Sunday, July 31, 2016

Portugal | Fingertips - "Kiss me"


We can finally hear the new single by Fingertips! Our Portuguese friends have released "Kiss me" not long ago. The song is a perfect mix of synth, pop and rock. Add passionate vocals and a very cool melody and you get an instant hit!

United Kingdom | Two Door Cinema Club - "Are we ready? (Wreck)"


After two hit albums not only on the British isles but also abroad, Two Door Cinema Club is set to achieve a likewise success with their third album, "Gameshow". And here we have the first single to emerge from it: "Are we ready? (Wreck)" is a very entertaining mix of pop and rock, with a British touch that makes it all really classy!

Sweden | Helena Paparizou - "Fiesta"


You thought you had your favorite summer song until Helena Paparizou arrived with "Fiesta". It's easy: Greek language, some Greek sounds and the drive of a Spanish guitar couldn't produce a more summer-y single than this one. We dare you not to dance along!

Spain | Soraya - "Long time"


Spanish singer Soraya returned by the beggining of 2016 with her acoustic rendition of several of her hits. And now, she is back with new music for us to keep enjoying her! "Long time" is a soothing and very charming dance pop song, genre that has crowned her as one of the top performers in Spain!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Breaking away"


After dazzling us with his moves and a breath-taking performance on Eurovision, Russian singer Sergey Lazarev returns to our site with a fantastic new single. We're talking about "Breaking away", a perfect pop for a discotheque. No wonder it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | CHVRCHES feat. Hayley Williams - "Bury it"


British electronic band CHVRCHES have teamed up with American singer and Paramore leader Hayley Williams for a fantastic single. "Bury it" mingles the best of the two artists, conveying a very interesting electronic pop song.

Finland | ABREU - "Räjäytä mun mieli"


ABREU is one of those artists we cannot help it but adore. And when we saw that she released a new single, we were just too excited not to talk about it! We're talking about "Räjäytä mun mieli", a song which brings us contemporary beats and the class of Anna's pop all in one combo!

Updated on December 24th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Germany | Lina Maly - "Schön genug"


Lina Maly is a German singer and musician hailing from a town nearby Hamburg. Her most recent single shows all her talent: "Schön genug" is a melancholic and very tender pop ballad, perfect fit for a moment to wander off the routine.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Germany | Melina Aslanidou - "Mes sto spiti de menei kaneis"


German-born Greek singer Melina Aslanidou keeps shining bright with her music. She has recently released "Mes sto spiti de menei kaneis", an uptempo pop song which explodes in traditional Greek sounds.

Latvia | Normunds Rutulis - "1-2-3"


We have travelled all accross Europe showing you the sounds of the summer in several countries. And now, it's time to meet one from Latvia! Our dear friend Normunds Rutulis has it with "1-2-3", a guitar-driven pop with a very fresh groove and which will surely keep you shaking your bones along!

United Kingdom | Balcony - "Satisfied"


Jamie Ward, Jack Bennett, David Royce and Johno Donnachie are Balcony, a growing act hailing from London. Their music blends alternative, indie and pop sounds together. Such is the case of their most recent single, "Satisfied" - sorrounded by a dark atmosphere, it delivers a relaxed and very enjoyable melody.

Sweden | Dotter - "Creatures of the Sun"


We talked about Swedish singer Dotter almost two years ago, when she released the amazing single "My flower". Well, she has returned this year with another mind-blowing single! "Creatures of the Sun" is proof that alternative music in Sweden is growing strong and steady.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Georgia | Luca Chikovani - "New generation kids"


Despite being based in Milan, Italy, Luca Chikovani was born in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. He is launching his music career with a very contagious single: "New generation kids" is a super catchy pop that could fit any radio station in the world!

Norway | Dagny feat. Børns - "Fool's gold"


We met Dagny barely a month ago, upon the release of her first single "Backbeat". She was already our song of the week. And here she dazzles us again with a mind-blowing new single! She collaborated with American musician Børns in "Fool's gold", a true explosion of pop!

United Kingdom | Frances - "Say it again"


Sophie Frances Cooke is the real name of Frances, a singer and songwriter born in Oxford in 1993. After quite some successful singles, she is ready for the big game: this year, she was shortlisted among the nominees for BBC Sound Of 2016. Here is her latest single: "Say it again" is a heartfelt and very charming ballad, which proves Frances' talent.

Updated on August 15th, 2016, with the official video.

Germany | EstA - "Ich muss raus"


Rap can come in many forms, and we surely love the one that's present in the latest single of German rapper EstA. He mixed a perfect summer tune with a soft rap in "Ich muss raus", a song to have as the soundtrack of a day off at the beach!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Russia | Egor Kreed - "Papina dochka"


Egor Kreed is quickly becoming one of the most prominent names in the Russian pop scene. And a single such as "Papina dochka" clearly shows why. It's a masterpiece of pop music, with well-paced and catchy melody, smooth and high-quality singing and great chorus. We love it!

Italy | Valerio Scanu - "Io vivrò (senza te)"


Italian star Valerio Scanu has just released his new single. It's "Io vivrò (senza te)", originally performed by Lucio Battisti, which Valerio performed on the night of covers of this year's Festival di Sanremo (ending the night as the second place). It's a beautiful version.

Albania | Xhensila Myrtezaj - "High love"


Xhensila Myrtezaj is an Albanian singer who was born in Tirana in 1993. She has just released "High love", which is quite a catchy song. Its melody is as groove as it can be, and the chorus is very effective. It's impossible to listen to it without dancing along with it!

Germany | Valentina Mér - "Reminds me of you"


Valentina Mér's sweet music is back! The German singer has just released "Reminds me of you", which is a soothing song with very light melody – which allows her beautiful and talented voice to shine even more. Such a lovely track!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Serbia | Emina Jahovic - "Lolo"


Emina Jahovic is a Serbian singer who was born in Novi Pazar in 1982. Hew new single "Lolo" is a great Balkan pop song with a very strong and well-paced melody. The chorus is quite distinctive, and is the biggest highlight of the song.

Belarus | Bianka - "Nikto krome ty (Letnyaya pesnya)"


Bianka is a singer who was born in Minsk, Belarus, in 1985, and whose career is a success in all the region since the 2000s. She has just released a new single, entitled "Nikto krome ty (Letnyaya pesnya)". It's a great song, which mixes Bianka's great voice with a sexy and classy melody very well.

Greece | Amaryllis - "Afto na meinei metaxy mas"


Sounds European! remeets one of the most talented voices of the Greek music scene. Amaryllis has just released "Afto na meinei metaxy mas". It's a Greek folk pop with great melody and chorus, but of course Amaryllis's voice is the biggest highlight: it really shines throughout all the track.

Sweden | Peg Parnevik - "We are (Ziggy & Carola)"


It's time to remeet Swedish new star Peg Parnevik. She has just relesed "We are (Ziggy & Carola)". It's a very fun pop song, with fresh instrumentals and melody. Its chorus is very effective, and easy to get addicted to. Perfect track for a summer night party!

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Charts Day #150 (part 2)


Canadian singer Shawn Mendes is building a strong career with every step he takes into the music business. His new single, "Treat you better", is an evident proof of this: upon weeks of its release, the song has already entered the charts in many countries. In Europe, its highlights are #9 in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and #8 in Denmark and Norway.

The Charts Day #150 (part 1)


Our The Charts Day #150 starts in Belgium, where Lost Frequencies have recently released a new single alongside Swedish singer Sandro Cavazza. "Beautiful life" is climbing the charts all around the world, having their peak in Belgium with a #3!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

United Kingdom | Years & Years - "Worship"


British electropop sensation (and Sounds European!'s owners of the third best song of 2015) Years & Years are back with a fantastic new single! "Worship" keeps their mystique of amazing electronic pop songs while ditching the full-of-sounds melodies for a more minimalistic approach.

Ukraine | Vera Brezhneva - "Nomer 1"


Whenever Ukrainian superstar Vera Brezhneva has a new song, we don't even need to listen to it in order to know it's great. Her single "Nomer 1" proves why we are always so certain of every release of hers: it's a grandiose pop song, with the best qualities pop in Ukraine can offer us. Very good!

France | Petite Meller - "Milk bath"


One of the most eclectic singers in France, Petite Meller, is back with us! Her newest single is "Milk bath", a song which keeps her entertaining side of pop and the unique looks of her video clips.

North Macedonia | NEV feat. Kalina - "Aj da se muvame"


NEV and Kalina are the sisters Nevena and Kalina Neskovska, Macedonian-born, Chicago-based artists. They worked together on their new single, entitled "Aj da se muvame". It's a fresh and entertaining pop song with a clear reggae influence in the melody. It sounds perfectly fit for summer time!

Updated on August 13th, 2016, with the official video.

Ireland | Lisa Hannigan - "Fall"


Born in Kilclook in 1981, Lisa Hannigan is one of the most popular female singers in Ireland. After more than four years without releasing a new album, she is back to business this year with "At swim", from which we already know a first single. "Fall" keeps the folkloric atmosphere that has always been present along Lisa's work.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

France | Léa Castel - "Abîmée"


Léa Castel is a French singer who was born in Marseille in 1988. Her new single is absolutely great! "Abîmée" explores Léa's very talented voice in an outstanding way, and it goes further: the melody is extremely good, and the chorus is as catchy as it can be. Excellent song, and of course our song of the week!

Finland | Benjamin feat. Sweet California - "Man on the Moon"


When two young talents gather, great things happen. And that is the case of Finnish teen star Benjamin and Spanish girlband Sweet California, who have been friends for some time now and has joined forces for a new single together. The song is "Man on the Moon", a song that brings the best of the two artists in a strong pop song!

United Kingdom | BB Diamond - "Praying"


BB Diamond is a new name emerging in the British pop scene. And if it depends on singles as her recently released one, her path to stardom is assured. "Praying" is pop at its most perfect form. It presents a modern mix of pop, R&B and dance, wrapped by great instrumentals and a BB's excellent voice. We love it!

Germany | Sarah Connor - "Mit vollen händen"


German singer Sarah Connor doesn't stop creating amazing songs. Her latest single follows the rule: "Mit vollen händen" is that kind of German ballad that captivates you with its mellow sounds and the tender voice of Sarah.

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Vivere a colori"


Italian diva Alessandra Amoroso has just released an amazing new single! "Vivere a colori" is surely one of the most entertaining singles of this European summer. It's perfect in all sense: an excellent pop song which knows the exact moment to explode, with one of the catchiest choruses of Alessandra's career. We love it!

Friday, July 22, 2016

United Kingdom | Olly Murs - "You don't know love"


British singer and songwriter Olly Murs is getting his fifth studio album ready. And despite we don't know the name of the release yet, we already know the first single to come out of it: "You don't know love" brings us a 2.0 version of Olly's contagious pop, adding some synth and electronic beats to create a more contemporary sound.

Spain | Amelie - "I don't wanna take it slow"


Catalan band Amelie are back to Sounds European! with another exciting single! "I don't wanna take it slow" is a great pop-rock song. Intense instrumentals make the perfect lead for a fun and entertaining melody and a very catchy chorus. It's fresh and contagious!

Serbia | Aleksandra Radović - "Moskva"


Aleksandra Radović was born in Bogatić, Serbia, in 1974. Despite having only released three albums (the latest of them in 2009), she remains as one of the most popular female singers in Serbia, with many successful hits throughout the years. Her latest one is "Moskva", a pop song filled with ethnic sounds and which really lets Aleksandra's voice stand out!

Netherlands | Blupaint - "High"


Blupaint are a Dutch band from Amsterdam, formed by Sebastiaan van Ravenhorst, Floris Bosma, Dennis Out and Dan Huijser. They have just released "High", a single which is, according to Sebastiaan (the group's lead singer and guitarist), a blueprint for the kind of music they want to make. And what a blueprint it is! It's an excellent indie rock song.

Greece | Dimos Beke - "Otan gelas esy"


Born in Athens, Dimos Beke took part of the first season of The Voice of Greece, as part of the team of Antonis Remos. Now, he is launching his music career with "Otan gelas esy". The song is a fantastic mixture of jazz sounds, pop beats and summer groove. Impossible not to end up dancing along!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

North Macedonia | Simona Popovska - "Ne ni e kriv nikoj drug"


Macedonian star Simona Popovska has just released a new song. And it shows a side of hers we don't see that often! "Ne ni e kriv nikoj drug" adds a spice of folk to the usual electronic pop we get from her. It's different, fresh and highly enjoyable!

United Kingdom | Bring Me The Horizon - "Avalanche"


Bring Me The Horizon became one of the biggest phenomenon of contemporary British rock scene, breaking borders and eventually reaching a worldwide fame. Their most recent single proves that the quality of the guys just keeps growing: "Avalanche" keeps their hardcore energy with more soothing verses, conveying a really amazing single.

France | Minou - "Alphalove"


French indie pop duo Minou are back with a brand-new single! "Alphalove" is a great song. The melody is highly involving and hypnotic. The exciting beats and the solid vocals complete it all very well. It's surely a must-listen!

Croatia | Mateo Pilat - "Gelosia"


Croatian singer Mateo Pilat is back to Sounds European! with yet another powerful song. "Gelosia", his most recent track, is an intense pop-rock ballad, which shows both the soft and more rocker side of Mateo.

Russia | MBAND - "Nevynosimaya"


Russian sensation MBAND have just released a new single. And it's ready to be a new hit of theirs! "Nevynosimaya" is a emotional and involving ballad which explores the best of the boys' voices and has a beautiful melody. There is a Latin spice added to it which makes it very unique.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

United Kingdom | Jodie Abacus - "I'll be that friend"


British singer Jodie Abacus hails from London. His mix of soul, funk and pop has captivated the British ears, and now he's ready for the great leap forward with "I'll be that friend". The single is an uplifting, yet sweet and tender, pop track. If you're needing a smile, just press play and enjoy. :)

North Macedonia | Lozano - "Bonbona"


One of our favorite Macedonian stars has just released a new single. "Bonbona", by Lozano, is a very entertaining song. Its instrumentals play an important part in building a fun and catchy melody. Lozano's voice, as usual, is formidable, completing the package to perfection. We love it!

Netherlands | Anouk - "Wanna little something"


Dutch superstar Anouk is back with an excellent new single. "Wanna little something" is a folk-infused pop-rock song with a strong melody and a very captivating chorus. It's all full of personality: it's surely a must-listen!

Germany | Laith Al-Deen - "Geheimnis"


Laith Al-Deen is a German singer and producer who was born in Karlsruhe in 1972. He has just released his ninth album, entitled "Bleib unterwegs". From it, he has selected "Geheimnis" as the first single. It's a beautiful and heartfelt song which balances emotion and intensity in the proper amount. Such a lovely track!

Greece | Anastasios Rammos - "Ola stigmes"


Hailing from Athens, 25-year-old singer Anastasios Rammos is ready to get you with his powerful voice and his pop sounds. "Ola stigmes", his most recent single, is a perfect display of those characteristics!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

France | Kendji Girac - "Sonrisa"


Arguably the most successful name in the current French pop scene, Kendji Girac is enjoying another very well-received single. "Sonrisa" presents Kendji's biggest trademarks gathered in one song: exciting melody, Latin spices, catchy chorus, great voice and a lot of charisma. It's simply great!

United Kingdom | Bastille - "Good grief"


British group Bastille are finally back on track - and in a better shape than ever! Their much awaited return single is "Good grief", a song which keeps their unique approach to pop music, catchy melodies and anthemic choruses!

Italy | Alessio Bernabei - "Due giganti"


Single after single, Alessio Bernabei is establishing himself as one of the best new names in the Italian pop scene. And "Due giganti" not only helps building his status, but also displays how versatile he can be. Alessio explores all styles of pop music with the same ease.

Czech Republic | Instinct - "Medzitým"


Lukáš Ciho, Miro Maršík, Ondřej Simon and Martin Havelka are Instinct, a pop-rock band formed in Prague in 2011. Their latest single is "Medzitým", a very good mix of pop, rock and synth beats. The intense beats in the chorus makes the song memorable!

Denmark | Bryan Rice - "Eat, sleep, love and applause"


Sounds European! was really missing new releases by Bryan Rice. Now, he has finally answered our payers, with "Eat, sleep, love and applause". And oh, wow, the wait was worth! The song is extremely catchy, with a very fun melody and great chorus. It's pop at its best! By now, the song isn't available on YouTube, but you can listen to it by clicking here.

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Charts Day #149 (part 2)


Colombian singer Carlos Vives has teamed up with Shakira (also from Colombia) for his new single, and the song has been having a very warm reception in both Latin America and Spain. In the European country, "La bicicleta" is the #3 on this week's charts!

The Charts Day #149 (part 1)


Time to take a lot at the charts! Canadian rapper Drake gathered with Nigerian songwriter and performer Wizkid and Filipino singer Kyla for a success as global as their artists. "One dance" is charting literally everywhere, but within Europe its highlights are #5 in Sweden, #2 in Belgium and #1 in Ireland and the United Kingdom this week.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

France | Jenifer - "Paradis secret"


French singer Jenifer is finally back with new music! After some years without a new release, she returned last month with "Paradis secret", a song which blends her energetic pop with the class and tenderness of French pop. A really amazing song!

United Kingdom | All Saints - "This is a war"


After relaunching their carreer with the successful "One strike", British girlband All Saints have released yet another pop gem to prove that they are seriously back on the game! "This is a war" is a quintessential pop number, with a very mysterious start which explodes in pure pop perfection by the chorus. The combination of both contemporary and '90s sounds add a very beautiful touch to an already excelent song.

Sweden | Isle of You - "50+1"


Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson are Isle of You, a brand new Swedish duo who is taking over the pop royalty Sweden is known for. Their debut single, "50+1", has a very easy-listening melody and a lovely, catchy chorus. You will be shaking your head from left to right in the first listen!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Spain | Mabel - "Thinking of you"


Mabel McVey is a singer born in Malaga, Spain, but who has lived and launched her career in London. Her most recent single is proof of all her talent: "Thinking of you" is a pop song with a retro feeling and very marked R&B beats. Such a magnificent combination of sounds couldn't avoid it: it's our song of the week!

Netherlands | The Great Communicators - "Motion"


The Great Communicators is a Dutch indie-rock six-piece formed in the city of Amsterdam in 2012. Their most recent single really suits the description of their music: "Motion" is a fantastic piece, combining the best from indie and rock sounds with a very catchy chorus and a lovely melody.

Malta | Cinnamon War - "Tell me now"


Cinnamon War is a Maltese band formed in 2011. They achieved quite a big success with their first singles, "Brightest light" and "Shadows", and they keep on releasing amazing tracks one after the other. The most recent one is "Tell me now", a brilliantly composed rock ballad.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Netherlands | Celine Cairo - "Hello love"


Celine Cairo is a Dutch singer born in Amsterdam in 1990. Her most recent single is a shower of alternative sounds mixed with pop: "Hello love" is a haunting piece!

Latvia | Markus Riva - "Reka lyubvi"


Born in Talsi, Latvia, in 1986, Markus Riva is an actor, singer, songwriter, model, TV host and DJ. He gained fame after having a string of hits and trying his luck to represent Latvia on Eurovision in several occasions, growing to be one of the most popular names in his country. He shows all his talent in his most recent single, "Reka lyubvi", a pop ballad with a marking chorus and a very contemporary melody.

United Kingdom | Nimmo - "My only friend"


Nimmo is a brand new British five-piece formed in London. Their music is a fantastic blend of pop and electronic music, and they show their talent in their most recent single. "My only friend" has a marking beat, a fantastic melody and an addictive chorus!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sweden | Apollo 5 - "Too close to the Sun"


Swedish band Apollo 5 is back with us for another great pop corker. "Too close to the Sun" is their most recent single, a song that oozes good vibes and is as contagious as it can be!

Russia | Vlada Chuprova - "Voin"


Vlada Chuprova, from Russia, is back to our site with a marvelous new track. "Voin" is a mysteriousand captivating sound which mixes pop, rock and ethnic beats.

Poland | Beata - "Upilam sie toba"


Polish singer Beata is back to Sounds European!! Her new single is "Upilam sie toba", a tender and beautifully constructed pop-rock song, which shows a more delicate side of the singer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Italy | Antonino Spadaccino - "Gira"


Your favorite Italian raspy voice is back! Antonino Spadaccino's return to music has already brought us the amazing "Ali nere", and he is now leveling up the game with "Gira". The song is a fantastic sample of contemporary Italian music, with mysterious verses and a more upbeat chorus. We still can't take the humming out of our heads!

Ireland | The Academic - "Northern boy"


Craig Fitzgerald, Dean Gavin, and brothers Matthew and Stephen Murtagh are The Academic, an Irish band formed in Rochfortbridge in 2013. Meet their most recent single: "Northern boy" is a true representative of the current local rock scene, and it truly shows why they are becoming one of the most representative new names of Irish music!

Hungary | Ákos - "Ugyanúgy"


Hungarian singer Ákos is back to our site with yet another amazing electro-pop number. His most recent single is "Ugyanúgy", a song which oozes electronic beats and has a very contagious melody. We can't stop enjoying it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

France | Charles Like The Prince - "Altitude"


Charles de Villiers is Charles Like The Prince, an indie pop singer from Paris. His most recent single is "Altitude", a very charming song with calm verses and a chorus as captivating as it can get.

Estonia | SHANON - "Saatuse vastu"


Time to check up on SHANON! The Estonian guys are back with "Saatuse vastu", a rock ballad in which they show all their sweetness and tenderness.

Czech Republic | Slza - "Fáze pád"


Time to remeet Slza, one of our favorite Czech pop duos! Their most recent single is "Fáze pád", a song which grows from a tender, piano-based verse to a very energetic chorus.

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Charts Day #148


British singer Adele has us used to her massive success. And her latest single is not being an exception: "Send my love (to your new lover)" is currently #4 in Belgium, #6 in the United Kingdom and #8 in Ireland!

10 Questions For: Wincent Weiss


European music scene is always presenting us many new names. Among them, some seem to dazzle us much more since their first songs. Today, Sounds European! is having the pleasure to talk to one of these young talents, who has everything to become a top name in Germany. These are our 10 questions for Wincent Weiss:

Sounds European!: We like to start our interviews getting to know a bit of the artist's music background. So, what artists did you like to listen when you were growing up? And who are your current idols in music? Do you feel any of them is kind of an influence for your own work?

Wincent Weiss: I was listening to Boyce Avenue on YouTube. They are the reason I started making music. I sold my PlayStation and, with that money, I bought a guitar. I studied a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to the play the instrument and recorded some cover songs. So thank you, Boyce Avenue, for showing me the way to music.
But I also listened to a lot of metal acts. With a friend of mine, I was singing metal songs in my bedroom – he was doing the screamo­ parts; I, the clean ­parts. Today, big German artists are truly an inspiration. I like Andreas Bourani and Mark Forster. But Teesy from Berlin is my favorite German singer.

SE!: You were a late bloomer with music. At what age did you start experimenting with it?

WW: I started at the age of 17. I know it's a little late. But before that, I didn't even know that my voice sounded okay. :)

SE!: You started coming to prominence after the release of "Unter meiner haut", song you released along with DJ Gestört aber GeiL and producer Koby Funk. How did this project appear in your life? How did you feel about the great repercussion of the song with the public? And do you think it was a turning point in your career?

WW: Sure, it was! "Unter meiner haut" is a song by a friend of mine – Elif from Berlin. After I attended her concert in Munich, I decided to make an acoustic cover of it for YouTube – because I think the song is great. Months later, Koby Funk took the audio from YouTube and made the remix. Gestört aber GeiL heard it, played it at a big festival and a year later the song was in Germany's top ten. And I heard my voice on the radio for the first time. Still unbelievable for me.

SE!: Your first solo singles are absolutely outstanding. "Regenbogen" was in our site's list of best European songs of 2015, and "Musik sein" will surely be in 2016. How do you see these songs? Into what genres would you classify your music? How would you like people to perceive your work when listening to it?

WW: Wow, thank you very much. :) I hope that people can relate to the words I'm singing – and believe in what I'm singing. "Musik sein" is a love song about music. It says that every special moment – sad or good – should have its own soundtrack. And I hope that my songs can be the soundtrack to someone's special moment someday.

SE!: Two singles can show your quality as an artist, as they do, but they surely can't present all the music range you intend to explore. What else are you planning to try with your music? What can we still expect from you, musically speaking?

WW: It will be a lot more personal. The lyrics on my album will tell stories about my family, my friends, relationships and some other very deep things from my past. And I think that the sound of some tracks will be a little different and surprising.

"I hope that my songs can be the soundtrack to someone's special moment someday"

SE!: As we see it, music in Germany has a friendly environment for rap and rock, while pop sometimes struggles to get its space in the spotlight. Do you agree with this? How do you see the pop scene into the German music market? What are the challenges of an artist who tries to work with pop in your country?

WW: The market for German rap music is very big – and the fanbases are very strong. For some people, "pop" music is a bad word. But we have so many talented people around, making great and cool pop music. Here, the market for pop music is different – compared to other countries. Sure with differences: it's so much about the lyrics here – what I appreciate very much. People like to listen to your story. And they have to believe every word you sing.

SE!: Besides singing, you have also worked as a model. Do you intend to keep both professions, or will you now focus only on music?

WW: Music is my first love. :­)

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

WW: I finished my album a few days ago. I think it will be released in the next months. And I will play a lot of shows with my band now. We have just started playing our first gigs. It's so much fun, to show the new songs to the audience and see their reactions. Hopefully, I can start my own tour very soon.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some German and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

WW: I would like to sing a song with Sarah Connor. I love her voice and she's kind of a celebrity crush for me. She changed her songs from English to German a year ago. Since then, people love her even more. Me too. :­)

SE!: We would like to post a song to close this interview. What is your favorite song, and why?

WW: "Numb" by Linkin Park. It's the first song I've ever sung. And Linkin Park has been my favorite band for years.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Belgium | Kate Ryan - "Comment te dire adieu"


Belgian diva Kate Ryan has just released a new single. And we can surely recommend it! Her version for "Comment te dire adieu", originally performed by Françoise Hardy, presents a unique mix of classy, retro and modern elements, all inside a smooth and involving electropop melody. It's a must-listen!

Serbia | Jelena Tomašević - "Zivot u koferima"


Jelena Tomašević, who was born in Negotin in 1983, is one of the biggest stars of the Serbian music scene. She is also known for having represented her country on Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, with the highly celebrated "Oro". She has just released a new single, entitled "Zivot u koferima". It's a great pop track with light melody and a great chorus.

Bulgaria | Niki Bakalov feat. VenZy and Victoria Georgieva - "Nishto sluchaino"


Niki Bakalov is a Bulgarian singer and music producer from Sofia. He has gathered with VenZy, also from Sofia, and Victoria Georgieva, from Varna, for "Nishto sluchaino". It's a fresh pop which is perfectly fit for the European summer.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Greece | Aris Makris - "Stasou"


Aris Makris is a Greek singer who was born in Athens. He is also known for being one of the members of the highly successful group Boys and Noise. Aris has just released a solo single, entitled "Stasou". And let us tell you: it's an outstanding one! Amazing vocal performance, enticing melody, addictive chorus... everything is top notch in this song. It's our song of the week!

Serbia | Sedative - "Opsadno stanje"


Sedative are a Serbian band formed by Ivan Jovanović, Nikola Danilović, Mladen Mitić, Bojan Nejkov and Aleksandar Krstić. They have just released a great single, entitled "Opsadno stanje". It is a pop-rock with an interesting mix of retro and folk influences, resulting in a very unique and entertaining song. It's a must-listen!

Romania | Nico - "Sa-mi dai motive"


Sounds European! remeets Romanian star and former Eurovision contestant Nico. She has just released a new single, entitled "Sa-mi dai motive". It's pop at its best: excellent and appealing melody, involved by a great vocal performance and a very memorable chorus. We love it!

Friday, July 08, 2016

Russia | Shiny - "Nebo, poymi"


Meet Shiny, a new talent arising in the Russian music scene. She has just released "Nebo, poymi", a very emotional pop which allows her voice to (sorry for the punning) shine. The video clip has the participation of Russian star Slava – and we can really see influences of hers on Shiny's music. Lovely track!

Croatia | Kameny feat. Nikola Marjanović - "Oprosti mi"


Kameny is a Croatian DJ from Zagreb. He has gathered with former The X Factor Adria Nikola Marjanović, also from Zagreb, to record "Oprosti mi". It's such a captivating song! Energy flows throughout the track, with a contagious melody which explodes in the chorus.

Belgium | K3 - "Jij bent de bom"


Belgian group K3 are back with a new single, and it's reaching top positions in the charts of local radios. And we can clearly see why: it's a very entertaining pop song, with fun melody, catchy chorus and great vocals.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Greece | Vera Boufi - "Adinamia"


Greek singer Vera Boufi is back with an amazing song! "Adinamia" has a very involving and well-paced melody, with a chorus which is highly effective. The mix of pop and local music is specially good in this track. And Vera's voice is, as usual, excellent!

Romania | Elena - "Lacramioara"


Romanian superstar Elena Gheorghe has a new single. And it's quickly becoming a hit! Is anyone surprised? Everything Elena records goes huge – and when a track is as good as "Lacramioara" is, even more! It's a perfect summer track, with light and entertaining melody, easy instrumentals and a very fun chorus.

North Macedonia | Magdalena Cvetkoska - "Placat i najsilni"


Sounds European!'s editors were extremely excited to know Macedonian star Magdalena Cvetkoska (who was in our list of best songs of 2013) is finally releasing a new single. We were surely missing her. And what a return it is! "Placat i najsilni" is a great song, with outstanding melody, instrumentals and singing.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Romania | Timi Antal - "Közelebb"


Time to remeet Timi Antal, Romanian singer who is developing her career in Hungary. Timi, who was the runner-up of the Hungarian The X Factor in 2012, has just released a new single, entitled "Közelebb". It's a very upwards song, with entertaining melody and a captivating mood. Such a fun one!

Greece | Stelios Legakis - "M' exeis trelanei"


Once again, Sounds European! remeets ways with Greek star Stelios Legakis. With his new single "M' exeis trelanei", Stelios tries something more international, delivering an outstanding song for us. It's inviting and captivating, with a clear and highly effective chorus. It's surely a must-listen!

Belgium | Netsky feat. Emeli Sandé - "Thunder"


It's time to remeet Belgian DJ Netsky, who has now produced a song for the beautiful voice of British star Emeli Sandé. "Thunder" is a very energetic track, with involving melody and a fast-paced chorus which is quite effective. Emeli's voice is the cherry on top, taking it all to an even higher level.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

North Macedonia | Marjana Trajkova - "Tvoja do kraj"


A new star in rising in North Macedonia! Marjana Trajkova is a 20-year-old singer from Skopje. She has just released "Tvoja do kraj". It's a very entertaining pop song, with catchy melody and an addictive chorus. Marjana's voice is great, and fills the track with personality. We love it!

Greece | Roy Skondra - "Dose rithmo"


Roy Skondra is a Greek singer who was born in Karditsa. She has just released a new single, entitled "Dose rithmo". It's everything you can expect from a pop song coming from Greece: exciting and contagious melody led by traditional instruments, with a chorus which is highly addictive.

Azerbaijan | Nigar Jamal - "Çağıran da ürəkdi"


Azerbaijani star Nigar (or Nikki) Jamal has just released a great new single. "Çağıran da ürəkdi" is a smooth electropop with light and involving ambience and a very captivating melody. It's a great song to start a party!

Monday, July 04, 2016

The Charts Day #147


As we had predicted not long ago, the official song of UEFA Euro 2016, "This one's for you", by David Guetta and Zara Larsson, is charting all around Europe. It is currently leading the charts in Switzerland, besides being #2 in Austria, #3 in France, Germany, Portugal and Sweden, #5 in Norway, #7 in the Netherlands and #10 in Belgium and Finland. The single is also charting, but in lower positions, in Ireland, Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria.

10 Questions For: King Shaolin


Sounds European! has already interviewed artists from many different countries. This Monday, we are landing in a new one, Slovakia, where we talked to the lead singer of one of the coolest bands of the region. These are our 10 questions for King Shaolin, answered by Dominik Stofko:

Sounds European!: Let's start talking about the band's origin. How did you meet? And how did you decide to gather and play music? King Shaolin is a name which really calls attention at a first glance. How did you come up with it? And what does it represent?

Dominik Stofko (King Shaolin): We met in high school, where I was studying Photography and playing with Norbert in the band We Want Jam. Mustafa had his own band, with Michal on drums. It was a time when I knew in my heart that I had to make music on my own. So King Shaolin began. I spent days and nights in a friend's studio trying to write songs with a unique sound. That got the attention of Mustafa, and when I asked him to play in my band, I was delighted that his answer was positive!
King Shaolin represents some kind of higher mind or consciousness that has melded into every one of us! The duality, the yin and yang, black and white, king as both monarch and Shaolin monk, that is who we are.

SE!: You play a kind of music which is rare for Slovak artists. What genre would you classify your own music? And what artists would you say inspire your work?

DS: Our dear friend, Ric Williams, who makes sure our lyrics are in proper English, and who unfortunately we have yet to meet, calls it new-age pop, which means we sing about freedom of mind and finding love as the path to the only whole truth!
The artists I adore the most are John Mayer in the first place, then OneRepublic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, HAIM, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Selah Sue, Justin Timberlake, and so on...

SE!: We can say you have a very international work. Many of your singles have been played abroad, both on TV and radios. You have toured in several countries. And your first album, "Road to the Machiavelli Valley", was mixed in the United States. How is it to be able to work with music abroad? Do you pursue a worldwide music career?

DS: Yeah, that was the idea from the beginning: to play all around the world and to touch people musically as much as we can. I think people on every continent or island, or wherever, like music and are passionate about it. You know, music is the ultimate language that everyone understands!

SE!: You took part of the Carpathia Festival, an international song contest in Rzeszów, Poland. You finished second. How was the feeling of having your music judged in a competition, especially in a different country? What are your favorite memories of your time in the festival?

DS: It was a great opportunity and also a wonderful experience! Lots of talented bands and great singers from all over Europe got together in one location to present their very own music. We were so, so happy and surprised that we won second place, and that we also won the prize for our single "Friend" as the best song of the Carpathia Festival. The judges seemed to like us pretty much. They congratulated us after every day of the contest. We love Poland!

SE!: Dominik, you are both the lead singer and the main composer of the band's songs. How is, for you, the process of writing songs? What topics inspire you the most? Do you have special moments or places to compose?

DS: Songwriting is a drug to me! It makes me feel alive and connected to everything. I try to have my guitar with me most of the time so I can play and write if some angel sends me something special to record. Melodies are the most beautiful thing inside of us, because it is us!

"We sing about freedom of mind and finding love as the path to the only whole truth"

SE!: All of your songs are in English. Was that always an intention of yours, or did it just happen to be this way? How do you see the issue of language in music? And more specifically, how do you see this matter in your own work?

DS: You know, we choose to sing in English because it's the most known language and it's also very sonorous. And as I said, music is something everyone can understand. From a little child with no life experience to a senior who definitely has a lot of different perspectives on how to look at the world, music has the power to unite.

SE!: Compared to other European countries, including some of your closest neighbors, Slovakia has a somewhat small music market. What can you tell us about making music in Slovakia? How is it to develop a career in your country? Is expanding to other nations a necessity, in order to be able to afford living out of your work as a band?

DS: Well, yeah, it's hard for us because of the low population of Slovakia and also because we're singing in a foreign language. But I think it's working for us now, because we're always trying to be unique and make songs that make people happy. And we are professional in every way. It seems that the people of Slovakia are starting to feel the presence of King Shaolin a little bit more these days.

SE!: What are your plans for the near future? What can your fans expect?

DS: We're working on a new album that is coming out hopefully by the end of the year. Right now, we're releasing an EP called "Burn inside" that includes five songs that come deeply from my heart. We're also preparing to make another music video, of our summer single that features our sister Celeste Buckingham.

SE!: What would be some Slovak and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

DS: Oh, boy, I would love to make a feature with Selah Sue, but I know she totally doesn't know who the heck we are! Haha!

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourselves, and why?

DS: My favorite song? Oh, no, it's like praising just one of your babies! Haha! But OK, I'd say it's "Money in my soul" right now.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Russia | Julia Kogan - "Vot i vso"


One of the most talented voices of Russia has just released a new single. And it explores her talent in a way we've never seen before! Julia Kogan reaches an outstanding level of quality and intensity during "Vot i vso". It's an extremely powerful pop-rock which is gonna make you shiver of excitement.

Sweden | Veronica Maggio - "Vi mot världen"


It's time to remeet Swedish pop star Veronica Maggio, who has just released a new single. "Vi mot världen" is pure entertainment: the song is led by an extremely fun melody and Veronica's excellent vocal performance. It's impossible to listen to it once and not want to repeat it over and over again!

Slovenia | Kimalie - "You're not sorry"


Kimalie is a Slovene singer who firstly came to prominence while being part of the girlband Foxy Teens. Now on solo career, she has just released her debut single. "You're not sorry" is an exciting pop track with very marking beats. Its chorus is especially catchy.

Austria | Flowrag - "Helden"


Meet Flowrag, an Austrian band formed by Florian Ragendorfer, Richard Gillissen and Benjamin Zumpfe. Their debut single, "Helden", is absolutely great. The vocals are solid and entertaining, and the melody is very captivating, counting with amazing instrumentals.

Saturday, July 02, 2016

Ukraine | Ani Lorak - "Ukhodi po-angliyski"


Ukrainian superstar Ani Lorak has just released a new single. And it can only mean one thing: it's time to listen to a massive song! Ani never disappoints. "Ukhodi po-angliyski" has a highly addictive melody, with a chorus which sticks in mind after one single listen. It's a masterpiece of pop music. It's our song of the week!

Sweden | Big Wild feat. Tove Styrke - "Aftergold"


Music forecast advises: get ready, because a shower of groove is on its way! Swedish talent Tove Styrke is featuring on a great song by American DJ and producer Big Wild. "Aftergold" has an extremely catchy melody, built by an interesting mix of the most varied instruments. The overall result is unique and very attractive. We love it!

Portugal | D8 - "Só mais um dia"


D8 is the stage of Diogo Gouveia de Oliveira Valente, Portuguese singer and songwriter who was born in Amadora in 1997. His single "Só mais um dia" is very delightful! Its beats are highly contagious, and fit perfectly to D8's voice. The song's bridge and chorus are excellent. Top-quality entertainment to the last drop!

Germany | Valentina Mér - "Giant"


Valentina Mér is a German singer who was born in Offenburg. Her debut single is entitled "Giant", and it shows all of her potential as an artist. Her classy and tender voice is the perfect company for the high-quality smooth melody of the track. So lovely!

Friday, July 01, 2016

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso - "Love you again"


Swedish star Benjamin Ingrosso is back with a new song! "Love you again" is a very interesting romantic song, with a unique (and great) set of instruments, involving melody and, as usual, a beautiful vocal performance by Benjamin. Such a lovely track!

Updated on July 31st, 2016, with the official video.

Georgia | Rati Durglishvili - "Crazy"


Rati Durglishvili is a Georgian singer who was born in Tbilisi in 1982. His most recent single, "Crazy", is surely a must-listen! It is intense and powerful, explosive on the chorus and grandiose as a whole. Rati's voice fits it all as perfect as it could be. It's an outstanding song!

Switzerland | The Three Sum - "With you"


The Three Sum are a Swiss pop-punk band from Rapperswil-Jona which were founded in 2010. The band consists of Flavio Lamberti, Pascal Artho, Can Ali Akgül and Harry Müller. They have just released "With you", an uptempo rock song filled with summer feelings. According to their lead singer, Flavio, the band's sound is loud, fast and cheeky – and it's a perfect description for their single. We love it!

North Macedonia | Eye Cue - "Sepak mi e zabavno"


Macedonian band Eye Cue's new single is becoming a hit in the Balkan region. And we are also in love with it! "Sepak mi e zabavno" is a unique song, with classy instruments building a very different melody, full of variations and creative moments. Marija's voice is, as usual, outstanding.