Saturday, November 30, 2013

Russia | Triangle Sun - "Upside down"


Already a popular indie-pop band in Russia, Triangle Sun have made a very successful career worldwide. They have released their two studio albums in Germany, as well as releasing several compilation albums in diverse countries such as Spain, Thailand, France and Poland. Their last single is "Upside down", and it is such an exquisite track that the editors of Sounds European! decided to name it the song of the week!

United Kingdom | Lily Allen - "Somewhere only we know"


This song was once a hit with the British band Keane, reaching top ten in the charts of the United Kingdom, Belgium and Denmark. Now, "Somewhere only we know" is hitting the top again, in the voice of another British artist, Lily Allen. Her version for the song is not only going well on charts, but was also selected to be the song for the Christmas advert of the department store John Lewis.

Sweden | Joni - "Chain you"


Born to Hungarian parents in Stockholm, Johanna Toth, artistically named Joni, has just launched her music career. She is heavily influenced by American artists such as Eva Cassidy and Sara Bareilles, and such influence is on display in her first single, the sweet and very touching ballad "Chain you".

Hungary | Magashegyi Underground feat. Zoli Beck - "Árnyékok"


Magashegyi Underground is a Hungarian group which was founded in Budapest. They've united with Zoli Beck, and "Árnyékok" was released. It is a very beautiful, groovy and delightful track. At the same time it's sweet, it makes your body dance.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Slovenia | Tide - "Love is gone"


Tide is an alternative rock band from the cities of Koper and Ljubljana, in Slovenia. The members met in Amsterdam, but developed their work in their home country. Their new single, "Love is gone", is one more sung in English (even though they have recorded some tracks in Italian, too). The song is very interesting, and the instrumentals are very involving.

Updated on April 15th, 2014, with the official video.

Romania | Anastasia Sandu - "E nebunie"


Longing for a successful career, Anastasia Sandu, from Timișoara, signed to take part in the Romanian version of The X Factor last year, but she decided to quit the show and work on her music by herself. It seems the move paid out: she is now quoted as one of the most innovative local artists. Such innovation can be sensed in "E nebunie", a fantastic song that mixes pop, reggae and hip-hop elements.

Norway | Cocktail Slippers - "Shame on me"


Cocktail Slippers is an all-girl rock band from Oslo, Norway. They are formed by Rocket (guitar), Bella (drums), Hope (vocals), Piper (keys) and Aurora De Morales (bass). While they are preparing a new album, to be released in January 2014, they have released a single. "Shame on me" is a catchy and groovy rock track.

Poland | Evorevo - "Don't care"


Even though winter is arriving to Europe in less than a month, a Polish duo came up with a perfect summer track. Evorevo is a duo composed by Igor Pudło and Magiera who has released "Don't care" as their debut single. The song has no lyrics attached, but it's totally addictive and should go directly to the dance floor!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Laka - "Gasovi"


Elvir Laković is a big name in the Balkans. Actually, if you saw the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, you will remember him: he was the Bosnian representative that year, under his stage name Laka, with the powerful "Pokušaj". He has just released another single, the electric "Gasovi".

Russia | Kristina Orsa - "Zabud'"


Kristina Orsa is a 25-year-old singer from Russia. Her new single "Zabud'" is very different from what we usually display from her country: it's a pop-rock, in a calmer rhythm and intensity. Contagious song! Its video clip has the participation of Alexey Vorobyov, who represented Russia in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

Cyprus | Giorgos Papadopoulos - "Se thelo opos eisai"


We've already talked about Giorgos Papadopoulos when he made us all dance to the rhythm of "Panigirizo". Now, the Cypriot star is releasing a second single. He switched to a more classical pop-rock song such as "Se thelo opos eisai", without losing that captivating folk touch!

France | AuDen - "Pour mieux s'unir"


Remember this name. Coming from Rennes, in France, AuDen surely has the talent and the potential to become a huge star in French music. That's the impression which the single "Pour mieux s'unir" gives. A soothing and deep song, with great rhythm, and much more intensity and variation than what we can usually find in this kind of tracks.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Switzerland | Beatrice Egli - "Verrückt nach dir"


The Swiss singer Beatrice Egli was introduced here some months ago, when she released the very catchy "Mein herz". She is one of the biggest names of the current regional schlager scene. Beatrice has just released "Verrückt nach dir", which is as catchy as her previous single.

Updated on February 21st, 2016, with the official video.

Ireland | Orla Gartland - "Clueless"


Here goes another case of a girl that saw her life changing from one day to the other thanks to YouTube. Orla Gartland started uploading covers of famous songs to the video browser. Her talent soon was spreading around the Internet and now she is releasing her first EP, "Roots". The second single to come out from there is the fresh "Clueless".

Spain | Fuel Fandango - "Read my lips"


Fuel Fandango is a Spanish duo formed by singer Nita and producer Alejandro Acosta, who met in the city of Córdoba in 2009. "Read my lips" is a single from their third album, "Trece lunas", released this year. It is an interesting mix of electronic, pop and rock, with very powerful vocals by Nita.

Russia | Gennady Lagutin - "Kak mne zabyt' tebya?"


Relaxing sounds coming all around from Russia. Gennady Lagutin is a music producer from Moscow who works with the band Guru Groove Foundation and, at the same time, in his solo music career. His latest release is the groovy "Kak mne zabyt' tebya?".

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

United Kingdom | Josh Record - "Bones"


Born in Stroud but living in London for the last years, Josh Record has launched his musical career with the release of "Bones", his debut EP. His second single is taken from this first recording. "Bones" is a haunting, deep and intense alternative ballad.

Sweden | Zara Larsson - "Bad boys"


The Swedish singer Zara Larsson was here some months ago with the very cool "Love again". She is now back with a brand-new single. "Bad boys" is as great as the previous one, but different in style. It sounds like a song Beyoncé could do.

Portugal | Paulo Gonzo feat. Ana Carolina - "Quem de nós dois"


With a solid career and a marking vocal performance, Paulo Gonzo has become one of the biggest stars of the Portuguese music scene. His latest release will be "Duetos", an album that will be composed of duets with artists from all around the world. The first duet released features Brazilian singer Ana Carolina, in the beautiful ballad titled "Quem de nós dois".

Updated on January 6th, 2014, with the official video.

Ukraine | Goryachiy Shokolad - "Ne mogu otvyknut'"


Goryachiy Shokolad (also known as Hot Chocolate in Western countries) is a Ukrainian group composed by Diana Seytmemetova, Nadezhda Maystrenko and Yaroslava Miroshnichenko. The girlband was created in 2008 and rose to international prominence in 2009, when they took part of the Ukrainian National Final for Eurovision. Their new single, "Ne mogu otvyknut'", is a beautiful ballad which values the voice of the three members.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Charts Day #24 (part 2)


It wasn't long ago that Sounds European! introduced Adel Tawil's single "Lieder". This great song is starting to appear in some charts, including the one of his own country: in Germany, it is already placing fourth this week.

The Charts Day #24 (part 1)


After winning the latest edition of the talent show Die Grosse Chance, Thomas David became a huge hit in his home country, Austria. His first release, the soft ballad "Able", debuted at number 4 in the charts of the German-speaking country.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Russia | Sati Kazanova - "Dura"


Sati Kazanova is a very beautiful 31-year-old singer who was born in Kabardino-Balkaria, in Russia. Until 2010, she was part of the girlband Fabrika, which firstly appeared to the public during the talent show Star Factory – where they ended as second place. Now in solo work, she has released "Dura", a very cool pop single with very enthusiastic rhythm.

Romania | Anca Florescu - "Hearts collide"


Even though she is a lawyer, Anca Florescu had always had his heart into art. She studied in the School of Art of Sibiu, her hometown, for a long period of her youth, and eventually got a certificate in ballet. In another phase of her artistic life, she's presenting us her single "Hearts collide". And it's supreme: a classy pop song with a very catchy rhythm. Definitely one that can't be missed!

Updated on March 1st, 2014, with the Eurovision NFs label.

Belgium | Paulien Mathues - "Ain't no fool"


The winner of the last edition of The Voice of Flanders, Paulien Mathues, is back to Sounds European!. Her new single, "Ain't no fool", shows that her talent is a certainty. It is a very beautiful track, which goes even greater than what it could be due to her amazing vocal work.

Denmark | Jon Nørgaard - "Diamanter"


After winning the second season of the Danish version of Popstars in 2002, Jon Nørgaard went on to release two studio albums and several singles. He took a long break from 2005 until 2012, when he came back with the album "Uden mig" and several non-album singles. His latest release is "Diamanter", a magnific pop song with a touch of R&B, a very catchy rhythm and an addictive chorus.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ukraine | VIA Gra - "Peremiriye"


VIA Gra is more than a Ukrainian pop group: it's almost a brand of its own. The name has survived several member changes, while presenting some of the biggest stars of the current music scene in Ukraine and region – such as Loboda, Eva Bushmina and Albina Dzhanabaeva. After the dissolution of their last formation, in the end of 2012, though, it seemed the franchise was going to stay awhile before returning with a new work. But, around one year later, a new selection was made, and VIA Gra is back with their new single "Peremiriye". It is an amazing and exciting song, totally addictive, which shows the name VIA Gra still has a lot to offer. So much, that it was selected the song of this week by Sounds European!.

Spain | Depedro feat. Bernard Fanning - "You and I"


Spanish alternative band Depedro met Australian singer Bernard Fanning, former lead singer of the rock band Powderfinger, for a fantastic release. The single is called "You and I", and is a very soothing song with a very relaxing atmosphere and sweet lyrics.

Germany | Yvonne Catterfeld - "Pendel"


Yvonne Catterfeld is a 33-year-old singer who was born in Erfurt, in Germany. She has released her first single in 2001, but her career started going big only in 2003, with the huge success her single "Für dich" has reached. Her new single "Pendel" is a very catchy pop rock, with cool rhythm and perfect vocals. Her recorder has released only a short version of her song on YouTube. To watch it fully, click here.

Serbia | Olja Karleuša - "Nebuloza"


Contemporary pop-folk singer Olja Karleuša is a well-known name in her native Serbia. She not only released many singles and albums, but also took part in the Serbian VIP Big Brother 2007, in which she was one of the finalists. Her latest release is "Nebuloza", a very catchy tune!

Friday, November 22, 2013

United Kingdom | Dido - "NYC"


After a small hiatus in her career, Dido came back last year with the fantastic album "Girl who got away", from which we could enjoy hits such as "End of night". She is soon releasing "Greatest hits", a compilation of Dido's most popular songs, which includes the soothing "NYC", the only brand new track in the album.

Finland | Juha Tapio - "Music everywhere"


Finnish music is living a very interesting experience. A reality show called Vain Elämää (which is going for its second season) has united several of the country's stars, such as ABREU, Laura Närhi and Maarit, to perform each other's biggest successes. One of the coolest examples of this project is "Music everywhere", one of ABREU's best hits, in the voice and music of the singer and guitarist Juha Tapio.

Greece | Fani Avramidou - "Tin kaliteri mou fili"


Born in the suburbs of Athens, Fani Avramidou has been attending to vocal lessons since a very early age. That may be the reason for her stunning vocal performance in her last single, the pop ballad "Tin kaliteri mou fili". The song includes delicious Greek elements to create a very folkloric ambience.

Ukraine | Mayris - "Lilovaya lyubov'"


Mayris is a Ukrainian singer from the city of Kiev. She started her solo career in October 2012, with the release of her first work track, "Alberto". Now, she has released "Lilovaya lyubov'" as her new single. It is an electronic pop with cool vocals and catchy rhythm.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Portugal | Deolinda - "Musiquinha"


Deolinda is a highly praised and awarded Portuguese group which was created in Lisbon in 2006. Their musical style is based in fado and other traditional sounds from Portugal. Their most recent single, "Musiquinha", comes from their third studio album, "Mundo pequenino". It's a very beautiful track, which has everything to make you totally in love!

United Kingdom | James Blunt - "Blue on blue"


After the smashing hit scored with "Bonfire heart", James Blunt comes back to the beautiful soft ballads that made him so famous around the world. The song, a very romantic and touching ballad with a strong rock touch after the second chorus, is called "Blue on blue". A perfect display of love for your other half!

Ireland | Sharon Corr - "Take a minute"


Sharon Corr is mostly known by being the violinist (besides playing other instruments, such as the piano and the guitar) and performing backing vocals in the popular Irish group The Corrs. She has just released her second solo album, entitled "The same Sun", whose first single is "Take a minute". It is a beautiful ballad song which is quite passionate.

Belarus | SkyNet - "Ty ne takaya"


Formed in 2007, pop-rock band SkyNet are one of the promises of Belarusian music. While the quartet is working on their second studio album, which will be entitled "Dlya tebya", they have released the vigorous "Ty ne takaya", a powerful song that will blow your mind!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spain | Antonio Orozco - "Llegará"


Born in Barcelona in 1972, Antonio Orozco stablished a strong career in Spain, having this year released his seventh studio album, "La voz". His latest single is called "Llegará", a powerful pop-rock track, like those ones that can only come from Spain!

Finland | Molly - "If I ever grow up"


Molly Rosenström is a 14-year-old singer who was born in Helsinki, Finland. She has just taken part of the first edition of The Voice Kids in her home country, coached by Krista Siegfrids, and won the competition. After her victory, "If I ever grow up" was just released as her first single. It's a dancy pop track which is really cool, specially for someone so young.

United Kingdom | Chlöe Howl - "Paper heart"


We've already talked about Chlöe Howl when she released the very catchy "No strings". Now, she is back on track with a more powerful song. "Paper heart" is a song that talks about a break-up in a very careless way, and shows that Chlöe really knows how to be daring!

Germany | Jennifer Rostock - "Phantombild"


Jennifer Rostock is a punk rock band from the capital city of Germany, Berlin. The group was formed in 2007, and rose to bigger recognition in 2008, after taking part in the Bundesvision Song Contest – where they finished fifth with "Kopf oder zahl". Their new single is "Phantombild", a song which has the usual power of the band, with an exciting chorus.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Italy | Laura Pausini - "Se non te"


One of the biggest names of Italian music, Laura Pausini is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her career with a special album. In it, besides her biggest hits, she presents some new songs. "Se non te" is there, and was just released as a single. Beautiful ballad, as Laura knows very well how to make.

Sweden | State of Drama - "Fighter"


Swedish pop-rock band State of Drama was formed in 2009, and has created a solid career since then. They took part of the Melodifestivalen 2013 with the powerful "Falling", and now they are presenting their latest track. The song is called "Fighter" and comes on stage to empower your ears!

United Kingdom | Lily Allen - "Hard out here"


She's back, and she's even stronger than before! Lily Allen's new single, "Hard out there", has a big criticism to how the media demands a certain image from the female pop stars. The video clip goes even further in the critics. Extremely enjoyable, as any song by her is, and even greater message.

Finland | One Louder - "Fashionably late"


Leea and Johanna are two Finnish girls that got together in One Louder, a very new girl pop duo. Their first single is the very delightful "Fashionably late", a simple and sweet pop track that will make you addicted in less than two plays.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The Charts Day #23 (part 2)


Mika is a big star worldwide, but he is particularly famous in Italy. Most of his songs were a big hit there, and this year he became the first international mentor in the Italian version of The X Factor. His most recent single, "Stardust", features Italian singer Chiara and has already charted as #1 in the Mediterranean country.

The Charts Day #23 (part 1)


He sings one of the best songs ever featured here on Sounds European!. Hozier is a great singer, and his "Take me to church" is a masterpiece. No wonder, it has reached #2 in Irish charts some weeks ago, and set home there since then. More deserved than this, only going to #1!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

North Macedonia | Magdalena Cvetkoska - "Heroj"


Magdalena Cvetkoska is currently one of the biggest music stars from North Macedonia. She was born in 1987 in the city of Tetovo, and has participated in musical events since she was a child. She signed her first professional contract in 2004, and, since then, her career just went upper and upper. Her new single "Heroj" is a huge hit in her country. Totally deserved: it has an excellent and catchy rhythm, which is surely gonna make you want to dance from first to last second.

Italy | Eros Ramazzotti - "Io prima di te"


It's very hard to say something new about how unique and easily recognizable Eros Ramazzotti's voice is. Specially knowing we already wrote about it when Sounds European! displayed his previous single. Anyway, he is back with a new track. "Io prima di te" is a bit more electronic than we are used to listen with his music. But it's Ramazzotti: it's hard to go wrong with him!

Ukraine | Folders - "Gromche!"


Inspired by bands such as Muse, Placebo and M83, Folders come from Ukraine with their unique rock style. The band, formed in Kiev in 2012, has just released their latest single, "Gromche!". The song is a powerful rock track which shows why they have such great influences!

Germany | Adel Tawil - "Lieder"


Even though he is only 35 years old, the German singer Adel Tawil has a long résumé with music. In the end of the 1990s, he was part of the boyband The Boyz. Then, he became part of the very successful pop duo Ich + Ich. Few days ago, he released his first solo album and its first single, both named "Lieded". The song is very cool, and has interesting rhythm and vocals.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Slovakia | Zuzana Smatanová - "Ženy aj muži"


This time, our song of the week comes from Slovakia. Pop-rock singer Zuzana Smatanová (born in Súľov-Hradná in 1984) started her career by winning the competition Coca-Cola Popstar back in 2003. That led to the release of her first studio album, "Entirely good". Ten years and six albums later, she's now releasing a new work, "Momenty", from which the fantastic "Ženy aj muži" comes from.

Russia | Pizza - "Vtornik"


Pizza is a Russian pop-rock group whose name, according to its members, is an expression of their proposal: mixing different musical ingredients in a great and unique blend. And, at least with their brand-new single "Vtornik", this objective is clearly achieved. It is a beautiful, touching and deep song, which sounds very different from what usually comes to us from Russia.

Sweden | Nina Persson - "Animal heart"


Some may not recognize her by her name, but Nina Persson is quite famous worldwide. She was the former singer of The Cardigans (yes, those ones from "Lovefool" and so many great others!) and has released many other singles as a solo performer. The last one of them is "Animal heart", a captivating track!

United Kingdom | Little Mix - "Move"


British four-piece girl band Little Mix, who won the eighth season of The X Factor in the United Kingdom, have not long ago released their latest single. The song is called "Move", and is a super pop track. As they promise in the title, you will definitely move with this song!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Finland | Robin Packalen - "Erilaiset"


A teen singer who is becoming a huge star in his home country. Robin Petteri Packalen is only 15 years old (he was born in Turku in 1998), but his career is already very solid in Finland. His first steps in music happened when he was only ten, winning Staraskaba, a singing contest for kids. Five years have passed, and he is now on his third album, whose second single, "Erilaiset", clearly shows his evolution and talent: it's an extremely good and catchy pop.

Updated on February 17th, 2019, with the new stage name of the artist.

United Kingdom | Olly Murs - "Hand on heart"


You may recognize this video as soon as you press play. With a wink to "Angels", by former Take That member Robbie Williams (who is even featured in the video!), Olly Murs has released "Hand on heart", his latest single. The song is one of those pop ballads to fall in love with!

France | Olympe - "C'est facile"


After a great version for "Zombie", presented here on SE! in September, the French singer Olympe is back with a new single. "C'est facile" has quite a different style from his previous track, being more electronic, but the quality remains. Another very enjoyable song of his.

Updated on February 19th, 2014, with the official video.

Russia | Laurita - "Prosto"


Laurita was born in Russia in 1993. She has been involved in singing from a very early age, and has already released many successful songs. She also took part in Faktor A (the Russian version of The X Factor) and Golos (the Russian version of The Voice). Her latest release is "Prosto", a catchy uptempo pop track.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Denmark | Kato feat. Safri Duo and Bjørnskov - "Dimitto (Let go)"


Danish trio spreading power all around! Famous DJ and producer Kato teamed up with also popular electronic percussion twosome Safri Duo and rising talent Bjørnskov (who you may remember from "Vi er helte") in "Dimitto (Let go)", an uplifting track which will pump your heart into the dance floor!

Czech Republic | Ondřej Brzobohatý - "And the Oscar goes to"


Ondřej Brzobohatý is a Czech actor and musician who was born in Prague in 1983. His most recent single, "And the Oscar goes to", is a delightful and classy pop track. It's a very easy-listening track, which makes you quickly get into its rhythm and start dancing to it.

Hungary | Zséda - "Hétköznapi mennyország"


Born in Pápa, Hungary, in 1974, Zséda is one of the most renowned Hungarian singers and actresses. Her prolific musical career continues with "Hétköznapi mennyország", a very intense ballad which mingles pop and R&B elements together with her uplifting voice.

Ukraine | Anzhelika Varum - "Ya vsegda s toboy"


Anzhelika Varum is a 44-year-old singer who was born in Lviv, one of the biggest cultural centers of Ukraine. Her career started in the 1990s, and she has already released 13 albuns. Her new single, "Ya vsegda s toboy", is a very smooth and enjoyable song. Anzhelika's voice is a great company for all the instrumentation.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Portugal | Amor Electro - "A nossa casa"


Amor Electro is a Portuguese pop-rock band which, despite a very recent career, has already reached good success. Even though their first album was released only in 2011, they have already been nominated twice to the best Portuguese act category of the MTV Europe Music Awards, in 2011 and 12. Their new single shows why: "A nossa casa" is a very involving and deep song, which shows all the band's talent.

Finland | Jesse Kaikuranta - "Vielä täällä"


After making it to the finals of The Voice of Finland last year, Jesse Kaikuranta hasn't stopped releasing amazing singles. "Vielä täällä", his fifth single, starts with a mysterious atmosphere to explode in the chorus with a fantastic deliver of pop.

Russia | Gradusy - "Radio dozhd'"


Gradusy is a pop group which was formed in 2008 in the city of Stavropol, in the Southwest of Russia. Since their beginning, their singles have always been very successful in the Russian charts. And that's very likely gonna happen again with "Radio dozhd". Their new track is an addictive dance pop song, with very catchy rhythm.

United Kingdom | One Direction - "Story of my life"


After smashing us with "Best song ever", the guys from One Direction are having a flashback with their latest single. The song is called "Story of my life", and it shows a more intimate side of the boyband of the moment. That same intimacy is kept in the video, which gives us all a sneak peak of their families and youths.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Iceland | Steinar - "Up"


A brand new act is coming all the way from Iceland. His name is Steinar and he is an 18-year-old singer ready to take over Europe with his music. His first single is "Up", a downtempo pop song that shows Steinar's charm and charisma.

Greece | Kostas Martakis - "Mathimatika"


Born in Athens in 1984, the Greek singer and model Kostas Martakis got famous after taking part in the talent show Dream Show in 2006. Since then, he has released several singles, with some reaching quite a big success in his home country and region. His most recent one, "Mathimatika", is a perfect mix of Greek music with contemporary pop.

Ukraine | Kiriyakidi - "Dykhaniye"


Formed in 2010 in the city of Nikolaev, Ukraine, Kiriyakidi play a very interesting kind of rock, which mingles some electronic beats in their music. That's the case of their most recent single, "Dykhaniye", a soulful rock song with an explosive chorus!

Italy | Vasco Rossi - "Cambia-menti"


Few names in Italian music, not to say none, have more longevity with constant success than Vasco Rossi. The rocker, who was born in the small city of Zocca in 1952, started his career in 1977, and has visited the top places of his country's charts as almost no one else. His newest single, "Cambia-menti", is one more example of it: since its release, it got to the top ten in Italy, and remains there up to date.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Charts Day #22 (part 2)


"The monster", by Eminem featuring Rihanna, has only been released very little ago, and it's already hitting charts everywhere. In this short period, it has already managed to reach one of the hardest first places in the world: the British one. Besides, it's also #1 in Ireland.

The Charts Day #22 (part 1)


French electronic music project Klingande was started last year and they are already finding success around Europe. This week, their most recent single, the jazzy "Jubel", is topping the charts of three German-speaking countries: Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Belarus | NAVIBAND - "Daleko"


Let's end the weekend with a soothing song to calm us for the week to come? NAVIBAND is a group from Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. Their song "Daleko" is a beautiful pop ballad, filled with instrumental nuances and great vocal work.

Updated on January 29th, 2017, with the new name of the duo.

Hungary | Gabi Tóth - "Sors"


Gabi Tóth was born in Tapolca, Hungary, in 1988. She has released quite some singles, many of them which were very successful in her native country. The most recent song of Gabi is "Sors", a deep pop ballad with an intense bridge and an explosive chorus.

Germany | Cascada feat. Robin Stjernberg - "You"


Two of the participants of the last edition of Eurovision Song Contest got together to create an acoustic version for one of their entries in the competition. Germany's Cascada invited Sweden's Robin Stjernberg for her project Cascada Acoustic Sessions, and they performed Stjernberg's "You". For the ones who love ballads, this is gonna be even better than the original.

Netherlands | Caro Emerald - "I belong to you"


We've already featured "Liquid lunch", Caro Emerald's previous single, some months ago. Not long ago, the talented Dutch singer released "I belong to you", a touching and delightful ballad that doesn't lose that fantastic touch of '50s that made Caro famous all around Europe.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Sweden | ZIFELLA - "Mother"


Sounds European! saves its favorite song of the week to close the nights of Saturday. This week, once more, it's Swedish. But, this time, it's a rock track. ZIFELLA is an alternative rock band formed in the city of Säffle. Their single "Mother" is powerful and catchy, as only great rock songs are. Extremely enjoyable!

France | Zaz - "Si"


Zaz is the stage name of Isabelle Geffroy, French singer who was born in Chambray-lès-Tours in 1980. Her style is quite unique – she mixes jazzy sounds, French variety, soul and acoustic –, and so is her voice. After conquering the hearts around Europe with hits such as "Je veux", "On ira" and "Éblouie par la nuit", she is releasing "Si", a very relaxing ballad.

Romania | Smiley - "Acasă"


Smiley is the artistic name of Andrei Tiberiu Maria, Romanian singer, songwriter and producer who was born in Pitești. He started as a member of the boyband SIMPLU, and then decided to start his solo career – having his first album released in 2008. "Acasă", his new single, is for sure one of the best songs to come from Romania to Sounds European!. It's a delightful track.

Russia | Nataliya Vlasova - "Prelyudiya"


Nataliya Vlasova is one of the most prolific Russian singers of the last years. She has released eight albums and has written more than two hundred songs. Her latest single is "Prelyudiya", a strong ballad which shows Nataliya's fantastic vocal performance.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Ireland | Darling - "Echoes"


A brand new act coming all the way from Dublin. Formed during 2012, they have just released their first EP, "Darling". Their first single is the addictive "Echoes", a powerful alternative rock song which prooves that they are bound to be one of the breakthrough acts to come from Ireland this year!

Finland | Stig - "Niks ja Naks"


He was already presented on Sounds European! in July, with the addictive "Viheltelen". Now, Finnish singer Stig is back with a new track. "Niks ja Naks" is another very cool song of his, with great rhythm and his very unique voice being greatly used in it.

Greece | Demy - "Meno"


Athens-born singer Demy gave her first steps in music last year and became a huge success in the Helenic country: all her songs up to date have charted as #1 in the Greek charts! Her latest single is "Meno", a pop-rock song with a slight touch of dance music and the fresh style that is a trademark of Demy.

Slovenia | Nuša Derenda - "Kakor ptica, kakor pesem"


Nuša Derenda is one of the most famous and talented names of Slovenian music. Born Anuška Žnideršič (in 1969, in Brežice), she represented Slovenia in the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing seventh – still the best place ever in the contest for the country. Her new song, "Kakor ptica, kakor pesem", is a beautiful ballad which highlights all her vocal quality.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Russia | MyZZa - "Beskonechnost'"


MyZZa, the artistic name of Valeriya Zakharova, is an extremely talented Russian singer, who was born in Serpukhov and currently lives in Moscow. She has just released "Beskonechnost'", a very beautiful and deep song which has an addition to make it even better: its video clip is a masterpiece.

United Kingdom | Jessie J - "Thunder"


Jessica Ellen Cornish, better known for her stage name Jessie J, has just released a new single. We're talking about the third single to come out of her second album, "Alive". "Thunder" is a captivating track, with very deep lyrics and an intense vocal performance.

Updated on November 19th, 2013, with the official video.

Germany | Tonbandgerät - "Auf drei"


Tonbandgerät is a group from Hamburg, Germany, which was formed not long ago, and started appearing to the German audience after winning the New Music Awards in 2012. Their new single is "Auf drei", a song which has a captivating rhythm and cool chorus.

Croatia | Colonia - "Anđele"


One of the most popular groups in Croatia, Colonia was formed in 1996 and they are still in great shape. Their latest single is "Anđele", a very heartpumping track. If you are caught by the already fantastic first verse, wait a moment and fall in love with the explosion of rhythm in the chorus!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Finland | Janna - "Sä et ole hullu"


Finnish pop at its best. That's how we can define "Sä et ole hullu", the latest single by Helsinki-born singer Janna. The song is a fantastic display of emotions, led by Janna's deep and haunting interpretation, completed with a great pop beat.

Norway | Nico & Vinz - "In your arms"


It's not the first time Sounds European! shows the work of the Norwegian duo Nico & Vinz. Some months ago, we showed "Am I wrong". Now, they've released "In your arms", which shows their previous single wasn't great by luck: they are very good in doing their kind of pop.

Updated on March 23rd, 2014, with the new name of the duo.

Spain | Efecto Pasillo feat. Leire Martínez - "Hecho con tus sueños"


Even though they are in the music industry for quite some time, it was only last year that the band Efecto Pasillo shot to stardom in Spain. Their single "Pan y mantequilla" became one of the songs of the Spanish summer in 2012. They now joined forces with Leire Martínez, the lead singer of La Oreja de Van Gogh, in "Hecho con tus sueños", a really sweet song with a very happy beat!

Russia | Albina Dzhanabaeva - "Nadoyeli"


After the split of the girlband VIA Gra, in the beginning of 2013, the former members of the group are going for solo careers. That's the case of the Russian Albina Dzhanabaeva, who was born in Volgograd in 1979. Her new single, "Nadoyeli", is very well sung, and has a catchy chorus.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Czech Republic | Imodium - "Valerie"


Imodium was founded in Broumov, a city in the Czech Republic, in 2000. They started by recording some demos, for which they got several awards. Then, they signed with a big recorder, and rose to success. Their most recent single, "Valerie", is a very strong rock song.

United Kingdom | Matt Cardle - "When you were my girl"


After the big success of "Loving you", Matt Cardle comes back on his own with a very groovy second single from his last album, "Porcelain". The song in question is "When you were my girl", a fantastic pop song with a rhythm that will captivate your mind and make you want to dance right away!

Greece | Panos Kalidis - "Mia akoma maxairia"


Panos Kalidis is a 36-year-old Greek singer. His new single, "Mia akoma maxairia", is everything you can expect from a Greek pop track: great voice mixed with beautiful instruments and a very strong chorus.

Netherlands | Fedde Le Grand feat. DI-RECT - "Where we belong"


Music producer and DJ Fedde Le Grand was widely known around Europe thanks to his first single, "Put your hands up 4 Detroit". His most recent single features rock band DI-RECT, a popular act in the Netherlands. The song is "Where we belong" and mingles perfectly these two very different styles!

Monday, November 04, 2013

The Charts Day #21 (part 2)


We've already shown how "Impossible" was a big success in the charts around Europe. Now, it's time for his second single (which was also featured on Sounds European!) to chart around Europe. This week, James Arthur's "You're nobody til somebody loves you" debuted in the British charts as #2!

The Charts Day #21 (part 1)


Since he debuted his latest single, Rasmus Seebach has placed himself on the top positions of Danish charts as if he lived there since ever and forever. Well, this week he is the #2 there, promising to stay around for long.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Spain | Rosario - "Yo me niego"


Combining pop music and a very Spanish voice, Rosario conquered the hearts not only in her home country, but also in the rest of Latin America, where she is seen as one of the biggest singers from Spain. Her latest single is the daring "Yo me niego", a song with a sexy touch wrapped up with her distinct voice.

Netherlands | Jacco Gardner - "The end of August"


Jacco Gardner was one of the first names to be presented by Sounds European!. His catchy "Chameleon" was here during the site's first steps. Now, Gardner is back with "The end of August", another alternative rock song which resembles the work of The Beatles.

Germany | Frida Gold - "Die dinge haben sich veraendert"


Frida Gold's "Liebe ist meine rebellion" was one of the first posts of Sounds European! some months ago. This fantastic German band has just released the second single of their latest album. "Die dinge haben sich veraendert" is a downtempo pop song that will sooth your mood instantly! 

Austria | Marco Angelini - "Wunder gibt es immer wieder"


Marco Angelini is an Austrian singer who was born in Voitsberg in 1984. His career is quite recent, but his songs are starting to be recognized in Austria and neighboring countries. His most recent single is "Wunder gibt es immer wieder", a groovy pop song that is surely gonna catch you.

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Greece | Nikiforos - "Erotevmenos eimei"


Born in Preveza in 1988, Nikiforos took part in the second edition of the Greek version of The X Factor. Some years after that, he's a well-known name in the Greek music scene, having released many singles. He has just released "Erotevmenos eimei", a pop-rock track filled with a very Greek atmosphere that makes the song totally irresistible!

Serbia | Ti - "Da ti želim dobra jutra"


Ti is a (as they qualify themselves) psychedelic pop duo which was formed in 2012 in the city of Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. Despite their being united in Serbia, Ilija Duni and Trajce Nikolovski are originally from North Macedonia. Their most recent single, "Da ti želim dobra jutra", is becoming a hit in the Balkan region. It is a soothing pop, very enjoyable to listen to.

Poland | Doda - "Wkręceni"


Dorota Rabzcewska, popularly known as Doda, is one of the biggest names in Polish music. She was featured on CNN as one of the ten most famous Polish people in history, in a list that included Marie Curie, Nicolaus Copernicus, Frederick Chopin and Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), among others. Her last single is called "Wkręceni", and it is a very intense pop-rock song!

Switzerland | Nicole Bernegger - "The fool"


Nicole Bernegger is a singer who was born in Möhlin, Switzerland, in 1977. She was the winner of the first season of The Voice of Switzerland. After the victory, she released an album entitled "The voice". "The fool", her new single, is the second one to come from this album, and is a masterpiece. Nicole's voice is amazing, and the melody and instruments are excellent. Undoubtedly, a must-listen!

Friday, November 01, 2013

North Macedonia | Tamara Todevska - "Zaludno e"


Tamara Todevska is a 28-year-old singer who was born in Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia. Her music career started in 2003, but she got more famous after taking part on the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the cool "Let me love you". Her most recent single, "Zaludno e", is a very classy pop, filled with Tamara's (as always) great voice. It's an amazing song!

Romania | One - "Till the end of time"


We've already talked about Romanian duo One before. The couple has just released their latest single, "Till the end of time". The song is a soft and soulful song that develops into a fantastic pop track mixed with some R&B elements to create a fantasic atmosphere!

Germany | Dicks on Fire feat. Lena - "Revolution"


Dicks on Fire is a musical project of the German entertainer Stefan Raab (who was on several Eurovision Song Contest editions, as singer, composer, lyricist, conductor and host, and is the creator of Bundesvision Song Contest) along the comediant Rick Kavanian and the singer Max Mutzke (who was also on Eurovision, in 2004, after winning a selection hosted by Raab himself). They got together with another participant of the contest, Lena (who won it in 2010 after also being selected by Raab), for the strong rock song "Revolution", which is already hitting the German charts.

Sweden | Erik Hassle - "Talk about it"


Erik Hassle brought some fresh air to pop music when he shook the Swedish music scene with his first album, "Hassle". Some years later, he's one of the biggest names in the Scandinavian country. Last week, he released "Talk about it", a deep pop song with touches of R&B.