Monday, November 30, 2015

The Charts Day #119


When we presented them last Saturday with "10.000 luchtballonnen", we said that Belgian trio K3 was huge in Belgium. And we didn't lie at all: after debuting at the top of the local charts seven days ago, this week they are the #2!

10 Questions For: Diogo Piçarra


It's finally time for another interview on Sounds European!. We are very happy to be able to talk to one of our favorite artists from Portugal. His music is great, and so was our conversation with him. These are our 10 questions for Diogo Piçarra:

Sounds European!: You started appearing to the general public in 2012, when you won Ídolos (the Portuguese version for Idols). But tell us a bit about before that. How did your relationship with music start? Who were your childhood idols? What do you believe they might have influenced your musical style?

Diogo Piçarra: Long before 2015, I had never had any connection with music, other than the albums by Linkin Park and Backstreet Boys which were mingled on the shelf. From that year on, the curiosity to learn how to play an instrument was stronger, and to this day music has never left my life any longer. However, the true idols came later when I started discovering music which was not on the radios, as Ornatos Violeta and Yellow W Van – who ended up, indeed, influencing my writing in Portuguese.

SE!: Now, let's talk about Ídolos. How does it feel, for an artist, to have their work judged by the audience, without knowing what outcome to expect? What did you learn from the experience of taking part in this show? And how was it like to win it?

DP: It's a bittersweet feeling. The anxiety kills us because we want our work quickly out there. And at the same time, fear is so big that we could give up at any time. But there is no better feeling than this anxiety of finally having our words in the ears of people. With Ídolos, you really learn to deal with criticism, with fanaticism, with rejection, with every good and bad thing the music universe has. Winning it was also a bittersweet feeling, because you finally have the recognition, but also the pressure and "all" eyes on you.

SE!: You are an artist who interacts a lot with your fans, specially through social networks. How is your relationship with the audience? Do you believe that artists' being closer to their followers through Internet is the future for the art world?

DP: My relationship with the audience has always been something natural and inherent in myself. It's impossible to ignore someone who supports us, who does anything for us, who waits hours in line just for a hug or who spends the days listening to us. It really touches me, and the only way to be able to give something back is through social networks. At least this is my point of view. There are other artists who don't see it the same way and prefer having a distance, to keep some mystery and privacy – which is also fair!

SE!: Your numbers are impressive, especially among Portuguese artists. You've already reached, for example, on YouTube (between your official and VEVO channels), around 20 million views. The amount of followers on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts is also quite large. All of this, for an artist who is still in, let's say, early stages of career. How do you feel about such expressive achievements?

DP: That's what I ask myself every day! I have felt the same way long before the album was released. I wondered how it was possible not even to have an original work released – an album, a single or anything – and to have so many followers.

SE!: We really like your work. We see, in your songs, features which are very rare in the Portuguese pop scene. How do you see your own work? How would you define your genre and, further, what your music offers?

DP: I really appreciate the description, because that's what I've always tried to do: something different from what Portugal has, but that already existed abroad. Even though I consider myself a pop singer and songwriter, I have influences from many other styles, such as electronic music, hip hop and indie. And in my head, all these styles mingle and create what my genre is.

"I want to enrich my country with lyrics and music in our language" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: We feel your music sounds more international, more connected with worldwide trends, than the average of Portuguese artists. Thinking about that, and the fact that you've already studied at London Music School, we wonder: Is it in your plans, maybe, to expand your career to an international path, with lyrics in English?

DP: I've been asked this question many times, and believe: I myself also think of it. In fact, I have some ideas in English. But, on the other hand, at the moment, Portuguese music comes as a priority. There's so much I want to do in Portuguese! In other words, I want to enrich my country with lyrics and music in our language.

SE!: Your first album, "Espelho", was very well received. How was the process of recording it? And how would you describe the music in it?

DP: The album "Espelho" is a summary of my last three years. So, the music in it is an amalgamation of everything I have written, listened and lived during that time. I've always recorded and produced the ideas on my computer, but thanks to Fred Ferreira, they got another life. For about three months, we were stuck in the studio realizing how to make all those ideas sound fresh, different and in Portuguese.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Portuguese and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

DP: I'd love to work with artists – who have also been getting their deserved recognition – such as Agir, Dengaz, Jimmy P or D.A.M.A. We've already got to meet each other, so now it's only a matter of going to the studios. International artists would be Ed Sheeran, Drake, One Direction or Justin Bieber, because I love and respect their work immensely.

SE!: What are your professional projects for the near future? What can your fans expect?

DP: In the near future, they can expect the reissuing of my album "Espelho" with a special DVD which was filmed live and gave me great pleasure to record. They can also expect big concerts for 2016, and I hope to gift you with new music for the new year, because that's why I'm here!

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

DP: I like them all, of course! But I would choose "Verdadeiro", because it is a summary of my life, my state of mind and my attitude towards life and my art.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Greece | George Sabanis - "Mono ex epafis"


Few countries in Europe produce music with such an identity as Greece. Greek pop has certain details in the songs which make us clearly recognize its origins with few seconds of play. Well, George Sabanis is an exception: his music goes beyond frontiers, and his new single "Mono ex apafis" is another proof ot it. It's a unique song, totally different from what you can usually find in Greece, with a highly catchy melody. We are fully in love with it!

Ireland | HomeTown - "The night we met"


It was long since the last we talked about the Irish guys of HomeTown, but hey, they are back finally! "The night we met" is their third single, a very sweet pop ballad composed by One Direction's Liam Payne.

Italy | Giusy Ferreri - "Volevo te"


After more than a year without releasing a solo single, Italian diva Giusy Ferreri has just presented her new song "Volevo te". It's an interesting mix of electronic pop with her classy and unique voice. The result is addictive, specially with the very intense chorus.

Updated on December 18th, 2015, with the official video.

Spain | Antonio Orozco - "Mírate"


Spanish singer Antonio Orozco went daring for his new single. "Mírate" is a fantastic sample of how great Spanish rock can be: it mixes a traditional rock base with synth sounds and Antonio's raspy voice to make it even more amazing!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ukraine | GROSU - "Revnuyu"


We are now traveling to Ukraine, where we remeet GROSU. And it is surely a very happy remeeting, since her new single is an amazing sample of pop music! "Revnuyu" is a perfect mix of voice and melody. Its intense and captivating beats are perfectly led by her perfect singing. It's a highly addictive song: it's our song of the week!

Updated on August 5th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

Switzerland | Stefanie Heinzmann - "On fire"


Swiss singer Stefanie Heinzmann nails it once again in her latest single. "On fire" is the second song to emerge from "Chance of rain", her fourth studio album. It is a beautiful and very intense pop-rock ballad, as delightful as you might expect from her!

United Kingdom | CHVRCHES - "Empty threat"


CHVRCHES are a Scottish electronic music band which was formed in 2011 in Glasgow. They are inviting us to travel to the past with their new single "Empty threat". It's an exciting song, with captivating melody and singing, besides one of the catchiest choruses of the year. The retro spices are very clear in the track, and we love the way they were mixed into modern electronic.

Belgium | K3 - "10.000 luchtballonnen"


K3 is one of the biggest groups in Belgium. It was formed in 1998 by Karen Damen, Kristel Verbeke and Kathleen Aerts (hence the name of the band), and their music was mainly aimed to children. This year, the original band members decided to leave the band, and the managers behind them launched a reality show to find three new girls to continue with the lecagy of the group. Hanne Verbruggen, Marthe De Pillecyn and Klaasje Meijer is the new formation of K3, and they have recently released their first singles together. One of them is "10.000 luchtballonnen", a very happy and cheerful pop song.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Sweden | Benjamin Ingrosso - "Crystal clear"


After debuting with the sweet and soft "Fall in love", Swedish singer Benjamin Ingrosso turned tables and went for a more alternative sound for his new single. "Crystal clear" mingles electronic beats and contemporary pop to convey a very good sound!

Russia | Sati Kazanova - "Spit moye schast'ye"


Whenever a Russian diva goes on an Oriental trip with her music, results are extremely positive. And it's exactly what happened with "Spit moye schast'ye". Sati Kazanova's single is a beautiful ballad with clear Oriental influence in the instrumentals. It's a great mix which works very well with Sati's voice. Lovely track!

Serbia | Cvija - "Ubila si me"


Cvija was already featured on our site thanks to the release of "Bogu hvala", and now it's time to see what's new in his music! "Ubila si me" is a fantastic mix of contemporary pop-rock and Balkan sounds, a perfect tune to dance along!

Netherlands | Nick & Simon - "Met dank aan jou"


Time to remeet our favorite Dutch duo. And let's agree: no one in Europe can make a better country-rock track than Nick & Simon! "Met dank aan jou" is just another example of that. It's such a great single: it mixes the sweet side of country with the intensity of rock in a very unique song.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

North Macedonia | Thea Trajkovska - "Dosta glumime"


Sounds European! remeets one of our favorite voices of the Balkan region: Macedonian singer Thea Trajkovska has released a new song. "Dosta glumime" has a classy instrumentation and a very entertaining melody. Thea's voice, as usual, is in great shape, and completes the package perfectly.

Updated on December 11th, 2018, with the new stage name of the artist.

Sweden | Elin Bergman - "Lucky strike"


Elin Bergman is a Swedish singer from the city of Umeå. She popped up to fame after taking part of the 2013 season of the Swedish Idols, where she eventually ended in second place. Here is Elin's third single: "Lucky strike" is a fantastic pop with an edgy inclusion of electronic and urban beats.

Germany | Adesse - "Anruf 333"


Adesse is a singer and songwriter who was born in Berlin in 1987. He has just released "Anruf 333", which is a deep and involving ballad. It is a groovy track, filled with personality. Its ambience is built in a growing way: the melody gets stronger and stronger as the song develops, slowly capturing the listeners.

Romania | Sore - "Cand vremea e rea"


Romanian singer Sore is nailing it once again with her new single! "Cand vremea e rea" is a cheerful and uplifting pop song, completed with a quite interesting set of instruments.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Netherlands | Bertolf - "One that you will remember"


Bertolf (who was featured on our site with "Help me stand") has recently released a new song. His latest single is "One that you will remember", a cool and very calm pop with some country influences.

Russia | Pravada - "Miru ne nuzhno slov"


It's time to remeet our favorite Russian band. Pravada has just released a new single, and, as we are getting positively used, it's a powerful and great one! Its melody is involving, and the mix of instrumentals and vocals is perfect. Pure rock 'n' roll, in a way only Pravada give us!

Romania | Adina - "Noi doi"


Adina Postelnicu is a Romanian singer born in 1979 in the city of Vaslui. Her latest single is a true pop explosion: "Noi doi" shows that Romanians really do know how to explore all the sides of pop music!

Greece | Nikiforos - "Apopse teleioses"


Either with a ballad or with an uptempo song, Greek singer Nikiforos is always great. This time, he goes with the second option with "Apopse teleioses". It's that kind of pop which only Greece can produce – with a unique set of instrumentation and that deep male voice which is characteristic of the country.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ukraine | Olga Romanovska - "Derzhi menya krepche"


Every time Sounds European! meets way with Ukrainian singer Olga Romanovska, one thing is for sure: a great song is ahead. And expectations were met with her new single "Derzhi menya krepche". It's a very intense and exciting, but at the same time light, electropop track. We love it!

Bulgaria | Mastilo - "Prosti mi"


Formed in 1999 in Sofia, Mastilo is one of the most popular acts within the Bulgarian music scene. Their most recent single is titled "Prosti mi", and it quite accounts for their success: the song mingles synth sounds, pop and electronic beats at a perfect rate!

Cyprus | Buray - "İstersen"


Buray is a Cipriot singer who was born in Nicosia, but lives and develops career in Turkey. His new single "İstersen" is a delightful invitation to dance. The melody is extremely fun, something which is surely helped by the song's great instrumentation. So entertaining!

United Kingdom | Mi'das - "Feels like only yesterday"


Mi'das is the stage name of Mike Davis, a Brigthon born singer, songwriter and guitarist. Here we're presenting you his most recent single: "Feels like only yesterday" is a captivating and very groovy mixture of pop and soul, completed with an amazingly sweet voice and a very flowing melody. Definitely one to chill out with!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Malta | Destiny Chukunyere - "Not my soul"


It's time to review the winner of the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest: "Not my soul", by Destiny Chukunyere (Birkirkara, 2002), solidifies Malta as the #1 country of the competition in recent editions. This is the second Maltese victory in three years! Other great entries of the edition were Armenia, Australia, Belarus and Slovenia.

The Charts Day #118 (part 1)


British singer Sam Smith is achieving success once more! With his song for the latest James Bond movie "Writing's on the wall", he's climbed to #7 in Belgium and #5 in France!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Finland | Robin Packalen feat. Kasmir - "Milloin nään sut uudestaan?"


Once again, we meet Finnish star Robin Packalen. He has one more single in collaboration with another artist to add to his discography: this time, he has released "Milloin nään sut uudestaan?" with Kasmir. It's a ballad filled with personality, with a well-paced and marking melody.

Updated on February 17th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

United Kingdom | Dua Lipa - "Be the one"


Hailing from London, Dua Lipa is one of the most promising new artsts in the United Kingdom. Owner of a unique voice and a very groovy style, she is dazzling us with her second single: "Be the one" mingles contemporary pop with a slight oldie feeling which makes it irresistible!

Netherlands | Femke Meines - "Nog een kus"


Time to remeet 15-year-old Dutch singer Femke Meines, from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest class of 2012. She has just released the fun pop song "Nog een kus". It's an addictive track, with a very entertaining chorus which made us remind of some great worldwide known artists.

Greece | Giorgos Tsalikis - "Zise mono to taxidi"


Born in Syllida, Greece, Giorgos Tsalikis has already released eight studio albums and several other singles. One of them is "Zise mono to taxidi", a song which oozes both Tsalikis' talent and folkloric sounds. Don't try to control yourself: it's impossible not to dance along this one!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ireland | Jessica Smith - "50/50"


Jessica Smith is an Irish singer from Dublin. Her debut single "50/50" has surely impressed our editors. It's an extremely addictive uptempo track with excellent melody and vocal power. This is only her debut single, but we are quite positive she can be the fresh air the Irish pop scene is needing! All the excitement she has caused on us could only mean one thing: it's our song of the week.

United Kingdom | James Morrison - "Stay like this"


British singer James Morrison returned to the music business this year with "Demons", but with his second single he just confirms he is back to never leave. "Stay like this" is a very classy pop ballad which features a raspy voice that makes it absolutely unique!

Denmark | Julias Moon - "On the run"


Sounds European! remeets Danish group Julias Moon and all their groove. "On the run" has the inviting and slightly retro melody we are used to get from them, but with some interesting modern additions to it. With them, this is surely one of the best singles by the group.

Czech Republic | Mirai - "Cesta z města"


Czech band Mirai return to our site for another very nice track. "Cesta z města" is a more relaxed and calmer approach to pop, still retaining the amazing quality of the band.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bulgaria | Grafa - "Momenti"


Bulgarian singer Grafa has definitely become one of the most productive artists in his country nowadays. His latest single is as enticing as his previous works: "Momenti" is a soothing and very enjoyable pop!

Slovakia | Kristína Peláková - "Ta ne"


Kristína Peláková is a Slovak singer who was born in 1987 in Svidník. She is better known for her participation on the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, with "Horehronie". Her current single is named "Ta ne", and it's a party on itself! It's fun, entertaining and delightful to listen.

United Kingdom | James Bay - "Scars"


British singer James Bay is back with his soothing sounds! One of his latest singles, "Scars", is a heartbroken indie ballad which will conquer you with its lovely atmosphere.

Latvia | Otra Puse feat. Antra Stafecka - "Kopā"


Otra Puse is a Latvian group from Riga. They have gathered with Antra Stafecka to release the cute single "Kopā". Its beautiful melody is involving, and takes the listeners into a great trance. The union of their voices completes it all perfectly.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Estúpida"


Continuing the first moves of her Spaniard career, Italian diva Alessandra Amoroso has released versions in Spanish for some of her biggest hits. And we couldn't avoid presenting "Estúpida", version for "Stupida", which is SE!'s editors' favorite single of hers. As marvelous as the original!

Sweden | MAASAI - "Collide"


MAASAI, a duet composed by Zackarias Ekelund and Dominique Teymouri, was formed in Stockholm in 2013. Their most recent release is "Collide", a very cool blending of pop and synth which will surely capture your heart at once!

Portugal | Mariza - "Melhor de mim"


Portuguese fado is a beautiful, delicate, deep and intense genre. And that's exactly what you'll find with Mariza's "Melhor de mim". Together with the mix we've mentioned above, you'll get Mariza's voice, which is great and extremely powerful. Excellent combination!

Hungary | Compact Disco - "Van az úgy"


We've already talked about Compact Disco upon the release of "Te meg én", and luckily they are with us for a fantastic new single. "Van az úgy" retains their perfect mixture of pop and synth sounds!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Austria | Conchita Wurst - "The other side of me"


Austrian diva Conchita Wurst is back to the ballad field. Her latest single is titled "The other side of me", and it is a softer and tender approach to the genre, which grows magestically towards the last chorus. As amazing as you'd expect!

Lithuania | 2 Donatai - "Kai kas vakarą"


2 Donatai are a Lithuanian duo who were finalists of the third season of Lietuvos Balsas, their country's The Voice. Their single "Kai kas vakarą" is getting popular on national radios, and we can surely understand why. It's a happy uptempo track with a very catchy chorus. Also, there is a schlager spice on it, which is uncommon in the region, making it even more unique.

Iceland | Gréta Salóme - "Fleyið"


Gréta Salóme was born in Mosfellsbær, Iceland, in 1986. She represented Iceland at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Never forget", achieving a 20th place on the Grand Final. Her latest single is a very interesting mixture of country and soft pop: "Fleyið" is a lovely composition!

Italy | Le Kalica - "Notte fonda"


Le Kalica are an Italian duo formed by Carmen Ferreri (born in Erice in 1999) and Lucrezia Benigno (Mazara del Vallo, 1998). They are starting to call people's attention in Italy with their single "Notte fonda". It's an impressive pop track which presents their very interesting mix of sweet and deep vocals.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Netherlands | Shermanology - "Sweet surrender"


Get ready to become a dancing maniac! Dutch group Shermanology has just released "Sweet surrender". It's a dance track which explores the best the genre is currently offering in the world, plus one of the most amazing voices we've listened this year.

Finland | Lucas - "Täydellisen epätäydellinen"


Lucas is a Finnish singer hailing from Espoo. He is launching his music career with a funky and very relaxed single: "Täydellisen epätäydellinen" has all the groove you could ask for!

Slovenia | Ditka - "Vesela"


Ditka is a Slovene singer and guitarist from Prevalje. She is hitting the charts of radios in Slovenia with her single "Vesela". The song has a great mix of beautiful instrumentation and Ditka's sweet voice. Lovely song!

Greece | Natasa Theodoridou - "Asta ola ki ela"


Greek singer Natasa Theodoridou is back to our site! After the dazzling "Tha'rtho na se do", here we have "Asta ola ki ela", another fantastic ballad which mixes Greek sounds and rock in a perfect amount.

Updated on March 22nd, 2016, with the official video.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Charts Day #117 (part 2)


British band Coldplay have returned to the music business earlier this month with the surprising release of their new single, "Adventure of a lifetime". The song managed to cross the borders up to France, where it placed #4 in this week's charts.

The Charts Day #117 (part 1)


American singer Ariana Grande is hitting the charts all around Europe with her latest single. "Focus" was released barely two weeks ago, but it already climbed to #13 in the Netherlands, #9 in Austria and #4 in Spain!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sweden | Seinabo Sey - "Poetic"


She was featured last year with "Pistols at dawn", and her latest single has simply enchanted us. We're talking about Swedish singer Seinabo Sey, who put all her soul in "Poetic". The song combines a goosebumpy orchestration with an amazing vocal power. We just can't have enough!

Italy | Modà - "E non c'è mai una fine"


No rock can be more Italian than the one made by Modà. Lead singer and composer Kekko Silvestre is a master on translating the passion of Italians into music. And that's exactly what we find with the band's new single "E non c'è mai una fine". The addition of classical instruments to their power rock makes it strong, unique and extremely passionate and intense!

France | Sidoine - "La nuit"


Sidoine was already featured with his catchy "On ne vit qu'une fois", and happily he has just now returned to the music scene with a new single! The song is titled "Le nuit" and is a much more intimate sound, playing with indie and electronic beats.

Spain | Pablo Alborán - "La escalera"


It wasn't long ago when SE! presented "Inséparables", the bilingual version for "Pasos de cero" by Pablo Alborán and Zaz. And it's already time to remeet the Spanish singer. He has just released "La escalera", which is a very classy pop track. Alborán's voice is stupendous in it, and the melody is refined and catchy.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sweden | Sara Sangfelt - "Tattoo"


Get ready for this. Sara Sangfelt is a very young singer from Stockholm, who made it to the public eye after participating on the Swedish version of Idols in 2013. Her latest single is absolutely mind-blowing: a bit of pop, a bit of rock, a bit of ballad, a bit of classical instrumentations and a lot of Sara's amazing voice are combined in "Tattoo", a song you will hardly get off of your head. Is it any wonder it became our song of the week?

United Kingdom | Purdy - "All change"


Women with low and deep voices can easily make classy music. But British singer Purdy clearly takes it to another level. And her new single "All change" is one more example of it: it's a sophisticated pop song which hypnotizes the listeners with its melody and vocals.

Spain | Carlos Weinberg - "Mi mundo gris"


Carlos Weinberg is a 16-year-old singer from Madrid, Spain. He took part of the first season of La Voz Kids, the Spanish mini-version of The Voice, where he ended up third on the team conducted by Malú. He is now launching his music career with a fantastic single: "Mi mundo gris" is a very entertaining pop-rock in which he unwinds all his talent!

Sweden | Emil Berg - "Jag kommer aldrig kunna dö med dig"


Not long ago, Swedish singer Emil Berg dazzled us with the excellent "Du swipa höger". Now, he is already back, and he's ready to show his previous single's quality was no accident. "Jag kommer aldrig kunna dö med dig" is another high level song of his. It's grandiose, captivating and very well performed.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Russia | Vasily Urievsky feat. Murakami - "Pal'tsem v nebo"


Vasily Urievsky is a Russian singer who was born in Saratov. He has gathered with band Murakami, from Kazan, to release "Pal'tsen v nebo". It's a delightful track which mixes in a beautiful way the two voices present on it.

Czech Republic | Ewa Farna - "Tu"


Czech singer Ewa Farna has just gone for a lovely ballad for her new single! The song is called "Tu", and it displays a sweet side of Ewa that is as adorable as it could get!

United Kingdom | Fatherson - "Always"


Fatherson are an alternative rock band from Glasgow, in Scotland. Ross Leighton, Marc Strain and Greg Walkinshaw formed the group in 2010, at the age of 17. They have just released "Always", which is everything you can expect from a rock track. It's powerful, intense and completely involving.

Netherlands | Causes - "To the river"


Causes is a band formed in Utretch with members from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Their music is a mixture between classic Brit rock and the Dutch alternative sounds: "To the river" is a perfect track for the beginning of the day!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ireland | Markus Feehily - "Butterfly"


Irish singer Markus Feehily is on fire this year! After the massive "Love is a drug", he released the enticing "Butterfly", a fantastic pop ballad with R&B beats and a marvelous display of Marcus' voice.

Finland | Softengine - "Big fat bass drums"


Look who is back! Finnish band Softengine is preparing a new album, and they've already released the first single. "Big fat bass drums" is a unique track, which is totally different from anything we've ever heard from them. It is daring, and it shows they are not afraid of trying new sounds!

Updated on May 8th, 2016, with the official lyrics video.

Spain | Malú - "Quiero"


Spanish singer Malú is back with a fantastic pop-rock! "Quiero" is a very good and powerful song with an intense and catchy chorus, as this true Latin diva has all of us used to!

Serbia | Željko Joksimović - "Dama"


Not much after presenting "Isto je", Sounds European! is already remeeting Željko Joksimović. And this time, it's to listen to him exploring another genre. With "Dama", the king of Balkan ballads is trying a more international pop-rock instrumentation. The result is just great!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Portugal | Ella Nor - "Strong for too long"


Portuguese singer Ella Nor is surprising us once again. Her new single, named "Strong for too long", is taking her to a new level! It's a strong, deep and classy song. Its chorus is extremely catchy, displaying a Leonor we are not used to listen. So good!

Updated on November 28th, 2015, with the official video.

Updated on December 25th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

Poland | Brain's All Gone - "Inny swiat"


Time to get blown away by girl power! Brain's All Gone is a Polish band from Krakow composed by Aleksandra Jakubus, Weronika Jasiówka and Marta Majkalska. The three have recently released "Inny swiat", a powerful and energetic song to charge your batteries with!

Russia | Albina Dzhanabaeva - "Odin na odin"


It's finally time to remeet Russian singer Albina Dzhanabaeva. After the powerful "Nadoyeli", she is now with a lighter, but as great as the previous, track. "Odin na odin" is a very entertaining track. Its easygoing melody allows her voice to shine a lot.

United Kingdom | Jess Glynne - "Take me home"


Known for her catchy and uplifting melodies, Jess Glynne blowed us all with her new single. "Take me home" (which is the official single for the BBC Children In Need campaign) is a classy, intense and lovely ballad. The song shows all the talent and power of Jess's voice, who proves us she can practically sing anything!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Belgium | Jasper Steverlinck - "Things that I should have done"


Born in Ghent in 1976, Jasper Steverlinck serves as a guitarist in Belgian band Arid. His latest single is "Things that I should have done", a heartbroken ballad filled with a soothing atmosphere and a soulful interpretation.

France | Louise Attaque - "Anomalie"


A traditional French rock group is preparing a new album for the beginning of 2016. And it's already time to listen to its first single. We are talking about the band Louise Attaque, formed by Gaëtan Roussel, Arnaud Samuel and Robin Feix, and their "Anomalie". It's a very entertaining track, which mixes the French chanson with modern rock in a unique way.

Belarus | Aura - "Pa-nad gorami"


Aura is a Belarusian group from Minsk, which is formed by Yulia Bykov and Evgeny Oleynik. One of their biggest hits is the superb "Whisper of silence". They have now released "Pa-nad gorami". It's a single which really follows the group's style: involving ballads with great ambience. It's very cool!

Ireland | The Corrs - "Bring on the night"


After what seemed like an eternity, The Corrs are finally back on track! Their comeback single is called "Bring on the night", a delicate and tender pop ballad decorated with the traditional Irish sounds that turned them into one of the most distinguished bands to emerge from Ireland. Cheers for their return!

Updated on December 12th, 2015, with the official video.

Monday, November 09, 2015

The Charts Day #116 (part 2)


Canadian rapper Drake has conquered everybody with "Hotline bling". His success is huge in his home country, but it is also big in Europe, where he has placed on the British charts as #5 and on the Irish charts as #8.

The Charts Day #116 (part 1)


Canadian singer Justin Bieber has unveiled a new track barely a week ago, but the song is already a huge hit in Europe! "Sorry" has peaked at #7 in Portugal, #6 in Belgium, #4 in France, #3 in Sweden, #2 in Austria, the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and #1 in Denmark!

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Italy | Annalisa - "Splende"


There are few artists in all Europe going through such a good phase as Annalisa. Everything she touches becomes gold! Her new single "Splende" is another example of a masterpiece of music she has released. The song, which is also the title of her current album, is another huge display of vocal quality and great melody. And the chorus is the perfect wrapping for it: it couldn't be any better!

Ukraine | Anna Dobrydneva - "Ya sil'naya"


We've met Ukrainian singer Anna Dobrydneva thanks to her catchy "Futbolka", and now it's time to show another side of her music. In "Ya sil'naya", her most recent single, she goes sweet and intimate for a lovely ballad!

Greece | Stelios Legakis - "Sou xediplono tin psihi mou"


And it's time to listen once again to one of the sweetest voices in Greek pop. Stelios Legakis's new single "Sou xediplono tin psihi mou" is the perfect kind of music to explore the best of his talent: a ballad which allows him to win the listeners' hearts.

Portugal | Diogo Garcia - "Sinto-me livre contigo"


Diogo Garcia hails from Funchal, Portugal. Last year, he became the winner of The Voice Kids in Portugal, and his most recent single really shows why. "Sinto-me livre contigo" is nothing to what you might expect from a Portuguese singer: it's rock and pop combined at perfection!

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Ukraine | Ksana - "Otpusti"


Prepare to have your breath taken away by Ksana Sergienko, a 30-year-old Ukrainian singer from the city of Myrhorod. Her single "Otpusti" is a masterpiece of pop. It's strong, intense and as contagious as a track can be. It's surely a must-listen! We got extremely addicted to it, so it became our song of the week.

Updated on January 9th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

Spain | Roko - "Herida"


Spanish singer Roko is showing all her versatility in her latest single. After very groovy pop tracks, she released the deep and very melancholic "Herida", a ballad filled with R&B beats and an intense instrumentation.

France | Anggun feat. Florent Pagny - "Nos vies parallèles"


Two French superstars are meeting! Florent Pagny has joined the Indonesian-born diva Anggun to release "Nos vies parallèles". It's a fresh and delightful song which mix their two talented voices in a very cute way.

Updated on November 7th, 2015, with the official video.

United Kingdom | Lawson - "Under the Sun"


Lawson had a song of the week not a month before with "We are kings", yet they already blew us out with another fantastic single. "Under the Sun" is an energetic and very uplifting track, flowing between pop and rock. It will totally recharge your energy!

Friday, November 06, 2015

France | Emji - "Lost"


After dazzling us with her sweet power in "Dur dur", French singer Emji comes slaying in her second single. She mixes French and English with a variating strength in "Lost". The track starts showing her fragile, and grows with an explosion of sounds towards the chorus and the last part of the song. A magnific masterpiece!

Russia | Alsou - "Tam, gde net tebya"


Russian pop star Alsou has a new single. And that surely means a new hit is about to flood the local radios! "Tam, gde net tebya" is a ballad which manages to be, at the same time, beautiful and strong. Alsou's voice is perfect for this kind of music.

Bulgaria | Mihaela Fileva - "Incognito"


We already talked about Mihaela Fileva a couple of times, but this girl is simply slaying the music scene in Bulgaria with every new single she releases! Her latest song is "Incognito", a very cool pop track with a strong R&B beat.

Montenegro | Sergej Ćetković - "Korov"


We now land in Montenegro, where we remeet one of the most beautiful male voices in the continent. Sergej Ćetković has just released "Korov". It's another touching ballad which is clearly built to display Ćetković's great vocal capabilities. Its melody, specially in the chorus, is very involving.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Spain | María Isabel - "La vida sólo es una"


María Isabel is a Spanish singer who was born in Ayamonte in 1995. She is also known for being the winner of the second edition of Junior Eurovision Song Contest, in 2004. To date, she holds the record of the most pointed song of JESC history. Her new single "La vida sólo es una" is a very powerful pop. It's intense, involving and quite catchy!

Updated on February 13th, 2016, with the Eurovision NFs label.

Belgium | Clouseau - "Zin om te bewegen"


Clouseau is one of the biggest pop-rock bands in Belgium, having achieved success in both their home country and in the neighbouring Netherlands. Their latest single, the groovy "Zin om te bewegen", is just a tease from what's to come for their new album, planned for next year.

Croatia | Auguste - "Sjajim"


Auguste is a Croatian duo from Zagreb formed by Gordana Marković and Ivana Lulić. They have been making music together since 2012. Their new single "Sjajim" is a great sample of their work. It's a soft and smooth pop-rock track which is totally involving. Both the vocals and the melody are just on target!

United Kingdom | Ben Haenow feat. Kelly Clarkson - "Second hand heart"


British singer Ben Haenow has finally released a new single! After his debut with "Something I need", he surprised with a collaboration with American star Kelly Clarkson. "Second hand heart", the single we're talking about, is a fantastic mixture of voices and styles, conveying a great pop-rock track.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sweden | Melissa Horn - "Du går nu"


Melissa Horn is a Swedish singer born in Stockholm in 1987 who rose to fame thanks to her soothing and relaxed style. This year, she is releasing her fifth studio album, "Jag går nu", and she already graced us with the first single: "Du går nu" is a lovely ballad!

Greece | Boys and Noise - "Die for you"


Not long ago, Sounds European! has highlighted the new work by Greek boyband Boys and Noise, with versions to Greek hits of all time. Now, it's time to check how they perform one of their country's biggest hits on Eurovision Song Contest. Their "Die for you" (firstly performed by Antique) gives a modern touch to the original track, but still respects it very well.

Austria | Tom Post - "Wenn du lascht"


Tom Post is an Austrian singer hailing from the state of Styria. "Wenn du lascht" is his debut single, and it sure promises a fantastic future ahead: it has the best from pop and rock, with a particular winky feeling brought by Tom.

Russia | MBAND - "Posmotri na menya"


MBAND is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the Russian pop scene. Every new song of theirs is becoming a hit in Russia and in the neighboring region. The same has happened with "Day mne" and, now, with "Posmotri na menya". No wonder: it's a very catchy song! The melody is highly contagious and the vocals are impeccable.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Serbia | Željko Joksimović - "Isto je"


If there is one person in the world who knows the perfect methods to create an excellent Balkan ballad, it's Željko Joksimović. And here he is, once again, dazzling us with another great sample of his quality. "Isto je" has the exact mix of voice and the unique instrumentation you can only find in this genre. It's a brilliant song!

Ukraine | Zhenya Tolochny - "Na ravnykh"


Zhenya Tolochny is a Ukrainian singer hailing from Gorlovka, in the Eastern part of the country. He has recently engaged on a project with the group Chernoe Beloe, with whom he released his most recent single: "Na ravnykh" is an energetic and very cool rock piece!

Spain | Pablo Alborán feat. Zaz - "Inséparables"


Two of the most talented artists from the Latin European countries are together for a new version of a hit. Spanish singer Pablo Alborán gathered with French star Zaz to record "Inséparables", a bilingual version to "Pasos de cero". The result is as great as it could be!

United Kingdom | Will Young - "Brave man"


British singer Will Young was showcased last April thanks to his single "Love revolution". This time, he's switching the groovy pop for a deep and intense ballad: "Brave man" includes a very strong instrumentation and a very touching video clip.

Monday, November 02, 2015

The Charts Day #115 (part 2)


Is there any surprise, on a day we talk about charts, Adele was going to show up? As soon as she has released "Hello", it started charting everywhere. In her own country, the United Kingdom, for example, it's topping the list. But not only! Get ready for a long list: it's also #1 in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland, #2 in Finland and Slovenia and #3 in Sweden.

The Charts Day #115 (part 1)


Our trip around European charts lands in Germany. There, we meet the great duo Glasperlenspiel. Their single "Geiles leben" is currently #2 in their homeland.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Russia | Stas Pieha - "Nesovmestimaya lyubov'"


Time to go to Russia and remeet Stas Pieha, from Saint Petersburg. His new single "Nesovmestimaya lyubov'" is a great display of his talent. It's a very involving pop rock with great instrumentals and a very cool vocal performance. The chorus is specially catchy.

Italy | Andrea Bocelli feat. Ariana Grande - "E più ti penso"


Italian legend Andrea Bocelli (born in Lajatico in 1958) is releasing a new album. "Cinema" brings versions to songs from beloved movies of all times. We now remember "Once upon a time in America", with "E più ti penso". It's a beautiful, deep and touching version sung by Bocelli and American pop star Ariana Grande.

Greece | Boys and Noise feat. Eleni Foureira - "O tropos"


Boyband Boys and Noise is releasing a new work, with cover versions for some very cool Greek hits. Among them, we highlight the version for The Olympians' great "O tropos". It is as enticing as the original, with great pace and intensity. Eleni Foureira's participation is just the perfect cherry for the cake!

Romania | Feli - "Creioane colorate"


Feli is a Romanian singer from Sebeș. She has just released a single named "Creioane colorate". It's a very entertaining pop, as you can only find in Romania. Her voice is very good, and it's a great wrapping for the song. Quite a cute and entertaining track!