United Kingdom | Gabrielle Aplin - "Miss you"


British star Gabrielle Aplin is back with a new single, and it's surely worth the listen! "Miss you" is the lead track from her upcoming EP of the same name. Gabrielle's beautiful voice adds a unique quality to the song's modern beats. The result is fresh and highly entertaining.

Netherlands | Call It Off - "Abandoned"


Call It Off are a band formed by Maurice Bolier, Adrian Delange, Sergei Christian and Lesley Klaverdijk in Eindhoven in 2013. Meet them in their most recent single: "Abandoned" is as powerful as you could expect from a band mixing pop, rock and punk. It's surely going to fill you with energy!

North Macedonia | Eye Cue - "Najbolja"


It's time to listen to a great new single by Macedonian band Eye Cue! "Najbolja" is a very entertaining pop-rock. Its melody is highly involving, and grows into a very strong and electrifying chorus, which is surprising and captivating. The mix of voices works very well. We love it!

Belgium | Tuğba Yurt - "Güç bende artık"


Born in Belgium in 1989, Tuğba Yurt has lived almost all her life in Turkey, where her family comes from. This year, she gave us one of the hits of Turkish summer: "Güç bende artık" is an ethnic pop with a captivating drive!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Spain | Pablo López - "Hijos del verbo amar"


Time to meet our song of the week! Spanish singer Pablo López is soon releasing his third studio album, and some days ago he presented the first single to emerge from it. "Hijos del verbo amar" is a brilliant ballad, filled with classic instruments. Pablo's voice wraps the package to create one of the most beautiful Spanish singles this year.

Bulgaria | Victoria Georgieva - "Nezavurshen roman"


Victoria Georgieva is a Bulgarian singer who was born in Varna in 1997. She rose to prominence after being one of the sensations of the fourth season of The X Factor in Bulgaria. Victoria has just released a new single entitled "Nezavurshen roman". On it, she presents all of her talent – with a beautiful and sweet display of vocal power and sensibility.

Romania | Feli - "Timpul"


Romanian singer Feli never disappoints us: her most recent single is simply outstanding. "Timpul" is a captivating R&B pop song with an edgy synth arrangement. Her interpretation super sizes the combo, making it a very high-quality track!

Azerbaijan | Maryam Shabanova - "Ya uydu"


Maryam Shabanova (or Məryam Şabanova) is an Azerbaijani singer from Baku. She has just released the very entertaining single "Ya uydu". Maryam gifts us with a very nice vocal performance over a delightful melody, which grows in power during the chorus.

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Ideal'nyy mir"


Russian singer Sergey Lazarev is on fire! He has just unveiled his most recent single, "Ideal'nyy mir", and we are already loving it. It's a very entertaining pop which comes with a very witty video clip!

Friday, November 25, 2016

France | Nogam - "Fatigué"


Hugo Nogam is a brand new talent hailing from Paris, France. His debut single is "Fatigué", an electric and very entertaining pop song with contemporary electronic beats. A warm breeze of summer reaching out to this European autumn!

Greece | Chryssanthemis - "Ola ksena"


Chryssanthemis is a Greek singer and songwriter from Athens. She has just released a stupendous single named "Ola ksena". It's a delightful pop with spices of pop-rock. Its melody is captivating, its chorus is as catchy and effective as one can be, and her voice fits it all perfectly. We love it!

Czech Republic | Pavel Callta - "Tak promiň"


It's high time we remeet Czech singer Pavel Callta. And we're doing it with a very cool single: "Tak promiň" brings some country feeling to a pop melody, forming a very cool combination.

Romania | Lidia Buble feat. Matteo - "Mi-e bine"


Romanian singer Lidia Buble is back with a new single. She has just released "Mi-e bine" along with Matteo, from Bucharest. It's a very involving pop track with great ambience, sexy melody and a quite effective chorus.

Spain | Sweet California feat. CD9 - "Vuelves"


After several singles in English, the girls from Sweet California turned to Spanish for their most recent single. "Vuelves", a pop ballad which features Mexican boyband CD9, brings a very different vibe to their music, a more downtempo, yet still brilliant kind of pop.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Slovenia | Gašper Rifelj - "Cas"


Born in 1990 in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, Gašper Rifelj is one of the brightest young talents in the Balkan country. Meet him in his most recent single: "Cas" is a pop song with a marked presence of guitars, giving it a very distinctive flavor.

Germany | Desmond John - "Untradable"


It's time to meet Desmond John, a young new talent coming from Germany. The 16-year-old singer has just released "Untradable", which was produced by Grammy award winner Kuk Harrell. It's pop at its best, ready to make you addicted at the first listen!

Unfortunately, the song is not yet available on YouTube, but you can listen to it by clicking here.

Finland | Jannika B - "Skumppalaulu"


Finnish pop diva Jannika B is back with us for another lovely single. "Skumppalaulu" marks Jannika's return to cute, bubbly pop singles like only she can release!

Georgia | Mariam Mamadashvili - "Mzeo"


Sounds European! highlights the winner of the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The cute and talented 11-year-old Mariam Mamadashvili gave Georgia its third victory in the history of the contest – making it the country with the highest number of wins. "Mzeo" is one of those songs which grows when sung live. Mariam adds a unique charm to it, and she surely deserves the trophy!

Spain | Amaral - "Nocturnal"


Spanish band Amaral is returning to our site with a powerful rock ballad. "Nocturnal" features the exquisite voice of Eva and an amazing melody, which help conveying a very captivating song.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Russia | Suxie - "Glupaya"


Time to remeet Russian band Suxie! Last month, they released the very catchy "Glupaya": the song is a very unique alternative pop-rock sound, very seldomly found in the Eastern country. You won't be able to stop bobbing your head up and down!

Greece | Kaiti Garbi - "Avrio"


Greek star Kaiti Garbi is back with a new single. And prepare to have your world turned upside down: it's an outstanding one! "Avrio" starts calm and smooth, but grows into a very potent folk pop. Kaiti's voice is, as usual, great, and fills the track perfectly.

United Kingdom | Neil Thomas - "Close to your heart"


Neil Thomas is a British singer hailing from London. He is currently promoting his newest EP, "Home", with the first single to emerge from it. "Close to your heart" is a groovy pop with a lovely chorus and a cool melody.

Russia | Alessiee - "Kislorod"


Russian band Alessiee has just released a new single, and it's surely worth a listen. "Kislorod" is a great song, with mysterious ambience and involving melody. The chorus is addictive and the vocals, especially good, are a highlight of the track.

Ukraine | Vlad Sytnik - "Obnimi menya"


Vlad Sytnik is a Ukrainian singer born in the city of Luhansk in 1990. His most recent single is "Obnimi menya", a song which shows all the power of Vlad's voice along a very interesting mixture of pop and rock into a ballad.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Turkey | Yalın - "Tatlıyla balla"


Yalın is a Turkish singer born in Istanbul in 1980. He has achieved great success with all of his nine albums so far, and is ready to hit the jackpot again with a great new single. "Tatlıyla balla" is a very interesting pop song, filled with Turkish flavors.

Russia | Nuteki - "Leti so mnoy"


Sounds European! remeets Russian band Nuteki, which have just released a great new single. "Leti so mnoy" presents a very interesting mix of rock and electronic, with powerful vocals and a catchy chorus. We love it!

United Kingdom | Sundara Karma - "She said"


Sundara Karma is a band formed in Reading in 2011. They are releasing their first studio album, "Youth is only ever fun in retrospect", in the very beginning of 2017, but they have already graced us with the first single to come out of it: "She said" brings all the best sounds of the British indie rock scene!

Germany | Glasperlenspiel - "Für immer"


It's time to remeet German duo Glasperlenspiel. They have just released "Für immer", a smooth electropop which offers what they do best: a parfect mix of male and female voices, captivating melody and an electrifying ambience. The electronic chorus is very involving.

Croatia | Marko Tolja - "Sidro"


Croatian singer Marko Tolja returns to Sounds European! with yet another outstanding single. "Sidro" is a beautiful, classic ballad, driven gently by Marko's tender voice.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Charts Day #165 (part 2)


Colombian superstar Shakira teamed up with her fellow countryman Maluma (a bright new talent rising in Latin America) for a contagious single. "Chantaje" is achieving great success not only in the Americas, but also in Europe: the song is #3 in Spain this week, and has also entered the charts of Bulgaria, France and Portugal.

The Charts Day #165 (part 1)


American singer Bruno Mars is once more infecting the charts around Europe with a single of his. This time, it's with "24k magic", which is this week's #8 in the Netherlands, #7 in the United Kingdom, #3 in Belgium and #2 in France!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Russia | Sergey Ashihmin - "Stoyat'"


Sergey Ashihmin is a Russian singer from Moscow. We are extremely impressed with his new single "Stoyat'". It is an outstanding sample of pop music, with an unpredictable (in the best sense possible) and highly potent chorus. It's as addictive as a song can be!

France | Olivia Ruiz - "Mon corps mon amour"


Olivia Ruiz is a French singer who was born in Carcassonne in 1980. She rose to prominence in 2001, when she was a semifinalist on the very popular first season of Star Academy in France. The years have taken Olivia to a different path from most artist coming from the show – which is really clear in her new single "Mon corps mon amour". It's such a classy song! We love it!

Ukraine | Anastasia Prikhodko - "Luna-nostal'hiya"


Ukrainian star Anastasia Prikhodko is back with a new single. And she is exploring a different genre with it. "Luna-nostal'hiya" takes her to a less pop, more rock music than usual. What does not change is the quality: it's great!

Portugal | António Zambujo - "Injuriado"


António Zambujo is a Portuguese singer and musician who was born in Beja in 1975. He has just released his new album "Até pensei que fosse minha", which was fully composed by Chico Buarque, one of the most acclaimed names in Brazilian art. His single "Injuriado" is a great sample of this outstanding mix of Portugal and Brazil. It seems António's beautiful voice was made for this kind of music!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ireland | The Blizzards - "Perfect on paper"


The Blizzards are an Irish band from Mullingar, formed by Niall Breslin (Bressie), Anthony Doran, Declan Murphy, Justin Ryan and Aidan Lynch. They have just released an absolutely irresistible new single, entitled "Perfect on paper". It's a highly addictive song, with breathtaking melody and instrumentals, and one of the best choruses of the year. It's a track to play on repeat: it's our song of the week!

Slovenia | Siddharta - "Do konca"


It's time to listen to the amazing new single released by the most influential band in Slovenia! Siddharta's "Do konca" is a great song. It offers all the power and quality we got used to get from them. It's rock 'n' roll at its best!

Italy | Laura Pausini - "Santa Claus is coming to town"


Italian diva Laura Pausini has just released a new project. "Laura Xmas", as the title suggests, brings her singing some of the biggest classics of Christmas music. One example is her outstanding rendition to "Santa Claus is coming to town". But it's not the only one: she has also released a version of it in Spanish, and another single in French.

Greece | Malu - "Des me"


Greek singer Malu is back to Sounds European!, and we are totally excited with her single "Des me". It's a masterpiece of pop music. The song presents an exciting melody, an extremely addictive and effective chorus and, of course, Malu's great vocal power. It's impeccable!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Spain | Antonio José - "Tengo un corazón"


It's time to fall in love with the new single by Spanish talent Antonio José. "Tengo un corazón" is a beautiful song with marking beats and a very passionate chorus. Antonio's voice is at its prime in the track, filling it with emotion and quality.

Sweden | FO&O - "Who doesn't love love"


Who doesn't love love? That's the question Swedish group FO&O ask with their new single. And who doesn't love their music? It's very good, and this song is not an exception. It's an entertaining pop with a highly catchy chorus!

Updated on March 27th, 2017, with the new stage name of the group and the official video.

Azerbaijan | Muxtar Abseynov - "Bağışla"


Muxtar Abseynov is an Azerbaijani singer and musician from Baku. He has just released "Bağışla". It's an involving ballad with intense but smooth singing, led by a beautiful piano base. Quite a touching song!

Czech Republic | Halina Mlynkova - "Mowisz mi"


Sounds European! remeets Czech singer Halina Mlynkova, who has just released a new single. "Mowisz mi" is a very enjoyable pop-rock. It explores the best and most traditional qualities of the genre, and it's very effective on it.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

United Kingdom | Louisa Johnson - "So good"


Louisa Johnson was born in Essex in 1998, and gained fame after becoming the 12th winner of the British version of The X Factor last year. After her collaboration with Clean Bandit in "Tears", here comes Louisa on her own: "So good" is a very interesting blend of pop and R&B beats, with a marking chorus that will surely captivate you!

Belgium | Delta - "Héréditaire"


Belgian duo Delta are back with us! Their most recent single is entitled "Héréditaire". It's a very charming pop ballad in French. The chorus explodes in a set of very interesting sounds, conveying a quite unique melody.

Spain | David Bisbal - "Duele demasiado"


Spanish singer David Bisbal is on fire with the promotion of his new studio album! He is already giving us the second single to emerge from it: "Duele demasiado" is a deep and intense ballad which adds some synth beats to the rhythm, continuing the shift in sounds made by Bisbal in his previous single.

North Macedonia | Laura - "Boll mo"


Laura Krliu was born in Skopje, North Macedonia, in 1992, but has developed most of her career in neighboring Albania. Her most recent single is "Boll mo", a song that brings together the best sounds of both Albanian and international contemporary pop.

Slovenia | Leonart - "Pojem zate"


Leonart are a four-piece band from Maribor, Slovenia, consisting of Sebastijan Lukovnjak, Andrej Knehtl, Martin Počkar, Tine Brglez and Marko Brvar. Their music is a quite interesting blend of pop and rock, as they present us in "Pojem zate" – a song that gently drives us until a more intense chorus. It is definitely very enjoyable!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

United Kingdom | Emeli Sandé - "Breathing underwater"


British singer Emeli Sandé is making it to all the music headlines with her glorious comeback album "Long live the angels". Here comes the second single to emerge from it: "Breathing underwater" is a deep ballad with a beautiful message of hope in the lyrics.

Belgium | Billie - "Talking loud"


Belgian diva of alternative pop, Billie has released a single last April and (shame on us!) we only now heard of it: "Talking loud" is another captivating sample of pop with deep electronic ballads, showing us how amazing and unique Billie's music is!

Germany | Aynur Aydın - "Damla damla"


Aynur Aydın is one of the most prominent singers in Turkey, despite being born in Munich, Germany. Her most recent single shows the reason of her success: in "Damla damla", she combines the exquisit sounds of Turkish folk and the intensity of electronic beats that is reigning pop this decade.

Malta | Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo - "I'll be fine"


Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo is a very young talent hailing from Malta. At only 15 years old, she has already taken part of several festivals and talent shows, and her latest single proves that she has everything it takes to be Malta's next pop star. "I'll be fine" is a tender and delicate pop song.

Portugal | Cristina Branco - "Boatos"


Born in Almeirim in 1972, Cristina Branco is a popular Portuguese singer who achieved great success thanks to her unique blend of the traditional fado music. You can see a sample of her sounds in her most recent single: "Boatos" has the nostalgic mood of the genre mixed with a happy melody.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sweden | Sabina Ddumba - "Time"


Hardly had we heard "Kingdom come" that Sabina Ddumba releases another single to blow our minds off with! "Time" is a captivating mixture of sounds, mixing pop, electronic and indie beats with majesty.

Belgium | De Geest - "Van Iemand houden"


Belgian singer De Geest has released another really cool single last month. "Van lemand houden" is a country-inspired, guitar-driven soft pop song, a perfect track for a relaxing moment!

United Kingdom | Tigress - "Power lines"


Katy Jackson, Sean Bishop, Tom Harrison, Josh Coombes and Jack Divey are Tigress, a rock five-piece hailing from Chelmsford, Essex. Their most recent single is bound to give you energy for the rest of the day: "Power lines" has captivating verses and explosive choruses!

Spain | Amaia Montero feat. Lucas Vidal - "100 metros"


Spanish singer Amaia Montero is finally back with us! Her most recent single features newcommer Lucas Vidal, a composer born in Madrid but currently settled in Los Angeles. "100 metros", the song that brought the two artists together, is a very deep and typical Spanish ballad.

Lithuania | Donatas Blanka - "Nieko nesakyk"


Lithuanian singer Donatas Blanka is back with us for his latest release. "Nieko nesakyk" is a very interesting electronic pop which gives us a mix of futuristic and retro sounds. A really captivating track!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Ireland | Ping - "Something worth saving"


Ping is the stage name of Ingrid Madsen, an Irish singer who took part on the first season of the Irish version of The Voice and toured with the Dublin Philarmonic Orchestra around the United States. She is currently launching her solo career with her debut single, "Something worth saving", a very beautiful and tender ballad.

Sweden | Johnossi - "Air is free"


Johnossi are a rock duo from Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, formed by John Engelbert and Oskar Bonde. After achieving great success with their previous four albums (the last two of them making it to the top five in the album charts), they are back and ready to start promoting their upcoming EP. The first single to come out of it is "Air is free", a song which mingles rock, indie, pop and alternative sounds in a very unique melody. Oh, and the chorus – you'll be singing it all day long!

Italy | Marco Mengoni - "Sai che"


Italian singer Marco Mengoni keeps dazzling us with his music. His most recent single is the beautiful "Sai che", a soft and tender ballad which grows to a very captivating chorus.

United Kingdom | As Lions - "Aftermath"


As Lions is a band formed in London by Austin Dickinson, Conor O'Keefe, Will Homer, Stefan Whiting and Dave Fee. They are currently promoting their debut EP with their first single: "Aftermath" is an enticing rock song with a very intense chorus.

Spain | Sweet California - "Good life"


Summer may be over in Europe, but the girls from Sweet California are bringing the most epic vibes of that season in their newest single! "Good life" is a cheerful and entertaining pop song that will surely put you up to dance and heat up your body!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Azerbaijan | Emin feat. Ani Lorak - "Ya ne mogu skazat'"


What can one expect when two of the biggest stars of their countries get together to release a song? Well, whatever your answer to this question is, be sure: Emin and Ani Lorak transcended it. "Ya ne mogu skazat'" is a masterpiece of pop music. Their voices mixed perfectly and the song helps a lot, since it fits both of their styles very well.

Romania | Adda - "Oglinda, oglinjoara"


Sounds European! remeets Romanian star Adda, whose new single is ready to take your breath away. "Oglinda, oglinjoara" is a groovy and well-paced pop which explores her vocal qualities very well. Its chorus is captivating and highly involving. We love it!

Russia | Alexey Vorobyov - "Samaya krasivaya"


Full entertainment in all aspects: that was Alexey Vorobyov's objective with "Samaya krasivaya". And he has totally achieved the goal! The song is one of his best ones in very long, and its video clip is as fun as one can be, being the perfect complement for the track.

Spain | Ruth Lorenzo - "Voces"


Spanish star Ruth Lorenzo has just released a new single. And we couldn't be happier: "Voces" is the perfect gift for all of us who were missing her. It's a great pop track, with a very beautiful melody and Ruth's always flawless vocal performance.

Portugal | ÁTOA - "Faz mais, vive mais"


ÁTOA are becoming one of the most solid names of the Portuguese pop scene. Their new single "Faz mais, vive mais" is another confirmation of that: it's a great song, with a very contagious melody and a quite effective chorus.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Slovakia | Katarína Knechtová - "FEA"


Sounds European!'s song of the week comes from Slovakia. "FEA", by the very talented Katarína Knechtová, is a masterpiece of pop music. It explores her voice to its best, specially during the chorus, which is an epitome of intensity. It's an outstanding single!

United Kingdom | Florence + The Machine - "Stand by me"


British band Florence + The Machine's new work is featured in the popular video game Final Fantasy XV. And among the music made for the game, we highlight the beautiful version for "Stand by me", which displays all of Florence Welch's capacity to express the deepest feelings through her unique voice.

Iceland | Birgir - "Falling"


Are you ready to listen to one of the best songs coming from Iceland in 2016? "Falling", by Birgir Steinn (from Kópavogur), is a stupendous pop-rock, with excellent melody, perfect vocals and an extremely catchy chorus. It's impossible to listen to it and not find yourself singing along. We love it!

Updated on February 22nd, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

North Macedonia | Bobi Mojsovski feat. Daniel Joveski - "Igri bez granici"


Bobi Mojsovski is a Macedonian singer who was born in the breathtaking city of Ohrid in 1992. He was the runner-up of the second season of The X Factor Adria. Mojsovski has gathered with Macedonian songwriter, composer and music producer Daniel Joveski to release "Igri bez granici". It's a beautiful tribute to late star Toše Proeski. It's surely a must-listen!

Italy | Modà - "Francesco"


Italian band Modà slow down with their new single. And we are totally into their pace! "Francesco" has a calmer melody than what's usual for them, but keeping the quality very high: it's such a lovely and captivating song!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Belgium | Stan Van Samang - "Candy"


It's time to remeet Belgian star Stan Van Samang, who has just released a new single. "Candy" is an outstanding song, which carries a classic soul in it, making us remind of some of coolest songs by The Beatles. It's refreshing and highly entertaining. We surely recommend it!

Greece | STAN - "Kai zilevo pou s ehei"


We now travel to Greece, where STAN's single "Kai zilevo pou s ehei" is going very well in radios and charts. No wonder it's so successful: it's a very good song! Its melody is as catchy as one can be, and the chorus is a party on its own.

Lithuania | Rondo - "Nemeluos ji"


Rondo are a very traditional Lithuanian band, formed in 1976 in Šiluva and composed of Aleksandras Ivanauskas, Remigijus Venslova, Robertas Mankus and Sergejus Persijanovas. They have just released "Nemeluos ji", a great pop-rock with a cool melody and effective vocals. It's surely worth a listen!

Malta | Joe Roscoe - "Passenger seat"


Get ready to listen to a very entertaining song! Maltese singer Joe Roscoe has just released a new single, entitled "Passenger seat", and it's a delightful one. The melody is light, captivating and catchy, and Roscoe's smooth voice fills it all perfectly. It's quite a charming track!

Croatia | Antonela Doko - "Ta ljubav"


Sounds European! remeets Croatian singer Antonela Doko, who is working on a new single. "Ta ljubav" is a very fun song, with unique melody and instrumentals and an effective chorus. High-quality entertainment from first to last second!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Russia | Roza Mazhonts - "Ne beda"


Russian star Roza Mazhonts is back with another great single. "Ne beda" offers pop music in a way we are not used to get from Russia and region: it sounds less local and more international than the country's average. And what a delightful song it is! The chorus is specially contagious.

Slovakia | Laura Belicová - "Srdce"


Let's meet Slovak singer Laura Belicová, who has a great single to offer us. "Srdce" is a stupendous pop song, with a captivating and catchy melody, which shines throughout the entire track. The chorus is as fun as one can be. We love it!

Spain | Sôber - "Vulcano"


Sôber are a Spanish band from Madrid, formed by Antonio Bernardini, Carlos Escobedo, Jorge Escobedo and Manu Reyes. They have more than 20 years of career, and their music is still at the peak! Their brand-new single "Vulcano" is a great example of it: it's powerful, intense and extremely good. It's rock 'n' roll at its purest and strongest form. Fully addictive!

Turkey | Mustafa Ceceli - "Sarı saçlarından sen suçlusun"


It's time to listen to a song which is surely gonna become a huge hit in Turkey in no time. Mustafa Ceceli has just released "Sarı saçlarından sen suçlusun". It's a very good single: the melody is full of personality, unique, and Ceceli adds a great vocal performance to it, making a perfect mix.

Ukraine | Anna Dobrydneva - "Ty svet"


Sounds European! remeets Ukrainian singer Anna Dobrydneva, who has just released a new single. "Ty svet" is a beautiful song. Its melody is well-paced, involving and emotional. Anna's voice is quite smooth, and fits the song perfectly.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Romania | Alex Velea - "Dulce impacare"


Whenever Romanian star Alex Velea releases a new single, one thing is sure: it's gonna be great. And he never disappoints us! "Dulce impacare" is another shower of groove, but this time in a more pop melody than what we are used to get from him. The result is very enjoyable!

Sweden | Anton - "Devil"


We were surely missing the music of Anton. Now, the longing is over: the Swedish singer has just released a new single. And we couldn't be happier, since "Devil" is everything one could expect from him! It has a very involving and exciting melody, and the chorus is as catchy as it gets. We love it!

Updated on June 6th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

North Macedonia | Sanja Lefkova - "Vrati se"


Let's meet Macedonian singer Sanja Lefkova, who is back in business with a lovely new single. "Vrati se" is a great pop track, with a light and fun melody and a very captivating chorus. Sanja's voice is beautiful, and fits the song quite well!

Latvia | Dons - "Tepat"


It's time to remeet one of the most talented artists of the Latvian music scene. Dons has just released "Tepat". It's a piano-based song which allows Dons's voice to present all its qualities very clearly. The strong chorus helps adding a interesting variation to it. It's impossible to listen to this single and not get fully involved!

France | Véronique Sanson - "Et je l'appelle encore"


Véronique Sanson is one of the biggest names of French chanson of all time. She has just released an outstanding new single, entitled "Et je l'appelle encore". Its beautiful melody is deep, involving and moving – a perfect set for Véronique's special voice to shine. And does it shine!

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Poland | Natalia Szroeder - "Powietrze"


Sounds European! remeets Polish star Natalia Szroeder, who has just released a new single. And, every release of hers, we get more and more sure: she never disappoints! "Powietrze" is pop at its best. It's an exciting song, with involving melody and great chorus.

Greece | Dionisis Sxoinas - "4 epoches"


Greek pop star Dionisis Sxoinas has a new single, and we are very excited about it! "4 epoches" is great. Sxoinas's vocal performance is excellent, and the melody is surely a highlight of the song: touching and soft until the chorus, when it explodes with passion and power.

Montenegro | Sergej Ćetković - "Reci da"


The unmistakable voice of Sergej Ćetković is back with a new single. The Montenegrin singer has released "Reci da", and it's everything one can expect of him: emotional melody, beautiful voice and a passionate and involving ambience. We love it!

United Kingdom | Michael Baker - "The steady & the stuck"


Michael Baker is a British singer and songwriter who was born in Brighton and is currently based in London. He has just released his debut album "Dust & bone". From it, we recommend his single "The steady & the stuck". It's a heartfelt track which displays his lovely voice and beautiful instrumental work. It's awesome!

Estonia | Getter Jaani feat. Grete Paia and Uku Suviste - "Teemant"


Delightful song coming from Estonia! Getter Jaani and Grete Paia gathered with Uku Suviste, singer, songwriter and producer who was born in Võru in 1982, to release "Teemant". Its groovy melody is irresistible, and the chorus is as fun as one can be.

Monday, November 07, 2016

The Charts Day #164 (part 2)


After checking the charts in Spain, we now go to another Latin country which is also having a local song as #1. "Potremmo ritornare", by Tiziano Ferro, is leading the charts in Italy.

The Charts Day #164 (part 1)


Something very unusual is happening in Spain: this week, there is no song in English on the top five places of the country's charts. They are all in Spanish. And among Alejandro Sanz and Marc Anthony, Carlos Vives and Shakira, Ricky Martin and Maluma and Ruth Lorenzo, it's David Bisbal who is leading it all. His "Antes que no" is Spain's #1 this week!

Sunday, November 06, 2016

You've Seen Here: 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 3)


It's time to close this year's review of the 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards nominees who were highlighted on Sounds European! throughout the year. It's a great pleasure to look back and see we are presenting you the best names of the continent year after year.

Continuing the European regional nominations from Norway, you've seen with us:

Best Portuguese act: Aurea, D.A.M.A (second post), David Carreira and HMB (second post).
Best Romanian act: Andra (second post) and Feli.
Best Russian act: Elka.
Best Spanish act: Alvaro Soler (second post, third post and fourth post), Amaral and Leiva.
Best Swedish act: FO&O, Galantis and Zara Larsson (second post, third post and fourth post, with the UEFA Euro 2016 official song, shown below).
Best Swiss act: Damian Lynn.
Best United Kingdom act: Adele, Coldplay, ZAYN (second post) and Years & Years (second post).

You've Seen Here: 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 2)


Sounds European! now continues remembering all names that will be competing for awards on the 2016 MTV EMA, which will take place tonight in Rotterdam, and you have seen here on our site during the year. It's always great to listen to them!

We now start reviewing the regional nominations, focusing (as this site does) on the European categories. The first half of the list of regions will be on this text. The second one will come on a second post, later today.

It's time to remeet:

Best Adria act: Elemental and S.A.R.S..
Best Danish act: Christopher (second post), Lukas Graham (second post, with their worldwide hit single "7 years", shown below) and (second post).
Best Dutch act: Douwe Bob (second post).
Best Finnish act: Antti Tuisku, Evelina and Teflon Brothers.
Best French act: Amir (second post) and Maître Gims.
Best German act: Max Giesinger and Mark Forster (second post).

You've Seen Here: 2016 MTV Europe Music Awards (part 1)


This evening, Rotterdam is receiving the 2016 edition of MTV Europe Music Awards. And, as it is becoming a tradition of ours before this event, we take the opportunity to highlight: if you are a frequent reader of Sounds European!, you know most of the artists and songs that will be running for the trophies.

As in 2013 and 2014, we decided to take a day to remember all the nominated artists who have been posted here during the year. There will be three posts for it: this first one, for the main categories; the two following ones, about the European regional nominations.

So, if you read SE! during 2016, you've seen:

Adele: best song, best female and best live act.
Ariana Grande: best pop and biggest fans.
Bebe Rexha: best new act, best Push Act and best look.
Calvin Harris (second post): best male and best electronic.
Charlie Puth: best Push Act.
Coldplay: best video (with "Up&up", shown below), best rock and best live act.
David Guetta (second post): best electronic.
DNCE: best new act and best Push Act.
Drake (second post): best song (feat. Rihanna), best male and best hip-hop.
Dua Lipa (second post and third post): best Push Act.
Ellie Goulding: best World Stage Performance.
Fifth Harmony: best pop.
Halsey: best Push Act.
Jess Glynne: best World Stage Performance.
Jonas Blue: best Push Act.
Justin Bieber (second post): best song, best male, best pop and biggest fans.
Lukas Graham (second post): best song, best new act and best Push Act.
Major Lazer : best electronic.
Martin Garrix: best electronic and best World Stage Performance.
Rihanna : best song (feat. Drake), best female, best pop and best look.
Selena Gomez: best pop.
Shawn Mendes: best male, best pop and biggest fans.
Sia (second post): best female and best look.
The Chainsmokers: best new act.
The Weeknd: best video (feat. Daft Punk) and best male.
Tinie Tempah: best World Stage Performance.
twenty one pilots (second post): best alternative and best live act.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Cyprus | Giorgos Papadopoulos - "Oloi mou lene"


Every time Cypriot singer Giorgos Papadopoulos releases a new single, we know there's something great coming. And this time it was no exception! "Oloi mou lene" is a beautiful ballad filled with Greek traditional sounds and a powerful rock instrumentation in the chorus. No wonder it became our song of the week!

Italy | Tiziano Ferro - "Potremmo ritornare"


Italian singer Tiziano Ferro has released a very interesting new single! "Potremmo ritornare" is a classic Italian ballad completed with the signature voice of Tiziano. How not to resist to its charm?

Updated on November 27th, 2016, with the official video.

Spain | La Oreja de Van Gogh - "Diciembre"


Spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh are enjoying a triumphal return to the international music scene with their highly anticipated album "El planeta imaginario". Last week, they showed us another track which will be included in the release: "Diciembre" is a calm, tender pop-rock song perfect to enjoy a moment under the sun.

Updated on March 15th, 2017, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Little Mix - "Shout out to my ex"


British girlband Little Mix bring us a very interesting pop song: "Shout out to my ex" is the kind of simple, catchy and very cool pop that is seldom seen in the United Kingdom. It's impossible not to get caught in the energy the song proposes!