Thursday, April 30, 2015

Russia | Elena Temnikova - "Navstrechu"


We talked about Elena Temnikova not long ago, but this lady deserves another highlight upon the release of another fantastic single. "Navstrechu" is a more intimate, dark single, which still does not leave behind the infectious pop she is a master in making.

North Macedonia | Elena Milenkovska - "Se vo svoe vreme"


Every time Sounds European! remeets the Macedonian singer Elena Milenkovska, we are more sure of her talent and specially of her versatility. With "Se vo svoe vreme", we just reinforce these two certainties. It's such a great song!

Sweden | Nicky William - "What if"


Nicky William is a singer from Sweden whose fame is growing day after day. His very distinctive voice makes him one of the most unique artists you'll hear - specially knowing that he is only 19 years old! His latest single is "What if", a fantastic mixture of indie, folk and pop.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cyprus | Andria Rasti - "I proti"


Andria Rasti is a Cypriot singer who was born in Limassol, but currently lives in Athens. She has just released a very cool and traditional pop track: "I proti" has that power and intensity you expect from songs coming from the Greek region, with instrumentals and voice which totally fit the proposal.

France | Corson - "Sonia"


Corson, the French singer which we posted about last year with "Loud", returned with a fabulous ballad. "Sonia" is everything you would expect from a French chanson: a majestic orchestration, a powerful set of lyrics and heartbroken vocals all in one. Definitely one not to be missed!

Netherlands | Anouk feat. Douwe Bob - "Hold me"


Douwe Bob Posthuma is a Dutch singer and songwriter who was born in Amsterdam in 1992. Douwe has recently joined Anouk to record and release a new single. It's "Hold me", a very entertaining song which explores folk and country elements.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Croatia | Martina Majerle - "Alive"


Martina Majerle was born in Opatija, Croatia, in 1980. She is a quite popular name among the Eurovision followers, having participated as the backing vocalist of several entries: for Croatia in 2003, for Montenegro in 2008 and 2014, and for Slovenia in 2007, 2011 and 2012. She was also the lead singer of the Slovene entry in 2009, "Love symphony". This year, she tried to be the Slovene flag bearer in the competition with "Alive", a powerful ballad, but sadly could not make it to the super final.

Germany | Adel Tawil - "Wenn du liebst"


The German star Adel Tawil is back to Sounds European!. He has just released a new single, entitled "Wenn du liebst". And it has everything we want from his music: excellent instrumentals, his unique voice and a perfect match of every aspect of the song!

Ukraine | Evgenia Vlasova - "My ne sud'ba"


Evgenia Vlasova was born in Kiev in 1978. She is one of the most prolific singers from Ukraine, having won several awards in different competitions. Evgenia is currently working on a new album, and in the meantime she has graced us with a marvellous single: "My ne sud'ba" is a gorgeous ballad with slight ethnic touches.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Charts Day #89 (part 2)


You probably know Dotan from his appearance on this same section with "Home". Well, another single of his is climbing the charts, this time in Belgium: "Hungry" is already #5!

The Charts Day #89 (part 1)


Jess Glynne is currently one of the biggest names of British pop music. No wonder that "Hold my hand", her latest solo release, is climbing in the local charts: she's this week's #3!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ireland | Hozier - "Someone new"


The Irish musician and singer Hozier will forever be our first song of the year. And we love him for that. But not only: all of his work is incredible, and every time he releases a new single, there's a party on Sounds European!. It's not different with "Someone new": such a classy and well-done song!

Lithuania | Pikaso - "Man reikia visko daugiau"


The Lithuanian group Pikaso, which is always highly praised here on Sounds European!, is back with a new single. "Man reikia visko daugiau" is another great track of theirs, with very catchy melody and a great mix of voices.

Albania | Irkenc Hyka feat. Petro Xhori - "Paranormal love"


We now travel to Albania, where we meet two singers who have released a single together. They are Irkenc Hyka and Petro Xhori, both from Tirana, the Albanian capital city. Their song "Paranormal love" is very involving and groovy.

Bulgaria | Iskra Milkova - "Na bashta mi"


Beautiful voice coming from Bulgaria. It's Iskra Milkova, from Sofia, the Bulgarian capital city. She has just released "Na bashta mi", a soulful song with amazing melody, which explores the best of Iskra's voice.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Netherlands | Luminize - "Get it back"


The band was formed in the Netherlands, but all of the girls are from Croatia. Meet Luminize, a group which was created to prove an all-girl rock band can succeed in the music market. And they are surely on the right path: their single "Get it back" is an amazing piece of work. It's strong, intense and definitive. Forget nationalities: their music is pure worldwide material! It's our song of the week.

Ukraine | TIK - "Meine liebe"


TIK is a folk rock band which was formed in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, in 2005. They love mixing some ska influences to their music, and we can easily notice it in their new single "Meine liebe". It's a very unique song, both in instrumentals and style. Very fun and entertaining!

Sweden | Erik Hassle - "No words"


Erik Hassle, one of the editors' favorite Swedish artist, is back to Sounds European!. He has just released "No words". And, literally, no words can explain how cool it is! It has a very charming retro dance feeling in the singing and in the melody. Lovely song!

Italy | Nina Zilli - "#RLL (Riprenditi le lacrime)"


Nina Zilli is a very famous Italian singer who was born in Piacenza in 1980. After taking part on this year's edition of Festival di Sanremo, ending ninth with "Sola", she is releasing both a new album and a new single. From the album "Frasi&fumo", we have "#RLL (Riprenditi le lacrime)". This single offers a unique mix: the classy mood we are used to find on Nina's music and voice, with a more cheerful melody. The result is quite interesting.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Russia | Jack Action - "Zakroy svoi glaza"


Jack Action is a Russian band based in Moscow which was formed in 1995. They are celebrating the 20th year since their foundation with new music, and "Zakroy svoi glaza" shows they still have gas for a long road. It's such a strong and contagious rock track!

Kosovo | Albulena Ukaj - "Champion"


Folk pop from Kosovo to the world! Meet Albulena Ukaj, from Prizren. She has just released the catchy "Champion". It's a song which presents a very traditional Balkan mix of instruments and melody, with a cool uptempo beat.

Ukraine | Olga Romanovska - "Krasivyye slova"


First time Sounds European! has met ways with the Ukrainian singer Olga Romanovska was almost one year ago, with "Taynaya lyubov'", a song we loved. Now, Olga is back with a new single. And "Krasivyye slova" only makes us more certain we love her music! It is a great pop track, with amazing vocals which help building an addictive melody.

Netherlands | Nielson - "Ik heb een meisje thuis"


Dutch singer Nielson has made quite a good impression on our Sounds European! team with his previous songs. And his new one is just here to confirm it all even more. "Ik heb een meisje thuis" has Nielson's style all over it. It's a great song.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Billy Andol - "Balkon"


Formed in 2009 in Sarajevo, Billy Andol is one of the most innovative indie bands from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Their latest single is "Balkon", and it is a very interesting and powerful mixture of indie tunes and pure rock. The chorus will specially make you shiver!

Norway | Shawn Mendes feat. Astrid S - "Air"


Shawn Mendes is a Canadian singer who has been making a fantastic entrance in the music world. In his new album, called "Handwritten", he included "Air", a beautiful and soft pop ballad featuring Astrid S (stage name of Astrid Smeplass, Norwegian singer who was born in Berkåk in 1996). Their voices match perfectly, and the song flows gently. Simply put, a great song!

Updated on May 23rd, 2016, with the new stage name of the artist.

Croatia | Barbari - "Noge II"


New sound, old school. This is how the members of Croatian band Barbari define themselves, and we can clearly see this in their work. Their latest single is "Noge II", a very captivating rock single. Don't miss the video: it will captivate you as much!

Denmark | Caroline Castell - "Holder du"


Caroline Castell is a 20-year-old lady from Copenhagen. She describes her own music as gloomy, melancholic and electronic pop, and we fully agree with that. Proof is her latest single, "Holder du", a captivating track with a fantastic atmosphere and a great display of Caroline's vocals.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Italy | Caroline Koch - "Timeless"


Italy has been surprising us with some amazing singles in English, but this one will definitely blow your mind. Caroline Koch was born in Verona and has always been very keen on dance and club music. Her latest single totally reflects her passions: "Timeless" is the perfect smooth dance song to start a party with!

Sweden | Maria Hazell - "Killing all my darlings"


Stockholm is the home of much of the greatest pop in the world. And Maria Hazell is no exception to this. Her single "Killing all my darlings" is a true pop anthem, displaying a massive amount of power and vocals in a melodic instrumentation.

Croatia | Punčke - "Ocean"


Women trio playing rock from Croatia. You definitely don't hear that every day. And this is why Punčke are a very special addition to our collection. Their single "Ocean" is powerful from start to end, and the torn female leading voice makes it even more captivating.

France | Rose - "Je compte"


Keren Meloul is the real name of Rose, a French singer born in Nice in 1978. She is one of the leading representatives of the modern chanson française, mingling the classy sounds of her country with soft pop tunes. Her latest single is "Je compte", a very beautiful piece showing this mingling of modern and classic sounds.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

United Kingdom | Ella Eyre - "Together"


Pure pop boomers are sometimes rare within the British music scene. Thankfully, we have Ella Eyre to come and slay with a fantastic pop single. "Together" is an explosive mixture of the class that defines British music and the classic pop sounds that we all love.

Russia | Egor Kreed - "Nevesta"


We've shown Egor Kreed not long ago with the great "Samaya samaya". And if you thought he was cool, you will find he can get even better in his new song. "Nevesta" is catchy, it is funny, it makes your body move and it will entertain you with a great dose of Russian sounds!

Slovenia | Zala Đurić Ribič - "Maj"


Zala Đurić Ribič returns to our blog with a lovely new single. After "Kakav", the Slovenian singer goes oldie with "Maj", a song that mixes modern pop with a lot of elements of the '50s and '60s. Definitely lovely!

Germany | Felix Jaehn feat. Jasmine Thompson - "Ain't nobody (loves me better)"


Felix Jaehn is a German DJ who grew famous by being behind OMI's hit "Cheerleader". For his latest single, he teamed up with the British teen singer Jasmine Thompson, who is only 14 years old, but shows us that she's ready for the big game. "Ain't nobody (loves me better)" is the smooth party starter: soft electronic beats, a soft and beautiful voice and an inviting melody!

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Charts Day #88 (part 2)


American electronic music project Major Lazer got together with French artist DJ Snake and Danish singer for an explosive track. "Lean on" is currently #3 in France, but it is topping the charts in the Netherlands and Finland!

The Charts Day #88 (part 1)


American singers Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth have teamed up to create a chart breaker. "See you again" is currently #1 in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the United Kingdom!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Greece | Demy feat. Melisses - "Proti mou fora"


Two of the biggest names in the current Greek music scene got together for an explosive new single. We're talking about Demy and Melisses (band from Athens), and their "Proti mou fora". The song is a beautiful pop-rock ballad with a very nice blend between the two voices.

Ireland | Michael Patrick Kelly - "Shake away"


Michael Patrick Kelly is an Irish singer and songwriter from Dublin. His latest single is a fantastic mixture of pop and country with some scent of Irish folkloric elements to it: "Shake away" has a very catchy chorus and will capture your heart!

Czech Republic | Kryštof - "Srdcebeat"


Formed in 2008 in Ostrava, Kryštof are a Czech pop-rock band. Their latest single is a slap of freshness: "Srdcebeat" mixes pop and rock with perfection, in a great rhythm and with a nice groove.

Estonia | Ott Lepland - "Ajaga võidu"


Ott Lepland is one of the biggest names of the Estonian music scene. Born in Tallinn in 1987, he won the third season of the reality show Eesti Otsib Superstaari. He went on to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 with the intense "Kuula", placing sixth in the final. His latest single shows he also has a rock side: "Ajaga võidu" is a very powerful song!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Germany | Charley Ann - "Wake me up"


Charley Ann Schmutzler lost her last name but not her amazing music. Her latest single is "Wake me up", a beautiful pop ballad with a marking chorus and some R&B feelings in it. We are definitely seeing one of the future big names in music. The editors of Sounds European! liked it so much that it became the song of the week!

Turkey | Lal - "Son duam"


Lal is a Turkish group from Istambul. Their powerful rock has taken them to become one of the best representants of that style in their country, and we can really appreciate that in their latest single. "Son duam" is power from start to end, with chilling vocals and a powerful melody to top it all with.

Netherlands | O'G3NE - "Cold"


O'G3NE are a three-piece girlband from Fijnaart, Netherlands, formed by sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol. They represented the Netherlands on the 2007 Junior Eurovision with the song "Adem in, adem uit", and in 2014 they became the winners of the fifth season of The Voice of Holland. Their latest single is "Cold", a pop ballad with touches of R&B and a fantastic display of the sisters' voices.

Denmark | König - "Uundværlig"


König is a Danish duo made up by singer Christina König and producer Emil Falk. Their latest single might be confusing to pronounce, but it's as delicious as it can get: "Uundværlig" is a fresh piece of soft synth pop, which also shows the beautiful voice of Christina.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Czech Republic | Ewa Farna - "Z nálezů a krás"


There is nothing better to finish our week than some cool and fresh sounds. Czech star Ewa Farna returns to Sounds European! with a very beautiful pop track. "Z nálezů a krás" is soft and catchy, and will surely enlight your night out!

France | For The Hackers - "Babyshambles"


For The Hackers is a French indie-rock band hailing from Upper Normandy. They are Arthur, Alex, Axel and Romain, and their style is quite unique: they mix rock and pop with very modern indie sounds, and French lyrics splattered with some words in English. As "Babyshambles", for instance. The song is easy to listen, will make you start bobbing your head along and surely want to bring more of them to your life!

Sweden | Kassandra - "Run"


Kassandra is a very young Swedish singer from Stockholm. Her second single is set to send her right up to fame: "Run" is a haunting, captivating single, filled with a very dark and fabulous atmosphere and involving, full-of-emotion vocals. Definitely one of the finest tunes from Sweden this year!

Croatia | Jelena Rozga - "Tsunami"


Jelena Rozga was born in Split in 1977. She was, from 1996 and unil 2006, the lead singer of popular Croatian band Magazin. Her solo career was quite successful, having released two albums and a compilation album so far. Her latest single is "Tsunami", a song that shows us what Balkan pop is all about!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Slovakia | Frequency - "Bauhaus"


Formed in 2011 in the Slovak city of Vranov nad Topľou, Frequency has recently released a very nice single. It is "Bauhaus", a song which mixes indie pop and rock. The oldie feeling adds a very magical touch to it!

Montenegro | Danijel Alibabić - "Baš mi je dobro"


Born in Podgorica in 1988, Danijel Alibabić represented Serbia and Montenegro in the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest, as part of the duet No Name, with the song "Zauvijek moja". He went on as a soloist, and nowadays he is a well-established name among the Balkan countries. His latest single is "Baš mi je dobro", a very catchy pop-rock song.

Romania | Giulia - "Ghici cine?"


Giulia is a Romanian singer born in Galati in 1984. Her latest single follows the thread of pop ballads which are proliferating at an amazing rate. And that is a very good thing. "Ghici cine?" is a beautiful composition, flowing gently from start to end. One not to miss!

United Kingdom | Will Young - "Love revolution"


Will Young was born in Wokingham in 1979. He shot to stardom in 2002 after winning the first season of Pop Idol in the United Kingdom. Mr. Young has a new album, his first since 2011, and the first single to emerge from it is marvelous: "Love revolution" is a very happy song, with a nice retro atmosphere and a lovely colourful video!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Latvia | Sabīne Berezina - "Mājās"


Born in Bauska in 1990, Sabīne Berezina is a Latvian singer and songwriter. Her latest release is a beautiful and melting ballad: "Mājās" is a song which slows gently from start to end, an ideal track for a resting moment!

Greece | Kostas Martakis - "Oute ikseres"


We've talked about Kostas Martakis before, but his music is so addictive that every new single of his is a delight to our ears. And "Oute ikseres" is no exception: a pop ballad with a soft start and many Greek elements will never be unnoticed!

Updated on June 7th, 2015, with the official video.

Romania | Dya - "Dor"


The last time we featured Dya, she was singing in English. Now, the girl takes out her Romanian soul and sings in her national language for "Dor". The song is pure pop perfection: a nice flowing melody, an explosive chorus and an addictive beat.

United Kingdom | Nothing But Thieves - "Itch"


Nothing But Thieves is a British band from Southend On Sea. They are one of those bands to keep an eye on: their sound mixes the British way of rocking with more powerful guitars. Their latest single, "Itch", is a perfect example of this: powerful thee minutes of pure rock!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Germany | MIA. - "Lauffeuer"


German rock is unique, and MIA. is a great example of that sentence. The band, formed in Berlin in 1997, is back with "Lauffeuer", which is a single that mixes pop and rock in a unique way. The German language adds a beautiful touch to it!

Updated on September 22nd, 2019, with the official video.

Georgia | Barrice - "Zitima zois kai thanatou"


Barrice Sobolev was born in Georgia in 1984. After living in Kazakhstan, his family eventually settled in Greece, where he grew up and developed his career. He was one of the five contenders of Eurosong 2015, the Greek selection for Eurovision, with "Ela", but he didn't manage to take the ticket to Vienna. His most recent single is "Zitima zois kai thanatou", a very modern pop song with a touch of dance beats.

Romania | Ecaterine - "Flacari in rai"


Ecaterine Delia Mircsov is a Romanian singer from Timsoara. Her latest single has captivated our souls: "Flacari in rai" is a pop ballad with a gentle and delicate start which grows to an explosive chorus with R&B beats and a marvellous display of Ecaterina's voice.

United Kingdom | Luke Friend - "Hole in my heart"


Born in Leeds in 1996, Luke Friend took part of the tenth season of The X Factor in the United Kingdom. He ended up third in the show, but that was just the beginning. His latest single is "Hole in my heart", an anthemic and very emotional pop ballad.

Updated on April 2nd, 2017, with the official video.

Monday, April 13, 2015

10 Questions For: Cassandre


Another Monday with an interview! This time, we go to France, where we chatted with two singers who are unique in several aspects: style, genre, cultural background, the uncommon formation of a male duo... and we covered all these topics on our talk to them. These are our 10 questions for Pier and Flo, of Cassandre:

Sounds European!: We always like to know about the music background of people we interview. So, what kind of music did you use to listen when you were younger? What artists were your idols? And when and how did you start giving your own first steps in music?

Cassandre: We had different idols. Flo was more impressed by international pop music like Michael Jackson or the British pop music his parents used to listen to: Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Visage... I grew up learning to play the piano. I used to listen to French repertoire like Edith Piaf, classical music with masterpieces of Beethoven and Chopin, for instance. Flo learnt on his own to play the piano. It's another way to make music.

SE!: How did you two meet and how was Cassandre born?

C: Cassandre was born as soon as we got to know each other at the university. We liked the same songs and we wanted to go to the same direction, considering our musical project. We just had a try and it was so simple, so natural to work with each other, that this nice project was suddenly born.

SE!: You have a passion for literature and aesthetics. How is that reflected in your music? Does that also influence your visual presentations? Which artistic works have inspired you the most?

C: We love literature, especially the 20th century and Victor Hugo. The Greek mythology is also a big inspiration, and not only in our texts (the myth of Icarus, Ulysses, Orpheus). Our name, Cassandre, also comes from the Greek mythology. It's a marvelous world of stories where nature meets poetry. We also love the monumental paintings of the 19th century with historical and mythical themes. We love the esthetics of Jacques-Louis David, the lighting in his paintings is fabulous, the figures are heroic and impressive. For sure, it influences our visual presentation.

SE!: Comparing to other countries, we see the French pop scene as very unique. France produces pop with elements which are totally different from what we listen in the rest of the world. We see that very clearly in the music you two produce. How would you describe your own work and your genre?

C: It's a kind of mixture between British pop music with several sounds coming from the '80s, but also a culture of French variété – it means a different way of singing and of writing. Our texts are in French, that supposes to have another type of melody, to melt the melody with our French words. Maybe, we are a bit more melancholic than the British pop is.

SE!: You are two of the few French artists who risk singing in English, as we saw in some covers you've made (Lady Gaga, for example). Do you think it's still hard to break the English-language barrier in France? Would you consider producing tracks in English for an album of yours?

C: We're not considering to write any text in English. At least not for the moment. But we love to sing in English though, especially when we produce a cover. There is no English language barrier today in France. Just listen to Christine and the Queens, who writes her texts in both languages. You just need to find a good balance and choose the text that suits your identity.

"We love being a duo and we just don't care if it's not so common in France, it's our identity" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: You are authors, composers and performers. Which part of the process do you enjoy the most and why?

C: We love every part of the process, but for different reasons. We consider writing texts together a chance. We see the world with the same point of view, with the same eyes, with the same colours. Each word we write will fit to both of us. Therefore, it's really pleasant to produce music together. When we perform our songs on stage... then, it's another feeling, the feeling of giving something after building it, after hiding it just like a treasure. And while you're giving it on stage, you get something in return. It's a kind of energy nourishing all your body, all your mind.

SE!: Male duos aren't very common in the current worldwide pop scene. How does it work for you guys? What are the pros and cons of being a male duo? And, since it is rare to see one, do you consider it to be a differential?

C: Male duos are not so common, that is true. We never think it could be a problem even if we know that French radios would feel a bit confused when they see our videos for the first time. Being a duo is a strength and it increases all the vocal possibilities that we would not have alone, especially on stage. We love being a duo and we just don't care if it's not so common in France, it's our identity.

SE!: Your single "Ma révolution" was elected one of the top 50 songs of 2014 by our site. And we are very excited to know what your next steps are. What are your plans for the near future?

C: We are now presenting our new single "Nos cœurs libres", which is a midtempo ballad. We will certainly make a music video soon and we're considering to make a few concerts in Paris this year. Now, we need to go on stage, it's the second step after producing our album.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some French and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

C: We'd love to work with Madonna, Katy Perry. In France, we love the voice of Christophe Willem. Indila, Shy'm and Jenifer inspire us as well.

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourselves, and why?

C: It depends on how we feel. Right know, we'd say "Nos cœurs libres". This is a song about the search for a balance between people. Currently, there are so many conflicts, so much disrespect for nature and living things around us. We hope that one day, humanity finds a balance in harmony with nature.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

United Kingdom | Cahoots feat. Roomie - "No money"


Matt DeFreitas, Tom Joseph Law and Curricé. Two Englishmen and a Spaniard, all of them YouTubers and singer-songwriters, who decided to gather up in British trio Cahoots. And because the mixture wasn't explosive enough, they decided to invite Swedish (also YouTuber and singer-songwriter) Roomie for their latest single. The result is "No money", a contagious and totally captivating pop track!

Latvia | Prāta Vētra - "Ziemu apēst"


Prāta Vētra (also some times called BrainStorm) is a Latvian band from the city of Jelgava. They are a huge success in Latvia, and their new single "Ziemu apēst" is already hitting the top places in the charts of national radios. It's an extremely beautiful song, with very good instrumentals.

Turkey | Gökhan Keser - "İnlerim Allah"


Born in Izmir in 1987, Gökhan Keser is a Turkish singer, actor and model. This year he released his fourth album, and it came alongside the single "İnlerim Allah". The song is a fantastic pop with electronic touches and that unmistakable Turkish sound that makes it even more addictive!

Belgium | Jelle van Dael - "Another day"


Jelle van Dael is a Belgian singer who was born in 1990 in Opglabbeek, Belgium. She is also known as the lead singer of the famous group Lasgo. Now on solo work, she has just released "Another day", which is a very cool pop track.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

United Kingdom | Mallory Knox - "Getaway"


Mallory Knox is a British alternative rock band from Cambridge. They are working on their second album, "Asymmetry", whose new single is "Getaway". What a great song it is! The mix of amazing vocals, excellent instrumentals and an explosive melody, with a very catchy chorus, is everything you can expect from rock 'n' roll. Well, we surely did get everything we expected: it's our song of the week!

Lithuania | Edgaras Lubys - "Gyvenk"


We've showed you Edgaras Lubys some months ago when he released "Karnavalas baigės". The Lithuanian singer is back with a very cool pop-rock song: interesting verses, intense choruses and a magnific orchestration is what "Gyvenk" has to give!

Turkey | Model - "Sen ona aşıksın"


Model is a Turkish band, formed in the city of Izmir, which has around ten years of career. They are working on their single "Sen ona aşıksın", which is a very catchy pop-rock track. You can feel the Turkish influences flowing through the song, making it sound very special.

Germany | JORIS - "Herz über kopf"


JORIS is the stage name of Joris Ramon Buchholz, a German singer and songwriter who was born in Stuhr in 1989. He is now bringing us German soft pop with an infusion of American country sounds! His single "Herz über kopf" shows deep lyrics, a very sweet and mellow voice and a fantastic melody. A great combo!

Friday, April 10, 2015

United Kingdom | Lawson - "Roads"


We were already missing the great tunes of Lawson, so our happiness was already in high levels when we saw they had a new single. But "Roads" totally exceeded our expectations: it's folk, it's pop, it's rock, it's a great set of lyrics all put together in one song. We're still mindblown.

Ukraine | Julia Dumanska - "Probach"


From Lviv to the world, the Ukrainian singer Julia Dumanska is becoming a frequent name on Sounds European!. And here she is once again, with the release of her new single "Probach". It's a beautiful ballad, which shows all the power of her voice and, comparing to the previous tracks of hers we have published here, all her versatility of music genres.

Updated on April 27th, 2015, with the official video.

Poland | Jeremi - "Chodź"


Very young talent from Poland coming! Jeremi Sikorski is from Warsaw. He is a singer, musician and actor who has been into the business for quite some time despite his young age. His latest single is "Chodź", a very cool pop track!

Lithuania | Tadas Juodsnukis - "Valandos"


From Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, we meet Tadas Juodsnukis. He has just released the single "Valandos". It's a beautiful rock ballad which displays the very appropriate voice Tadas has for this kind of song.

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Spain | Victoria Riba - "Mirame"


Victoria Riba is a young singer from Tiana, a small town in the province of Barcelona, Spain. She is working on her debut album, and the single "Mirame" is surely one of its highlights. The melody is just as sweet and captivating as one can be, and the chorus is perfect.

France | Talisco - "The keys"


Talisco is a French indie band. And when we say indie, we mean indie: their latest single is "The keys", an explosion of indie sounds mixed with some folk and pop elements. A true musical gem!

Russia | Gradusy - "Privychka sbegat' iz doma"


The Russian group Gradusy has really entertained us with their "Radio dozhd'". Now, they are back to Sounds European!, ready to please us once again. Their new single, entitled "Privychka sbegat' iz doma", is another very catchy track, with a perfect match of melody and voices.

Netherlands | Secret Rendezvous - "First loves & last goodbyes"


Haunting sounds from the Netherlands. This is what the latest single by Secret Rendezvous, a duet formed by Sietske Morsch and Remi Lauw and based in Amsterdam, is about. The song is called "First loves & last goodbyes", and is a pure indie track. Captivating lyrics, a mysterious musical arrangement and a lovely voice, all in one!

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Germany | Hurricane Dean - "Quit! Stop"


Hurricane Dean is a German band formed in 2011. Their sound brings together new wave and indie rock, and it is freakin' fantastic! Their latest single is "Quit! Stop", a very powerful song that grows to incredible levels towards the chorus!

Latvia | Triana Park - "Sons and daughters"


Triana Park is a rock and pop band from Riga, the capital city of Latvia, which has previously appeared here on SE! with "Iron blue". They are hitting the charts in Latvia with their song "Sons and daughters". It's a quite intense and strong track, with vocals which lead you into get you hypnotized by it all.

Poland | Kasia Cerekwicka - "Miedzy slowami"


Kasia Cerekwicka was born in Koszalin in 1980. Her fame in Poland is quite huge, having released several albums and sending many singles to the top of the local charts. Her latest single is a very sweet and caring pop: "Miedzy slowami" will melt your soul!

Ukraine | Milania - "Mal'chik"


We now go to Ukraine, where we meet the singer Milania. Her single "Mal'chik" is a very groovy and contagious dance pop-rock. Her voice fits this style of songs perfectly, and the song's melody is very cool. The result is very entertaining.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Serbia | Željko Joksimović feat. Tony Cetinski - "Zabluda"


From Serbia, Željko Joksimović. From Croatia, Tony Cetinski. We are facing the meeting of two of the biggest stars of the Balkan region. They've gathered to record and release "Zabluda", a very traditional Balkan ballad which explores the best of their talents. Majestic song!

Embedding for this video has been disabled, but you can check it by clicking here.

United Kingdom | Citizens! - "Waiting for your lover"


Citizens! is a British indie band formed in London in 2010. After the success of their previous singles, they are now releasing a new studio album titled "European soul". "Waiting for your lover" is the lead single from the album: a fantastic and very groovy indie track that could as well be a great way to start a party!

Lithuania | Julija Jegorova - "Gudri meilė"


Julia Jegorova is a Lithuanian singer who was the winner of the first season of The Voice of Lithuania. She has just released "Gudri meilė", which displays all the vocal quality which has made her win the reality show. Very enjoyable!

Spain | La Habitación Roja - "Taxi a Venus"


We've showed you La Habitación Roja's single "La moneda en el aire" almost two months ago, and happily the Spanish indie-rock band returns with another smashing hit. "Taxi a Venus" is another great example of why Spanish indie music scene is so acclaimed!

Monday, April 06, 2015

The Charts Day #87 (part 2)


The fantastic Irish guys from HomeTown are slaying it in Ireland. Their latest single "Cry for help" is now the leader of the local charts!

The Charts Day #87 (part 1)


Rihanna has released another album, and the track presenting it has left everyone's mouths dropping to the floor. The amazing "Fourfiveseconds" features Kanye West and rock legend Paul McCartney, and it's being a hit everywhere. This week, they are #3 in Norway!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Ireland | The Script - "Man on a wire"


Every new single by The Script turns to be one we end up loving. "Man on a wire", their latest release, is no exception. A lovely pop-rock with interesting lyrics and a flowing melody as the band has got us accustomed to deliver. Exquisite as always. And we also must mention the edgy video – literally edgy!

United Kingdom | Kerri Watt - "You"


Kerri Watt is a Scottish singer, songwriter and musician. She is about to release an EP, named "You", from which she took the first single, with the same title. It is a very catchy and soft pop track, with a quite effective chorus.

Netherlands | VanVelzen - "Call it luck"


VanVelzen is the stage name of Roel Van Velzen, a Dutch singer and songwriter born in Delft in 1978. "Call it luck" is his most recent release, and his first one since 2013. The song is an anthemic pop rock track, which has a great use of back vocalists to provide the goosebumpy feeling you get when listening to it.

Belarus | Alyona Lanskaya - "Ya zhiva"


Alyona Lanskaya is a Belarusian singer who was born in the city of Mogilev in 1985. She got internationally known after she took part on the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, leading Belarus to its second best result ever, with "Solayoh". She has just released "Ya zhiva", a very cool uptempo pop song which inserts very cool regional instruments to the melody. Quite catchy!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Ireland | Markus Feehily - "Love is a drug"


Born in Sligo in 1980, Markus Feehily went on to become one of the members of Irish boyband Westlife. Now going solo, the man released one of the coolest tracks we have presented this year. "Love is a drug" is pop explosion, a strong chorus, a heartbreaking vocal performance and a dramatic video. With no doubt it becomes our song of the week!

Sweden | Snoh Aalegra - "Emotional"


When class and groove meet in music, the result is always excellent. It's no exception with "Emotional", the new single by Snoh Aalegra, Swedish singer from Stockholm. The song is just a perfect mix of a great voice, capable of beautiful variation, and an enticing melody.

United Kingdom | Club Drive - "Spare time"


Club Drive is a four-piece band hailing from Hertfordshire. They define their music as the mixture of pop and funk, and boy they are accurate! Their single "Spare time" is a perfect example of that mixture. A contagious melody, fantastic vocals add up to a very groovy song.

Updated on March 21st, 2017, with the new name of the band.

Germany | Feuerherz - "Verdammt guter tag"


Schlager and boyband: why did it take so long for someone to try to mix them up? Well, it has finally happened, with German group Feuerherz. The boyband is formed by Dominique, Sebastian, Matt (who is Dutch) and Karsten. Their single "Verdammt guter tag" shows this mix is very cool: it's double catchy, and we love it!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Denmark | Shaya - "Sunshine"


Shaya is the stage name of Marianna Hansen, singer who was born in Denmark (but raised in Greece) in 1983. She was a hot favorite to win this year's Greek National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest, but ended up losing it to another "foreigner", the Cypriot Maria-Elena Kyriakou. Her entry "Sunshine" was a great pop track, and we are sure it would make a great impression in Vienna.

United Kingdom | Ella Henderson - "Mirror man"


You know those artists that are just pure class? Well, Ella Henderson is one of them. Her latest single is "Mirror man", a song in which she plays with pop and jazz, and the result is just outstanding. A great voice, a fantastic melody, captivating backing vocals... it has everything to be your new addiction!

Russia | Via-Letta feat. Andrey Kovalev - "Yesli by ty znal"


Violetta Dyadyura is a Russian singer from Moscow, who is better known as Via-Letta. She has gathered with Andrey Kovalev, who is also from Moscow, to release "Yesli by ty znal". In style, it's a very traditional Russian ballad, with beautiful melody and a great combination of voices.

Netherlands | Rondé - "Run"


Rondé is a Dutch band hailing from Utretch. Formed in 2014, their indie pop music is quite unique: they mingle together soft voices with intense instrumentations. That's the case "Run", their latest single: a real explosion of sounds that's becoming a hit in the Netherlands!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Spain | Efecto Mariposa - "Proezas"


Formed in Málaga in 2001, Efecto Mariposa is a pop-rock band who has been in a hiatus since 2009 and until last year. In 2014 they released "Comienzo", their seventh album, and here we have the second single to emerge from it. "Proezas" is all you can expect from Spanish pop-rock: a smooth and gentle start, a great break in the chorus with an amazing melody which just continues until the end of the song.

Ireland | The Coronas - "How this goes"


The Coronas is one of the best bands from Ireland, and also one of the best interviews Sounds European! has had. They are now releasing a new single entitled "How this goes", and it's just a total must-listen! The melody is addictive from first to last second, and Danny's voice is always very pleasing. The result is an extremely catchy track, with one the coolest choruses of the year.

Belgium | Balthazar - "Bunker"


Balthazar is a Belgian band from the cities of Kortrijk and Ghent, formed in 2004. This year, they are releasing their third album, Thin walls, and they've already graced us with the first single: "Bunker" is a very soft indie pop-rock.

United Kingdom | Lucy Rose - "Our eyes"


Lucy Rose is a singer and songwriter who was born in Surrey, United Kingdom. While she is preparing her second album, she has released the single "Our eyes". It is a perfect mix of alternative rock and indie pop. Her soothing voice fills the unique guitar sounds and the catchy melody very well. The result is lovely!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Ukraine | Riplay - "Khvylyny do lita"


Riplay is a Ukrainian band from the city of Lutsk. They have just released a new single, entitled "Khvylyny do lita". It's a great pop-rock song. The singer's sweet voice adds a cute factor to a very enthusiastic track.

Ireland | Hozier - "Work song"


During 2014, Hozier became one of the most popular Irish singers and songwriters of the last years. No wonder that barely after a week of releasing his latest single, "Work song", he reached the million views on YouTube (something that's quite unique for the Irish patterns). The song is all worth it: it's a downtempo, soulful ballad, with the fantastic class that Hozier adds to every single he releases.

Denmark | Djämes Braun - "Inficeret"


Djämes Braun is a Danish reggae and dancehall duo formed by Kent Pedersen, Kenno, and Lasse Kramhøft, Pilfinger. They have just released one of the coolest singles: "Inficeret" has some pop spices which will make you totally involved in this melting pot of genres and styles. Quite catchy!

United Kingdom | Saint Raymond - "Come back to you"


Saint Raymond's "Young blood" ranked 29th on our top 50 of 2014. Of course we were more than excited to see another single by him! The song is "Come back to you", a very cool pop-rock with a nice melody and a super groovy atmosphere!