Monday, June 30, 2014

The Charts Day #52 (part 2)


It's not a surprise by now that FIFA World Cups bring along several hits dedicated to praise the competition or the sport itself. And this year, the competition held in Brazil was no exception. Once more, Shakira teamed up with an artist from the country where the tournament is happening for a massive hit: "La la la", featuring Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown, is this week at #2 in the Spanish charts with its version in Spanish (but she also released a version of the song in English which you can see clicking here).

The Charts Day #52 (part 1)


Dotan was born in Israel, but has lived most of his life in the Netherlands. His musical career in there is very prolific, and we can see this is true with his new single "Home" climbing the Dutch charts. This week, he is at #4!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Slovenia | Nina Pušlar - "Ta svet ne zna živet"


The Slovene singer Nina Pušlar is becoming a frequent name to appear here on Sounds European!. And it's no surprise, since her songs are always very good. It's also the case of her new single "Ta svet ne zna živet". Extremely cool and enjoyable!

Germany | Cro - "Traum"


Cro is one of the most popular rappers from Germany, having many of his songs placing well in the German charts. His latest recording is "Traum", a fantastic song full of groove and rhythm!

Russia | Mara - "Pochuvstvuy raznitsu"


Mara is a 35-year-old singer from Moscow, Russia. Her "Pochuvstvuy raznitsu" is a very powerful rock song, with great instrumentals. Listen to it and go crazy with its intensity!

Turkey | İrem Derici - "Kalbimin tek sahibine"


Some time ago, Sounds European! would have a song to relax after partying on Saturday nights. Well, we found a song which allowed us to do it once again, and here we brought İrem Derici and her fabulous "Kalbimin tek sahibine" to help us recover!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Italy | Marco Carta - "Splendida ostinazione"


Marco Carta is currently one of the most famous male voices of Italian music. His new single "Splendida ostinazione" is amazing. It's one of those tracks which are structured to be a grower. And when it grows, and the chorus starts, it's impossible not to fall in love. We are sure it's gonna be a huge hit in Italy. And it's, for sure, our song of the week.

Spain | Pastora Soler - "Vive"


Pastora Soler is living days of glory in Spain. Her career is going upwards, as we saw in "Te despertaré", and her brand new single is going in that same direction: "Vive" is an uplifting pop track. We just couldn't get a stronger life supply!

North Macedonia | Natalija Slaveva - "Stopi me"


Natalija Slaveva is a singer from North Macedonia. Her new song "Stopi me" is an interesting pop-rock. Her voice is very soothing and the instrumentals are very catchy, specially in the chorus.

Finland | Softengine - "Yellow house"


Softengine gave Finland its best result in years at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 with "Something better", finishing in the 11th place. And now they are showing us that they want to go beyond Eurovision. "Yellow house" is their second single, and we just think it's a perfect rock tune!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Denmark | Stine Bramsen - "Move forward"


Stine Bramsen has already dazzled us with quite some fantastic songs. But, for her, it's time to contin... sorry, to "Move forward", to be more precise! Her second solo single is a marking pop song with a super catchy melody. Go shake your body to the rhythm!

Italy | Tommaso Pini - "La perfezione non c'è"


Tommaso Pini is one more interesting artist to get known through the latest season of The Voice of Italy (from which we've already highlighted Suor Cristina Scuccia and Giorgia Pino). His single "La perfezione non c'è" is unique: the melody is mysterious, and his singing style is very personal and enjoyable.

United Kingdom | Roger The Mascot - "Badboi"


So, we know England is out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup for some time, but we can't stop sharing this one. Roger The Mascot did a fantastically cheerful song to root for their home country, called "Badboi". What we actually like the most about this is the question right next to the title: England, what's going on?

Russia | Timur Rodriguez - "Oskolki pamyati"


The Russian DJ and singer Timur Rodriguez appeared on SE! for the first time last September, with his song "#Heroes". Now, he is back with a new single. "Oskolki pamyati" is an extremely good pop ballad. One of the coolest tracks of this style to appear recently here in our site.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iceland | Buff - "Nótt allra nótta"


Buff are an Icelandic group. Their new single "Nótt allra nótta" is everything you need to entertain yourself. The melody is extremely catchy, reminding some '80s pop-rock, and the vocals are totally fitting its proposal. Listen and enjoy!

Armenia | Emmy - "Sirelov heranum em"


Were you missing some Armenian tunes around here? Wait, wait, here we're solving it. Emmy is one of the biggest names in the Armenian music scene, and here we have her latest track: "Sirelov heranum em" is a very profound ballad, featuring an equally deep video.

Slovenia | Alex Volasko - "Prižigam luči"


Alex Volasko is a very talented singer and songwriter from Slovenia. He has just released his new single, "Prižigam luči", which has very cool rock arrangements.

United Kingdom | Liu Bei - "Infatuation"


Liu Bei are a recently-formed British band hailing from London. Their first single is called "Infatuation", a shimmering lamment for a very deep song.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Germany | Sarah Connor - "Keiner ist wie du"


We've covered Sarah Connor's "Close to crazy" by the end of last year. And now, she surprises us with a song in German! "Keiner ist wie du" is a very weak and melancholic song, which shows Sarah's tremendously sweet voice.

Russia | NoeL - "L'onestà"


NoeL is the artistic name of Nail Gimadeev, a 27-year-old singer from Saransk, in Russia. His new single "L'onestà" is a beautiful classical song which is performed in Italian. Beautiful voice, very enjoyable!

Estonia | Getter Jaani feat. Koit Toome - "Rannamaja"


Two former Eurovision stars from Estonia together in a song. Getter Jaani (Tallinn, 1993) took part in 2011 with "Rockefeller street", while Koit Toome (Tallinn, 1979) flew the Estonian flag in 1998 with "Mere lapsed". Their song is "Rannamaja", a fantastically fresh summer tune!

United Kingdom | Slow Club - "Suffering you, suffering me"


Slow Club is a boy-girl duo formed by Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor in Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 2005. Their new single, called "Suffering you, suffering me" is a great track. It's a pop song with a great vintage feeling on it, but with a modern clothing. It's enthusiastic and contagious!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

North Macedonia | Biba Dodeva - "Vrati se"


Makfest is the most traditional music festival from North Macedonia. Now, it's time to present this year's winner of it. "Vrati se", by Biba Dodeva, is a well-built song with touching melody and voice.

Denmark | The Boy That Got Away - "The politics"


The Boy That Got Away are a Danish rock group coming from the city of Aarhus. Their latest single is called "The politics", and is a fantastic sample of the Danish power in an old-school rock!

Slovenia | Špela Grošelj - "Cmok, cmok"


Špela Grošelj is a Slovene singer who was born in the city of Domžale. Her new single "Cmok, cmok" has a very traditional style of pop, which resembles a bit what we find with Swedish schlager. It's very catchy!

Russia | Polina Gagarina - "Shagay"


We already featured her some months ago with "Navek". Polina Gagarina is one of the biggest names on Russian music scene, and has just launched a new single. "Shagay" is daring, is sexy, has a bombastic chorus... it has everything a diva deserves!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Charts Day #51 (part 2)


Well, it seems Ireland loves 5 Seconds Of Summer. Not long ago, their hit "She looks so perfect" was on top of the Irish charts, and now it's their other single "Don't stop" in the first place!

The Charts Day #51 (part 1)


We've just shown it two days ago, but it is already a hit in Finland. We are talking about Robin and his happy "Kesärenkaat", who is leading the charts in his home country.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spain | Dvicio - "Paraiso"


How about ending this weekend with a great song? Dvicio is a new band from the capital city of Spain, Madrid, and their single shows they have the potential to be big. "Paraiso" is a very catchy pop-rock song, with all the elements to make you want to listen to it over and over.

United Kingdom | Neon Jungle - "Louder"


Neon Jungle is the new big hit among the British girlbands. They got out hearts here on Sounds European! when they made a version for our song of the year 2013, Hozier's "Take me to church". Their new single, "Louder", is a very cool pop track. Extremely contagious!

Poland | Ewelina Lisowska - "We mgle"


Ewelina Lisowska is a Polish singer who was born in 1991. Her new single "We mgle" is excellent. The rhythm is great, the melody is catchy and the vocals are amazing. Everything contributes to build a very empowering pop song.

Slovenia | Kim Begovic - "Stuck in the middle"


Sounds European! is always proud to introduce great new young talents from all around the continent. This time, we are in Slovenia, to present Kim Begovic, born in 2000. Listen to her very cool single "Stuck in the middle"!

Updated on March 3rd, 2020, with the new stage name of the artist.

This song doesn't have an official video on YouTube, but you can listen to it on SoundCloud.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Italy | Noemi - "Don't get me wrong"


Italian singer Noemi was with us in the beginning of this year with "Bagnati dal Sole". But here she comes with an explosion of happiness: "Don't get me wrong". The song is an uplifting pop track which goes along a fantastic video. Such an amount of joy could not miss being the song of the week!

Finland | Robin Packalen - "Kesärenkaat"


Finnish teen star Robin Packalen is a very frequent name here on Sounds European!. His work is always amazing us, and his new single "Kesärenkaat" keeps the pattern: his uptempo pop track is, as usual, very catchy!

Updated on February 17th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

Germany | Killerpilze - "Gewinner füreinander"


German band Killerpilze is back with us! After the captivating sounds of "Die stadt klingt immer noch nach uns", they present the equally addictive "Gewinner füreinander". They confirm their greatness!

Russia | Sophie - "Muzyka lyubvi"


Europe is presenting many very talented singing kids. Among them, it's time for SE! to highlight the Russian Sofya Fedorova, better known as Sophie. Her beautiful ballad "Muzyka lyubvi" shows all her talent.

Friday, June 20, 2014

United Kingdom | Lower Than Atlantis - "Here we go"


Get ready for a very strong song from the United Kingdom! Lower Than Atlantis come from Hertfordshire, and their "Here we go" is an outstanding rock track, with great mix of instrumentals and vocals, and a very cool video clip. Rock 'n' roll as good as it gets to finish our Friday with high quality and energy!

Slovenia | Sixtynine - "Still dreaming"


Slovenian band rock band Sixtynine has released a fantastic track. We are talking about "Still dreaming", a song that despite its rock ambience really reminds us of the finest soul music we know. Very captivating track, without a doubt!

Georgia | Valery Meladze - "Svobodnyy polet"


Valery Meladze is a 48-year-old singer who was born in Batumi, Georgia. His career started in the end of the 1980s. His "Svobodnyy polet" is a very cool song. The rhythm is good, the chorus is catchy and with an interesting melodic growth, and the vocals fit it all perfectly.

Belgium | Yannick Bovy - "Six"


Now here comes a surprise. Yannick Bovy is a Belgian singer who has already been quoted as the new Michael Bublé (who was the new Frank Sinatra, so we can just say Yannick may aswell be Frank's grandchild?). His latest single is "Six", and we think it's quite impressive!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Austria | Psycho Village - "Perfect"


There is a band of youngsters coming from Austria that are aiming for big things. And their music lets that very clear. Psycho Village's new single "Perfect" is selfdescriptive: a very potent rock with an empowering chorus. Just... perfect!

Ukraine | Loboda feat. Emin - "Smotrish' v nebo"


It's not the first time we talk either about Loboda or about Emin. They are among the most important names of the Ukrainian and the Azerbaijani pop scenes. So, it's easy to say "Smotrish' v nebo" is a meeting of stars. Very enjoyable ballad!

Spain | Amaia Montero - "Palabras"


Amaia Montero captivated everybody when leading La Oreja de Van Gogh. Her very sweet and peculiar voice melted the hearts of many, and caused some tears when she announced she was leaving the band. For the joy of her fans, she did not stop her musical career. She is now promoting her second studio album with the first single, "Palabras", a very soulful ballad.

Italy | Deborah Iurato - "Anche se fuori è inverno"


Alessandra Amoroso, Valerio Scanu, Emma Marrone, Annalisa, Greta... many of the biggest names of the current music scene in Italy came from the talent show Amici. Its 13th season has just ended, and the winner was Deborah Iurato. You can check all her potential and talent with listening to her intense "Anche se fuori è inverno".

Updated on July 14th, 2014, with the official video.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Russia | Chelsea - "Ne delay mne bol'no"


Chelsea is a Russian boyband which rose to fame when ending as the runners-up of the eighth season of the reality show Star Factory. "Ne delay mne bol'no", their new single, is a beautiful ballad.

Slovenia | Tabu - "Male vojne"


Slovenian band Tabu keeps making us fall in love with their music. After the fantastic "Thanks for the fish", they present "Male vojne", a very modern electronic rock.

France | Jabberwocky feat. Cappagli - "Pola"


Smooth midtempo electropop from France. "Pola", by Jabberwocky and Cappagli, is a very classy, cool and fresh track. Listen to it and have great minutes of enjoyment!

Norway | Julie Bergan - "Fire"


Here comes a brand new single by Julie Bergan (the same girl who released "Younger" some months ago). "Fire" is another fantastic pop track, just as catchy as it could get!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Croatia | Filip Dizdar - "Moj pad"


It's time for the classy sounds of the Croatian singer Filip Dizdar. His most recent song is "Moj pad", and it combines very charmful pop-rock sounds. Definitely one not to miss!

Italy | Dear Jack - "Domani è un altro film"


Dear Jack is an Italian rock band formed in 2012, which got famous after finishing Italy's most traditional talent show, Amici, with the second place (plus the Critics' Award). Their single "Domani è un altro film" is amazing. Emotional, catchy, very well played and sung. It's no surprise they're becoming such a hit in their country!

Albania | Enca - "Ishim ne"


Albanian songs haven't been frequent in Sounds European!, but here we are to solve that! Enca is a very young Albanian singer born in Tirana in 1995. Her latest singer is the captivating ballad "Ishim ne".

Slovenia | Nitrox - "Ko zaprem oči"


The Slovene band Nitrox has released a new single. "Ko zaprem oči" is a rock ballad with an involving rhythm, which is very well built by the instrumentals and the vocals. Very soothing to listen to!

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Charts Day #50 (part 2)


It's been some time we haven't shown Avicii charting well in a country, right? Well, wait no longer, since "Addicted to you" is #1 in the Czech Republic this week.

The Charts Day #50 (part 1)


It's the 50th delivery of The Charts Day, and we start it with a #1. Ella Henderson boomed us all away with "Ghost" some months ago, and she is now on top of the charts in Ireland!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Italy | Annalisa - "Sento solo il presente"


One of the best singers of Italy, Annalisa is back to work, after some time away since her last single "A modo mio amo". She released "Sento solo il presente", which shows all the quality of her music: great melody, grandiose instrumentals and a unique and flawless voice. Amazing!

Slovenia | Clea & Kim - "Amazed"


Clea & Kim are a very peculiar partnership. Clea was born in Iraq, while Kim in the United Kingdom, but the two gathered in Slovenia to form the duo. After their smashing success with "Balkan bachata", they are back with "Amazed", a very upbeat track!

Poland | Grzegorz Hyzy feat. Tabb - "Na chwile"


Very cool song coming from Poland. Grzegorz Hyzy receives Tabb for his single "Na chwile", which is an extremely interesting pop-rock. The vocals are very good, and the melody is very catchy.

Ukraine | Zhemchug - "Bud' blizhe"


Coming from Kiev, the powerful duo Zhemchug has recently released a very cool song. "Bud' blizhe" is a fantastic explosion of pop, and it comes along with a very sexy video!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

United Kingdom | The Struts - "Put your money on me"


Many bands say that their influences are The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. It's almost a cliché. But few are the ones which are able to show that in their music. With The Struts, you have no doubt. Their single "Put your money on me" is an amazing track, which made us remind a lot of the Stones. A masterpiece! Strong, incisive, sharp and exciting. No wonder, it's Sounds European!'s song of the week.

Sweden | Violet Days - "Razorheart"


This is one of the songs that left the editors with open mouths this week. The pop-rock track "Razorheart" is the latest release of Violet Days, a Swedish band that promises to get very big with time. And the grandiosity of this song let us think they will achieve it!

Italy | Giorgia Pino - "Se davvero vuoi"


Not long ago, Sounds European! highlighted the winner of the latest season of The Voice of Italy, the singing nun Cristina Scuccia. But she is not the only talent who was introduced to the audience by the reality show. During the final, Giorgia Pino, who ended fourth place, presented her first single. "Se davvero vuoi" is everything you expect from an Italian song: intense, passionate and powerful.

Croatia | Gretta feat. Geby - "Malena"


Croatian indie-rock band Gretta met singer Geby to release one of the coolest tracks of the week. We are talking about "Malena", a great song with a very cool oldie feeling.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Slovenia | Lea Sirk - "Tako je"


Lea Sirk is a very talented Slovene singer. Last Eurovision, she was one of the backing vocalists for Tinkara Kovač's "Round and round" (for sure, the best group of supporting singers of this year's festival). Now, she is releasing a new single of her own. "Tako je" is an exciting song, with very good quality.

Denmark | Adam Daniel - "Ta' en chance"


Here comes a brand new voice from Denmark. Pop chap Adam Daniel is only 16 years old but he promises to be one of the big names of the future Danish music scene. His first single is called "Ta' en chance", and is a very sticky pop song!

United Kingdom | Bipolar Sunshine - "Deckchairs on the Moon"


Bipolar Sunshine is the artistic name of Adio Marchant, who used to be part of the group Kid British. His solo work started in 2013, and now he is releasing "Deckchairs on the Moon", an extremely groovy pop song. The chorus is very catchy and the vocals are hypnotizing.

Greece | Manos Pirovolakis - "Den antexo na min s' exo"


We've already featured Manos Pirovolakis when he met Antonis Remos in "Mpori na vgo". Now, he is with us on his own presenting us a heavy song: heavy on the folkloric instruments, heavy on the pop-rock part. "Den antexo na min s' exo" is just delicious!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

France | Marina Kaye - "Homeless"


No one who listens to "Homeless", the great single released by Marina Kaye, can guess the French singer's age. Born in 1998, Marina has a talent which is much bigger than what you can expect from a teenager girl. Her singing is extremely mature, and the quality of her music is very adult. Amazing song!

Updated on September 13th, 2014, with the official video.

Russia | 4post feat. Dmitry Bikbaev - "Vmeste s toboy"


4post is a very recently formed band from Russia, led by Dmitry Bikbaev. They have a fantastic energy and a great vibe, which they explore greatly in their latest release, the amazing pop-rock "Vmeste s toboy".

Netherlands | Sofie Winterson - "River"


Sofie Winterson is a new and very talented artist coming from the Netherlands. Her new single "River" is a mysterious and deep electronic indie pop, with smooth rhythm and interesting vocals.

Germany | Oceana - "Everybody"


Today is the big day. The wolrd will turn its eyes to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. And that's why we are bringing Oceana as the first song of the day. Her latest single, "Everybody", has a very particular feeling, that one that you can only feel when the World Cup enters your life!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Croatia | Silente - "Morski ljudi, morske zene"


Croatian band Silente has released a fantastic track not long ago. We are talking about "Morski ljudi, morske zene", a very fine piece of pop-rock with a groovy and sticky melody. We bet you'll be singing this on and on!

Slovenia | Gummy Flava feat. Boroot and Kaja Židanek - "Bogataš (Osreči ostale)"


Slovene rapper Gummy Flava has gathered with Sweetsology members Boroot (Borut Semerl) and Kaja Židanek for his new single "Bogataš (Osreči ostale)". The result is a very interesting mix of Gummy's intense power and Boroot and Kaja's sweet sounds. Very cool!

Updated on June 1st, 2018, with the new stage name of the artist.

Netherlands | Sandra van Nieuwland - "Oxygen"


We can't help loving her. Dutch singer Sandra van Nieuwland has a new track, which is very movemented and has a fantastic oldie groove. She gives us a whole new breathe of "Oxygen" with it!

Italy | Suor Cristina Scuccia - "Lungo la riva"


Her blind audition was a big hit all over the Internet: Cristina Scuccia, the Italian singing nun, impressed everyone with her vocal quality. In the end, last Thursday, she was crowned the winner of the second season of The Voice of Italy. And her first single, presented during the final, is already becoming a hit. It's light, upwards and very entertaining.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

France | Fréro Delavega - "Sweet darling"


New name coming from France, Fréro Delavega is a duo formed by Jérémy Fréro and Flo Delavega. Their single "Sweet darling" is a cute uptempo guitar-based song. The lyrics are mostly in French, but there is a bit of English in the chorus.

Greece | Fani Avramidou - "Na mi se noiazei"


Some months after her first appearance with "Tin kaliteri mou fili", Fani Avramidou is back with us. Another fantastic ballad which confirms that she is all power and strength, "Na mi se noiazei" will surely become one of your favourites!

United Kingdom | Lonely The Brave - "Victory line"


British rock is always presenting new and great names to the audience. Lonely The Brave is one more example of it. The band from Cambridge offers a very solid rock, whose instrumentals and vocals are in the exact measure to make great music. "Victory line" is a great track, and shows they have the talent needed to become as big as it gets.

Moldova | Arsenium feat. Sati Kazanova - "Porque te amo"


Here comes a very exotic duo. Moldovan singer Arsenium got together with Sati Kazanova (who was already here with "Dura") in the bilingual "Porque te amo", a very cool summer tune which invites us to dance along. You can also enjoy it in Russian, entitled "Do rassveta".

Monday, June 09, 2014

The Charts Day #49 (part 2)


The Canadian singer Kiesza is a hit all around Europe: she is appearing in most of the charts of the continent with her "Hideaway". Among all the countries, her biggest success is currently happening in Belgium. There, she is #1 this week.

The Charts Day #49 (part 1)


National music leading the charts in Finland. It's Kasmir and his groovy pop "Vadelmavene", who are keeping the top place of Finnish playlists.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Ukraine | Vitaliy Kozlovskiy feat. Julia Dumanska - "Tayna"


Vitaliy Kozlovskiy and Julia Dumanska (also referred to as Yulia Dumanskaya) are both from Lviv, in Ukraine. Their single "Tayna" is an involving pop track, with a great combination of their voices.

Austria | Pilots on Dope feat. Rosalia de Souza - "Melhor esta noite"


Here comes something exotic. Pilots on Dope is a Viennese collaboration between two Austrian DJs who seem to have hopped upon the frenzy of the World Cup, because they've recorded some Brazilian covers that add a lot of summer, sensuality and rhythm to our playlist. Their latest track is "Melhor esta noite", which features the vocals of Brazilian singer Rosalia de Souza. God bless globalization!

Italy | Caponord - "A cuore aperto"


The Italian band Caponord has firstly appeared to SE! audience with the amazing track "Le differenze". Now, it's time to listen to "A cuore aperto", another cool song with their trademark style: ballads with great instrumentals and voice.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Ukraine | Fontaliza - "Under the floor"


What we like so much about our work with Sounds European! is that sometimes we get surprises like this one. Fontaliza is an alternative rock trio hailing from Eastern Ukraine, who got together in 2008 and kept going strong until now. They are a fantastic mixture among Oasis, Muse, Placebo, Radiohead and Nirvana, something very rarely found in the Eastern European countries. Their latest single is called "Under the floor" and, of course, it's the song of the week!

Czech Republic | Adam Mišík - "Já nechci víc"


Here comes a load of fresh air from the Czech Republic. Adam Mišík is an actor and singer who become one of the breakthrough acts in the country last year. His most recent single is the amazing pop track "Já nechci víc".

Friday, June 06, 2014

Norway | The United - "Come on! Come on! Happy with smile"


OK, get ready for meeting the most international group we've ever seen. The United is a boyband which is managed from Norway, and has five members, each one from a different nation: Sweden, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Their single "Come on! Come on! Happy with smile" is a contagious uptempo pop.

Russia | Lera Kondra - "Meksika"


Summer is coming, and with that season come... the summer fiesta tunes! One of the first ones this year is "Meksika", an uplifting tune by Russian singer Lera Kondra.

Slovenia | Rebeka Dremelj feat. Jazzva - "Tvoja senca"


Born in the Slovene city of Brežice in 1980, Rebeka Dremelj is a multitalented artist. She is a singer, model, fashion designer, actress and TV presenter, besides having been Miss Slovenia in 2001 and her country's contestant on the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Her new single features the vocal group Jazzva, from Ljubljana.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Slovenia | Mitja Podlesnik - "Party generacija"


Mitja Podlesnik is a Slovenian pop-rock singer from Maribor who rose to fame by arriving to the final stages on the Slovenian version of The X Factor. His third single is "Party generacija", a very summerish and fresh tune!

Latvia | Ivo Fomins - "Putni bez spārniem akustiskā"


Ivo Fomins is a 46-year-old singer and musician who was born in Liepāja, a city in the Western part of Latvia. He has just released "Putni bez spārniem akustiskā", a calm ballad based on a beautiful guitar work.

Russia | Stas Pieha - "Zelenyy omut"


Stas Pieha is a Russian singer and actor, who has been very involved with music from an early age. His most recent single is "Zelenyy omut", a very deep ballad framed with folkoric elements.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Spain | Manuel Carrasco - "Aprieta"


Manuel Carrasco is a 33-year-old singer who was born in Isla Cristina, Spain. He got famous after being the runner-up of the second season of the reality show Operación Triunfo. His new single "Aprieta" is a very involving cool pop-rock with amazing rhythm.

Ukraine | Viktor Pavlik - "Pervyy den'"


Here we have Viktor Pavlik, a very prolific Ukrainian singer. He has recorded no less than 14 albums since 1998, becoming a big name in the Ukrainian music scene. His latest single is "Pervyy den'", a haunting pop song.

Sweden | Erik Hassle - "Pathetic"


After appearing on SE! with "Talk about it", last November, the Swedish singer Erik Hassle is back to our site with the single "Pathetic". His new song is a very unique groovy pop.

Updated on July 27th, 2014, with the official video.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Slovenia | State Of Fiction - "New perspective"


Hailing from Šoštanj, in Slovenia, alternative rock band State Of Fiction was formed in 2009. Their most recent song is called "New perspective", and is as powerful as a song can get!

Russia | Olga Makovetskaya - "Proydot!"


The work by Olga Makovetskaya isn't unknown to the readers of Sounds European!, since she appeared here with "Sneg" in January. Now, it's time to present "Proydot!", an enjoyable pop song with classy and sexy melody. Olga's vocal performance is great.

Denmark | Tim Schou - "Supernova"


After being part of A Friend In London, the band that finished fifth in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with "New tomorrow", Danish singer Tim Schou decided to go on with his solo career. His debut single is "Supernova", a very sweet piano ballad.

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Charts Day #48 (part 2)


Ed Sheeran has already been with us before thanks to two different OST for "The fault in our stars" and "The hobbit: the desolation of Smaug". One of his most recent singles, "Sing", became a chart success in Ireland, where he placed #6 this week!

The Charts Day #48 (part 1)


We start one more day dedicated to the charts with a new song charting in the United Kingdom: "Wiggle", by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Our anniversary

Today, Sounds European! is celebrating its anniversary. One year ago, our project was just a dream, an idea, which we decided to give a try and see if it would work.

And it did! A lot of interaction with readers, and even with artists, besides a great number of pageviews, makes us feel we are on the proper path. And this only makes us want more!

We would like to thank every one of our readers for valuing our work and keeping visiting and participating. You are the reason we continue!

United Kingdom | Ella Eyre - "If I go"


We talked about Ella Eyre by the end of last year with her amazing "Deeper". Now, this rising star is releasing another fabulous single: "If I go" is as addictive as her previous one!

Denmark | Förtress - "Stampede"


Time to meet the Danish band Förtress, whose heavy and cool rock 'n' roll can be fully seized in their new single "Stampede". It's everything a rock fan can want!

Russia | Alena Karimskaya - "Ty vzorvi moye serdtse"


Alena Karimskaya was born in Saint Petersburg in 1985. Her latest single is "Ty vzorvi moye serdtse", a fantastic pop ballad with Oriental touches and a video that plays very wisely with her sensual imagery.