Saturday, April 30, 2016

Italy | Marco Carta - "Non so più amare"


We have no doubt: there is no artist in Italy living a more brilliant phase than Marco Carta. Single after single, Marco is keeping a huge level of work, dazzling us with masterpieces of pop music. So we were not surprised with how great his new single, "Non so più amare", is. Another excellent song, with perfect melody, chorus and vocals. One more new addiction for us: it's our song of the week!

United Kingdom | Zak Abel - "Everybody needs love"


Zak Abel is only 19, but he is already one of the most promising new talents from the United Kingdom. His newest single, "Everybody needs love", is a funky mix of pop, rock and electronic beats which really shows the power and talent of Zak!

France | Mathieu Canaby - "Miss California"


Mathieu Canaby is a French singer from Toulon. He has just released an irresistible pop track: "Miss California" has a highly addictive chorus and a very contagious melody. It brings back some memories of pop from the '90s and 2000s, with a great contemporary touch.

Ukraine | MaRina - "On my way"


MaRina was born Marina Łuczenko in 1989 in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. When she was only two years old, her family moved to Poland, where she started her path in music. After participating in several reality shows, she finally got her turn to work on music, and here is the result: "On my way", her most recent single, mixes R&B beats, pop, ethnic sounds and an amazing voice!

Portugal | HMB feat. Carminho - "O amor é assim"


Sounds European! finally remeets one of the grooviest groups of Europe, HMB, from Portugal. They have gathered with Carminho, fado singer who was born in Lisbon in 1984, to release "O amor é assim". It's an extremely delightful mix of HMB's unique soul and R&B music with one of the most outstanding voices of Portuguese fado.

Friday, April 29, 2016

France | Elisa Tovati - "Take me far away"


Elisa Tovati is a French singer born in Paris in 1976. After almost two years without a new single, she surprised us earlier this month with the release of "Take me far away", a song which mixes the sensuality of French with English chorus and a beautiful ethnic ambience.

Sweden | Peg Parnevik - "Ain't no saint"


Peg Parnevik is the stage name of Ida Josefin Peg Parnevik, Swedish singer, songwriter and television personality who was born in Stockholm in 1995. Her debut single "Ain't no saint" is charting in the country, and it shows a lot of potential. It's a groovy pop song with spices of R&B which is great to listen.

Updated on May 1st, 2016, with the official video.

Italy | Giovanni Caccamo - "Non siamo soli"


After his participation on this year's Festival di Sanremo, Giovanni Caccamo is back to business in his solo career. "Non siamo soli" is a song which mingles his soft and tender sounds with a more agitated pop-rock base.

Finland | Roope Salminen & Koirat feat. ABREU - "Voodoo"


Great meeting coming from Finland! Hip-hop group Roope Salminen & Koirat gathered with pop star ABREU to release "Voodoo". And what a song it is! Catchy, captivating and entertaining, it mixes the genres of both artists very well, and it's a great invitation to party.

Updated on December 24th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

Czech Republic | Chinaski - "Slovenský klín"


Czech band Chinaski keeps dazzling us with amazing music. They recently released "Slovenský klín", a calm pop-rock song which oozes energy and a relaxed mood at the same time.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Austria | Christina Stürmer - "Seite an seite"


The queen of Austrian pop-rock is back with a new single. Christina Stürmer has released "Seite an seite". It's a well-paced pop-rock song with very involving melody. Christina's voice leads the song until a grandiose ending. Lovely track!

United Kingdom | Fatherson - "Just past the point of breaking"


Scottish band Fatherson is back with another amazing single! "Just past the point of breaking" confirms that this band is strongly becoming one of the best exponents of contemporary Brit pop.

Italy | Noemi - "Fammi respirare dai tuoi occhi"


Time for an outstanding return! Noemi has one of the most unique voices of the country of unique voices, Italy. And her new single, "Fammi respirare dai tuoi occhi", explores it very well. It's a great pop-rock with a quick-paced melody which is just great for Noemi's voice to display all its quality.

Sweden | Mimi Werner feat. Brolle - "Here we go again"


If you thought that "Ain't no good" was just a coincidence, Swedish singer Mimi Werner proves you wrong in her new single. Also country-flavored, and featuring Swedish singer Brolle, "Here we go again" shows that Mimi's talent is just starting to show!

Belgium | Noémie Wolfs - "Burning"


Noémie Wolfs is a Belgian singer from Scherpenheuvel. She was the lead singer of Hooverphonic from 2010 to 2015, when she became the fifth singer to leave the band. Now on solo career, she has just released "Burning". It's a smooth and soothing song with a very involving melody.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Italy | Fabrizio Moro - "Sono anni che ti aspetto"


Born in 1975 in Rome, Fabrizio Moro is a singer, songwriter and TV presenter. After releasing "Via delle girandole 10", his eigth studio album, last year, he is already working in new music. "Sono anni che ti aspetto" is his newest single, a rock ballad which shows his uniquely raspy voice.

Russia | Kamaliya - "Timeless"


Kamaliya is a Russian-born (Ukrainian by heart) singer, actress and model who was Mrs. World in 2008. She got more widely known after being part of the reality show Meet The Russians, in the United Kingdom. Her new single "Timeless" is a epic pop with very exciting chorus.

Poland | Young Stadium Club - "Too late"


Young Stadium Club was formed in 2013 in the Polish city of Łódź by Dominic, Filip, Chris and John. Their music is filled with sounds from Brit pop, as their most recent single shows: "Too late" is a fantastic indie rock song, with a great chorus and a very cool melody.

Netherlands | Marco Borsato feat. Matt Simons - "Breng me naar het water"


Meeting of two huge stars! Marco Borsato, born in Alkmaar in 1966, has been one of the most successful names of the Netherlands for decades. He has gathered with American singer and songwriter Matt Simons (who was a worldwide hit with "Catch & release") to release "Breng me naar het water". It's a very touching ballad.

Spain | Malú - "Encadenada a ti"


Spanish diva Malú is on fire lately! She is releasing yet another amazing single, this time leaving the upbeating pop-rock behind to present us a beautiful ballad. "Encadenada a ti" has a great melody and a very cool chorus!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

France | Ridsa - "Pardon"


Ridsa is the stage name of Maxence Boitez, French rapper and singer who was born in Orléans in 1990. His single "Pardon" is hitting the charts in France, and we can surely see why. It's an involving and groovy mix of pop, R&B and rap, in a way French people are experts in making.

Ukraine | Vitaliy Kozlovskiy - "Otpuskayu na"


After almost a year since his latest feature on our site, Ukrainian singer Vitaliy Kozlovskiy is back with another fantastic sample of pop! "Otpuskayu na" has a great groove and a catchy chorus. A perfect song to fall for!

Finland | Laura Närhi - "Supersankari"


Laura Närhi is one of the most influential names of the Finnish pop scene. The singer, who was born in Kirkkonummi in 1978, is back to work after years without releasing a new single. "Supersankari" shows us the kind of music Laura is an expert in making: midtempo to downtempo pop with involving ambience. Welcome back, Laura, we were missing you!

Malta | The Crowns - "Dreams"


Meet The Crowns! Hailing from Malta, the band is currently formed by Victorio Gauci, Gianluca Cappitta, Chris Ciantar, Jean-Paul Mollicone and Luke Vella Clark, and have become one of the highlights of the Maltese music scene. Their most recent single, "Dreams", shows why: the song captivates the power of Brit-influenced rock at its best!

Italy | Simonetta Spiri feat. Greta, Verdiana and Roberta Pompa - "L'amore merita"


Huge meeting of Italian divas to fight for freedom and equality! Meet Simonetta Spiri, from Sassari, and Roberta Pompa, from Brescia, who have joined Greta and Verdiana for the project #LAMOREMERITA. Created by Simonetta along songwriter Luca Sala (one of the authors of the 2012 Festival di Sanremo winner, "Non è l'inferno"), and joined by the other three stars, it means "Love deserves", and it fights for the right to equality of love, in a very important moment for the cause in Italy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Charts Day #138


Danish singer Christopher makes a hit of every new single he releases. Such is the case of "I won't let you down", which features Bekuh Boom. The song is currently leading the local charts!

10 Questions For: Polina Gagarina


Sounds European! has been having the opportunity to interview several amazing artists all across the continent. But not many times have we talked to such an idol of ours as this time. We are now heading to Russia, where we talked to one of the biggest divas of Eastern European music. And, after her very deep and honest answers, our admiration for her has only grown. These are our 10 questions for Polina Gagarina:

Sounds European!: Before anything else, let's talk about your history with music. Who were your idols when growing up? And who are your current idols and influences?

Polina Gagarina: There was and there is always only one hero in my life, who is the closest and dearest one at the same time. That hero is my mom. She is also an actress, a professional dancer. Since my childhood, I tried to look up to my mom and wanted to be like her. We often advise with each other, I wait for her help or support on every matter. That's it. I've never looked up to any other heroes. I always went on my own way, learning how to be myself and what path in career to choose.

SE!: You rose to fame after winning the second season of Star Factory, in 2003. How was your experience on the show? How did you feel when you were announced as the winner? And what were the biggest lessons you took from that participation?

PG: That was a good start, a right understanding of my further direction in career. Performances, fixing mistakes, tips by professionals – all of that was on the TV show. But, perhaps, the most important lesson I learned was before Fabrika Zvyozd [Russian name for Star Factory] – you have to work hard. Always. Don't be lazy! Be in progress, keep it up! I think that's the reason I won the show.

SE!: You have several amazing singles which reached massive success in Russia and region. How do you feel knowing your songs reach so many people, all around the world? How do you face success? And what are your dreams for your career, what do you want to still achieve?

PG: I'm so happy to know that my songs got so popular in Russia, as well as in Europe. Every actor or singer tends to be on demand and, of course, one should be talented, hardworking and so on. I perceive my popularity as a result of my hard work. I have always worked conscientiously, because I knew that talent gives you only 10% of success, the rest – your efforts. I'm so glad that I've got fans and followers whom I'm very proud of – because I can assure you, they choose music of high quality, which I create especially for them.

SE!: In our opinion, your songs are among the best ones currently being produced in the worldwide pop music scene. Singles such as "Spektakl' okonchen", "Net", "Shagay" and "Ya ne budu" are pop at its best form. How would you describe your own music? And how do you want people to perceive it? Also, how do you do to maintain such a high level in the long term, single after single?

PG: I can't describe my music in one or two words, because it is absolutely different. I just say it again – my music is a high-quality product. I don't sing songs that are meant to become popular if I don't like them or if they don't correlate with my vision of music. I don't want to lie to my audience and sing for them whatever is possible. I want them to listen to good and well-felt music.

SE!: You represented Russia in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, with an outstanding live performance, reaching a great second place. You also sang during the draw for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. How do you feel knowing your name is always remembered to represent your country in important international events? And how was your exeperience in both Eurovision and the FIFA draw?

PG: It's definitely pleasant. I was proud to represent my country on Eurovision. I'm always happy to accept the invitations of such a big scale. I feel like I am a council of peace and kindness, because events such as Eurovision or Football Championship unite people from different countries.

"I don't sing songs that are meant to become popular if I don't like them or if they don't correlate with my vision of music"

SE!: Nowadays, you are one of the coaches of Golos, the Russian version of The Voice. What can you tell us about being a coach of the show? And how does it feel to be, a decade after Star Factory, "on the other side" of the game, judging other new talents of music?

PG: This role is very, very hard. I mean, there have been hard times, when this or that decision for one or another participant should be made. All of the guys on the show were talented, but it's a show, and I knew that, but I couldn't help but taking the leaving of every participant to my heart. Secondly, my role as a mentor on the show Golos was a debut for me, and I feel I haven't unveiled my potential as a mentor fully. I considered my mistakes, and I think I have enough time to work on them.

SE!: Female pop music is really strong and prolific in Russia and neighboring countries. We imagine that, at the same time, it can be both good (there is space for appearing) and bad (there is a lot of competition). How do you analyze the Russian female pop scene? And how do you try to stand out from the other singers with your music?

PG: I don't try to differentiate myself from others, to be ahead or to bite more than I can chew. But I have always been and still am sincere in what I'm doing. I respect my audience, and I will never chase a quantity of fans, I'm going to work on the quality of my music. I think people see the truth and the honesty, and they want their actors or singers to be honest – the whole life is built on it and on trust.

SE!: What are your professional plans for the near future? What can your fans expect from you?

PG: This year is rich of surprises, which we're showing you little by little. The first surprise and this one – the best of the best – was my new show, POLINA, which I perceive as something special, new. After the premiere of the show in Moscow, I went on tour across the Russian Federation and Europe: London, Vienna, Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. We filmed a clip of my song "Day". Recently, I recorded a co-track with a famous rapper in Russia, Basta. The genre, I find unusual, but interesting.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Russian and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

PG: I'm interested in collaborating with any talented and charming actors, singers and musicians. I like experimenting with something new.

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

PG: I've got lots of favorite songs, especially those I have written myself. I think I can recommend you one of my unusual songs – "Day". I wrote it yet in 2014, though the premiere of the clip happened in 2016, on my show POLINA in Moscow.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Italy | Annalisa - "Se avessi un cuore"


After presenting a very deep entry for the 2016 Festival di Sanremo, Annalisa started preparing her new album. And now, we can already listen to the song which will also entitle the album, "Se avessi un cuore". It displays a different Annalisa, exploring electropop and dance as no other track of hers has ever done. The result is catchy and unique.

Updated on May 1st, 2016, with the official video.

Germany | Vanessa Mai - "Ich sterb für dich"


Vanessa Mai is a German singer who was born in Aspach in 1992. She is also known for being the lead singer of schlager group Wolkenfrei. Vanessa has just released her second album, "Für dich" – and from it, we have her new single "Ich sterb für dich". It's a captivating song with a very effective chorus.

Finland | Suvi Teräsniska - "Erinomanlaisia"


Another great Finnish female pop singer who is finally returning with a new single is Suvi Teräsniska. And get ready to get blown away: "Erinomanlaisia" is beautiful and touching from first to last second. It's such a sweet ballad! It explores Suvi's voice to its best, and it is very captivating.

Czech Republic | Eddie Stoilow - "Sun is shining"


Prague-based band Eddie Stoilow are back to the pages of Sounds European!. Their new single, "Sun is shining", is a very interesting alternative rock track. It has a very catchy melody with unique instrumental use, and singing which totally fits the proposal.

Croatia | Detour - "Zaljubila sam se"


Another delightful song by Croatian group Detour. The Zagreb-based band has released "Zaljubila sam se". Its light and entertaining melody is led by varied, creative and fun instrumentals. The result is a quite upwards track which is irresistible for the ears!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Netherlands | Miss Montreal - "One last drink"


Dutch pop diva Miss Montreal has an amazing new single, and we are totally in love with it! "One last drink" has a captivating melody and a highly addictive chorus. And her voice, as usual, is a great plus to it all, making it even more special. Such an entertaining track: it's pop at its best! It's our song of the week.

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Kick im augenblick"


The princess of schlager is back! Swiss star Beatrice Egli has a great new single to offer. "Kick im augenblick" is an extremely entertaining song. It offers the best of Beatrice's music: fun melody, extremely addictive chorus and an irresistible invitation to dance!

Finland | Janna - "Paljon onnee"


Look who is finally back with a new single! We were surely missing Finnish singer Janna, and her "Paljon onnee" is the perfect return we were expecting. It's that kind of deep and involving pop that she has made us used to listem from her. Such a great song!

Czech Republic | UDG feat. Jakub Děkan - "Atomy"


UDG are a Czech band from Prague. They have gathered Jakub Děkan, from Liberec, to release "Atomy". It's a great rock 'n' roll track. All the elements you can expect from the genre are present in it: strong instrumentals, great singing and a powerful chorus.

Romania | Moogly - "Nu trece usor"


Moogly is a Romanian singer from Bucharest, who was born in 1989. He has just released "Nu trece usor". It's a very groovy pop with very involving melody and instrumentals. Moogly's smooth singing is the perfect complement for the song.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Germany | I AM JERRY - "Wir wolln die Sonne sehn"


I AM JERRY are a German band from Sprockhövel and Bochum. We have just had the opportunity of listening to their new single, "Wir wolln die Sonne sehn", and we got extremely impressed. It's high-quality alternative rock, with great instrumentals and vocals which perfectly fit the song. It's a must-listen!

United Kingdom | The Virginmarys - "Motherless land"


The Virginmarys are a British band from Macclesfield. They have just released "Motherless land", which is pure rock 'n' roll. Instrumentals and vocals are very powerful, and melody drives this energy greatly throughout the entire song.

Finland | Ellinoora - "Leijonakuningas"


It's a great moment for the best female singers from Finland! They are all returning after some time off – and all of them, with great music. It's also the case of Ellinoora, whose new single is just highly addictive. "Leijonakuningas" has involving melody, catchy instrumentals and, as usual, the unique and excellent vocal capacity of Ellinoora. Simply lovely!

Updated on May 18th, 2019, with the official audio video.

Russia | MBAND - "Vso ispravit'"


Russian boyband MBAND is back. And, even though they are with one member less in their formation, they are greater than ever! Now, Nikita (from Russia), Artyom (from Ukraine) and Anatoliy (from Kazakhstan) offer us "Vso ispravit'". It's an extremely catchy pop track. A true and highly addictive invitation to dance!

Updated on May 8th, 2016, with the official video.

Belgium | Bent Van Looy - "My escape"


Bent Van Looy is a singer and musician who was born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1976. He is also known for being the lead singer of the band Das Pop. He is currently running his solo career. From it, we now have the new single "My escape". It's an entertaining pop-rock with some clear retro references to the best of rock from the '60s and '70s. Very fun melody!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

United Kingdom | Tom Odell - "Magnetised"


Tom Odell is a British singer and songwriter born in Chichester in 1990. He had a fantastic breakthrough in 2013, with his first album "Long way down" reaching great success both in the United Kingdom and abroad. This year, he will release his second studio album, "Wrong crowd", and here comes the second single to emerge form it: "Magnetised" mixes pop, Brit rock and indie sounds at a perfect rate!

Sweden | Darin - "F your love"


Swedish singer Darin is back to the pop path! His latest release is "F your love", a song in which he mixes his amazing pop sounds with intense R&B beats. The song also has a fantastic flashback feeling to the early 2000s, making it extremely enjoyable!

Romania | Feli - "Va urma"


Romanian singer Feli is back to Sounds European!! Her most recent single is entitled "Va urma", and it follows the trend of powerful pop ballads with R&B beats that's recently taking over the country. Feli's voice is delightful, and it really shows in this song!

France | Pony Pony Run Run - "Alright"


Pony Pony Run Run is one of the most prominent names of the French indie scene. They have not long ago released a new single, and we were just mindblown by their groove. "Alright" is a very fun and entertaining track.

Turkey | Kargo - "Böyle daha güzelsin"


Kargo is a rock band formed in Istambul in 1993. Their music has conquered their country, and their latest single shows us why: "Böyle daha güzelsin" is a very energetic and powerful track!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

United Kingdom | Stealth - "Judgement day"


Stealth is a singer hailing from Birmingham. His music, a combination of soul and blues, is quickly gaining space within the British music scene, as is his most recent single. "Judgement day" combines an intense instrumentation with strong lyrics and a very heartfelt vocal performance.

Portugal | Ana Moura - "Tens os olhos de Deus"


Portuguese singer Ana Moura is on fire promoting her seventh studio album, "Moura". The second single to emerge from it is "Tens os olhos de Deus", a song that brings back the nostalgia of Portuguese fado in the beautiful voice of Ana.

Romania | Alexandra Ungureanu - "Nopti si zile"


Alexandra Ungureanu is a Romanian singer born in the city of Onești in 1981. Meet her most recent single: "Nopti si zile" is a captivating mix of pop and R&B in a ballad as fine as only Romanians can produce!

Denmark | The House - "Better friend"


Jesper Staustrup, Morten Pauck and Kennie Ørsted are The House, a band from Denmark. Their music is a mix of electropop, rock and triphop, as they show in their latest single, "Better friend". The song, a very relaxing track, has an oldie feeling attached to it which makes the song irresistibe!

Spain | Auryn feat. Anastacia - "Who's loving you?"


If Spanish boyband Auryn needed anything else to prove their coolness, was to gather with a very big worldwide name for a single. And so they did in their most recent release! "Who's loving you?" features the outstanding vocals by American singer Anastacia. The song is a very nice pop track, in which the styles of the two artists mix amazingly well.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

United Kingdom | Lauren Aquilina - "Kicks"


Lauren Aquilina is a singer born in Bristol in 1995. After releasing four EPs, which confirmed her as one of the most popular independent British artists, she is ready for the big jump with the release of a new studio recording. The first single of the yet-to-be-announced album is "Kicks", a song in which Lauren displays her vocal abilities and a very classy instrumentation.

Germany | Bibi Bourelly - "Sally"


Bibi Bourelly is a 21-year-old singer and songwriter born in Berlin, Germany. After being behind hits like Rihanna's "Bitch better have my money", meet her singing career with her third single: "Sally" mixes R&B with pop in a spectacular ratio, bringing us one of the most unique songs of the year so far.

Turkey | Gökcan Sanlıman - "Yaşım tutmuyor mutluluğa"


Gökcan Sanlıman is a Turkish singer born in Istambul in 1985. Meet his most recent single: "Yaşım tutmuyor mutluluğa" brings together a lovely pop-rock ballad with traditional sounds, conveying a really enjoyable sound!

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "Sofia"


Spanish singer Alvaro Soler left us on tenterhooks for almost a year to release the follow-up of his debut single (and worldwide hit) "El mismo Sol". And let us tell you: after listening to the song, we are sure the wait was worth. "Sofia" is equally catchy, happy and contagious!

Belgium | Delta - "En visant la lune"


Benoit Leclercq and Julien Joris are Delta, one of the most promising new names in the Belgian music scene. Their first single is "En visant la lune", a calm pop-rock song which keeps all the class of French music while adding a more upbeat chorus.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Charts Day #137


American singer Meghan Trainor has brought some early 2000s flavor to her music for her latest single. "NO", a song with really witty lyrics, is already a hit in Europe: it reached the highest positions this week in Austria (#7) and Spain (#5).

10 Questions For: Benjamin Ingrosso


Time for one more interview on Sounds European!. We went to one of the home lands of pop music in the world, Sweden, to talk to one of the best new talents appearing in the country's music scene. These are our 10 questions for Benjamin Ingrosso:

Sounds European!: You are a young guy, but you already have a long history with music. Can you tell us a bit about it? When did you start singing? And how were your first steps into the world of music?

Benjamin Ingrosso: I have always loved music, dancing and acting and stuff like that. My family works in the business, so I grew up in that world. I started writing songs when I was seven years old, and that's when I knew I really wanted to do this full time.

SE!: You come from a very artistic family. Your mother is a great singer, and your father is a dancer, composer and producer. How was it for you to grow up involved with their works? Do you think they influenced you to enter the field of arts?

BI: Of course they have inspired me. My mother and father were both songwriters when they were young, so I have listened to all their work – and my father showed me a lot of old school music when I was nine years old, like Toni Braxton, Michael Jackson, Stevie [Wonder] and Elton John. And when I listened to those sounds, I fell in love with soul/pop.

SE!: Still talking about references, who are your idols in music? And do you feel they have any influence on the music you produce?

BI: Like I said, my father, all the legends like Paul McCartney, Michael, and a Swedish artist called Ted Gärdestad. And I also grew up to deep house music because both of my uncles and my big brother and cousin work in the house music business. So that has influenced me as well.

SE!: In 2006, you won Lilla Melodifestivalen and you represented Sweden on MGP Nordic. What are your memories of it? What did you learn from those experiences? And do you ever think of taking part of the adult version of Melodifestivalen?

BI: I loved it. That was the first time I got to feel how to be an artist. I had also written by myself, so that was a cool feeling. I will probably not participate in the adult version, but writing songs for other people in the competition could be fun.

SE!: Your latest singles are absolutely amazing. And they show you have a very broad range of style. How would you describe your own music? How would you like people to perceive your work? And what genres do you enjoy listening yourself?

BI: I am a bit all over the place, as a person. Sometimes I wanna do a classic pop song, and on the other day I wanna write a deep soul pop song with modern production. That's why my music is also a bit all over the place. But I think it's boring to be an artist and only have ONE sound. And when I don't listen to my own music, haha, I listen to EVERYTHING. Maybe except hardcore metal.

"I think it's boring to be an artist and only have ONE sound" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: We can't say your relationship with arts is limited to music. You also took part of theater plays. And you won the TV show Let's Dance in 2014. What can you tell us about these moments of your life?

BI: When I was younger, I loved musicals, so when I got a part in my first musical, I was amazed by how fun it was. I quit doing musicals when I became 14. By then, I had participated in eight shows. So I wanted a break. And then, when I was asked to dance in Let's Dance, I said "no" seven times. But my friends made me say "yes", and I don't regret it at all. It was one of the funniest times of my life.

SE!: You are also a songwriter. How is the process of songwriting for you? Is there any particular time, space or situation which gives you more inspiration? What topics do you like to write about? Your singles, by now, have all been in English. Is it easier for you to write in English?

BI: I don't really need a situation to write songs. I am a bit of a jukebox, haha! I always have a melody in my head – I don't say they're good melodies, haha, but I usually always have a melody. And I love writing in English. Because it sounds better, sometimes. But of course I wrote songs in Swedish as well, but those are a bit more private songs.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Swedish and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

BI: Oh, that's a difficult question. Maybe Bruno Mars or Beyoncé, that would be cool.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

BI: Just releasing more songs to me and others. And they can expect a lot more soul vibes and deeper sounds in my new stuff.

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

BI: That must be "Fall in love". It means so much to me, and it was my first release. And I love the old school sound in it.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Greece | Kostas Martakis - "Mi kykloforeis"


Sounds European! has just highlighted a new song by Greek star Kostas Martakis. And it's already time for more: he can't go more national than with his new song "Mi kykloforeis". It is a shower of Greece in all senses. Voice, melody and specially instrumentals: everything screams Greek pop in it!

Turkey | Kolpa feat. Ece Seçkin - "Hoş geldin ayrılığa"


Two prominent names from Istanbul gathered in an exquisit track. We're talking about rock band Kolpa and pop singer Ece Seçkin, who worked together in "Hoş geldin ayrılığa". The song mixes the best from both: a great pop-rock with a fantastic melody and a contagious beat!

North Macedonia | Valery - "Ne ti davam"


Valery is the stage name of Valery Dimovska, a Macedonian singer from the city of Veles. She has just released a song, entitled "Ne ti davam". It's a beautiful ballad with haunting ambience and very involving melody. The chorus explores her talented voice very well!

Updated on December 31st, 2020, with the new stage name of the artist.

United Kingdom | The Hunna - "You and me"


British band The Hunna are back with another powerful single! Their most recent release is "You and me", a song in which they mix the best of Brit rock. The powerful chorus makes the song explosively addictive!

France | BeMy - "Time"


BeMy are a French band from Bordeaux (but currently developing their career in Warsaw) formed by two brothers, Elie and Mattia, now with Konrad and Wojtek. Their single "Time" is a very interesting indie rock track, exuding creativity and quality.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Finland | Blind Channel - "Darker than black"


Were you missing Finnish rock? Thankfully, Blind Channel are here! Formed by Joel Hokka, Niko Moilanen, Joonas Porko, Olli Matela and Tommi Lalli in Oulu, they released "Darker than black" some weeks ago. The song is more than what you could expect: powerful, energetic rock music, completed with passionate vocals and even some hints of classic instruments. Such an amazing song could not miss being our song of the week!

Germany | Grace Capristo - "One woman army"


Mandy Grace Capristo is a German singer, songwriter, dancer and model who was born in Mannheim in 1990. She has just released an amazing single, entitled "One woman army". Its deep and haunting melody is perfectly filled by her grandiose vocal performance.

Sweden | Danny Saucedo - "Hör vad du säger men jag har glömt vad du sa"


Swedish singer Danny Saucedo has just dazzled us with a new single! The title, "Hör vad du säger men jag har glömt vad du sa" is a very interesting mix of pop and rock, and it has a great beat!

Romania | Antonia - "Gresesc"


One of the most influential names of the Romanian pop scene is back with a great single! Antonia has just released "Gresesc". It's a delightful pop track with involving melody and, as usual, a flawless vocal performance by Antonia.

Russia | Masha Koltsova - "Protivopolozhnyy"


Masha Koltsova is a Russian singer from the city of Arkhangelsk. Her most recent single is everything you can expect from Russian pop: "Protivopolozhnyy" is catchy, funky and entertaining, and the video clip which goes along is as colorful as it could get!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Greece | Apostolia Zoi - "Ragisma"


We simply love whenever Greek pop goes very traditional, with spices of modern pop. And it's exactly what we got with "Ragisma", the new single by Apostolia Zoi. It is contagious from first to last second, and the chorus is specially strong.

Iceland | Of Monsters and Men - "Black water"


Icelandic indie group Of Monsters and Men have just released a brand new single! The song is "Black water", another sample of their magic power to create music.

Lithuania | Carol - "Tai tu"


Carol is the stage name of Karolina Juškaitė, Lithuanian singer from Kaunas. She is hitting the local radios with the beautiful "Tai tu". It's an endearing ballad which explores her voice to its best, wrapped in a lovely melody.

Ireland | Ronan Keating - "Breathe"


Irish singer Ronan Keating is promoting his latest album, "Time of my life", and here he presents us the second single to emerge from it. "Breathe" is a very quiet and relaxed pop ballad.

Bulgaria | Mihaela Fileva - "Film za dvama"


Time for a great pop from Bulgaria! Mihaela Fileva is back to Sounds European!, with her new single "Film za dvama". It's a groovy downtempo which explores Mihaela's voice very well. Its melody is involving and hypnotic.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Latvia | Aminata - "Fighter"


Aminata took the Latvian music scene by storm with her Eurovision entry, "Love injected", last year, and has since then become a sign of quality alternative music in her country. Her most recent single is "Fighter", a song which definitely highlights her amazing voice and retains a fantastic haunting feeling.

Updated on May 1st, 2016, with the official video.

Belgium | DJ Knuffel - "I wanna Knuffel"


I wanna Knuffel!

United Kingdom | Corinne Bailey Rae - "Stop where you are"


Hailing from Leeds, Corinne Bailey Rae shot to stardom in 2006, thanks to her worldwide hit "Put your records on". Ten years after, she didn't lose any of her magic: her most recent single, "Stop where you are", is a captivating ballad!

Greece | Panagiotis Rafailidis - "Krypsou"


Panagiotis Rafailidis is a Greek singer from Kavala, who was born in 1980. He has just released "Krypsou", which is a very intense and involving song. Panagiotis's voice is perfect for this kind of track, and it goes to its best during the very potent chorus.

Norway | Ina Wroldsen feat. Broiler - "Lay it on me"


A powerful Norwegian collaboration is on arrival! Singer and songwriter Ina Wroldsen gathered with DJs and producers Broiler in "Lay it on me". The result is a very emotional and strong song, which is delightfully sung by Ina.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bulgaria | Grafa - "Drama queen"


The Bulgarian master of groove, Grafa, has a new single! It's entitled "Drama queen", and it is a shower of melody and great beats. The variation of rhythm throughout the song is genius, and the chorus is specially contagious. We love it!

Romania | Ruby - "Tata"


Romanian singer Ruby is back to our site with yet another lovely song! "Tata" is a delightful pop ballad which highlights her delicate voice in the verses but lets her explore powerful beats in the chorus.

Germany | Luxuslärm feat. Max Mutzke - "Bis es weh tut"


Stars are meeting in Germany! Band Luxuslärm has gathered with singer Max Mutzke to release "Bis es weh tut". It's a delightful midtempo soft rock which knows how to explore the differences between Jini's anf Max's voices very well.

France | Tibz - "Ton sourire"


Hailing from Périgueux, a town in Southern France, Tibz is a 21-years-old singer and songwriter. His music is a delightful blend of pop and folk, as he shows in "Ton sourire", his most recent single. His delicate voice completes the trick, delivering an ethereal and very sweet single.

Updated on April 16th, 2016, with the official lyrics video.

Kosovo | Genc Salihu - "Shtyje"


Genc Salihu is a Kosovar singer and musician who was born in Pristina in 1981. His single "Shtyje" is hitting the radios of the region, and we can surely see why. It's a smooth and involving song with great melody and cool vocals.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Turkey | Model - "Mey"


We remeet Turkish band Model! Their most recent single is "Mey", a song which mingles rock and folkloric elements with a power that only the Turkish can provide!

North Macedonia | Igor Mitrovic - "Sam"


Igor Mitrovic is a Macedonian singer from Skopje. He is inviting us to a trip back in time with "Sam". His single is a delightful shower of retro feelings. It's irresistible: listening to the melody, which is calling everyone to dance along, means to start moving your body without even noticing!

Finland | Younghearted - "Tässä ja nyt"


We always talk about Finnish pop and rock scenes, but indie also has its space in the country. And that's what Younghearted do: amazing indie tunes! Their most recent single, "Tässä ja nyt", is a delightfully relaxing song!

United Kingdom | Zibra - "Eclipse"


Meet Zibra, a British band formed by Sam, Russ and Ben. Their new single "Eclipse" has really called our attention. It's an indie synthpop song, with a unique quality to it, both in melody and vocals. British bands can make great alternative rock, but Zibra takes it to another level!

Greece | Kostas Martakis - "Nychtes monachikes"


Greek singer Kostas Martakis has just released another amazing single. "Nychtes monachikes" is a beautiful combination of pop and rock, which sounds even more amazing with the Greek language!

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Charts Day #136 (part 2)


British rapper Tinie Tempah and Swedish songstress Zara Larsson teamed up for "Girls like". And the infectious track is really nailing the charts in the United Kingdom: the song is #6 this week!

The Charts Day #136 (part 1)


Singaporean-born Norwegian DJ Kygo met up with British singer Labrinth to release "Fragile". The song, a very deep ballad, is ruling the charts of Kygo's country: it's this week's #1!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Denmark | Page Four - "Vinder"


Danish boyband Page Four is really having a huge peak of success in their country. Their most recent single was released last week: "Vinder" is another captivating and very cool pop song!

Norway | Hilde Selvikvåg - "Karusell"


Hilde Selvikvåg is a Norwegian singer hailing from Bryne. She has just released "Karusell", a very interesting song with unique and involving instrumentation. The cool chorus leads a very entertaining melody.

Estonia | Cartoon feat. Jüri Pootsmann - "I remember u"


Jüri Pootsmann will represent Estonia on this year's Eurovision Song Contest with "Play", but he is still working on other projects. He recently was featured on the latest single by Estonian band Cartoon, "I remember you". The song is a happy and very uplifting pop with electronic beats.

Russia | Grigory Leps - "Ya podnimayu ruki"


Grigory Leps, born Grigory Victorovich Lepsveridze, is a Russian singer and songwriter who was born in Sochi in 1962. He is currently one of the most important names of the Russian music scene. His new single, entitled "Ya podnimayu ruki", brings his distinctive soft rock to a delightful uptempo which values his unique voice to its best.

Finland | Ida Paul - "Laukauksia pimeään"


Finnish young rising star Ida Paul is back to our site. Her latest track shows, once again, she's ready to take the Finnish pop scene by storm: "Laukauksia pimeään" is a soulful ballad with a great and catchy chorus.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

North Macedonia | Daniel Kajmakoski - "Samo za ljubav"


Some artists never stop evolving. We can surely feel that when we listen to the sequence of singles by Macedonian star Daniel Kajmakoski. Every new single, we discover new levels he can reach, and we get even more in love with his work. It's exact our reaction after listening to "Samo za ljubav". It's such an incredible single! A perfect mix of Balkan passion with pop-rock. Excellent track: it's our song of the week!

Italy | Lorenzo Fragola - "Luce che entra"


Lorenzo Fragola has not long ago released a new album, "Zero grativy". And he is not taking time to gift us with amazing singles! "Luce che entra" is a perfect mixture of rock and pop, with a marking chorus and a very catchy vibe.

Romania | Andra - "Iubirea schimba tot"


Romania is one of the most daring countries with exploring variations and styles of pop. But, when they want, they are also excellent in bringing pop back to the basics. The new single by Andra is a perfect sample of that. "Iubirea schimba tot" is a beautiful song with great melody and a perfect chorus. So enjoyable!

United Kingdom | Christie feat. Dream Beats - "Wasn't my fault"


Swedish project Dream Beats gathered with British singer Christie Prentice in a fantastic project. Their first single together is simply amazing: "Wasn't my fault" is pure pop perfection, it oozes energy and the chorus is, simply put, all you can want from a pop song.

Ukraine | Ani Lorak - "Uderzhi moye serdtse"


Ukrainian diva Ani Lorak has a new song. And whenever that happens, our high hopes for great music are always surely matched. "Uderzhi moye serdtse" is an excellent pop track. Ani always keeps her level very high, and this song is no exception!

Friday, April 08, 2016

Italy | Marianne Mirage - "Game over"


Italian music scene is filled with unique voices, and Marianne Mirage (Cesena, 1989) is joining the club with her most recent single. "Game over" mixes pop and rock with the class that only Italian artists can add to the mix!

Poland | Antek Smykiewicz - "Limit szans"


Sounds European! remeets Polish singer Antek Smykiewicz, who has just released another great single. "Limit szans" is an extremely fun song. The melody is highly entertaining, and the chorus and post-chorus are the perfect peak for it all.

Finland | Lucas - "Kauniita yhdessä"


Finnish singer Lucas is rapidly entering the group of very prolific young singers in his country. His most recent single, "Kauniita yhdessä", plays with contemporary sounds to convey a very cool pop song.

Slovenia | Maraaya - "Nothing left for me"


You know it: if Maraaya have a new song, good music is on your way! The duo, which had the most played Slovene song in local radios in 2015, have presented their "Nothing left for me" on this year's EMA (the National Final of Slovenia for Eurovision). And it's another great track, mixing classy melody and outstanding vocals.

Belgium | Alice On The Roof - "Lucky you"


Time to remeet Belgian indie-pop singer Alice On The Roof! Her latest release is "Lucky you", a song which shows her classy voice put in a captivating melody and a subtle, yet energetic, chorus.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Spain | Second - "Nivel inexperto"


Spanish band Second is back with a new single. "Nivel inexperto" is a light rock track with marking instrumentals. The melody is well built and involving. It's a very enjoyable song!

Croatia | Lana Jurčević - "Tabu"


Lana Jurčević is a singer born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1984. She is one of the most popular singers in her country, having released four studio albums and several singles so far. Her most recent single is "Tabu", a song which mixes pop and rock with the melancholy of Balkan music.

Latvia | Gain Fast - "Zvaigznēs ierakstīts"


Sounds European! remeets Latvian rock band Gain Fast, which have just released a new single. "Zvaigznēs ierakstīts" is a great midtempo rock with clear and well-defined instrumentation and great vocals. The melody is extremely involving.

Poland | Rafal Brzozowski - "Zaczekaj"


Polish singer Rafal Brzozowski returns to our site! His most recent single, "Zaczekaj", features his raspy voice in a sweet and tender pop song which grows to a great and very catchy chorus!

Russia | Zlata Ognevich - "Kruzheva"


Zlata Ognevich (stage name of Inna Leonidivna Bordyuh, singer who was born in Murmansk, Russia, but whose career and heart belong to Ukraine) is one of the most influential names of the Ukrainian pop scene. She has just released "Kruzheva", which is a very beautiful and entertaining pop track. It presents some spices of folk which make it totally unique.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Italy | Joan Thiele - "Save me"


Joan Thiele is a singer born in Italy in 1991, to an Italian mother and a Swiss-Argentine father. She is a quite growing name within the Italian music scene, and we may know why: her music cannot be compared to other sounds in the country. Her mix of soul, pop and alternative sounds is unique, and so is her debut single, "Save me". The captivating atmosphere of the song is simply amazing!

Malta | Joe Roscoe - "I'm there"


Joe Roscoe is a singer who was born in Xemxija, Malta, in 1993, and is currently living and developing his career in Manchester. His new single, "I'm there", is an awesome guitar-based song which focus on his smooth and delightful voice over all. The melody is easy to catch, and even easier to get addicted to!

United Kingdom | Alex Maxwell - "No flight"


Alex Maxwell is a 21-year-old British singer from London. Her music can be fit in between pop, indie and alternative, presenting a unique and very cool mix of the three genres. That's the case with "No flight", her latest single, which is a fresh twist in the British music scene!

Ukraine | Loboda - "K chertu lyubov'"


Look who is back! Ukrainian pop star Svetlana Loboda has a new single, and it's a great one! "K chertu lyubov'" has a very good melody and an extremely catchy chorus. Loboda is at her best, and this is surely one of the best songs she has released in a long while.

Portugal | April Ivy - "Be OK"


Portuguese singer April Ivy, from Lisbon, is a very new name in her country, but she is already showing that she oozes talent! Her second single is "Be OK", a song which mixes very contemporary pop tunes that are hardly found within the Portuguese music scene.

Updated on September 29th, 2016, with the new stage name of the artist.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Poland | Łukasz Zagrobelny - "Gdy jestes tu"


Once again, Sounds European! highlights the work of Polish singer Łukasz Zagrobelny. And what a song he is presenting to us, this time! "Gdy jestes tu" is everything anyone can expect of a pop track: entertaining, catchy, and with an extremely contagious and effective chorus.