Friday, July 31, 2015

United Kingdom | Jasmine Thompson - "Adore"


There are plenty great female singers in the United Kingdom, but they are all threatened by the talent of teen singer Jasmine Thompson. We presented her already in "Ain't nobody (loves me better)", and here is she going solo in "Adore". A mellow pop melody with a catchy chorus is all we needed to fall in love with this girl!

Hungary | Gigi Radics - "Itt egy boldog lány"


Every new single by Hungarian pop star Gigi Radics is a certainty of success. With "Itt egy boldog lány", it's not different at all. It's such a well-done pop song! Gigi's great voice isn't any surprise, and the chorus is as catchy as we could expect.

Poland | AreQue - "Za to"


Arkadiusz Matuszak is the real name of AreQue, a singer, composer and dancer born in Trzcianka, Poland, in 1987, though he currently lives in Łodz. His latest single is titled "Za to", a dark and intense pop with a very cool R&B beat and a captivating melody.

Portugal | Filipe Gonçalves - "Dança Joana"


Filipe Gonçalves is a Portuguese singer who was born in Oeiras. Even though his single "Dança Joana" appeared some months ago, during Festival da Canção (used by Portugal as their National Final for Eurovision), it's still hitting the local radios. And what a catchy song it is: delightful to listen and inviting to dance along. It won't be only Joana dancing to it!

Germany | Robin Schulz feat. Francesco Yates - "Sugar"


After the smashing success of "Headlights", German DJ Robin Schulz is aiming high with his new single. "Sugar", which features the vocals of Canadian singer Francesco Yates, is a very soft and mellow pop track, one of those songs that should totally become a huge party starter!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Italy | Annalisa - "Vincerò"


We have no doubt in affirming Annalisa is our current favorite artist in the Italian music scene. Every single of hers is a new love for us. "Vincerò" is another amazing power ballad she is offering. As we are getting used (in the best sense of the word), her voice is as perfect as it can get, and the instrumentals give the final touch of intensity to the track. Amazing!

Czech Republic | Halina Mlynkova - "Zabiore cie"


Halina Mlynkova was born in Návsí, a city in the Czech Republic, but has developed her whole music career in Poland. There, she was the lead singer of the popular group Brathanki. Her latest single is "Zabiore cie", a sweet and very happy pop song with an exquisite orchestration.

United Kingdom | Bring Me The Horizon - "Throne"


We now meet the British band Bring Me The Horizon, formed in Sheffield in 2004. They are about to release a new album, entitled "That's the spirit". From it, we already have the first single. "Throne" is an incredibly powerful track, catchy and addictive from first to last second. Brings back many great nu metal memories to us!

Portugal | Ella Nor - "Já conheci"


Ella Nor was the sweetheart that represented Portugal at this year's Eurovision with "Há um mar que nos separa". Happily, being out of the grand final was not something to keep her off her musical career. Here we have a daring and intense new single: "Já conheci" retains the melancholy we love from the country but dragged into a more contemporary music style.

Updated on December 25th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

North Macedonia | Simona Popovska - "Se ke pomine"


Once again, we meet one of our favorite Macedonian artists, Simona Popovska. The song "Se ke pomine" is another sample of the great music she has. It's everything you can expect from a good pop track: it's catchy, well sung and very contagious!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

France | Shy'm - "Silhouettes"


French singer Shy'm has recently released another fantastic track. It is "Silhouettes", a very catchy and danceable pop track which keeps the sensuality that she oozes in all of her singles.

Russia | Dima Bilan - "Ne molchi"


Time to remeet one of the biggest popstars from Russia. Dima Bilan's new single is an amazing pop track! "Ne molchi" is a well-marked midtempo with a lot of power and intensity. Dima's voice is very well explored on it, and his talent makes the song reach a great level.

Updated on September 13th, 2015, with the official video.

Armenia | Armo - "Im axchik"


Time to party Armenian way! Armo Hoveyan hails from Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. His latest single is a fantastic mixture of folkloric elements: "Im axchik" will put you to dance right from the moment you click play!

Netherlands | André Hazes - "Leef"


André Hazes is a Dutch singer who was born in Woerden in 1994. He has just released "Leef", which is a total meet of modern and traditional Dutch pop. His beautiful voice makes the perfect connection between both, and the chorus is a party of its own!

Updated on October 10th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

United Kingdom | Jack Savoretti - "Written in scars"


Jack Savoretti was featured some months ago with the enticing "Home", and it's high time to show his new single. The song is "Written in scars", a soft and mellow tune mixing rock and country, and Jack's raspy voice to make it all perfect!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

United Kingdom | Vitamin - "Giving it up"


Vitamin is a British band from Leeds. They've just released a new single, entitled "Giving it up". And it's a great one: it's one of those songs which, at the same time, sound simple but fully effective. It doesn't take a long time until you find yourself totally involved with it, singing along the chorus.

Norway | a-ha - "Under the makeup"


Norwegian group a-ha has become one of the biggest artists to emerge from the country: hits such as "Foot of the mountain" and the already classic "Take on me" can only confirm this. So the news of new music coming from them were just a sparkle of happiness. And were we right in looking forwards to it! "Under the makeup" is a lovely and intense ballad, filled with chilling instruments adding up to an exquisite comeback single!

Latvia | Jānis Stībelis - "Ir tik karsts"


Sounds European! remeets Latvian singer Jānis Stībelis, and this time we are even more impressed than usual. In our opinion, "Ir tik karsts" is the best single of his: it's extremely catchy, and has one of the most involving and entertaining melodies ever to come from Latvia to our site.

Sweden | Victor Crone - "Burning man"


Swedish singer Victor Crone made a dazzling appearance earlier this year in Melodifestivalen 2015, being featured in the powerful "Det rår vi inte för" with Behrang Miri. Well, the man is now launching his music career with a fantastic first single: "Burning man" is an anthemic pop song with a very cool and catchy chorus.

Italy | Malika Ayane - "Senza fare sul serio"


Malika Ayane, born in Milan in 1984, is one of the most talented Italian singers. Her single "Senza fare sul serio" is a big hit in Italy, and we couldn't doubt its success: the melody is excellent and very catchy and the chorus is totally effective. And Malika's voice needs no introduction. It's great, as always.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Charts Day #101 (part 2)


The Spanish singer Alvaro Soler is breaking his country's borders with "El mismo Sol". His single is topping the charts in Switzerland, besides appearing in radio charts of other countries, such as Italy, for example.

The Charts Day #101 (part 1)


The big current hit in European charts answers by the title "Reality". The song, performed by Lost Frequencies and Janieck Devy, is topping the lists of Austria and Belgium, besides being #4 in France.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Russia | Sasha Balakireva feat. Max Berestov - "10 neotvechennykh"


Sasha Balakireva and Max Berestov are two artists from Moscow, in Russia, who gathered to release "10 neotvechennykh". It's a very powerful pop-rock. Sasha's voice fits perfectly into songs of this genre, adding even more potence to the track.

France | Marily - "Ce sont mes rêves"


Marily is a French singer who was the runner-up on the first season of the Franco-Belgian version of The X Factor. The young girl has just recorded an album, and her first single is just great! "Ce sont mes rêves" is a very upwards pop song with an extremely contagious melody. If her work is going to keep this level, we'll have a new idol in France!

Ukraine | Spelova feat. Dmitry Klimashenko - "Tri metra nad nebom"


Alesya Spelova is a Ukrainian singer who was born in Kharkiv in 1987. She has gathered with Dmitry Klimashenko, from Kiev, to release "Tri metra nad nebom". It is a classy and smooth pop song which explores Spelova's voice very well. It has that very traditional touch of Ukraine in the melody which leaves no doubt where the song is coming from.

Georgia | Valery Meladze - "Belyye ptitsy"


Sounds European! remeets the Georgian singer Valery Meladze. He is now flying high with "Belyye ptitsy": it's a great song, with extremely effective chorus and great vocals by Valery. Extremely entertaining single!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Serbia | Luke Black - "Holding on to love"


Luke Black is the stage name of Luka Ivanović, a young Serbian singer born in 1992 in Čačak. His music is quite different from what you might expect from a Balkan act: "Holding onto love" is a fantastic synth pop single, with a very involving atmosphere and a captivating melody. We're so into this song that it became the song of the week!

Finland | Benjamin - "Young and restless"


The Finnish singer Benjamin is becoming one of our favorite names from Finland. Every new single of his is a new addiction of ours. The same happened this week, with the release of "Young and restless". It's pop at its best, with a great mix of vocals, instrumentals and melody. It's extremely catchy, and the chorus is outstanding!

Russia | Moumina - "S toboy ili bez tebya"


Get ready to listen to an amazing pop track. Moumina is a Russian singer who was born in Moscow in 1987. She has just released a great single. "S toboy ili bez tebya" has the groove, an amazing voice and an involving and unique mix of melody and instrumentals. The result is absolutely addictive!

Ukraine | Oleg Verd - "Elyektroshok"


Oleg Verd is a singer who was born in Berdyansk, Ukraine, and got famous after taking part of the third season of the Ukrainian The X Factor. His single "Elyektroshok" is as good as you can expect from a pop track: it has power, personality and a great chorus!

Friday, July 24, 2015

North Macedonia | Daniel Kajmakoski - "10 leta"


After his Eurovision Song Contest adventure in May, the Macedonian singer Daniel Kajmakoski is back. And get ready: he is ready to blow your mind! "10 leta" is the first single for his new album, and it's as good as you can expect. Daniel's great voice is followed by an amazing and very strong melody. And the chorus is the higest point of this all-high work.

Russia | Elmira Kalimullina - "Budda"


Elmira Kalimullina is a Russian singer from Nizhnekamsk, in the Republic of Tatarstan. She got famous after being a finalist and ending as the runner-up of the first edition of the Russian version of The Voice. Her new single, "Budda", is a very interesting midtempo pop. The use of ethnic instruments make the song get a unique final sound.

France | Cheraze feat. Tunisiano - "Promets pas la lune"


Cheraze is a French singer from Marseille, who was part of the girlband The Mess, and is now starting her solo career. Her first single shows all the potential we can wait from her: "Promets pas la lune", featuring the French rapper Tunisiano (stage name of Bachir Baccour), is a great pop song with very enticing melody.

Ukraine | Anna Dobrydneva - "Futbolka"


Born and raised in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, meet Anna Dobrydneva and one of the coolest songs to land on SE! from Ukraine in recent times. "Futbolka" is an uptempo pop with spices of soft rock which is irresistible. The melody is extremely entertaining, and her voice is perfect for the single's proposal. We love it!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Russia | Margarita Pozoyan feat. Artsvik - "Sestra po dukhu"


Margarita Pozoyan is a Russian singer who was born in Krasnodar in 1984. She was a finalist of the first season of the Russian version of The Voice. She gathered with Artsvik Arutyunyan, who was born in Kapan, Armenia, in 1984, and was also part of The Voice in Russia (but of the second season). Together, they released "Sestra po dukhu". It is a beautiful ballad with traditional Armenian elements which are just delightful.

Italy | Francesca Michielin - "Battito di ciglia"


Italian singer Francesca Michielin keeps dazzing us with daring and very interesting sounds. This time it was their latest single, "Battito di ciglia", which did the trick: a very soft pop with electronic beats to make it sound very contemporary. A magnific release!

Sweden | Molly Hammar - "Something right"


After blowing us all away with "I'll be fine", Molly Hammar returns to our site with an equally storming single. "Something right" keeps the classy touch into an explosive pop song. Simply delightful.

Updated on August 21st, 2015, with the official video.

Updated on July 5th, 2018, with the new stage name of the artist.

Spain | Pignoise - "Prométeme"


Formed in Madrid, Pignoise is a popular pop punk Spanish band. Their latest single shows why they achieved success: "Prométeme" is a classic Spanish ballad, with a strong chorus and a very nice set of lyrics. Add to the combo a very touching vocal performance and some rock beats, and there is no way it won't succeed!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

France | Cats on Trees feat. Calogero - "Jimmy"


Two icons of French indie music gathered on a brilliant new single. Cats on Trees and Calogero mix French and English in "Jimmy", a delicate song that also blends classic piano ballads with an unmistakeable French touch.

United Kingdom | Jess Glynne - "Don't be so hard on yourself"


British singer Jess Glynne is definitely becoming one of the main female acts in British pop scene. Her latest single is as addictive as all her other ones. "Don't be so hard on yourself" mixes pop with electronic beats and some classic instruments. Addiction!

Poland | Szymon Chodyniecki - "Sam na sam"


Szymon Chodyniecki is a Polish singer who was born in Nysa in 1994. His latest single is a very beautiful pop ballad: "Sam na sam" mixes pop and rock with classical instruments in an exquisite and soulful song.

Norway | Truls - "Circles"


Meet Truls, a Norwegian singer hailing from Oslo who has gained popularity in the Scandinavian country thanks to the single "Out of yourself". After a period of working in new music, he is finally presenting "Circles". The song is a captivating indie pop, which features a very interesting voice and a super catchy melody.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Germany | Rob Thomas - "Trust you"


Rob Thomas was born in 1972 in Landstuhl, Germany. If you think his name rings a bell, you're definitely right: he shot to worldwide fame together with Santana in the super hot "Smooth". And he is back to music business with a very cool single! The song is "Trust you", a contagious pop track filled with groove and rhythm.

France | Marina Kaye - "Dancing with the devil"


Marina Kaye is quickly becoming one of the biggest names to emerge from the French music scene. After the enticing "Homeless", here she comes with a bright new single. It's "Dancing with the devil", a very intense pop song with a very strong chorus and Kaye's dazzling vocals.

Italy | Lorenzo Fragola - "# fuori c'è il Sole"


Lorenzo Fragola is conquering hearts in Italy with his soft and charming sounds. His latest single shows why most Italians are in love with him: "# fuori c'è il Sole" is a very cool summer track, flowing gently with the tune of a guitar and his very charismatic voice.

United Kingdom | Foxes - "Body talk"


British singer Foxes returns to our site with a very different sound. Her latest single, "Body talk", goes away from her usual pop and includes some synth and electronic beats, taking her music to a whole new level!

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Charts Day #100 (part 2)


The Charts Day celebrates its #100 delivery with another great song. British girlband Little Mix have enchanted everybody with their single "Black magic". They are #3 in Ireland and #1 in the United Kingdom!

The Charts Day #100 (part 1)


We made it to the 100th week reviewing the charts around Europe! And we will celebrate it with two amazing songs. In France, the sweet Marina Kaye is still being a hit with the amazing "Homeless". After peaking at #2 some weeks ago, this week she is #5!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slovenia | Siddharta - "Ledena"


After a long period without having a new album, the biggest band of Slovenia is returning. "Infra" is the name of Siddharta's recently released album. The first single from it is entitled "Ledena". It's a strong midtempo with great mood, making us remind the ambience of "Male roke". We love it – and it's no surprise when it's Siddharta!

Spain | Garson - "Beautiful death"


Garson is a Spanish singer from the city of Alcoy. Even though he is from Spain, his work is far from anything you'd expect from a native. It has a different daring spice, and a great use of English (as it's rarely seen in Spanish music). His single "Beautiful death" is a great example of all that.

Sweden | Nova Miller - "Supernova"


Nova Miller is a very young talent coming from Sweden. The 13-year-old singer, who was born in Stockholm, has released "Supernova". And what a single this girl has recorded! It's catchy, it grows in the proper moment and the chorus is specially good. Amazing work!

Czech Republic | Chinaski - "Každý ráno"


Let's remeet the Czech band Chinaski. And get ready: this song is ready to blow your mind. "Každý ráno" has the classic structure of a rock track. It starts slowly, but explodes into a powerful chorus, filled of personality. It's classic, but it's still great: the result is amazing!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Italy | Valentina Tesio - "In ogni cosa"


Valentina Tesio is one more great talent to be presented on the reality show Amici. The singer from Turin has recorded "In ogni cosa". And what a potence, what a voice, what a song! We weren't surprise to know she was being coached by Emma Marrone on the show. Valentina has surely got the potential to be a star, and here on Sounds European!, this one is already our song of the week.

North Macedonia | Kaliopi - "Poželi"


Shortly after presenting another single of hers, we are already remeeting Macedonian diva Kaliopi. Now, it's time to listen to "Poželi", which is a very powerful pop-rock. Kaliopi's unique voice works very well in this genre, and this song is no exception.

Latvia | Lauris Reiniks - "Rytas pienės pūke"


Lauris Reiniks is a singer, songwriter, TV host and actor from Riga, Latvia. The multitalented star has just released "Rytas pienės pūke". It is a very good single, with interesting instrumentals and a great chorus. We love it! And for those who are fans of acoustic music, check the English version "Morning in dandelion fluff".

Slovenia | Nino - "Dovolj romantike"


Every time we get to listen to another single by Slovene singer and songwriter Nino, we get impressed. Not only by the quality, but also for the variety of work he presents. His latest single "Dovolj romantike" is another great example of this, and surely one of his best songs ever.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Sweden | Zara Larsson - "Lush life"


Zara Larsson is surely on the top shelf of what European pop is currently offering to the world. Her voice is solid gold, and the music she produces is following the best trends of the moment. "Lush life" is just one more sample of how great her work is. Very good!

Denmark | Ericka Jane - "Favorite lie"


Sounds European! is proud to introduce a new Danish artist with the potential to become a star. Ericka Jane has just released "Favorite lie", a pop as we love one to be. Marking instrumentals, but leaving space for Ericka's voice to shine, and a very strong chorus.

North Macedonia | Superhiks - "Miki Li"


The ska rock of Superhiks is back to SE!. "Miki Li" is another very fun and entertaining single offered by the Macedonian band. The mix of instruments only a ska track can offer is taken on a fastly paced melody, and the vocals totally help building the mood.

Finland | Tiisu - "Tänään sä musta hullaannut"


Tiisu, from Finland, is back to SE!. Their new single "Tänään sä musta hullaannut" is a raw and strong rock track with a very entertaining chorus. Great song from Finnish lands!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

France | Zayra - "Jamais trop tard"


Sounds European! remeets ways with the French singer Zayra, who has dazzled us with "Premier regard" in 2014. Her new single, entitled "Jamais trop tard", reinforces how great her voice is, and how grandiose her songs are.

Iceland | Glowie feat. Stony - "No more"


Glowie is a singer from Reykjavík, Iceland. She has just gathered with our SE! veteran Stony to release "No more". It's one of the sweetest songs we have recently listened, and a lot of it is because of Glowie's unique voice.

Bulgaria | Nevena Tsoneva feat. Milenium X - "Kogato nai-silno shte boli"


Meeting of Bulgarian artists: Nevena Tsoneva and the band Milenium X, both from Sofia, gathered to record and release a single. "Kogato nai-silno shte boli" is a great pop rock, with marking instrumentals which highlight Nevena's great voice.

Belgium | Emma Bale - "Run"


Belgian singer Emma Bale is back to Sounds European!. Her new single "Run" is starting to chart in Belgium, and it's surely deserved: the song has a great pace taken by a guitar and her beautiful and soothing voice. It is a very delightful one.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

United Kingdom | Little Mix - "Black magic"


The girlband Little Mix is back to Sounds European!. The British group has just released "Black magic", a class on how to make a contagious pop song. Melody, voices, chorus... everything helps making it as addictive as it can be!

Armenia | Emmy - "Hayeli"


The Armenian superstar Emmy is back with another deep and touching ballad. "Hayeli" is a sweet song which explores Emmy's talent in a very special way.

Netherlands | Jelle B feat. Esther Postma - "Mij ben je nu kwijt"


Jelle Broersma is a Dutch singer and musician. He has gathered with Esther Postma, also from the Netherlands, to release "Mij ben je nu kwijt", a very sweet song which is surely gonna captivate you. Jelle's and Esther's voices together are just lovely.

North Macedonia | Sarah Mace - "Peperutki"


In 2014, Sarah Mace appeared for the first time on SE!, with her single "Nambareja". We now remeet the Macedonian singer, with the release of "Peperutki". It's a groovy and very well instrumented song, with Sarah's voice being at her coolest in it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Denmark | Mahanna - "Here we come"


Mahanna are a Danish duo from Tórshavn, in the Faroe Islands. They have just released their first single: "Here we come" is an involving mix of electropop and folk elements. Listen to it and become a new fan!

Finland | ABREU - "Bandana"


ABREU is the stage name of Anna Abreu, Finnish superstar who was born in Vantaa in 1990. She is back with another hit single. "Bandana" has her talent perfectly used on a very groovy song. It's totally captivating!

Updated on December 24th, 2017, with the new stage name of the artist.

France | Zazie - "Discold"


Zazie is a French singer who was born in 1964 in Boulogne-Billancourt. She is one of the coolest artists we know from France, and we are very happy to know she has just released a new single. "Discold" is a very interesting mix of genres, which results on an extremely involving downtempo indie electropop.

Bulgaria | Mihaela Fileva feat. Preyah and Divna - "Zabranen dostŭp"


Three great Bulgarian female singers united to release a great song. We remeet Mihaela Fileva and Preyah, and we get introduced to Divna, 18-year-old singer from Ruse. They recorded "Zabranen dostŭp", a very groovy and involving pop mixed with R&B. Quite an enjoyable result.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Giveaway | Win a copy of Bryan Rice's "Hear me as I am"!


Readers of Sounds European! may get the latest Bryan Rice album!

In May, we met Bryan in Denmark and got an autographed copy of "Hear me as I am" to draw among our readers.

To participate of our draw, all you need to do is write us a Facebook private message saying "I want my Bryan Rice CD!", together with your full name, city and country.

Please pay attention that only Facebook private messages will take part of the draw. Posts on our Facebook page or @ messages and RTs on Twitter, even though highly appreciated, will not count for participating.

On August 17th, the winner of the draw will be announced on our site. So stay tuned!

UPDATE - JULY 14: We excluded the rule for subscribing through Twitter, after it was pointed out that private messages can only be sent to us by people followed by our profile. From now on, only private messages on Facebook will be counting for our draw.

The Charts Day #99 (part 2)


Norwegian singer Morgan Sulele is having the summer of his dreams. His happy hit single "Bare min" has been at the top of the Norwegian charts for some weeks now, and this week he's still leading the ranking!

The Charts Day #99 (part 1)


British band Years & Years are demonstrating they are here to stay, creating hit after hit. Their latest one is the soothe and mellow "Shine", who has entered the British charts this week as the #2!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Norway | Karl Klevan - "Play along"


Karl Klevan is a new talent rising in Norway. Hailing from Tønsberg, this young boy has recently released "Play along", a captivating synth pop song with a very interesting instrumentation and a fantastic atmosphere to dance along.

France | Louane - "Jeune (j'ai envie)"


Few months after getting in love with "Avenir", it's time to fall for another single by the French singer Louane. "Jeune (j'ain envie)" is a light and upwards pop song, with a very contagious melody. Louane's sweet voice finishes it all very well.

Russia | Yulianna Karaulova - "Ty ne takoy"


Yulianna Karaulova was born in Moscow in 1988. After living part of her childhood in Bulgaria, she returned to her native city and launched her music career from there. Her latest single is "Ty ne takoy", a very contagious pop song.

Greece | Christos Cholidis - "Elega"


Christos Cholidis (also known as Christos Holidis) is a Greek singer from Athens. He has just released "Elega", which is a typical Greek male pop ballad. The instrumentals are very traditional, the melody is very strong and passionate and Christos's voice is as deep and strong as it's usual with music from Greece.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Moldova | Nicoleta Nuca - "Nu sunt"


Born in Chișinău in 1994, Nicoleta Nuca is a very young singer from Moldova. She stormed into the local music scene with "Nu sunt", an epic pop ballad with a great addition of R&B beats in the chorus. Definitely going into our playlists!

Finland | Softengine - "All about you & I"


Time to remeet the Finnish band Softengine. They have just released a new single, entitled "All about you & I". Even though a bit calmer than most of their hits, this song keeps their instrumentals' intensity, specially in the chorus. Great one!

Sweden | Matilda Thompson - "Elysium"


Matilda Thompson is finally back! After the release of "What we do" in the beginning of 2014, she revealed "Elysium" some weeks ago. The song is a very entertaining ballad with an explosion of pop in the chorus. Just as good as it can get!

Spain | Natalia - "Solo tú"


Natalia is a Spanish singer who was born in 1982 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda. She got famous after taking part of the very successful reality show Operación Triunfo in 2002. Since then, she has developed a great career, and "Solo tú" is another good example of her work. It's a very cool uptempo pop with Latin spice, and some very interesting instrumentals.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Hungary | Freddie - "Mary Joe"


Freddie is Alfréd Fehérvári Gábor, a singer who was born in Győr, in Northwest Hungary. He has just released "Mary Joe", a song which was written, among others, by former Eurovision Song Contest star András Kállay Saunders. It is a marking pop-rock which is perfect to display the unique voice of Alfréd.

Updated on March 7th, 2016, with the new stage name of the artist.

Latvia | Gain Fast - "Ir jādodas"


Formed in Riga in 2003, rock group Gain Fast shows us in their latest single that they are still in great shape. "Ir jādodas" is a perfect soft rock song, with the addition of an exquisite raspy voice to complete the package!

Armenia | Sirusho - "Where were you"


It's time to remeet one of our favorite Armenian artists, as Sirusho has just released a new single. "Where were you" is a deep-meaning song, which counts with amazing instrumentals and an impeccable vocal performance to build a unique ambience.

Russia | Dmitry Malikov - "Po imeni"


Russian pop can get very addictive, and that's exactly what you'll find in "Po imeni", the latest single by Dmitry Malikov. The song starts with some electronic beats but explodes into a mixture of folkloric sounds and modern pop. It is really appealing!

Updated on September 16th, 2015, with the official video.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Belgium | Barbara Opsomer - "Hello"


Barbara Opsomer is a singer who was born in Belgium but has lived in between France and the United States as well. This mixture of different cultures may account for the blending we find in her music: her latest single, "Hello", mingles French and English into a fantastic pop single!

Italy | Tiziano Ferro - "Lo stadio"


One of the biggest pop stars in Italy is back with a new single. Tiziano Ferro has released "Lo stadio", and it is a song you should really listen to. It's an intense song with a very involving chorus. And, as most of his songs, that signature style you can only find in Tiziano's work.

Norway | Jesper Jenset - "Superhero"


We featured Jesper Jenset in the beginning of the year, when he released his debut single "Call me yours". Happily, he is still dazzling us with more amazing music! His latest release is "Superhero", a very cute and happy pop song which will have you swinging your body from the minute you hear it!

Spain | Antonio Orozco - "Hoy será"


The Spanish singer Antonio Orozco is back to our page, with his new single "Hoy será". It is a powerful song, a shower of intensity and potence. The chorus is very explosive, and the energy flowing through it will make you fully involved.

Updated on September 5th, 2017, with the official video.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Denmark | Page Four - "Sommer"


New boyband coming from Denmark. Meet Page Four, a group formed by Stefan Hjort, Lauritz Emil, Jonas Eilskov and Pelle Højer. They are quickly becoming a hit in Danish land with "Sommer", a fresh pop which invites you to dance with them.

Portugal | D.A.M.A - "Não dá"


Portuguese band D.A.M.A are conquering their local music scene. Their latest single is the exquisite "Não dá", a relaxing and very charming tune which is becoming the song of the summer in the country.

Germany | Melina Aslanidou - "Na me dikaiologiseis"


German-born but Greek by heart Melina Aslanidou is back to Sounds European! with another great Greek pop. "Na me dikaiologiseis" is a potent song with all the passion you usually find in pop coming from Greece. It's very intense!

Belgium | Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy - "Reality"


Lost Frequencies is a Belgian music producer and DJ who struck the world with the single "Are you with me" by the end of last year. His latest single jumps into the wave of amazing summer tracks being released this year: "Reality", which features the vocals of Dutch singer Janieck Devy, is a perfect track to lay under the sun enjoying a drink!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Switzerland | Sinplus - "Tieniti forte"


Swiss band Sinplus (which we featured in "Up to me") turn to Italian for their newest single. "Tieniti forte" is a fantastic blend between their characteristic rock sounds with a super pop melody, with a great arrange in the chorus and the incredible final touch of singing in Italian. A very nice summer track!

North Macedonia | Kaliopi - "Mojot dom"


Once again, Sounds European! is proud to publish a song by the biggest diva of the Macedonian music scene. Kaliopi is back with "Mojot dom", a grower pop-rock with an explosive chorus. Her voice, as usual, is excellent, and is surely the biggest highlight of the track.

Latvia | Rīgas Modes - "Es nesaprotu"


Rīgas Modes is a Latvian five-piece band from the cities of Riga and Ogre. Their latest single is titled "Es nesaprotu", and it is a very charming indie rock. Soft and mellow, it will surely put a smile on your face!

Bulgaria | Grafa feat. Mihaela Fileva - "Na rŭba na ludostta"


Sounds European! remeets two Bulgarian artists: Grafa and Mihaela Fileva got together to record and released "Na rŭba na ludostta". It's a groovy pop song which uses their voices very well – and they mix greatly together, by the way.

Monday, July 06, 2015

The Charts Day #98 (part 2)


Time to dance in Norway! American singers Jason Derulo and Jennifer Lopez gathered with Tom Stræte Lagergren, a Norwegian DJ and producer acting under the moniker Matoma. "Try me" is the #4 this week in the Scandinavian country!

The Charts Day #98 (part 1)


German DJ and music producer Robin Schulz created an infectious hit. "Headlights", in which he features American singer Ilsey, is this week's #10 in Austria!

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Italy | Dolcenera - "Fantastica"


"Fantastica". Well, the title couldn't be more accurate: the new single by the Italian diva Dolcenera is fantastic! Its mix of pop with electronic is very well performed. And few voices in Europe have the power of filling any kind of song as Dolcenera's. It makes everything classier and more enjoyable!

Sweden | Molly Sandén - "Like no one's watching"


After the empowering "Phoenix", Swedish singer Molly Sandén releases another epic single. "Like no one's watching" is a perfect mixture of ballad and pop, completed with a fantastic vocal performance. Chills from start to end!

United Kingdom | Don Broco - "Automatic"


Don Broco was firstly presented on Sounds European! in 2013, with "You wanna know". Now, they are back, and better than ever! "Automatic" is an excellent rock track. The melody is extremely fun and well performed, and the chorus is very catchy. We totally recommend it!

Poland | Sylwia Grzeszczak feat. Sound'n'Grace - "Kiedy tylko spojrzę"


Polish singer Sylwia Grzeszczak confirms her reign as the current Polish diva of music. Her latest single is the epic "Kiedy tylko spojrzę", in which she features the ensemble Sound'n'Grace. A touching and growing melody, impressive vocals and a fantastic atmosphere can't be beaten!

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Denmark | Scarlet Pleasure - "Heat"


Scarlet Pleasure is one of our editors' favorite Danish bands. And every time they release a single, we get one more proof of why. "Heat" is an amazing single. Groovy and very catchy, it mixes some retro influences of pop with modern elements, giving a unique result. It is surely a must-listen, making them our song of the week for a second time.

United Kingdom | Hurts - "Some kind of heaven"


Were you waiting for something to empower your day? Wait no more: the new single by Hurts is here! "Some kind of heaven" captures their amazing use of synth elements into a powerful pop song. Wait until the chorus blows your mind!

Greece | STAN - "Me stenahori"


Greek singer STAN was firstly featured on SE! last year, with "Na me erotefteis". He is now back with a great new single. "Me stenahori" has a great mix of the power of Greek pop with some electronic elements. It has a powerful result, and it's one of the best songs coming from Greece on recent times.

Italy | Marco Carta - "Ho scelto di no"


After shooking the Italian market with "Splendida ostinazione" last year, Marco Carta comes to strike the music scene once again. His new single is called "Ho scelto di no", a song which leans more to rock yet still retains that unique pop scent of Marco.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Poland | Doda - "Nie pytaj mnie"


After the rumours of a Eurovision participation with "Riotka", Polish singer Doda has revealed a mind-blowing new single. "Nie pytaj mnie" is the perfect mixture of her very femenine and sensual pop with a powerful rock chorus.

Denmark | Anti Social Media - "More than a friend"


Anti Social Media are a band which represented their country, Denmark, on this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Their rock with retro pop spices is back with their new single. "More than a friend" is a very entertaining song.

Lithuania | Monika Linkytė - "Po dangum"


Monika Linkytė was the lady that took Lithuania back into the final of Eurovision with the catchy "This time", together with Vaidas Baumila. The young Lithuanian singer did a smart move and released a new single all by herself not long after: "Po dangum" is a very sexy and daring indie-pop track which is slowly turning into one of Lithuania's summer songs!

Austria | The Young Professionals feat. Anna F. - "All of it but me"


We remeet the Israeli duo The Young Professionals, this time featuring the Austrian singer Anna F., who was born in Friedberg in 1985. Their single "All of it but me" is as good as a dance song can be. It is involving, addictive and inviting. The voices are just great in it too!

Thursday, July 02, 2015

North Macedonia | Thea Trajkovska - "Eho"


Time to meet the Macedonian singer Thea Trajkovska. She has just released a single named "Eho". It's an emotional and intense song, which displays all the vocal quality Thea has, and all the variations she can achieve. It's impossible to listen and not get involved with it.

Updated on December 11th, 2018, with the new stage name of the artist.

United Kingdom | Sigma feat. Ella Henderson - "Glitterball"


What happens when you get a fantastic music producer and an equally fantastic singer? A true masterpiece. British producer Sigma's latest single features the amazing voice of Ella Henderson. "Glitterball" reaches perfection with a greatly uplifting chorus!

France | Sarah Riani - "Comme toi"


Sarah Riani is a French singer from the city of Lyon. She has just released "Comme toi", which is a great pop song. The mix of melody and voice is amazing, and the chorus is as good as it gets, powerful and involving. We love it!

Switzerland | Sebalter - "Shadows"


After the cheerful "Hunter of stars", Swiss singer Sebalter had us waiting on tenterhooks for a new single, and now that we have it we can say waiting was worth! "Shadows" is one more shower of freshness and happiness, with the folkie touch that only Sebalter can produce.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Norway | Morgan Sulele - "Bare min"


Get ready to get infected by one of the happiest and catchiest summer tracks of the year. Coming from Bærum, in Norway, Morgan Sulele has conquered the top of the charts in his country with "Bare min", a lovely and very uplifting single. We defy you not to move your head and clap your hands along!

North Macedonia | Simona Popovska - "Sakam se"


Macedonian singer Simona Popovska dazzled us in 2014, when her excellent "Ne e najdobro" was on our top 50 songs of the year. We now remeet her with her new single "Sakam se". It doesn't surprise us anymore: it's another outstanding song with a very groovy and contagious melody. The chorus is specially addictive!

Lithuania | Jurga Šeduikytė - "Juoduoju baltuoju"


Born in 1980 in the city of Klaipėda, Jurga Šeduikytė is one of the most famous musicians in Lithuania, having released five albums so far and received an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Baltic Act in 2007. "Juoduoju baltuoju" is her latest single, a calm and relaxing song.

Hungary | Kállay Saunders Band - "Victory"


András Kállay Saunders is a singer who was born in New York City, but built his entire carrer in Hungary. He had an amazing result on the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, with "Running". Now, he has formed the Kállay Saunders Band. Their first single, "Victory", shows that they are here to mark territory: it's an excellent song!