Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Norway | ARIA - "Cheer me up"


ARIA is a young singer from Haugesund, Norway. It's impossible to listen to her and believe she is only 16 years old. Her debut single "Cheer me up" is very mature and solid for someone her age – which only leaves us very positive about her future with music. It's an outstanding song, for a stupendous voice!

Ukraine | Okean Elzy - "Ne ydy"


Okean Elzy are one of the must successful and popular bands from Eastern Europe of all times. They were formed in 1994 in Lviv – and, since then, became highly awarded and acclaimed, by both media and public. Their new single "Ne ydy" is a perfect sample of their quality. It's an excellent song, and very unique for the region. We absolutely love it!

Albania | Alban Skenderaj feat. Elinel - "Kam nevoje"


Albanian star Alban Skenderaj is back with a new single. "Kam nevoje" is an excellent song, with great and captivating melody, plus Alban's usual amazing vocal performance. The song features the participation of Kosovar rapper Elinel, from Pristina, who adds his power to the track.

France | Minou - "Hélicoptères"


Minou are a French indie pop duo from Paris, formed by Sabine Stenkors and Pierre Simon. Their new single, "Hélicoptères", is great. The melody is absolutely involving, and the chorus is as catchy as it can be. It's surely a must-listen!

Slovenia | Nino - "Mojito"


Slovene singer and songwriter Nino has a new single to offer us. "Mojito" is a fresh and light pop track which invites everyone to enter the summer mood. Its fun melody is led by entertaining instrumentals, and Nino's smooth voice fills it all perfecly.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on Spotify.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Charts Day #142 (part 2)


After some very troublesome months regarding her personal life, Canadian diva Céline Dion stormed the 2016 Billboard Awards with a rendition of Queen's "Show must go on". And, right after, she also released a brand new single. The French-language "Encore un soir" shot right to the first position of the charts in France!

The Charts Day #142 (part 1)


American band DNCE has enjoyed a tremendous success with their first single, "Cake by the ocean". After entering the charts worldwide by the beginning of the year, they remain within the top ten in some European countries. This week, they are #9 in the United Kingdom, #7 in Ireland and #5 in Austria!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Finland | Kauniit & Uhkarohkeat - "Kuningatar"


Meet a quite unique Finnish band. Kauniit & Uhkarohkeat are from Jyväskylä and Helsinki, and they mix pop and rock as little bands do in their country. Their first single, "Kuningatar", is a shower of contemporary sounds and amazing melody!

Italy | Enrico Nigiotti - "Il ritmo dell'amore"


Enrico Nigiotti is a Italian singer and guitarist who was born in Livorno in 1987. He has just released a very entertaining single. Entitled "Il ritmo dell'amore", it is an extremely fun pop-rock. Its melody is very well directed by strong and well-paced instrumentals, which really help building the track's upward ambience.

Spain | Roser - "Héroe"


Roser Murillo Ribera is the full name of Roser, one of Spain's most popular pop singers. After five years without a new single, she caused a true revolution in her home country with the release of "Héroe". The song is all you can ask from a Spanish pop song: a marking beat, an explosive chours with a sassy display of chorus and a very catchy melody!

Norway | Astrid S - "Hurts so good"


Astrid S (who was already presented by SE! once, on a duet with Shawn Mendes) is a Norwegian singer who was born in the small city of Berkåk. She has just released a single, entitled "Hurts so good". It presents a very interesting mix of indie and electropop, which is one of the biggest specialties in Norway. And Astrid performs it brilliantly: it's a highly involving and addictive song!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Germany | Wincent Weiss - "Musik sein"


When Sounds European! first met Wincent Weiss, it was love at first listen. "Regenbogen" was our song of the week, and ended up being part of our list of best songs of 2015. So, obviously, we were really excited to get to know a second single of his. Now that "Musik sein" was released, we can easily say: it surpassed all our expectations! It's a masterpiece of pop music, with grandiose instrumentals, great singing and a stupendous chorus. It's, without any doubt, our song of the week.

Sweden | KACIA - "Bonds"


KACIA is a Swedish duet who is currently working in London. Their music is, simply put, pure pop. "Bonds", their first single, is the kind of pop you can only find in Sweden: perfect sounds, contagious melody and very relatable lyrics make the song impossible to forget!

Netherlands | TP4Y - "Blush"


TP4Y, or Too Pretty For You, are a Dutch girlband formed by four young ladies: Amber, Nour, Sterre and Zoë. They were gathered for the reality show Holland's Got Talent in 2014 – where they reached the finals, ultimately landing third place. Their new single "Blush" is pop music in its perfection. Delightful melody, catchy chorus, great vocals... everything is set to make you addicted!

Romania | Cristina Balan - "Unbreakable"


Cristina Balan is a Romanian singer born in Timișoara in 1981. Her latest single is a twist to what we have heard in the current pop scene of her country: "Unbreakable" is a lovely ballad with R&B beats, but it is sung in English, something that definitely adds a different flavor to the mix!

Friday, May 27, 2016

France | Pauline Croze - "Voce abusou"


We are already used to France going bilingual in English and even in Spanish, but Portuguese was something we were not expecting. Pauline Croze, a singer hailing from Noisy-le-Sec, recently recorded "Voce abusou", a song which mixes the delicious French traditional sounds with some Brazilian flavors. Simply exquisit!

Spain | Amaral - "Lo que nos mantiene unidos"


Spanish band Amaral are back to the pages of Sounds European! with their new single. "Lo que nos mantiene unidos" is a very potent song. The strong instrumentals create a marking melody which is extremely involving. It's irresistible!

Norway | OMVR - "Bad news"


Meet OMVR, a singer hailing from Vegårshei, Norway, and his newest song. "Bad news" mixes a fantastic pop song with intense R&B beats. OMVR's voice completes the single, conveying a very deep touch to it.

Updated on June 11th, 2016, with the official video.

Russia | Alexander Ripchansky feat. Vitold Petrovsky and Georgy Abozin - "Ya prosto vydumal tebya"


Triple gathering of Russian talents! Meet Alexander Ripchansky, from Saint Petersburg, Vitold Petrovsky, from Moscow, and Georgy Abozin, from Nevinnomyssk. They have recorded and released "Ya prosto vydumal tebya", which is a very catchy pop track. Its exuberant instrumentals lead a very catchy melody, which explodes in a very effective chorus.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sweden | Elliphant feat. Twin Shadow - "Where is home"


Swedish singer Elliphant has a new single. And whenever she releases something, our expectations grow. And she never disappoints us: "Where is home", which has the participation of the Dominican singer Twin Shadow, is an excellent song. Groovy from first to last second, involving and addictive... you're gonna get in love with it!

Spain | Hugo Salazar - "Adivina adivinanza"


Hugo Salazar is a Spanish singer and songwriter born in Seville in 1978. His most recent single, the first from his upcoming and still untitled new album, is "Adivina adivinanza", a song which oozes great-quality pop-rock!

Moldova | Maria Nedelkova - "Mame"


Maria Nedelkova is a singer who was born in Tiraspol, Moldova, but grew up in Odessa, Ukraine. She has just released a beautiful ballad entitled "Mame". Its lovely melody allows Maria's voice to shine and display a lot of emotion.

Norway | Mørland - "Make a sail"


Norwegian singer Mørland is releasing his debut album this week, and he took the chance to also promote a new single. "Make a sail" (song which gives name to the album) is a very sweet and tender ballad, as he has us accustomed to.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

United Kingdom | Huntar - "4AM"


Huntar is the stage name of Lewis Mokler, an English singer and songwriter born in 1993 in London. His most recent single is "4AM", a song in which he explores trip-hop and alternative beats into a classic pop structure.

France | Kendji Girac - "Tu y yo"


The math is clear: French music plus Spanish language equals Kendji Girac. Kendji's new single, entitled "Tu y yo", is another sample of this equation. Its lyrics are mostly in French, but the chorus is a one-way trip to Spain. You can also feel the influence of the neighbor country in the instrumentals. It's a very attractive and contagious song.

Austria | Julian le Play - "Zugvögel"


Austrian singer Julian le Play is enjoying a very prolific momeny of his career. His most recent single is the sweet and delicate "Zugvögel", a song in which all his emotions blossom!

Ukraine | Cybulskaya - "Derzhi menya rukami"


Cybulskaya is a Ukrainian singer who was born in Radyvyliv in 1985. She has just released a new single, entitled "Derzhi menya rukami". It's a well-paced ballad which explores her voice in a very cute way. The song's melody is quite attractive.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Russia | Anton Azarov - "Volk"


Anton Azarov is a Russian singer from Kaluga, a city in Western Russia. Get ready to listen to a great song: his new single "Volk" is excellent! It is a very characteristic Eastern European pop, with very marking melody and great vocal performance. The chorus is highly addictive!

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "Volar"


Spanish singer Alvaro Soler is enjoying a huge success worldwide. After the release of "Sofia", he surprised everybody with a new single: "Volar" follows his trend of contagious pop, this time with a more relaxed and smooth melody.

France | Aliife - "TLM"


France is living a very daring moment in music, mixing their tunes with sounds from all around the world. Aliife are a group which was created exactly with this objective: to offer Asian pop for the French audience. Their single "TLM" is a great sample of this project. It's catchy, exciting and addictive – and it screams Asian pop!

Finland | Jannike - "Hug me"


Our favorite Finnish sweetheart, Jannike, has just unveiled a new single. If you are ready to jump in your suimsuit and enjoy the European summer, then this shall be automatically added to your playlist: "Hug me" exudes sweetness and cool vibes!

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Charts Day #141 (part 2)


American singer Justin Timberlake is back on track with a boomer single! "Can't stop the feeling", the official soundtrack of the movie "Trolls", is currently #10 in the Netherlands, #5 in Norway, #3 in Belgium and Ireland, #2 in Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and #1 in France!

The Charts Day #141 (part 1)


Congolese-born French singer Maître Gims has enjoyed a huge success in France with his 2015 single "Est-ce que tu m'aimes ?". But, lately, the song has found a new niche for success: it is currently #4 in Denmark!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Italy | Elisa - "Love me forever"


It's time for us to remeet Italian star Elisa, who has just released a new single. "Love me forever" is an extremely entertaining song which is a real invitation for us to travel back in time. Its retro references are delightful!

United Kingdom | Michael Kiwanuka - "Black man in a white world"


Michael Samuel Kiwanuka is a British soul musician who was born in Muswell Hill, North London, in 1987. His new single "Black man in a white world" is surely a must-listen. It presents an interesting mix of his usual genre with some tropical spices. And it's all wrapped up with his great vocal capacity. Such a unique and excellent track!

Croatia | Kristina Vukas - "Burma"


Kristina Vukas is a Croatian singer who was born in Split in 1987 (but grew up in Australia). She has just released a new single, entitled "Burma". It's pop as only the Balkan countries can make. A slightly quickly paced melody, followed by very specific instrumentals.

Greece | Sakis Arseniou - "Adeioi anaptires"


Sakis Arseniou is a Greek singer who was born in Thessaloniki in 1984. His new single "Adeioi anaptires" has one of the most addictive melodies we have encountered this year. And the chorus is as catchy as we could expect. Great song!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Romania | XOXO - "In grija ta"


XOXO are a Romanian girlband formed by Andreea Sîrghie, Maria Rezac, Irina Ionescu and Alexandra Gabriela Oprea. They have just released "In grija ta", which is pop at its best. There is nothing about this song which isn't worth mentioning: captivating melody, addictive chorus, cool voices... the result couldn't be any better! It's our song of the week.

France | Louane - "Tourne"


French star Louane is hitting the radios with her new song, and we are fully in love with it. "Tourne" is a fresh pop song with light (but very effective) instrumentals. It is the perfect way to explore the most out of Louane's amazing vocal capacity.

Azerbaijan | Emin - "Davay naydom drug druga"


One of the biggest stars of the music scene in Azerbaijan has just released a new single. Emin's "Davay naydom drug druga" is a captivating downtempo song. It presents a growing melody which explodes into a very intense and passionate chorus.

Portugal | Amor Electro - "Juntos somos mais fortes"


We are very happy to remeet one of our favorite Portuguese groups: Amor Electro has just released a new single. "Juntos somos mais fortes" is a very involving electropop. As usual with Amor Electro, Marisa's voice builds a hypnotic ambience, highlighted by the song's very well-paced and strong melody.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Russia | Sophie - "Children of war"


Sounds European! remeets Russian teen star Sophie and her new single. "Children of war" is an interesting song with very deep lyrics. Its grandiose instrumentals help to build an epic ambience and spirit, with a growing melody which has a very memorable closure.

Spain | Manuel Carrasco - "Uno x uno"


Spanish star Manuel Carrasco has a new single, and you should really give it a listen! "Uno x uno" is an extremely captivating pop with clear Latin spices all over it. It's enjoyable and entertaining from first to last second. A true incentive to ask someone to dance to it with you. It's no surprise it's reaching such a big success!

Croatia | Jelena Rozga - "Udajem se"


One of the most important names of the Croatian music scene has just released a new single. Jelena Rozga's "Udajem se" is a beautiful and well-paced ballad. It explores Balkan folk elements in a very different way from what we usually get in the region. And it's exactly this unique approach which makes the song special – and therefore very enjoyable!

Germany | Silbermond - "B 96"


Sounds European! remeets German band Silbermond, which are working on their new single. "B 96" is a soft pop-rock track with soothing vocals which, along with the melody, build a unique hypnotic atmosphere.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Italy | Nek - "Uno di questi giorni"


It's time to remeet Italian superstar Nek, who has just released a great new single. "Uno di questi giorni" displays what Nek can make the best: pop-rock with electronic spices, specially in the chorus. By the way, the chorus is exactly the biggest highlight of the song. It's powerful, intense and completely contagious. Great track!

Portugal | Tiago Bettencourt - "Sara"


Tiago Bettencourt is a Portuguese singer who was born in Coimbra in 1979. His latest single, "Sara", is a beautiful guitar-based downtempo. Tiago's smooth voice leads the melody, with the help of very deep and effective backing vocals. The result is quite captivating.

Finland | Stratovarius - "4000 rainy nights"


It's time for Sounds European! to celebrate a new achievement: this is our 4000th post!

To honor this accomplishment, as it is our tradition, we present a song with "four thousand" in its title. It's the excellent "4000 rainy nights", by Finnish power metal band Stratovarius. The track is part of the band's album "Destiny", released in 1998.

Greece | Nikolas Papadakis - "Ekei"


Nikolas Papadakis is a Greek singer who was born in Athens in 1984. His new single "Ekei" is surely worth the listen. It's pop with local spices as only Greece knows how to produce. Nikolas's voice is absolutely perfect for the genre! The song's chorus is very good.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spain | Bustamante - "Como yo te amé"


After more than a year without releasing a new single, Bustamante is finally back! His new song, "Como yo te amé", is a preview of his new album "Amor de los dos", which is set to be released during the spring. It's a beautiful and captivating romantic track. And we are not surprised it's a great one: few people can sing about love as well as Bustamante!

Russia | Tatiana Kotova - "Razlyubila"


Sounds European! remeets ways with Russian singer Tatiana Kotova, who has just released her new single. "Razlyubila" is a very involving downtempo song which explores Tatiana's great voice, and her high capacity of exploring emotions with it.

Germany | Melina Aslanidou - "Prosopiki epilogi"


It's time to remeet one of the most talented singers of Greece: German-born Melina Aslanidou has a new single. "Prosopiki epilogi" is an interesting ballad which is led by folk instrumentals and Melina's unique voice. During the chorus, the song is taken into a very well-paced midtempo. Just lovely!

Iceland | Hjálmar feat. Mr. Silla - "Er hann birtist"


Hjálmar are a very interesting band from Reykjavík, Iceland. They offer a unique mix of reggae and Icelandic folk. They have gathered with Icelandic singer Mr. Silla, stage name of Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, also from Reykjavík, to release "Er hann birtist". It's a true blend of sounds from Jamaica and Iceland!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Romania | Loredana - "Obisnuiai sa ma iubesti odata"


Once again, we meet the amazing Romanian singer Loredana. And let us tell you: her new single is amazing! "Obisnuiai sa ma iubesti odata" has a contagious melody, with a very captivating chorus. Loredana is, as usual, giving a huge vocal display on it.

Updated on December 7th, 2016, with the official lyrics video.

Sweden | Sanna Nielsen - "Dansar bort med någon annan"


Eurovision star Sanna Nielsen is back with a new song. "Dansar bort med någon annan" is a very effective pop track. Its melody is very easy to catch and the chorus is very effective. It's pop as only Sweden seems able to produce!

Norway | Margaret Berger - "Apologize"


Scandinavian pop diva Margaret Berger is back. And her new single "Apologize" shows her exploring new styles. You can still feel the electropop we got used to listen from her, but the ambience is darker and more mysterious than on most of her previous songs. The result is quite interesting!

Belgium | Bazart - "Goud"


Bazart are a Belgian indie band from Ghent, formed by Mathieu Terryn, Simon Nuytten, Oliver Symons, Daan Schepers and Robbe Vekeman. Their goal is to offer British rock, but in Dutch. And it's exactly what we felt when listening to their single "Goud". It has British feelings all over the song!

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Charts Day #140 (part 2)


This Monday is totally decidated to Northern Europe. Now, we are checking the charts in Denmark, which are currently led by Blak and "Nede Mette".

The Charts Day #140 (part 1)


New song leading the charts in Finland! It's "Pannaan Suomi kuntoon", by Swedish-born Finnish rapper Petri Nygård. He's debuted directly in the first place.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sweden | Victor Crone - "Feelgood day"


Victor Crone is building a quite solid career in his homecountry, Sweden. After being a success with "Burning man", he is now releasing the catchy "Feelgood day". The song, as the title anticipates, has a very uplifting melody, a catchy chorus and a very nice message in the lyrics.

North Macedonia | Marko Logout - "Leto vo prolet"


Marko Logout is the stage name of Marko Milanovic, a singer from Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. Here we have his most recent single: "Leto vo prolet" is a song which plays between pop and rock and lets Marko show us his powerful voice.

Malta | Kevin Borg - "Young at heart"


Kevin Borg was born in Floriana, Malta, in 1986, but he has developed his career in Sweden. There, he took part of the fifth edition of Idols, where he reached the victory. After a five-year hiatus without an official single, he returned to the music scene last month with the release of "Young at heart", a very cool pop ballad.

Netherlands | Alban Ramosaj - "A me do"


Alban Ramosaj was born in Ede, Netherlands, but he lives and has developed his career in Albania. His most recent single is "A me do", a song which exudes R&B beats and guitar riffs to convey a very contemporary track!

Slovakia | Barbara Weiss - "Naked"


Barbara Weiss is a Slovak singer born in Bratislava in 1995. Her sweet voice blossoms in "Naked", a very emotional song which mingles pop, soul and R&B into a fantastic track. Let the song grow: it explodes in sounds as it happens!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Portugal | Kika - "If this is love"


Time for our song of the week! Portuguese singer Kika is soon growing to be one of the most unique pop singers in her country. Her music is completely off any pattern that can be found there, and her new single is a true proof of that. "If this is love" is delicate yet strong, captivating and really groovy at the same time. You won't be able to stop it!

Sweden | Måns Zelmerlöw - "Fire in the rain"


Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw is hosting this year's Eurovision Song Contest, held in Stockholm. But his hosting duties didn't keep him off his wonderful music, as he released a new single last week! "Fire in the rain" is a sweet and mellow pop, which flows gently with the riffs of guitars.

Updated on May 21st, 2016, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Dua Lipa - "Hotter than hell"


British singer Dua Lipa confirms she's here to stay: her most recent single is "Hotter than hell", a song which keeps her classy twist to pop and adds some contemporary sounds and heavy beats to make it even more interesting!

Italy | Marco Mengoni - "Sono due satelliti"


Italian singer Marco Mengoni returns to our site with his most recent single. "Sono due satelliti" is a classic Mengoni ballad: filled with strength and completed with delicate tunes, it has a captivating percussion all through the song.

Denmark | Lukas Graham - "You're not there"


Danish group Lukas Graham are still enjoying a stunning worldwide hit like "7 years", yet they are releasing more and more fantastic music. That is the case of "You're not there", a song which has a great melody and a marking chorus, accompanied by the singer's full-of-emotion voice.

Updated on November 11th, 2016, with the official video.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Iceland | Friðrik Dór - "Dönsum (eins og hálfvitar)"


Born in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, in 1987, Friðrik Dór is one of the most prominent names within the Icelandic pop scene. His most recent single brings all the groove to the floor: it will be impossible not to dance along "Dönsum (eins og hálfvitar)"!

Italy | Tiromancino - "Piccoli miracoli"


Formed in Rome in 1989, Tiromancino are one of the most classic pop-rock groups you can find in Italy. They are currently releasing their 11th studio album, entitled "Nel respiro del mondo", and here we are gifted with the first single to emerge from it: "Piccoli miracoli" is a gentle and warm confluence of sounds!

Denmark | KIM - "Low"


Kim Vagn Wagner goes as KIM on stage. He's an artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, who is just now launching his music career with a lovely single. "Low" is the kind of pop with a retro feeling attached which will have you bobbing your head up and down!

Belgium | Milow - "Howling at the Moon"


Jonathan Ivo Gilles Vandenbroeck is the real name of Milow, a Belgian singer born in Borgerhout in 1981 who became one of Belgium's most popular acts. This year, he is releasing his new album, "Modern heart", and he already presented the first single to come out of it: "Howling at the Moon" is a relaxed tune, perfect to lay down on a sunny afternoon and relax!

Finland | Katéa - "Louder"


Finnish singer Katéa is back with us! Her most recent single is "Louder", a song in which she explores different sounds: her voice goes deep and captivating as ever, and the R&B beats of the music finish a perfect job!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Italy | Max Pezzali - "Due anime"


Italian singer and songwriter Max Pezzali is back, and we are very excited with his new single! "Due anime" presents one of the most hypnotizing ambiences of any song we've listened this year, and it is for sure our favorite single by Max in long time. We love it!

Updated on May 31st, 2016, with the official video.

Poland | Feel - "Swoje szczęście znam"


Feel are a Polish band formed in Katowice in 2005, by the initiative of Piotr Kupicha (the band's lead singer and guitarist). They have just released "Swoje szczęście znam", which is a great rock 'n' roll track. It has a touch of retro which makes us remeet some of the best bands of the '80s and '90s. We love it!

Updated on May 29th, 2016, with the official video.

Romania | Speak - "Vocile din capul meu"


Speak is a Romanian singer, producer and DJ who was born in Bacău. He is hitting the radios in Romania with his amazing single "Vocile din capul meu". It has a great melody and a very special chorus. Its groove is completely contagious and addictive.

Germany | Fahrenhaidt feat. Cassandra Steen and Vincent Malin - "Ich lauf"


Fahrenhaidt are a German band formed in Berlin in 2014, by Erik Macholl and Andreas John. They have gathered with Cassandra Steen and Vincent Malin to record and release "Ich lauf". It's a beautiful downtempo with a very strong and potent chorus. The voices mix quite well on the song.

Kosovo | Nora Istrefi - "Sa t'kom dasht"


Nora Istrefi is a Kosovar singer who was born in Pristina in 1986. She has started her professional career at the age of 18, and has enjoyed success since then. Nora has just released a new single, entitled "Sa t'kom dasht", which is a very groovy mix of pop and R&B.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Denmark | Rasmus Seebach - "Farlig"


Look who has a new single! Danish star Rasmus Seebach has just released "Farlig", which is a very entertaining pop song. Its involving and fun groove is a true invitation to move your body with the melody. And the chorus is especially delightful.

Italy | Laura Pausini - "Lo sapevi prima tu"


Beautiful song coming from Italy. Well, we aren't surprised: whatever Laura Pausini produces is, indeed, beautiful! "Lo sapevi prima tu" is a very cute ballad which she dedicates to her father, Fabrizio Pausini – who is also starring the video clip. You can check the version in Spanish by clicking here.

Turkey | Piiz - "İntihar süsü"


Piiz are a Turkish band formed in Eskişehir in 2003. Their current formation has Emir Yaşar, M. Doğa Usta, Ahmet Çilingir, Muzaffer Doğan and Mehmet Dudarık. They have just released "İntihar süsü", which presents a great mix of rock and folk sounds. Quite a cool song!

Ireland | The Frank and Walters - "We are the young men"


The Frank and Walters are one of the most recognizable alternative rock bands hailing from Cork, Ireland, in the past two decades. Founded in the end of the 1980s, they have been making great music ever since. "We are the young men" is a great sample of their work. Solid rock 'n' roll with very entertaining melody and vocals.

Iceland | Thorsteinn Einarsson - "Kryptonite"


It's finally time to remeet the talented voice of Icelandic singer Thorsteinn Einarsson. He has just released "Kryptonite", a downtempo song which explores his qualities to their best. It's a very involving track.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Italy | Dear Jack - "La storia infinita"


After taking part of this year's Festival di Sanremo with the amazing "Mezzo respiro", Italian band Dear Jack are finally back with their new single. "La storia infinita" is a great pop-rock song. The melody is exciting, and it builds up until exploding in an outstanding chorus. So catchy!

Romania | Lidia Buble feat. Adrian Sina - "Ma certi"


Lidia Buble is a Romanian singer who was born in Deva. Adrian Sina is a singer, songwriter, DJ and producer from Baia Mare, Romania. They've gathered for a great pop song, "Ma certi". Its very entertaining melody leads this amazing track, which has an extremely catchy and effective chorus.

Germany | Resaid - "Push the button"


Sounds European! remeets German duo Resaid, and another beautiful acoustic version for a big hit of the past. This time, they present a great and delightful rendition of "Push the button", originally performed by British girlband Sugababes. It's part of their recently released album, "Boys & girls", which also has versions for artists such as Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Westlife.

Sweden | FO&O - "Summer love"


It's finally time to remeet Swedish boyband FO&O. Their new single "Summer love" is amazing! It has a very entertaining melody, whose pace is involving and quite inviting, and a fresh feeling which only summer songs can offer.

Updated on March 27th, 2017, with the new stage name of the group.

Croatia | Tony Cetinski - "Od trnja do zvijezda"


Croatian star Tony Cetinski (which is now sometimes signing as Toni Cetinsky, too) is back with a new single. "Od trnja do zvijezda" is a slow-paced pop-rock with a very catchy chorus. The instrumentals are a perfect fit for the song, and Tony's vocal performance is, as usual, flawless.

Monday, May 09, 2016

You've Seen Here: 2016 Eurovision Song Contest


We are entering this year's Eurovision Song Contest week. So, it's time for Sounds European! to provide you with a guide to what you'll be watching these days, reviewing all the participating songs (including 25 which we have already presented ourselves).

In 2016, Eurovision will be held at Ericsson Globe, in Stockholm, following last year's victory of Sweden, with "Heroes". According to the bookies, Russia is the main favorite to win the contest. Other countries pointed by experts as potential winners are France, Australia and Ukraine.

Get to know the 42 entries of this year:

Semifinal 1 (May 10th, 2016):

Semifinal 2 (May 12th, 2016):

1. Latvia | Justs - "Heartbeat"
2. Poland | Michał Szpak - "Color of your life"
3. Switzerland | Rykka - "The last of our kind"
4. Israel | Hovi Star - "Made of stars"
5. Belarus | Ivan - "Help you fly"
6. Serbia | Sanja Vučić - "Goodbye (Shelter)"
7. Ireland | Nicky Byrne - "Sunlight"
8. North Macedonia | Kaliopi - "Dona"
9. Lithuania | Donny Montell - "I've been waiting for this night"
10. Australia | Dami Im - "Sound of silence"
11. Slovenia | ManuElla - "Blue and red"
12. Bulgaria | Poli Genova - "If love was a crime"
13. Denmark | Lighthouse X - "Soldiers of love"
14. Ukraine | Jamala - "1944"
15. Norway | Agnete - "Icebreaker"
16. Georgia | Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz - "Midnight gold"
17. Albania | Eneda Tarifa - "Fairytale"
18. Belgium | Laura Tesoro - "What's the pressure"

Final (May 14th, 2016):

Bulgaria | Poli Genova - "If love was a crime"


Poli Genova is almost synonymous with Bulgaria on Eurovision Song Contest. She represented her country on the festival in 2011, hosted the Junior version in 2015, and will compete once again this year. Her entry for 2016, "If love was a crime", is a very entertaining pop. Three minutes of pure fun, with one of the most experient names of this year's edition.

Lithuania | Donny Montell - "I've been waiting for this night"


Lithuanian singer Donny Montell is another returning artist (among several ones) of this year's Eurovision. Donny has represented Lithuania for the first time in 2012, and he is now back with "I've been waiting for this night". It's an interesting electropop which explores his vocal capabilities to the best.

Belarus | Ivan - "Help you fly"


If you follow Sounds European!, Belarusian singer Ivan's work is not unknown to you, since we have presented his single "Krest i ladon'". Now, he is going to Stockholm, where he'll represent his country on this year's Eurovision Song Contest. His entry "Help you fly" is a very cool rock which really highlights his unique voice.

North Macedonia | Kaliopi - "Dona"


North Macedonia is going to this year's Eurovision in Stockholm with one of their most important and respected singers. Kaliopi returns to the contest with the touching "Dona". Some people say it is maybe too traditional for the competition – but honestly, can anyone really doubt of Kaliopi's ability to dazzle crowds with her amazing vocal performances?

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Italy | Emma - "Il paradiso non esiste"


Some of the most renowned divas of Italian music have been experimenting with different genres on their most recent singles. Another one who is giving it a try is Emma. "Il paradiso non esiste" presents her exploring a lighter pop – when her music usually tends to pop-rock. And the result is outstanding, which only reinforces Emma is great in whatever genre she decides to try.

Croatia | Antonela Doko - "Onaj dan"


Antonela Doko is a Croatian singer from Rijeka. And, even though she is still a teenager, she is already displaying huge vocal ability with her debut single "Onaj dan". It's a charming and classy pop with retro influences, but with a modern approach. The instrumentals and great, but the main point is for sure Antonela's great voice.

Austria | Lemo - "Der himmel über Wien"


Lemo is an Austrian singer and songwriter from Vienna. He has just released an exciting new single. It is entitled "Der himmel über Wien", "The sky over Vienna". It is a catchy song with captivating instrumentals and a very effective chorus. Excellent song to honor one of the most charming cities of Europe!

Bulgaria | Ruth Koleva - "Run"


Ruth Koleva is a Bulgarian singer who was born in Sofia in 1990. She has just released a new single entitled "Run". It is a slow-paced song with a grandiose ambience. It has a great chorus, besides a very special mix of high-quality instrumentals and beautiful vocals. It is sure worth a listen!

Slovenia | Big Addiction - "Ne izgubi se"


Following the tradition of great Slovene bands, meet Big Addiction, from Velenje. They have just released "Ne izgubi se", which is a great rock 'n' roll track. It has everything you can expect from the genre: strong instrumentals, an even stronger chorus and a very powerful result.

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Italy | Modà - "Passione maledetta"


Our favorite Italian band has just released a new single. And let's be honest: whenever Modà has something new, we all expect it to be great. Well, "Passione maledetta" meets these expectations. And goes beyond! It exhales Italian passion, in a very powerful rock 'n' roll melody. It is, for sure, one of the best singles ever released by Modà. It is, also for sure, our song of the week!

Denmark | Fallulah - "Perfect tense"


Get ready to listen to an excellent pop song. It's the new single by Danish singer Fallulah, "Perfect tense". Its well-paced melody is led by smooth electronic beats which are perfect to set a highly involving atmosphere. The chorus is the main point of the song: as catchy as it can be. It's a very modern track!

Finland | SANNI - "Että mitähän vittua"


Continuing the great moment for Finnish female pop stars, we highlight SANNI, who has been charting in Finland for some time with "Että mitähän vittua". Since this song doesn't seem to be getting an official video, we decided to publish its presentation on the Finnish Saturday Night Live. What a powerful and catchy track it is!

Ukraine | Dasha Pyshnaya - "Namalyuy"


Time to get to know another new young talent in Europe. Dasha Pyshnaya is a Ukrainian singer from Kiev. Her single "Namalyuy" is stupendous. It has a highly entertaining melody with unique and fun instrumentals, used in a way which makes this song be as great as pop can get. Lovely!

France | Nehuda feat. Cris Cab - "Paradise"


Nehuda is a French singer from Avignon. She took part of the fourth season of the French version of the reality show The Voice, won by Lilian Renaud. She has joined American singer Cris Cab to release "Paradise", which is a light and fresh summer song with very captivating melody.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Denmark | Volbeat feat. Johan Olsen - "For evigt"


It's time to remeet one of our favorite Danish bands, Volbeat, with their new single. "For evigt" will be part of the band's new album, which is scheduled to be released in June. It has the participation of Danish singer Johan Olsen, from Nørrebro. It's rock 'n' roll at its purest state. Powerful and highly energetic! You can also check the version which is fully in English clicking here.

Italy | Alessio Bernabei - "Io e te = la soluzione"


Alessio Bernabei was one of the highlights of this year's Festival di Sanremo with the excellent "Noi siamo infinito". Now, he is back, with the release of a new single. "Io e te = la soluzione" is a beautiful romantic ballad with a highly catchy melody. It has that touch of passion which only Italians seem to know how to add to a song. We love it!

Bulgaria | Divna - "Bez vŭprositelni"


The groove of Divna's new single is taking over the Bulgarian radios. "Bez vŭprositelni" is a very pleasant and contagious song. Its mix of R&B, pop and rap is quite effective, exploring Divna's talent very well. It's a huge invitation to move your body along the melody!

Finland | Antti Tuisku - "Pyydä multa anteeks kunnolla"


Antti Tuisku is a Finnish singer from Rovaniemi. He finished third in the 2003 edition of the reality show Idols in Finland. Since then, he has been in the top places of the Finnish charts almost every year – including 2016, with his new single "Pyydä multa anteeks kunnolla". It's a groovy and very catchy mix of pop and R&B.

Russia | Serebro - "Chocolate"


Time to remeet Russian group Serebro, which have just released a new song. "Chocolate" is an interesting electronic pop, which explores the best modern and fresh summer songs are currently presenting around the world.

Updated on July 17th, 2016, with the official video.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

United Kingdom | Nathan Sykes feat. G-Eazy - "Give it up"


The versatility of British singer Nathan Sykes is something hardly seen. His new single is different from anything else you have heard of him so far. "Give it up" (which features American rapper G-Eazy) has a groovy melody, a captivating chorus and a very cool vibe!

Norway | Janove Ottesen - "Regnbuen treffer oss ikkje lenger"


Janove Ottesen is a Norwegian singer born in Bryne in 1975, who is keeping a solo career while being part of also Norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra. He is releasing his third solo album this year, and the first single to emerge from it is amazing: "Regnbuen treffer oss ikkje lenger" is a very cool pop-rock track!

Slovakia | King Shaolin - "Money in my soul"


King Shaolin are a four-piece band formed in Bratislava, Slovakia, in 2011. This year, they are releasing their third studio album, "Burn inside", and here they are showing us the first single to emerge from it: "Money in my soul" plays with pop, rock and some Oriental sounds to create a very unique song!

Russia | Yulianna Karaulova - "Vneorbitnyye"


Yulianna Karaulova is becoming one of the most popular Russian singers, having reached a huge sucess with every new song she releases. Her last one is no exception to the rule: "Vneorbitnyye" is a lovely and tender pop song which will captivate you on a first listen!

Poland | Ania Dabrowska - "Nieprawda"


We remeet Polish singer Ania Dabrowska, who has recently released another amazing single. We're talking about "Nieprawda", a soothing and very relaxed track to listen to right after you arrive home from a hard day!

Updated on October 8th, 2018, with the official lyrics video.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

United Kingdom | Foxes - "Cruel"


British singer Foxes is back with us! Some days ago, she released "Cruel", her new single. The song is a perfect mix of contemporary pop and an oldie groove which fits her voice perfectly.

Spain | Supersubmarina - "Viento de cara"


Spanish band Supersubmarina returns to Sounds European! with another masterpiece of rock. "Viento de cara" is strong, it has a very nice melody and a very deep message.

Ukraine | Oleg Verd - "Idu k tebe"


Oleg Verd is quickly becoming one of our favorite Ukrainian male singers. His latest release is the catchy "Idu k tebe", a song in which he explores a more relaxed pop and still conveys a very groovy song!

Malta | Jack's Fusion - "Electric"


Jack's Fusion is a Maltese band formed by Emma Grech, Luke Deguara, Kurt Bezzina, Jacob Spiteri and Jean-luc Camilleri. Their most recent single is "Electric", a powerful and intense rock track which surely shows all their power!

Lithuania | Pikaso - "Tu ne mano"


Time to remeet Lithuanian band Pikaso! Their most recent single is a very sweet and powerful rock ballad: "Tu ne mano" explodes in a powerful chorus filled with energetic beats and the mellow melody of a piano.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Denmark | Medina - "Forgabt (Jeg fucking elsker dig)"


Danish singer Medina is on fire with her new album, "We survive"! She is already presenting us the second single from the release, this time in Danish: "Forgabt (Jeg fucking elsker dig)" brings her back to the electronic kind of pop which made her famous in Denmark and beyond!

Sweden | Naomi Pilgrim - "Sink like a stone"


Naomi Pilgrim is a singer from Stockholm, Sweden. Her captivating vocals and quite ethereal sounds mingle fantastically in her latest single, "Sink like a stone". The song is a great sample of indie pop with an enticing chorus.

Updated on July 11th, 2016, with the official video.

Slovakia | Mária Čírová - "Unikát"


Mária Čírová is a singer born in Trnava, Slovakia, in 1988. She reached fame after winning the last season of Coca-Cola Popstar, a reality show in her home country. Since then, her career has grown steady, and last month she presented us her newest single. "Unikát" is a strong song which explores soul and R&B beats.

United Kingdom | Sam Callahan - "I love it when you"


Born in Essex in 1995, Sam Callahan found fame after participating on the tenth edition of the British The X Factor. After the reality, he kept working with music, and not long ago he presented his latest single: "I love it when you" is a great mix of electronic beats and pop!

Germany | Nena - "Genau jetzt"


We are sure you have heard of German singer Gabriele Susanne Kerner. Well, maybe you don't know her by her real name, but for sure you've heard of Nena and her worldwide hit "99 red balloons", right? Well, she is back on track and as amazing as ever! Her new single, "Genau jetzt", is the third single to emerge from "Oldschool", Nena's 17th (!) studio album. The song is a deep and very interesting ballad, which explores alternative sounds and the delicate voice of the singer.

Monday, May 02, 2016

The Charts Day #139


American rock legend Prince sadly passed away some weeks ago. Some charts around Europe have blossomed with songs of his as an hommage, and the highlight comes from France: "Purple rain", one of Prince's most anthemic songs, is leading the charts this week.

10 Questions For: Erik Hassle


Sounds European! is very proud to present another amazing exclusive interview. We are back to Sweden, land of an amazing singer and songwriter who we had the honor of talking to. These are our 10 questions for Erik Hassle:

Sounds European!: Tell us your story with music. What are your first memories with music? Who were your idols when you were growing up, and who are your idols now? And how were your first own experiences with music?

Erik Hassle: My first memory is "Man behind the mask", by Alice Cooper. It was my older brother's favorite song, and he could play the octave synth bass. Stevie Wonder was my idol growing up, and now he is in hard competition with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. My first experience with music was when I sang "Hey Paula" in sixth grade. It took a lot of courage, but I loved it.

SE!: Honestly, it is not easy to define a genre alone for the music you produce. How would you define it to us? And how would you like the listeners to perceive it?

EH: I think it's up for the listeners to define. I grew up with a lot of Motown soul and millennium pop. And the millennium era is still a mystery to me. :)
I think that it is up to the one who listens to decide. You never know how the response is going to be. But if one person likes it, I'm happy.

SE!: Your first album was already a masterpiece. We love not only its singles, as "Hurtful", but also the other tracks – we specially adore "Isn't it obvious". You charted in Sweden, Denmark and United Kingdom. How do you analyze your first work? And how did it feel to reach such an acceptance at your very first try?

EH: Thank you so much. You're so nice! :) My first time in this bussiness, I was lucky to meet amazing people that mentored me, developed me and believed in me. Grizzly, Mac, [Tommy] Tysper, Fredrik Berger and I worked on my album "Pieces" for two years in a studio in Stockholm. It was a blessing to get to sit by and hang around amazing music people, and to get to learn about the studio environment so early. I was still in high school, and really tired of being in school, so I tried my best to get to be hanging more in the studio. In the beginning, since they were all working on other stuff too, I only got to come down maybe one weekend a month – and I remember I was so pumped up every time.

SE!: Your most recent singles are receiving great feedback, both from the press and the public. "No words" was a big hit on Spotify. We feel a more mature Erik Hassle in these songs. How would you describe the evolution of your music from the first album until the latest singles?

EH: It's been seven years, I think, since I released "Pieces", and of course I've been through a lot of life stuff during these years that have made me more mature. But I'm also more confident in my own opinion and now I know more what I want. Going to Los Angeles about three years ago was a huge injection of inspiration and productivity. I think it's important, for your evolution, to deal with situations where you maybe don't feel totally comfortable, ride out the storm – and then, every now and then, you get to move a step up on your personal ladder.

SE!: You are one more Swedish name beginning to gain ground in the international music market, especially in the United States. There is a magic connection between Swedes and music. How do you see this relation? Why do you think Sweden produces so many great names for worldwide music?

EH: I think, because of the long winters, we have to search for something to cope. Also, Sweden these days is a fairly friendly country with a lot of admiration for culture and entertainment from the rest of the world. With pop, I think we're good at borrowing styles and mixing them together.

"I think it's important, for your evolution, to deal with situations where you maybe don't feel totally comfortable, ride out the storm"
(Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: You have toured and collaborated with many great names of music. Can you name some of them to us? Who were the ones you keep the best memories of?

EH: The last couple of years, I toured in the United States with Broods, Tove Lo, and Twin Shadow. I keep so good memories from this time. The tour with MØ was extra special because her band played with me on stage and her sound engineer did the sound for me, so they treated me like I was part of the family. :) It was a very nice Scandinavian family vibe all over that tour.

SE!: You are also a great composer. What do you like to write about? Are there any occasions or places which stimulate you to compose? What are some of your compositions which you enjoy the most?

EH: I like to write about everything that slips my mind. Often, it's when something happens that affects me with either love or sadness. I get into a mode where I speak about my own, and the affected one's, feelings – and often it becomes a song. I love to write with my "brother" Daniel Ledinsky [who, along with Hassle, composed several songs, such as "Can't remember to forget you", for instance], and we work together a lot in different cities.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Swedish and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

EH: I love Seinabo Sey. She seems like such an amazing person. I would love to sing with her sometime!

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

EH: In August, we will release my fifth album, and I really hope it will be a blast for everyone!

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

EH: My favourite song that I have done is "No words", I think it sets a good mood.