Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Italy | The Kolors - "Everytime"


The Kolors are a band which was formed in Milan in 2010, and are now rising to well-deserved fame, after winning the latest season of the reality show Amici. Their single "Everytime" is a great example of how unique they are to Italian music: their music style and their use of English are extremely rare for what usually comes from the country's recorders. And it has great quality. We love it!

United Kingdom | John Newman - "Come and get it"


British singer John Newman is finally back with new music, and we can say he is back stronger than ever! "Come and get it" retains his classic oldie atmosphere in a very cool uptempo pace. Simply amazing!

Greece | Apostolia Zoi - "Alli san emena"


Sounds European! finally meets way with one of the most popular artists in Greece. Apostolia Zoi, singer who was born in Volos in 1980. Her new single "Alli san emena" is all you can expect from a great Greek pop song: traditional instruments mixed into a great contemporary-pop melody.

Belgium | Selah Sue - "I won't go for more"


You know Belgian singer Selah Sue from "Alone", and now it's time to talk about her again. She shows off her very peculiar voice in "I won't go for more", a song that grows into a very cool jazzy tune. Perfect song to use in a relaxing time!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Charts Day #97 (part 2)


The guys from Walk The Moon have created a massive hit. The American band released "Shut up and dance" some months ago, and it is becoming a huge hit worldwide. This week, they are the #4 in the United Kingdom!

The Charts Day #97 (part 1)


American singer Adam Lambert returned with a fantastic new single which is already spreading through the European charts like water. This week, he is the #8 in Greece!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Italy | Emma - "Occhi profondi"


Italian singer Emma keeps her way of conquering all hearts in her home country. She has recently released a new single, "Occhi profondi", and it really follows the chain of great songs of hers: the song is a midtempo pop-rock, completed with fantastic synth sounds and that unmistakeable voice which makes everything golden!

Spain | Maldita Nerea - "No pide tanto, idiota"


We always love some cool Spanish rock in our days, and that's what Maldita Nerea delivers in her latest single. "No pide tanto, idiota" is a very flowing track, with a very cool verse and an explosive chorus, never losing the Spanish identity.

United Kingdom | Shayne Ward - "The way you were"


British singer Shayne Ward, who was the winner of the second season of The X Factor, returned to the music sporlights some weeks ago after a four-year break. And wow we're happy he is back! "The way you were" is a majestic pop anthem: a very cool and contagious beat and an addictive chorus complete a perfect pack!

Sweden | Evelina Olsén - "Dö för mig"


Evelina Olsén is a Swedish singer and songwriter hailing from Stockholm. In between her jobs as a vocal coach and backing vocalist for many artists, she found the spot to launch her solo career. And wow we can't wait to hear more of her! "Dö för mig" is all you can expect from Sweden: explosive pop, magnific melodies and an uplifting atmosphere, all wrapped up with a fantastic voice.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sweden | Mariette - "My revolution"


Since we talked about Mariette, she only grew to be one of the Swedish singers of the moment. Her mind-blowing participation at Melodifestivalen 2015 with "Don't stop believing" put her under the spotlights, and she became a true icon of music. Her latest single is "My revolution", a totally different sound from what we had last heard: a fantastic pop song, with an anthemic chorus and a very catchy melody. The song will be the official anthem of the Stockholm Pride 2015, but it first came to be our song of the week!

Updated on August 30th, 2015, with the official video.

Poland | Margaret - "Heartbeat"


Margaret is becoming one of the main pop singers in Poland. And we can't argue that: all her new singles are beyond amazing! This time, we got "Heartbeat", a classic pop song with a very catchy chorus and the grandious addition of some modern sounds, turning the song into something quite different from usual pop.

United Kingdom | Years & Years - "Shine"


Years & Years have become the band of 2015. They are playing absolutely everywhere, and their music is loved by a range of people you wouldn't imagine. That's why their new single was so awaited, and that's why it gained so much attention: "Shine" is a perfect mixture between the tenderness of "Take shelter" and the explosion of pop of "King". Simply addictive!

Belgium | Lara Fabian – "Quand je ne chante pas"


Belgian singer Lara Fabian returns to Sounds European! with a lovely new single. "Quand je ne chante pas" is a lovely blending of the powerful ballads Lara can produce with a soft pop, a melodic sound and a very captivating atmosphere. A truly delightful song!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Denmark | Emilie Esther - "Inescapable"


We featured Emilie Esther not so long ago, but this young lady has just released another massive track and no way we weren't sharing it! "Inescapable" is a fantastic pop ballad, with that kind of explosive chorus that will just make you melt.

Spain | Pablo López - "El mundo"


Pablo López is promoting his music at full speed. With his latest single, he confirms his position as one of the most versatile artists Spain has offered in the last years. "El mundo" mixes the sounds of a classical ballad, pop sounds and folkloric instruments with a perfect accuracy.

United Kingdom | Emma Stevens - "Never gonna change"


Emma Stevens is back to our site with a super cute new single. "Never gonna change" is a midterm between country and pop, with a lovely vocal performance by Emma and a wonderful melody. It surely invites to swing your head from left to right!

Sweden | Icona Pop - "Emergency"


Icona Pop are back to slay. The latest single of the Swedish duo is gonna remain in your head for quite a long time: "Emergency" brings the lovely old sounds of the 1920s into modern pop sounds. No party should leave this song out of its playlist!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Spain | Ruth Lorenzo - "Patito feo"


Spanish singer Ruth Lorenzo has released a very emotional new single. "Patito feo" is a very powerful and intense ballad, a true grower not only in terms of melody but also in terms of powerfulness of Ruth's voice. It is definitely one of the finest tracks by Ruth!

Denmark | H.E.R.O. - "Fall and fade"


H.E.R.O. are a brand new Danish band hailing from Copenhagen, and they are ready to embrace the amazing rock scene in the country. Christoffer, Søren and Anders have recently released "Fall and fade", a song that explodes right in the beginning and takes us into a magic four-minute trip through the chords of the finest rock you can find.

United Kingdom | Jax Jones - "Yeah yeah yeah"


Jax Jones is a British multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter hailing from London. After the hit "I got u", he plans to conquer the dancefloors with the fresh "Yeah yeah yeah". The song includes amazing violin riffs, a super catchy melody and a tremendously addictive chorus. Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Sweden | JTR - "Centre of everywhere"


After their participation at Melodifestivalen 2015 with "Building it up", JTR hopped onto the summerish vibe with a fantastic single. "Centre of everywhere" is that kind of pop song that fits any situation: a walk in the seaside, a cool party, a nice relaxing mood... Just press play and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Spain | Roko - "Así de bien"


After the massive "Luz", Spanish singer Roko returns with a super lovely track. "Así de bien" is a liberating hearbreak song that mingles traditional pop with some oldie sounds and traditional Spanish instruments. You shouldn't miss the lovely video either!

Sweden | Ace Wilder - "Stupid"


Swedish singer Ace Wilder is back to conquer our ears with another massive single. "Stupid" is as provocative as all her latest singles, it really invites to some dancing and will definitely stay in your head for a long time after the first play!

Ireland | Kodaline - "Ready"


Irish band Kodaline are unstoppable! Their last single is called "Ready", and it is a different switch from the latest singles of them: it's a more movemented rock track, which sounds very much like those songs of the British new wave of the 90s. Perfect song if you're in the mood for some flashback!

Finland | Satin Circus - "Come back"


After the surprising second place at UMK (the Finnish National Final for Eurovision) with "Crossroads", Satin Circus prove they were not harmed by the result. Their latest single, "Come back", is everything you can expect from a boyband: a great melody, a lovely display if voices, catchy chorus... the guys really know how to treat us!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sweden | Jakob Karlberg - "Fan va bra"


Jakob Karlberg is a Swedish singer from Alingsås, who turned his latest single into one of the songs of the summer in his home country. "Fan va bra" is an anthemic summer pop track: a cool and distended verse, a very catchy and explosive chorus and a nice vibe from start to end to wrap up a magnific single!

United Kingdom | Lucy Rose - "Like an arrow"


English singer Lucy Rose keeps conquering hearts. After dazzling us with "Our eyes", she is now delivering "Like an arrow". The song is a lovely mixture of indie folk and country, with a soft and delicate arrange and an explosion of cuteness in the chorus.

Ukraine | Alyosha - "Moyo serdtse"


Olena Oleksandrivna Kucher-Topolya, born in Zaporizhia in 1986, is Alyosha, Ukrainian singer who represented her country on the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with the empowering "Sweet people". She is now releasing another fantastic track: "Moyo serdtse" has all the pop we expect from those lands, combined with the lovely and powerful voice of Alyosha. It has all the right elements to fall in love!

Sweden | ISA - "Drum & bass"


Since we featured ISA last year, her career blossomed with a Melodifestivalen participation with "Don't stop" and a very promising path as one of the leading new talents in Sweden. Her latest single can absolutely confirm this: "Drum & bass" is a fantastic mixture of pop, soft dubstep sounds and R&B.

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Charts Day #96 (part 2)


Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias has made it to the top positions of the Spanish charts once again. Together with American singer and songwriter Nicky Jam, they took "El perdón" to be Spain's #2 of the week!

The Charts Day #96 (part 1)


American singer, songwriter and dancer Jason Derulo keeps slaying the charts around Europe. His latest single, the catchy "Want to want me", was last week's #1 in the United Kingdom and is this week's #2 in Austria!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turkey | Levent Dörter - "Hadi"


Born in Ankara in 1980, Levent Dörter is a Turkish singer who has gained fame throughout the last years, releasing three albums and several hit singles. His latest one is "Hadi", a song that mixes pop and traditional Turkish sounds at perfect rate.

United Kingdom | Kyriakos Georgiou - "Oso iparheis"


Born in London in 1993 to Greek parents, Kyriakos Georgiou has released most of his music career in Greek. His mixture of pop and Greek traditional sounds is extremely delightful, as he shows us in his latest single. "Oso iparheis" is one of those sounds to play in a relaxing moment!

Ukraine | Pianoboy - "Gorya chut' slyshno"


Formed in Kiev in 2009, Pianoboy is an ensemble who has Dmitriy Shurov (a very renowned musician in both Ukraine and Russia) as its main figure. Their latest single is a quite entertaining one: "Gorya chut' slyshno" fades away from what we are used to hear from the Eastern countries and becomes a true masterpiece of indie and alternative music.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Romania | Les Elephants Bizarres - "Girls gone wild"


Romania is well known for producing extremely enjoyable dance music, dance floor flooders and very nice mixtures of pop and R&B. Well, Les Elephants Bizarres is nothing and everything of that at the same time. Formed in 2007 in Bucharest, the band is a very interesting mixture of pop, rock, indie and electronic and synthpop. Combine all these elements and you'll have "Girls gone wild", a song that has groove enough to be included in any party. It instantly became our song of the week!

Slovenia | Anay - "Dej no"


Anay is a true mystery herself. We know she hails from Gorenjska, and that she's 23. Oh, and that she's becoming quite a name within the Slovene music scene. Her latest single shows why: "Dej no" is a very groovy pop song that takes all the elements needed to make a supreme hit. Catchy verses, addictive chorus and a great mood-enhancer - just press play and enjoy!

Greece | Stelios Legakis - "Se ksehasa"


We've met Stelios Legakis last year, when he released the fantastic "Kardies apo asteria". It's been some time since we had last heard of him, but we're very happy he didn't lose the touch! "Se ksehasa" is a wonderful mixture of pop and rock, with that additional touch of Greek language that makes anything irresistible!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Moldova | Aliona Moon - "Loc pentru dragoste"


Aliona Moon might ring a bell if you follow Eurovision. She was the lady that grew bigger in a dress set in flames for Moldova in 2013, singing "O mie". After taking part in the Romanian version of The Voice and arriving to the finals, she is decided to set her name among the big stars of the music in the region. Her latest single is the happy "Loc pentru dragoste", a very uplifting and summerish tune!

Greece | Dionisis Sxoinas - "To kalokairi"


Greek sounds. Summer song. You need no more to press play on this. Athens born Dionisis Sxoinas released "To kalokairi" and put everybody to dance in the beach for the video clip. We don't know if you have a beach nearby, but we're sure you'll move all your furniture and set your body to dance!

Romania | Claudia Pavel - "Suna-ma"


Claudia Pavel is one of the biggest names within Romanian music scene. Previously using the stage name Claudia Cream, she had released five albums until 2009, when she took a break from her career. She is luckily returning now with the outstanding "Suna-ma", a pop ballad mingling R&B sounds to convey a truly magnific song!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Latvia | Katrīna Bindere - "Kā vēji skrien"


From the Latvian city of Ventspils, Katrīna Bindere comes with a shower of freshness. "Kā vēji skrien" is a sweet pop song, which will charm you from start to end, and specially captivate you with the lovely chorus.

Ukraine | Vitaliy Kozlovskiy - "Pravila"


Some more Vitaliy Kozlovskiy? Yes please! The Ukrainian singer has just released "Pravila", a song which will have you on your tiptoes from second one: contagious pop, a fantastic chorus, a great video coming along… it's the full package!

Romania | Sore - "Umbrela mea de soare"


We at Sounds European! are heavy fans of Sore, and imagine our faces when we heard her latest single! We're talking about "Umbrela mea de soare", a perfect summer tune to welcome the warm breezes in Europe!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Russia | 5+ - "Vse ravno"


Five Russian guys from different cities have gathered in 5+. The guys are rising as a very promising name, and their first single is definitely a proof of that: "Vse ravno" is a very potent pop, with a catchy melody and a great melting of voices.

Updated on November 10th, 2015, with the official video.

Greece | Kelly Kaltsi - "Toxic butterfly"


Kelly Kaltsi comes from Athens to dazzle us with her unique music. Her mixture of trip hop, rock and indie sounds make her a really unique artist in Greece. Her latest single is "Toxic butterfly", a haunting and marvelous tune.

Romania | AMI - "Somnu' nu ma ia"


AMI is the stage name of Andreea Ioana Moldovan, a Romanian singer born in Baia Mare in 1989. She describes her music as a mixture between Latin sounds, pop and reggae. What we know for sure is that her music is simply amazing. "Somnu' un ma ia" is a fantastic pop ballad, which shows her beautiful voice in full strength!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ukraine | Anastasia Prikhodko - "Zatselovana"


We've already told you about Anastasia Prikhodko last year, when she released the captivating "Polovina puti". For her latest single, the girl went more electronic: "Zatselovana" is a very good blend of alternative sounds and electronic beats, with a fantastic chorus and the quota of uniqueness of Anastasia's voice.

Denmark | The Boy That Got Away - "Evermore"


Time to remeet the power of The Boy That Got Away. The Danish band has released "Evermore", a classic rock with a powerful verse and an explosive chorus. Definitely one to add when you need to empower your moment!

Romania | Giulia - "Din cauza ta"


After her feature with "Ghici cine?", Romanian singer Giulia is back with us to show a different side of her music. "Din cauza ta" is a soft electronic pop song, of those that are perfect to start partying with. Very enjoyable single!

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Charts Day #95 (part 2)


A multinational act is breaking the charts around the world. French DJ David Guetta teamed up with Trinidadian hip hop singer Nicki Minaj, American singer Bebe Rexha and Dutch music producer and DJ Afrojack in "Hey mama". The song is slowly conquering all the charts: this week they are #6 in Sweden!

The Charts Day #95 (part 1)


Swedish DJ Avicii keeps releasing hit after hit. "Waiting for love" is already a hit in Scandinavia, being this week's #1 in Norway and Sweden!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Iceland | Dikta - "Sink or swim"


Icelandic band Dikta will be releasing a new album later this year, but they have already surprised us with the first track to emerge from it. "Sink or swim" is a powerful rock, with a strong chorus and a very nice melody flowing through the whole song. Definitely an enhancer while we wait for the whole album!

Spain | Correos - "Todo el mundo necesita un corazón"


The Spanish band Correos is preparing their third album. From it, we already have the first single, named "Todo el mundo necesita un corazón", which is a very energetic rock track with some spices of pop.

Finland | Katéa - "That ain't love"


Katéa hails from Helsinki, Finland. Her music is a brilliant mixture of indie pop and alternative sounds, as we can quite well appreciate in "That ain't love". The single is super captivating, having an epic chorus which features lovely backing vocals.

Updated on August 8th, 2015, with the official video.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Greece | Amaryllis - "Gyrisa selida"


Amaryllis is a Greek singer from Athens, born in 1981. Owner of a fantastic voice and a very unique style, she displays all her power in her latest single. "Gyrisa selida" is an ethnic pop song ready to make you fall for it as much as we did: it became our song of the week!

Netherlands | Douwe Bob - "Sweet sunshine"


It's finally time to remeet Douwe Bob. He is a true proof that the Netherlands have a really amazing and classy pop scene. His latest single, "Sweet sunshine", mixes pop and soul and jazzy tunes at a perfect rate, creating a captivating song!

United Kingdom | Mallory Knox - "Heart & desire"


We've met Mallory Knox not long ago, but we're still in awe with their music. Their most recent single also left us with our jaws dropped to the floor: "Heart & desire" is a very powerful rock, with a strong and marking chorus and a fantastic flow of melody from start to end.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Russia | Katrin Mokko - "Zvozdy"


Katrin Mokko is a Russian singer who was born in the city of Togliatti in 1990. Her single "Zvozdy" is surely a good company for your day. The melody has a very wild but calm mood, and her voice fills the song very well.

Netherlands | PollyAnna - "Sing"


PollyAnna is a Dutch singer and songwriter from The Hague. She has released "Indigo", her first album, last November. And her first single has just taken our hearts: "Sing" is a lovely pop song, which displays a sweet melody and a fantastic vocal performance.

Denmark | Emilie Esther - "Undiscovered"


Time to meet a new artist coming from a music reality show. And it's a very young one! Despite being only 15 years old, Emilie Esther, from Aalborg, has already been crowned the winner of the eighth season of The X Factor Denmark. And what a victory: she has won the votings on five of the seven weeks of the show (including the two rounds of the final week). Now, we enjoy her first single, the sweet "Undiscovered".

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Serbia | Ničim Izazvan - "Bo bo bom"


After more than one year, it's time for Sounds European! to remeet the Serbian band Ničim Izazvan. Their new single "Bo bo bom" is a classy-instrumented downtempo rock. Its chorus is very catchy.

Poland | Mary Komasa - "Come (You'll wanna see how it ends)"


Mary Komasa is a Polish singer who was born in Poznań in 1985, and currently lives in Berlin. She has just released "Come (You'll wanna see how it ends)". It's a great indie electronic track, with a touch of vintage in the melody and in the vocals. Quite cool!

Italy | Marco Mengoni - "Io ti aspetto"


Italian singer Marco Mengoni has gone quite daring for his latest single. "Io ti aspetto" mixes electronic beats into a classic Italian pop song. Definitely an addictive one!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ireland | Walking On Cars - "Catch me if you can"


Irish band Walking On Cars have returned with a fantastic single. "Catch me if you can" continues the stream of amazing folk-rock songs, this one having a quite catchy and entertaining melody.

Germany | Claudia Jung - "Alles was ich brauche bist du"


Claudia Jung is a German singer, actress and politician who was born in Ratingen in 1964. She shows all her schlager power with her new single, "Alles was ich brauche bist du". All the elements for a great song of the genre are there: cool vocals, addictive melody and catchy chorus.

Bulgaria | Slavin Slavchev - "Ela"


Slavin Slavchev is a Bulgarian singer born in Provadia in 1991. Last year, he took part of the Bulgarian version of The X Factor, which he eventually won. This is his first single, "Ela", a very powerful rock song which displays all the features that made Slavin conquer his home country!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Netherlands | Moke - "Let it burn"


Moke is a Dutch band formed in Amsterdam in 2005. They have recently released "Let it burn", a song which mixes rock and pop in quite a unique way: the verses are calm, and the chorus arrives like a gently breeze to conquer our souls with its sound.

Greece | Thanos Petrelis - "San esena"


From all European countries, few have so many powerful male voices as Greece. And, from all the Greek male voices, few are as powerful as Thanos Petrelis's. His songs are always very potent, and their choruses are as explosive as they can get. It's not an exception with his new single "San esena", which is a very emotional and strong track.

France | Christophe Willem - "L'été en hiver"


Time for Sounds European! to remeet the French singer Christophe Willem. He has recently released "L'été en hiver", an entertaining single with marking instrumentals taking the rhythm throughout the song. His very unique voice is extremely well used on the track.

Monday, June 08, 2015

The Charts Day #94 (part 2)


Il Volo have made it to the third place of Eurovision this year, and their great "Grande amore" is still sounding in some countries. In Austria, they are this week's #5!

The Charts Day #94 (part 1)


There are still a lot of Eurovision songs spreading around the charts in Europe. This week we will focus in Austria, who has two songs from the contest in the top 5. And the highest placed of them is their own: The Makemakes' "I am yours" hits #4!

Sunday, June 07, 2015

United Kingdom | Olly Murs - "Beautiful to me"


British singer Olly Murs keeps infecting us with the catchiest pop singles there can be. His most recent one is titled "Beautiful to me", a soft and delicate pop single which will surely stick to your head!

Poland | Ewelina Lisowska - "Zatrzymaj się"


Polish singer Ewelina Lisowska keeps conquering hearts with her music. "Zatrzymaj się" is her latest single, and it has just captivated us. A very rhythmic pop-rock with the usual power that Ewelina puts in each of her tracks.

Germany | Matteo Capreoli - "Frag mich"


Despite his Italian-like name, Matteo Capreoli was born in a town near Stuttgart, Germany. Born in a musical family, Matteo has recently released a very harmonious and enjoyable single. "Frag mich" is a very nice and calm pop song with a certain country feeling attached to it.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Grito y no me escuchas"


Italian singer Alessandra Amoroso joins names such as Tiziano Ferro, Laura Pausini, Nek and Eros Ramazzotti and is now launching her career in Spain and Latin America with a massive single. "Grito y no me escuchas" is the Spanish version of "Urlo e non mi senti", and it fits perfectly into the new language as well. With such a debut we just feel it's a matter of time before the Spanish-speaking countries love her as much as Italians do!

Netherlands | Sue the Night - "The whale"


There is a great scene of new bands coming from the Netherlands. Among them, we now meet Sue the Night, from the city of Haarlem. Indie and pop are the main genres of their work, and "The whale", which is the second single from their debut album "Mosaic", is no exception. It's a very cool song!

France | Shaka Ponk - "Time has come"


The French group Shaka Ponk was first introduced on Sounds European! the past October, when they released "Heal me, kill me". Now, they are back, and ready to rock your place! "Time has come" is an overdose of groove, in a very entertaining track.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Finland | Emma Salokoski - "Valoa yllä"


Let's meet Emma Salokoski, Finnish singer who was born in Helsinki in 1976. She has just released a new single, "Valoa yllä". It is a very sweet song with exact instrumentation to build a great mood. We love it!

Norway | Tommy Fredvang - "Give it a year"


Sounds European! remeets Norwegian singer Tommy Fredvang. He has just released a new single, entitled "Give it a year". It's a very interesting electropop with marking beats and a very catchy chorus.

Italy | Eros Ramazzotti - "Il tempo non sente ragione"


Eros Ramazzotti is one of those singers you cannot mistake. Owner of one of the most unique voices, the Italian singer is returning with a lovely new single. "Il tempo non sente ragione" is a very sweet and soft pop-rock single!

Thursday, June 04, 2015

France | Madeon feat. Kyan - "You're on"


Sounds European! has first introduced the French electronic musician Madeon not long ago, with "Pay no mind". We now meet him featuring the British singer Kyan, from Cambridge, with the hit song "You're on". It's such an addictive one: the melody is catchy from the first second, and there's no way not to find yourself involved with it!

Spain | Alvaro Soler - "El mismo Sol"


Let's officially launch summer season with Alvaro Soler! From Barcelona, he has been gaining space within the music market with his fresh style. Proof of that is his latest single, "El mismo Sol", a very entertaining, danceable and catchy track. Grab your bikinis and tracksuits and let's dance along!

Slovenia | Alex Volasko - "V hisi vecnih sanj"


The Slovene singer and musician Alex Volasko, from Ljubljana, has firstly appeared on SE! some months ago, with "Prižigam luči". He is now back to our site, with "V hisi vecnih sanj". It's a very cool and happy pop-rock track which invites everyone to dance along. Quite delightful.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Russia | Diana Solar - "Like a fire"


Diana Solar, born Diana Stoupnikova, is a Russian singer who was born in Moscow. Her single "Like a fire" is an involving and sexy pop track with a groovy melody. The chorus is quite catchy.

Germany | Kraftklub - "Schüsse in die luft"


We've talked about Kraftklub some months ago, when they released the contagious "Unsere fans". Well, they got even cooler in their most recent single: "Schüsse in die luft" shows all the power of German rock, with fantastic guitar riffs and a very cool and uplifting rhythm. Simply wonderful!

Czech Republic | Lenny - "Bones"


Lenny is a Czech born, but London based singer, songwriter and pianist. She has just released the single "Bones", which shows her beautiful voice into a very hypnotizing melody. The result is a very smooth and cool song.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Croatia | Ivana Kindl - "Sada znaš"


Let's travel to Croatia, more specifically to Požega, which is the land of a very beautiful voice. Meet Ivana Kindl and her single "Sada znaš", a very touching ballad which displays her delightful vocal quality.

Poland | Sarsa - "Naucz mnie"


Marta Markiewicz is the real name of Sarsa, a singer from Słupsk who rose to fame in The Voice of Poland last year, when she arrived to the semifinals. Here she comes with her first single. "Naucz mnie" is a hainting pop song with some mysterious alternative elements and a very mellow chorus. One to get tangled on!

France | Megan - "Sous ma peau"


Megan is a French singer from Nice. In 2013, she took part of the French reality show Popstars, and since the reality show she had concentrated on working in her first solo album. She is now gracing us with her first single: "Sous ma peau" is a delicate and cheerful pop song!

Monday, June 01, 2015

The Charts Day #93 (part 2)


Måns Zelmerlöw conquered Europe with his infectious "Heroes" little nine days ago. And he is already starting to flood the charts in the continent. His highest placing this week is in his home country: he's the #5 in Sweden!

The Charts Day #93 (part 1)


Loïc Nottet ended 4th in this year's Eurovision Song Contest with "Rhythm inside", achieving one of the best places in Belgian history of Eurovision and scoring the highest amount of points the country has ever seen in the competition. The success is repeated in his home country: he's the king of the charts this week!