Sunday, January 31, 2016

Croatia | Leteći Odred - "Jedina od svih"


Croatian band Leteći Odred are back to Sounds European! with their new single. "Jedina od svih" is a great pop-rock track. Its melody is extremely fun and entertaining, and the chorus is quite catchy. The participation of Atomic Dance Factory in the video clip helps building a unique mood. We love it!

Romania | Amna feat. Robert Toma - "In oglinda"


Amna is a Romanian singer born in 1985 in the city of Slatina. For her latest single, she gathered with Robert Toma to create a big hit in their home country. "In oglinda" is a beautiful pop ballad, with marking R&B beats and a lovely ethnic touch towards the end of the song.

Turkey | Gülçin Ergül - "My one and only love"


Gülçin Ergül is a Turkish singer from Istanbul. Her new single "My one and only love" is an invitation to enjoy the best of Turkish pop with lyrics in English. It has all the typical music flavors of Turkey, with very groovy melody and great vocals. Quite an entertaining song!

Serbia | Nikolija - "Ljubavni maneken"


Nikojila is one of the big names in Serbian pop scene. Born in Belgrade in 1989, she has recently released "Ljubavni maneken". The song, a hit in the country, is the kind of traditional ballad that you might expect from the region: a strong voice with amazing instrumentation and that anthemic feeling that draws a smile of satisfaction to your face.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Germany | Adesse - "Ich bleibe"


Our song of the week this time comes from Germany! Adesse returns with another mind-blowing track. Mixing pop with a slight taste of R&B, "Ich bleibe" confirms that he is one of the most original new artists in his home country.

Belgium | Emma Bale feat. Milow - "Fortune cookie"


2016 is only starting, but we are not afraid of stating: "Fortune cookie" will be one of the sweetest songs of this year. The track, performed by Belgian singers Emma Bale and Milow, is beautiful, touching and very entertaining. Cute from first to last second!

Updated on February 28th, 2016, with the official video.

Switzerland | Pegasus - "Streets of my hometown"


Swiss band Pegasus make a fantastic comeback to our site. This time, they bring us the pop-rock sounds that consolidated their career in Switzerland: "Streets of my hometown" is a lovely tune!

Serbia | Nataša Bekvalac - "Pseto"


It wasn't long ago we got to meet Serbian singer Nataša Bekvalac, and it's already time to remeet her. And, let us say, what a great remeeting it is! Her new single "Pseto" is a great Balkan pop. It has great instrumentals in a very groovy and fun melody, all wrapped by a unique vocal perfomance by Nataša.

Hungary | SuperStereo - "Hotelszoba"


SuperStereo are a pop-rock band from Budapest formed by Viktor Laskai, Dávid Darabos, István Horváth and János Mendre. Their latest single is "Hotelszoba", a single in which they dazzle us with pop, rock and synth beats. The melody is really catchy and the deep and powerful vocals of the lead singer make the song irresistible!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Latvia | Antra Stafecka - "Dvīnis"


Sounds European! remeets Latvian singer Antra Stafecka, with her new single. "Dvīnis" is a very cute song, with a delightful mix of a well-paced melody and smooth singing. The result is very involving and entertaining.

Croatia | Ivan Zak - "Ne pitaš za mene"


Ivan Zak returns to Sounds European! with another sample of amazing Balkan music. "Ne pitaš za mene" has a lovely instrumentation and that atmosphere that only this genre knows how to achieve!

Bulgaria | B.T.R. - "Zlaten dŭzhd"


B.T.R. are a Bulgaria band from Sofia. They show what rock 'n' roll is about with their single "Zlaten dŭzhd". It's strong and melodic, the instrumentals are filled with personality and the vocals are the perfect combination for the rest. Powerful one!

Russia | Egor Kreed - "Budil'nik"


Egor Kreed is back with us to infect our ears with a super catchy song. "Budil'nik" is a super entertaining and very catchy sample on how great his music is!

Malta | Forty Days of Rain - "Stay"


Forty Days of Rain are an alternative rock band from Malta, formed in 2013. The lineup consists of Brendan Jackson, Patrick Harvey, Jonathan Magri and Matthew Camilleri. Their latest single is entitled "Stay", and it's pure rock 'n' roll gold. It makes us remind of the best rock tracks produced in the most recent decades. We love it!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Greece | Eleni Hatzidou - "Emmoni"


Greek singer Eleni Hatzidou is back with a fantastic song. "Emmoni" is the kind of Greek ballad we can't resist to: it mixes folkloric sounds, pop and rock with a deep and kind of raspy voice that makes us melt away!

France | Corentin Grevost - "Ne me dis pas non"


Meet Corentin Grevost, 20-year-old singer from Lons-le-Saunier, France. He was the winner of the first (and by now only) season of the French version of the music reality show Rising Star. His debut single "Ne me dis pas non" is a very entertaining guitar-based pop with very light and involving melody.

Estonia | Elisa Kolk - "You did it"


Estonian singer Elisa Kolk is back with another fantastic power ballad! "You did it" has a gorgeous instrumentation and a very soulful set of lyrics, sung beautifully by Elisa.

Switzerland | Baschi - "Oh wie schad"


Baschi is a Swiss singer and songwriter from Bern. His most recent single, entitled "Oh wie schad", is charting in his home country, and its success is completely deserved. It's a great pop-rock song, with a strong and marking chorus which will make you totally in love with it!

Portugal | Alberto Indio - "Eu sou assim"


Born in Porto in 1980, Alberto Indio is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and musician who achieved great success in his homeland with his debut single, "Sinceramente". Last December, he presented his latest single. "Eu sou assim" is a very mellow and delicate ballad.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Romania | Elena - "Acasa la noi"


Whenever Romanian diva Elena releases a new single, Sounds European! editors turn all their attention to it: a good song to come is a certainty. Her new one, "Acasa la noi", did not disappoint. It's a very cool pop track with very entertaining melody.

Denmark | NOAH - "På vej hjem"


Danish duo NOAH are back on track! They have recently released "På vej hjem", a lovely track which retains their sweet and relaxing sounds into synthpop. The song will surely get to you!

Germany | Freischwimmer - "California dreamin"


Freischwimmer is a German DJ from Giessen. He has released an electronic music version for the classic hit "California dreamin". And let us say: we have never listened to any bad version for this song, and it wasn't this time this rule was broken! It is another great version. Smooth, melodic and with a very enjoyable overall result.

Malta | Berne - "In the woods"


Maltese singer Berne has already made it to the headlines of the media in her native country. She is currently developing her career in London, where she released her debut EP "Conversation" last year. The first single to emerge from it is "In the woods", a haunting and ethereal track.

Slovenia | Alex Volasko - "Prosim, malo tišje"


Sounds European! remeets one of the best composers and artists of Slovenia, Alex Volasko. It's impossible to listen to his new single, "Prosim, malo tišje", and not get in love with it. Its involving melody, added to Alex's charismatic singing, is everything you can expect from a light pop-rock track!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Germany | Neele Ternes - "Dad"


Last Christmas, a German commercial for a supermarket caught media attention worldwide due to its heartbreaking storyline. We finally discovered who was behind the sweet tunes of the music used for the ad! Born in Oldenburger but now living in Berlin, Neele Ternes has already composed a song for Conchita Wurst's debut album and is now striking the music scene on her own with her delicate music. "Dad" (the song of the commercial) tells a sad story in a truly intense way.

Finland | Venior - "Sugar rush"


It's time to meet Venior, a young singer and songwriter who was born in Finland but currently lives in Stockholm. Her new single "Sugar rush" shows a vein for mixing R&B, pop and hip-hop. And what a result! It's a shower of groove, with very catchy melody.

Spain | Miss Caffeina - "Mira cómo vuelo"


Meet Miss Caffeina, one of the most popular rock bands in Spain. They gathered in 2006, with members from different cities of Spain, and have so far recorded three EPs and three studio albums. Their latest single is the perfect proof of why we like Spanish rock so much. "Mira cómo vuelo" is powerful, intense and has a fantastic melody!

Croatia | Tony Cetinski - "Vjera nevjera"


Every country in the Balkans has one top name for Balkan ballads. And Tony Cetinski is surely the one of Croatia. His new single "Vjera nevjera" is another clear example of that: a beautiful song, with those very specific and cute instrumentals you can only find in songs of this region.

Finland | Apulanta - "Valot pimeyksien reunoilla"


Finnish rock band Apulanta gathered in 1991, when all its members were teenagers. They built a solid career in Finland, releasing 13 studio albums since then. Their latest single is titled "Valot pimeyksien reunoilla", and it blends the power of Finnish rock with the delicacy of classical instruments.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Charts Day #125 (part 2)


British singer Dua Lipa has spread her contagious sounds to Europe! Her addictive single "Be the one" is #4 in the remote Bulgaria!

The Charts Day #125 (part 1)


Danish singer Lukas Graham is quickly becoming popular all across Europe. His latest single, "7 years", has charted very high in his native Denmark, but also in Austria and Belgium. This week, his highest is a #3 in the Netherlands!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Denmark | Barbara Moleko - "Tag min hånd"


Barbara Moleko is a very talented Danish singer who was born in Copenhagen in 1986. Her new single "Tag min hånd" is a great sample of what her work is about: sweet but deep pop music. Her smooth and cute voice makes an interesting mix with the darker mood the song's melody presents.

Poland | Monika Lewczuk - "Zabiore cie stad"


Born in the city of Łomża in 1988, Monika Lewczuk is a Polish singer and model who rose to fame after participating in the fifth season of the local version of The Voice. She didn't win the competition, but she used the reality as a trampoline for her music career. Here is her second single. "Zabiore cie stad" is an enticing and very cool pop song.

Turkey | Sırmalı - "Gökyüzü olsam"


Oğuz Sırmalı is a Turkish singer and musician who was born in Ankara in 1977. "Gökyüzü olsam" is the name of his new single, and we were totally caught by it. It's a very entertaining rock song, with a great mix of cool melody and instrumentals and great vocals.

Norway | AURORA - "Conqueror"


Norwegian singer AURORA is back to our site! Her latest release is "Conqueror", a perfect mixture of her nostalgic tunes with a more upbeat indie pop melody.

Updated on February 20th, 2016, with the official video.

Bosnia and Hergovina | Indira Radić - "Kakav takav si"


Indira Radić is a Balkan folk pop singer who was born in the city of Dragalovci, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but developed her career in Serbia. Her new single "Kakav takav si" is a beautiful masterpiece of folk pop from the region. It has a distinctive way of singing, which totally fits her very powerful and amazing voice. The saxophone in it helps wrapping it all up for a great result.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Italy | Elisa - "No hero"


Italian singer Elisa jumps into the wave of artists from her country releasing songs in English (one of her specialties). Her most recent release is "No hero", a deep pop-rock number which highlights Elisa's qualities as a top performer. Our song of the week couldn't be other than this delightful track!

Russia | Vintage - "Sny"


Vintage are a Russian group formed in 2006 by Anna Pletneva and Aleksey Romanof. They have just released a new single, entitled "Sny". It's a very beautiful ballad with highly addictive melody. The chorus is specially catchy.

Romania | Timi Antal - "Elég"


Born in the Romanian city of Huedin, Timi Antal is a 22-year-old singer who is developing her career in Hungary. Her most recent single is "Elég", a perfect blend of the finest pop-rock you can find in the local market!

France | Damien Sargue - "Un jour"


There is no country in the entire continent which gives more space to songs coming from theater plays than France. And currently, the ones from the play "Les 3 mousquetaires" are really standing out. After the amazing "Je t'aime c'est tout", it's time for Damien Sargue's "Un jour" to be hitting the lists. And we can totally understand why: it's a beautiful and touching ballad with an excellent vocal performance.

Denmark | Nabiha - "Weapon"


After some time with no new single, the grooviest Danish singer is back! Nabiha has recently released "Weapon", a single that confirms her comeback to the mixture of R&B and pop that made her name famous within Denmark and across Europe.

Updated on February 4th, 2016, with the official video.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Italy | Laura Pausini - "È a lei che devo l'amore"


The goddess of Italian music, Laura Pausini, is in a very prolific moment. The recent months have seen her release three singles. The third one of them is "È a lei che devo l'amore" (you can also check the version in Spanish here). It's a very touching ballad, and we can't decide what's more adorable: the song itself or the video clip, with her family.

Azerbaijan | Eldar - "Duman"


Eldar Gasimov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 1989. Together with Nikki Jamal, he won the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest for his home country with "Running scared". Eldar's latest single is "Duman", a song which mixes traditional sounds and dance beats perfectly.

Romania | Andreea Banica - "Hot de inimi"


Andreea Banica is a Romanian singer who was born in Eforie in 1978. She has just released the single "Hot de inimi", which is pop at its purest core. Entertaining melody, combined with cool singing and a chorus which is as catchy as one can be!

Hungary | Gigi Radics - "Nagy vörös szőnyeg"


Hungarian singer Gigi Radics doesn't stop slaying with every song of hers. Her latest track is "Nagy vörös szőnyeg", an enticing and very upbeat pop single. Come dance along with her!

Croatia | Elemental - "Sve je moje tuđe"


Elemental are a Croatian band from Zagreb. Their single "Sve je moje tuđe" is reaching great success in the Balkan region, and we totally agree with it! It's a very classy pop song, with creative and unique instrumentals and great vocal work.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lithuania | Donatas Blanka - "Išsaugosiu aš"


We've featured Donatas Blanka with "Ašaros" last year, and now it's time to talk about him again. His most recent single is "Išsaugosiu aš", a song which moves from the nostalgic feeling of his previous one but retains his wonderful touch for contemporary pop.

Finland | Aurora feat. Keko Salata - "Sä hiffaat"


Aurora is the stage name of Laura Julku, a Finnish singer who was born in Tampere in 1985. She has just gathered with Keko Salata, also from Finland, to release "Sä hiffaat". It's an easygoing pop with great groove and involving melody.

Greece | Demy - "You fooled me"


Besides doing fantastic electro-dance mixes, Greek singer Demy can also go deep and atmospheric. That's what her newest single shows us: "You fooled me" has a strong instrumentation and a very mysterious feeling attached to it, showing us a different side of hers.

Czech Republic | Slza - "Katarze"


Time to remeet Czech duo Slza with their new hit. "Katarze" is another amazing pop track of theirs, and we are each time more sure than before: Slza is one of our favorite names of the region, and everything they produce pleases us on target!

Greece | Konstantinos Argiros - "To symperasma"


Sounds European! finally remeet ways with Greek singer Konstantinos Argiros, whose new single is becoming a big hit in the region. "To symperasma" is a very strong song, presenting a perfect mix of Greek folk sounds and pop-rock.

United Kingdom | The Hunna - "We could be"


Hailing from Hertfordshire, The Hunna are a promising four-piece band. After the success of their first single, "Bonfire", they returned to slay with "We could be", a fantastic sample of how great their indie rock is!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

North Macedonia | Simona Popovska - "Jas ne te sakam"


Macedonian star Simona Popovska never disappoints us! Every new single of hers is a great surprise. And "Jas ne te sakam" was not an exception: catchy melody which really invites everyone to dance, plus the great vocal performance we are used to get from Simona. As contagious as it can be!

Finland | Jannike - "Seven emotions"


After conquering us with the summery "Into the Sun", Finnish singer Jannike returns to Sounds European! with a more intimate side of her music. "Seven emotions" is a lovely pop ballad which counts with the help of Guy Chambers, producer of British singer Robbie Williams.

Turkey | Gülben Ergen - "Yıkıl karşımdan"


Turkish pop at its best! That's what you'll get with "Yıkıl karşımdan", new single by Gülben Ergen (Kadıköy, 1972). It's a very enticing track, with the best elements of pop music from Turkey, wrapped by an impeccable vocal performancce by Gülben. What a song!

Switzerland | Damian Lynn - "Go!"


Damian Lynn is a Swiss singer and songwriter coming from Lucerne. His most recent single brings all the groove you can ask for: "Go!" is a pop-rock song with a brilliant melody!

Lithuania | Man-Go - "Gal per ilgai"


Lithuanian girlband Man-Go are back to the pages of Sounds European! with their new single. "Gal per ilgai" is a great pop track. Its melody is easy to catch and sticks to the brain. The chorus is as effective as one can be!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Belgium | Alice On The Roof - "Mystery light"


Alice On The Roof is the stage name of Alice Dutoit, a Belgian singer from the city of Mons. She shot to stardom during 2014, when she took part of the third season of The Voice Belgique (where she shared cast with Laurent Pagna and Loïc Nottet). After that, she stormed the Belgian music scene as Alice On The Roof. Her sweet and mellow sounds captivated everybody, and her last single will surely do the treat for you as well: "Mystery light" adds a synth touch to her style which is definitely adorable!

Serbia | Željko Joksimović - "Zvezda"


Time to remeet the master of Balkan music, Serbian singer and musician Željko Joksimović. His new single, "Zvezda", is another masterpiece of the genre. It explores one of his biggest specialties: making songs whose melodies start calm, but then grow into very strong and explosive endings. We love it!

Spain | Eva Ruiz - "No creo en tu amor"


Eva Ruiz took part of the Spanish version of The Voice Kids last year, making it to the last stages of the reality show. She seized the experience to boost her music career, and this is the outcome: "No creo en tu amor" is Eva's first single, a heartbreaking ballad which highlights the power of her voice.

Albania | Elvana Gjata feat. Bruno - "Love me"


Elvana Gjata is an Albanian singer who was born in Tirana in 1987. She has just released "Love me", featuring Bruno, who's also from Tirana. It presents a very interesting mix of pop and Balkan folk, with a smart use of local instrumentation in it.

Greece | Giorgos Hristou - "Enohi"


Giorgos Hristou is a Greek singer born in Patras in 1978. His latest single brings together what we really like about Greek music: pop-rock and traditional sounds make "Enohi" a really addictive track!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Charts Day #124


We woke up last week to the heartbreaking news of the death of David Bowie. Demonstrations blossomed all around the world, ranging from felt tweets or Facebook posts to dedicated comics. The charts were no strange to the event: songs of Bowie sprouted in charts all around the world. In France, they took on the top ten: "Heroes" ranked at #9, "Life on Mars" reached the sixth place and "Space oddity", one of his biggest hits, finished the week at the top.

10 Questions For: Diogo Garcia


With this space for interviews on Sounds European!, we are getting to talk about music with several artists whose work we really admire. And, among all of them, Portuguese rising star Diogo Garcia was surely one of the kindest and coolest persons we've ever got in touch with. This has clearly reflected on his interview, which is among the most interesting ones we've had up to date. These are our 10 questions for Diogo Garcia:

Sounds European!: Tell us a bit about your history with music. When did you begin singing? Who are your idols? And what are your musical influences?

Diogo Garcia: My story in music began very early. It started when I was eight, on Festival da Canção Infantil da Madeira [a children's song festival] in 2008, where I came up third. After this, I won Funchal a Cantar with my brother Pedro in 2009. Then, I won Festival da Canção Infantil da Madeira in 2010 and Festival Vozes do Norte. In 2011, I was a finalist of the show Uma Canção para Ti, which aired on TVI on Sundays. As time went by, I evolved to concerts and learned a lot, and in 2014 I won The Voice Kids. I really admire Anjos. I am also very influenced by my brother, who is also chasing this dream of being a professional singer.

SE!: You were the winner of the first season of The Voice Kids Portugal. What took you to participate of the show? Your brother, Pedro Garcia, took part of the adult version of the show. Did he have any influence on your participation? Did he, and the rest of your family, give you advice during the competition? If so, what?

DG: He was an enormous influence, since it was through him that I got to know of the existence of The Voice Kids in Portugal. Because of having a brother in the grown-up version, and having seen the environment and how it all works, it was not hard to get used to the stage of The Voice Kids. They all gave me a lot of advice. During the battles, they told me to move on stage, not to be so still. On the first gala, when I sang "Against all odds", the song was chosen by my father and all my family agreed. They have always given me a lot of support.

SE!: Still about The Voice Kids Portugal: How is it, even more for a young person, to deal with the audience judging your work weekly, with the voting? And how did you feel winning the show?

DG: It is a bit hard. It was tiring for me, because many times I had to travel by plane for 1h30 to Lisbon. We did not have access to the percentages of the voting. But I was convinced of the victory of another participant, since I thought my voting power was very low, as I live in an island [not in the main continental region of Portugal]. When I won, it was complete joy. It was the acknowledgement of my work, of all the effort and dedication given not only by me, but also by Daniela Mercury and my parents. Without them, I would have never been the winner of the show.

SE!: During the competition, you presented many songs in English. But, until the moment, your singles have been in Portuguese. Do you have plans to release some in other languages?

DG: I really like singing in English. In my most recent work, "O que eu sou", there are seven songs – six of them being in Portuguese and a last one in English. English is really important in everything we do, and music is not the exception. Anyone who wants to succeed in the music business should have material to do so. It is still not in my mind to record new songs. Let's see what the future will bring us from now on.

SE!: In some countries, singers who win music reality shows end up not reaching a successful career. In Portugal, it is not like that: winners usually build a solid path to fame. What do you think about it? What are the dreams you have for your career?

DG: I think that the Portuguese music industry is as complicated as the foreign industry. This [reality show winners succeeding] happens most of the times here in Portugal, but there were already situations in which this was not the case. You must keep on working and getting the attention of new people, so the group of supporters keeps growing, because a singer without his fans is not a singer. My dream is to reach the top of sales here in Portugal. Having a solid successful career. After this, I'd like to succeed in the foreign industry as well.

"My dream is to reach the top of sales here in Portugal. Having a solid successful career" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: One of the things which called our attention the most is your interaction with fans in social networks. It is something that, even though it is growing, few artists do as much as you. Do you believe this kind of interaction will be every time more important for new artists? And tell us a bit about your fans, how they are, what messages they send you.

DG: Social networks are the only way I have to connect with my fans. It is important, undoubtedly, because who supports me always waits for an answer. I always try to answer everybody and give a little of my time for them, because they all deserve it equally. For a singer in development, social networks are the most effective way to reach more people, they are a big tool. Fans react very positively. Many of them say that they also wish to have a chance in music. Here, where I live, many people ask for autographs and pictures and it is, without a doubt, very important to feel this affection from them.

SE!: Your first album was released in 2015. What do you like the most in it? And how do you describe the music in it?

DG: I like the fact they are romantic songs. All of them are based on a relationship. I like a lot the mix of pop and rock we did. Undoubtedly, the rock gives a "boom" and makes the music stronger. I really like the sound of electric guitars appearing in almost all the songs.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Portuguese and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

DG: We have great singers and artists in Portugal. There are some I like listening to the most because, in my opinion, they make the best music. I would like to work with Agir, Diogo Piçarra and D.A.M.A. International singers, there are several, but I would really like to work with Bruno Mars and, specially, with Justin Bieber.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

DG: There is still nothing scheduled. We are discussing matters of management. I believe that, in the summer, a lot of great things will happen. It's just waiting and staying tuned to news at my official pages on Facebook and Instagram.

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

DG: There is a song in my album, which is not available on YouTube for people to listen. It is the last song of my album and it is entitled "Cidade". It is a pop-rock with a very different beat, and with a very strong end! It is among my favourite songs.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it either on Spotify, or buying his album.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Denmark | Rasmus Seebach - "Lille store verden"


One of the biggest traditions of the end-of-year holidays in Denmark are the TV Christmas specials: they are special Christmas-themed shows which are broadcast during December, and they are a big trend in the country. This year's one, "Juleønsket", had the opening song perfomed by Rasmus Seebach. And it's such a lovely song!

Belgium | Billie - "Caught by the tide"


Belgian singer Billie teased us with her greatness last year with "Give me the knife", song which eventually made it into our top 50 of 2015. And we are very happy to have her second single with us! "Caught by the tide" retains that unique touch she adds to contemporary pop music.

Ireland | Jupe - "Rocket"


Jupe are an Irish band from Dublin, formed by Tim Night, Brendon Rennie, Jonesy, Jeff O'Callaghan and Kevin Rowe. Their single "Rocket" is an amazing display of the great music they can produce. It's high-quality pop-rock with an extremely catchy chorus. We love it!

Romania | JORGE feat. JO - "Nimeni nu-i perfect"


Get ready for another great Romanian ballad. JORGE, from Constanța, has teamed up with JO, from Slatina, to slay us with "Nimeni nu-i perfect". The song is a very intense and captivating track, filled with R&B beats.

Updated on February 12th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

Ukraine | Zhemchug - "Lyubov' s zavyazannymi glazami"


Zhemchug are a Ukrainian duo from Kiev, formed by Anna Alisher and Alona Zhemchug. They have just released a new single. "Lyubov' s zavyazannymi glazami" is a great pop track. It's a light but very entertaining song with a very catchy chorus.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sweden | Ida LaFontaine - "Go again"


Ida LaFontaine was already featured on Sounds European! with the explosive "Anthem". And here she returns with an even more amazing single! "Go again" is a fantastic pop song, with great verses and a bombastic chorus. No wonder it became our song of the week!

France | Zayra - "Trop c'est trop"


Few artists in France have been producing pop music in such a high level as Zayra. "Trop c'est trop" is another great sample of her work. It's pop at its best form: involving, inviting, catchy and with an addictive chorus.

Ukraine | Anastasia Prikhodko - "Ne tragediya"


Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko leaves us mindblown with every new single she releases. Her most recent one is no exception: "Ne tragediya" is a very intense and dark pop song.

Serbia | Magdolna Rúzsa - "Tejút"


Once again, we remeet the Serbian-born singer Magdolna Rúzsa. Her new single "Tejút" is absolutely great: it's a modern pop with an electric chorus and great melody. It's a must-listen!

Portugal | Fingertips - "Out of control"


Fingertips is a duo from Portugal, formed in 2000 and currently formed by Rui Saraiva and Joana Gomes. Three years after their latest single saw the light, they returned to the music business with a fantastic new song. "Out of control" is a very contemporary single, mingling the best from pop, rock and synth.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Malta | WaterWings - "Flesh, bones & spirits"


WaterWings are an alternative rock band from Malta. Their single "Flesh, bones & spirits" was love at first listen. It's such a great rock track! The instrumentals are strong in the exact measure, and the vocals complete it the best way possible. The result is very entertaining!

Italy | Marco Mengoni - "Invencible"


After teasing us with "Incomparable", the Spanish version of his Eurovision entry, Italian singer Marco Mengoni has finally released a new single in that language! "Invencible" mixes the beauty of Italian and Spanish ballads, but all in one. No way not to fall for this!

Austria | Krautschädl - "Feiah fonga (So long her)"


Krautschädl are a band from Wels, a city in Upper Austria. They are hitting the charts with their single "Feiah fonga (So long her)". It's a delightful rock track, with smooth singing and simple but very marking and effective instrumentals.

Norway | Espen Fernando - "Vær deg selv"


Espen Fernando Aarvik comes from Haugesund, in Norway. He recently took part of Melodi Grand Prix Junior, a singing competition for children, with the song "Vær deg selv", a very powerful pop-rock. He didn't win the competition, but wow the boy can sing!

Russia | Victoria Loba - "Opium"


Victoria Loba is a Russian-born singer from Taganrog, who is developing her career in Macedonia and region. Her new single, entitled "Opium", is an amazing one. Victoria's voice is the main quality of it, but not the only one: its melody is very effective and addictive. Backing vocals also provide an important addition to it.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Moldova | Carla's Dreams - "Te rog"


This is not the first time we talk about Moldovan project Carla's Dreams, yet it will be the first time they appear by themselves. And what a song to go solo with! "Te rog" combines the best from the region's R&B with the band's amazing production.

Italy | Urban Strangers - "Runaway"


It's time to return to Italy and meet one more promising name which was presented on their latest edition of The X Factor. Urban Strangers, duo formed in Napoli by Alex Iodice and Genn Butch, were the runners-up of the season. Their debut single "Runaway" is becoming a huge hit in Italian radios. It has a haunting melody and very interesting vocal work.

Portugal | Carolina Deslandes - "Heaven"


Portuguese singer Carolina Deslandes returns to Sounds European! with a lovely ballad. "Heaven" is a song full of feeling with a delicate melody, which combines perfectly with the dulcet tones of Carolina.

Croatia | Pravila Igre - "Na ulazu"


Pravila Igre are a Croatian band from Zagreb, formed by Marko Kutlić, Alen Opačić Hrvat, Denis Dex Marijanović, Goran Belošević and Marko Belošević. We've just got to listen to their song "Na ulazu", and we are totally in love with it. It's rock at its best, with amazing melody and a very powerful chorus.

Updated on September 21st, 2016, with the official video.

Switzerland | Anna Känzig - "Drive all night"


Hailing from Zurich, Anna Känzig has recently been working on a studio album, which she will release during February. She has already teased us with what we can expect from her: amazingness! Her most recent single is "Drive all night", a captivating indie pop which shows the lovely and mellow voice of Anna.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ukraine | Artem Pivovarov - "Zavisimy"


Artem Pivovarov is a Ukrainian singer who was born in Kharkiv. His new single "Zavismy" has made our editors addicted. Once you listen to it, it's impossible to take its melody off the head. Artem's vocal performance is also worth a great praise!

Serbia | Nataša Bekvalac - "Soba 23"


Nataša Bekvalac was born in the city of Novi Sad, in Serbia, in 1980. She grew to become one of the most popular names within the pop scene in the country. Her latest single confirms this: "Soba 23" is a groovy pop track which invites you to dance along!

Estonia | Flank - "Brother"


Flank are an Estonian synthpop group formed by Tõnn Tobreluts, Keio Münti and Tauno Tamm. They are preparing their debut album, and the first single from it, "Brother", is an amazing treat. It's a very involving and modern track with very catchy melody.

Malta | Planet Seed - "Follow me"


Formed in 2010 in Santa Luċija, Planet Seed come from Malta with their amazing alternative rock. Their most recent single is "Follow me", a song which truly shows all their power.

Bosnia and Hergovina | Maya Sar - "Naša ljubav, naša kuća"


Maya Sar is a Bosnian singer who was born in Tuzla in 1981. She is known for having represented Bosnia and Herzegovina on the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest (besides being backing vocalist for the 2004 and 2011 entries). Her new single "Naša ljubav, naša kuća" is a cute and well-paced pop track which explores her smooth voice to its best!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Austria | Johnny Summerville - "Radiant"


Johnny Summerville is not a solo artist, but a band instead. They come from Linz, Austria, and their latest release will surely captivate you. It's called "Radiant", and it shines as its name suggests: it's one of the coolest pop-rock ballads we've came across!

Iceland | Dikta - "Hope for the best"


Time to remeet our favorite artists from Iceland. Dikta has released a new single, entitled "Hope for the best". And you can also hope for the best, because this song won't let your expectations down! It's a great track, with one of the nicest and most involving chorus of the recent months.

Ukraine | VIA Gra - "Tak sil'no"


We were already missing the massive sounds of VIA Gra! Their latest single, released by the end of last year, is "Tak sil'no", a powerful pop track which is flooding both Ukraine and Russia!

Ireland | The Coronas - "The long way"


It's time to go to Ireland and remeet one of our favorite bands of the entire continent. The Coronas has just released a song. And it's not just any song: it's the song they quoted, on their participation on our 10 questions for, as their favorite of themselves. And we totally agree with them! "The long way", title track of their most recent album, is a beautiful song. We love it!

Croatia | Colonia - "Za šaku dukata"


We featured Croatian duo Colonia some times already, and here they come again! They took us by surprise by changing from their usual upbeat singles to a deep and melancholic ballad: "Za šaku dukata" has all the strength that this genre needs!

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Charts Day #123


Some days ago, we featured Yall and Gabriela Richardson's "Hundred miles", and we said it has the vibe of worldwide hits. Well... we weren't wrong: this week, the song is charting at #6 in France!

10 Questions For: Ella Nor


Time for one more interview on Sounds European!. Now, we are traveling far West, to Portugal, where we will talk to one of the most talented artists from the country. She deserved much more on Eurovision – and the singles which she released after are proof of that. These are our 10 questions for Ella Nor:

Sounds European!: We are always curious about the relationship of artists with music when they were kids. Who were your childhood idols? Do you believe they have any influence on the style of music you produce nowadays?

Ella Nor: I've got so many names! Nina Simone, Etta James, Amy Winehouse and so on! Sure that they influenced me and my music, although I created my own style and direction.

SE!: About your first steps as a singer. When did you start singing? And how were your first presentations as a singer?

EN: My first steps as a singer were taken when I went to sing in a rock band. It was at that point I realized that singing was what I want to do forever.

SE!: You took part of the second season of The Voice Portugal. How was the experience of participating of the show as a whole? And what did you learn from it?

EN: It was an amazing experience that made me grow as an artist and taught me how to deal with the pressure.

SE!: You had just left a competition, and you were already in another one: you won the traditional Festival da Canção in 2015 (in our opinion, well deserved; your song and performance were stupendous). How was it to take part of this event? What did you feel after winning such a traditional festival?

EN: It was a huge feeling to win Festival da Canção. I was not expecting, as there were great voices in contest. In the end, it was an honor to win and be the representative of Portugal in Eurovision. I would do it all over again.

SE!: As a winner of Festival da Canção, you went to Eurovision Song Contest, in Vienna. Even though you didn't qualify to the final, the audience in the venue reacted very positively to your song. What can you tell us about your week on Eurovision? Is it something you would try again?

EN: People were very nice with me in Austria. I think they enjoyed the song, but we all know how difficult it is for Portugal. Anyway, I would do it again, for sure.

"In the end, it was an honor to win and be the representative of Portugal in Eurovision. I would do it all over again" (Picture:

SE!: You have songs in Portuguese and in English. Do you have a preference for any of the two languages? Do you think of trying an international career, with songs in English?

EN: I use both languages in my songs because when I write songs, a few of them naturally sound better in English. I would love to have an international career, but that is not that simple. For that, it's necessary to have a good international label.

SE!: You have also worked as an actress. Do you prefer any of the two professions, or do both please you the same way?

EN: I had a chance to work and act in a Portuguese series, "Água de mar". I loved that experience, but I prefer music. Singing and writing songs is my path.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Portuguese and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

EN: Well, I don’t know, it would depend on the song. Every song has a distinct personality, message. It would depend on that to choose an artist for a duet. But as an example, I have a duet on one of my songs with Marisa Liz, from Amor Electro.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

EN: My future project is the release of my album. It will happen soon, and my fans can expect a very good album. I hope the fans like it! After that, we will see what future holds.

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

EN: I don't have a favorite song, because to me all my songs make sense. But I would choose my latest single, "Strong for too long", precisely because it is the latest one, my latest release.

Updated on December 25th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Italy | Enrica - "I found you"


Few reality shows in Europe present so many new talented artists as The X Factor in Italy. And now it's time to meet one more: Enrica Tara is a singer from Rome, and she was the fourth place of the show's latest season. When you listen to her debut single "I found you", you can't ever guess she is only 17 years old: her music, and specially her voice, are very mature. It's quite a song!

Serbia | Uvertira - "Od oboda oluje, do praga tvoje kuće"


Meet Uvertira, a Serbian band from Novi Sad, formed by Igor, Filip and Luka. Their new single is a hit in the Balkan region, and we can easily understand why: "Od oboda oluje, do praga tvoje kuće" is rock at its purest state. Great song, great instrumentals, great vocals. Wonderful result!

Bulgaria | IRRA - "Sekunda vreme"


IRRA is the stage name of Irina Ruseva, Bulgarian singer who was born in Burgas. She is inviting us to the dance floor with her new single "Sekunda vreme". And for sure, we are joining her there: it's such an involving song, with great groove and cool chorus!

Russia | Alessiee - "Honest"


Alessiee are a Russian pop-rock band from Moscow, formed by Alesya Perminova, Denis Agarev, Igor Potrusaev, Sergey Sidorov, Grigory Berenov and Andrey Bronin. Their new single, entitled "Honest", is a really good one. It is, at the same time, powerful and light. Its instrumentals are quite marking and the chorus is very effective.

Slovenia | July Jones - "Catch me by surprise"


July Jones is a Slovene singer who is currently based in London. She has just released the single "Catch me by surprise". It presents a very interesting mix of soul, jazz and pop, all wrapped in a very talented voice.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Germany | Jamie-Lee - "Ghost"


It's time for us to meet the most recent winner of The Voice of Germany: Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, from Bennigsen. Her debut single, "Ghost", comes from the reality show's finale. This song, which helped her reaching the victory, is an amazing pop song. Its melody is extremely catchy, and her voice helps it build a very deep and involving mood. The overall result is superb: it's our song of the week.

Updated on February 25th, 2016, with the Eurovision Song Contest label.

Sweden | Sabina Ddumba - "Not too young"


Every time Sounds European! meets Sabina Ddumba, it's a very positive surprise. She is a very talented singer, and "Not too young" is just another excellent sample of that. It's an outstanding single, with great melody and an incredibly addictive chorus.

Updated on September 21st, 2016, with the official video.

Portugal | HMB - "Naptel Xulima"


HMB, or Héber Marques Band, is a Portuguese group from Lisbon. Their single "Naptel Xulima" is achieving good recognition in the country, and we totally agree with that! It's a great mix of soul and R&B: the smooth melody and singing are perfect on this track!

United Kingdom | Nathan Sykes - "Over and over again"


Nathan Sykes's new single is like a long-term relationship. It's one of those songs which you go falling in love little by little: every new listen is a step towards it. Everything in this track, from melody to voice, helps build a very passionate mood.

Italy | Moseek - "Elliott"


Moseek are an Italian pop trio from Rome, formed by Elisa, Fabio and Davide. They were fifth place on the most recent edition of The X Factor in Italy. Their debut single "Elliot" is already charting in Italy, and it shows us what their genre is about: a mix of electronic and pop with some spices of rock. So addictive!

Friday, January 08, 2016

France | Kendji Girac - "Les yeux de la mama"


French star Kendji Girac is showing a different side of his personality with his new single. The usually intense Latin guy showed he can also be a sweet singer with "Les yeux de la mama". It's a beautiful song with a cute melody led by the perfect instrumentation for the intent.

Croatia | Calido - "Kreni dalje"


Calido are an acoustic chill-out Croatian band from Zagreb. We've just got in touch with their new single "Kreni dalje", and it was love at first listen. Vedrana's beautiful and smooth voice is the perfect lead for a very sweet instrumental work.

Germany | EFF - "Stimme"


EFF are a new project involving two important names of German music: Mark Forster and Felix Jaehn. Their single "Stimme" has just been released, and it's already achieving big success in Germany. No wonder: it's an excellent track, mixing the best of Mark's and Felix's talents.

Updated on February 20th, 2016, with the official video.

Sweden | Linus Svenning - "Soulmate"


It's finally time to remeet the toughest dude with the sweetest voice of Europe: Linus Svenning has a new song. "Soulmate" is a beautiful ballad with endearing lyrics. We're touched by it, and we think you will be, too!

Ukraine | ALEKSEEV - "P'yanoye solntse"


Sounds European! now remeets Ukrainian singer ALEKSEEV, who is charting all over his region with his new single. "P'yanoye solntse" is a well-paced song with marking beats, very cool vocals and a catchy chorus.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Serbia | Lift - "Ako si volela"


Lift are a Serbian band from Belgrade, formed by Aleksa Vučković, Luka Lisjak, Jakša Pantelić and Strahinja Vuković. Even though they are very young, they surely make adult rock 'n' roll: their debut single "Ako si volela" is a prime quality song. Strong, well created and extremely addictive!

Italy | Davide Shorty - "My soul trigger"


Forget about all you imagine from Italian music: Davide Shorty is unique. Mixing classic instruments, pop, R&B tunes and even some hip hop, his music really stands out as one of the most original in the country. That's all you'll find in "My soul trigger", his first single: an explosion of sounds!

Spain | Carlos Sadness - "Groenlandia"


After dazzling us last year with "Que electricidad", Spanish singer Carlos Sadness returns to Sounds European! with an even catchier tune. "Groenlandia" is the sample of how excellent indie music from Spain can be.

Slovenia | Alya - "Dober dan"


After her groovy "Car", Slovene singer Alya returns to our site with a slice of summer for the European winter. "Dober dan" has a very cool melody and a very catchy chorus!