Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Romania | Reni Tolvai - "Shout"


Reni Tolvai was born in Romania but she developed her music career in Hungary, where she recently became a rising name. Her most recent single is "Shout", a pop ballad with a slight touch of dubstep sounds.

Slovenia | Jan Plestenjak - "Nova generacija"


Jan Plestenjak is a very talented Slovene musician. His work travels naturally from pop to rock, always keeping a high standard of quality. That's exactly what you'll find in "Nova generacija", his new single. A very good and enjoyable pop track.

Spain | Second - "Las serpientes"


We've featured Second with the fantastic "2502" some months ago, and now it's time to meet another great song of them. This time, it's "Las serpientes", a fantastic indie-rock song with that unmistakeable Spanish touch that makes it irresistible!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ukraine | Loboda - "Gorod pod zapretom"


Svetlana Loboda is a Ukrainian singer who was born in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1982. Loboda was a member of the group VIA Gra, in of the the several formations it has ever had – and she's likely the one who has reached the biggest success after leaving the franchise to start solo career. For Europe, she got famous with her entry for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, "Be my valentine (Anti-crisis girl)". Her new single "Gorod pod zapretom" is everything we are used to get from her: a dance track with a lot of sensuality and involving melody.

United Kingdom | Secret Sebastian - "We don't need nobody"


Secret Sebastian is a dance trio formed in Liverpool, United Kingdom, formed by three Norwegian music students. "We don't need nobody" is their most recent single, a very enjoyable dance tune that will for sure make you rock your body!

Poland | Liber feat. Mateusz Grędziński - "Czarne chmury"


Liber is a Polish rapper. He has just produced "Czarne chmury", a very touching pop track featuring the singer Mateusz Grędziński, who rose to fame after taking part in the second season of The Voice of Poland. Beautiful song!

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Charts Day #44 (part 2)


There is a huge surprise going on in the European charts. Australian indie band Vance Joy has been reaching very high places all around with their captivating "Riptide". This week, they are the #4 in Austria.

The Charts Day #44 (part 1)


Hozier is back to the high places of the Irish charts with his most recent single. The grandiose "From Eden" is this week at #2!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Slovenia | Top Stripper - "Can't hear you cryin'"


Top Stripper is a band which was created in 2009 in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. Their new single "Can't hear you cryin'" is rock 'n' roll in its essence, as pure as it can get. Powerful, and very entertaining!

Sweden | Thundermother - "Shoot to kill"


Sweden is famous for being the land of some of the most fantastic pop singers. But it's not pop all they live for. Thundermother are a fantastic example of powerful rock. With a melody that resembles those by AC/DC and other rock myths, this all-ladies band have just released "Shoot to kill", a magnific track!

United Kingdom | Cosmo Sheldrake - "Solar"


Last month, Sounds European! introduced the new work by Cosmo Sheldrake, "The moss". Now, it's time to check the B-side for it, "Solar", which recites a verse from a William Blake poem titled "I rose up at the dawn of day". Described by Cosmo as a "hymn to the Sun", it is a very hypnotic track. Pretty cool song!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Netherlands | Kensington - "Streets"


We are still being hunted by their "Ghosts", but Kensington keeps surprising us with their music. "Streets" is their newest release; an anthemic rock with a great atmosphere and a fantastic video. It has all it takes to be the song of the week this time!

Ukraine | Dinama - "Ya veryu v lyubov'"


Dinama is a new Ukrainian pop duo, formed by Diana Ivanitskaya and Maria Goncharuk, two of the three girls who lost the selection to be the new formation of VIA Gra. Their song is very good, totally addictive!

Greece | Kaiti Garbi - "Psefti"


Kaiti Garbi (sometimes written "Keti" and "Katy") is one of the divas of the Greek music scene. Her most recent single clearly shows why. "Psefti" is that fabulous Greek ballad with the traditional sounds any human being falls for!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Georgia | Brandon Stone - "Tebe odnoy"


The singer Brandon Stone is a great example of globalization. He was born in Tyflis, Georgia, but got famous in the German version of the reality show The Voice, singing a version for the Lithuanian entry of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, "Love is blind". His new song is a dance pop which is very enjoyable.

United Kingdom | Klaxons - "There is no other time"


Want to have a fantastic flashback to the 2000s? Then you must listen to this. Klaxons' last single, "There is no other time", takes us to the synthpop hits of the last decade. Awesome trip to the past in less than four minutes!

Poland | Mrozu feat. Sound'n'Grace - "Nic do stracenia"


Mrozu was introduced to Sounds European! last month, with "Jak nie my to kto". Now, he is releasing a single. It has the participation of the also Polish choir Sound'n'Grace, whose style is a mix of soul, funk, groove and jazz. The result of this meeting? A very groovy pop-rock. The marked rhythm makes it very enjoyable. Great tune!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Russia | Ustinova - "Melankholiya"


Ustinova is a Russian singer and T.V. host from Moscow. And this is "Meankholiya", her most recent release. It's a fantastic pop track, very calm and surely enjoyable!

Slovenia | Sweetsology - "Greva tja"


Sweetsology, from Slovenia, presents us their newest single "Greva tja". The song was basically finished in one day: Borut came up with the idea for the instrumentals and Kaja immediately wrote the lyrics right in the studio. Enjoyable pop-rock for our ears!

Finland | Janna - "Läpinäkyvä"


Janna illuminated us last year with a shower of Finnish pop in "Sä et ole hullu". Now, she comes back to Sounds European! with the fantastic "Läpinäkyvä", a captivating ballad.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Russia | Vocal Circus - "Chto delat'"


Vocal Circus is a theatrical group (currently a quartet) from Moscow, Russia, which produces pop music. "Chto delat'" is a delightful track, with a lot of strength and intensity. Impossible to listen to it and not get caught by its sound!

Sweden | First Aid Kit - "My silver lining"


First Aid Kit is a folk duo from Sweden. Their sweet melodies and harmonic voices have captivated the ears of many, and with "My silver lining" they intend to also captivate us!

Updated on September 5th, 2014, with the official video.

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Irgendwann"


The work of Beatrice Egli is quite known here on SE!. Her music is a very interesting mix of German schlager and contemporary pop. And that's exactly what you get with her new single "Irgendwann".

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Portugal | Norton - "Magnets"


Hailing from Castelo Branco, Norton has been together since 2002. Their most recent single is "Magnets", a song that has heavy influences of British rock. Quite unique for Portugal!

Ukraine | Tanya Nedelskaya - "Ya budu zhdat'"


Tanya Nedelskaya's work was shown for the first time here on Sounds European! in March, with "Prosto smotri". Her new single is "Ya budu zhdat'", a cool track with good pop-rock rhythm.

United Kingdom | Deaf Havana - "22"


Remember the amazing Deaf Havana? The English band is back to Sounds European! thanks to their most recent single, the powerful "22"!

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Charts Day #43 (part 2)


Revolverheld has been quoted already in Sounds European! with their last two singles. The last one of them, "Ich lass für dich das licht an", is being a success across the German-speaking countries. The song is this week at #4 in the Austrian charts.

The Charts Day #43 (part 1)


British band Coldplay have not long ago released "Magic", a single that took them back to the sounds that made them one of the biggest band of the last decade. They had a good reception, since they are charting in many countries around Europe. This week, they are #2 in the Netherlands.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

United Kingdom | Gary Barlow - "Since I saw you last"


Gary Barlow's work has already been shown twice before here on SE!. His third appearance is with the great "Since I saw you last". Great rhythm, catchy chorus... everything you can expect from a high-quality pop track!

Germany | Guano Apes - "Closer to the Sun"


Coming from Göttingen, Guano Apes is one of the most popular German bands. Their mixture of metal, pop and rap has made them quite successful in the German-speaking countries, as well as in some other points of Europe. Their most recent single is "Closer to the Sun", a very powerful rock track.

Netherlands | Aischa Traidia - "Mr. Marshall"


Aischa Traidia is a Dutch singer who was born in Haarlem, in the Netherlands. Her single "Mr. Marshall" is very cool: a raw and powerful rock track, which has everything to call your attention.

Norway | Carina Dahl - "It gets better"


Carrying music in her blood, and with two attempts to represent Norway on Eurovision in her resumé, Carina Dahl is a really good example on how Scandinavian pop can get addictive. Her latest track is "It gets better", a very simple yet effective pop track. It's a great song!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Greece | Stelios Legakis - "Kardies apo asteria"


Pop-rock tracks in Greece which don't have those particular Greek folk sounds are quite uncommon, but when they appear, they are just magnific. Stelios Legakis is a young Athenian who won the 2012 Greek version of Got Talent. He is now making us fall in love with his latest song. So much we are falling for him, that "Kardies apo asteria" is the song of the week!

Italy | Alessandro Casillo - "L'amore secondo Sara"


Alessandro Andrea Casillo (born in Assago in 1996) is one of the best new talents of the Italian music scene. His new single "L'amore secondo Sara" is a great new addiction of ours. The rhythm and ambience are involving and hypnotizing, and his voice completes it all perfectly. Amazing song, a must-listen!

Sweden | Lykke Li - "No rest for the wicked"


Swedish singer Lykke Li scored a major worldwide hit some years ago with "I follow rivers". She came back this year with her third studio album, which already has a first fantastic single. "No rest for the wicked" is a very deep indie-pop.

United Kingdom | Twin Atlantic - "Heart and soul"


Let's start this weekend with a great rock track! "Heart and soul" is an amazing single released by the alternative rock band Twin Atlantic, from Glasgow, in Scotland. It's for sure one of the coolest rock songs SE! has shown this year!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Spain | Amaral - "Ratonera"


Amaral is one of the most traditional and coolest folk-rock and rock bands from Spain. They have just released a new song: "Ratonera" is strong, deep and great to listen.

Austria | Allessa - "Lüg' nochmal"


If you are up for a fantastic mixture of sounds, then you have to meet Austrian singer Allessa (Graz, 1979). Her latest track is called "Lüg nochmal" and mixes German schlager with pop-rock tunes. Delightful!

Updated on August 8th, 2021, with the official video.

Belgium | Triggerfinger - "Perfect match"


Meet "the loudest band in Antwerp"! Triggerfinger is a Belgian band formed by the guitarist and singer Ruben Block, the drummer Mario Goossens and the bassist Paul Van Bruystegem – nicknamed Monsieur Paul. Their new single "Perfect match" is a raw and direct rock, powerful and intense!

United Kingdom | James Blunt - "Postcards"


James Blunt is back to our blog with a different song. "Postcards" is a happier tune than other songs of his. Beware of the sound of his ukelele: it will make you melt!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Georgia | Tamta feat. Xenia Ghali - "Gennithika gia sena"


This is a very European collaboration. Tamta is a very famous name in the Greek music scene, but she was actually born in Georgia. Xenia Ghali was raised in Athens, but she was actually born in Paris, France. These two girls are together in the magnific dance-pop "Gennithika gia sena".

Slovenia | Tide - "Don't look back"


In November, SE! showed to "Love is gone", an amazing single by the Slovene band Tide. Now, it's time to listen to "Don't look back", another great song released by the group. First-class rock!

United Kingdom | Foxes - "Holding onto heaven"


Foxes has been one of the most popular new names in the British music scene. After the success achieved with "Let go for tonight", this young lady released "Holding onto heaven", an explosive song which sounds really British from start to end!

France | We Were Evergreen - "False start"


Alternative indie-electro-pop: that's what the trio We Were Evergreen have to offer to us. They started their work in Paris, in 2008, and are now based in the United Kingdom. Their new single "False start" shows a bit of their proposal, with a very interesting alternative song.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Slovenia | FLIRRT - "K.I.V.I."


Let's give hi to the Slovene band FLIRRT, which will present us the very entertaining "K.I.V.I.". It is a very enjoyable rock track, whose great rhythm will surely make you addicted.

Norway | Linnea Dale - "High hopes"


Linnea Dale was one of the hot favourites to win the Melodi Grand Prix 2014. She came very, very close, as she ended up in second place with "High hopes", a fantastic pop track.

United Kingdom | Ellie Goulding - "Beating heart"


Ellie Goulding is one of the most recurring names on Sounds European!. Now, time to appreciate her new single "Beating heart", which has a very epical melody and marking beats.

Romania | 3 Sud Est - "Emotii"


3 Sud Est, from the city of Constanta, are one of the most popular bands in Romania. They were formed in 1997 and had several successful hits in their country. After a break of almost 6 years, they came back last month with the jazzy pop "Emotii".

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ireland | Wallis Bird - "Hardly hardly"


Despite being Irish, Wallis Bird is a very popular girl in the continental part of Western Europe. She has recently released her fourth album, and here goes the first single: "Hardly hardly" is a very interesting return!

Italy | Francesca Michielin - "Amazing"


Francesca Michielin is an Italian singer who was born in Bassano del Grappa in 1995. She was the winner of the fifth series of her country's The X Factor. We now meet her with something which isn't that common in Italian pop: a song in English. So, let's seize this rare occasion! "Amazing", which is going to be part of the soundtrack of "The amazing Spider-Man 2", is a great track.

Spain | Vetusta Morla - "La deriva"


Vetusta Morla were one of the biggest bands in the underground Spanish scene when they released "Un día en el mundo" and shot to stardom. Their very particular sound enchanted people not only in Spain, but also in the other side of the Atlantic, as they even did some Latin America tours. Their last and very awaited single is "La deriva", which follow their fantastic indie-rock tunes.

United Kingdom | Jake Bugg - "Messed up kids"


Jake Bugg, one of the new stars in the British music scene, firstly appeared on SE! in October, with the great "What doesn't kill you". Now he is back with "Messed up kids", another track which follows exactly what we are getting used to expect from Jake: a strong and intense indie rock!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Charts Day #42 (part 2)


The British chart is showing us many changes week after week. This time, the top of the charts is a debut: Sigma and the uplifting "Nobody to love".

The Charts Day #42 (part 1)


A Great Big World shot to stardom recently, when their collaboration with Christina Aguilera reached almost every chart around the globe. The song, the heartbroken "Say something", is currently on top of the Belgian charts.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sweden | YOHIO - "To the end"


YOHIO is the stage name of Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eire, Swedish singer who was born in Sundsvall in 1995. Before this year's Melodifestivalen (his country's National Final for Eurovision) started, he was considered the biggest candidate to win it all and go to the European contest in Copenhagen. Ultimately, his "To the end" didn't succeed – but, in our opinion, it had all the predicates for that. It's an excellent, very entertaining rock track!

Italy | Vasco Rossi - "Dannate nuvole"


The Italian superstar Vasco Rossi is back to Sounds European! with a song which justifies all the fame he has in his country. "Dannate nuvole" is a masterpiece song. The instrumentals, the voice, the melody... everything is involving in every single second of it!

Netherlands | Only Seven Left - "Hey you"


It wasn't very long ago Sounds European! presented the Dutch band Only Seven Left, with the great "Lost your mind". Now it's time to listen to "Hey you", another very good song by the boys.

Slovenia | Alja Krušič - "Nisi sam"


Alja Krušič was the winner of the third and most recent season of the reality show Slovenija Ima Talent, the Slovene version for Got Talent. She has just released "Nisi sam", which is a light and easy-listening track, which is gonna make your Sunday start greatly!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Slovakia | Peter Aristone feat. Melanie C - "Cool as you"


Another duet with the participation of British super star Melanie C is being released. This time, she is together with Slovak singer Peter Aristone (Bratislava, 1980), for the single "Cool as you". Not only the track is great, but also their voices match quite well. It's our song of the week.

Spain | Whynot - "The sound of my hope"


Whynot is the personal project of David Feito, who is part of the very famous Spanish group El Sueño de Morfeo – which represented Spain in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. His single "The sound of my hope" is fun and refreshing. Great track for every occasion!

Sweden | Kent - "La belle epoque"


Kent is a very traditional band from Eskilstuna, Sweden. Since they started their work, in the 1990s, they've had tens of songs hitting the top ten of the Swedish charts. "La belle epoque" is the first single from their new album "Tigerdrottningen". It's a very involving and addictive track.

Belarus | Koldun - "Gorod bol'shikh ogney"


Dmitry (or Dima) Koldun is a Belarusian singer who holds the record of the best result ever for Belarus in the history of Eurovision, with "Work your magic". Since his participation in the festival, he has released several great singles, including his recently released one, "Gorod bol'shikh ogney". It doesn't have an official video clip yet, but you can listen to an almost-studio version of it in this video of his YouTube channel. It's very good!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Germany | Unheilig - "Als wär's das erste mal"


German group Unheilig took part of this year's Unser Song Für Dänemark, their country's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. And, even though they didn't qualify, "Als wär's das erste mal" is totally worth mentioning. The song has a smooth mix of great voice and contagious electronic beats.

Slovenia | Elvis Jackson - "I believe in..."


Elvis Jackson is one of the coolest bands from Slovenia. Their work mixes rock, ska and a bit of reggae, with a very interesting result. Their latest single, "I believe in...", shows their talent very well.

Italy | Max Pezzali - "Il presidente di tutto il mondo"


Max Pezzali firstly appeared on SE! in September, with his single "Ragazzo inadeguato". Now, he is back, and his new song "Il presidente di tutto il mondo" follows the same unique style we found on the previous one.

Sweden | Linda Bengtzing - "Ta mig"


Sounds European! has been showing some of the best Eurovision National Finals songs that didn't qualify to the festival itself. Today, it's time to highlight Linda Bengtzing (Gullspång, 1974), one of the best Swedish contestants this year, which somehow didn't manage to qualify even to the Second Chance round (even though it deserved a lot!). "Ta mig" was full of energy, catchy, intense... sad result for a great track.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Norway | El Cuero - "Ain't no love in this city no more"


El Cuero is a rock band formed in 2005 in Kristiansund, Norway. They took part in the Melodi Grand Prix 2014, the Norwegian selection format for Eurovision, with the powerful "Ain't no love in this city no more". Their classic rock didn't make it to the top of the competition, but it deserves the world to know about it!

United Kingdom | Clean Bandit feat. Sharna Bass - "Extraordinary"


Clean Bandit surprised everybody with their amazing "Rather be", being present in the charts around Europe and even reaching the remote Australia. They have just released another explosive track, "Extraordinary", which features the vocal performance of Sharna Bass.

Denmark | Clara Sofie - "Ild & vand"


Danish singer Clara Sofie was already featured in Sounds European when she released the great "Gennem himlen". Now, she comes with the also fantastic "Ild & vand", a superb electropop!

Greece | Crystallia - "Petalouda stin Athina"


Crystallia (or Krystallia) Riga is a Greek singer, musician and songwriter who was born in Piraeus in 1987. Last month, she took part of the Greek National Final for Eurovision. And out of the four songs that were in the competition, the editors of Sounds European! fell in love with her "Petalouda stin Athina". It's a gorgeous traditional ballad, definitely one to check!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

United Kingdom | Katy B - "Still"


Katy B cried for no reason for the whole winter, but she decided it was time to move on and release another great single. We are talking about "Still", a downtempo indie-pop with touches of electronic.

Sweden | Emerentia - "Silver bullet"


Emerentia is a Swedish singer and songwriter born in Stockholm. Her most recent release is the anthemic "Silver bullet", a very interesting pop-rock.

Italy | Marco Mengoni - "La valle dei re"


Italian star Marco Mengoni (who was already featured on SE!) released the fourth single of his successful album "#prontoacorrere". The song is called "La valle dei re" and is a fantastic pop ballad.

Malta | Winter Moods - "Everlasting"


Winter Moods are a Maltese band who has been together since the mid-'80s. Their long-lasting carreer includes record-breaking shows and several hits in the island. Their latest single is "Everlasting", a touching rock ballad.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Russia | Dima Veber - "Ne protiv"


Russian singer and radio host Dima Veber has lately released a fantastic track. "Ne protiv" is sticky, contagious and totally perfect for a dance session!

United Kingdom | Lily Allen - "Our time"


Lily Allen came back last year stronger than ever, with several successful singles. Last month she released another one, "Our time", a slightly calmer pop compared to her other singles, but still a magnific one!

Norway | Frøder - "Speed of sound"


Meet your new favourite Norwegian girl. Frøder comes from Bergen with a very exotic mixture of pop, indie and electronic. Her unique first single is "Speed of sound".

Germany | Luca Vasta - "Black tears white lies"


Luca Vasta was around last year when she got a fantastic look in "Cut my hair". Some months later she comes less cheerful and more mysterious, with the deep "Black tears white lies".

Monday, April 07, 2014

The Charts Day #41 (part 2)


It's long we don't take a look at the Finnish charts. This week we found that a song dedicated to the trend of the year is currently at #2. Take a loot at The Chainsmokers' hit "#Selfie".

The Charts Day #41 (part 1)


Aloe Blacc was known worldwide when he was featured in Avicii's smashing hit "Wake me up". He took the chance to start promoting his solo works around the world, and it really paid off: his single "The man" is topping the British charts this week!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Sweden | Linus Svenning - "Bröder"


The 2014 Melodifestivalen, the Swedish selection for Eurovision, was almost a celebration of the composer Fredrik Kempe. He subscribed four songs to the contest, and all of them qualified to the final. One of them was "Bröder", by Linus Svenning, a beautiful ballad which was one of the highlights of the event. A grower track, with explosive and moving ending.

Moldova | Adriana Rusu - "Arde"


Adriana Rusu is a singer who was born in Lapusna, Moldova, in 1986. Her work is famous in her country and neighbors since 2007. She has just released new single, "Arde", which is a very sexy pop song. The beats and the rhythm compose a great mix with her cool voice.

Netherlands | Jeroen van der Boom - "Nanana"


Jeroen van der Boom is a Dutch singer who was part of De Toppers, group which represented the Netherlands on the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. His new single "Nanana" mixes a kind of Dutch schlager with pop in a very cool way. And the chorus is as sticky as it can get!

Russia | Serebro - "Ya tebya ne otdam"


Serebro is a Russian group which was created for taking part of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, which they placed third with the great "Song #1". After the contest, their work continued, and now they are releasing "Ya tebya ne otdam", a single with very catchy chorus.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Italy | Alessandra Amoroso - "Non devi perdermi"


Alessandra Amoroso, one of the biggest names of the current music scene in Italy, is not a new face for Sounds European!. In spite of that, she keeps surprising us single after single. "Non devi perdermi" is another amazing masterpiece: a beautiful song, with moving melody and a great use of Alessandra's very talented voice. This track, which was composed by Biagio Antonacci – who has signed, among several other hits, the extraordinary "Tra te e il mare" –, is our song of the week.

Slovenia | Muff - "Let me be (myself)"


Another song from a Eurovision National Final is highlighted here on SE!. Slovenia has made a good choice for the 2014 Eurovision. But another candidate was at least as good as it: Muff's "Let me be (myself)" was charming, classy and had a very catchy and unique melody.

Denmark | Emmelie de Forest - "Rainmaker"


We have previously met Danish star Emmelie de Forest when we highlighted her single "Hunter & prey". Now, it's time for "Rainmaker", another grandiose song of hers.

Latvia | Dons - "Tev piedzims bērns"


This year, Dons has already appeared here on Sounds European! with the touching "Pēdējā vēstule", one of the coolest songs of 2014 so far. His new single shows he is not an artist of only one style: "Tev piedzims bērns" has a 1980s feeling in it which makes it totally unique.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Sweden | Helena Paparizou - "Survivor"


Helena Paparizou has starred the first post of SE! in 2014. Now, it's time to talk about her participation on this year's Melodifestivalen, the Swedish National Final for Eurovision. Her song "Survivor" was a great pop track, with a very catchy and strong chorus. It reached the final through the Second Chance week, but didn't manage to win the NF.

Lithuania | Sasha Song - "Erotic hotline"


Dmitrijus Šavrovas, known as Sasha Song (or Sasha Son), is a Lithuanian singer who represented his country on the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. His new single, "Erotic hotline", is a smooth and contagious electropop. It also has a version in Lithuanian, which you can check here.

Italy | Giorgia - "Non mi ami"


After the huge hit of "Quando una stella muore", the Italian singer Giorgia returns with another ballad. "Non mi ami" is everything you can expect of a song of hers: beautiful, and with an amazing use of her vocal quality.

Russia | Sergey Lazarev - "Take it off"


Sergey Lazarev is a big name in the entertainment industry of Russia. Some months after releasing "V samoye serdtse", one of his coolest singles ever, he is back to shake the audience. His new single, "Take it off", is as enticing as the title suggests.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Croatia | Adastra - "Samo s tobom"


Croatian band Adastra was formed in 2005 and has, since then, had quite much success in their home country. In the beginning of this year they released "Samo s tobom", an intense and beautiful rock track.

United Kingdom | Sam Smith - "Stay with me"


Sam Smith is a growing talent coming out of the British isles. With several successful songs in his pocket, such as "Money on my mind" and "Nirvana", he now went for a very intimate side with the emotional "Stay with me".

Ukraine | Lolita - "Anatomiya"


Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya (simply known as Lolita) was born in the Ukrainian territory of the Soviet Union. She developed her carreer as a singer and TV host in Russia. Her latest single is "Anatomiya", a song in which she shows all the power of her captivating voice!

Hungary | Csaba Vastag - "Őrült éjjel"


Csaba Vastag won the first season of the Hungarian version of The X Factor back in the end of 2010. His most recent release is a super catchy pop song titled "Őrült éjjel".

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Switzerland | Celeste Buckingham - "I'm not sorry"


Celeste Buckingham was born in Zurich, Switzerland, though she is now a huge star in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Her latest single is "I'm not sorry", and was a special song to commemorate the International Women's Day.

United Kingdom | Paolo Nutini - "Scream (Funk my life up)"


Scottish singer Paolo Nutini got worldwide known when his song "New shoes" was featured in the commercial of a famous sportswear brand. Some years after that, he is still alive and kicking: the groovy "Scream (Funk my life up)" is just as perfect as his previous songs!

Ukraine | Lissa Wassabi - "Domoy"


Lissa Wassabi was born near Kiev, in Ukraine. She took part in the Ukrainian selection for this year's Eurovision Song Contest with the song "No fear", but couldn't make it to win. Now she is releasing the anthemic "Domoy", a fantastic ballad.

Denmark | Gerda Monroe - "Understood"


A new Danish singer is popping out from Copenhagen. Gerda Mornoe was part of the band IKI, but now she is going solo with a very upbeat single, the indie-pop "Understood".

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

France | Alizée - "Blonde"


French pop star Alizée is back on track! She will soon release a new studio album, but by now we can enjoy the first single to come out of it, the explosive "Blonde".

Serbia | Dženan Lončarević - "Loše su godine"


Serbian artist Dženan Lončarević got famous in the Balkans because of his work in various discoteques around the region. He has continued with a solid singing carreer. His latest single is a great pop-rock with a Balkan twist titled "Loše su godine".

Updated on February 11th, 2020, with the official video.

Sweden | Sabina Ddumba - "Scarred for life"


New talent coming! Sabina Ddumba is from Stockholm, Sweden. Her first single is "Scarred for life", a soulful and intense song which is full of emotions.

Greece | Onirama - "Metaxi"


Onirama is a Greek pop-rock band which is quite popular in their home country, specially because of the wide range of music one can find in their songs. In "Metaxi", their last single, they mix country elements.