Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Moldova | Carla's Dreams - "Unde"


Carla's Dreams are making history as one of the most successful acts to emerge from Moldova. Their singles have had constant and huge success both in their country and in neighboring Romania. And we could not escape from their tunes with their latest single: "Unde" keeps the atmosphere of mystery and the blend of rap, hip hop and R&B present in their music.

Germany | Rob Thomas - "Pieces"


German-born singer Rob Thomas returns to Sounds European! with a beautiful ballad. "Pieces" is a piano-driven song with emotional lyrics and a beautiful build-up to a sweet chorus.

Turkey | Lal - "Sen ben"


Turkish band Lal won't stop making amazing songs. Their most recent one is "Sen ben", a single with a hardcore instrumentation and a video that will have you on tenterhooks until the very end.

United Kingdom | Kaiser Chiefs - "Hole in my soul"


British rock band Kaiser Chiefs are back on track with a new single! Their much anticipated new album, "Stay together", will be out soon, and we already know one of the singles from it: "Hole in my soul" brings some cool summer groove to their usual rock power.

Finland | Lauri Tähkä - "Morsian"


Sounds European! finally remeets Finnish star Lauri Tähkä, who had a single listed by us as one of the best songs of 2013. He has just released "Morsian", which is an excellent pop-rock. It explores Lauri's powerful voice amid an even more powerful melody. It's quite catchy!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ukraine | Elka - "Navsegda"


To the uniqueness of her music, Elka has recently added a very personal touch to her videoclips, becoming one of the most interesting artists to emerge from Ukraine. Her latest single follows the trend: "Navsegda" is a soft pop song with a very cute and captivating chorus.

Ireland | Lisa Hannigan - "Ora"


Irish singer Lisa Hannigan couldn't have a more fruitful return to music. After returning last month with "Fall", she couldn't keep another amazing single from us! "Ora" retains Lisa's sweetness in a very tender (and super Irish-sounding, we must say) ballad.

Denmark | Kongsted feat. Cisilia - "Wild child"


Andreas Kongsted is an award winning and platinum selling Danish DJ who was born in Copenhagen. He has gathered with Danish star Cisilia to release "Wild child". It's a very upwards electronic pop with very catchy melody and an outstanding vocal performance. It's a true invitation to dance!

Serbia | Marija Šerifović - "Čuvam se"


Serbian singer Marija Šerifović returned this year to the music scene, and she is showing us with every new single that she didn't lose any of her magic. Listen to her latest song: "Čuvam se" is a perfect middle point between pop and Balkan traditional sounds.

Germany | Silbermond - "Das leichteste der welt"


German band Silbermond are enjoying quite a good phase with their newest singles, all of them achieving success within their country and also in neighbouring Austria and Switzerland. Their most recent release aims to keep the achievements: "Das leichteste der welt" is a beautiful ballad, tender and sweet as only Germans can do!

Monday, August 29, 2016

The Charts Day #155 (part 2)


British band Coldplay are no strangers to success. One of the singles they released this year, "Hymn for the weekend", is currently coming back and strong to some charts around the globe. This week's highlight is in Sweden, where the song is #4.

The Charts Day #155 (part 1)


British singer Calum Scott is enjoying much success with his rendition of "Dancing on my own". The song is this week's #6 in Ireland and #4 in the United Kingdom!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Denmark | Rasmus Walter - "Løber"


Danish singer Rasmus Walter is back to our site! "Løber" is his latest single, a song in which Rasmus plays with synth beats to convey a very contemporary pop track.

Bulgaria | Damyan Popov - "Ne vdigay"


It's time to remeet Bulgarian singer Damyan Popov, with his new single. "Ne vdigay" is an electronic pop song with extremely addictive melody, specially in the chorus. It's impossible to listen to it without finding yourself dancing along with it.

Serbia | White City Bend - "Ne je da"


Meet Serbian group White City Bend, formed by Nikola Bobar, Dalibor Bobar, Ivan Krnić and Željko Despić. Their single "Ne je da" presents a very cool mix of rock and Balkan folk. Its melody is very effective and the chorus is surely a highlight.

Russia | Serebro - "Slomana"


Russian girlband Serebro are back to our site with yet another fantastic track. This time, they toned down their usual pop explosions to dazzle us with a ballad: "Slomana" explores synth sounds and the girls ability to give an emotional vocal performance.

Germany | Felix Jaehn feat. ALMA - "Bonfire"


German DJ and producer Felix Jaehn is rapidly becoming one of the most popular artists in his genre. For his latest release, he teamed up with growing Finnish singer ALMA. Together, they produced "Bonfire", an eclectic and very entertaining song.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Czech Republic | Lenny - "Hell.o"


Czech singer Lenny returns to our site to show us she's stepping very strong in her country. Her new single is simply outstanding: "Hell.o" shows a beautifully raspy voice which combines perfectly with the country-infused pop of the song. We are in love with the track, and naturally it became our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Mollie King - "Back to you"


Born in 1987 in London, Mollie King has been one of the five girls in The Saturdays. Now sailing solo, she presented her single "Back to you" earlier this month. The song is a contemporary pop song, adding electronic beats to make the chorus really explosive!

Sweden | Peter Bjorn & John - "Dominos"


Peter Bjorn & John are back to Sounds European! with their amazing indie sounds. The popular Swedish group is releasing "Dominos", a very fun and entertaining song!

Lithuania | Inga Valinskienė - "Nuodėmingi angelai"


Inga Valinskienė is a singer, actress, television presenter and politician who was born in Kybartai in 1966. We are in love with her song "Nuodėmingi angelai". It has a very unique mix of traditional folk instruments and pop, in a "retro meets modern" spirit which is quite entertaining.

Belgium | Ian Thomas - "Heartbroken"


Belgian star Ian Thomas is building a solid career with great pop songs. "Heartbroken" is another great example of that. It's a very modern song with captivating melody and a very catchy chorus. Ian's vocal performance is flawless.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Germany | Alle Farben feat. Younotus - "Please tell Rosie"


German producer Alle Farben and (also German) DJ duo Younotus are back to our site with a lovely new song. We're talking about "Please tell Rosie", a charming song led by a very interesting voice and a very peculiar groove.

France | Petite Meller - "The flute"


Petite Meller is becoming one of the most unique acts within the French music scene. Her most recent single is "The flute", an indie pop with a marking chorus and a very tender... well, flute solo!

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Seka Aleksić - "Crnooka"


Seka Aleksić is a singer who was born in Zvornik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1981. Her Balkan folk pop is clear on her new single "Crnooka". It's a great song, with a melody which has everything to get everyone addicted. The chorus is specially catchy, and it's a big invitation to dance. We love it!

Sweden | Ivy Nord - "In the dark"


Ivy Nord are a duo of twin sisters hailing from Sweden. Meet their most recent track: "In the dark" is an intense mixture of pop, alternative and synth sounds, bound to get you at first listen!

Albania | Enca - "Dreq"


Sounds European! remeets Albanian star Enca, who is once again enjoying a lot of success with her single "Dreq". And we can surely understand why: it's such an involving song! Its groovy is very inviting, and the chorus is as catchy as one can be!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Russia | Anna Semenovich - "Ne prosto lyubov'"


Anna Semenovich is a Russian singer, actress, model and former competitive ice dancer who was born in Moscow in 1980. She has just released a new single, entitled "Ne prosto lyubov'". It's a very classy pop with an effective chorus which will make you addicted. Quite a cool song!

Netherlands | Jan Smit feat. Kim-Lian - "Jij bent daar"


Sounds European! remeets Dutch showman Jan Smit, who has gathered with another great entertainer from the Netherlands, Kim-Lian, to release "Jij bent daar". It's a touching ballad with beautiful melody and a perfect match between Jan's and Kim's voices. So lovely!

Poland | Reni Jusis - "Zombi swiat"


Reni Jusis is a Polish singer, songwriter and producer born in Konin in 1974. Her most recent single shows a blend of styles she has worked with throughout her career: "Zombie swiat" brings pop, electronic beats and some synth sounds for an explosion of rhythm!

United Kingdom | KLOE - "Liability"


KLOE is a Glaswegian singer. Bright and very young talent, she captured us with her most recent single. "Liability" is all you are looking for in a current pop hit: exotic and involving verses and an atmospheric chorus.

France | BeMy - "Oxygen"


French band BeMy are back to Sounds European! for yet another amazing track. "Oxygen" is a powerful indie rock song with a powerful and anthemic chorus that will surely stick to your mind!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spain | India Martinez - "Todo no es casualidad"


Born in Córdoba, Spain, in 1985, India Martinez is one of the most prominent talents of Spanish traditional sounds. She recently released a new single who remains true to her roots: "Todo no es casualidad" is a beautiful ballad, which fully displays India's characteristic voice.

Updated on October 1st, 2016, with the official video.

Sweden | Nova Miller - "So good"


Swedish teen talent Nova Miller has just released a new single. And get ready: it's made to blow your mind. "So good" is, sorry for the punning (or is it redundance?), so good! It's pop at its most perfect form. The melody is extremely catchy, the chorus is very entertaining and captivating, and Nova's voice is just outstanding. Everything is top quality in this song!

Iceland | Greta Salóme - "Row"


After her second Eurovision experience, Icelandic singer Greta Salóme is finally back! Her new single is "Row", an atmospheric song which brings electronic and synth beats into pop with perfect taste!

Hungary | Csézy - "Ébredés"


Csézi Erzsébet is the real name of Czésy, a Hungarian singer born in Mezőkövesd in 1979. If you follow Eurovision, you remember her from representing her country on the 2008 contest in Belgrade. Her career never stopped, and earlier this year she released the lovely "Ébredés", a heartfelt ballad.

Serbia | Nataša Bekvalac - "Zeton"


Sounds European! once again remeets Serbian pop star Nataša Bekvalac, who has just released a new single. "Zeton" is a very powerful and passionate pop track with great spices of pop-rock. Nataša's unique voice fills the song of quality and personality.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

France | Alma - "La chute est lente"


Alma is the artistic name of Alexandra Maquet, a French singer born in Lyon and who has lived in cities all around the world, from Italy to Brazil. She gathered all those experiences and made them meet in her music, and let us tell you in advance: the result is magnific. Her most recent single is entitled "La chute est lente" is a downtempo pop driven by a gentle piano.

Greece | Lena Papadopoulou - "Logia logia"


Lena Papadopoulou is a Greek singer who was born in Thessaloniki. She has just released a single entitled "Logia logia", which offers Greek pop at its best shape. The mix of local instruments and pop melody works very well for this one!

Germany | Juno im Park feat. Hannah Trigwell - "Never gonna give you up"


Juno im Park are a growing name within the German pop music scene. For their latest single, they teamed up with British rising star Hannah Trigwell. The song is a very cool rendition for Rick Astley's megahit "Never gonna give you up". The powerful 80s beats were tuned down to a very enjoyable house composition!

Estonia | Beyond Beyond - "So alive"


Beyond Beyond are a Estonian group from Tallinn, formed by Frank Pintsaar, Frederik Küüts, Karl Killing and Gevin Niglas. Their single "So alive" is very entertaining. Its light and fresh melody are the perfect lead for a song which can work very better for the summer. We love it!

Poland | Lanberry - "Bunt"


Polish singer Lanberry keeps giving steps towards a very solid career. Her most recent single is far from all what we've listened from her so far: "Bunt" is sweet and delicate, still retaining a very captivating chorus.

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Charts Day #154 (part 2)


American band twenty one pilots continue their string of success with a new single. "Heathens" is starting to climb the charts in Europe, being this week's #7 in Norway and #4 in Ireland.

The Charts Day #154 (part 1)


DJ Snake and Justin Bieber have once again gathered for a bombastic new worldwide hit. "Let me love you" is this week's #8 in Austria and France, #7 in Portugal, #5 in Denmark and Switzerland, #4 in Germany and #2 in Ireland, Norway and the United Kingdom!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

United Kingdom | Tom Chaplin - "Hardened heart"


British band Keane entered on a hiatus some years ago, and that made room for Tom Chaplin, the group's leader and vocalist, to launch his solo career. His first single alone is "Hardened heart", a song that captures the very essence of British alternative ballads. Really good way of kicking off, Tom!

Serbia | Magdolna Rúzsa - "Érj hozzám"


Serbian-born singer Magdolna Rúzsa is in a very good phase. Having released several cool singles in the last years, she excels once again in "Érj hozzám", a very cool, contemporary and tender pop song.

Romania | Holograf - "Mafia"


Sounds European! finally remeets Romanian band Holograf. Their single "Mafia" makes the wait worth, though. It's so catchy! The instrumentals are great, and build a very involving melody. The chorus is specially good!

Poland | Ewelina Lisowska - "Prosta sprawa"


The versatility of some artists is simply incredible. And that's the case with Polish singer Ewelina Lisowska, who changed her style a bit for her latest single. "Prosta sprawa" is a fantastic summer track, with a very groovy vibe.

Iceland | Axel Flóvent - "Your ghost"


Axel Flóvent hails from Húsavík, a village in Northern Iceland. His music keeps the sounds we love from the country: indie, folk and a bit of pop mignle in "Your ghost", a song you will surely enjoy from start to end!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Georgia | Nodar Reviya - "Mysli"


Time to remeet one of our favorite Georgian musicians. Nodar Reviya returned last month with "Mysli", a song which brings a different taste to his music: upbeat pop with a very catchy chorus, a combination that is bound to make us addicted. No wonder it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Snakehips feat. ZAYN - "Cruel"


British singer and former One Direction member ZAYN is giving gigantic steps towards consolidating his solo music career. British electronic producers Snakehips have called on him for their latest single, "Cruel". The song is a very interesting blend of the best of the two artists.

France | Slimane - "Le vide"


Slimane Nebchi was born in Chelles, France, in 1989, and came to the public eye this year after winning the fifth edition of the French version of The Voice. Meet him in his second single: "Le vide" brings his Algerian origins in a very soft Arabic sound which complements a heartfelt ballad.

Hungary | Hien - "Purple sunset"


After some time, Sounds European! finally remeets Hungarian singer Hien. And what a difference: this time has made her take a completely different direction with her music! "Purple sunset" is much more experimental, and we are very pleased with its result. Quite cool!

Spain | Malú - "Caos"


Spanish singer Malú keeps on dazzling us with her many variations of music. Her most recent single is "Caos", an explosion of pop-rock sounds combined with slight touches of synth beats.

Friday, August 19, 2016

United Kingdom | Imani Williams feat. Sigala and Blonde - "Don't need no money"


Imani Williams is a growing new talent from West London. Her first single already features two great names of the current electronic scene: Sigala (stage name of Bruce Fielder, from Norwich) and Blonde (deep house production duo from Bristol). The song is "Don't need no money", and you won't be able to hold your body from dancing along!

Netherlands | Douwe Bob - "How lucky we are"


Douwe Bob has conquered all Eurovision fans this year, placing 12th with the lovely "Slow down". His music career continues with "How lucky we are", another country-inspired pop song. Don't miss the cheeky and very witty video clip for the single!

Italy | Francesco Renga - "Il bene"


Sounds European! remeets Italian star Francesco Renga, who has just released a new single. "Il bene" has a well-paced melody which explodes in a very marking chorus, making it a very memorable song. Francesco's voice is the cherry on top of it all. Such a great track!

Denmark | Micky Skeel - "Kys ham nu"


Micky Skeel is a Danish singer, songwriter and actor born in Køge in 1988. He is now achieving success in his country with "Kys ham nu", a very contemporary pop ballad.

Poland | Grzegorz Hyzy - "Pod wiatr"


Polish singer Grzegorz Hyzy finally returns to Sounds European! with a fantastic single. "Pod wiatr" is a pop-rock song which explodes in the chorus with a very cool instrumental.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

United Kingdom | NAO - "Fool to love"


NAO is a British singer hailing from London. Meet her in "Fool to love": the song mixes delicate modern sounds, a very impressive vocal performance and a catchy (yet relaxing) chorus, conveying one of the most enjoyable songs of the year so far.

Ukraine | Aida Nikolaychuk - "Ne trimay"


Ukrainian singer Aida Nikolaychuk returns to Sounds European! with a very different sound. For her latest single, she ditched the pop explosion of "Korotkiye gudki" to the softer and more calm sounds of "Ne trimay", a very interesting ballad.

Spain | Manuel Carrasco - "Yo quiero vivir"


Spanish singer Manuel Carrasco keeps releasing amazing singles from his latest album, "Bailar el viento". The most recent one is "Yo quiero vivir", a song that brings together pop-rock sounds and a very Spanish percussion.

Sweden | Sophia Somajo - "Sapphire"


Swedish singer Sophia Somajo is back to our site with another captivating tune. "Sapphire" is a pop song with an intense synth base, which creates a haunting atmosphere with the help of Sophia's marvelous voice.

Slovenia | Emma - "Kar tako nekje"


Ema Sladič is a Slovene singer hailing from the city of Koper and who performs under the stage name of Emma. Her most recent single is a beautiful pop-rock ballad: "Kar tako nekje" shows Emma's beautiful voice in full display!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

United Kingdom | Bastille - "Fake it"


British synth sensation Bastille has returned to the spotlights this year with a fantastic new album. Included in "Wild world" is "Fake it", a song which has all the ingredients you expect from a single of theirs: pop, synth, contemporary sounds and a very cool atmosphere!

Updated on August 20th, 2016, with the official video.

Norway | Matilda - "Ghost"


Matilda Gressberg is the full name of Matilda, a Norwegian singer hailing from Eidskog. Listen to her newest single: "Ghost" is haunting and very interesting, presenting a very nice mixture of pop and indie sounds.

Italy | Chiara Grispo - "Come on"


Chiara Grispo is an Italian singer, actress and musician who was born in Noventa Vicentina in 1997. She took part of the Italian The X Factor and Arena Sanremo some years ago, but it was in this year's Amici that she found her place to shine. Her single "Come on" shows all her talent, with a very potent song which is full of personality.

Finland | Softengine - "Free rider"


Finnish band Softengine are consolidating as one of the top acts in the local music scene. Their most recent single shows their consistency in creating hit after hit: "Free rider" is a perfect mix of electronic beats and rock sounds that is present throughout the band's discography.

Belarus | Katya Volkova - "Opozdal"


Belarusian singer Katya Volkova is back with us, this time on her own. Her most recent single is the amazing "Opozdal", a song which represents the best pop from the region!

Updated on October 16th, 2016, with the official video.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

United Kingdom | Alex Maxwell - "Letting you know"


Time to remeet Alex Maxwell, one of the most prominent new talents coming out of the United Kingdom this year. Her most recent single is "Letting you know", a song which shows a more upbeat side of Alex with the tenderness that is a trademark of the singer.

Georgia | Lisa May - "Waters"


Georgian-born singer Lisa May is on fire, releasing great singles one after the other. Her most recent one is "Waters", a haunting and involving indie ballad which will capture you with Lisa's exquisite interpretation.

France | Imany - "Silver lining (Clap your hands)"


Born in Martigues in 1979, Imany is a French singer who rose to worldwide fame thanks to the remix made by Russian DJs and producers Filatov & Karas of her single "Don't be so shy". After such a big success, she's ready to show her deepest sounds to the world: "Silver lining (Clap your hands)", her most recent single, is a beautiful and very catchy guitar-driven song who lets Imany's voice display fully.

Denmark | Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - "Forward in reverse"


Dizzy Mizz Lizzy are an alternative rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark, which was formed in 1988. Their new song "Forward in reverse" is an amazing rock. Great instrumentals, clear and effective chorus and exact vocals.

Russia | Kristina Orbakaitė - "Ty moy"


Born in Moscow in 1971, Kristina Orbakaitė is the daughter of Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva and Lithuanian circus performer Mykolas Orbakas. She grew a name herself within pop music scene with 15 albums released so far. Her most recent single is "Ty moy", is a fantastic sample of why she's been so successful: a delicious chorus completed by very catchy verses do the trick!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The Charts Day #153 (part 2)


Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz has teamed up with American singer Marc Anthony for his most recent single, "Deja que te bese". The collaboration has proved to conquer the ears in Spain: it's the reigning #1 of the country's charts this week!

The Charts Day #153 (part 1)


Finnish singer ALMA is achieving great success with her debut single. "Karma" is conquering the charts in Finland, being #5 this week.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Poland | Natalia Szroeder - "Domek z kart"


Polish singer Natalia Szroeder nails it again. Her most recent single is "Domek z kart", a sweet and soft song which explores a cuter side of Natalia's music and voice.

Hungary | Kati Wolf - "Szabadnak lenni"


Kati Wolf is, without a doubt, one of the top pop singers in Hungary. And her latest single is proof enough of that. "Szabadnak lenni" is an explosion of sounds and beats with a very catchy melody and a fantastic chorus. Way to catch us, Kati!

Romania | Randi - "Spune tu"


Romanian singer Randi is back to our site with a very nice new single. "Spune tu" is his bet for a summer hit: a relaxed melody and a very good display of his vocal abilities being its highlights.

United Kingdom | Michaela May - "Lights out"


British singer Michaela May returns to Sounds European! with some more pop perfection. Her new single is "Lights out", and it is a more fresh and relaxed kind of pop. The retro feeling and the easy-listening lyrics are definitely a plus to the song!

United Kingdom | Jahméne - "Is this the time?"


Jahméne Douglas is a singer hailing from Swindon. He took part of the ninth season of the British version of The X Factor, where he eventually ended in second place. This year, he is preparing the release of his second studio album, and he is already gifting us a first single from it: "Is this the time?" has a huge groove, a very cool pop melody and a nice retro feeling added to it.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Romania | Anushka - "On your level"


Anushka is the stage name of Alina Anusca, a Romanian artist who was born in Iasi. Her single "On your level" is ready to make you addicted. It presents a perfect mix of pop and folk, with very entertaining melody and an extremely catchy chorus. One listen is enough to make it stick to your mind. No wonder it became our song of the week!

Estonia | Getter Jaani - "Kullaväljade tuul"


Estonian pop singer Getter Jaani has released a very interesting new single some weeks ago. "Kullaväljade tuul" is a charming pop song, playing with electronic beats and the very particular sonority of Estonian language.

Finland | Runaway Zoo - "Mess without you"


Runaway Zoo is a five-piece band hailing from Porvoo, Finland. Their most recent single shows what their music sounds like: pop-rock with a hint of synth beats and a very cool retro feeling can be found in "Mess without you", a fantastic song!

Hungary | Freddie - "Na jó, hello"


This year's Hungarian representative on Eurovision, Freddie is now back in his country and working on more music. And thankfully so! His most recent single is "Na jó, hello", a happy guitar-led pop that lets the singer fully display his raspy voice!

Spain | Ana Mena - "Loco como yo"


Spanish singer Ana Mena is rapidly becoming one of the most distinct new talents to emerge from Spain. Her second single of the year is just as fun and entertaining as her previous one: "Loco como yo" is sweet, delicate and oozes class!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Albania | Alban Skenderaj - "Duart lart"


Alban Skenderaj is definitely one of the biggest names ever within the Albanian music scene. Every single of his becomes an instant success. And his latest one is no exception. "Duart lart", a catchy pop, was released in June, and it already is a huge hit!

Slovakia | Kristína Peláková - "Si pre mňa best"


Slovak superstar Kristína Peláková returns to our site with a very cute new single. "Si pre mňa best" is fresh and happy, combining an uplifting melody and a very cool set of backing vocals. Impossible not to keep smiling after listening to it!

Russia | Alexey Vorobyov - "Schastliv segodnya i zdes'"


Russian star Alexey Vorobyov is back with a new single. "Schastliv segodnya i zdes'" is a beautiful ballad with unique instrumentals and a very groovy melody. The chorus is quite captivating, and makes you wanna sing along – even if you don't understand the language. The video clip is also very cool.

Sweden | Miriam Bryant - "Black car"


Finally we can talk about a new single by Miriam Bryant! The Swedish pop sensation has released "Black car" last month. The song brings the catchy feeling of Swedish pop and Miriam's absolutely stunning class. How not to love it?

Updated on March 10th, 2018, with the official video.

Spain | Zahara - "Caída libre"


Zahara is a Spanish singer and songwriter who was born in Úbeda, in the community of Andalusia, in 1983. She has just released a great single, entitled "Caída libre". It's intense melody is highly involving, and builds a unique hypnotic ambience. Zahara's smooth voice fits it all perfectly. It's a very fun song!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

France | HUGEL feat. Jasmine Thompson - "Where we belong"


HUGEL is a French DJ and producer from the beautiful city of Marseille. He has gathered with teen sensation Jasmine Thompson to release "Where we belong". It's a great song, with well-marked and inviting beats. Jasmine sounds like she was born to sing this kind of music.

Portugal | Crimson Hall - "Tonight"


Meet Crimson Hall, a Portuguese band formed by Ricardo Gomes, André Peixoto, David Rodrigues, João Ferrão and João Ferreira. Their genre? Acording to themselves, "good old rock 'n' roll". And oh, yes, it is! Good, and with a touch of classic rock in it: that's exactly what you'll find with their single "Tonight".

Russia | Dima Bilan - "Nedelimyye"


Russian superstar Dima Bilan has a new single. And, with Dima, we can be sure: that can only mean another great song is ahead of us. "Nedelimyye" is a well-built ballad with a very captivating chorus. Dima's smooth voice is the perfect completion for it.

United Kingdom | Anne-Marie - "Alarm"


Hailing from London, Anne-Marie is a singer who is redefining the British pop music scene. With minimalistic and more electronic sounds, her single "Alarm" is becoming a huge success in her country, and is bound to cross the borders!

Norway | The Main Level - "A million more"


Laurent, Sander and Alex are The Main Level, your new favorite Norwegian boyband. They come from Bergen with their happy pop, and they are ready to put a smile on your face. After listening to "A million more", their first single, we're sure you'll be hopping around the house!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Italy | Noemi - "Idealista!"


Italian artists usually gift us with songs full of personality. But none of them goes as deep in it as Noemi: her songs have a clear signature, and they could only be hers. "Idealista!" is another example of that. It's so groovy, classy, catchy and, more than anything else, unique! We love it!

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Nado uspet'"


Whenever Azerbaijani pop star Emin releases a new song, we are sure greatness is on its way. And "Nado uspet'" didn't disappoint us at all. It's a beautiful ballad with classy instrumentals and the usual amazing vocal performance by Emin.

Portugal | Diogo Piçarra - "Dialeto"


Diogo Piçarra is definitely becoming one of the most unique artists in Portugal. He is now working on his new album, and we already know the first single to emerge from it: "Dialeto" is a fresh breeze of contemporary sounds into Portuguese language!

Finland | SAARA - "The urge"


Finnish singer SAARA is back to our site with another amazing single! Her newest release is "The urge", a song which explores a deep yet more upbeat side of pop. The inclusion of synth beats and a playful vocal performance gives the track a very interesting twist.

Cyprus | Polina Xristodoulou - "Gia pes mou"


We were missing some real, dramatic Greek ballad. But, thankfully, here comes Polina Xristodoulou to satisfy our needs! "Gia pes mou", song she released last month, has the classical Greek instruments and the powerful voice we were asking for!

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

United Kingdom | Calum Scott - "Dancing on my own"


Calum Scott is a British singer and songwriter who took part on the 2015 edition of Britain's Got Talent, and who has used the reality show to pump his music career. Some weeks ago, he released a cover of Robyn's hit "Dancing on my own". He soothed the song down to a piano ballad, which really fits into the atmosphere of the song.

Latvia | Justs - "Ko tu dari?"


After his Eurovision experience, Latvian singer Justs returned to his country to keep working on his music career. His newest single became one of the sounds of summer in Latvia: "Ko tu dari?" is a perfect tune to chill along while getting some sun on your skin!

Slovenia | Clemens - "Jst bi te mel"


Clemens is becoming one of the top names among new talents in Slovenia. His most recent single simply proves this fact: "Jst bi te mel" brings sounds that are successful in the international music scene with the addition of Slovene lyrics, a mixture not often seen in the country.

Greece | Demy - "Some hearts are meant to fall"


Demy is quickly establishing herself as one of the most solid pop artists in Greece, and also one of the few ones in her country who easily travels between songs in Greek and in English. "Some hearts are meant to fall" is a great dance pop song which is fully fit for this summer season!

Sweden | STEELE - "Follow"


Born in 1990 in the outskirts of Stockholm, STEELE is ready for the big jump to the Swedish alternative music scene, and she has put a marvelous single for it. The song is "Follow", a haunting and deep song which creates a very interesting atmosphere around it.

Monday, August 08, 2016

The Charts Day #152 (part 2)


American producer and DJ Deorro teamed up with fellow American singer Elvis Crespo for "Bailar". The song is climbing the charts worldwide, and it already reached #4 in the Netherlands!

The Charts Day #152 (part 1)


An international collaboration is storming the charts around Europe. American electronic ensemble Major Lazer gathered with Canadian singer Justin Bieber and Danish sensation MØ to create "Cold water". The song, released barely a month ago, is already #8 in Portugal, #4 in Belgium and Finland, #2 in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Germany and #1 in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Italy | Bianca Atzei - "La strada per la felicità (Laura)"


Bianca Atzei surely has one of the most distinguished voices of Italy. And she really knows how to let it be the highlight of her songs. Her most recent single is "La strada per la felicità (Laura)", a beautiful ballad with an intense orchestration and, naturally, a very special touch thanks to Bianca's voice.

Portugal | Juni - "Don't keep your distance"


Juni is a singer born in Portugal, but who has lived for quite some years in Denmark. There, he is launching his music career with an exquisit summer tune: "Don't keep your distance" is contagious, has a very relaxed and danceable melody and will surely get you singing it for quite some time!

Norway | Sandra Lyng - "Blue"


Norwegian star Sandra Lyng is back with a new single. It's a remake of Italian group Eiffel 65's worldwide hit "Blue". And Sandra manages to add her own nuances to it, giving her own signature to the song.

Russia | Tanja feat. Birgit - "Valge saatan"


When two big stars of Estonian music scene gather together, magic happens. That's the case with the collaboration between Tanja and Birgit, who have released "Valge saatan" some time ago. The song is a fantastic pop track, with an explosive chorus and lots of electronic beats to dance along!

Sweden | Bishat - "Mine"


Bishat is a Swedish singer and songwriter. A growing name within the local pop music scene, she gives that genre a twist, making her music unique. That's the case of "Mine", her most recent single, which brings synth elements to convey a very tender pop ballad. The song is not available on YouTube, but you can listen to it clicking here.

Updated on March 4th, 2018, with the official audio video.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

United Kingdom | Sophie-Ellis Bextor - "Come with us"


Sophie Ellis-Bextor is, undoubtedly, one of the classiest pop singers from the United Kingdom. And she's one of our favorite ones as well, so we were very excited when we heard she had a new single (and album coming soon) to gift us with. The song is "Come with us", a perfect mixture between her alternative, classy sounds and the pop perfection who made her a top name worldwide. No wonder this song instantly became our song of the week!

Russia | Nina Ann - "Sporyu s nebom"


Meet Nina Ann, very talented singer from Russia. Her amazing voice is a big star in her new single "Sporyu s nebom". Its beautiful melody and instrumentals are marking, but soft enough to give space for her voice to be the main feature of the track. Beautiful song!

Turkey | Murat Boz - "Adını Bilen Yazsın"


Murat Boz confirms, with every new single, that he is a top performer of the Turkish music scene. His most recent single, "Adını Bilen Yazsın", was released during July, but it is already a very big hit in the country. The song is very interesting, mixing folkloric sounds and uptempo pop with majesty!

Sweden | Evelina Olsén - "Kärleken är vi"


It's finally time for us to remeet Swedish singer Evelina Olsén. Her new single, "Kärleken är vi", is the official song of this year's Stockholm Pride. And what a song it is! Contagious and captivating melody, wrapping another beautiful vocal display of Evelina. We love it!

Belgium | Puggy - "Soul"


Belgian band Puggy are back to Sounds European! with yet another amazing single. "Soul", released on the end of July, mixes their classic indie rock sound with a hint of alternative beats. The song also has a very catchy chorus, and a very cool summer vibe within its verses.

Friday, August 05, 2016

United Kingdom | Laura Mvula - "Phenomenal woman"


Laura Mvula is a British singer hailing from Birmingham. Her songs mix pop, soul, jazz and indie sounds, creating a very unique mixture. You can fully appreciate that in her most recent single: "Phenomenal woman" is fun and entertaining, and we're sure you won't resist dancing along to it!

France | Amir - "On dirait"


French singer Amir has seen his career rocket after a historic sixth place at Eurovision this year with "J'ai cherché". Now, he is gracing us with a new single! "On dirait" keeps the epic "aah"s of his previous single but adds some electronic sounds to convey a very nice pop song.

Updated on September 17th, 2016, with the official video.

Estonia | Kerli - "Diamond hard"


Estonian pop star Kerli is back with a new single! Her latest release is "Diamond hard", a song which starts with a minimal instrumentation and grows with strings and powerful beats. The track is overall simply fantastic!

Norway | Eric Odeen - "Run with you"


Eric Odeen is a young talent rising from Bergen, Norway. His most recent single is a very entertaining pop song: "Run with you" has a potent chorus, whistles and a marking beat, creating a fantastic track!

Russia | Egor Kreed - "Mne nravitsya"


Once again, Sounds European! remeets Russian star Egor Kreed. This time, he has released "Mne nravitsya". It's a very cool pop song with light dance beats which are quite captivating. The instrumentals, which are quite different for a song of the genre, make it very unique.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

United Kingdom | Kelvin Jones - "Closer"


Kelvin Jones is a singer from Stevenage, a city in the United Kingdom. His deep and powerful voice has attracted the ears of many, and we were also caught in his mesmerizing vocal abilities in "Closer". The song is a sweet and mellow pop track, perfect to finish a day at the office!

Ukraine | Vera Brezhneva - "Feel"


It's time to remeet one of the biggest divas of Ukrainian music. And this time, with a difference in language! Usually, we listen to Vera Brezhneva singing in her mother tongue, but this time, "Feel" is in English. The language changed, but the quality remained: it's another stupendous single by Vera. Extremely powerful!

Romania | JO - "Cu un picior in rai"


Ioana Anuta is the real name of JO, a former Junior Eurovision artist who is rapidly becoming a top name within the Romanian music scene. Proof of this is her most recent single: "Cu un picior in rai" blends pop into a lovely summer tune, with a catchy chorus and a very nice display of JO's sweet voice.

Croatia | Marko Tolja - "Gdje smo mi"


The Croatian jazz groove of Marko Tolja is back to our site! "Gdje smo mi" is his latest single, a song which explodes with classic instruments and very marking beats.

Norway | Jesper Jenset - "High"


Remember Jesper Jenset, the guy who owned happy pops in Norway last year? Well, he has leveled up his alternative game for his newest single! "High" shows a tremendous growth in Jesper's style, mixing more contemporary and haunting sounds.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Russia | Maria Weber - "Ty luchshe"


Maria Weber is a Russian singer from Moscow. She was part of the popular girlband Tutsi before starting her solo career. Maria has just released "Ty luchshe". It's a very beautiful pop ballad with touching melody and a great vocal performance by her.

United Kingdom | Natives - "Stop the rain"


Last time we talked about British band Natives was more than two years ago, so we were more than excited when we saw they had released a new single! The song is "Stop the rain", a song which leans more to pop-rock but still retains the amazing quality of their music!

North Macedonia | DNK - "Stojam sam"


It's time to remeet Macedonian duo DNK, who have recently released an amazing new single. "Stojam sam" offers what DNK make the best: powerful mix of R&B and pop. The strength of the melody is a big highlight of the song, and their vocals are equally great. It's surely a must-listen!

Sweden | Jakob Karlberg - "Trädgårn"


Remember Swedish singer Jakob Karlberg? Well, he is finally back on track! His new single is "Trädgårn", a very fun pop song which fits really well your playlist of summer tracks!

Cyprus | Christiana Loizu - "Phoenix"


Christiana Loizu was born in Larnaca, Cyprus, but has lived in Bulgaria since 2007. This year, she won the fourth season of the Bulgarian version of The X Factor, and has since shot to stardom. Her most recent single is proof of the talent that made her win the competition: "Phoenix" is an anthemic pop ballad with R&B beats and an explosive chorus.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Russia | Oksana Pochepa - "Podruga"


Sounds European! remeets Russian star Oksana Pochepa, who was just released a new single, entitled "Podruga". It's a great pop song with a very catchy chorus. It's impossible to listen to it without, after a while, feeling totally involved by its ambience.

Norway | AURORA - "I went too far"


Norwegian singer AURORA is back with her haunting and mellow sounds. She is promoting her new album, entitled "All my demons greeting me as a friend", and is now giving us the single "I went too far". The song mixes alternative and indie sounds with a very interesting captivating atmosphere.

United Kingdom | MassMatiks - "4AM"


George Peploe, Joe Turner, Martin Linch and Josh Stagg are MassMatiks, a British four-piece hailing from South East London. Their most recent single is a very powerful one: "4AM brings tender verses but explosive choruses, conveying one of the best rock songs to emerge from Britain this year so far.

Romania | Lora - "Asha"


It's time to remeet Romanian star Lora, who has just released a new single. "Asha" is a very modern pop, which has electronic, R&B and hip-hop elements all over the song. This mix gives a very unique result to the track. Quite enjoyable to listen!

Greece | Boys and Noise - "Kane me trelo"


Greek boyband Boys and Noise are a usual treat for the readers of Sounds European!. And here they are with us again to show us their new work. The song is "Kane me trelo", a track which plays with contemporary pop beats and downtempo sounds, allowing the voices of the guys to really show off!

Monday, August 01, 2016

The Charts Day #151


British-born Norwegian DJ and producer Alan Walker is having a huge success around Europe with his newest single. "Sing me to sleep" is currently #11 in Sweden, #7 in Finland, #5 in Austria and #4 in his native Norway!

10 Questions For: Thea Trajkovska


Sounds European! is delighted to present you one more exclusive interview. This time, we had the chance to talk to a Macedonian artist who amazed us with her first single and continued to dazzle us with the following releases. Her voice is unique, and so was this interview. These are our 10 questions for Thea Trajkovska:

Sounds European!: Tell us a bit about your history with music. What are your first memories with singing? What artists did you use to listen when you were growing up? Do you think they've had any influence on the artist you are? And how about nowadays, what do you enjoy listening to?

Thea Trajkovska: I've been singing for as long as I remember. My parents usually say that I started singing before talking, and I play the piano since I was six years old. My first vocal inspiration was Christina Aguilera, and my favorite band was and still is Panic! At The Disco – I loved them since their beginnings. I also admire Pentatonix, James Bay, Ed Sheeran...

SE!: Your career is still on its first steps. As you commented, you have been singing for a long time. But how did it become a profession for you? Also, tell us a bit about your experience at the Academy of Music in Skopje.

TT: I feel like I've always known that this would be my profession, as music was my first love. Thus, studying it was the only logical choice for me. My four years at the Academy of Music in Skopje gave me not only knowledge and experience, but also extraordinary and great friendships.

SE!: We can say your success in North Macedonia was instant. Your debut single, "Mi treba malku vreme", led the local charts for six weeks, which was a record for the radio station which organizes it. And you won the prestigious MARS Awards for best new act (the Star Is Born award) of 2015. How does it feel to get such a positive recognition so quickly?

TT: Wow, your knowledge of Macedonian top charts amazed me! :) I have to say that it took me by surprise how well my first song was accepted by the audience. As for the award I've got, it's flattering to know that my effort and music were spotted and distinguished.

SE!: Your voice is absolutely beautiful. And we feel you found a type of music which explores it in a great way. Is it an intention of yours, prioritizing songs which can display the best of your voice? And how do you train your voice?

TT: Since I haven't publicly released any ballad so far, where I can fully display my interpretation qualities, I found your comment quite flattering. But I absolutely love the style I sing and I'm happy that you think it explores my voice in a great way. Anyway, I'm still exploring my full potential and working on improving every day. I feel like I have yet much more to express through my music.

SE!: You have a very personal and unique style on your songs. How would you define your musical genre? How would you like the public to perceive your music when listening to it?

TT: Music and art in general are supposed to make you feel something, so knowing that my music touched someone means a lot to me. I guess that my songs would be considered pop songs, but genres mean nothing these days. :) I love experimenting in the manner of singing and composing, so I always try to bring something new with every new song.

"Music and art in general are supposed to make you feel something, so knowing that my music touched someone means a lot to me"
(Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: We feel there is a very comprehensive care towards the visual aspects in your work, from your hair color, through cover arts, to your videoclips – they are all beautiful, by the way! Do you take care of these things yourself, or do you have other people assigned for them? And how do you analyze the influence of the visual factor in the music world?

TT: The visual factor in the music world is very important, and I personally think that it plays a huge role on how people perceive the music itself. As an artist, I like to be creative in every way I can express myself and, as you've noticed, my hair suffers a lot. :)
I'm involved in every step of the way – making the music and making the video to promote it, because usually I have an exact vision and idea of how things should go.

SE!: One of the best moments for any artist, we imagine, is going on stage. How is it for you, how do you feel when you are performing your music on stage? And do you perform alone or do you have a band?

TT: Performance is kind of the purpose of my occupation. I have a band of great musicians (and great friends), so the energy we share on stage is great. It's always a pleasure having a singing audience. :)

SE!: You are preparing to release an album. When can we expect it to be released? What can you tell us of it, musically? And what else are you planning for the recent future?

TT: Being blessed with the best producer and one of my biggest friends, Lazar Cvetkoski LCV, means we understand each other perfectly in the studio, and we'll not be satisfied with any less than what we consider perfection for my very first album. It's still work in progress, but we have most of the songs almost ready by now. Musically, the album will have different styles, all of which of course will sound modern, and will disclose my taste and style. Also, I'm planning on presenting myself as a composer of some of the songs for my album. Hopefully we'll have it out until the end of this year!

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Macedonian and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

TT: Probably Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco, since I think he is one of the most talented men alive and I literally have grown up obsessing with their music. Also, James Bay is my big inspiration recently!

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

TT: "Dosta glumime", the song I got my award for, will be my choice this time. I fell in love with it the minute I heard it! I've imprinted a part of myself in the lyrics as well, so it actually portrays me in many different ways, both artistically and privately.

We would like to thank our Macedonian friend and collaborator Ace for helping us with the research which allowed us to develop this interview.