Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finland | Pete Parkkonen - "Maailma mua vastaan"


Pete Parkkonen is, without a doubt, one of our favorite Finnish singers. His music has a unique style: a great mix of pop and rock, always in a very strong and marking intensity. And his new single is no exception to that. "Maailma mua vastaan" is an amazing track, with all the great qualities we are used to have on Pete's songs. It's excellent: it's our song of the week!

Spain | Morrigans - "Se incomprendido"


It's time to meet the Spanish band Morrigans, from Asturias. Their single "Se incomprendido" is one of the best rock tracks we have encountered so far this year. It's fresh, involving and delightful to listen. The chorus is extremely catchy, and the vocals are just perfect. We love it!

Updated on December 15th, 2015, with the official video.

France | David Guetta feat. Emeli Sandé - "What I did for love"


Get ready: this is one of those songs you only need to listen once to be sure it'll invade all the radios around the world. French DJ David Guetta, born in Paris in 1967, meets the very talented British singer Emeli Sandé, born in Sunderland in 1987, to release "What I did for love". The song is everything you can expect from it: great melody, epic vocals and an extremely catchy chorus.

Updated on March 1st, 2015, with the official video.

Belgium | Stan Van Samang - "A simple life"


Sounds European! presented the work of Stan Van Samang for the first time in July, with the cool "Junebug". Now, he is back, with the grandiose "A simple life". It is a great song, with epic instumentation and amazing vocals.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Serbia | Dusica Grabovic - "Jaka zena"


Dusica Grabovic is a singer from Priboj, Serbia. Her new single "Jaka zena" is a dance pop with cool Balkan instrumentals added to it. It has a contagious melody, and her singing completes it all in the proper way. So inviting!

Romania | Alex Velea - "Defectul tau sunt eu"


Few artists in the world make hip-hop and R&B sound so pop as the Romanian singer Alex Velea, who appeared here last year with his great "Din vina ta". Another great example of his unique quality is his new single "Defectul tau sunt eu": it's groovy, it's catchy, it's dancy... it's amazing!

Greece | Boys and Noise - "Meno dikos sou"


When Sounds European! first presented Boys and Noise, the Greek boyband was starting their career. Now, they are quite established in Greece, and their success is undeniable. Their new single "Meno dikos sou" is a beautiful ballad which will surely become a hit in their country too.

Denmark | Stine Bramsen - "The day you leave me"


The work of the Danish star Stine Bramsen is very known by the readers of Sounds European!, since she appears on the site quite often. No wonder why: her songs are great, and so is her new single "The day you leave me". It's a beautiful ballad, with very enticing melody. Stine's voice is brilliant, and completes it all perfectly.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

United Kingdom | Years & Years - "King"


Years & Years keep giving massive steps into greatness. Their latest single is "King", an epic electronic pop with that taste of synth that they add so perfectly and a chorus which will have you singing it on repeat.

Poland | Agnieszka Chylińska feat. LemON - "Against all odds (Take a look at me now)"


Here comes a duet of Polish artists we have already featured on Sounds European!: Agnieszka Chylińska and LemON gathered to release a fantastic cover of Phil Collins' hit "Against all odds (Take a look at me now)". A sweet and emotional version!

Sweden | Ola Salo - "Go on go on"


His name might ring a bell. Ola Salo was the lead singer of The Ark, who represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with "The worrying kind" and disbanded in 2011. He has been going solo since then, and damn his latest single is fantastic! "Go on go on" is an anthemic rock song, portraying an empowering melody and a great rhythm.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

United Kingdom | Jennifer Davies - "Disconnected"


We've already featured Jennifer Davies with the great "Choke", and here she comes with an even greater new single! "Disconnected" is a fantastic synth-pop track with an explosive chorus. Get ready to dance!

Denmark | Grumpynators - "The stalker"


Grumpynators is the mingling of members from Volbeat and Taggy Tones. They formed in Copenhagen in 2011 and play a very old-school-like kind of rock music. And if you like that style of music, then their latest single is all you need to fulfill your ears: "The stalker" is a powerful rock track from the beggining to the end!

Ireland | Jedward - "Make your own luck"


The Irish energetic twin duo Jedward (whom we featured with "Free spirit" some months ago) have joined the club of soothing pop music that has been playing on radios recently. "Make your own luck", their latest single, is a very cool track which shows that the twins can play at any field!

Denmark | Tim Schou - "Goodbye"


We've already featured Tim Schou upon the release of "Supernova", and here he comes again with a super smashing ballad. "Goodbye" is a very touching single with a very cool melody and the perfect addition of classical instruments.

Lithuania | Vaidas Baumila - "Tik žmogus"


Vaidas Baumila returns to Sounds European! with a boomer. After "Free love", he presents us a beautiful ballad: "Tik žmogus" is a soft song with a fantastic instrumentation. Vaidas prooves that he is quite versatile indeed!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

United Kingdom | Ellie Goulding - "Love me like you do"


Over the last couple of years, Ellie Goulding became one of the biggest names in the British music industry. She released booming radio hits, soulful ballads, and now she comes with something in between: "Love me like you do" is a soothing pop song which explodes suddenly into a downpour of rhythm. Definitely one of her best releases!

Czech Republic | Light & Love - "Blueberry sky"


From Nový Jičín, in the Czech Republic, there comes a duo for you to keep an eye on. Light & Love are brothers Honza and Lukáš Balcárkové, and their latest single is just addictive: "Blueberry sky" is an epic pop song which mingles perfectly the sounds of modern and classic pop, making you smile at every beat.

Updated on March 21st, 2015, with the official music video.

Germany | Elaiza - "Green"


For those who don't remember, Elaiza were the German representants on last year's Eurovision Song Contest with "Is it right". The contest made them come right into the public eye, and the girls continue dazzling us with their lovely music. Their latest single, "Green", is that kind of super sweet pop song that will have your mood up in a minute!

Russia | Tanja - "Külmunud maa"


Were you also outraged by Tanja's not making it to the final of Eurovision this year with "Amazing"? Well... here she returns with an outstanding new single: "Külmunud maa" is a beautiful ballad with a touch of electronic beats in the chorus.

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Charts Day #80


Meghan Trainor's "All about that bass" became one of the hits of 2014. And she is aiming the same for her brand new single: "Lips are movin" is starting to climb in the charts all around the world. The highest position in Europe so far is a #7 in Ireland.

10 Questions For: Maraaya


This Monday, we are traveling to the beautiful Slovenia, where we had the pleasure of talking to one of our biggest surprises of 2014, the artists who created a masterpiece song which just made us fall in love. These are our 10 questions for Marjetka and Raay – or, simply, Maraaya:

Sounds European!: The duo Maraaya exists for a very short period. But we know you guys have been working together for longer than that. Can you tell us your full history with music? When did each of your start your music career? How did you guys meet? How has your work develop since then?

Marjetka: Whooh... it seems we could spend all the space of this interview only with those four questions... (laughter)
Raay: After we became a couple about ten years ago, our first music experience was in a totally different style – it was our "teenage" music life. Short skirts, cleavages, two girls, two boys, accordion, a pop-party group with an accordion. Really popular with people who love Slovenian folk music. Later, we established the more mainstream pop group Tangels, and all of the released songs got a great airplay. At this time, Marjetka graduated as a professor of Music at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana, and she also started to give pop vocal lessons to the new generations. In these years, she developed her own distinctive vocal style and interpretation, always following new discoveries with singing. After we became parents for the second time, we got a new creative power to establish something totally different and new – with the new "knowledge" that we got over the years, after collaborating with so many people, singers, musical editors... We felt it was time for just us, all the way. A lot of what we've learned about production and musical-wise was from writing music for the Japanese market, with several writers and producers from Sweden and Japan.
Marjetka: We met at a music academy. Raay was already producing stuff at the time, like Popstars and Pop Idol projects in Slovenia and I was singing opera when we met... But you know how guys influence girls... Opera was gone really fast (laughter). It was always our advantage we create and do this stuff together.

SE!: What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up? As musicians, what are the artists which influence your work?

R: I was listening to Slovenian and Croatian pop music and haven't developed this "love" to listening to chart hits until high school. At that time, I started to listen to Destiny's Child, Westlife, Alicia Keys, Neptunes (Pharrell Williams) and other popular stuff. The number one was Destiny's Child for me at that time.
M: I was always listening to stuff which was high on charts, and became a fan of singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall and Eva Cassidy when I started to study.
R: We are both really chart oriented when it comes to taste, but because of listening to a lot of music, we are open to different styles. We, for example, learned to love J-pop, which is something totally different from European or American hits – but it's interesting how different cultures accept different styles. As a producer, I always check for new stuff as well. I have a fantastic team of people who are filling me with information about what's happening on the music market at the time, so I can see what is the direction of the world music style. Of course, when doing music for Maraaya, we always look for something catchy but a bit new, different, something fresh. And it's how "Lovin' me", our first single, was born. We tried to do something alternative to all the hits on the radio, but still in the vein that could fit amongst them. I think the most unique part of our music is Marjetka's distinctive vocal and her interpretation. It's what inspires me when I produce the songs that we write.

SE!: Both of you have worked with several other Slovene artists. Can you name some of them? What could you learn from them? Now that you have Maraaya, will you stop your work with other artists, or will you find time for both?

R: Bepop, Unique, Nuša Derenda, April, Manca Špik, Tinkara Kovač, Alya, Nika Zorjan, Ula Ložar, Lina Kuduzović, Tina Maze, Victory... from each artist, you learn something – sometimes just based on their mindset, sometimes how they feel music. But, most important of all, every single collaboration brings me new experience for my music work.
M: I know I learn a lot from my students, although I am the music teacher. When you have a chance to work with great people, it's really unbelievable how much you can learn from either a 6-year-old girl who never sang before, or from an experienced 50-year-old opera singer who would just like to learn some pop tricks.

SE!: You guys are married. How is it to work with the person you are married? What's easier and what's harder?

M: Most of the time, it is an advantage. Especially when you understand that this guy in the studio isn't yelling at you because you are a bad person, but because he wants something great out of you... right, Raay? (laughter)
R: It's true – the thing is that sometimes I expect more from the person who is close to me than from someone that is "just" a singer. But working with the person you are married mostly brings advantages – like, all the time talking about ideas, music, image, performances, production... we can create at any time we want. It's really a lifestyle more than business or career.

SE!: Slovenia is a small country, in European terms. Is it harder to make a living out of music in a small country? And how would you describe the local music scene?

R: It is indeed hard. We work on several areas of show business so we can afford to "live" from music. Producing songs, teaching, singing, writing, performing, doing PR, managing artists, synchronizing cartoons, etc.... On the other hand, such a small country gives you perfect insight and makes you understand what music business looks like from inside, in all aspects.
M: As for the local scene – the folk music in Slovenia is really really strong. Although this style is not favored on urban AC or CHR radios, people love it. As for pop, rock, urban style – it's harder to get recognized, since there is a big lack of TV shows where you could perform and present your music, or where new young faces and artists would be able to get known.

"I think the most unique part of our music is Marjetka's distinctive vocal and her interpretation. It's what inspires me when I produce the songs that we write"

SE!: Your single "Lovin' me" is crossing the national borders. It is hitting other nations, such as Italy and Germany – besides being elected by Sounds European! as the second best song of 2014. This isn't something common for Slovene artists. How do you feel when you see what you are achieving? Do you have plans to boost your career internationally?

M: Firstly, thank you for that reward. We were really surprised and happy seing "Lovin' me" as #2 of 2014 in your chart!!! It's true, not a lot of Slovene artists have crossed national borders, but we do have some really great brands that are known outside of Slovenia... DJ UMEK, Laibach, Magnifico, Gramatik – and especially, on folk music, Slavko Avsenik. And did you know that Talking Tom was created by two Slovenes? :)
R: We don't feel really special because of that – it's just showing us we have chosen the right path. It is a great start, and we got a lot of positive energy because of that positive feedback of being charted in Italy or Belgium, so we look forward to releasing the next singles, and maybe an EP later this year. I mean, plans are always there, but the most important is the right moment, the right songs and, of course, a lot of hard work.

SE!: You have been involved with the production of Tinkara Kovač's and Ula Ložar's songs for Eurovision. Is there anything different about making a song for the Slovene audience and for the European one? And how was the experience of being part of such a big event?

R: The memories are still fresh and it has been a fantastic journey to me! Either way – European or Slovene audience – the "magic" needs to happen. Slovene audience differs from the European one in a way that, if you offer the Slovene audience something in folk music, they would probably go for it. But if you offer them a few songs in a direction of mainstream, pop or rock – they would probably go the same way as the Europeans.

SE!: You guys have just been announced as one of the contestants of EMA, the Slovene National Final for Eurovision. Can you tell us anything about your song? What made you take the step from being a composer and jury on previous selections to being candidates for representing Slovenia this year?

R: When the information about an "open submission competition" was out, and when national television released the information about the Slovenian preselection (EMA) date, we found out it was just in the time when we were planning to release the new single in Italy – well, a few weeks before that, but the timing was right. So, no matter the result, since we are also releasing Maraaya singles in Slovenia, it was a great opportunity to present it there – especially if you remember we were talking about the lack of TV shows... this is a great one! :)
M: It's not a ballad song and it's not a party song... It is a bit indie pop with soulful elements and with a catchy melody. You can hear our style there. We collaborated again with Charlie Mason, who wrote lyrics – and he did the lyrics for the winning song of Eurovision last year ("Rise like a phoenix"). We are looking forward to presenting the next single.

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Slovene and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

R: There are so many. Both from Slovenia or international. We always get a lot of ideas of what we could do. It would be too hard to decide for just one. Probably Ryan Tedder would be the choice from both of us. ;)

SE!: We would like to post a song of your preference to close this interview. What is your favorite song, and why?

M: Our favourite songs changes from time to time – when I love a song, I listen to it so many times, that I usually need a break from it for a while. :)
R: Since we are both fans of One Republic and Ryan Tedder, let's choose the song we were both really excited about the minute it came out.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spain | Dover - "Too late"


Dover is a Spanish group formed in Madrid in 1992. They sing mostly in English, and their alternative pop-rock is very much respected in Spain. Their latest single is "Too late", a very powerful rock track which sounds very much like that old school rock that is impossible not to like and move your head along!

Greece | Panos Kalidis - "Spirto"


The Greek singer Panos Kalidis was firstly shown on SE! in 2013, with his great track "Mia akoma maxairia". Now, he is with us once again, since he is releasing a new single: "Spirto" is a dance song with great Greek elements added to it.

Updated on April 27th, 2015, with the official video.

Lithuania | E.G.O. - "Pasauliui, kuris negirdi"


Lithuanian boyband E.G.O. was formed in the end of 2014 in Kaunas, and is composed by Karolis Šliažas, Mažvydas Raudonis, Mantas Sakalauskas and Povilas Žilionis. Their first single is "Pasauliui, kuris negirdi", a very catchy and upbeat pop track.

Germany | Johannes Oerding - "Alles brennt"


Johannes Oerding is one of the biggest talents of the current generation of German music. He appeared here on SE! in 2013, with "Nichts geht mehr". Now, we are finally remeeting him, with his new single "Alles brennt", a very beautiful ballad.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

United Kingdom | Florrie - "Too young to remember"


Florrie's "Little white lies" was among the best songs we've featured on 2014, finishing 11th on our top 50 of 2014. And here she comes with a new single! "Too young to remember" is a very fresh and still magnific pop song with a fantastic chorus and a very nice rhythm. The editors of Sounds European! found the song so cool that we decided it to be our song of the week!

Latvia | Astra The 22's - "Winter love"


Astra The 22's are an indie pop duo formed by Kerija Kaleja and Eric Jayk. They are half-Latvian, half-American – or, as they define themselves, made in Latvia and the United Stated, from Riga to New York. They have just released "Winter love", which is a very involving song with hypnotic melody and catchy vocals.

Bulgaria | Ana Maria feat. Bogomil - "Teb si pozhelah"


Meeting of two young stars who were finalists of different seasons of The X Factor in Bulgaria. Ana Maria Yanakieva, born in Levski in 1998, was the third place of the reality show's second season. She has gathered with the runner-up of the first season, Bogomil Bonev, born in Gorna Oryahovitsa in 1996, to release "Teb si pozhelah". It's a very interesting mix of pop and R&B, with a great chorus.

Denmark | Bite The Bullet - "Wheels"


Bite The Bullet is a Danish band which was formed in Copenhagen in 2012. They define themselves as pure authentic rock 'n' roll meant to be played loud. And, yes, they are very accurate with that description! Their single "Wheels" sounds like those classic rock songs, without sounding outdated. It's fresh, it's great: it is, indeed, authentic rock 'n' roll.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Wir leben laut"


Beatrice Egli's work is quite enjoyed by the Sounds European! team. The Swiss singer is back with a new single: "Wir leben laut" has her very unique style, in a more dancy track. Very enjoyable, as usual, but with some new and interesting features.

Sweden | Zara Larsson - "Weak heart"


Zara Larsson shocked the world in the latest days with her showing us that condoms are large enough for everybody, but we have not forgotten what a great singer she is. So here comes "Weak heart", a song which is totally different from what we've heard from her: a deep, soulful ballad with a marking beat and a very powerful display of her sweet voice.

Croatia | Tony Cetinski - "Krik"


The Croatian star Tony Cetinski's and Sounds European!'s ways crossed for the first time last year, with "Zena nad zenama". Now, it's time to remeet him, with the release of his new single. "Krik" is an amazing pop-rock, filled with energy and with Tony's great voice.

Iceland | Mani Orrason - "Fed all my days"


Soothing tunes from Iceland: Mani Orrason was born on the Christmas eve of 1997 in Reykjavík, but moved still as a young infant to Spain, where he is currently based. His first single is "Fed all my days", a beautiful indie track.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

United Kingdom | Rixton - "Hotel ceiling"


Rixton are one of the artists which Sounds European! featured from their very first single. And let us tell you, their most recent one is nothing you have heard from them yet: "Hotel ceiling" is a pop ballad with very heartbreaking lyrics and a very sweet instrumentation.

Denmark | Julias Moon - "Palace"


Sounds European! first met the Danish group Julias Moon in 2014, when the amazing "Lipstick lies" caught our hearts and was named one of our 50 best songs of the year. Now, they are back: their new single "Palace" is just as great, and we are sure it can make us all fall in love once again!

Ukraine | GROSU - "Tri slova"


GROSU is Alina Grosu, a Ukrainian singer who was born in Chernivtsi in 1995. She has taken part in several singing contest and eventually released several albums, becoming a very star in Ukraine. Her latest single is a very interesting mixture of pop and some Oriental sounds: "Tri slova" will surely conquer your ears!

Updated on August 5th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

North Macedonia | Tamara Todevska feat. Daniel Kajmakoski - "Za mig"


Two of the best voices of North Macedonia gathered to record a single. The result could only be great. Daniel Kajmakoski and Tamara Todevska, respectively the winner and the runner-up of the latest Skopje Festival (used as National Final for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest), recorded "Za mig". Piano based, the track is light and delicious to listen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Romania | Belleamy - "Bye, bye"


Watch out: you're getting into the rhythm of Belleamy, a Romanian singer from the city of Bucharest. Her new single "Bye, bye" is extremely catchy: its groovy melody, allied to her very unique way to sing along, is totally involving. There's no way of listening to it and not getting totally caught with it all!

Sweden | Viktoria Tocca - "Ready to run"


Viktoria Tocca is a Swedish singer born in 1976 and living in New York, where she performs in musicals. Her latest single is the ballad "Ready to run", which is the perfect mixture of American ballads and Swedish pop.

Turkey | Barış Erdem - "Kafam güzel"


Get ready to dance with Turkish music! Barış Erdem is a pop singer from the city of Istanbul, Turkey. His new single is entitled "Kafam güzel", and it's one of those great pop tracks which only Turkish artists know how to do: dancy, but on a very perfect amount, with traditional national sounds added to it. It has unique charm, and we love it!

Croatia | Kinoklub - "Slatka tajna, a nije slatkis"


Kinoklub is a Croatian pop punk band formed in Zagreb in 2008. Their music is quite unique, and their latest single quite shows it: "Slatka tajna, a nije slatkis" is a very powerful song with a great beat and a fantastic melody. Ready to start moving your head along?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

United Kingdom | Lower Than Atlantis - "Criminal"


It's not the first time that Lower Than Atlantis appear on our site. And we just can't get enough of them! Here is their latest single: "Criminal" is as strong as what they have us used to.

Slovenia | Zala Đurić Ribič - "Kakav"


Zala Đurić Ribič is a singer and actress from Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Her single "Kakav" is becoming a hit on the Slovene radios, and we can surely understand why: it's an extremely sweet track, with soothing vocals and very traditional instrumentation. So lovely!

Czech Republic | David Koller - "Ani ty ani já"


Singer and record producer David Koller was born in Prague in 1960. He was the member of several bands throughout his life, making his experience in the music field be quite wide. The single "Ani ty ani já", his last release, is a great rock track.

Italy | Elisa - "A modo tuo"


The sweet voice and music of Elisa Toffoli is a frequent presence here on Sounds European!. We remeet them with her latest single, "A modo tuo". It's a beautiful ballad with a very strong chorus, more directed to rock than what's usual with her work. Interesting track!

Monday, January 19, 2015

The Charts Day #79


Birdy, who appeared on our site with the song "Wings" in 2013, is currently having a big success in Spain. Her song "People help the people" is leading the chart!

10 Questions For: The Coronas


Monday has arrived, which means it's time once again for our space for interviews with the artists Sounds European! presents and also admires. This week, we meet the lead singer of one of our favorite Irish bands. These are our 10 questions for Danny O'Reilly and The Coronas:

Sounds European!: You guys are together for a long time. How did you meet? How is your relationship after so long together?

Danny O'Reilly (The Coronas): We've known each other all our lives. I first met Knoxy, our bass player, when I was two weeks old and he was a day old (our parents are best friends) and we met our drummer, Conor, in primary school, so we go back a long way! We're very lucky that we get on so well, we actually hang out with each other when we're not working. We're like brothers at this stage in that we can be really honest with each other, so it helps when it comes to writing together.

SE!: Individually, how did every one of you start having interest with music? What were your influences when growing up? Who were your role models when you were giving your first steps as musicians?

DOR: We have some common influences, such as Radiohead, The National, Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles, but we have individual influences that differ too. I love Jeff Buckley and some Irish bands such as The Frames and Bell X1. Dave (guitar) loves The Stone Roses, Knoxy likes Phoenix and Conor's a huge Led Zeppelin fan.

SE!: Few countries in Europe have such a developed rock 'n' roll scene as Ireland. What can you say about the Irish rock scene? And how would you describe the relationship between the Irish audience and rock music?

DOR: I think for us, we grew up seeing loads of Irish acts gaining worldwide success. We looked at U2, Snow Patrol, Van Morrison, Thin Lizzy and Damien Rice and felt a belief that it could be done. A lot of people in Ireland play music, so I think to succeed, the average band needs to be well above average in order to gain a following. And the audiences are used to a high standard, so their expectations are higher – and all this continues the circle of Ireland creating successful acts these days, such as Hozier, The Script, Kodaline, etc..

SE!: Still talking about rock and Ireland, let's focus the topic more on the band's origin, specifically. How was it for you to start a band in Ireland? Were there many places to make your first gigs? And how was the public's acceptance when you were beginning your career?

DOR: We initially started doing gigs in university in Dublin, and gained a following amongst students and it grew through word-of-mouth. There're lots of great venues in Ireland. Venues such as Whelan's (Dublin), Dolans (Limerick), and the Róisín Dubh (Galway) are steeped in history and amazing to play.

SE!: How about nowadays? How is your relationship with your fanbase? Are they very active? What kind of contact do you have with them? And how is the interaction, the vibe they give during your live shows?

DOR: We're very lucky that we have a very loyal fanbase in Ireland. They've followed us and grown as we have improved. We're playing the 3Arena in Dublin in February (capacity of 14,000). It will be our biggest headline show to date, and is almost sold out. In England, we're at a different level. We've just signed to Island Records and are building our fanbase, so we're playing smaller venues, but we have a headline tour there in April and are looking forward to the challenge of growing there too!

"A lot of people in Ireland play music, so I think to succeed, the average band needs to be well above average in order to gain a following" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: You have released four albums up to date. How is the process of making an album for you? How do you compose and select songs for an album? What are the topics you guys write the most about, if there are such?

DOR: Every song is different, but for the most part they're written jointly between the four of us. We tend to record demos ourselves of the songs, and often try them out live before we record in studio. We write about everything that affects us – love, life, music, the band, friendships, whatever is going on in our lives.

SE!: For a rock band, few moments must be as exciting as going on tour. What does it mean to you? How was it to be the supporting act to Paul McCartney? What different countries have you had concerts, and how was your experience in them?

DOR: We love touring, we love seeing the world and getting to play live. To meet and play before Macca was amazing. He came down and said hello and it was an unreal experience. Luckily, we've toured all over the world: Europe, Australia, America, even Asia. We probably love Europe the most – so many beautiful and historic cities!

SE!: What can we expect from The Coronas on the future? What are your plans and expectations?

DOR: We want to continue to improve and play our music to as many people as possible. We love what we do and we feel like our best is yet to come. Fingers crossed 2015 will be our year!

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Irish and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

DOR: Glen Hansard and Hozier from Ireland and Prince!

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourselves, and why?

DOR: My current favourite is the title track of our new album "The long way", we're very proud of how it turned out.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hungary | Caramel - "Még egyszer"


The Hungarian singer Caramel appeared on SE! for the first time in October, with "Valaki vár". He is now back with "Még egyszer", a great track with marvellous vocals. Explosion of voices, and of quality, in a very catchy tune!

Switzerland | Bastian Baker - "Leaving tomorrow"


Bastian Baker, whom we talked about when he released "79 Clinton Street", returns to our site with a very sweet song. "Leaving tomorrow" is a soft ballad which grows into a potent track, gently accompanied with a set of violins to compose a really good single!

Croatia | Giuliano - "Miriše"


Get ready for a very traditional (and great) Balkan ballad! Giuliano Đanić is a Croatian singer who was born in Split in 1973. His single "Miriše" has everything to please the fans of Balkan ballads: great melody, perfect instrumentation and a beautiful voice.

Spain | Vanesa Martín - "Frenar Enero"


Vanesa Martín is a recurrent name on our site. And we could not miss posting about her latest single. "Frenar Enero" is an exquisite pop-rock song which is topped with a beautiful display of a very typically Spanish voice. Vanesa wins our hearts once more!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Estonia | Triin Niitoja & John 4 - "Kustuta tuled"


Triin Niitoja & John 4 are a country pop group from Estonia. As different as a country group in Estonia may seem, their music lets no doubt of their quality: their single "Kustuta tuled" is one of the best songs we have heard this year. Such a sweet voice in such a great and addictive melody! It's our song of the week.

Lithuania | Edgaras Lubys - "Karnavalas baigės"


Edgaras Lubys was born in Klaipėda, Lithuania, in 1983, and he is one of the most popular singers in his country. His latest single is "Karnavalas baigės", a true masterpiece: a deep, involving pop ballad which goes in crescendo as the song develops. Surely one not to miss!

Denmark | Ida Gard - "Need a break"


Ida Gard is a very talented Danish singer from Copenhagen. Her new single "Need a break" is just great! Ida's voice is excellent, as usual, and the instrumentals are unique. Get ready to be addicted to it!

Albania | Kejsi Tola - "Iceberg"


Kejsi Tola is the girl that dazzled the Eurovision world in 2009 with "Carry me in your dreams", and we were very happy to see her back! With "Iceberg", Kejsi took part of the traditional Kënga Magjike and ended fifth. But don't let the result deveice you: the song is a powerful ballad sung brilliantly!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Russia | Suxie - "Ulybnis' mne"


Suxie (sometimes also spelled Sukhie) is a band formed in Moscow, Russia. Their latest single is something you don't often hear in the far East: "Ulybnis' mne" is a classic pop-rock ballad with an atmosphere that will automatically send you to the beginning of the 2000s.

Italy | Alessandro Casillo - "Tutto il mondo parla di noi"


"L'amore secondo Sara" was one of Sounds European!'s biggest loves of 2014, having appeared in our list of the best songs of the year. Now, Alessandro Casillo is back, promising to strike us once again: his "Tutto il mondo parla di noi" is another sample of his very unique and sweet style of making pop-rock.

United Kingdom | Indiana - "Only the lonely"


Indiana is the stage name of Lauren Henson, a singer born in Nottingham in 1987. After a couple of successful singles, she is about to release her first album, "No Romeo", in 2015. Her latest single, the beautiful, soothing and calm "Only the lonely" is part of the album.

Iceland | Jón Jónsson - "Gefðu allt sem þú átt"


Jón Jónsson is a singer who was born in the small city of Hafnarfjordur, in Iceland. After graduating from the Boston University in 2009, he returned to his home country to release his first single. His most recent one, "Gefðu allt sem þú átt", is a very cool pop-rock track which displays all his talent.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Russia | Natasha Kors - "Detka"


Natasha Kors is a singer who was born in Barnaul, in the Southern part of Russia. Her new single "Detka" is a dance pop which is surely gonna please the audience. It is quite effective: you can't avoid dancing while listening to it!

Germany | Sasha - "Good days"


Sascha Schmitz, popularly known as Sasha, is a German musician and actor born in Hamburg in 1972. His eigth studio album was released last year, and from that album is that his latest single is extracted: "Good days" is one of those inspiring tracks to go listening while you walk and lift your mood up!

Denmark | Nadia Gattas - "Looking to hide"


Born from a Moroccan mother and an Egyptian father, Nadia Gattas is a very talented Danish singer we are proud to present. Her new single "Looking to hide" is a very deep pop song, with clear influences of soul music. Such an amazing track!

Lithuania | Andrew Flame - "Aš gimiau Lietuvoj"


Nope, Andrew Flame is not a singer but a whole band. They are Lithuanian, from Kaunas, and they play a very nice kind of pop-rock. Their latest single is called "Aš gimiau Lietuvoj", and it is a relaxing kind of pop-rock that will soothe your mood!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

United Kingdom | Amber Run - "Just my soul responding"


Amber Run is a rock band from Nottingham, the United Kingdom, formed in 2012. Their latest single is a brilliant piece of British rock: "Just my soul responding" grows towards the chorus into an explosion of emotions, led by a wonderful guitar riff.

Hungary | Compact Disco - "Te meg én"


Compact Disco are an electronic pop group which was formed in Budapest, Hungary, in 2008. They got more famous internationally after having been the Hungarian representatives on the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, with the great "Sound of our hearts". Their new single "Te meg én" shows they still got what it takes to make a hit: it's a very catchy track, with a contagious chorus.

Ukraine | Vitaliy Kozlovskiy - "Bud' sil'neye"


Born in Lviv in 1985, Vitaliy Kozlovskiy is a really complete artist: he sings, he dances, he acts. He has so far released five albums, the last one including the single we are presenting: "Bud' sil'neye" is a very upbeating pop song, with a marking chorus and a great vocal performance by Vitaliy.

Slovenia | Anzhe - "Poganja me poet"


Anzhe is a guitarist, singer, producer and composer from Kranjska Gora, one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia. He has released the single "Poganja me poet", which has a wonderful mix of great instrumentals and voice. Such a delight to listen!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Armenia | Christine Pepelyan feat. Aram Ginosyan - "Sere ka"


Christine Pepelyan is an Armenian singer who was born in Yerevan. She gathered with Aram Ginosyan, who took part of The Voice of Armenia, to record "Sere ka". It's an excellent ballad, which works even better for being a duet between a female and a male voices. It's surely worth the listen!

Turkey | Mustafa Ceceli - "Hüsran"


We already heard about Mustafa Ceceli when he was featured in Lara Fabian's "Al götür beni", but now it's time to present him solo. His latest single is "Hüsran", and if you were looking for a song with some folk elements, then this is your cup of tea: it is an explosion of Turkish traditional sounds in a beautiful ballad!

Finland | Satellite Stories - "The trap"


Satellite Stories are an indie band from Oulu, in Finland. Their single "The trap" is very good, and has a great and very marking chorus. Very entertaining track!

Estonia | Ewert and The Two Dragons - "Pictures"


Estonian band Ewert and The Two Dragons are back on track. And for those who enjoyed "Good man down", their latest appearance on our site, the piece of news is just great: "Pictures", the first single of their upcoming third album, is just as great and relaxing!

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Charts Day #78


Kwabena Sarkodee Adjepong is better known by his stage name Kwabs. He was born in Ghana in 1990 but then lived most of his life in London. He is one of the artists to keep an eye for this 2015: his single "Walk" is a hit not only on the United Kingdom itself but on the rest of Europe. For instance, this week he is on the #2 in Germany!

10 Questions For: Timothy Cavicchini


It's Monday, which means it's time for one more chat with an artist Sounds European! presents (and loves). Today, we are traveling to Italy, to meet one of the coolest voices to have recently appeared in their national rock scene. These are our 10 questions for Timothy Cavicchini:

Sounds European!: Your name got more famous in the music world after you participated on The Voice of Italy. But what about before? When did you start singing? How did your life with music develop through time?

Timothy Cavicchini: As a child, I played the piano in the conservatory. At the age of 14, my first band was formed, and I was the frontman. I have had many experiences, and four years ago, I began to sing with Ostetrika Gamberini.

SE!: As you just said, you are part of a band, Ostetrika Gamberini. Tell us more about it. When did you start working together? Are you still working with them since The Voice of Italy ended?

TC: We work together since 2010. The relationship with the band has strengthened, we are a family. We're playing a lot, presenting our new songs.

SE!: How was the experience of taking part in The Voice of Italy, and going until the final? How do you feel the show helped you as a singer? And how did it affect your career?

TC: The Voice of Italy gave me visibility. It was a wonderful experience, but remaining visible is difficult, and we are working to remain. The Voice of Italy left me good memories, but today we are alone. We work with our forces.

SE!: What can we expect from your band? Are you planning to release a new album? What can we wait from the music you are making?

TC: We recently changed the label, so we are working to create a new large family. Expect everything, especially real rock.

SE!: At least for international market, Italy is an exporter of pop music. How do you see the rock scene in Italy? Do you think Italian rockers can also try reaching the public of other nations? Is it a plan of yours to explore the continent?

TC: I was born a rocker. I live for my music! The dream of being able to export worldwide turns me on...

"If everything is lived with passion, the charts and graphs are not a problem" (Picture: official Facebook page)

SE!: Talking about rock in Italy, we can quote two rockers whose names are quite respected: Vasco Rossi and Ligabue. Are they influences for you? What other names, from Italy and other countries, are your music influences?

TC: I admire and respect Ligabue and Vasco Rossi, but my idea of rock is fun, carefree, it has public involvement. My influences are not Italian. I am inspired by Nirvana, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver... I love grunge. In Italy, I have always admired Timoria, Litfiba, Negrita.

SE!: Both in Italy and in the rest of the world, charts are dominated by female singers. Do you feel it is a challenge to be a man in a market filled with women? Or is it a differential?

TC: If everything is lived with passion, the charts and graphs are not a problem. The important thing is that I can always live of... passion!!!

SE!: If you could choose anyone, who would be some Italian and international artists you'd like to collaborate with?

TC: With anyone who is passionate about our history... My dream? Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl...

SE!: Italy is internationally known for its very traditional Festival di Sanremo. Do you plan on taking part of it?

TC: We tried the last year, but nothing. This year, we didn't try. We have other priorities.

SE!: We would like to post a song of yours to close this interview. What is your favorite song of yourself, and why?

TC: I like all my songs, I could not sing them otherwise, but I have a song and a video which I can not give up. Thank you so much, and I hope to hear from you again. Good listening, this is "Altrove"!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

United Kingdom | McBusted - "Get over it"


What happens when members of two great British rock bands gather and create a bigger ensemble? McBusted is the mash-up between McFly and Busted, and they have gathered on 2013. Their first single, "Air guitar", has been a chart success, but they are aiming high with their second release: "Get over it" is a very cool and catchy pop-rock single!

Greece | Paola - "Eho mia zoi"


The Greek singer Paola first appeared here on SE! last year, with "Os edo". Now, we meet her again, with the release of her brand-new single "Eho mia zoi". It's a very beautiful Greek ballad, which is perfect to display all of Paola's voice quality.

Ukraine | Mariya Yaremchuk - "Protiv vetra"


Mariya Yaremchuk keeps showing us what she's made of. Her latest single, "Protiv vetra", is a beautiful and touching ballad which shows that she can be excellent not only with powerful pop tracks. Oh, don't miss the final chorus, in which the song explodes with the addition of classical instruments. Simply adorable.

Netherlands | The Pheromones - "Hell yeah"


The Pheromones are a Dutch band which was formed in Amsterdam in 2013. Their single "Hell yeah" is rock 'n' roll at its purest state: it sounds like one of the classic rock bands has produced it. Very entertaining!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Spain | María Villalón - "Descalza"


Here comes our song of the week! María Villalón was born in 1989, and rose to fame as the first winner of the Spanish version of The X Factor, back in 2007. But in between her music projects she has always had other things in mind: she has collaborated with several radio shows and also became an actress for two short films. Nowadays she is releasing a new studio album and, together with it, her first novel, both called "El insólito viaje de una gota de lluvia". The first single to emerge from her album is "Descalza", an explosive pop-rock track that you cannot miss!

Poland | Doda - "Riotka"


Doda, the queen of Polish pop music, had her first appearance here on SE! in 2013, with her single "Wkręceni". Now, after some time without releasing a new single, she is back with "Riotka", a very catchy pop track.

Russia | Elena Temnikova - "Zavisimost'"


Elena Temnikova might be a familiar name to you: she was one of the members of Serebro. Well, the girl is now going solo - and we loved her latest single! "Zavisimost'" is an intense pop song with a great chorus.

Finland | Benjamin - "Unbreakable"


"Underdogs", the Finnish singer Benjamin's first single, was a big hit with the Sounds European! team. Now, he is back with "Unbreakable", a very cool ballad song. He is really showing his voice fits a downtempo as well as it did on the previous uptempo!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Russia | MBAND - "Ona vernetsya"


It's time to meet the new creation of the Georgian producer Konstantin Meladze – who is also the co-founder of VIA Gra and the composer and producer of many songs by big stars, such as Vera Brezhneva, Albina Dzhanabaeva, and Polina Gagarina. It's the Russian boyband MBAND (whose name is an abbreviation for "Meladze Boys Band"). Their first single shows they have what it's needed: it's a great boyband song!

Ireland | Kodaline - "Honest"


One album was enough for Kodaline to become one of the most popular Irish bands. Luckily for us, they will be releasing a new album this year, which we already know will be titled "Coming up for air". And they already have shown us the first single to come out of the album: "Honest" is a very cool rock song, retaining their usual atmosphere ins songs but adding a bit more of power. They are just getting better!

United Kingdom | Connie Talbot - "Gravity"


Sounds European! is known for valuing the work of new young stars. This time, we meet one from the United Kingdom: Connie Talbot was born in 2000 in Streetly. She rose to fame in 2007, when she reached the final of the first season of Britain's Got Talent. "Gravity" is the song which names her current EP. It's a beautiful track, which displays all her talent and potential.

Russia | Julia Beretta - "S Novym Godom, druz'ya!"


Forget all the clichès you've heard before in songs about New Year. Julia Beretta's "S Novym Godom, druz'ya!" is the groovy pop song with a touch of electro beats that this celebration was needing!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Norway | Jesper Jenset - "Call me yours"


Born in 1997 in Molde, Norway, Jesper Jenset took part of the latest edition of the reality show Idols in his home country. He came only fifth, but damn we got to like his single! "Call me yours" is an infectious pop song with a simple melody and equally simple lyrics, but totally catchy!

United Kingdom | Olly Murs feat. Demi Lovato - "Up"


It's time for a meeting of giant international stars! Olly Murs, one of the biggest talents of the new British generation (who is a frequent name here on Sounds European!), joins American singer Demi Lovato for "Up". It's one of those songs which sounds even better because it's a man-and-woman duet.

Ukraine | ALEKSEEV - "Vse uspet'"


ALEKSEEV is the stage name of Nikita Vladimirovich Alekseev, a Ukrainian singer who was born in Kiev in 1993. His latest single, "Vse uspet'", leaves no doubt: he has groove running through his veins. The song offers great verses, addictive choruses and a contagious melody... this couldn't get better!

France | Vianney - "Pas là"


We first met Vianney Bureau – born in Pau, France, in 1991 – last year, with this very entertaining "Je te déteste". Now, it's time to listen to his second single. "Pas là" is even cooler than the previous one, and the chorus has a very special melody.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sweden | Avicii - "The nights"


Tim Bergling, born in Stockholm in 1989, is currently one of the most important DJs in the world. But you likely know him as Avicii. He has just released "The nights". It's a very addictive track, with a chorus which can entertain even some people who don't like electronic music. Get ready: it'll surely invade radios all around the world throughout this year!

United Kingdom | Laurel - "Memorials"


Laurel was born in Southampton, and is one of the names to keep an eye on among the new singers from the British isles. Her latest release is the haunting "Memorials", a very intense song with strong lyrics and a very deep atmosphere.

North Macedonia | Tamara Todevska - "Brod sto tone"


North Macedonia was one of the first countries to select their song for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. They used the 2014 Skopje Festival as their National Final – "Lisja esenski" was the winner. The runner-up of the event, Tamara Todevska's "Brod sto tone", was the preferred song of many fans. And we surely understand why: an extremely beautiful voice wrapping an even more beautiful melody makes it all extraordinary!

Germany | Charley Ann Schmutzler - "Blue heart"


Born in Dresden in 1993, Charley Ann Schmutzler became the winner of The Voice of Germany in 2014. Her first single is "Blue heart", a deep and intense mixture of indie and pop which displays her wide range of voice.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Netherlands | Chinook - "Go home"


Chinook Lamens was born in The Hague, Netherlands, in 1998, but she was mostly raised in Norway. She actually came third on the last edition of the reality show Idols in the Nordic country. Her first single is "Go home", a heartwarming pop ballad.